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Aug 2nd, 2015
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  1. Les Chats 2:40 Yoshino Yoshikawa
  2. ViVi 5:00 Tomggg
  3. I hate you 3:25 yu-chi Escapism
  4. Last Summer feat. Suzushiro 5:02 Yoshino Yoshikawa Yumetatsu Glider EP [ZLEP-12]
  5. good morning monday 5:06 MARU303 Good sleep sunday
  6. harusaki 6:09 Tomggg [CMLP-016] PixaPhonica #5
  7. まぼろし (Yoshino Yoshikawa Remix) 4:01 mus.hiba White Girl Remixes [ZLEP-17]
  8. 私の彼はパイロット 3:23 Mari Iijima Do You Remember Love?
  9. philosophy and gossip 4:17 Copter4016882 2D2D
  10. POLLUX 4:48 Alecks • アレックス [CMLP-012] NEOGENE$IS
  11. Popteen 5:42 Tomggg
  12. Kiss 5:45 Losfeld Gospel!
  13. sweet voyage 5:46 coaltar of the deepers newave
  14. mai 4:18 Spangle Call Lilli Line PURPLE
  15. Sono Nukumori ni You ga Aru 5:10 Sambomaster Atarashiki Nihongo Rock no Michi to Hikari (The Way and Light of New Japanese Rock)
  16. Sofa (Ulzzang Pistol Remix) 4:45 mus.hiba White Girl Remixes [ZLEP-17]
  17. Spider Web 4:52 LLLL Paradice [ZL-21]
  18. Lotus 4:37 WATCHMAN LOTUSIZE
  19. follow me 3:27
  21. Expectations (feat. Ulzzang Pistol) 3:58 Oh My Muu Self Help EP [ZLEP-23]
  22. Monologue 3:01 WATCHMAN 3-Way Future
  23. Marmalade Boogie 3:58 Avec Avec おしえて
  24. Equationx** 4:25 ぽわぽわP (PowapowaP) AWARD STROBE HELLO
  25. 新世紀 (charlot's remix) 6:16 Charlot (シャルロ) The Order of the Boot vol.2
  26. ふと全て夢と知った Feat.あの from ゆるめるモ! 4:41 LLLL Cruel
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