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  1. Come unlock the door now or get off my internet
  2. I can see that you guys turned MY internet back on after I told you to leave it on
  3. *off
  4. You have 2 minutes
  5. Lyndsay M Squier
  6. Did you unlock the door?
  7. Cale
  8. Your internet is shut off. Goodnight.
  9. Lyndsay M Squier
  10. If you don't unlock this door now
  11. Payback tomorrow
  12. I suggest you unlock this door.
  13. Cale
  14. You're still making threats
  15.  I feel threatened
  16. And im tired
  17. Lyndsay M Squier
  18. Oh yeah? You'll be real tired tomorrow
  19. I'm not threatening anything.
  20. I'm telling you it's in your best interest to unlock this door.
  21. Cale
  22. Im taking screenshots for evidence. I also have this
  23. Lyndsay M Squier
  24. Ok.
  25. Fine.
  26. Cale
  28. Lyndsay M Squier
  29. Call me a cunt again 😉
  30. Cale
  31. Lyndsay dont make me call the cops because i will do it
  32. Lyndsay M Squier
  33. Do it. I dare you
  34. I live here.
  35. You dont
  36. You will be asked not to come here
  37. Cale
  38. Dad and debbie are the owners of the house. You have no say.
  39. Lyndsay M Squier
  40. If you call the police, the police will tell you that you need to stay away from me.
  41. Cale
  42. Plus you have aggravated assualt and assault with a deadly weapon against you. I have marks on me from you.
  43. Lyndsay M Squier
  44. And until the courts evict me, that wold mean you would have to stay away from me.
  45. Cale
  46. And i have evidence to prove you guilty.
  47. Plus i have eye witnesses.
  48. Lyndsay M Squier
  49. That's fine if you have evidence
  50. And an eye witness.
  51. But because I've paid to live here, they can't evict me.
  52. They have to go through court.
  53. So until that happens the police will tell you to stay away from me.
  54. Cale
  55. But if you're a threat to someone you can be
  56. Lyndsay M Squier
  57. No I can't cale
  58. In the state of vermont you can not evict someone who has paid to love somewhere for 23 days without a court provess.
  59. Since you don't pay to stay here, you will be asked not to come here.
  60. Cale
  61. They'll just send me back to moms then. But eitherway I'm threatened and i feel threatened and i have been injured by you.
  62. Lyndsay M Squier
  63. Just unlock the fucking door so I can get my shit
  64. I don't care cale.
  65. How you feel
  66. Cale
  67. Near a major artery no less. That's a criminal penalty.
  68. Lyndsay M Squier
  69. Because if you don't unlock the door now, the I will sit out here until dad and deb wake up
  70. Omg no its not
  71. You have no clue about the legal system
  72. Cale
  73. Its aggravated assualt
  74. Lyndsay M Squier
  75. Yeah and rats a restraining order.
  76. Cale
  77. And it is physical assualt
  78. Lyndsay M Squier
  79. Which means you don't be able to get here
  80. Cale
  81. And assault with a deadly weapon
  82. Lyndsay M Squier
  83. The fork didn't touch yoy
  84. Cale
  85. Yes it did.
  86. Lyndsay M Squier
  87. Unlock this door so I can get my shit and leave.
  88. Otherwise I'll be here all day tomorrow
  89. Cale
  90. Ill only let you in if you dont come near me.
  91. Lyndsay M Squier
  92. K.
  93. Don't say a word to me.
  94. Cale
  95. Dont come into my room at all
  96. And ill unlock the door
  97. Lyndsay M Squier
  98. Yep
  99. Cale
  100. I don't know if i can trust that. You have to swear to me
  101. Lyndsay M Squier
  102. Cale stop being an idiot.
  103. I'll sit in my car
  104. Cale
  105. Hey. I feel threatened.
  106. And i feel like my life is in danger.
  107. Lyndsay M Squier
  108. Guess you shouldn't have called me a cunt.
  109. Unlock the door. Or I'll be here all day tomorrow
  110. Cale
  111. You have to promise me you will not go near me or go into my room
  112. Lyndsay M Squier
  113. I will sit in my car until you unlock the dpor.
  114. Cale
  115. Thats all im asking
  116. Lyndsay M Squier
  118. Cale
  119. You have to promise me though.
  120. Lyndsay M Squier
  121. And it's not your room. Btw.
  122. Yes cale I said fucking yes. Are u illeterate?
  123. Cale
  124. Thats not a promise or a,swear
  125. Lyndsay M Squier
  126. I sad yes. What the fuck do you think I'm saying yes to
  127. Cale
  128. I need you to promise me or swear that you wont come near me
  129. Lyndsay M Squier
  130. I said yes. What the fuck do you think 9m saying yes to? The sky falling?
  131. Cale
  132. "I swear i wont"
  133. "I promise i wont"
  134. Lyndsay M Squier
  135. I need to get my shit so I can leave.
  136. Hurry up
  137. Yes I fucking swear.
  138. Cale
  139. Okay hold on.
  140. Okay.
  141. There.
  142. Cale
  143. It's open.
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