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  1. Transportation 1:
  2.  Transport Copters can now carry 2 Foot Units
  3. Transportation 2:
  4.  Landers can now carry 3 Ground Units
  5. Transportation 3:
  6.  Transport Copters can now carry either 2 Foot Units or 1 Ground Unit of any kind.
  8. WMDs 1:
  9.  Missile Silos deal 5 damage instead of 2
  10. WMDs 2:
  11.  Missile Silo blast radius +1
  12. WMDs 3:
  13.  Surfaced Submarines can launch a small missile with a blast radius of 1 and damage of 2 up to 6 tiles away.
  15. Naval Tactics 1:
  16.  Transport Ships can unload onto tiles containing an enemy. This starts a battle. Attacking unit takes double the damage.
  17. Naval Tactics 2:
  18.  Fighters on low HP (1-3) can kamikaze into an adjacent enemy ship, dealing 0-5 damage. If the damage dealt is 1 or more, the Fighter's HP is added to the damage dealt.
  19. Naval Tactics 3:
  20.  Battleships can attack an adjacent enemy Copter, dealing damage to it as if it was a Superheavy Tank
  22. Electronics 1:
  23.  Communications Towers give +10% attack if the enemy is in range of the Communications Tower (So +20% if both the enemy and the attacking unit are in range)
  24. Electronics 2:
  25.  Communications Towers range +1
  26. Electronics 3:
  27.  Enemy ground units within 2 tiles outside of the range of a Rocket Artillery can be fired at by said Rocket Artillery if within range of another Rocket Artillery or Communications Tower. Same goes with Air Units and Missile AA
  29. Infrastructure 1:
  30.  Ground units get +1 Move if their entire move is done on a road.
  31. Infrastructure 2:
  32.  Ground units that start on a city/factory can spend their move to instantly move to another city connected by an unbroken chain of roads, no matter the distance. The Unit cannot move or attack during this turn.
  33. Infrastructure 3:
  34.  Ground units that start their turn can be relocated to any allied airport, but cannot move/attack during this turn.
  36. Defense 1:
  37.  +1 Terrain Defense in own territory
  38. Defense 2:
  39.  Ground Units heal +1 HP per turn
  40. Defense 3:
  41.  Unlocks Pipecannon unit. Pipecannons are powerful but immobile ranged units that can fire on all but hidden units. It costs 20000F to build on Factories and 25000F to build on Cities. It has a range of 2-5 tiles
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