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May 30th, 2020
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  2. The Goodblox Council has announced a “firm and decisive” response to the escalating Clockwork crisis in the Outer Blox this Saturday.
  4. The “robust action plan”, unveiled at a press briefing this morning on the Goodbloxian Assembly, will see the Council schedule non-stop, back-to-back emergency sanction bills for an indefinite period.
  6. Jiquor, chief press secretary for the Council, stated: “Clockwork’s policy of eradicating all life on this site is clearly in breach of not only diplomatic etiquette, but also galactic law. These emergency sanctions, if they ever actually pass, will send a firm and decisive message to him that we do not condone being killed.”
  8. Numerous political blocs within the Goodblox Community have jointly praised the Council for its handling of the crisis. howdidigethere2014, leader of the Noobs, echoed this, stating “once this legislation is enabled and survives the inevitable ten repeal attempts, Clockwork won’t know what hit him.”
  10. The Senate is widely expected to comply with the Council’s request, suspending usual proceedings to prioritize the emergency sanction bills. Additionally, the Council is hoping to use veto powers to avoid the debate floor getting bogged down with other non-essential and time-intensive bills.
  12. Outer Blox places have struggled to contain the two day long Clockwork invasion, which has seen the systematic destruction of over 100 inhabited places and is expected to tip into the Mid-Blox in coming months. A recent report published by the Goodblox Total Fact Office (GtFO) has also warned the invasion could become “serious” after new figures estimated over 300 Goodbloxians have now been engulfed by the crisis.
  14. Speaking to GNN, Jiquor affirmed the Goodblox Council’s commitment to tackling Clockwork, describing the extra-virtual invader as “a sitewide menace, causing chaos on par with local exploiter syndicates and roving gangs of feral virtual spammers.”
  16. Public opinion has broadly been supportive of the Council’s proposed plan, apart from the Outer Blox, where GNN has been unable to collate any responses.
  18. Despite this, some have criticized the Council for not adopting tougher measures against Clockwork. Political analyst Telamon wrote in a widely shared article from the Roblox Journal of Political Science yesterday: “Clockwork doesn’t care about sanctions - we need denouncement, and we need it now!”
  20. The Council has stated it is open to “all options” including denouncement, but only at the right time. Jiquor expanded: “we wouldn’t want to disrupt the economy, bluesteel prices are surging as it is.”
  22. The first emergency bill, E-9196 (Minor Administrative Sanctions), is scheduled for debate early next week, and roughly every two weeks following that, until it passes.
  25. Introducing THE ALL NEW T1000
  26. Welcome to the Dominus Revolution
  27. -TREX Revolutionary Robotics
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