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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color="blue">-=(Vault 81)=-</color></align></size=30></b>
  2. <b><link=""><size=20><align="center"><Discord Here></align><size=20></link></b>
  3. <b><size=15><align="left"><color="blue">[ Rules ]</color></align></size=15></b>
  4. <b><size=8><color="yellow">1.</color></b> Game-breaking modifications, bugs, and glitches are strictly prohibited.
  5. <b><size=8><color="yellow">2.</color></b> Mic-spam is allowed under the condition that it's not extremely loud or annoying.
  6. <b><size=8><color="yellow">3.</color></b> Teaming with other teams is TEMPORARILY allowed if it's for a shared purpose.
  7. <b><size=8><color="yellow">4.</color></b> Hacking or cheating is prohibited.
  8. <b><size=8><color="yellow">5.</color></b> Political, racist, or discriminative content or conversations are prohibited.
  9. <b><size=8><color="yellow">6.</color></b> Do not troll or purposely make gameplay more difficult for others (I.E. Destroying cards).
  10. <b><size=8><color="yellow">7.</color></b> Do not delay rounds intently.
  11. <b><size=8><color="yellow">8.</color></b> Ghosting is not allowed unless there is a delaying player.
  12. <b><size=8><color="yellow">9.</color></b> Do not impersonate individuals or staff.
  13. <b><size=8><color="yellow">10.</color></b> Staff has the final say and may overrule any previous sayings in certain instances.</size>
  14. <b><size=15><align="left"><color="blue">[ Plugins ]</color></align></size=15></b>
  15. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> 914 In Hand + USP Patch</size></b>
  16. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Admin Toolbox</size></b>
  17. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Custom Announcements</size></b>
  18. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Default Ammo</size></b>
  19. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Later Join</size></b>
  20. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> MOTD</size></b>
  21. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Serpents Hand</size></b>
  22. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Toggle Tag</size></b>
  23. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Zombie Apocalypse</size></b>
  24. <b><size=15><align="left"><color="blue">[ General Changes ]</color></align></size=15></b>
  25. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Decontamination begins after 15 minutes.</size></b>
  26. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Auto-warhead detonation is after 20 minutes and cannot be canceled or disabled.</size></b>
  27. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> SCP-173's blink interval time is 3.5-4.5 seconds.</size></b>
  28. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> The chamber doors of SCP-173 open after 60 seconds.</size></b>
  29. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Damage for anyone/anthing is multiplied by a factor of 1.5.</size></b>
  30. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Radios have an unlimited charge.</size></b>
  31. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Entrance gates open at the start of the warhead, but can be closed again by others.</size></b>
  32. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> AFK players will automatically be kicked after 5 minutes of inactivity.</size></b>
  33. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Default ammo for Guards, NTF, Chaos, and Serpents Hand is 175.</size></b>
  34. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Late players to the round may join up to 35 seconds of the round beginning.</size></b>
  35. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Default class items have been modified.</size></b>
  36. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> If snapped/killed by SCP-173, you'll respawn as it after a 15 second period.</size></b>
  37. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Going into 914 on 1:1 will change you from a Scientist to Class-D and vice-versa.</size></b>
  38. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Items in your inventory will automatically be changed in 914. No need to drop them.</size></b>
  39. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> The Serpents Hand class has been added. It's exactly like Chaos, but kills Class-D.</size></b>
  40. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Chaos no longer wins with the SCP team. Only Serpents hand may now.</size></b>
  41. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Serpents Hand and Chaos have custom announcements to acknowledge their spawns.</size></b>
  42. <b><size="8"><color="yellow">></color> Spawn protection lasts 15 seconds.</size></b>
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