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  1. Physical Features
  2. Aralynn is a young Tiefling that stands at about five feet ten inches and has a modest build.  She possesses hair that is long, straight, and a very dark shade of brown but not quite black.  Her build is very close to that as a human, but being a greater Tiefling she has several ‘additions’ that makes her appearance very reminiscent of that of a fiend or demon.  Her eyes are solid gold orbs, lacking a visible iris or pupil making it impossible to tell what she is looking at.  They’re usually hidden by some kind of cheap eyewear or veil.  She possesses a prehensile tail which she possesses superb control over, the tail itself starting a thicker than her arm and ending with spined ridges towards the pointed tip.  The tail is difficult to hide, but due to it being prehensile she often coils it around herself to make it less noticeable.  Her most visible trait however has to be her unnaturally reddish skin-tone.  Because of this she often covers as much of her body as she can under ample clothing, her face instead is covered in makeup that mimics a Caucasian skin tone.  Her last highly visible trait is her pair scaled horns running parallel along the side of her head.   While highly visible she often covers them by simply wearing a hood over her head.  However, without a hood there is no real way to hide these horns leading her to wear a hood over her head at all times.  She has some lesser traits that are much harder to notice and more readily concealed, such as her prominent canines, small claws on her hands and feet, and her unusually high body temperature.  Both of which are much easier to hide compared to her other much more inhuman features.  Due to her history as a captive of a red wizard she has heavy scarring around her neck from where her collar used to be.
  3. Optional:  She has invisible markings on her back that she has not been able to identify; they are invisible under normal circumstances and can only be seen through the assistance of magic.
  4. Her claws while capable of harming much like a dragonborn’s claws it is rare for them to come into play as they are usually covered by thick leather gloves and her spell casting.  Her tail is much more useful by contrast, being able to be used as a weapon due to the jagged point and spines near the end of the tail as well as its ability to grip objects.
  6. Clothing
  7. Aralynn’s preferred clothing is ample, to say the least.  Her demonic traits are very prominent and she has to work very hard to mask them as much as possible.  Her clothing that of an explorer’s, but fashioned in such a way to cover up as much of her red skin as possible.  She wears leather gloves on both of her hands all the time to cover up her red clawed hands as well as adding a safe perch for her Hawk familiar.  She always carries an ample cloak around with her, preferring darker colored cloaks for the reduction in light that penetrates through the material and always wears the hood up.  Her backpack is always worn under her cloak for protection from the elements and to reduce the visibility of her tail.   Over her face she wears a facial bandana or scarf which covers face below her nose, making her mouth, chin, and neck less visible.  She always wears her dagger on her backside, covered by the cloak.  Her tail can be used to grasp it without moving her arms.  
  9. Equipment
  10. Most her equipment was stolen from her former master and captor.  Most of it is fairly mundane in nature, such as storage, lanterns, etc. but some of the items are extraordinary, such as the jug of Shapesand she keeps with her.
  12. Backstory
  13. Aralynn’s history is not a pleasant one, her parents were both humans that were unknowingly tainted by demonblood generations earlier.  The two together produced a Tiefling that would be later named Aralynn.  The child was very obviously inhuman straight from birth; the horrified parents abandoned her at the door of the local clergy for it was against their values to kill.  Found by a sympathetic cleric on the doorstep of the clergy she was raised with the intent to be redeemed despite her demonic appearance.   Aralynn would spend the next few years of her life in relative safety within the clergy.  Her existence was relatively happy, many of the other kids were far too young to be fearful of her and the clerics within the clergy were benevolent towards her.  However, despite the best efforts of the clergy she still had odd behaviors and fears that set her apart from others.  She was inherently fearful of the Aasimar that occasionally graced the clergy, culminating in an incident when she was 5 years old where the Aasimar scared her into a corner and she bit and clawed at him when he tried to comfort her.  This incident caused the rumors of a ‘devil child’ within the clergy to spread far outside of the town, attracting the attention of the red wizards.  
  15. It wasn’t long after that that a red wizard attacked the clergy and kidnapped Aralynn and took her to Thay to be kept as a demonic pet and test subject.  She would spend most of her life in the darkened cage of the Red Wizard.  Forced to live with a collar around her neck she was subjected to many indecencies and experiments throughout her life as she entered adulthood, resulting in some unusual traits on her already fiendish build.  However, despite the Red Wizard’s best attempts to keep her under his thumb she was far smarter and craftier than he could have imagined, learning his secret languages and sneaking glimpses of his spell book in addition to snatching small tools and bobbles she would later use in her escape.  She hastened her escape when she overheard her captor speaking in his ‘secret’ language about his intent to use her as a sacrifice to garner favor with the beings of the lower planes now that she was too old to survive his new experiments.  After learning of this she quickly made her escape before it could happen using a combination of memorized spells and tools, incapacitating the red wizard in his bed with the knife he was intending to use on her.  After stabbing him in his sleep she quickly grabbed as much as she could carry and fled before her master’s death could be discovered by the other Red Wizards of Thay.  She has been running ever since, seeking to elude those who would see her back in bondage.
  20. Personality
  21. Aralynn is a quiet individual; she doesn’t like drawing attention to herself as possible.  She seeks to increase her knowledge of magic so that she may protect herself from anyone who would try to put her into bondage again.  Her knowledge of magics is still very rudimentary, being capable of casting but a few spells every day, but her knowledge is slowly growing.  Despite most of her life being spend as a slave and pet of a red wizard she is still good in nature, a reminder that she spent her early years in a good natured clergy.  However, she, like most Tieflings still possesses has an inherent fear of Aasimar and celestial beings despite her good nature, often recoiling or running away from such beings even if they intend no harm.  Her demonic nature has some benefits as Smite Evil and Smite Good is a non-issue, Smite Evil has no effect on her due to her good nature and Smite Good is unlikely to be used on her simply because she is a Tiefling and commonly seen as evil.  Despite trying to keep to herself she does try to do what good she can, through it is rarely reciprocated towards her; especially if her nature is discovered.  The last thing she wants to do is justify the hate and distrust that she irrationally receives from most sentient beings in her life.  
  23. Also like most Tieflings she has a strange attraction towards Fiendish and Demonic energies of the planes, however at the same time she is just as fearful of demons and fiends as she is celestial beings.  Her nature as a Tiefling has the effect of repelling good characters and attracting evil individuals due to the aura of otherworldliness that seems to follow her wherever she goes.  The aura colors how others see her actions, muting her good and exemplifying her bad.  Despite her wanderings she’s never met another Tiefling before, so she considers herself to be the only one of her kind.
  25. Aralynn spends most of her time traveling between different towns, selling what minor spells she can to survive before moving on before anyone can ask too many questions.  She’s adept at self-sufficiency and able to survive in the woods for extended periods without problem.
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