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  1. Both are male.
  2. Both are fat to the point of being morbidly obese (although it's generally accepted that DSP is actually fatter than Chris-Chan).
  3. Both were noticeably slimmer in their earlier years but porked up over the years due to their dieting being nothing but fast food.
  4. Both wear glasses.
  5. Despite being virgins, Chris and DSP nevertheless both claim to be experts when it comes to sex.
  6. Both Chris and DSP consider pornography to be educational.
  7. Both are in possession of an impressive set of man-tits.
  8. Both make retarded YouTube videos - the only difference being that Chris' videos are actually funny, albeit for the wrong reasons, whereas DSP's are just boring and irritating.
  9. Both are ronery and friendless, and whatever friends they had they’ve burned their bridges with them.
  10. Both are spoiled and coddled.
  11. Both are unemployed - no, DSP, those shitty videos of you playing video games do not count as a real job.
  12. Both were employed once before being fired.
  13. Despite having lofty ideas about their ideal occupations - in Chris' case, comic books, and in DSP's, professional gaming - both have demonstrated extreme reluctance to actively seek work in those fields expecting instead for their dream jobs to just come to them.
  14. Both were academically unsuccessful.
  15. Both have done nothing with the academic qualifications they studied for - Chris has a CADD associate's degree and DSP has a business degree.
  16. Both have no sense of fashion.
  17. Both were born in the 1980s.
  18. Both were born in 1982.
  19. Both were born close to each other, one season apart – Chris was born in the winter and DSP was born in the Spring.
  20. Both are Christians.
  21. Both are sexist.
  22. Both are racist.
  23. Both are homophobic.
  24. Both are pedophiles.
  25. Both have a complete inability to spot contradictions in their actions.
  26. Both are lazy, slacking off on their work and demonstrating a complete inability to keep to deadlines.
  27. Both bitch and whine about their trolls.
  28. Both bitch and whine about ED.
  29. Both are ridiculously paranoid about their trolls.
  30. Despite said paranoia, both fall for the same troll plots and schemes, believing everything they read and taking everything at face value.
  31. Both were victims of a guido troll with an alliterative name.
  32. Both were victims of a troll cabal.
  33. Both of them, rather than accept responsibility for their own actions, instead choose to blame their predicaments on external tormentors.
  34. Both have had or continue to have an unkempt goatee which serves only to highlight their fat, flabby faces.
  35. Both are balding.
  36. Both are EXTREMELY socially awkward.
  37. Both have an inflated sense of their own cleverness, wit, self-importance and entitlement.
  38. Both believe (wrongly) that they are handsome.
  39. Both try to cultivate an image of being the lovable nice guy, when in reality they are quite the opposite.
  40. Both try to play down their negative and undesirable personality traits by claiming that at least they are 'honest' about them.
  41. Both are intellectually on a par with a horny ten-year-old boy.
  42. Both think everyone wants to hear their views.
  43. Both consider their works as works of art and thus immune to criticism.
  44. Both have justified their abysmal work as being more “authentic” – Chris using crayons and markers for his comics and DSP recording his gameplay by placing a camera directly in front of his TV screen and not editing any of his gameplay.
  45. Both have an anti-conformist attitude.
  46. Both claim that they cultivate the beginning of a special kind of people – High-functioning autistics for Chris and LetsPlayers for DSP, and are adamant about it, despite being completely wrong about it.
  47. Both seem to lack empathy for other people.
  48. Both are completely self-interested, believing the world to revolve around them.
  49. Both hold ridiculous beliefs about how the world works.
  50. Both are horribly irresponsible with their finances, constantly buying useless crap and landing themselves in debt.
  51. Both have made begging videos.
  52. Both have a Patreon account.
  53. Both have multiple YouTube accounts.
  54. Both do not know what editing is.
  55. Both fail when they intentionally try to be funny.
  56. Both are known to repeat their own material, seemingly in the desperate hope that it'll be funnier the next time they tell it.
  57. Both own a PS3.
  58. Both hold an irrational hatred towards a rival console manufacturer – Microsoft for Chris and Nintendo for DSP.
  59. Both laugh in the same, stilted, emotionless fake way. "Ha ha ha!"
  60. Both gesticulate in very similar ways, like Chris’s stress sigh and DSP’s snort and seal laugh.
  61. Both suffer from B.O. and use AXE body spray to try and mask their stench.
  62. Both were caught masturbating.
  63. Both have unwittingly posted themselves naked.
  64. Both cannot cook for shit.
  65. Both are gluttons.
  66. Both have willfully put other people’s lives in danger – Chris burning the house down after attempting to brew coffee and DSP deliberately ripping off the smoke detector in his old condo because he says he can detect the smoke by smelling it.
  67. Both turned their houses into pigsties due to their hoarding.
  68. Both are known to mock and ridicule those they view as inferior in order to make themselves appear better.
  69. Both are often the victims of prank phone calls, with DSP even getting swatted.
  70. Both have been cyber-attacked.
  71. Both have abused their cameras and equipment.
  72. Both are horrible with cinematography.
  73. Both are known to make ridiculous threats when they feel that they have been disenfranchised.
  74. Both are sore losers and bad sports.
  75. Both are cowardly.
  76. Both are prone to tard rage.
  77. Both have disrespected the memories of those who died in terrible world tragedies, such as 9/11 and the Holocaust.
  78. Both have started their reputations already with negativity.
  79. Both were rightly bullied at school.
  80. Both have a fixation on Sonic – Chris with his unoriginal Sonic recolors and DSP with his avatar of his shitty sonic cosplay.
  81. Both are obsessed with a particular moment in their life and continue talking about it to this day - Chris's high school years for Chris and DSP placing in the top 5 players for the Playstation port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament at EVO 2005 for DSP.
  82. Both freely offer their personal information to the Internet at large with little regard to the consequences.
  83. Both spent their 25th birthdays at home, alone, making videos for YouTube.
  84. Both enjoy and by enjoying, ruin for everybody else, typical staples of nerd humor such as Monty Python and Weird Al Yankovic.
  85. Both hope to become famous and/or recognized and are taking the path of least resistance in the hopes of acheiving it.
  86. Both are unashamed gag thieves, stealing jokes from other media that they enjoy and trying to pass them off as their own.
  87. Both disagree with their fathers politically.
  88. Both voted for Obama.
  89. Both greatly overestimate the size and influence of their YouTube fanbase.
  90. Both have implored their audience on YouTube to contact the authorities and have them arrest somebody they personally disliked.
  91. Both have wished God would smite people they personally disliked.
  92. Both have treated their fanbases like shit, causing them to troll and mock them in retaliation.
  93. Both have been the subject of Q&A sessions with trolls conducted by their former friends who had grown tired of their shit.
  94. Both label people who give any kind of criticism as trolls.
  95. Both were documented by Down the Rabbit Hole.
  96. Both were involved with PewDiePie.
  97. Both were subject to A-Logging – Anthony A-Log LoGatto to Chris and Sons of Kojima to DSP.
  98. Both suck at doing impressions and accents.
  99. Both suck at singing (although it has been argued that Chris, despite being tonedeaf, is actually a technically better singer than DSP, possessing more range).
  100. Both have Vlog series chronicling their stupid everyday shit – Captain’s Log for Chris-Chan and The King of Hate Vlogs for DSP.
  101. Both frequently stammer and stumble over their words.
  102. Both have compared themselves to God.
  103. Both are obsessed with entering contests.
  104. Both appear prematurely old due to their slovenly lifestyles, bad dieting and poor wardrobe choices.
  105. Both sometimes use mangled Spanish.
  106. Both have no talents, skills, self-awareness or future.
  107. Both will die alone.
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