12/22/86 observer corkcett uwf stuff at bottom of issue

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  1. Wrestling Observer Newsletter -
  2. December 22, 1986.
  4. Not a lot of big news going on as the major promotions are now taking a break until Christmas. Jim Crockett's group appears to be finishing out the year in a big way. From every logical standpoint, Crockett shouldn't be able to challenge Titan Sports as the No. 1 wrestling promotion. Don't get me wrong, I still don't think they can overtake Titan, but challenge them they are doing. If you compare the talent roster 9in terms of numbers, certainly not in terms of quality), Tan has them beaten three or four-to-one. In terms of front office stagge, it's probably more like ten-to-one. In terms of strong television times in major markets, the difference every bit as vast as McMahon makes it out to be. If you look at the top 10 markets n the country, Crockett only has strong local television in Philadelphia, Baltimrore, Washongto and Chicago, while McMahon has strong T in all 10. Even though Crockett's syndicated shows are tehcnically strong, there aren't nearly on a par with McMahon's shows. By logic, McMahon should have blown everyone away, but instead he's facing a strong challenge. There's only one reason for this. McMahon isn't giving the public a product they want to see. Crockett is. If all gimmick and no substance  wrestling was the correct product mix, why can't McMahon draw well when he doesn't have Hulk Hogan on the card? Why does Crockett draw increasingly well in McMahon's home markets?
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