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  1.  We Love Fitbit,933, We wanted to bring our Facebook community together for some winter fun! This is just a beta test for now and we'll continue to the end of February. Let's support one another in our efforts to reach our goals each week and motivate each other to be as healthy as we can! Join us each week for challenges or challenge the group yourself through our group forum. Every Friday we'll announce the top five steppers on our Facebook page to share their accomplishments. But to be fair only those steps you've tracked with your Fitbit Tracker will count. Happy stepping!,
  2.  30something,763, no not fans of the tv show from the 80's. just folks who are &gt29 and &lt40 years old. and yeah you probably belong if you get the reference ),
  3. Active with FitBit,634, After looking though the groups most are not active... I would love an active group to come to share with get inspired by! Come and join me... let's keep this group ACTIVE!!!,
  4.  40's group,626, for fitbitters in their 40's,
  5.  20s,515, A group for 20-somethings to share successes and lessons learned. We are facing challenges in our schools jobs and social situations but staying healthy together.,
  6.  10000 (Ten Thousand) Steps a day,502, For people who are trying to walk at least 10000 steps a day to be able to share stats and keep motivated. If you aren't walking 10000 a day yet a good way to start is to wear your FitBit for a week see what you average daily steps are then add 500 to that average and try to walk that far each day once you are able to do that for a week add 500 more and try to walk to that goal for a week. In no time at all you will easily make your goal. The important thing is to try to meet your daily goal each and every day. When you skip just one day no matter the reason it is easy to skip two days or three days and get out of the habit you are trying to set.,
  7.  Desk Workers Unite!,501, A group for those of us who sit behind a desk all day and need to find creative ways to get those steps in.,
  8.  Weight Watchers,436, A place that Weight Watchers can talk and share. Feel free to start any topics.,
  9. Achieving Optimal Health!,427, This group is for anyone that is creating healthy habits in their life. Eating movement and sleep are all essential in losing weight and/or staying at a healthy weight. The fitbit lets us track these more easily in our busy lives! I've lost over 100 lbs in just under a year and the fitbit not only helped me to track my info but it helped keep me motivated. I love my fitbit! I am a free Certified Health Coach and will help anyone with suggestions or tips that they want or need. Contact me if you have any questions at,
  10.  Gadget geeks,382, Ok I'll admit it - I bought the fitbit because it's a cool little device - which has a side benefit of helping me lose weight. This group is for those who are interested in gadgets and would like to chat about such items. OK in reality I wanted to see how these groups work and wanted to set one up.,
  11.  50lb to lose,372, Support and challenges for people looking to lose 40-60 lb,
  12.  Fit Chicks!,364, I'm looking for other women that are working towards losing weight and getting fit! I'm a 36 yr old mom. I have lost 45 pounds in the last year and looking to lose about 45 more! If you want to join in on my group and help encourage each other along I would love to have you!,
  13.  ! New York FitBit !,352, From the Big Apple to the Adirondacks(and Jersey too!) If you reside within or around the empire state OR just want to compete with New York natives then join up!,
  14.  ! 2012 @Baby Fat !,320," A newly started group for any Mom that wants to get back into shape and stop blaming having kids! We're ready to motivate and be a great example of healthy Moms to our kids. Please join us in getting rid of the ""baby fat"".",
  15.  ! All U.K. Fitbit Group 2012 !,297, Hi welcome to our UK group you'll find challenges for your steps & floors & helpful friendly support on your fitbit journey. Introduce yourself on the 'Welcome' thread & if you have any questions check the other threads to see if your subject is already there - if not start a new one- hope to see you there Susan x,
  16. " ""1 Millennium",285, Network Health of Wisconsin,
  17.  5k Training,269," For anyone doing the ""Couch to 5K"" program. Doesn't matter if you are starting done getting there or considering doing the program! Check out for more details on the program.",
  18.  ! San Francisco Bay Area !,245, For everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area,
  19.  FitBit 4 people w PETS,237, You have a pet? You use the FitBit? JOIN US!,
  20.  10% Challenge,236," 10% is a great place to start. 30 pounds if you weight 300. 16 pounds if you weigh 160. A challenge that is not that scary and can help you start your journey to final goal. Join the challenge by posting in the ""Joining the challenge..."" topic. Suggest on how to achieve the goal. Decrease your calorie intake by 10% while increasing your calorie burn by 10%. What Losing 10 Percent Can Do A Healthier Heart Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes More Pep A Mental Edge Reality Check (let you see what it takes to lose weight)",
  21.  ! Northern Climate Captives !,229, Northern Climate Captives is for those in the northern US that are hampered in our ability to get outdoors and walk during the snowy season.... ah but we make it up in the summer. So if your stats are going to fall off during the winter months but you want some competition during the the rest of the year join this group!,
  22.  ! 2012 Massive Weight Loss Group !,219, For those that are looking to lose massive amounts of weight (100+ lbs) over the course of the year and are feeling overwhelmed need support or would like to support those in this situation,
  23.  50+ menopausal woman active and battling weight,216, We run we lift  we watch what we eat but we cannot seem to keep our weight under control.. this is our group.. if you are like me join the group!,
  24.  ! Please add group search to FitBit !,208, Currently it is impossible to find relevant groups due to the lack of search functionality. Please join to show support for this needed feature.,
  25.  SparkPeople Unite With FitBit,200, Walk Your Way To A Better Today! For SparkPeople User that want to Unite on Fitbit.,
  26.  California,200,,
  27.  Figure-Friendly Foodies!,200," Place to Share Healthy-Option Recipes That Don't Taste Like Cardboard! Discuss Recipes For Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables. Share Recipes for Special Diets (i.e. lactose-free gluten-free vegan vegetarian etc). Share Alternatives for Some of Our Sinful Treats & New Products on the Market. Even A Section To Share ""Skinny"" Mixed Drink Recipes!",
  28.  Runners,188, A group for fitbit runners- any distance-,
  29.  !The Weekly Weigh In!,178, This group is a place to hold yourself accountable. You will not be judged by how much you gain or lose each week. Instead this group exists to provide support and ideas for those trying to lose weight. Welcome to the group!,
  30.  Fitbit iPhone App,172, For people who are clamoring for an iPhone app and use Fitbit,
  31.  A Healthy Vegan-Vegetarian For Life,171, This group is for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle by eliminating their intake of animal products. This compassionate choice not only reduces disease producing fat calories cholesterol etc but is good for the environment and animal welfare. More fruits and vegetables please!,
  32.  Lost or losing 100+ lbs!,169, This group is for anyone who has lost is losing or needs to lose 100+ pounds. Here we can share our ups downs tips & tricks or anything emotional regarding our journey. Together we will beat obesity!,
  33.  uFit,159,,
  34.  Cerner Fitbit Users,158, A group for Cerner associates to collaborate about their experiences with the Fitbit and their own tips and tricks!,
  35.  FitBit for Android,154, A group for users of FitBit and Android. Hopefully one day to be users of the official FitBit app for Android :),
  36.  Gamers,153, A group for gamers no matter how you game. Mobile Console PC Mac- we're all gamers no matter what.,
  37.  Desk Job Fitbitters,151, This is a group for those with desk jobs striving to increase their step count. We'll share tips tricks and secrets to increased step counts and support each other as we try to get the work done while still moving.,
  38.  Hungry Girl Followers?,148, Any Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillien) followers out there in Fitbit land?,
  39.  MFP Fitbit Friends,146, A group of friends that use My Fitness Pal and also have a Fitbit. We will help motivate and push each other to reach our fitness goals.,
  40.  Vegan / Vegetarian,146, For those who eat only plant based foods.,
  41.  100lb to loose,145, This is a group for those that want to loose about 100 pounds. Let's support each other and share our success stories :),
  42.  2012 Photo Challenge!!! Group,143, This is a Group for those of us that are tracking their progress by posting a new picture in January and then again in June and then again in December. We will be able to see everyone much better by having a Group and we will also be able to see how we stack up against each other in the stats. This is going to be an awesome journey so please come and join us!!! There is no judgement here just support and caring!!!,
  43.  Wii R Fit!,140, This is a group for people who have a Wii and would like to share stats make friendly challenges and review Wii fitness games. I want this to be an active group so come join us and let's get this party going!,
  44.  ! ^^^7 Summits^^^^,137," Let's use Fitbit Ultra to climb the world's tallest mountains from our own cities and backyards! Are you up for the challenge? The Seven Highest Summits On Seven Continents: #1 Asia: Mount Everest 29035 feet (2903 Floors) #2 South America: Aconcagua 22829 feet (2283 Floors) #3 North America: Denali 20320 feet (2032 Floors) #4 Africa: Kilimanjaro 19340 feet (1934 Floors) #5 Europe: Mount Elbrus 18510 feet (1851 Floors) #6 Antarctica: Mount Vinson 16067 feet (1607 Floors) #7 Australia: Mount Kosciusko 7310 feet (731 Floors). To begin start at 0 floors on the lowest mountain (Mount Kosciusko) on the day you join this group and after each successful summit start at 0 and climb the next highest mountain floors do not carry over from the previous mountain. Be sure to log your floors as you climb so fellow climbers know where you are on the mountain. An example of how we log floors is: 731-31=700 FTG (floors to go). Introduce yourself in ""The Climbers"" forum or hang out in ""Base Camp"" where you can share training tips goals or whatever. Then strap on your gear and start climbing to the top of the world! PLEASE DO NOT CREATE NEW THREADS!",
  45.  Genentech Informatics Fitbit Community,136, General use community for Genentech Informatics,
  46.  Practice Fusion!,130, Practice Fusion's 2012 Wellness Plan in action!,
  47. " ""I'm Sleep Deprived!""",127, This is a group for those of us who have trouble sleeping so we can work on this issue together.,
  48.  Active maintainers,125, For those who don't want or need to lose much weight but very much want to get and STAY active! I'm trying to consistently log an average of 10000 steps per day.,
  49.  Shorties,122, I don't know about other shorties out there but despite getting in plenty of steps I'm having an awful time getting in my mileage. Any other shorties have a similar problem? What do you do about it?,
  50.  UK users of fitbit (Launched January 2012) UKuf,122, fitbit has finally come officially to the U.K. Available online from and other selected online suppliers. If you are a user of FitBit in the UK you are welcome to join this general discussion group. Areas for discussion are anything to promote the full benefits of using fitbit and any other allied products. I am using Withings wi-fi scales to give my Dashboard my weight. I am also delighted to see that Myfitnesspal (Used daily on my HTC Desire to track my food and drink) is NOW supported by fitbit! Very Best Regards MJB,
  51. " """"""Florida Fit Bit""""""",121, Fit Bit Users in Florida lets get out and enjoy our weather!! Keep each other motivated and accountable.,
  52.  90%+ and over Fifty,120, Are you in the 90+ percentile in at least one category (or want to be) and over fifty? Join us and share motivation support and tips!,
  53.  !!!Fitbit Chicagoland!!!,119, A group for people in the Chicagoland area.,
  54.  5k-6k steps a day!,116, Is 10000 steps a day an unrealistic goal right now? Try this group to get started!,
  55.  Dog Walking,114, I walk my dog each night.,
  56.  Zumba Lovers!,113, Ditch the Workout Join the Party!,
  57.  Lose It! Users,111, For those of us using Fitbit in conjunction with Lose It! (,
  58.  SOP FitBits,110,,
  59.  WLS FitBit'ers,107, A group for those pre and post op WLS patients needing support and encouragement to incorporate the ever important exercise aspect of healthy living into their new life style. All surgery types welcome!!,
  60.  10 Pounds,106, Those who are already fit but want to achieve a leaner meaner body by losing 10 pounds on their frame bringing their BMI down by 3-5 percentages. You are already very active and looking to achieve that killer body!,
  61.  UK Fitbiters,105, We are a rare bread right now (i know of only 2 of us at time of creating this) so let's let a motivational UK group going. When joining state your location if you can.,
  62.  Ohio!,103, Yes we are at a disadvantage from other people because of our crappy weather (and crappy sports teams?)! It's either 107 and humid or 10 below and icy. But let's band together and stop making excuses and get our hineys out there exercising and having fun. Who's with me???,
  63.  BeachBody,103, A group for people using BeachBody workouts.,
  64.  Ravelry,102, Knit-bits you know who you are. (members of,
  65.  Scientists,100, Scientists of all types people who work in labs or people who just love science!,
  66.  Any Biggest Loser Fans/Website Members,100, Hi I'd like to form a group of Biggest Loser fans and/or anyone who is using the Biggest Loser website. Real people trying to lose weight and get fit.,
  67.  4 hour body,100, For everyone who reads The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and wants a peer group to start the dream body journey.,
  68.  Extreme Fitness Group (P90X Insanity Chalean etc.),99, This is a group for people who are into extreme fitness. I am 48 years old and on my first phase of P90X. I am loving it and would love to share with other members who are also doing the P90X or another extreme fitness program.,
  69.  Colorado!,98, Is Colorado the fittest state? Prove it!,
  70.  Anthem/Wellpoint Support,97, Support for those utilizing FitBit that are Anthem/Wellpoint employees.,
  71.  Be Healthy Challenge,97," A group for people needing a little motivation and support on their journey to become healthy...and we couldn't do it with out a little friendly competition! Join us for a weekly weigh in to see who was our biggest loser. We will hold several ""mini"" challenges through out 2011 to keep us on the right track!",
  72.  Motivation Partner Challenges,96, A group for motivation and some (hopefully) fun challenges. Percent step increases etc.,
  73.  Pega EU,93, Pegasystems EU Fitbit Group. We are committed to encouraging and supporting a healthy lifestyle in 2011 and beyond as well as create some fun team based activities throughout the year. Let the challenge begin!,
  74.  20 something year olds,92, Let's start a group of people who are 20 something and help to keep each other motivated!!,
  75.  Healthcare Workers Unite!,89, This is a place for all of us who take care of others and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. All Healthcare related workers welcome including Nurses (LPN's and RN's) CNA's Nursing Students Paramedics Respiratory Therapists PT/OT/ST....and so on and so forth! Lets get fit together!,
  76.  March Madness Challenge 2012,88, Are you one of the many many folks who've made a resolution that this is the year you're finally going to get fit? Or maybe you want to continue the work you've already started and keep up your fitness journey? Either way this group is for you! We welcome anyone at any stage of their fitness journey (weight loss maintenance increased activity etc) who's looking for companionship and motivation along the way. The group will officially run from January 1 through April 2 (the date of the NCAA basketball championship game). We'll set goals to achieve during the challenge and work together to achieve those goals. We'll post our weekly statistics have weekly challenges and frequent conversation to help and encourage us all on our journeys. Everyone is welcome so if you'd like to join simply post the following information: BW: (beginning weight at the start of your journey) SW: (your starting weight at beginning of this challenge) LW: (last week's weight) TW: (today's weight) GW: (your ultimate goal) CG: (what you're working toward by April). Let's come together to make 2012 the year of fitness!,
  77.  FitBit-ers in Michigan,86, Do you live in Michigan? Join here!,
  78.  Calling all Canucks!,85, A group for all us Canadians.,
  79. " ""&#32Walking at Work '' Treadmill Desk Users",85, I bought the FitBit solely so I could accurately track my steps while using my treadmill desk at work. This group is for everyone using a treadmill desk at home and/or work.,
  80.  P90X,83, Information and ideas for P90X/X2 to help motivate share thoughts and tracking suggestions!,
  81.  Labor Day Challenge 2011,82, How much weight do you want to lose over the summer? This 'group' actually started approx. 100 days before Labor Day but it's never too late to join! We weigh in and post the results every Sunday (all weigh-in posts go on the same thread so the results can be tallied more easily). If you'd like to join us simply post: BW (beginning weight for your weight loss journey) SW (starting weight for this challenge) LW (last week's weight) CW (current weight) GW (goal weight for Labor Day)   ,
  82.  A+ Teachers getting healthy!,81, This group is created for teachers who are trying to improve their health. Here we can share ideas on how to balance our stressful careers and getting healthy.,
  83.  Dallas/Metroplex/DFW Texas,79, This group is for fitbit users in the DFW Metroplex. If you live lived are visiting or wish you lived in the DFW area (or any part of the great state of TX) please join here!,
  84.  Gay Geeks,76, I really don't see a gay group here so let's start one. If we're all fitbit users chances are we are geeky. So this is open to anyone that wants to be associated with a gay geek crowd.,
  85.  Lowcarb,75, For all low-carbers on Fitbit. Atkins South Beach(?) general low carb or ketogene diet.,
  86.  ! Bob Barker Company and Family!,75, This group is for Bob Barker Company team members and their families.,
  87.  Cubicle Comrades,75, A group for those of us in the corporate maze! Let's motivate each other to get out of that little space get moving and make better choices. After all SOMEONE in the building has a birthday everyday and that's too much cake!,
  88.  Suntiva,73, This is a private Group for Suntiva Wellness Participants.,
  89.  PCOS Women,69, For those women looking for motivation to battle PCOS with diet and exercise.,
  90.  Virginia is for...,69, FitBit users in VA! &hearts,
  91.  Arizona,69, Fitbit users residing in the Grand Canyon State,
  92.  Great Northwest,69, Fitbit users living in the Oregon & Washington area,
  93.  Big Winners!,68, This is a group for people who want to lose a lot of weight (and by a lot I mean 75 100 200 300+ pounds). We are here to support each other over the long haul of losing a large amount of weight and making lifestyle changes that will keep that weight off. Come join us and let's make this FUN!,
  94.  Fit Bit Bay Area,68, Nothing for the bay area? Lets fix that!,
  95.  NYC Metro Area,67, For those that live or work in the NYC Metro Area.,
  96. " ""AZ-Phoenix East"" (Scottsdale/Tempe/Mesa/Chandler)",67, For people in Phoenix Arizona and East including Paradise Valley Scottsdale Mesa Tempe Chandler Ahwatukee Gilbert and more.,
  97.  EXB124,67, Here is the EXB124 FitBit tracking group. Welcome and Enjoy,
  98.  Active/Former Military,65, This group is for those who currently serve or has previously served in the Military.,
  99.  Florida - Fitbit Fun in the Sunshine State,65, This is for people living in Florida from Florida or who want to live in Florida and who are part of the FitBit gang.,
  100.  All UK Users,64, This is dedicated to the users of Fitbit who are based in the UK to record your experiences and share ideas,
  101.  Computer Geeks and Gadget Freaks,64, Do you love your gadgets and computers? If you use gadgets like FitBit your smartphone and computer in your quest to live a healthier life this group is for you!,
  102.  Medallia and friends,63, If you know what Medallia does you belong here. Let's enjoy a little friendly competition! Mens sana in corpore sano.,
  103.  Nutrisystem Users,63, A group of Nutribuddies already connected on nutrisystem's website,
  104.  Walk It Out,63, If you own a Wii then Walk It Out is a must to maximize your daily steps. If you have any questions or comments concerning the game then here is the place for you. Hopefully we can conquer Rhythm Island together.,
  105.  Getting Well Staying Well,63," Welcome to McNally Smith College of Music's fitbit group and thank you for joining. ""Any change even a change for the better is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts"" ~Arnold Bennett~ Having a strong support system is key. We are here for you! Let's have some fun in the quest for maintaining or improving our health.",
  106.  2011 Fall Challenge,63, This group will run from Labor Day through Thanksgiving (9/5/2011 through 11/24/2011). It is for anyone who is working on specific goals (weight loss or maintenance). We will set a goal for the 80-days and work together to achieve our goals. Each week we will post our statistics. We will have weekly challenges and daily posts to encourage/help one another on our journeys. All are welcome! If you'd like to join us simply post: BW (beginning weight for your weight loss journey) SW (starting weight for this challenge) LW (last week's weight) CW (current weight)GW (goal weight for THIS challenge).,
  107.  My pants are a little too tight!,61, This group is for people wanting to lose 15-25 pounds. Instead of radically cutting out foods from our diet we are interested in better nutrition. Sharing lower calorie versions of favorite recipes and encouraging one another to be proud of small goals and feeling better about ourselves.,
  108.  GeoCachers,61, For those of us who really geek out and hunt treasure via GPS while counting our steps to those finds with FitBit.,
  109.  Primal Blueprint/Paleo Lifestyle,60, This group is for those following Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint or Paleo Lifestyles like Robb Wolf's Paleo Solutions Dr. Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet or others (please let the group know about your preferred Paleo Lifestyle).,
  110.  Students,60,,
  111.  Washington D.C.,60, For Fitbit users in our Nation's Capitol,
  112.  Georgians,60, A group for people living in Georgia U.S.A.,
  113.  Linux,59, Ubuntu Debian Slackware Mint? We don't care as long as you're a Linux user you belong in this group! Welcome! :),
  114.  Teachers,59, Are you a teacher and you are trying to stay fit and lose weight? Join this group.,
  115.  China Fitbit User Group,59, Using #fitbit in China? Join us! ????????#fitbit#???????????????????,
  116.  Klick,59,,
  117.  Baby weight...ugh.,58, This is a group for women who are trying to lose that baby weight. I am a 38 year old mom of a 3.5-year-old daughter and 1.5-year-old son and need to lose about 10-15 pounds. Whether you have a newborn or a 16 year old if you have baby weight to lose this is your group:),
  118.  New Jersey FitBit Users,56, FitBit Users from the Garden State!!,
  119.  Walking and PEAing,56, A little friendly competition from Two Peas in a Bucket.,
  120.  Hey Minnesota!,56, A group for anyone from Minnesota...join us!,
  121.  120/80 Blood Pressure or less Without Drugs,54, From 180/100 BP to less than 120/80 BP in no time. It can be done and FitBit has been a useful tool to help me reach my goal without pharmecuiticals. Lets share information about how we can lower high BP and maintain normal levels without drugs. Have a look at my journal.,
  122.  Gluten-free,54, A group for anyone on a gluten-free diet - Celiac gluten intolerance whatever the reason.,
  123.  Missouri,53, Are you a FitBitian in the show-me state? JOIN US!,
  124.  Adult ADHD,52, Encouragement for those of us who have.....look something shiny! Um ADHD and are.....ooh pretty. Er trying to lose weight and maintain.,
  125. " Thyroid Smyroid "")",52, I had thyroid cancer 5 years ago and I am still struggling with the weight that came with the disease and the lack of a thyroid since my surgery. I have lost 10 lbs of the 50 I gained and am hoping that fitbit will lend itself to my competitive nature. I would love for this group to be able to share their experiences with both exercise and fitness as well as diet and health. I look forward to learning from you all.,
  126.  UK Fitbit,52, For Fitbit users in the UK,
  127.  Chicagoland Fitbitters,52, This group is here for people using fitbit in the Chicagoland area to connect. Come one! Come all!,
  128. " ""Yoga 'n FitBit""",52, A group for yogis who are using the FitBit to supplement their yoga practices.,
  129.  2011 Holiday Challenge,52, This group is for anyone at any stage of their fitness journey (weight loss maintenance increased activity etc) who wants to ensure that all their hard work won't be undone during the busy holiday season. The group will officially run from November 25 through December 31. We'll set goals to achieve during the end of year challenge and work together to achieve those goals. We'll post our weekly statistics have weekly challenges and frequent conversation to help and encourage us all on our journeys. Everyone is welcome so if you'd like to join simply post the following information: BW: (beginning weight at the start of your journey) SW: (your starting weight at beginning of this challenge) LW: (last week's weight) TW: (today's weight) GW: (your ultimate goal) CG: (what you're working toward by year's end). Let's do everything we can to end 2011 in the best place we can be and get ready to take on 2012.,
  130.  Seattle,50, For those living in the Seattle area. We have mastered the art of walking running and racing in the rain!,
  131.  desperate waistlines!,50," I am a 50+ year old woman and I am so frustrated at this menopausal body change. they say your metabolism will slow down- not mine - it came to a grinding halt. Please ""talk"" to me. Let's encourage each other and share stories miseries and successes!!!",
  132.  ! A U.K. Users of fitbit - LONDON,49, If you are located in or around London then please join this local community group. For General UK groups please see... ! All U.K. Fitbit Group 2012 ! ( ) or UK users of fitbit (Launched January 2012) UKuf Remember you can join as many groups as you wish. You can also create your own groups. Happy Fitbiting,
  133.  OISD JH Competitors,49," For members of the OISD school district to compete ""head to head"" on stats gathered by our Fitbits.",
  134.  Nifty50's,48, For Fitbiters in their Fifties.,
  135.  2012 Spring into Summer Challenge,48, Just coming out of a winter slump and ready to make the most of spring time? Can't wait for the outdoor activities that summer brings but want to be a bit more fit before it rolls around? Then you've come to the right place! We're coming together to offer support and encouragement as we continue (or embark) along our paths to health and fitness. We welcome anyone at any stage of their fitness journey (weight loss maintenance increased activity etc) who's looking for companionship and motivation along the way. The group will officially run from April 1 through June 3. We'll set goals to achieve during the challenge and work together to achieve those goals. We'll post our weekly statistics have weekly challenges and frequent conversation to help and encourage us all on our journeys. Everyone is welcome so if you'd like to join simply post the following information: BW: (beginning weight-- when you started your weight loss journey) SW: (your starting weight at beginning of THIS challenge) LW: (last week's weight) TW: (today's weight) GW: (your ultimate goal) CG: (what you're working toward by June).,
  136.  ! 90-Day Slim & Sassy Challenge,47, Join our 90-Day Slim & Sassy Challenge Group! Find out how to become Slim & Sassy at and go to to learn about DoTERRA's 90-day challenge complete with exciting prizes! Use this group to help keep you motivated and on track. This is the perfect combination of programs to help accomplish your goals - whether you are trying to loose those extra 10 lbs change your life drastically or just increase your fitness level - let's do this 90 day challenge together!,
  137.  TSO Wellness Group,47,,
  138.  Wii Fit fitbitters,47, for fit bit users that love to use their wii fit,
  139.  Canadian Users,47, For those of us using the Fitbit in Canada.,
  140.  Hackers,46, Programmers are notorious for having the most sedentary work life imaginable: hacking for 48 hours at a stretch hardly pausing to eat and use the bathroom let alone exercise.,
  141.  Fibromyalgia,45, This is a group for anyone who has fibromyalgia.,
  142.  CoBiz FitBit Fanatics!,44,,
  143.  Germany,44, Für alle deutschen FitBit-Benutzer,
  144.  Fitbit Zumba Fanatics,43, This group is for anyone who loves to do the activity of Zumba (dance) whether it is in a class through a video through the Wii/PSP or just simply by turning up the music and dancing in your room! Zumba has helped me to learn to love exercise again & I would like to share my enthusiasm with other people who feel the same & who also use the fitbit system to stay healthy active and to lose weight.,
  145.  Walk at Home,42, A group for people that use Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home dvds for exercise.,
  146.  Australian's,42, This group is for people who imported or were sent a FitBit,
  147.  FITBIT 000,42,,
  148.  HOUSTON...WE HAVE A PROBLEM,42, Okay space city let's get fit!,
  149.  Lerch Bates Team,41, The Lerch Bates Team group is for Lerch Bates Inc. participants as part of the corporate activities program.,
  150.  Nutrition & Weight Control Class - UW FDL,41,,
  151.  A Leslie Sansone user,41, This group is for anyone who uses the Leslie Sansone dvds as part of their exercise routine. I live in the South where it is too hot and humid to walk outdoors int he summer time so I have found these extremely helpful for me to reach my step goals. Am looking for others who use these and to encourage a daily 3 to 5 mile walk using the dvds,
  152.  Sportbrainers,41, A group for people who in the past used Sportbrain.,
  153.  Conquering Diabetes,41, For those of us who have Diabetes.,
  154. " ""Raleigh Area"" NC Fitbit-ers!",41, A group for fitbit fans in the Raleigh area to cheer each other on bring out our competitive natures even get together for fitbitting at local parks/trails. How about it Raleigh area show some Fitbit love!! :),
  155.  10 BE GONE,41, This group is for those that need to loose those last 10 pounds. Let's encourage compete and discuss fun ways to exercise and take atleast 20000 steps everyday.,
  156.  A Gift of FitBit,40, If you received FitBit as a gift or gifted someone a FitBit,
  157.  A Million steppers,40, Goal is to do 1 million steps over Three months for a total 4 million per year. I would like to communicate with other steppers that have a goal of 1 million or more.,
  158.  Vidiots,40, This group is for those of us who use and enjoy fitness DVDs.,
  159.  Metafilter,39, For all MeFites,
  160.  Million Step Challenge,39, Members of this group are participating in a challenge to achieve one million steps over the course of ninety days.,
  161.  Atheists,39, A higher power isn't going to help us get fit so let's help ourselves and each other.,
  162.  BliXem,39, BliXem Internet's Healthy Hideout,
  163.  Carless in the City,39, Do you live in a city and either don't have car or only use a car to escape the city? Do you walk every where?,
  164.  xbox Kinect Games...YourShape,38, lets lose weight together with the challenges...,
  165.  Europe,38, For the fitbit users from europe,
  166.  Fitness for the 50ish,37, Looking for friends that are physically getting ready to turn 60 (ugh) however still feeling like they are 30-40 years of age in their heads. Very active and wanting to lose a few lbs however more interested in healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.,
  167.  MFP - MyFitnessPals,36, For those over at MFP waiting for fitbit to talk with MFP.,
  168.  North Carolina,36, Fitbit users in North Carolina!,
  169.  Moms over 40 with Kids Trying to Lose weight,35, I am a 43 year old mother of 3 children ages 12 10 and 3. I would like to lose about 10 pounds and get in better shape. My goal is to walk at least 10000 steps a day and exercise 5 days of the week. I am trying to work my steps and exercise into my daily life no matter how busy my (or my kids!) schedule gets!,
  170. " ""Granite Starr Walking Club""",35," This group is for members of the company Granite Starr who are participating in the ""Health Counts"" walking pilot. Although we have our individual teams for the virtual walk this group can used to share fitness and health ideas company-wide as well as to track ones individual progress vs. the rest of the company participants (on the same leaderboard).",
  171.  Graveyard Shift,35, This is for anyone who works the graveyard/night shift!,
  172.  Health Month,35, For people who are using and a Fit Bit AT THE SAME TIME. Woah.,
  173.  Any Canadians with FitBit,34, This group is for those Canadian's who have Gone to The USA and purchased a Fitbit,
  174.  Hawaii,34, Aloha! Fitbit users in Hawaii.,
  175.  sleep,33, Fitbit is tracking my sleep. It's telling me some things I really didn't want to know- but did...I'm an intermittant sleeper. Sleep one hour up 15min sleep one hour up thirty minutes-So I go to bed 8 hours and sleep 6.5...not great. How do I get a full nights sleep? I'm willing to try anything!,
  176.  FITBIT 100,33,,
  177.  Oregonians,32, Anyone here from Oregon? You know the beautiful green rainy state. Lets chat and motivate to get healthy.,
  178.  SPAIN,32,,
  179.  Aussie Fitbits,32, A group for those Aussies that have imported their fitbits...,
  180.  ! Shift Workers !,32, Group for people who work shift work. Come share ideas that helped you to help others.,
  181.  Brides to Be,32, A group for all those brides to be out there who are interested in trading tips and stories about getting trim and toned for the big day!,
  182.  FitBit Challengers,32, This group is for individuals who are part of the various FitBit challenges!,
  183. 2012,32, For anyone that want to make better physical fitness their resolution for this year!,
  184.  HEED 1340 Fall 2011- UTA,32, This is for the Fall 2011 Healthy Lifestyles class- Prof. Ray,
  185.  ! ALL TOPS MOMS !,31, This group is designated toward mothers who look to unite together for the support and motivation we can all provide eachother while Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. Feeling inspired creating a group for mother's is highly important for myself and I believe others as well. We all have felt the same emotions at some point even multiple points during our lives among many many other factors - and with that where better to turn to for advice? Alongside that I do suggest all to join if you are not a mom please do not hesitate. At the end of the day we are all here to get ourselves healthier in one way or another and we all will need motivation throughout our own paths. All ages anywhere and everywhere are welcome! This is our own space we can look to for help with anything from weight loss tips and work out programs to healthy eating and meal planning ideas Coming together will be more enjoyable and fun losing the weight/inches while also maintaining our 100% motivational 'temple'! -- Working together & sharing stories with one another will increase speed on achieving a healthier lifestyle meeting weight loss goals and gaining happiness within yourself --,
  186.  Pregnant with Fitbit,31, A group for those of us who are pregnant. Share advice information and stories with other soon to be moms.,
  187.  RT fitbit Group,31, Anyone that is part of the Rooster Teeth community site that wants to meet up with other members this is the place to be. It is always good to have friendly competition.,
  188.  The Last 20 or so Pounds,31, This is a group for those that have lost a lot of weight and are now struggling with the last 20 or so pounds.,
  189.  UTA Fun and Fit,31,,
  190.  Better than 60,31, This is a group for FitBit users who are 60 years of age or better. As we age it is harder to lose weight and the aches and pains often lead us to be less active than we would want to be.,
  191.  Buddhist Fitbit,30, A Fitbit group for Buddhists or Buddhist-leaning beings.,
  192.  Fitbit Whole Foods: lose 30 lbs,30, Anyone out there interested in exchanging ways you are eating more whole/plant based foods while working full time AND carving out time every day for exercise? Join me!,
  193.  Los Angeles FitBitters,29, As the song says 'Nobody walks in LA'. We enjoy year-round sunshine but drive everywhere. How do you get some exercise in this town? And with Los Angeles becoming such a foodie mecca how do you stay fit? Join to share you thoughts ideas and tips -- and maybe even some yummy restaurant suggestions that won't bust the food tracker :),
  194.  +5 CHA: Geek Health & Fitness Community,29, We're a bunch of geeks getting healthier together and have a free forum at plus5cha dot com. There aren't many of us who have fitbits but there are over 300 of us on the forum.,
  195.  Kinect,29, For those who are losing weight and Fitbitting by means of the Xbox 360 Kinect!,
  196.  Military/Military Spouses,28, This group is for anyone who serves our country in the military and the spouses who serve the silent ranks at home. If your husband or wife is away come find support here in this group to spend time on you and your health because you are worth it! Also find support and love from other's who know what you are going through and use a fitbit!,
  197.  Bana,28,,
  198.  Beachbody Exercisers with the FitBit,28, This group is for anyone who is currently using or is interested in using Beachbody Home Workout Programs along with their FitBit results to track their calories and exercise! We need to motivate and encourage each other to keep Bringing It and Pushing Play and together WE CAN DO THIS! =),
  199.  Lap Band Journey,28, Would love to link up with anyone who has had weight loss surgery and knows the daily struggles this new journey throws at you. I have lost 62 pounds so far after being banded on 02.22.10 and have 45 more to go. Love my FitBit and try to make it a point to walk further and further every day to pass my previous days numbers. Hope to see you here!,
  200.  Alabamians,27, At least we're not Mississippi.,
  201.  Autodesk FitBit NitWits,27, The place for NitWits to compare their FitBits.,
  202.  FitBit Pittsburgh,27, If you live near the City of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania - then join NOW! Local support is a great tool - find someone to walk at lunch time with downtown or meet up in the park for some dog walking =),
  203.  France / Fitbit,27, Ce groupe accueille les pionniers français qui utilisent Fitbit. This group welcomes the french users of Fitbit.,
  204.  Loseit! Fitbit Challenge!,26,,
  205.  70's & Steady,26, If you're in your 70's and trying to stay fit and have fun this is the group for you! The group started 12/25/2010.,
  206.  UW Fond du Lac (Fitness For Life Class),26,,
  207.  Fantastically Fit Seniors,26, This is a group for people 65 and older.,
  208.  Gastric-by-pass fit bit,26, Trying to keep my calories in check had gastric 3years join in excited to hear from more of u,
  209.  GEHC Shared Services,26, GEHC ITPE Shared Services COE,
  210.  2011 July-December Challenge,26, Steps and Weightloss Challenge,
  211.  Minneapolis Fitbit-ters!,25, Any one in the Minneapolis area should join.,
  212.  ! Army Health - Sponsored by Army Medicine !,25, Support group for Army Soldiers and Families.,
  213.  Wellness Matters at WellSpan,25, This is a group for WellSpan employees and their spouses/ domestic partners for support and encouragement as we work toward healthier lifestyles.,
  214. " ""&gt"" a Mile....... Walk",25, If its less than a mile away.... walk. Challenge yourselves!!!!,
  215.  #1 - TARGETWEIGHT PRO - GO FOR THE GREEN!,25, You are tracking your weight and self tracking yourself to a healthier and more active lifestyle. You are using Tactio's TargetWeight PRO on your iPhone or iPad to self track. You are using Fitbit or Fitbit Ultra to track your steps and have linked your Fitbit account with TargetWeight PRO eHealth interfaces. Join in to see how you compare yourself to others just like you... Welcome to the TargetWeight PRO group on Fitbit!,
  216.  FITBIT 200,25,,
  217.  Keep track of your intake Ipad App Iphone app & Android app.,25, We the community demand an app for the tracking of our daily food intakes and calories.. please join me so we can pressure Fitbit to give us one. Fitbit needs to make things easier for the Community and now days who doesn't have apps for that?,
  219. " OISD ""Overnighters""",24," For members of the OISD school district to compete ""head to head"" on stats gathered by our Fitbits when worn all the time.",
  220.  Warrior Dash Training,24, Group for talking about Warrior Dash and Spartan Race Training.,
  221.  !!Martial Arts,24, A group for martial artists who use the fitbit for training or otherwise to share tips and techniques. All styles and ranks welcome.,
  222.  CVC Bit-More-Fits,24, We are the CVC STARS who are seeking to be a Bit More Fit! (And seeking to win some CASH!),
  223.  Dailymile,24, The group for runners walkers bikers swimmers triathletes athletes that also use a fitbit.,
  224.  FMSP,24, Facilities Management R9,
  225.  GEHC Surgery HealthAhead,24,,
  226.  50 in 2012,24, For those of us turning 50 in 2012 and wanting to stay fit.,
  227.  Long Walkers,23, People who like to walk long(er) distances (more than the 5 miles) or who are hikers and/or backpackers. Lets share tips and trips!,
  228.  Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis fitbit Owners,23, A group who deal with some type of Arthritis and are using fitbit to better their health.,
  229.  Beta Testers,23, For people who want to help make Fitbit better,
  230.  Come follow the extra hard food plan with us!!,23, people following extra hard weight loss plan giving support to each other!,
  231.  Gettysburg Hospital Emergency Department,23, New ER New you! Let's get HEALTHY! Together we can do it! We will be having frequent challenges to keep us all motivated and moving toward the goal of a healthy staff!,
  232.  H3@Home,23, Group forum designed for H3@Home coaching members and coaches to connect on every level of health!,
  233.  Nutrition & Weight Control Class (HES 209) - Winterim 2012,22,,
  234.  Those Last 10 Pounds,22, This group is for anyone using the Fitbit system to lose a small amount of weight - 10 pounds or less - or to maintain a prior weight loss. The closer you get to your goal weight the harder it is to lose. Let's share our tips for getting there.,
  235.  Austin Texas,22, For anyone in or around the ATX. Let's go walk around Lady Bird Lake!,
  236.  Healthy Lifestyles Spring 2011,22,,
  237.  LDS group,21, Get fit with other LDS fibitters!,
  238.  LSD Awesomeosity,21, Yeah we are awesome.,
  239.  Lunchtime Walkers,21, Lace up those shoes and let's get a few more steps at lunch.,
  240.  Morton Salt,21,,
  241.  Pagan Fitbitters,21, For those of us walking along a nature-based path as we seek to nurture our minds spirits and bodies by becoming healthy and happy.,
  242.  San Diego New to FitBit,21, For newbies who just bought their FitBit and joined from the San Diego area. Let's help keep each other motivated and give some good community tips for the local area on food exercise etc.,
  243.  Tradetec Skyline,21,,
  244.  Ameritas,21, Employees of Ameritas companies!,
  245.  Crossfit Crazy,21, For those who are working CrossFit into you exercise plan. Beginners or CrossFit crazies welcome. Even if you have Mr. Pukey stories.,
  246.  FitBit Kansas,21, FitBit-ters of Kansas,
  247.  Fitness For Life - Fall 2011,21, This is a group for HES 127 (Fitness For Life) class at UW Fond du Lac taught by Associate Professor Lee Watson.,
  248.  Travel The World-Fitbit Challenge,20," Just a fun way to use the FitBit! Read the document titled ""The Plan"" for more information!",
  249.  TurboFire,20, TurboFire is a high intensity cardio program created by Chalene Johnson. This group is for those who LOVE TURBOFIRE and want to support and encourage each other!,
  250.  Arkansas,20, Looking for people that live in my State to join a group and share local info.,
  251.  College Students!,20, A group for college students who have just need a place for support! We have trouble getting all of our steps in while trying to study go to class and stay sane!,
  252.  Equine Enthusiast,20, Do you need to lose weight? Do you love horses? If yes then this group is for you! If you have lost the weight please feel free to join as well and help encourage the rest of us.,
  253.  FFF,20, F... French Fitbit Team,
  254.  Indiana,20, Fitbit users from Indiana.,
  255.  JWT,20,,
  256.  Kentucky Fitbitters,20,,
  257.  A Red Sox Nation,19, Red Sox Nation it's a world-wide sensation. 2011 we're back!,
  258.  triathlon,19,,
  259.  YWCA,19, YWCA sub-group of the UHA group on the FitBit,
  260.  ! The Great Outdoors,19, A place for hikers backpackers hunters fishermen and anyone else that would rather be out there than in here.,
  261. " """"""Delawareans: Fitbitters from the First State""""""",19, Anyone from Delaware using fitbit? Join us! Let's discuss our favorite places to walk workout shop for healthy foods etc.,
  262.  Curves Members,19, If you are Curves members anywhere in the world who are using FitBit please join this group so we can compare each other's accomplishment. :),
  263.  Fitbit Premium Group,19, Welcome a group for Premium members who want to share insights on how to maximize benefits and share ideas/motivation.,
  264.  Halvorson Trane,19, A group for sharing information for Halvorson Trane Associates and spouses.,
  265.  60 Plus Trackers,18, Connect with others over 60 who are tracking with Fitbit.,
  266.  PMZ Health and Wellness,18, Open to all PMZ Employees Agents Family & Friends,
  267.  Age 20-30 Moms,18, I am looking for motivators in my age range who have children and understand the added stresses we face especially when trying to lose weight or get fit.,
  268.  Utah,18, A place for Utahns to unite and support our weight loss goals.,
  269.  World Travelers,18, Do you travel frequently for work or pleasure? How do you deal with jetlag? Do you walk/move more at your destination or at home?,
  270.  Disney World Walkers,18, I am a 38 yo Disney fanatic and plan on walking up a storm at the Disney Themeparks while taking in all the sights & attractions! I am an annual passholder so I'm at the parks at least twice a month. I welcome any Disney lover to join!,
  271.  Fit Bit In Indiana,18,,
  272.  Juicing and Smoothies to Create Super Health and Fitness,18, Juicing Rocks and is a wonderful addition to any Fitbit weight loss or fitness program! This is the place to share and talk about all of the many benefits of different fresh fruit and vegetable juice and smoothie drinks which I am absolutely crazy about. Ask questions share recipes good experiences adverse reactions kids favorites medical research review juice technologies etc. Everyone welcome.,
  273.  Losing Weight for Pregnancy,17, This group is for women who are trying to lose weight in order to have a healthy pregnancy in the future. Women who are already pregnant or recently pregnant are also welcome to join. We just want to support one another as we strive to be our healthiest for our (future) children.,
  274.  Nutrition & Weight Control Class - Summer 2011,17,,
  275.  Wisconsinites!,17, Anyone from Wisconsin using fitbit to step step step!,
  276.  Couch to 5K Fit-bitters!,17, Are you thinking of starting the Couch to 5K Running Program? Have you started? Are you trying to get back into it? Have you finished it? Join Us for C25K and FitBit support and motivation!,
  277.  **A GROUP FOR AWESOME PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE IN A GROUP**,17, Have you ever wanted to be in a group?? Well this is the place for you!! This is the groupiest group you will find on Fitbit! Guaranteed!! If you’re not satisfied after 7 days you may send me a check for $7.,
  278.  20000 steps a day plus,17, If you average 20000 steps a day.....140000 a week then lets try and do an extra thousand or two....,
  279.  Lap Band Surgery Patients,17, People who have had or are going to have surgery for Lap Band.,
  280.  Obvs Corps,16, Compete with your colleagues for fun and (emotional) profit,
  281.  Washington DC Maryland and Northern Virginia Fitbit Users,16, Wanted to see if there were other Fitbit users from the DC/MD/VA area. Was talking to a friend the other day about how often living in this area means you walk more since many take the Metro etc. Thought it'd be cool to friend other DMV area Fitbit users to see if we can spur each other on in daily and exercise walking.,
  282.  YouTubers,16, Have a YouTube Channel? Join the group!,
  283.  Aussie FitBit Geeks,16, A select group of Aussies who are freshly fanatical about FitBitness.,
  284.  Beachbody/Chalene Johnson Fans,16, This is a group of people that are dedicated to getting/being healthy. We are fans of Beachbody & Chalene Johnson. We are here to support one another!,
  285.  FitBit Iowa,16, Fit Bit Users in Iowa,
  286.  Illinois,16, FitBit users in the State of Illinois,
  287.  Innovation BlackBelts,16, They have ninja like reflexes they can sell projects--they are the Eureka! Ranch Innovation BlackBelts!,
  288.  ! @ Silicon Valley !,15," Are you a desk jockey in the world capital of geekdom? Is ""fast"" your most consumed food type? Do you remember when you last went on a date? If answers to the prior questions are ""yes"" ""yes"" and ""no"" -- or -- you actually have the pertinacity to read this entire description then this is potentially the group for you.",
  289.  ! Active Asians !,15, Asian FitBit Enthusiasts unite together for a bigger experience with this active group!,
  290.  Skeptic Movement,15, Group aimed at those who are skeptical in nature. Those who use logic and reason in everyday life and those who promote science education and the scientific method.,
  291.  SWx,15,,
  292.  Aircraft Inventory,15,,
  293.  Tennesseans,15, You got it.,
  294.  bittorrent,15,,
  295.  Born Agains,15, This group is for born again followers of Jesus Christ although it isn’t necessary to be one to join. Focus is on praying for each other and relying on God to help us overcome destructive eating habits. My ministry is to pray for and encourage people in this area of life. I would love to pray for anyone needing help.,
  296.  Capax Get Fit Challenge,15,,
  297.  Fit for Christ,15," This group is for those who are followers of Christ and need His strength to lose weight and get fit! Proverbs 16:3 says: ""Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established."" This has been a guiding verse for me and I am stepping up my weight loss and activity. If we commit to God our desires and plans will be aligned with Gods. God is with us and God gives us strength to do good in His name. So in His name let's take care of the bodies God has given us!",
  298.  FitBit Philadelphia,15, A place for Philadelphians to chat share stories/recipes/FitBit experiences and encourage each other in our fitness/weight loss goals...,
  299.  Friendly Competition,15, This is a group for people who want or need a little friendly competition to keep on track.,
  300.  Genetic Genealogists,15, Networking group for Genetic Genealogists who seek the knowledge to be gained about themselves through DNA and from Fitbit,
  301.  Getting Fit For Life,15, This is a group for people belonging to Facebook site GettingFitForLife who are supportive of each other and want to get fit for life!!!,
  302.  200 to Lose,15, For those who have more then 200 pounds to lose and are ready to do it and support others!,
  303.  Hot Steppers,15, Because we are apparently all very competitive people.....I figured a group was in order instead of just adding each person to our own friends list.,
  304.  Female Martial Artist,14, This group is dedicated to all the female martial artists out there who work so hard every day to excel at a sport designed for the boys. It takes a strong will a passionate attitude and a tireless spirit - but somehow we persevere. Go on... try to kick one of us. I dare you!!,
  305.  Lazy Lazy Fitbitters,14," I'm a Personal Trainer and I still can't get my rear in gear to hit 10k most days. So if you look at all these groups where they average 20k a day and you're thinking ""Oy not my kind of group"" join me in poking and prodding our butts along as we FitBit ourselves off the couch--at least when we don't have a good book to read!",
  306.  55-65 year olds needing to lose weight,14, I am 60 years old married with 5 kids and 7 grandchildren working the night shift as a nurse. I need to lose about 70 pounds. Looking for others for support.,
  307.  NYCC,14,,
  308.  Paleo Practitioners,14, For those who believe that eschewing gluten grains and legumes is the way to go concerning nutrition.,
  309.  UTAHeed1340_Spring2011,14,,
  310.  Biggest Losers with Fitbit,14,,
  311.  Central Florida Folks,14, FitBit users who live in Central Florida who are seeking others for camaraderie and encouragement on the fitbit quest to a healthier and leaner lifestyle.,
  312.  Dutchies,14, A public group for all Dutchies that own a Fitbit! Ask @mdbraber for an invitation,
  313.  #1Wellspan Healthy Friends - Gettysburg,14, A group to encourage others to become healthy energizedand fit as a healthcare family of friends !!! By partnering together we hope to gain insight as a group on ways to keep our bodies healthy in a friendly and yet competitve spirit. Good Luck to all members who decide to take the leap into Fitbit health!!!,
  314.  fitbit Bloggers,14, Got a fitbit and got a blog then this is the place to be.,
  315.  Marathon Training,13, This is a group for everyone of any fitness level whose ultimate goal is to run a marathon. We all need support buddies! Find some here!,
  316.  Medcor Inc,13, Medcor FitBit group,
  317.  ! Fit For Flight Nutrition Camp,13, For Red Bull Fit For Flight Nutrition Camp Participants. Join us and have some fun while we learn.,
  318.  New Year's Challenge,13, I know these groups really help keep me accountable. So first weigh in day will be Nov. 28th and Jan. 2nd will be the final weigh in. Good Luck!,
  319.  On The Move,13," This is our community for ""On The Move"" Contestants and Staff to track our activity and have fun!",
  320.  Show Me Groovers,13, The Show Me Groovers get it done! With a core group with ties in Missouri this group is for friends that love to walk run skate dance keep in shape and keep healthy. Let's get moving and grooving!!,
  321.  Swimmers,13, Anyone use swimming to exercise?,
  322.  ThanksGiving Challenge,13, Since Mimi did such a great job with the Labor day Challenge I was wondering if anyone wanted to join a Thanksgiving Challenge. Just put SW- starting weight BW- beginning weight on this challenge CW- Current weight for the week and GW -Goal weight for the week.,
  323.  VSG FitBit Buddies,13, This group is for those who have had a VSG and are literally trying to work our butts off!,
  324.  What Happened To My Metabolism?,13, This group is for women (ok men can join too) who used to be skinny and then poof! 10 20 30 pounds popped on in my forties. I eat better than I ever have and it just came on. Lets inspire each other to add that extra activity to help balance out our new lackluster metabolism.,
  325.  Windows Phone Fitbit Freaks,13,,
  326.  Baby Steps,13," The ol saying ""Every journey begins with a step"". The important activity is to step in the right direction. do something different everyday that will push you to your goal! This group is for those who wish to detox eat healthier and increase physical activity. This is group is for those who are determined to keep moving ahead with their goal of living a healthier lifestyle! Step by Step until we all reach the goal of Healthier living!",
  327.  ! Sacramento Fitbit !,13, For those living working and playing in the River City area.,
  328.  Bingers,13, A group for people who struggle with binge eating. I don't know about you but I can diet with the best of them but as soon as I need some comfort... whether I am angry sad hurt disappointed - whatever- I binge. I know I can't be the only one. Please join this group to help support me. In return I will support you! Lets stop the cycle of binging!,
  329.  Bipolar Busters,13, Have Bipolar Disorder? This is the group for you talk about your experiences your moods and just how you are doing. We are here to support you!,
  330.  **South Carolina Fit Bitters**,13, This group is for people from the South Carolina area that has and uses there fit bit.,
  331.  Fitbit Hoopers,13, For people who use a fitbit and hoop (that's hula hoop) for fun and fitness.,
  332.  GEHC Surgery L6S/IT,13, This is a group for the GEHC Surgery L6S/IT team.,
  333.  Health Quest Family Medicine,13,,
  334.  Life Sciences,12, ...welcome to the official fitbit compete...,
  335.  Metro Washington DC FB Owners,12, For anyone and everyone who is using (or owns but is leaving in their drawer) a fitbit. Let's discuss great places to walk/run make connections discuss gyms and rant about Metro!,
  336.  Nurses,12, A group for nurses,
  337.  Small Losers (25 lbs or less),12, Are there any low weight loss goalie's out there? I'm looking to lose around 15 lbs. I work out but sometimes struggle with just enjoying life's simple pleasures. Looking to discuss motivators setbacks triumphs support and strategies.,
  338.  Anti-Inflammation Diet,12, For people following an anti Inflammation food plan. Share tips tricks and everything else.,
  339. " ""GS-Walking Divas""",12,,
  340.  FitBit for Fitness Competitors,12, Group dedicated to those who are figure fitness bikini competitors and those who want to be!,
  341.  Fitbit Health and Fitness Wealthy,12,,
  342.  FitBit United,12,,
  343.  Fitness Fusion,12, The rootenist tootenist wellness group this side of Market Street.,
  344.  Fort HealthCare,12, Fort HealthCare Employee Group,
  345.  Italian Group,12, Per tutti gli italiani che usano Fitbit,
  346.  Lawyers/Law Students Unite!,12, Working long hours stressed to no end -- let's stick together to achieve our weight loss & nutrition goals!,
  347.  7000 to 15000 Walking Steps A Day!,11, We're in for the long haul enjoying the scenery along the way. If walking is a form of meditation for you this is your group! If you stop to chat with someone along the way or take short walks four times a day this is your group! If you're so busy that you have to walk in the dark with reflectors after work this is the group for you! We're striving for daily averages of 7000 to 15000 a day per week and we can urge each other on. Welcome!,
  348.  NIKE TAG FRIENDS,11, I would like to create a group where those of us that wear fitbits and also use the iphone app NIKE GPS + which is free this week They have tag games and all kinds of running games on there where you can create a game to keep you and your friends moving. I suggest you put your Nike GPS email on this site and then we could add you on the tag games. I will start and please add me. My NIke GPS username email is my fitbit user name is BUSHI if you want to add me as a friend. I average around 18000 steps a day and looking to take that to 21000 in the next week or so.,
  349.  NS FitBitters,11,,
  350.  Abs are for losers. :),11, Hi everyone this group was created by your one and only Antonio. This is for the ones that arent afraid to be excited about losing weight.,
  351.  Single Parents,11, As a single parent it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. Let's motivate eachother -for our children!,
  352.  Suntiva Yellow Team,11, Suntiva Yellow Team Mentor: Stefanie Jenkins (231) 947-7425,
  353.  TEL IS Fit,11, Tokyo Electron America IS Dept.,
  354. " The ""GH IS Fit Bunch""",11, This is for members of GH IS to help one another and motivate one another to become more active. Game On!,
  355.  uFit Ireland,11,,
  356.  Women Ages 40 -120,11, Best Life after 40!,
  357.  Working Moms Fitbit,11, We can do this! Working together to eat better sleep better and move more.,
  358.  Breast Feeding Moms,11, Trying to loose weight and get back in shape after breast feeding can be pretty difficult. Let's support each other.,
  359. " ""GS-Road Warriors""",11,,
  360. " ""GS-Sole Mates""",11, We are the Granite Starr Sole Mates! My wonderful team members are: Kelly Julie Whitney Clarke Laverne Shirley Tanna Clint Mark and Elly! We rock! 10000 steps a day! Yippee!!!,
  361.  *! BodyRockers !*,11, We love the HIIT workouts at! Share clean recipes report on what BodyRock Workouts you're doing or share BodyRock inspired workouts you've created!,
  362.  Fitness For Longevity,11, Using the FitBit as part of a comprehensive program to extend your life. Posts related to genetics vitamins/supplementation and current research into life extension can also be posted,
  363.  HDSFM Be Healthy Institutional Team,11, Dedicated to being the healthiest team in the company in 2012 and beyond!,
  364.  Health At Every Size (HAES),11, For people who are pursuing health whatever their size and who are not actively pursuing weight loss as a goal. HAES is not against weight loss but feel that the pursuit of weight loss as a goal in itself is counterproductive and damaging both physically and mentally. For more information about HAES you could start with the gospel according to Wikipedia: Please do not join this group if you want to talk about weight loss and dieting. Otherwise anything is fair game. Hope to see you here. Ang,
  365.  Healthko,11,,
  366.  Home Fitness Junky,11,,
  367.  Home Workers,11, For all of us who work from home inspire each other to do more... Walk up and down the stairs and make several cups of tea,
  368.  Hotlanta Fitbit,11, A group for people who live in and around Atlanta GA.,
  369.  Lapband Lovers,11," I hope this can be a group for lapbanders to gather and share thier experiences. I joined Fit bit because of the ease of use of the site. I hope that this little gidget along with the tool of my ""lapband"" combined will help me with accountability with realizing my goals while I learn what my patterns and behaviours are~~both good and bad. Come along and join me to explore using our band and fitbit together! Lets creat a support network we all need in this journey to wellness!",
  370.  Madison Fitbit,10, Local folks in the Madison WI area.,
  371.  MFP,10, This is a group for MFP users that want to find each other and share stories.,
  372.  Montana Breast Health Wellness Group,10, For members of the breast cancer support group at Montana Breast Health at Community Medical Center Missoula MT,
  373.  MS Benefits Home Page,10,,
  374.  Nudists Naturists & Skinny Dippers,10, For those who often consider a thin belt to hold the Fitbit is all they need...,
  375.  Rotary Shuswap,10,,
  376.  Team Raintree - Walk For the Health of It!,10, CVS|Caremark Raintree Employees (and families) are encouaged to walk and record progress here! Walk at least 30 minutes as briskly as you can most days of the week. Make walking a routine at breaks lunch or for one-on-one meetings. Record how long you walk how far you walk or wear a pedometer to measure the steps you take. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gain these benefits: ? feel good ? improve fitness and energy level ? get a better night’s sleep ? decrease stress ? improve your memory ? elevate your mood ? lessen depression ? lose body fat ? maintain a healthy weight ? have stronger bones ? improve balance ? lower blood pressure ? increase muscle strength and endurance ? reduce risk of heart disease type 2 diabetes osteoporosis and some cancers ? get those feel good endorphins ? find your snack replacer ? gain control ? have fun ? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•? ??•*¨*•.¸¸? ¸¸.•*¨*•?,
  377.  TELUS,10,,
  378.  All steps from walking,10, This group is for people whose primary exercise is walking.,
  379.  Vegan,10,,
  380.  Believe It - Achieve It,10,,
  381.  City of Lakes,10, Join this group of motivated Minneapolis walkers making strides to stay healthy or get into better shape with the help of the FitBit. Locals take pride in the fact that we live in one of the best walking cities on earth: Minneapolis. Uff-dah! With trails close to everyone’s home we walk year round to stay fit. Please join this group of fellow Minnesotans. From the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Website: “A groomed walking trail is never far away in the Minneapolis Park System. MPRB maintains almost 50 miles of designated walking trails in the winter along the Grand Rounds. Enjoy a walk in Theodore Wirth Park around the Chain of Lakes downtown and along the Minnehaha Parkway the Mississippi River St. Anthony Parkway and Victory Memorial Parkway. The Park Board keeps the paths plowed and sanded but users should be aware that there may be icy conditions due to weather conditions and the high volume of foot/bike traffic that packs down snow before plows can remove it. Sanding is less effective during periods of extreme cold temperatures and during periods of melting and refreezing when temperatures warm during the day and drop at night. The Park Board does not use salt on its trails to prevent damage to adjacent turf and nearby lakes creeks and rivers.”,
  382.  Drupal,10, Drupal developers and fans.,
  383.  ET Fit Bits,10, GSA Executive Team in Region9,
  384.  FIRM Believers,10, Are you a FIRM Believer? Come say hi!,
  385.  Food Allergy Fitbit Users,10, This group is for people who have food allergies and want to get great ways to share and get information on how to modify foods and keep them healthy without including the thigns that could make them have a reaction!,
  386.  Hypothyroid Sufferers,10, For those living with an underactive thyroid attempting to lose weight,
  387.  Mormon FitBiters,9, A place for Mormons to connect and support our weight loss goals.,
  388.  My Fit Bit is bigger than your Fit Bit.,9, Friends competing,
  389.  ! First Place 4 Health & fitbit !,9, First Place 4 Health is a Christ-centered weight loss and healthy living program that focuses on the four essentials of health and well-being: the mind emotions body and spirt! This group offers support accountability and encouragement to individuals who have combined the amazing tracking benefit of the fitbit with the healthy living program of First Place 4 Health. Join our group and find out how Christ can make unbelievable changes in your life!,
  390.  ! Jeans Fulla Beans !,9, SW Missouri area FitBitters. Member interests include Geocaching Photography and Greyhound Pet Adoption.,
  391.  Reece Construction Co,9,,
  392.  Silicon Valley FitBit Contest,9, This is a contest for clients of personal trainers in the San Jose California area. This contest is open to friends and family of all participants as long as they live in close proximity.,
  393.  Sleeve Patients :),9, This group is for members for have had or are considering having the Gastric Sleeve. =),
  394.  TEXAS Fitbit United!!!!!,9, This group is for all the Texan's who are willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We all know how hard is lose weight in this beautiful statewhere the food is great!!!,
  395.  Uline,9,,
  396.  WellSpan Group,9, WellSpan employees in a pilot program for health and fitness.,
  397.  Work Don't Wish Accountability Challenge,9,,
  398.  ASHA Staff,9,,
  399.  Barefoot,9, For anyone who loves to run walk or play barefoot!,
  400.  Canadian *Club* Fit,9," Dedicated to Canadians of all ""Walks"" of Life *** Tracking the Future by a distance in our past. *** Welcome ***",
  401.  Coalesce - Team Orange,9,,
  402. " ""GS - Just For The Health of It""",9, This is one of the four Granite Starr virtual walking groups. Still missing some members please join a.s.a.p. . The walking competition starts (today) on Monday July 26th 2010. We have a total of 11 members. If Chris is your team leader then you are in the right place!,
  403.  Diabetic Users,9, Users who are insulin dependent (Type 1) diabetics,
  404.  fitbit Lesbians,9,,
  405.  FitBit Orange County,9, A group dedicated to FitBit users located in Orange County California. I hope we can use this group to motivate each other and maybe organize group hikes or activities.,
  406.  /r/keto,9,,
  407.  Graphic Designers,9, If you are a full-time graphic designer like me you probably spend at least 6-7 hours siting in front of your computer everyday. How do you manage to keep moving in the office while keeping up with the work flow? Share your tricks!,
  408.  Hard Core Corps.,9, This group is for those that are serious about fitness food health & motivation. We will discuss varies topics about health nutrition and fitness programs. If you tend to spend more time at the gym than at your home this is the group for you. Everyone is welcome as long as you are serious about getting fit eating healthy and contribute to the group.,
  409.  Healing from an Injury/housebound/bedbound etc.,9, For those of us that are recuperating from an injurysurgery etc. that need the encouragement and support to keep our spirits up and to keep going!,
  410.  Insanity by Beachbody,9, A place all the insane people surviving through the Insanity program by Beachbody can get together talk and encourage each other!,
  411.  Isis,9,,
  412.  3 Day Walkers!,9, Are you training for one of the multi-day walks? Join here!,
  413.  60+ Group,8, Any 60 + plus Fitbiters out there come on join this group,
  414.  Mental Health Monsters,8, This is a group for people suffering from a mental health issue using this website to help regulate daily activities.,
  415.  MEOW!,8, Teachers with an unhealthy (healthy?) desire to compete.,
  416.  Microsoft HR Fitbit-Fanatics!,8, A place where MS HR folks can compare contrast encourage and belittle each other's progress! -),
  417.  Microsoft Women's Retreat,8, A community for the wonderful group of women who attended the 5th Annual Microsoft Women's Retreat in Washington DC - May 19 - 20 2011,
  418.  ! Apple Hill Internal Medicine,8, A Fitbit group for staff and friends of Apple Hill Internal Medicine.,
  419.  911 Dispatchers,8, For those of us that sit all day and handle the stress of a busy 911 center  what better way to walk/run off the stress when we are off duty !!,
  420.  Northern B.C. Fitbit Community,8, Northern British Columbia's connection to other fitbit users. A place to meet new people share stories give encouragement and tips.,
  421.  One Day at a TIME,8, If you are NEW to fitbit 10/7/11...and just getting started..then join me and we can learn out to stay motivated one day at a time..,
  422.  Pilates enthusiasts,8, For those interested in Pilates regularly attend Pilates classes or are Pilates instructors and using FitBit,
  423.  Russia,8, Welcome to russian fitbit group,
  424.  Samartian Health Services Biggest Loser,8, Please contact your team administrator to join this group or contact the SHS Stewardship Biggest Loser via email.,
  425.  SocialFitness,8, Encouraging each other to work out eat healthy and run!,
  426.  Aloha Hawaii!,8," A groups for people who live in the state of Hawaii on any of the islands. Also welcoming transplants who have left Hawaii and also to those who just live ""Aloha"". We can all work together to avoid doing a kapulu or kapakahi job with our diets and fitness goals.",
  427.  turkey-team,8,,
  428.  UHA Group,8, The purpose of the Wellness program is to promote a healthy lifestyle for UHA associates.,
  429.  Wellpoint Employees Group,8, A group for Wellpoint Employees participating in the Fitbit study.,
  430.  Witness The Fitness,8, Live Breath Sleep Eat Fitness..... don't think about it.... just come and Witness The Fitness!!,
  431.  big losers,8, I am just starting and my goal is to loose 100lbs. I am a compulsive overeater and stress is my trigger. I exercise at the Gym 3-4 days a week . I try to spin 2-3 days a week 45 min sessions and I walk on the elipical 45 min . I try to keep my heart rate around 150 for the 45 mins. I do yoga 2 times a week for 1 hr classes. I could use some advise for diet and incorporating more activity in my daily life,
  432.  !Crime Fighter Fitbit Users!,8, If your job involves fighting crime weather you are sworn or not then join this group. If you work in a lab in the field as a dispatcher or as a officer of the law we can all help each other by giving tips on working out or cooking healthy food. We know how hard shift work can be and how it can add to stress. Stress relieving techniques is encouraged in this group. So join us and help make this world a better place.,
  433.  !DEATHSQUAD!,8," This is a group for people who've heard about the FitBit from one of the DeathSquad podcasts like the ""Ice House Chronicles"" or ""The Joe Rogan Experience"" among others. Figured a fair amount of people might start buying these looking for a group to compare stats with so I created one. Let's lose some weight you dirty bi*ches!",
  434.  Club de mers pe jos,8,,
  435.  Columbus OH,8, Fitbit users located in Columbus OH,
  436.  Commercial,8,,
  437.  Connecticut Fitbit,8, Connecticut Fitbit Users,
  438.  Crows Nest,8, people who hang out at the Crows Nest and want some semi-friendly competition :),
  439.  DC Maryland Virginia Fitbit,8, District of Columbia Maryland Virginia Fitbit users.,
  440.  Diabetics,8,,
  441.  Ed Bluesteins Weight Warriors,8,,
  442.  Fat trying to loose weight group,8, I am a realistic person who has struggled with weight my entire life. I want to be open and honest with the struggle and my fight to take it off. My father passed away last year due to a heart attack. It has affected me in ways I can't describe. I no longer want to be heavy. So for those who are real and very honest about their weight loss journey please join me for the ride. I have set a goal for myself to achieve by the end of this year.,
  443.  Fit Furs,8, A group for furries who are dedicated to making healthy lifestyle choices in order to live better lives. Everyone is welcome to join - young or old furry or otherwise! What is a furry?,
  444.  Geiger Ready Mix,8,,
  445.  Gettysburg Cardiovascular Services,8,,
  446.  Good Luck Have Fun,8,,
  447.  Halloween Challenge 2010,8, How much weight would you like to lose before Halloween? Join our group and share our success!,
  448.  Hat Creek Cattle Company,8,,
  449.  HSD and Friends,8, Workplace group,
  450.  Las Vegas,8, A group for Las Vegan fitbiters.,
  451.  Manchester UK,7, For all us Mancs out there...,
  452.  50 years old plus Northern Californians,7, As I've gotten older I found out how difficult it is too lose weight. I've just lost 24 pounds with more to go. I'd love to share stories frustrations and accomplishments with others having issues.,
  453.  Men's Fitness and Nutrition,7, A community group targeting men's fitness and health issues such as body building weight loss and illness whether you have one fitness goal or multiple fitness goals.,
  454.  MMP Runners,7, Group for eBay Manage Marketplace Team Members.,
  455.  MT's Circle of Trust,7,,
  456.  Newbie and looking for friends,7, Hey everyone! I've got a fair bit of weight to loose but also help with battling some body insecurities and cravings. I'm 165lbs now (my start weight was 183lbs) and at 5ft5 clearly still in the overweight range. I really want to loose about 35lbs and reach my goal weight and I hope there are fitbitters out there who will be my buddies on my journey:),
  457.  Offline Labs,7,,
  458.  Palmetto Health,7, A group from Palmetto Health that is concerned about their health.,
  459.  PAX,7, Get fit for PAX! East approaches!,
  460.  PINK FitBit,7, For those people following the PINK Method to get healthy and fit!,
  461.  Practice Fusion Wellness 2012,7, For our Wellness Incentive Program of 2012!,
  462.  Ready and Fit (will travel),7, We travel all over the country. Our objective is to support each other in staying fit and healthly as we travel.,
  463.  Aiming to Gain,7, For those of us who want to gain weight or keep their weight up--in healthy ways! There's much less information out their for healthy weight gain so let's share our tips and progress.,
  464.  Shah Family & Friends,7,,
  465.  Stepping Team,7,,
  466.  Sweden,7, Group for Fitbit users in Sweden.,
  467.  T.O.P.S.,7, For People that are members of T.O.P.S. doesnt matter which division your in this is a fitbit group for additional motivation.,
  468.  Tampa Bay Fitbit,7, For all Tampa Bay area Fitbit folks.,
  469.  ALASKA!,7, This is a group for anyone that lives in The Last Frontier!,
  470.  The Hip Mix Hip+Fit Belly Dance Movement,7, We are not just people that want to lose weight... and we are not just people that are belly dancers. BUT we are a Hip Mix of people. Join Dilara Sultan and be a part of a community that celebrates respects & encourages others.,
  471.  uFit SWx Ireland,7, team for Ireland SWx FitBit participants,
  472.  Animal Print Spandex,7,,
  473.  Weight-Loss At JCC,7, fitbit group for members of Palo Alto JCC in weight loss class. Public group by invitation only.,
  474.  Young At Heart,7, Age 55 and up,
  475.  August fitbit Challenge,7, Win or Lose you are guaranteed to take more steps during the month of August. Put your money where your steps are and $1 per 10000 steps difference from everyone to the winner for the month!,
  476.  Bay Area Walkers,7,,
  477.  Breast Cancer Survivors,7, This is a group for women who want to reclaim their bodies after the insult of cancer. Join me as we get fit and healthy. I'm currently participating in a study to prove that fitness and weightloss prevent recurrence,
  478.  Crazeee Extreme Fitbit,7,,
  479.  Danish fitbitters,7, This group is for danish people using fibit. So all of you danes from denmark come join the group :),
  480.  Differently Able,7, For folks dealing with physical challenges - neurological or structural - that may hinder or slow down walking or running. Do you use a cane? walking poles? walk aides? Bioness? brace? Perhaps you experience a paralysis or muscle tone? Keep working at this. Your gait can get better.,
  481.  Eating Creative and Well with Food Allergies,7, This group has been created as a support system for those of us with one or multiple food allergies who have found it difficult at times to follow ordinary diet and fitness plans. My hope is that we can share with each other information that we have learned about dietary issues food substitutes and provide moral support when things get rough. Welcome.,
  482.  FireFighters,7, For all people that are or love the FireFigthers,
  483.  Fitness for America,7, The Code for America fitbit group,
  484.  Happy Feet,7,,
  485.  2011 Fall P90X Challenge,7, This is a forum for people who want to do P90X starting November 21st. The challenge will run through February 18th. If you're interested make sure you have the DVD's pull up bar weights bands mat anything else you might need to complete the program and I'll meet you back here on November 21st.,
  486.  Japan / Nippon,7,,
  487.  5% Challenge,7, For some people just losing 5% of your weight will create motivation. I am a person who needs constant motivation by results to keep going and having a group of friends going through the same thing will help not only me by them as well. I will run challenges every week with everyone in this group with a weekly weigh in of Sunday. I am also planning on doing not only weight challenges but I think it's important to also acknowledge measurement changes as well. These will be held monthly at the end of every month.,
  488.  Lamp Post Group,7,,
  489.  Littleton Colorado: Fittest state in the Union!,6, For anyone in the area. You live in the most beautiful area of the country- have you hiked it lately???,
  490.  Logistics,6,,
  491.  Los Cerneritos,6, Amigos de Cerner en España probando el fitbit,
  492.  Memphis TN,6, If you'er from Memphis TN or the surrounding area... sign in and lets motivate each other!,
  493.  Merrill's Minions,6,,
  494.  Midwest: Indiana Ohio Kentucky Fitbit Users,6, Calling all Midwest users! Connect here and motivate one another to lose the pounds! Stay active and set goals!,
  495.  Motivated Moms,6, Whether you work or stay at home if they're young or old if you're nursing a baby or sending them off to school come on in to join other moms trying to help each other stay motivated to stay fit with our crazy mom schedules!,
  496.  Motor City StepIT,6,,
  497.  ! BOSTON !,6, Open to any BEANTOWN fitbit folks! Compare stats friendly competition learn new running/biking routes places to workout etc.,
  498.  ! Fitbit CZ !,6, Pro všechny uživatele z ?eské republiky i odjinud :),
  499.  No Pain No Gain,6, Established for bragging rights and getting healthy at the same time.,
  500.  Oak Hill Fitbit Specialty Series M/W,6, We will meet Monday and Wednesday at 4:45 - 5:15,
  501.  PF Flyers,6,,
  502.  A Team - PMZ Real Estate Oakdale,6, Open to Oakdale PMZ Real estate agents family and friends.,
  503.  Pyramid Fit,6,,
  504.  Quilters Getting Fit,6, Would love to talk with other quilters using FitBit to take a break and step away from their sewing machines :-),
  505.  SAM,6, Scott Andree Marie,
  506.  Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay,6," A place for Santa Cruz bay locals to meet up chat plan events. A bit more local then the ""California"" group. the hope is to find people in the local area to do meets ups events walks etc.",
  507.  Team,6, Our lovely team,
  508.  Team 1 - metete-lez pour le fitbit,6,,
  509.  Team 2 (the best),6,,
  510.  The Rackspace Sticky Bits,6, A group of Rackers motivating each other to stay active and sharing their achievements. *Person with the least steps buys the first round ),
  511.  Tucson Fitbit,6,,
  512.  Turbo Fire Anyone?,6, Is anyone using Turbo Fire and Fitbit? I'd love to check in with folks using this workout program,
  513.  Twitterbits,6, A group of fitbit lovin twitter pals,
  514.  Upstream,6, Alle #sdl65'ers!,
  515.  Using FitBit and LoseIt,6, Intended for those who have the FitBit and also use the LoseIt website and/or the LoseIt app. This is a place to discuss tips and tricks of getting the most of these two wonderful products.,
  516.  uw fox,6,,
  517.  VOLC,6,,
  518. " WBIR ""Every Little FitBit"" Knoxville Tennessee Group",6, WBIR Employees and friends in the Knoxville Tennessee Area are getting fit with their Fitbits...join in!,
  519.  WiThings,6, For the people with a scale from Withings :),
  520.  Wock Girls,6, The Sexy Hot Goddesses,
  521.  yo-getters,6,,
  522.  Z.R.M.'s,6,,
  523.  Beachbody Coaches using FitBit,6, A group for Independent Beachbody coaches that also use fitbit.,
  524.  Beachbody Fans,6, If you love all that Beachbody has to offer..c'mon over..lets chat and cheer each other on with our workouts and goals... I can help you reach your goals...,
  525.  British Columbia Fitbit,6, A fitbit group for all of us living in British Columbia. Let's motivate each other people! Come on! Getting fit starts NOW!! *woohooo*,
  526.  CFN,6,,
  527.  Cornerstone,6, For those of us finishing the Cornerstone project and are ready to lose that Cornerstone weight.,
  528.  Daly's Dynamos,6, Let's do this!,
  529. " ""I Need My Space"" Fitbitters",6, Employees contractors family and friends of NASA. Join in for the fun participate with other Space enthusiasts. Morale and well being of the NASA family is a team effort.,
  530.  DevSci IT Walk to Glory,6, Walk your heart away,
  531.  Digital River,6,,
  532.  Dignity Corporate Finance,6, A way for us to up the ante on the Biggest Loser competition and beyond that to make changes that incorporates fitness into our daily lives so that this can be this competition ends our journey to healthy life style will begin.,
  533.  Donkeys,6, Three Peaks team Phil Elwell Dave Hunt David Davies Chris Prietzel Matt Pickett,
  534.  Dutch FitBit users,6, De bedoeling van deze groep is om in contact te komen met Nederlandse gebruikers van de FitBit en ervaringen en tips uit te wisselen.,
  535.  Enigma,6, The mightiest band of Step-tastic walkers ever to walk this land,
  536.  Fit-Bitches!,6, For all those Fit-bitches out there. You know who you are!,
  537.  Fitbit Fanatics,6, Game On !!!,
  538.  FitBit Golfers,6, I'd like to build a community of golfers who also use Fitbit as a part of their fitness program.,
  539.  Fitbit Greater China,6, For people in Taiwan Hong Kong and China who use Fitbit,
  540.  FITBIT Y LOS FITBITPALDIS,6, Cerner competition group,
  541.  FrontPoint FitClub,6, Fit Club a part of the FrontPoint Wellness program sponsors periodic health & wellness events activities and challenges designed to promote a healthier workplace for FrontPoint employees. FrontPoint Wellness is one of the FrontPoint Culture programs. Launched in May 2010 FrontPoint Wellness is designed to promote holistic employee health & wellness through a variety of free & subsidized benefits. The FrontPoint Culture Programs at FrontPoint are designed to make FrontPoint a totally awesome place to work by offering unusual and extraordinary benefits all in support of creating an amazing workplace culture. Various categories focus among other things on health & wellness employee community company communication and personal development. FrontPoint Culture Programs | Reinventing the Awesome Workplace,
  542.  GameOn Diet Users Group,6, Just a group for all of us losing weight and having fun playing the GameOn Diet created by Az Ferguson and Krista Vernoff. If you haven't seen or heard of it yet then check it out!,
  543.  Gay Guys,6, A group for gay guys around the world let's keep fit together.,
  544.  GEHC Shared Services India,6, GE Healthcare ITPE Shared Services India Team Community,
  545.  GHX Fitbit'ers,6, Dedicated to removing $5M ounces of fat in less than 5 years!,
  546.  GI - Bldg 82-2nd Floor,6, Floor challenge for Informatics staff on the 2nd floor of Bldg 82.,
  547.  GSA Gang of 9,6, Members of R9,
  548.  Hanson West Coast vs. East Coast Challenge,6, Who's more fit? Cali or SC/NY?,
  549.  HCG Diet,6, I created this group for people who are also on the HCG diet to post recipies stats comments...etc.,
  550.  17 Day Diet,6, For fitbiters who are are following the 17 Day Diet,
  551.  Humana Innovation Center,6, Who is worthy enough to wear a fitbit? The select few who are part of this elite group of athletic and engaging peeps.,
  552.  I have much more steps than you!,6, I have much more steps than you,
  553.  Idaho - Boise and Treasure Valley,6, A Fitbit group for those from Boise Idaho and the greater Treasure Valley.,
  554.  InfoSec Fitbit-ers,6, FitBit group for Information Security peeps here on FitBit.,
  555.  Joy Global Inc. Team Cobalt,6, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Cobalt,
  556.  Joy Global Inc. Team Diamond,6, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Diamond,
  557.  Joy Global Inc. Team Gold,6, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Gold,
  558.  Joy Global Inc. Team Iron,6, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Iron,
  559.  Kansas City Special,6, 1 dude and some baby-boomers,
  560.  Katy Texas,6, For any Fit Bit members located in Katy Texas or anywhere else in the great state of Texas.,
  561.  La mafia no perdona,6,,
  562.  Lafayette County Missouri,6, East of Kansas City Mo our communities are working to be healthy for life. We are helping each other and Fitbit is helping us.,
  563.  Lentochka's friends,5, Join my group let's share the results.,
  564.  Lupus Fitbit,5, ...for Lupus suffers,
  565.  Manitoba's Movers and Shakers,5, Manitobans motivating other Manitobans to keep moving. Let's see how many steps we can take.,
  566.  Marketing Professionals,5,,
  567.  6Rs,5, Ross Rebecca and Rankin rediculously rough and rowdy runners,
  568.  Maryland Fitbit Group,5, Come and join for some friendly competition! See how you fare in comparison to the people in your area...Use this group as motivation to push yourself and set new milestones. Good luck fellow Maryland residents!,
  569.  MFG VP Staff FitNuts,5,,
  570.  mich,5,,
  571.  Michiganders and Michiganians,5, Whether you identify as a Michigander or a Michiganian this group is for fitbit users from and/or residing in the land of the mitten and greatest great lakes: Michigan. Point to your hand proudly ladies and gentlemen.,
  572.  Moscow,5, ??????,
  573.  New Hampshire FitBit,5, For anyone in New Hampshire that wants to be friends with or compete with other people in NH.,
  574.  OIIT on the Move,5,,
  575.  Orange County California,5, A group for those living in OC.,
  576.  OSSC Fitbit'rs,5,,
  577. " P.I.N.K Method ""Big Girls""",5, Lady's doing the P.I.N.K. meathod diet.,
  578.  Pacemakers,5,,
  579.  PathNet,5,,
  580.  Pega STORM,5, Pega Cloud team droppin' the weight,
  581.  Pittsburgh Group,5, Yinz guys should join this group n'at!,
  582.  Pound the pavement,5,,
  583.  PWx Ladies,5,,
  584.  RAW FOODISTS,5, Because we count also :),
  585.  Rebooting and Fitbit,5," For those who saw ""Fat Sick and Nearly Dead"" and were inspired to add a juicing reboot to their fitbit program.",
  586.  Revati Wellness,5,,
  587.  Robot Panda Hiking Enthusiasts Club,5, Robot Panda wants to rack up the steps! We'll be doing weekend hikes in and around the Bay Area. Join in any weekend you want (our car fits 5) and suggest some of your favorite places too. Bring your camera bring your friends and bring your Fitbit.,
  588.  Rochester NY Fitbit Group,5, For anyone with a Fitbit living in the Rochester NY area. Support each other and meet up for social exercising!,
  589.  Sagey Pies,5,,
  590.  Active On Demand - South East Michigan,5, We are a group of co-workers in the premium transportation business located in the metro Detroit area but anyone is welcome to join!!! We'll have some very fun and friendly competition.,
  591.  Agility,5,,
  592.  Sneaky Midnight Uncles,5,,
  593.  step group,5,,
  594.  Suntiva Maroon Team!,5, Suntiva Wellness Program - Maroon Mentor Team Mentor: Steven H. Rossi 202-525-7552,
  595.  Svc Leaders,5,,
  596.  Systems & Training,5,,
  597.  Talone,5,,
  598.  Tang/Graling,5,,
  599.  Alabama Gas Passers,5, Anesthesiologist of AGE and others,
  600.  Target Cowboys,5, This is a group for people that work for Target or are Dallas Cowboy fans.,
  601.  Team 24,5,,
  602.  Team Kili,5,,
  603.  Team PAD,5,,
  604. " The ""M.A.V. Fit"" Challenge",5," A group for participants engaging in the (M)onitor - (A)djust - (V)aluate fitness strategies (""M.A.V. Fit"") for lifetime well-being. Members progressively use the Fitbit device/system to log their lifestyle activities and make simple and minor adjustments to behavior that yield consistent and steady improvements in their health.",
  605.  The Monocled Speed Finger Pedo Users,5,,
  606.  Too Fit for UFit,5, The greatest team to ever set foot on the planet!!!!!!!!!,
  607.  Am I Alone?,5, For People That Just Need To Talk....,
  608.  uFit - Team 23,5, Until we come up with a better name we'll be Team 23. This is a space for us to motivate each other and track to make sure we're on top of the competition.,
  609.  uFit Catalyst Ireland,5,,
  610.  uFit Exec Team 2,5,,
  611.  uFit UK Exec Team 3,5, Keep track of team progress,
  612.  uripon,5,,
  613.  UTA EXSA 1247,5, For the students of EXSA 1247 at The University of Texas at Arlington Fall 2011,
  614.  Wedding Losers,5, Shedding for your wedding!,
  615.  weight loss surgery journey,5, This is a place where people who have had weight loss surgery or who are contemplating this choice can come together to get help give advice and encourage each other in their life changing journey. I personally had gastric bypass surgery October 14th 2011. I started my current journey to weight loss in February of 2011 and to this date through eating right exercise and my surgery have lost 92 pounds. There is no easy way to lose weight and we all need help and motivation. So lets get our sweat on!!,
  616.  Wellness Committee,5, AlloSource Wellness Committee,
  617.  Wild and Wonderful West Virginians,5, Come on- get up offa that thing!,
  618.  Wilson Family,5,,
  619.  Women Turned 50 and Just getting started with Fitbit.,5, A group for those of us who have recently turned 50 and want to start making changes in our daiy routines to get active. Lets get going Ladies..,
  620.  WSMR,5, For all of use at WSMR including family and friends.,
  621.  You'll Never Walk Alone,5, YNWA,
  622.  ¡¡¡ Con Fitbit y a lo Loco !!!,5, A este grupo pertenecen los futuros ganadores de todas las competiciones de Cerner Iberia :),
  623.  ¡¡¡ Con Fitbit y a lo Loco !!!,5, A este grupo pertenecen los futuros ganadores de todas las competiciones de Cerner Iberia :),
  624.  BABYFAT PACK,5, This group is for all of the wonderful Moms that may have just had a baby and want to get the pounds off. It's challenging for most of us to get a good workout in with our little ones pulling at us for time and attention. Me:.I have gained over 65 lbs during and after my pregnancy. I want this FAT off my body! I'm determined to reach my health goals and would like to share my journey with others.,
  625.  Backyard Chickens,5, Do any of you peeps have backyard chickens? If so I'm sending out a loud Ur-urrrrr!! for you to join me. I'll show you how to find some good 20K steps!!!!! No matter if you're in a city with 4 hens in a small coop or in the country with 3 roosters and 25 girls all of my fellow egg enthusiasts are welcome to shake a tailfeather here!,
  626.  Booya,5,,
  627.  Boston,5,,
  628.  !Get Active Modesto!,5, Modesto or surrounding area Fitbit users.,
  629.  Cerner Happy Feet,5, Cerner Healthe Steps Competition Team,
  630.  Cerner UK Integration Architects,5, A group for UK IA Community to track progress and have some friendly competition.,
  631.  Cerner UK Upgrade Centre,5,,
  632.  CHA Flat 14ers,5,,
  633.  CHI/MIL,5,,
  634.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and ME,5, This is a group for individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME/CFIDS) and trying to manage their illness with FitBit with even the tiniest hope of improving it! Let's share tips tricks battle wounds just anything and everything we have to offer with each other.,
  635.  Clean Track Warriors,5, Front Line,
  636.  Coakley Family Gut Bust 2011,5,,
  637.  Columbia River PUD,5, A group for Fitbit users who are part of Columbia River PUD's Wellness Program. PUD employees retirees board members and family members are welcome to join!,
  638.  CrossFit Addicts!,5," A quick excerpt from the CrossFit main site: ""The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity we don’t change programs. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters skiers mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.""",
  639.  DADS,5,,
  640.  Dancing Group,5, Looking for group of people who just love to dance. Whether it is ballroom latin country west coast swing or zumba lovers are all invited.,
  641.  DD & The Ladies,5,,
  642.  Deloitte,5, Partners or employees of Deloitte LLP and its affiliated firms,
  643.  EBAY-SCM,5, SCMteam,
  644.  Exercise Video Walkers,5, This group is for Fitbit walkers that are also in the Exercise Video group online.,
  645.  Family Fit,5,,
  646.  Family Fitbit Fitness,5, Our family coming together to be healthier by changing our lifestyle and becoming more active TOGETHER!,
  647.  Femme FEETales,5,,
  648.  #Food,5,,
  649.  Fitbit chicks,5,,
  650.  Fitbit Deutschland,5, Ich würde gerne Leute treffen die in Deutschland wohnen und ein Fitbit besitzen. Vielleicht findet sich ja jemand der Statistiken vergleichen will...,
  651.  Fitbit Philippines,5, This is a group for Filipino and Philippine-based users of fitbit. This is a group for sharing food secrets exercise tips and best practices for hitting fitness goals.,
  652.  fitbit- Facebook Friends,5,,
  653.  FitBitles,5, Let Fit Bit,
  654.  Fitbits in MI,5, anyone who owns a Fitbit and lives in MI,
  655.  Foote Steps ( Chemetall Foote ),5,,
  656.  ++ Wallabee Fans ++,5, A group for fans of the Wallabee app who like to forage for virtual items while out getting in their daily steps.,
  657.  Gettysburg PA,5, FitBit users in the Gettysburg PA area can connect here for motivation for encouragement to share triumphs and set backs. Join us in making a healthier Admas County!,
  658.  Girls Gone Mobile,5,,
  659.  Girls Rule - Boys Drule,5,,
  660.  Gulf Coast,5,,
  661.  H3 Dirty Dozen,5, We are twelve dynamic individuals picked to be on a reality tv show about weight loss. We all just got the FitBit and are loving it! Check out what we say to one another as we go through this life changing journey.,
  662.  2 fast 2 fit,5, Alistair Quan Lee Mathana and myself are ready to do some serious stepping!,
  663.  heffer steppers,5,,
  664.  Hikers and Walkers,5, This group is for all the people out there who like to walk and hike as recreational activity. Join the group and brag about your mileage :),
  665.  iplodders,5,,
  666.  Jabba-Walk-eez,5,,
  667.  Jacksonville FL,5, A group for anyone who lives in Jacksonville FL.,
  668.  Jerome Associates Fitbit Group,5,,
  669.  Joy Global Inc. Team Coal,5, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Coal,
  670.  Just Step,5, Cerner team for step challenge,
  671.  4 Men and a Little Lady,5,,
  672.  Kansas City,5,,
  673.  Life Time Fitness December Challenge,4, Stanke threw up the challenge. Who's going to win it?,
  674.  Make your daily Goal Challenge,4," I am trying to get some people interested in a type of ""Accountability"" each day make ourselves meet our designated goals for the FITBIT steps or miles we set for ourselves. Maybe posting each day our stats and sharing with each other may be fun and motivational.",
  675.  Mann & Finney Clan,4,,
  676.  Marathon Bound,4, Preparing for a marathon.,
  677.  6 Degrees of Fitness,4, Share your fitness with others! Be active and help others become active. 6 Degrees of Fitness is all about keeping accountability with me (Shawn Fitness) and your friends and family. Lets see how many steps we can take today!!!,
  678.  McD,4,,
  679.  Medifast - Fitbitters,4, I'm a new user to Fitbit and Medifast and thought it would be a good idea to have a support group for Medifast users.,
  680.  New Moms,4," This group is for ""new moms""... whether your baby is one week old or twenty five. Moms have a different set of fitness needs and this group will be a support for them!",
  681.  New moms and moms to be,4, This group is designed for people who are pregnant or have recently had a baby. Its hard to stay active while pregnant when you're tired all the time and when you just had a baby its hard to find the time to get back into shape. Get the support we all need during this time.,
  682.  North Dakota's Fitbit Group!,4, This group is for people in North Dakota!,
  683.  Optum,4,,
  684.  Over 50 with 50 lbs to Lose,4, Hey friends I am looking for a few people who'd like to join me with losing 50 lbs. I would like to share reults and possible challenges and food suggestions for us. Audrey,
  685.  PegaUS - Team 1,4,,
  686.  PegaUS - Team 11,4, FitBit Challenge Team PegaUS Team 11,
  687.  PegaUS - Team 2,4,,
  688.  PegaUS - Team 3,4, During the next 3 months through June 30th 2011 you will compete to complete the 1534 miles needed to reach Miami FL.,
  689.  PegaUS - Team 4,4,,
  690.  PegaUS - Team 5,4,,
  691.  PegaUS - Team 7 - Miami or Bust,4,,
  692.  PegaUS- Team 8,4, Walk from Cambridge to Miami,
  693.  Pestalox,4, Gruppo dedicato alla leggendaria via Pestalozzi e ai suoi affezionati frequentatori con il pallino del fitness - cioè dello stare in forma! Group named after the legendary via Pestalozzi where Business Press was born in 1990 and where - irony! - Adele and I live today.,
  694.  Phat Fit Life,4,,
  695.  Philadelphia,4,,
  696.  Phoenix,4,,
  697.  Accokeek,4,,
  698.  PittMed,4, A group for any and all members of the PittMed community. How many times have you gone up and down the Scaife escalators today?,
  699.  Portland Oregon FITBIT,4, Hi All! I'm hoping this group will keep us motivated and fit in reaching our healthy goals.,
  700.  PowerUP,4,,
  701.  Quest,4,,
  702.  Reducing Our MASSachusetts Masons,4, A group for Massachusetts Freemasons interested in utilizing the fitbit in a friendly competition to keep healthy and prevent those tuxedos from shrinking in our closets!,
  703.  RiskAverse,4, We are a team dedicated to eradicating risk of all kinds - be it fraud risk identity risk or heart unhealthy flabbiness risk! We are sworn to walk run and step our way to a less risky world where all is known and all is safe! Hear us roar!!!,
  704.  SCP - IS,4, South Central Preferred - Information Systems Department,
  705.  Service Engineering,4,,
  706.  Activators,4,,
  707.  Slanina's Vs Phelps's,4, Bring it!!!,
  708.  SpeNaMaHa,4, Gang of four,
  709.  Spokane Owls,4, Spokane School Spokane Mo,
  710.  SUCCESS = HEALTHY A1C -- BEATING TYPE 2 DIABETES THROUGH DIET AND EXERCISE,4, This group is intended for individuals that have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with a deep commitment to beat it through diet and exercise. Success for members in this group is simple an initial and subsequent healthy A1C readings without the help of prescription drugs.,
  711.  Summer of Hotness!!!!,4, Hey Peeps! Let's support each other and get hot this summer. Sound like a plan??,
  712.  SwissFitBits,4, Anyone who uses FitBit in Switzerland!,
  713.  Albuquerque,4, Come one come all to the Duke City (Albuquerque) group - we'll chat about chile and try to one-up each other on stats. Once in a while maybe we could have coffee. Or not.,
  714.  alere,4, we are alere health,
  715.  Team Daly,4, Daly family,
  716.  Team Excalibur!,4,,
  717.  Team Fit 4 Life,4,,
  718.  Team MAXWELL!,4, Walk More Do More Live More /// Life is Good : ),
  719.  Team TGC (and friends),4, TGC Associates and their trusted fitness pals....,
  720.  Techie Super Gophers,4, We are challenging CTO Staff and we will try to beat them! Techie Turkey Challenge 2011,
  721.  TEL SAS TPS,4,,
  722.  Test Trial USF CON,4,,
  723.  The 95th Percentile Group,4, Are you crushing the competition with your fitbit? This is a group designed for very active individuals looking to motivate/interact/help other very active individuals. It is our goal to continue to be healthy through exercise and inspire those still struggling. Membership is for individuals who average in the 95th percentile or above (amongst fitbit members) in all categories.,
  724.  The Christmas Club,4, I'm new to the fitbit community and thought that having a goal for xmas would be quite motivational. I have I'm sure like a lot if us have a wardrobe full of nice new with tags on and old favourites we are hanging on to. How about a goal...if we can't fit into them by xmas they must go to the charity shop. Tight or we're nearly there is not an option if they are not on comfortably with no gaping buttons or strained seams by xmas they are out! It's a win/win situation we get into all those lovely clothes or we gain the closet space to fill with things we actually look good in. This idea works for me...anyone else interested and know how to facilitate a group on here? regards Shasmac,
  725.  The Fit,4,,
  726.  The Go-Gos,4,,
  727.  The Seagulls,4, Cerner leadership team,
  728.  The Walking Hunters,4,,
  729.  the winners,4,,
  730.  Tokushima,4, ???????,
  731.  Type A,4, You know you're one if you love your digital food scale have multiple sets of measuring cups and can't wait to get to the dashboard to check your stats a zillion times a day. Fitbit rocks! Please join my group.,
  732.  VEGAN FIT,4, I'm looking to either start or join a group of vegan fitbiters.,
  733.  Viverae,4, Viverae Employees using FitBit,
  734.  VMIXERS,4, For those people at VMIX that want to get healthy!,
  735.  Walk With Walgreens,4," This is a new group at first for Walgreens Employees Walgreens is starting a ""Walk with Walgreens"" campaign on March 7th for it's employees and then Launching for it's customers to join in. I think I am the first to start this group ?",
  736.  Warren's are Winners!,4,,
  737.  We fitbit,4, Just starting out with this fun little tracker.,
  738.  Weight Loss Working Warriors,4, This is for all of the hard working Americans out there doing the best they can to adopt and practice healthy lifestyles. My hope is that people will share stories of success and motivation.,
  739.  Amherst Steele High School,4, For students and staff that attend Amherst Steele High School.,
  740.  Wellington,4,,
  741.  West Virginia FitBit Users,4, I know FitBit can change lives if the effort is there .,
  742.  Work At Home (WAH) professionals,4, Group of professionals who work at home either self employed or for a company that feel somewhat isolated and need a health connection,
  743.  YO!,4,,
  744.  YouTube WLS Friends,4, A great way to stay accountable to each other.,
  745.  Zumba!,4, Zumba is a Latin based aerobics dance class. It's energy is amazing! This group is to share calories burned for the different Zumba classes around the world. List the name of the club the address (Town and State is enough) and the instructor who taught the class. I'm always looking for a great class to try closeby. So perhaps everyone else is too! Let's have some fun!,
  746.  Arnold/Phillips's lose it,4,,
  747.  ASL Interpreters group,4, Interpreting leave you lacking steps? Support Share and Sign your way to steps. Working alone does not mean fitbit'ing alone. Join and share.,
  748.  ! Mormons on the Move !,4, Members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often called Mormons) - healthy bodies minds and spirits are all essential to our overall well being. Come along for a walk a workout or just track your calories. You can even set up other activities to log like daily prayer scripture study and family time. With a Fitbit tracker or without: no pressure - have fun and be healthy.,
  749.  Balanced Brains and Bodies,4, This is a group for those of us who feel a need for balance between physical fitness and intellectual stimulation for overall health. I don't subscribe to any particular diet or plan I cull what is useful or interesting from myriad sources. I'm very interested in the experiences of others...,
  750.  Bismarck motivated & active for life-FLF style,4, Friends family clients & supporters of locally owned & operated Fully Loaded Fitness Training & Boot Camp Studio.,
  751.  BlueAngels,4,,
  752.  Bradford Family,4,,
  753.  Brudder Parrot & The Wild Parrots of Paddington,4,,
  754.  C & B,4, Remnants (and past members) of the Choose and Book team.,
  755.  Central Ohio,4,,
  756.  Charloteers,4,,
  757.  Christian Fitbit,4," I wanted to create a place where Christians can get fit and share the word together. Let us post words of encouragement and help reach our Goals.... Physically and Spiritually. ""I can do all things through him who strengthens me."" Philippians 4:13",
  758.  Club Greyscale,4,,
  759.  Co Co County,4,,
  760.  Colin's Buddies,4,,
  761.  CTO STAFF,4,,
  762.  de Jong,4,,
  763. " ""Jenillian's"" Peeps",4, This is a group of friends and clients of mine. In general we are all striving for better health and fitness. However some of us are trying to reach a specific weightloss.,
  764.  digi,4,,
  765.  Disability Bits,4," For those of us with ""Bits"" of Disabilities but not giving up on still being fit trying to one day be fit or trying to recapture the motivation to one day be fit again.",
  766.  Divorced but depressed no more!,4, This group is for others out there who find themselves recently divorced or going through a divorce and have been depressed. My therapist said increasing my activity is the absolute best way to fight the symptoms of depression and get those brain chemicals back in balance. So I bought the fitbit to get a bit more control back in my life and increase my activity and health to be a more positive and healthy me. If you can relate come on in.,
  767.  Doane College,4, Fitbit users at Doane College (or Alumi!) in Crete NE,
  768.  Donkey Kong,4,,
  769.  Dutton Sibs,4, Siblings,
  770.  East Flo,4,,
  771.  eBay Problem Management,4, Those who oppose the tyranny of Results Reporting,
  772.  EBT Emotional Brain Training,4, For Fitbit users who are incorporating EBT into daily life,
  773.  eI Wellness Group,4, eInstruction employees,
  774.  Excuse Me Mr Officer...,4, Robbie's uFit team,
  775.  ExxonMobil Fitbit,4,,
  776.  Familia deportista,4,,
  777.  Family Team,4, Family and friends,
  778.  FanFamAttack!,4, Hey dudes let's rock it,
  779.  Feeling Fit With Dana,4,,
  780.  * Group for Psychics *,4," Join this group to find out what the psychics are saying about your future. Angels gnomes and unicorns are all welcome here too for a rest break after those 20000 steps.. Whether you are a professional psychic or just want to hang out with us in ""the stream"" that's fine I have a ""feeling"" this group is going to be fun fun fun! Please be sure to read my original posts about ""The Four Primary Psychic Colors"" and ""Welcome to the Group for Pyschics"" before you submit any questions to the psychics. Your journey in this group should start there first. Thanks.",
  781.  FitBit 209,4, The ultimate fitness program. This group is for individuals who live in the 209 area code.,
  782.  fitbit for webOS,4, HP Palm webOS devices users! Chime in.,
  783.  Fitbit with IVF'rs,4, This group is for people looking for encouragement for weight loss and healthy habits that have gone through or going through IVF.,
  784.  Fitties,4, We are a group of people from Long Island New York who are determined to get in shape and lose weight.,
  785.  Fitwhits,4, Family Fitness Group,
  786.  FoxyHoffs,4, The Hoff people and friends getting fit bit by bit.,
  787.  FSFBers,4, A group for those of us who are using the Fitbit in conjunction with the Fatsecret site to lose weight. Lets see if we can use this as another incentive to get healthy!!,
  788.  FunLovingCompetition,4, At the end of the day....I love you...but I still want to kick your ass!!!,
  789.  gdgt,4,,
  790.  Gettin Fit,4, People that want to have fun with their fitbit,
  791.  GI - 3-5,4, What is your challenge level. Everyone is different. This group is hear to support people in Genentech Informatics reach a goal of walking 3 - 5 miles each day. Find encouragement from those around you who have similar goals.,
  792.  GI 5-7,4, What is your challenge level. Everyone is different. This group is hear to support people in Genentech Informatics reach a goal of walking 5 - 7 miles each day. Find encouragement from those around you who have similar goals.,
  793.  goonNet,4, goonNet IRC group,
  794.  Goths,4, If the darker side of life is more your thing you are welcome in this group.,
  795.  Hardy Girls Step Club,4, For the Hardy family,
  796.  Healthstat,4,,
  797.  Hotsteperz,4,,
  798.  Huddersfield!,4, Think you've got the chops to outstep the Techiedog? Good luck.,
  799.  Huffle Puff,4, eBay fitness challenge,
  800.  I step in your general direction,4,,
  801.  IBMers,4, For IBM Employees Worldwide,
  802.  inline skaters,4, for inline skaters (speed or fitness),
  803.  Johnnie Walker,4,,
  804.  JP Lard,4,,
  805.  3 Girls and a Guy,4, for eBay contest,
  806.  Lady Tigers,4, A group teachers just trying to get or stay healthy...with a bit of competition that might not be so healthy! :),
  807.  Lafayette FitBit Louisiana,4, Get in Shape Challenge,
  808.  Lame-o's,4,,
  809.  Larcen-Meserve-Chowdry,4,,
  810.  ! AUSTRIA !,3, For all Fitbit users from Austria and for people who want to compete against Austrians,
  811.  Let's get fit!,3, A group of people who want to help each other get into better shape.,
  812.  Little Rock Marathon Training,3,,
  813.  lps jj andy,3,,
  814.  Mac Problems,3, My application won't launch. I just downloaded the program and the icon shows up in my applications but I can't launch it. PLEASE HELP!!!,
  815.  MassageGoddess's Crew,3, I am MassageGoddess from Youtube. Join me!,
  816.  mercer-green-eyer family,3, household,
  817.  Middleman,3,,
  818.  Mini Motivation Group,3, A small group for twenty to thirty somethings new to Fitbit and willing to help each other along the road to fitness.,
  819.  Montanans,3, A group for Montanan fitbitters sparse as we may be.,
  820.  Montreal Fitbit,3,,
  821.  Mother & Daughter,3, Working out with care & Love.,
  822.  Multiple Sclerosis,3, For people with MS that are using the FitBit to improve their fitness in order to be healthier and more mobile as we fight this disease together.,
  823.  Musicians!,3, Looking for musicians to share their thoughts and techniques for making the most out of their fitbit. I'm a professional percussionist/drummer who's trying to relate what we do into burning those calories.,
  824.  My Fit Family and Friends,3, A group of people in the Houston Texas area linked by family friendship and the desire to be fit.,
  825.  New York,3,,
  826.  nj fitbit,3, New Jersey Adder. Just post add me if your looking to make new FitBit friends that live in NJ.,
  827.  Northern Virginia Walking Group,3, A chance for users in the Northern Virginia area to gather for walks and fellowship.,
  828.  Novomate,3, Nur für Novomate Mittarbeiter,
  829.  Oak Medical Practice Clovis NM,3, Calling all fitbit lovers! Your optimal health is our passion! So lets get moving together. 10000 steps a day is our goal. You can do it! One step at a time:),
  830.  PDFamily,3,,
  831.  PegaUS - Team 9,3,,
  832.  Peregrine friends,3,,
  833.  Personal Trainer Inc,3,,
  834.  PES West,3,,
  835.  Petersen Family Competition,3, Let the competition begin! Which one of us will walk away with the win?,
  836.  PHAS,3,,
  837.  A TOPS,3," Hello all TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) members. This group is intended for you. fitbit is an excellent tool to help keep track of ones weight loss progress. No matter what country or TOPS chapter you may be a member of you are welcome to join this group""as we take and keep off pounds sensibly"".",
  838.  PinUp Fitness and Fun!,3, Group for current and aspiring pinup models! Share tips on exercise fitbit success stories and glamour and fashion!,
  839.  Plurk,3, Those of us on Plurk and fitbit!,
  840.  Project Charlotte,3,,
  841.  PU,3, wk pu dept,
  842.  Raleigh FitBit,3,,
  843.  Raleigh/Durham - North Carolina,3, Do you live in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) area? If so let's support each other!,
  844.  Ramey-Rattray,3,,
  845.  Ranger Fans,3, Flower Mound Community striders,
  846.  Redlinger,3,,
  847.  Richmond VA Fit Bitters,3, Looking for folks who use the Fitbit for healthhiking getting outdoors! Geocaching too!,
  848.  RiverWalk Dental Spa,3, Girls working and supporting each other,
  849.  Sacramento Area,3, Sacramento region Fitbit users,
  850.  San Francisco,3,,
  851.  Sauer-Danfoss Demo,3,,
  852.  Seattle 1,3,,
  853.  Sedona LC,3, Sedona Losers Club FitBit Owners in Sedona AZ,
  854.  Senior males: retired-active-motivated,3," This group is for males in their 60's and above. Our metabolism has slowed a little we are not as active as we once were and we want to get as healthy as we can while dropping those excess pounds. We may not all be the sportsters others are but we are motivated to get with ""the program"". Some of us may have health isuues ie: high blood pressure high glucose levels joint issues etc. but we feel asthough we can still overcome these terrible extra lbs. that have slowed us down over the years. It's more of an accountability group that gets our butts up and moving eating right and shares tips we've learned.",
  855.  AGE 60 AND OLDER,3, Hi my name is Barbara and I am 60 years old. My weight a year ago was 198 and I am 145 as of today. I received my fit bit in November and I love it but I find that I am finding all kinds of excuses of not excercising and so I thought it would be nice to have a group that we can help each other.,
  856.  SG & SF,3, Singapore members and their SF friends,
  857.  Shhh currently recording!,3, Game on!,
  858.  Singapore Test Group,3, Interested in starting a group for Singapore FitBit followers interested in a healthy and fit lifestyle. Everyone looking to live a long healthy life through fitness and a sensible lifestyle is welcomed to contribute!,
  859.  Singularity University,3, Singularity University alumni students faculty staff and friends,
  860.  Snapper,3, Fight club,
  861.  SocialWeekend Step Challenge,3, healthy competition,
  862.  Speck's vs. Lyndsey's,3,,
  863.  Spokane WA Get Moving,3, Calling all Fiibit users in Spokane Washington! Let's get moving together! Snow rain or shine we move!,
  864.  Spring Fit,3, Family,
  865.  Squash Nuts,3,,
  866.  St. Louis FitBit!,3, For all those in & around St. Louis!,
  867.  Star Fleet,3, A group for Star Trek fans who use the Fitbit and Boldly Go.,
  868.  Starmount Super Senior Elderly Sportsmen,3,,
  869.  Stewgents,3,,
  870.  Suga' Shakers,3,,
  871.  Sun Sentinel crew,3,,
  872.  Sunnyvale Striders,3,,
  873.  Support and Accountability,3,,
  874.  Supporting sisters,3,,
  875.  Tampa Group!!,3, If you live in Tampa please join!,
  876.  TapCat,3,,
  877.  AliArt's fitbit Amigos,3,,
  878.  Team Bellinger,3,,
  879.  Team Kane,3,,
  880.  Team Super Ops,3,,
  881.  Tennessee treasures,3, Anyone in Tennessee discovered the Fitbit. My favorite new workout partner. Let me hear from you.,
  882.  Texas Fitbit Users,3, From the East Texas Pineywoods to West Texas Tumbleweeds. Whether you live in the the Hill Country or the Pan Handle We have a Big State. How many fitbit users are out there?,
  883.  The Carolinas,3, Let's build a fit North and South Carolinians nation!,
  884.  The Cohen Clan,3,,
  885.  The Fakers,3,,
  886.  the fan,3,,
  887.  The Fighting Irish,3, Erin guh brawk Mora na maidene dhuit agus cuid eile an lae leat féin.,
  888.  The Fitbit Challengers.. Moms and daughters compete,3, Mom's and daughters work togather to maintain optimal health and get fit.,
  889.  The Ortiz Ladies,3,,
  890.  The Schacher's,3, The Schacher Group,
  891.  The Team With No Name,3,,
  892.  The Three Khakiteers,3, Fabulous Leinie's Ladies Getting Fit with Fitbit!,
  893.  AlterG,3, For employees of AlterG makers of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.,
  894.  Alternate Day Dieters,3, For anyone following the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ created by Dr. James Johnson. (,
  895.  Amazing Analysts,3, All Children's Hospital IT,
  896.  Tru Stepperz,3,,
  897.  Tullo Family,3,,
  898.  Turkey,3, Hi from Istanbul let's have the Turkish community!,
  899.  Type 2 Diabetes,3, Fitbitters that are fighting their disease with sensible eating and exercise assisted by our favorite gadget!,
  900.  udcp,3,,
  901.  University of Arizona,3, For fans alumni or students of the University of Arizona,
  902.  US military,3, prior or current military members lets get in shape!!!,
  903.  Washington Hikers,3, For those who would rather get their exercise hiking through the deep forest or the mountain trails.,
  904.  We Walk,3, Walk alone or together in Palo Alto with the goal of chatting getting fit winning badges and dominating the leaderboards.,
  905.  Weigandts,3,,
  906. " Weigh in with ""The Biggest Loser""",3, Hey everyone. I've been an avid BL fan for years. This season I want to weigh in every Tuesday along with the contestants. For me it adds motivation in the gym! Post your weight once a week along with me. Lets make this season the best for eachother!,
  907.  Amsterdam,3, If you live in or near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.,
  908.  An Update Daily Chat,3, Thought it would be fun to have a place to just send an update as to how you're doing each day or whenever you feel like it. No Stats just say what's on your mind and what might motivate self and group. Let's try to keep in touch and post frequently with motivation quotes suggestions what's working what's not and what keeps you moving. Post Often....,
  909.  Antiaging Training System® By ATA,3, For those people who wants to reduce their own Bio-Age How to: -Switch from Aging to Successful Aging -Set up your Training System -Reorganize your diet with Nutrigenomic -Optimize your cell oxidation balance -Increase your PH -Reduce Sarcopenia,
  910.  Weight watchers using Fitbit Virginia,3, I am a weight watcher leader here in Va using the Fitbit and really like it.,
  911.  What I am...,3, No need,
  912.  wife-aggro Fitbitters,3, FitBit friends of,
  913.  Woman's Life - Fit Chicks and Two Dudes,3,,
  914.  ZOO Crew,3, work girlies,
  915.  Zumba Girls Getting Fit,3, Any Zumba girls out there? It's my new favorite workout! At up to 1000 calories an hour why would you want to do anything else??,
  916.  Asian fitbitter,3, For asian people using fitbit,
  917.  ASPI Team,3,,
  918.  Asurion,3, Asurion coworkers,
  919.  Atlanta,3,,
  920.  Avrick Women,3, Fat Avrick women who desire to lose the fatness of thier souls.,
  921.  ! MS = Making Strides for a Healthier You,3," This group is for anyone who has been afflicted by multiple sclerosis. Whether you have MS or know someone who is this is the group for you. It is a daunting challenge when you want to lose weight and have MS because on a day-to-day basis you have to deal with muscle spasms pain fatigue side effects of certain medications that CAUSE weight gain not to mention all the other obstacles that we face. I want this group to be about sharing what works for you: exercises that help you-not only to lose weight but helps increase your energy levels low calorie/fat recipes weight loss tips and success stories and most importantly-motivation because we all know what each other is going through when the world sees us as ""looking normal and not sick."" Thank you to all of you that join this group. We will face every day every calorie and every weight-loss success...TOGETHER!",
  922.  ! Shanghai - fitclub !,3,,
  923.  Bad Boys of Burnt Pine,3, Old Fart Golfers,
  924.  Bariatric Patients who use FitBit,3, An online venue to help each other stay on track with weight loss after having bariatric weight loss surgery. An environment of support and encouragement for those who have had weight loss surgery have experienced a regain and now want to get back on track.,
  925.  Barrie area fitbit users,3, users of fitbit in the barrie and greater simcoe county area.,
  926.  BBY fit club,3,,
  927.  Beachbody Program Users!!,3, Anybody that uses or is interested in beachbody programs that wants accountability partners come join!! *P90x/P90x2 *Insanity *Turbofire etc....,
  928.  beginner marathon,3,,
  929.  Bethesda fitbitters,3, A community for fitbit users in Bethesda MD.,
  930.  Big Time,3,,
  931.  Blackwells,3,,
  932.  Bronwyn's Friends,3,,
  933.  BWDW,3, Come on Women with all of our hair issues we do workout! Whether we are natural or permed-let's work together to keep our bodies in shape! Young & old please join because BWDW-,
  934.  Canadian Fitbit'ers,3, Support group amongst canadian users of FitBit...,
  935.  CHA Wellness Challenges,3,,
  936.  Chad Austin Fitness,3,,
  937.  Charlotte NC,3, Hi all.. This group is for those of us that live in the Charlotte or surrounding area that would like to chat or get together on weekends after work to get our steps in. Also to recommend new or old walking trails and challenge each other. We are here to get fit and stay fit.,
  938.  CHK FC Test,3, This is a test group for CHK FC staff to see how this works for a community,
  939.  CitiScape,3, CitiScape fitbit fat losers,
  940.  CMC,3,,
  941.  COLLINS/MONSON,3,,
  942.  Coon Family,3,,
  943.  Crossfit,3, A group Crossfit enthusiest.,
  944.  Cynthia Lisa and Patty,3,,
  946.  DC Competition,3,,
  947.  Denver,3,,
  948.  Dig,3,,
  949.  Disabled and Active,3, For anyone who has any sort of physical/other impediment but is commited to becoming healthier and more active anyway. Let's show others that even serious hurdles can be overcome and share how we did it. Everyone welcome.,
  950.  divas with divatude,3,,
  951.  Empty Nesters,3, Middle aged parents whose children have flown the coop. You want to stay active and fit. Are you looking for someone to cheer you on and give you a little motivation. I am. I have lost 70 lbs. but struggle to keep it off.Lets help to keep each other motivated and be the best we can be.,
  952.  Empty-Nesters Rock!,3, I just thought it would be nice to have a group of people that have in common: 1. All children are now adults with their own lives 2. Retired or nearing retirement 3. Not ready to sit and age and decay... 4. Ready to enjoy life just for themselves occasionally maybe for the first time! 5. Are committed to changing habits to a healthy lifestyle or keeping their lifestyle healthy if it already is. 6. Can love themselves just as they are to start with - and view weight loss as a possible fringe benefit to getting healthy rather than a goal. (No failure possible that way unless you quit trying to get healthy or stay healthy). 7. Just plain love the opportunity to make new friends with common goals and interests.,
  953.  Exercises for people with a bad back,3, If you have a 'bad back' or lumbar problems what exercises can you do?,
  954.  Fast Eddy's All-Stars,3, Employees of Fast Eddy's Restaurant in Tok Alaska!,
  955.  Fighting Fit,3,,
  956.  fit2b,3,,
  957.  fitbit oregon,3, looking for some peeps to help make working out fun,
  958.  Fitbit users on Sensa,3, This is a group for those who are using Sensa to take of weight!,
  959.  Fitbitters in NH,3, Just trying to see how many people might be on the Community site that are from NH.......,
  960.  Fitbitters in Oxfordshire Bucks and Berks!,3, Are you living in the above areas if so come and join this group! Hopefully we can all help each other in achieving our fitness goals whatever they are. Jools x,
  961.  Fitness Savvy,3, Health & Fitness savvy group of Cerner India Manyata Campus,
  962.  Fitness Together,3, Newton Centre,
  963.  Flavor First Fitness Challenge,3,,
  964.  Francos Losedat Group,3, Our gym put together a 10 week program using musle confusion to help us loose weight and body fat. We had 180 people in the Spring 2011 session. I lost 39 pounds and 13.4 % body fat. We start a new session Sept 12 and hope to see more people in the program using FitBit.,
  965.  French Community,3, Le groupe des Français fan de FitBit.,
  966.  Fugees,3,,
  967.  Gano Nation,3, A general group created for affiliates and customers leveraging Gano Excel's products to enhance their well-being coupled with increased physical activity.,
  968.  Georgians Love FITBIT !!,3, Hi Y'all let's get Georgia on the map and have fun losing the weight and getting fit. Let's get to know one another and maybe even do some activities together. Everyone loves having someone to talk to and do things with. Especially when it concerns our health. LET'S GO GEORGIA.,
  969.  Gettysburg Hospital Safety & Security,3,,
  970.  Gettysburg Hospital team,3, workers of Hospital in GettysburgPA,
  971.  Greensboro Walkers,3, Anybody from Greensboro NC or the surrounding triad area? I am looking for some friends to add to my list so I have someone to compare and compete with. All friendly of course !! Hope to hear from someone soon!! Takeysha,
  972.  Group 33,3,,
  973.  Group Fitness,3, I am a group fitness instructor and I am using the Fitbit to motivate my classes and keep me on track as well! If you have questions about fitbit in group fitness classes and/or ideas to share with me to help me keep my classes exciting and motivating - please join in :),
  974.  GTO squad,3, Pearson GTO Squad,
  975.  Happy Vibrant and Alive,3, We are women and friends who are trying to eat healthy feel more alive and vibrant and lose weight. We are eating whole organic foods especially fruits and vegetables. We are avoiding all animal products including dairy.,
  976.  2012 Fitbit group,3,,
  977.  Healthcamp,3, For participants and enthusiasts of Healthcamp Started at Healthcamp San Diego 2011.,
  978.  Help!!!! So frustrated,3, I have been at this losing weight thing for months and haven't lost anything. I do zumba three times a week spinning two days and I just added a total body transformation class which is every morning for 45 mins 3 days of cardio and 3 strength traing (yeah that's right 6 days out of the week). I am still at a plateau even though I just added this other class. My job keeps me in my seat all day so I really try to get it in in the morning and after work. And I haven't been logging my food like I'm suppose to but I don't eat alot of crazy things alot of trail mixes and nuts. I feel like I will never get to the weight I want. I'm getting very stressed about it ( and I know stress helps keep the weight on). So does anyone have any thoughts to help me out?,
  979.  HIMSS12,3, For anyone attending the HIMSS Annual Conference in Las Vegas Feb. 20-24. As in past years there will undoubtedly be a lot of walking.,
  980.  Horse Girls!,3, Mother and daughters across two continents :),
  981.  Ireland,3, Group for Fitbit users based in Ireland.,
  982.  jana family,3,,
  983.  jka,3, jaykendalalex,
  984.  JPP Fitness Fitbit Fans,3," A fitbit group just for JPP Fitness Fans that use the Fitbit. We ""Bring It"" with all different Beachbody workouts and track it all with the Fitbit. Just Press Play (and the start button on your fitbit) :)",
  985.  4th Floor Office Gals,3,,
  986.  LBM's Group,2,,
  987.  Leopards,2,,
  988.  Let's get our Bits Fit!,2,,
  989.  Letter Carriers,2, A group for those of us who are letter carriers! Let's see who's walking the longest routes.....,
  990.  Life by Design,2,,
  991.  Lincoln NE Health Group,2, For people or groups in Lincoln NE or surrounding areas,
  992.  Linked to Lose it!,2,,
  993.  LinkFit Fitbit Group,2, This is a group for all those who are in the Utah area that would like to train with me and increase the productivity of your FitBit. I am a certified personal trainer and fitness professional. A former pro basketball player in France and a fitness guru! I LOVE working out and helping others obtain a healthy lifestyle. I think the fitbit is a great tool to do it with.,
  994.  Lipe's Losers!!!,2, Losing weight and lookin GREAT!!!!!!,
  995.  LisDen,2, Lisa and Denise,
  996.  Loser Sisters,2,,
  997.  Losing weight with Friends,2,,
  998.  Lost in Grand Rapids,2, This is for us only.,
  999.  Maddi and Dad,2,,
  1000.  Mall of America Mall Stars FB Group,2, The Microsoft Store and the Mall of America have teamed up to create a community for the Mall Stars to have a place to track and measure wellness and exercise goals. This group is open to any Mall of America Mall Walkers.,
  1001.  5922 Family,2,,
  1002.  Mary Ann Crowe,2,,
  1003.  Maryland Eastern Shore,2, This is for Caroline Kent Talbot and Queen Anne's Counties of the Eastern Shore. No matter your age or gender we are all here for the same thing. To get healthy and stay healthy!!,
  1004.  MB2012,2,,
  1005.  MEATLESS MONDAY,2, We don't eat meat on Monday. Share recipes and encouragement for healthy eating.,
  1006.  Metabolic Way,2,,
  1007.  Military folks either active retired or a spouse,2, Looking for military folks that wants to lose weight and encourage each other on our journey to be healthier and more active.,
  1008.  Military Moms! (or dad's families spouses),2, This group is for military moms or anyone who has a loved one serving or a veteran. Supporting a service member can be stressful and it is hard to find time to get in shape. Let's do this together.,
  1009.  Millio's,2, Team Millio,
  1010.  MinneHugo,2, Jane & David's Self Support Group,
  1011.  Minnesota Land of 10000 Lakes,2, Let's get healthy one Minnesota resident at a time...,
  1012.  misfitbiters,2,,
  1013.  Mom & Daughters,2,,
  1014.  Mom.VS. Court....Showdown,2,,
  1015.  Mommy and Daddy,2, The IWANNALIV Grandparents group.,
  1016.  Monkey Walk,2,,
  1017.  Morgan House,2, Molly Morgan & Jaison Morgan started FitBit in late 2011 with the intention of improving their exercise and eating habits while raising two gorgeous children (Coco & Bodhi).,
  1018.  Mostashari,2,,
  1019.  Mountain Lions,2, 3 Peaks Challengers - Kathy Michelle Ellie David and Alan,
  1020.  Moves Like Jagger,2,,
  1021.  MTL,2, Montreal / Quebec / Canada,
  1022.  My Fitbit Friends,2,,
  1023.  My Net RN,2, Employees and Clients of My Net RN Inc.,
  1024.  MyFamily.,2, Play together Stay together,
  1025.,2, weight loss program,
  1026.  Naija Fitbit CoP,2, Nigerians Fitbit Users competing and supporting each other to keep FIT.,
  1028.  NeuroPT Activity,2,,
  1029.  ! Biotech Fitbit Users Unite !,2, For anyone working in or interested in biotech!,
  1030.  76 Cherrywood,2,,
  1031.  :),2,,
  1032.  @ IAB,2,,
  1033.  @Fort Smith AR 4Health,2, For people who are trying to keep (or get) healthy and maybe lose a few pounds along the way!,
  1034.  A Harmony,2, Harmony Autumn Amanda Cheryl Cyleste and Leslie. This group will track our progress. The group name came from Cheryl's contact on her phone.,
  1035.  New Zealand Fitbit Users,2, For anyone in New Zealand that owns and uses a fitbit. Hopefully our community will grow and we can teach and inspire each other.,
  1036.  Ngunnawal. Health Club,2,,
  1037.  No Gain No Pain,2, A group of girls who are committed to being thoughtful about what we eat and how much we move.,
  1038.  No More Excuses! Knoxville Tennessee,2, This group is for everyone that lives in and around the Knoxville Tennessee area. Not only is it time to change our lives and to get active and healthy but it is past time to throw out all of our excuses and as Nike says “Just Do It”. If you are serious about jetting into shape and making a permanent change for your health and lifestyle then this is the group for you. Regardless of your current age gender or workout regiment please join this group and help make it as diverse and supportive as possible. Our goal is to help support motivate and drive each other towards the attainment of our individual and group goals in addition this group will help provide advice and lessons learned from past experience current workouts and dieting successes and failures. We can share diets meal plans recipes exercises workouts favorite hiking biking and running trails activities sports and so on the possibilities are unlimited. So join this group and get up get moving get active and change your live. No More Excesses! :o),
  1039.  NYC Fitbit Fanatics!,2, Anyone in the nyc area using a fitbit? how many steps do you take walking around this amazing city! lets be friends to keep each other on track and motivated!!!,
  1040.  OhMyHell!,2, This is a fitbit community space for close family and friends of Anderson's Christensen's Fessenden's Joynt's Lake's Smith's Webster's and Wraspir clan members making fitness and health a new way of living.,
  1041.  Old peoples Health Group,2, For those of us in the older age groups that cannot compete with the young folks.,
  1042.  Omaha & Council Bluffs,2, This is just a group of Omaha NE and Council Bluffs IA users who want to motivate each other to loose the weight!,
  1043.  One more gosh darn TEST!!,2, Will this one work???,
  1044.  Ouellette,2,,
  1045.  Our Daily Goals,2,,
  1046.  PAX PRIME 2011!,2, This group for PAX PRIME 2011!,
  1047.  PB vs Jville,2,,
  1048.  People Living With Diabetes,2, This group is for people living with diabetes. It provides a place to talk about their joys frustrations triumphs and setbacks dealing with the disease and how they are using the Fitbit to achieve a healthier lifestyle.,
  1049.  Philips Bothell,2, For people who RULE!!,
  1050.  Pimps No Hoe's,2, No hoes allowed (This ain't no garden),
  1051.  Pittsburgh,2,,
  1052.  Planet Fitness Addison Early Birds,2,,
  1053.  Plus 3,2,,
  1054.  PortraNET friends,2, Photographers around the world who are PortraNET members.,
  1055.  Portugal,2, Fitbiters portugueses.,
  1056.  Positive Jewish Living,2, For Jews of all denominations and of all sizes who want to continue to be inspired by each other to be active and healthy. Sponsored by the Positive Jewish Living project ( Join our Facebook page and be inspired....become an inspiration!,
  1057.  Project Weasel In Distress,2,,
  1058.  PWLC of Lauderhill,2,,
  1059.  Race Walkers,2, A group for people who like Racewalking! Competitive or just for fun and any distance.,
  1060.  Racin' Lunatics,2, Becca and Sheryl's mid-life crisis marathon...,
  1061.  Rainbow Girls,2, Rainbow Rehab people - Michigan,
  1062.  Renner Sisters,2,,
  1063.  rjjgjklgjhjvhc,2,,
  1064.  romeo club,2,,
  1065.  Rooster Teeth,2, A group for Rooster Teeth community members and fans who use the Fitbit thanks to the Drunk Tank and Burnie Burns.,
  1066.  S.O.S.,2,,
  1067.  SCRI,2,,
  1068.  Seattle area fitbit 50's,2," Seattle Area fitbit users with 30+ to lose looking for support and friendship with weightloss. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the US with the most aggravating weather! Which begs the answer What do you do to keep active during months and months and months of rain?"" Join Us!",
  1069.  Second Bit - A group for SL FitBit Users,2, Second Life FitBit users unite!,
  1070.  Seesters,2,,
  1071.  Senior Loosers,2, Hi I'm Granny Annie I'm soon going to be 73 years old. I have lost 40 lb. with weight watchers. I am adding the fit bit to try and get the last 15 lb. off. I am married with three sons and nine grandchildren. I would love to hear from other senior losers. I think it is harder to loose weight as a senior but just as important for our health. I do walk 10000 steps a day and plan to start simple weights today! Talk to you soon....,
  1072.  Active in Rhode Island,2, Hey All - Picked up this FitBit device and am loving it. Simply wanted to create a way for those who are in the Island State to track what they do against thier neighbors. Join if you would like and feel free to send me a message should you have a question a suggestion or would like to possible meet for a walk! (or run or dance or whatever you do to be active!),
  1073.  Shelby County Fitness Clan,2, Curt & Tammy beginning a Shelby County fitness revolution!!!,
  1074.  Short's and Friends,2,,
  1075.  Sisters5,2,,
  1076.  SisWits,2, Sisters walking,
  1077.  SMNYL,2, Seguros Monterrey,
  1078.  South Dakota Fitbitters,2, For people in the state of South Dakota who own and use the Fitbit.,
  1079.  Spector's Big Losers,2,,
  1080.  Spickler Family Group,2, Not all of you are Spicklers but it was too long to list everyone. So consider yourself an honorary Spickler. Now lets get moving...start your engines!,
  1081.  Statiles Friends,2,,
  1082.  Step by Step,2, CREATING POSITIVE LIFESTYLES......,
  1083.  Study KUL,2,,
  1084.  SuperStars!,2,,
  1085.  Sutton Ranch,2,,
  1086.  Sykoes,2,,
  1087.  Take a Chance Group,2,,
  1088.  Tampa Fitbiters,2,,
  1089.  Tampa Snowbirds,2, Snow birds spending their winter in Tampa Florida and trying to stay in shape.,
  1090.  Akron Navy Seals,2,,
  1091.  Ala Nauna Fitbit,2, For those who check their fitbit stats obsessively compulsively and do not plan to stop in the near future.,
  1092.  Team Arroz,2,,
  1093.  Team BlackGuard,2, GO TEAM BG! *BUMP*,
  1094.  Team DO IT GET IT DONE,2,,
  1095.  TEL FE,2, All Field Engineers from Tokyo Electron Ltd. walk alot as part of our job. We walk for work for play and for transportation. We are walking machines!!!! If we do this right we can eliminate most of the weakness in our systems and become the ultimate dream come true. Old and still healthy!!!!!,
  1096.  Tennessee 1,2,,
  1097.  TeylerGirls,2, sisters!,
  1098.  The Best in the West,2, STMicroelectronics Western Region Team,
  1099.  The Big Easy,2,,
  1100.  The Boyd Angels,2,,
  1101.  the burrow,2,,
  1102.  The Center For Healthy Living,2,,
  1103.  The couch potatoes and Kevin.,2,,
  1104.  The Dollarhides,2,,
  1105.  The Enumclaw Striders,2,,
  1106.  The Fam,2,,
  1107.  The fitbit family,2, family,
  1108.  The GF's,2,,
  1109.  The Joneses,2,,
  1110.  The LOSERS,2, At least we're working on it! :),
  1111.  The Mikan's,2, The Mikan Family,
  1112.  The New Lovers,2, We are wanting to be fit and lose weight to feel better and look better,
  1113.  The Ryder Sisters,2, We live too far apart to exercise together so this is as close as we can come. :),
  1114.  The Squirrel Nut Zippers,2,,
  1115.  The Weltchek Family,2,,
  1116.  The Wild Bunch,2,,
  1117.  Thin After 10,2, This group is for those losing that last ten pounds.....,
  1118.  Tools to Thrive with Diabetes,2, A support group for diabetics using Fitbit to help manage their weight exercise goals and spirits.,
  1119.  Alina's Friends,2,,
  1120.  Tucson Nurses,2, Tucson Nurses,
  1121.  Tummy Air-out,2, Air-out our ever-growing round cute tummy.,
  1122.  TURN UP THE BURN,2,,
  1123.  Turtles-r-us,2, For anyone and everyone who likes turtles.,
  1124.  United Health weight loss pilot,2,,
  1125.  Upstate South Carolina,2, Any and all South Caroliners are welcome but maybe we could get some people together and run as a team. Help train for races and what not!,
  1126.  Using Fitbit while training at the gym,2, working alone doesn't get you the required number of steps so additional gym exercises to increase steps.,
  1127.  Utah Mommies Group,2, Utah Mommies are very welcome to join our group.,
  1128.  Vero Rookies,2,,
  1129.  Veterans on the MOVE (Motivating Our Veterans Everywhere),2, This group is for veterans who are on the MOVE program. I thought it would be nice for us to be able to connect on fitbit. Although I am from the Youngstown VA group this is for any veteran who is part of the program was in the program or is interested in starting. ~~Good luck~~,
  1130.  Virtual Journeys,2, Here's a motivational tool - each day take the distance you walked and map it out on a virtual journey. I have two going right now - around the coast of the UK and a journey from Milwaukee in the USA to the east coast and then around the perimeter.,
  1131.  W & I RN's,2, Nurses from W&I hospital,
  1132.  Walk and Stuff Group,2,,
  1133.  Walking Regimen: New,2,,
  1134.  walking to take of the pounds,2,,
  1135.  Ameritas fitbits,2,,
  1136.  Ana Mia Red Bracelet,2, a place where all us anas and mias can meet friends and trade stats,
  1137.  wellpoint employees,2,,
  1138.  Welty Family,2, Our fit bit community,
  1139.  Wii Fat!,2, Friends n Family,
  1140.  WildAnimals,2, Couple of guys who want to lose 10% of the weight before summer.,
  1141.  Williams burn Society,2,,
  1142.  Windsor Spine & Wellness Center,2, Ideal Protein Fat Loss Program Power Plate Workouts TRX Training Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill,
  1143.  Wood Nation,2,,
  1144.  WWFIT,2, Wild Women's Fit,
  1145.  XG,2, Friends,
  1146.  YDH losers,2,,
  1147.  yo mama,2,,
  1148.  Yukon Ho - Land of the Midnight Sun,2, anyone living in the Yukon or anyone that dreams of living in the most amazing place in the world.,
  1149.  Zack's group,2,,
  1150.  [FBSquared]2,2, FitBit/FaceBook friends,
  1151.  Archstone DC Regional Office,2, This group is for associates who work in the Archstone Washington DC regional office. Let's help each other reach our goals!,
  1152.  Arlington 5k & Zumba groupies,2, Anyone in the Arlington Washington area (Snohomish county) that enjoys Zumba running or walking is welcome to join us. We are hoping to meet others locally what want to get together to support and encourage exercise for health and fun.,
  1153.  Asurion Walkfit Group,2, A place for asurion employees to share thoughts or tips for the walkfit competition.,
  1154.  Australian Unity,2, The Healthcare team,
  1155.  AUW (AUthentieke Wandelaars),2, Een (heel) klein groepje authentieke wandelaars uit NL die zich met plezier fit willen houden!,
  1156.  AvonWalk,2, I am training for the AvonWalk for Breast Cancer 39.3 miles over 2 days. This group is for anyone training for the AvonWalk to share training and fundraising challenges.,
  1157.  Ayers Fam,2,,
  1158.  AzzisCardioFriends,2,,
  1159.  B & S Bustin' ass,2,,
  1160.  Back Breakers,2, Anybody out there that has suffered a traumatic spinal injury that is trying to get their life back on track - this group is for you.,
  1161.  ! Roma FitBit !,2, When in Rome FitBit like the romans do. If you reside within Rome or just visiting... and want to compete with Romans (and Expats) then join up!,
  1162.  ! Team Uhl,2, Uhl family encouragement!,
  1163.  Ballroom Babes,2, For those in need of motivation for looking good in that oh-so-sexy little latin costume (and other dance costumes too!),
  1164.  Baltimore FitBiters,2, Newbies to the Fitbit ages 50+ who need to lose more than 20 lbs. Hope someone out there joins my group . Iam also a newbie to starting a group lol,
  1165.  BCPS Fitbiters,2, This group is for employees of Brunswick County Public Schools. Join this group if you are an employee of BCPS and are interested in getting healthier. Maybe a little friendly competition from coworkers will help you get there.,
  1166.  Bear and Rabbit,2, Getting fit to have a long life together,
  1167.  BEEF MONSTERS,2, beefy beefs,
  1168.  Bender,2,,
  1169.  Bischoff,2, The Bischoff Gals,
  1170.  BlairBlvd,2, Nick and Julie's challenge.,
  1171.  Blue Girls,2, My Family,
  1172.  Boom Baby!,2, Gano 2012 and Beyond!,
  1173.  Boston fitbit Users,2, For any fitbit users living in Boston,
  1174.  Boulder bikes to work,2, Support group to keep us pedaling to the office and resist the temptation to drive.,
  1175.  Brant 'N Angie,2, Our Group!,
  1176.  Bring It,2,,
  1177.  Busby Walking,2, The walking events of Busby on a day-to-day walk,
  1178.  C&L Palmer,2,,
  1179.  Can't Think Of Anything Funny,2,,
  1180.  Canada's Winter Walkers,2,,
  1181.  Carter's Friends and Family,2, A little family competition!,
  1182.  Cebu PH fitbitters,2, Fitbitters from Cebu Philippines.,
  1183.  Cerner - Fit4Life,2,,
  1184.  Challenge,2,,
  1185.  Chunky Monkeys,2,,
  1186.  CIBJEB,2,,
  1187.  Cincinnati,2,,
  1188.  Circle Of Hope (COH),2, A place for the morbidly obese to find hope.,
  1189.  Cletch,2,,
  1190.  Cleveland Clinic,2, This group is designed for Cleveland Clinic employees and patients alike working to be more active.,
  1191.  Clinton walkers,2,,
  1192.  Cruisers,2,,
  1193.  Crystal Houses (Archstone),2, This group is for associates at Crystal Houses.,
  1194.  CSI Chicks,2, Women Working Together To Help Each Other Live Healthy & Active Lives,
  1195.  Czech Republic,2, All fitbitters from Czech Republic -),
  1196.  Dallastown Family Medicine Dallastown PA,2,,
  1197.  Darryl & Syl's fitness tracker,2, We are attempting to eat better exercise more and overall improve our lifestyle.,
  1198.  DAVIS HOME,2, Just us,
  1199.  Deaf Fitbit,2, For anyone who is hard of hearing or deaf whether you use sign language or not.,
  1200.  DelFransens,2, Our family's activity,
  1201.  Derby City Fitbit-ers!!!,2, This group is for everyone in the Louisville Ky area! Let's help get this city (and ourselves) fit one step at a time. We welcome all challenges suggestions questions meet-ups and definitely motivation!!!! Let's go my fellow Louisvillians!,
  1202.  Detroit,2,,
  1203.  Disney Employee FitBit Users,2, Place for Disney Fitbit users to compare their stats to each other. Please only join if you are a current employee of TWDC or one of it's operating partners.,
  1204.  Dog Owners,2, Group for dog owners who want to stay in shape walking man's best frriend,
  1205.  Donna,2,,
  1206.  Dover Losers,2,,
  1207.  Duathlon,2, A group for anyone interested in competing in duathlons.,
  1209.  e-mail addicts,2, A group to require that e-mails read and sent should be counted as steps and activity !,
  1210.  East Tennessee fitbitters,2, This group is for all fitbitters who live work or walk in East Tennessee area. This way we can have a connection to those who are close to where we live and we can help improve our steps as a community.,
  1211.  Edinburgh Fitbitters,2,,
  1212.  Edmonton Fitbitters,2,,
  1213.  Edwards FF Bitters,2, Friends and family of Kerek and Sarah Edwards that find motivation to stay active and healthy through public view into their regular activity levels.,
  1214.  Enforcers,2, Penny Arcade Enforcers,
  1215.  Every Step Counts,2,,
  1217.  FAM,2, MY FAM,
  1218.  Familuy,2,,
  1219.  Family Affair,2, Being fit active and shaping ourselves into what we strive to become which are healthier women for the world...its a family affair!!!,
  1220.  Family-Schultz & Staloch,2, Family group,
  1221.  Fesenmeyer,2,,
  1222.  Fightin' Texas Aggies,2, A forum for all TAMU Aggie Fitbitters.,
  1223.  Finch Family Fitness,2,,
  1224.  Find a way Make a way!,2," This group is for anyone that is interested in a supportive group of ""over"" people (over committed over stretched over achieving etc.) who are ""Over"" using their ""over-ness"" as an excuse for inactivity and/or poor eating and/or poor lifestyle choices. Now is the time to get up get centered get focused and get going toward your goals!!",
  1225.  Finland,2, Group for Finnish FitBit users. Come on in and get fit!,
  1226.  #thecabin,2,,
  1227.  #USFK,2, FitBit is fun! Lets make it fun in South Korea! Free to Join in the Fun and see where your at in the Ranks. -Yongsan Casey CRC Humpherys Walker Osan Kunsan and every else in Korea.,
  1228.  Fit to be tied!,2,,
  1229.  Fitbit buddies around Oak Lawn IL,2, looking for fitbit buddies in the Oak Lawn area no fun doing this alone lets do it together,
  1230.  FItbit Buddies R US TM,2,,
  1231.  Fitbit Divas,2, Fun group for the ladies...,
  1232.  Fitbit fans Downunder!,2, Aussies (and Kiwi's) who love their Fitbit!,
  1233.  fitbit florida,2,,
  1234.  fitbit group,2,,
  1235.  FitBit Italia,2, Gruppo dedicato agli amanti delle passeggiate nel Bel Paese. Iscriviti per competere o cercare compagnia nelle tue camminate in giro per l'Italia.,
  1236.  Fitbit Italy,2,,
  1237.  FitBit Nation,2, Best Buy FitBitters,
  1238.  FitBit NC,2, A group for North Carolinians using FitBit!,
  1239.  FitBit Redditors,2, Surely there are Redditors among the FitBit elites :),
  1240.  Fitbit Rhode Island,2, Rhode Islanders wanting to maintain or get into shape with fitbit.,
  1241.  Fitbit Spain,2," I'd like to think I'm not the only one in Spain ""Fitbitted"". Come and join even if you have a little Spanish ""sympathy"".",
  1242.  Fitbit_Japan_???,2, Fitbit?????????????,
  1243.  Fitness Blogger UK,2, We are looking for UK based fitbit users to join our group...,
  1244.  Flappers,2, Doing the Charleston gets you a LOT of steps ladies and gentlemen.,
  1245.  Fluffy Gals,2, My sister Evelyn and I striving to be fit as well as slimmer,
  1246.  forrest city health club,2,,
  1247.  1369 Hyde,2,,
  1248.  Friends of Neuro•Mend,2," Friends of Neuro•Mend recognize the pivotal role that the brain plays in regulating appetite and maintaining optimal health. The last decade of neuroscientific advances confirm that the brain can in fact be retrained. ""forget what you've heard—you CAN change your brain"" Kerry D Friesen MD",
  1249.  Fun 2 B Fit,2, Motivate encourage and tease to get each other moving! Movement is Medicine ),
  1250.  Gastro-paresis,2, This group is dedicated to those who suffer from the effects of gastro-paresis a condition wherebthe stomach does not properly process food.,
  1251.  Geaux Saints,2, This community is for New Orleans Saints fan who love the Black & Gold and getting fit. The Fitbit is just like the Saints off the chain. Who Dat Nation!!!!!,
  1252.  GenentechGroup,2,,
  1253.  Get FIT by Fifty !!!!,2,,
  1254.  GILA VALLEY HEALTH RAISERS,2, Anyone in the Gila Valley (AZ) and family members that want to be healthier. Clip it on!!,
  1255.  Girlfriends,2,,
  1256.  Goal Getting Group (GG's:),2,,
  1257.  God's Team,2, The Way!,
  1258.  Google Fit,2, People who work @ Google and take advantage of there great get-fit benefits,
  1259.  Grand Forks Fit Bitters,2, This is a place for us to interact ask questions share tips etc. It is by invitation only so if you have someone you want to be in the group they need to be invited.,
  1260.  Grandparents 50+,2, For all grandparents who need to stay fit to be able to play run or swim with little ones...little busy bees.,
  1261.  Ground Pounders,2, Speed is not essential.,
  1262.  Group 34,2,,
  1263.  Group ABC 123,2,,
  1264.  group tate,2,,
  1265.  Hags,2,,
  1266.  HCR ManorCare People,2, CoWorkers challenging each other to be more active,
  1267.  Heal Your Headache 1-2-3 (For Migraine Sufferers),2," This is a community for migraine sufferers who are following the advice given in the book ""Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain"" by Dr. David Buchholz. It is about eating foods that do not trigger migraines exercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day and very importantly getting sufficient sleep! This is not about weight loss (although that may naturally occur) but about being healthy happy and living life fully while managing our migraines!",
  1268.  Healthy and Smiling,2, Friends and patients of Dr. Carol McGonigle's that are committed to living healthier lives.,
  1269.  Healthy Not Hypocritical,2, This is a group for people who have a career in the health care field and want to change their habits to become healthy. By promoting activity and simply eating less calories we can gradually come to live the healthy lifestyle that we promote while at work.,
  1270.  Heart and Sole,2, Heart and Sole,
  1271.  High Maintenance,2, Bana Boxer Sexy Guys,
  1272.  High School Students,2, For students that currently attend a high school.,
  1273.  Hodag Walkers,2, Walkers in the Rhinelander WI area or those who want to join us.,
  1274.  Home Workers UK,2, If you work from home you don't even get the daily walk to the office towards your steps. If you sit at a desk all day like I do it's even worse. Let's set up a group to encourage each other and show we can do as many steps as anyone!,
  1275.  Humboldt Iowa Competition,2, Anyone from humbolst Iowa is allowed to jion but will not be recieving przes because the cometition is For LRush & CFiddler,
  1276.  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy,2,,
  1277.  IAB demonstration,2,,
  1278.  iowa group,2,,
  1279.  Jangus Trainers,2,,
  1280.  Japan,2, This is a group for anyone that lives in Japan.,
  1281.  Jersey FitBits!,2, Open to all Jerseyans using FitBit!,
  1282.  joemama's,2,,
  1283.  Joy Global Inc. Team Copper,2, For the Joy Global Inc. FitBit League. Team Copper,
  1284.  judy's group,2, family,
  1285.  3 Ladies - 3 Generations,2, OliviaW begat JudyJean begat I-AM-FIT,
  1286.  Kansas State Home of the Wheat,2, Here we know what its like to live in a small town and we know that having a family can really put a kink in things. So to help with that we are here for you. We know that getting away from the kids or significant other is pretty hard so even if you dont get the time needed to exercise FItbit will really help you get to that goal and keep it.,
  1287.  Karl's Buddies,2,,
  1288.  Keeping it Moving,2,,
  1289.  Keno Girls,2, Whoever wins buys beer night out!! haa,
  1290.  Kick your Butt,2,,
  1291.  killaz krew,2,,
  1292.  Knickrehm-Quinns,2, This group is created for the Knickrehm and the Quinn's to motivate and encourage one another's progress.,
  1293.  Korea,2, Fitbit users in Korea!,
  1294.  Kris and Me,2, just us,
  1295.  LA/Irvine,2,,
  1296.  Ladys Island Walkers,2,,
  1297.  Lakahs,2,,
  1298.  Law Enforcement Officers,2, Law enforcement officers who want to drop a few pounds and get into better shape.,
  1299.  LAZGETSFIT.COM,2, My fitbit arrived 3 days ago and I would welcome friends I am going to loose 131 pounds. I began my Journey at 311 lbs four months ago my next official weigh in is on Monday. I have been working on just eating well over the last 4 months and begin a new phase in my Journey of tracking my intake and activity. I hold myself accountable and keep myself motivated by blogging . The more people following my blog the more motivated I become. is my blog . I blog several times a month about the challenges we all face. Your comments are welocme. To date I am down 45 lbs. Lets take this Journey together!,
  1300.  Les plus forts,1, Un groupe où l'on peut discuter,
  1301.  Lifeguard,1, The heroes of Lifeguard coach people in reaching there personal Olympic level. Become your own Lifeguard. Pepijn van der Meulen Chief Vitality Officer,
  1302.  Linux + Fitbit Users,1, A group to show fitbit how many of us would like Linux support,
  1303.  Liu,1,,
  1304.  Living Healthy,1, Prevention and Maintenance,
  1305.  LMS Fit Bits,1, We're starting a walking revolution at Lakeside be a part of it.,
  1306.  LMZ,1, Wife,
  1307.  longhorns,1,,
  1308.  Los Angeles (South Bay),1, Fit Bit Group for the South Bay area of Los Angeles.,
  1309.  Los Angeles - FitBit Users,1, Los Angeles County/City users. Come join the fun!,
  1310.  Losing weight after menopause,1, Anyone who has gone through it or is going through it knows you don't have the same body and losing weight is nearly impossible. Let me know what has worked for you or what didn't work,
  1311.  Lost Fitbit,1, Ok - it's gone. Any ideas? Where did you find yours when it was lost? I'm so bummed!!,
  1312.  LOST Fitbit!!,1,,
  1313.  Low Family,1,,
  1314.  Lowells goals,1,,
  1315.  Lu and Ro,1,,
  1316.  M!,1, Modernista! fitbitters.,
  1317.  Magoos,1,,
  1318.  Malibu International Early Marathon Training!,1, Full and Half Marathon Training :D Look forward to Learning and Sharing: - Training Plans - Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track - Books and Magazine Articles - Yours and My Training Experience Mahalo! NiaNai'a,
  1319.  Manhattan,1,,
  1320.  MAPP .7,1, PENN MAPP .7,
  1321.  Mark's Family,1, Family members,
  1322.  Marty and Nan,1, Lets help eachother reach our goals.,
  1323.  Marvell Running Club,1, This group is dedicated to encouraging and supporting each other in our running goals and races specifically San Jose Rock N Roll 2011.,
  1324.  mary,1,,
  1325.  Matt's Minions,1, I am using this group with clients that I am working with.,
  1326.  Matthews Friends,1,,
  1327.  Maybe I don't know,1, Maybe I don't know what I am doing with this product!,
  1328.  mayhemstyle fans,1," In this group we are going to workout as hard as possible to represent this brand of clothing powered by attitude and help them grow some exposure and at the same time for us to stay in shape. We are starting out with a Fitness Program named ""Insanity"" and run as much as possible. You are welcome to join the group and motive everyone else who joins to make it as challenging as possible to keep everyone fit and motivated! Let's rock!!! \m/",
  1329.  McDonald's of Pittsburgh Fitbit Group,1, This group is for McDonald's people (current or past) that are looking to get in shape and live in or have lived in or would like to live in Pittsburgh! Go Steelers,
  1330.  McDonkville,1, Triba Joel Bobbie Van Lisa Debbie Stacy,
  1331.  metakomiseis,1, Door-to-Door Removals Road Haulage Relocation Door to Door Thinking of moving house Transportation Services - Removals Storage Greece Thessaloniki Tel.: +30 2310 721172 & +30 6944844287,
  1333.  mexico ra ra ra,1, this is a group to be happy without professional sports competition the point is to interchange energy in cases of loose the force to continue. If you want to be a supporter or you need support this is your group.,
  1334.  MHFitbiters,1,,
  1335.  Miami Florida FitBit Site,1,,
  1336.  Michael',1,,
  1337.  Middle age male,1, 40-60 male,
  1338.  Miller Family Fitness,1, 13 Family members of matriarch and patriarch and kids and grandkids.,
  1339.  Minneapolis,1,,
  1340.  Mississippi,1, Defying stereotypes one step at a time.,
  1341.  MJM,1,,
  1342.  Moms on the Go,1,,
  1343.  Mon groupe à moi,1, ceci est mon groupe,
  1344.  Mongols in Palo Alto,1, For Mongols who are living in the Palo Alto area I would like to invite you to join my group as part of the fitness program.,
  1345.  More Walken,1, Team group.,
  1346.  Morris,1,,
  1347.  Mountain Bike Racing,1, A group for anyone interested in MTB racing either professional or amateur.,
  1348.  Movin' It in Minnesota!,1, If anyone is interested in creating a group for Minnesota Fitbiters...Good luck to everyone reaching whatever their goal maybe.,
  1349.  MS Retail MOA,1, Team MOA!!,
  1350.  MSG free lifestyle,1, For those who would like to know where and when they might be consuming a product that absolutely contains no MSG in any form. Started as a result of severe allergic reaction. Name foods you have found various forms of this additive to better understand and limit its intake.,
  1351.  Muscat Oman Fitbit,1, I'm just returning to Oman from California. Does anyone want me to brigh them a new fitbit. They are hard to find! bbk,
  1352.  MY FAMILY,1,,
  1353.  My Family 1234,1, For my family members Chase and my Mom.,
  1354.  My fitbit,1,,
  1355.  My friends:D,1,,
  1356.  my mac states base not connected,1, even though mac says the base is not connected I can put the fitbit on the base and check the battery and reset it. Why does my mac not recognize the base? It is not syncing my data.....stumped. Please help.,
  1357.  MyFriends,1, Play together Stay together,
  1358.  Naperville,1,,
  1359.  Natal Fit Group,1,,
  1360.  Nebraska,1, Live in Nebraska? Want to get fit?,
  1361.  Need to lose twice my age!,1, Personally I am 58 and would like to lose 116 pounds! Join me if you need or want to lose twice your age!,
  1362.  Nerdery,1, For employees of The Nerdery,
  1363.  NetApp,1,,
  1364.  Netherlands fitbit users,1, All users of fitbit in The Netherlands,
  1365.  Nevada Fitbit!!,1, Anyone here from Nevada?,
  1366.  Nevillewood Team,1, Our aim is to improve our health by monitoring health performance parameters and physical activity. If you are interested join our team,
  1367.  New Baptist Church,1,,
  1368.  ! AT&T FitBit Folk !,1, Group for AT&T FitBit peoples that walk run jog climb run away from Geese at their local campus/area. Join the Fun!,
  1369.  ! Fitbit/myfitnesspal users,1, Group for people who have their Fitbit synched with myfitnesspal.,
  1370.  858 Walkerz,1, Tracking steps...............,
  1371.  @Leaderboard - Top Active Fitbit Users,1, Need a Leaderboard challenge? Have you stayed top of all your friends Leaderboards? Join this group if you have serious high standards! Push to the top of this Leaderboard and you know you truly rocked the Fitbit! There can only be ONE leader of this pack! Are you worthy of the title? Can you reach 1st place?,
  1372.  New here,1, Hello I just got my fitbit tonight and I am looking for friends to travel on this fit journey with me.,
  1373.  New Mexico,1, This group is for fitbit users living in the Land of Enchantment.,
  1375.  NEW TO FITBIT LETS HELP EACH OTHER,1, hi i am new to fitbit would love to make some friends so we can all share tips and help each other along the way,
  1376.  New York Life Employees,1, We have our fitbits we have the gyms in the office why not team up?,
  1377.  Newbie 1/6/12,1, Today is day #1 of fit bit. I'm very excited but a little nervous as well. I already lost 15-20 pounds on my own but have about 80'ish more to lose. It's very hard to do without the support of someone who is going through the same thing you are going through. My boyfriend has been my biggest supporter as well as my 2 dogs that love to go for walks. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Charlie and a Cocker Spaniel Arwen. My boyfriend has a Black Russian Terrier Tao. I have several reasons for wanting to lose this weight. I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure. I was not able to tolerate CPAP and I have had extensive nose/throat surgery for apnea and I still have some residual sleep apnea. I currently sleep with oxygen at night and am trying to get used to a mouth guard made for sleep apnea. I just want these sleep issues to disappear! My other reasons for wanting to lose the weight is because my b/f and I plan to get married in the next few years and I want to have healthy pregnancies in the future.,
  1378.  NL Fitbit,1, Fitbit users in The Netherlands / Fitbitgebruikers in Nederland,
  1379.  North & South,1,,
  1380.  NOT Ranked yet!!!,1, It has been several times I had this issue and I am pretty much done with this! Hey guys out there!!!! Please FIX this BUG!,
  1381.  Nubie,1,,
  1382.  Nuriche Fitbit-ers,1, Are there any other Fitbit-ers that use Nuriche Whole Food supplements? Join me here to tell me how Nuriche has helped improve your health and well-being? My Nuriche site it What's yours? I also run a Facebook page for Nuriche,
  1383.  Nurses rule,1,,
  1384.  Nursing moms Breastfeeding moms,1, Pregnancy and breastfeeding makes that the body gains weight which is argh! difficult to lose. This is a space where we can discuss the way to lose healthly these horrible kilos while keeping good health to feed the baby and also to sleep enough!,
  1385.  Oak Medical Practice,1, Calling all fitbit lovers! Your optimal health is our passion! So lets get moving together. 10000 steps a day is our goal. You can do it! One step at a time:),
  1386.  Office Jobs and Fitbit,1, I sit all day at work from Monday to Friday in a call centre setting but I'm trying hard to get up and move whenever I can. Does anyone have any suggestions to help burn some extra calories while I sit at my desk?,
  1387.  OKlahoma-Grind hard live fit,1, Anybody who is trying to transform and get those abs showing everybody needs some accountability and motivation!,
  1388.  Omaha/CB Fitbitters,1, For anyone in the Omaha Nebraska/Council Bluffs IA area who would like to get together and support each other in getting fit.,
  1389.  optifast 900 meal replacement weight reduction,1, hi is anyone using the optifast 900 meal replacement weight reduction and using the fitbit at the same time? I have been on this weight program for 9 wks and I have lost 50 pds. For 12 wks u only eat shakes then gradually start eating. Not easy We are in groups of about 20 people and meet once a week.. I am part of the group for type 2 diabetes. This weight management program consist of diabetes specialist specialist in weight management family . doctors nurses dietition and speakers. We are followed by the civic hospital in Ottawa Canada. At our weekly meeting we are weighed measured tests blood test and see a specialized physician in this weight program. We then have a group session on what & how to eat and learn everything that has to do with nutrition. You learn how to change your life & way of eating. Jackie,
  1390.  Orange,1,,
  1391.  Orange County,1, With weather Usually very good for walking ... no excuses for not doing it.,
  1392.  Orbiters,1, YouTube Orbiters on Fitbit!,
  1393.  Ottumwa Wednesday Morning Weight Watchers...,1,,
  1394.  OUCFitbit Nation,1,,
  1395.  Over 55,1, Some inspiration from some of you in my age group would be most appreciated. I'm 58.,
  1396.  P.I.N.K. Method and Fitbit,1, This group is for those who are doing the P.I.N.K. Method and using the Fitbit.,
  1397.  P90X and my fitbit,1, I have just started doing P90X and I am loving my fitbit. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and tone up. I am a curvy girl and love every inch.....It's hard but I am GOING TO DO IT!!!!,
  1398.  Palm Springs Fitbit,1, For those who live in and around the Palm Springs area or anywhere in the Coachella Valley,
  1399.  Parmer Fit Bit Challenge,1,,
  1400.  Patrick's Fitbitters,1, Employee's @ Patrick that have joined the Fitbit Revolution! Get Steppin' People!,
  1401.  pbc,1,,
  1402.  Pegasystems Ltd,1,,
  1403.  Perquimans,1, People who live in Perquimans County NC,
  1404.  Pesach Blues,1, how many pounds will you gain over pesach? how sedentary will you become? jewish pesach hebrew,
  1405.  Phoenix-East,1, Weekend group that would like to have support to walk or run.,
  1406.  Physique Competitors,1, This is a new group I am starting for those interested in competing and those who do compete in physique competitions including bikini fitness figure fitbody and bodybuilding.,
  1407.  A Teacher on her feet is worth two in a seat!,1, A group for teachers who stay active and are trying to get back into or stay in shape!,
  1408.  Abilene Fit Group,1, Abilene lets hit 1 million steps!,
  1409.  Absurd,1, Absurd fans...,
  1410.  Pilots,1, Pilots have to be physically fit. Private pilots need to pass an FAA medical exam ever few years. Even sport pilots need to maintain a basic level of physical fitness. Aerobatic and military pilots have to be in excellent physical condition to withstand the inertial stresses of their flight profiles. This group is for any pilot who uses the FitBit to help build and maintain the level of fitness necessary to slip the surly bounds of Earth.,
  1411.  PittsburghPA Fibit,1,,
  1412.  PJCC,1,,
  1413.  Plexus Slim FitBit'ers,1, For thoes that are on the Plexus slim train!!!,
  1414.  Post 65ers,1, Looking for people who may not have quite the stamina and activities level they once had but determined to hold on to muscle strength and suppleness without going to a gym which is totally inconvenient and boring. I'm wondering how I place in this group--whether average a slacker or reasonably active but I have nothing to compare with except the vast majority of much younger people. (I'm 75.) Any takers?,
  1416.  Posting Options,1, I am trying to find out how to post to a thread with no success. Can someone start a thread that explains? I have comments I would like to make concerning the new fitbit.,
  1417.  problem with sleep tracking/activity tracking,1, ok so according to my instructions I am wearing my fitbit at all times-during the day it seems to be great as far as tracking but then at night when i hit start to go into sleep mode and then in the morning i hit stop for some reason it looks like my previous days activities were not recorded properly. do i need to hit start again in the morning when i wake up or just let to show stop after waking up? (only been using this for two days so kinda not sure),
  1418.  Problems,1, Has anyone had problems with their fitbit??? Mine quit after 2 days... no display on it .. help.. should I return it and get another one or get my money back????,
  1419.  Program and Steps Won't Sync,1, I have tried to sync this thing numerous times. Reloaded the software twice and restarted twice. I have Windows XP so nothing exotic. If I go to the homepage the number of steps taken says ZERO (0) and has said zero for two days. This might be a great device if it works but I haven't found that the setup or directions for set up are too spectacular and would appreciate some help,
  1420.  Project BAM BAM!,1,,
  1421.  Prostate Cancer,1, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2007 had a radical retropubic prostatectomy in Feb 2008 then 3 months later 5 weeks of radiotherapy and 2.5 years of hormone (chemical castration) therapy (which finished Feb 2011). I've put on 2.5 stone (35lbs) in weight and my body fat increased from 19% to 30%. I'm an active healthy guy with incurable prostate cancer and want to remain healthy for as long as possible - how about sharing moments of motivation with me and others?,
  1422.  PU&A,1, Karen and Ron,
  1423.  Public,1,,
  1424.  Public Group,1, how do I record sleep routine with the fitbit? Nothing seems to work for me? Frank,
  1425.  Public Health - Get Fit,1, This group is for all those Public Health workers out there who are struggling with a way to live what we preach. Lets create some challenges. Find a place you would love to visit (perhaps the Alamo Seattle or Virginia Beach) and start your virtual adventure. Track your progress and keep the other members informed as to where you are on your journey. Invite others to meet you at your destination. Lets have fun!!,
  1426.  Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa,1, Just wondering how many fitbit users are in my area.,
  1427.  Race to 10000 every day,1, You up for it?,
  1428.  Rainmaker,1,,
  1429.  Reptile Keepers,1, For all those Reptile Keepers trying to get healthier. Share your love for reptiles and support each other in getting active.,
  1430.  Riffey's,1,,
  1432.  Roberts,1,,
  1433.  Romania,1, Romanian FitBit group,
  1434.  Runcast.TV Runners,1, Runners who want to share to get fit and don't mind sharing that experience in Video on the website,
  1435.  Running - Goals,1, For everyone trying to beat their running goals.,
  1436.  Runtex ATX Program - Austin,1, Fitbit Community for members of the Runtex ATX program in Austin TX,
  1437.  sachala,1,,
  1438.  Saddlebrooke AZ,1, anyone out there active from Saddlebrooke AZ Robson Community ?,
  1439.  Safety Harbor/Northeast Clearwater,1,,
  1440.  SAHM FitBits,1, For SAHM that refuse to get the dreaded 'sofa spread' butt and are using the Fitbit to get in shape!,
  1441.  Samara,1, Samara Russia,
  1442.  San Bernardino County Wellness Advocates,1, This group is for the test pilot group of San Bernardino County Wellness Advocates,
  1443.  San Bernardino Wellness Advocates,1,,
  1444.  Sanjeev,1,,
  1445.  Sauer-Danfoss Group,1, SD employee fitness group,
  1446.  School,1, Sherri and me,
  1447.  Scotland fitbit,1, For all scottish and native scots to give support and motivation. We need all the motivation we can get when in the cauld droukit blin oors we need help.,
  1448.  Scottish Fit Bits,1, Looking for other Scots with Fitbit,
  1449.  Sculie McRock,1, Scott + Julie = Sculie,
  1450.  Seafarers,1, any serving memebers of the merchant navy trying to lose weight in less than ideal conditions.,
  1451.  Self Challengers,1, For people participating in the Self Magazine Drop 10 Challenge.,
  1452.  active pastor,1, Group for pastors attempting to become healthier,
  1453.  Adobe Fitbit Users,1,,
  1454.  Set up Question - how to?,1, I missed entering the number code in the setup - how do I can get the number of my fitbit to enter into setup so everything tracks: Finally the tracker will show a number for you to type in. This makes sure that the tracker you are looking at is the tracker that the software is communicating with.,
  1455.  Sexy Steeler Chicks,1, We are Sexy and Love Our Football Wanna Play and Get Fit With Us?,
  1456.  SH Public,1, test group,
  1457.  SH Public Invite,1, test group,
  1458.  She's geeky,1, Members of the community getting fit together.,
  1459.  Shuswap Rotary,1,,
  1460.  SIC GROUP,1,,
  1461.  Sidra/Cerner Healthe Step/Stair Challenge,1, Teams of Cerner and Sidra CIS associates will compete against each other to track the total amounts of Steps and Stairs prior to May 27th soft go live of the CIS project.,
  1462.  Singapore,1, All people living in Singapore with fitbit,
  1463.  Singapore Fitbit,1, This is for Fitbit users in Singapore.,
  1464.  Sister's Bet,1,,
  1465.  Skinny me please.,1, For readers and friends of,
  1466.  Slide,1, For all the Sliders rocking fitbits!,
  1467.  Slovenian fitbit users,1, Users of fitbit in Slovenia Europe.,
  1468.  Slow Steppers in Peachtree City GA,1, So far a group of one slow walking weight losing woman. Companions would be awesome. Everyone could use a little support and company,
  1469.  smoveyPeople,1, to be smovey! my Life with the happyness of movements,
  1470.  Social Diet,1, A fitbit group for those who practice the Social Diet,
  1472.  SOP San Fran,1, San Francisco office Fitbit users,
  1473.  South Florida,1, Motivation to each other will drive success....Reach out!! and lets drop the pounds,
  1474.  Southeast Texas Loosers,1, Those of you in or near Southeast Texas needing to loose weight and looking for encouragement advice hints and tips from local folks. You've come to the right place. Join in create a conversation and give some good advice.,
  1475.  Southland Service Center,1, Stilwell,
  1476.  SOV Steppers,1,,
  1477.  Special Ed's,1, Friends and friends of friends,
  1478.  Spin class fitbitters,1, For fitbitters who love to spin!!!!!,
  1479.  SPK,1, SPK's Pals,
  1480.  Sports Personal,1, Deze groep test op dit moment het gebruik van de fitbit voor eigen gebruik en inzet als Personal Training volgmiddel.,
  1481.  Spring Hill TN,1, For those of you with FitBit's that want to connect.,
  1482.  Spring Showdown Step Challenge: Who's the better couple?,1, I wanted to pose a challenge to all the couples in the CME office and others if we want to extend to get everyone further motivated and stepping while we still have a few more months of beutiful weather. My thought was If we wanted to make it more interesting what would the group think if each couple put into the pot 50 durham and the winning couple who averaged the most steps for the 3 months win a free brunch for two?,
  1483.  Standing Desk,1, A group for people who work at standing desks,
  1484.  Startup FitBit-ers,1, Group for people who work in Startups (thus have no time to work out) but are using FitBit to get in shape/ lose weight.,
  1485.  Stat Addicts!,1,,
  1486.  statusnet,1, contributors to statusnet stepping out.,
  1487.  stay fit and feel great!,1, i am 22 years old. i love to work out and learn about ways to keep health. I watch Dr. Oz every day and see if i can fit some of the things into my life. i have taken a nutrition class and love to learn more about fitness and nutrition. in this group i will post things about nutrition and fitness i didnt know about. and i hope who ever joins my group can do the same.,
  1488.  Steep It Up!,1, Set a goal make a new one.... Steep It Up !! Together we can do this!!!,
  1489.  Steve,1,,
  1490.  Straut Family,1,,
  1491.  Stucki Family Fitness,1,,
  1492.  SU FitBit,1,,
  1493.  Sullivan Family,1,,
  1494.  Summer 2012 -Ultra Marathon,1, For those who are training for an Ultra Marathon this summer.,
  1495.  Suntiva Yellow Team!,1, Suntiva Wellness Program - Yellow Mentor Team mentor: Stefanie Jenkins 231-947-7425,
  1496.  Suz Cardio Kickboxing,1, Getting Women and Men to be more active in LIFE be in the best HEALTH and SHAPE ever and have more ENERGY! You only have ONE life LIVE it to the fullest and be HEALTHY! Fit for LIFE!,
  1497.  Swisscom Innovation,1,,
  1498.  T Team,1, Commitment. To. T.,
  1499.  Alaska bound,1, optimal weight loss before alaska trip,
  1500.  Alaska fit decision,1, walking and talking group,
  1501.  Aliens or Robots from the future,1, Whatever fuck you,
  1502.  Tasty treat girls,1,,
  1503.  Teacher Group,1," If you're a teacher you know you're putting some miles on those shoes as you lap those kids throughout the day! Just look at your fitbit tracker...chances are you are ""fairly active"" while you're at work....right!? I've started this group because I couldn't find a group that's just for teachers. So JOIN UP TEACHERS!",
  1504.  Team Daneker,1,,
  1505.  Team Fitfucks,1,,
  1506.  TEAM HOSKINS,1,,
  1507.  Techie Group,1,,
  1508.  Templeman,1,,
  1509.  Test LV,1,,
  1510.  test0300,1, tset,
  1511.  test1,1,,
  1512.  Texas losers,1, If you are from Texas come join! I want some friends!! I'm in the hill country but have been all over so calling all Texans - let's lose together,
  1513.  That's How I Do It,1, This is the group for people who have made the decision to make some awesome changes in their life and lose some weight in the process. When you find something that works you stick with it and you want to tell people about it. Here is where you can do that.,
  1514.  The 559,1, Fresno County,
  1515.  the bod squad,1, With humor and encouragement as fuel we are a Wisconsin team challenging & supporting each other to fitness. No reservations needed ..... this is a one way ticket.,
  1516.  the crew 202,1,,
  1517.  The Dalles Oregon,1,,
  1518.  The Fun Bunch,1, hope you decide to join the fun bunch lets get active...Bones,
  1519.  The Lada's,1,,
  1520.  the mamas,1, mothers keeping up the pace with their steps,
  1521.  The MisFitBits,1, Team walking group,
  1522.  The PTA Fit Club,1, Members Participating In Health Quest 2012 School Wellness Fundraiser.,
  1523.  The ReFit,1, A Seattle based Corporate Wellness Center looking to support communty health and motivate people to be more active in thier lifestyles. Becaseu it is easier to stay well than it is to get well.,
  1524.  The Schaffermans,1,,
  1525.  the Spears,1, please delete,
  1526.  The steppers,1,,
  1527.  The Villages in Lady Lake,1, Male 67,
  1528.  The Yellow Rose of Texas,1, This group is for the people live in Amarillo Texas. Open to Canyon and the Texas Panhandle region. Let's stay stronger and healthier.,
  1529.  The Young and Restless,1, Workforce Development Department,
  1530.  Tidewater VA,1, Tidewater VA Fitbit support group,
  1531.  Tidwell Family,1,,
  1532.  time to lose,1,,
  1533.  Tokyo Group,1,,
  1534.  Tony,1,,
  1535.  Toronto Fitbits,1, Live in Toronto and own a fitbit? Want to compare how active you are against others in the Big Smoke? Join the group join some friendly competition and get fit!,
  1536.  Townsend Crew,1,,
  1537.  Tracy Anderson Method & Meta Group!,1, I am a 35 year old woman that has fallen in love with the workouts by Tracy Anderson. I would love to share inspiration and motivation with you!,
  1538.  Training for Half marathon over 50,1, First time half marathon trainees over age 50.,
  1539.  Transhumanist Fitbit Users,1,,
  1540.  Alpha Phi Sisters,1, A place where A? sisters can motivate each other share tips help one another meet goals etc.,
  1541.  Alvarez Technology Group Employees,1, Employees of the Alvarez Technology Group We desire to be fit We desire to be focused We desire to excel in every aspect of life,
  1542.  Amber's Healthy Chocolate Wellness Group,1, Everyone is welcome! Xocai's Wellness meal replacement program changed my life! I am more active than ever before. - My blog With Xoçai you will be eating at least 50000 ORAC or more every day for the next 30 days (and you will want to continue longer). Remember the ORAC measures how well components of food mop up the free radicals in the bloodstream. Eating 50000 or more will significantly boost the antioxidant potency of your blood. This is one of those rare areas of nutrition where more truly is better.,
  1543.  Transplants,1, Organ transplant recipients wanted!,
  1544.  Traveling Sales People,1, For those of us who fly at least twice a month or more and need some way to maintain good activity levels even when the flights are late you are tired and exercising or eating healthy is the last thing on your mind!,
  1545.  Tridium BitFitters,1, Tridium Inc. Bit Fit users.,
  1546.  Trying To Fit The Bits PMD style,1, PMD friends getting our FitBit on.,
  1547.  Tucson Fast and Fit,1, For all Tucson Fast and Fit User,
  1548.  Turbo Fire,1, I am looking for others doing the turbo fire program. I have not lost any weight since I have started which was 4 weeks ago but I have lost 10 inches. I am curious about other people and there results,
  1549.  Turner Slimmers,1,,
  1550.  TurnerNHooch,1, I am here to lose weight and be happy again. Anyone from anywhere is more than welcome to join. Lets do this!,
  1551.  TW,1, testing,
  1552.  TWU,1,,
  1553.  Ubuntu,1, Ubuntu enthusiasts looking to be healthier!,
  1554.  UF Warriors,1, UF students trying to improve their health lifestyle,
  1555.  Ultimate You,1, Any Fitbit-ers following the Ultimate You 4-phase plan?,
  1556.  UNC Charlotte,1, going to UNC Charlotte and you use a Fitbit? Join this group...,
  1557.  Under 10000 steps and proud of it,1, We all know we can not always do the steps we there is no pressure...whatever you do is good,
  1558.  UoA,1,,
  1559.  UPMC health coach,1, Feedback group,
  1560.  UPSers,1, This group is for all of the UPSers out there who FitBit.,
  1561.  US Navy Chief Petty Officers,1, Group for Active duty or retired US Navy CPO's,
  1562.  USMC (all),1,,
  1563.  Utah Fitbit users,1,,
  1564.  Utenti Italiani di Fitbit,1, Gruppo degli utilizzatori italiani del sito e del tracker fitbit.,
  1565.  UWFox Learning Community HES 127 and 209,1, The classes enrolled in HES 127-03 and 209 will be part of this group.,
  1566.  Valentine's Day challenge,1,,
  1567.  Vegas FitBit,1, Group for fitbit people in LasVegas area .,
  1568.  Vegetarians,1, Vegetarians who eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain good health.,
  1569.  Ventura Kids,1,,
  1570.  Vermont Fitbit Club,1, First rule of Fitbit Club: Don't talk about Fitbit Club! Hey there fellow woodchucks I made a Vermont Fitbit group! Join in on the fun!,
  1571.  Victoria Australia,1, You from Melbourne? Come and join the fun and talk along other people from the beautiful state Victoria.,
  1572.  Virginia - USA- HERE NOW OR NOTHING Fitbit Group!,1, For Anyone in Virginia who uses Fitbit to help meet their goals. if you want to lose a little or a lot join this group and get active! Iv lost over 100lbs myself and want to motivate others to do the same toward their goals!,
  1573.  Vitality Challengers,1, This Group has been created as apart of the Vitality Challenge at Gold's Gym. We are in this together to have fun with a little challenge and to stay fit and active!,
  1574.  Walk this way,1,,
  1575.  Walking & Yoga for Peace,1, Join me if you are trying to ditch the Type A personality and want to become relaxed and enjoy the journey that life can be.,
  1576.  Walking by faith,1, If you like walk join me. - Ken Xu,
  1577.  Walking Mama's,1,,
  1578.  Walking to NY,1,,
  1579.  Waxhaw walkers,1, Fitbit users in the Waxhaw NC area,
  1580.  We can do it!!,1,,
  1581.  Website development company,1, Mtoag is rated highly for website development services and custom web designing with Drupal and php techniques. We help you to convert visitors into customers.,
  1582.  Weight Gain & Muscle Tone,1, A group for persons who use the fitbit for weight gain and building muscle mass or otherwise to share tips and techniques. All are welcome.,
  1583.  amigos,1,,
  1584.  Anchorage Alaska,1," ~*~The Last Frontier~*~ We live in an amazing state with so many opportunities to get out and be active. This is a place to boast about your amazing fitness related adventures a ""tell all"" about great outdoor activities that others can do. I welcome everyone from beginners to experts to share so we may all enjoy.",
  1585.  AnswerLabsters,1, We are a fit bunch.,
  1586.  Weight Watchers Unite!,1, Anyone following the WW program? Let's start a group.,
  1587.  WellPoint - Indy,1,,
  1588.  WellPoint Associate,1,,
  1589.  Wellspan Gettysburg,1,,
  1590.  WellSpan Health Group,1, For anyone employed by WellSpan Health System major locations in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland,
  1591.  wellspan york pa,1,,
  1592.  Welsh FitBitters,1, A group for fellow Welsh FitBit users - please join!,
  1593.  West Flo,1,,
  1594.  West Hollywood Walkers,1, Group of people who like to walk their dogs with Fitbit in West Hollywood.,
  1595.  Woodlands Group,1,,
  1596.  Work It Out,1,,
  1597.  yay fitbit,1,,
  1598.  Yorkshire - UK,1, This group is for all the folk who live work and walk in Yorkshire. North South East or West its all the same to us.,
  1599.  ZG_Richmond_VA,1, For ZG Health Weight Management Program Fitbiters in Richmond VA,
  1600.  Zumba Fitness Sherman Oaks,1, Hi Zumba Fitness fanatics! I have been a Zumba Fitness instructor for a year now and have lost 30lbs. I just bought the Fitbit and am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see the results! Let's all post freely and share the Zumba love and love for our personal fitness and weight loss achievements! Much love ~ Eartha Baca,
  1601.  ~ Dashing Divas ~,1, Any stylist that needs some place for support a place to braggrip or just share your thing!!!,
  1602.  ??????>,1, ??????? ????? ?? ????? ? ???????? ? Fitbit.,
  1603.  ?????,1, ??,
  1604.  ??????>,1, ??????? ????? ?? ????? ? ???????? ? Fitbit.,
  1605.  ?????,1, ??,
  1606.  Anxiety Weighing on You?,1, For those who are affected by anxiety daily to the extent that it is holding you back...mentally physically and socially...I hope you can seek comfort in the motivation this group can provide in all three of those areas!,
  1607.  Anytime Fitness and Fitbit,1, For folks that workout at Anytime Fitness and use fitbit. Sharing ideas suggestions and stories.,
  1608.  AP Group,1, Adam Prather's fitbit group for friends and family.,
  1609.  Archstone,1, Employees family and friends of Archstone.,
  1610.  Arirang Party,1, Can't write in Korean :-(,
  1611.  Arkansas Wt. Watchers,1, Anyone who works or is a member of Wt. Watchers in Northwest Arkansas,
  1612.  Army Medicine White Space,1, This group is for all Army Medicine employees who want to take control of their white space! What does that mean? Some of us have gotten a little muffin top that we didn't have in younger days or perhaps we have been smoking and want to quit drink a little too much don't get regualr medical exams etc. We spend about a third of our life at home wiith family a third at work and the last third is comprised of sleep (do you get enough and is it quality sleep) and extra cirricular activities--the white space. Lets take back control over the white space. This group is for those dedicated to becoming helthier happier individuals living a lifestyle of trust!,
  1613.  at&t Fitbitters....,1, This is for all the friends families and employees of at&t who are we go....Charles,
  1614.  Autodesk,1, Autodesk Family Participating,
  1615.  Avalon Park Fitbit,1,,
  1616.  Avant SP,1,,
  1617.  Awesome,1, cool fun,
  1618.  B-BALLBUDDIES,1, for spunky fun people who love basketball and other athletic activitys,
  1619.  baby fitbit,1,,
  1620.  ! Sandisk !,1, Pease join if you work for Sandisk or are a fan of Sandisk.,
  1621.  ! Sedona - Red Rock Fitbitters !,1, Fitness and health enthusiasts in and around Sedona Arizona.,
  1622.  Bad A$$ Marine Wives,1, This group is for US Marine Corps Wives. This is to motivate and support eachother.Remember OPSEC!,
  1623.  Bad Kreuznach Fitbitters,1,,
  1624.  Badminton Players!,1, A group for Badminton Players sharing tips info and best practices.,
  1625.  badminton rules!,1, this group is for those who play badminton and like to see those 5k+ steps and 1:30 intense activities happening each week ! from competitive to leasure badminton you're welcome to join in :),
  1626.  balance personal training,1,,
  1627.  Ballroom Dancing,1, Those that enjoy to participate or watch ballroom dancing.,
  1628.  Baltimore,1,,
  1629.  Bana Get Fit and Lose It,1,,
  1630.  Banded Together,1,,
  1631.  Bangkok Fitbitters,1,,
  1632.  Baptist Health,1,,
  1633.  BARB/HOW,1, US,
  1634.  Bariatric Patients - Fitbit Users,1, A group to share experiences pre and post Lapband or Gastric Bypass and to share Fitbit stories - a support group for those of us on the 'journey'.,
  1635.  Basketball Players,1,,
  1636.  Beat The Board,1,,
  1637.  Bedfordshire Fitbit users,1, A group for people living in the bedfordshire area.,
  1638.  Benefit Controls,1,,
  1639.  Bermuda TSO,1,,
  1640.  Berwyn Pennsylvania,1,,
  1641.  Best Buy,1,,
  1642.  Best Buy’s FitBit,1, I work at Best Buy and want to talk with and recieve encouragement from the awesome people I work with that have similar weight loss and health goals that I do. If you work for Best Buy- join up! Share your goals and lets help each other meet them.,
  1643.  Betsy Mason,1,,
  1644.  betteru,1,,
  1645.  Between a walk and a hard place,1,,
  1646.  Bevs Bee Hive,1, Over age 50 women working and keeping their lives on track,
  1647.  Big Looser,1, Retired overweight housewife.,
  1648.  Biggest Loser,1,,
  1649.  Blazing Women,1,,
  1650.  Bleeding Disorders fitness,1, Hemophilia Von Willabrands or any factor deficiency... The doctors have told you that losing weight is the way to reduce stress on your joints but it is tough to do with an ankle or knee bleed. It completely wrecks any excercise routine. I know. But lets do what we can.,
  1651.  Blue Sky Participants,1, Those working with Blue Sky MD to change your lifestyle and lose weight.,
  1652.  BNSF,1, Challenging BNSF Railway employees on the road to wellness,
  1653.  Boardgamers,1, A group for people who love board and card games,
  1654.  bob barker,1,,
  1655.  Bodybuilders,1, For those who are trying to add lean muscle while decreasing bodyfat. Goal should be to increase weight while decreasing bodyfat for a defined hard look.,
  1656.  Bolinas,1, Bolinas Soccer and friends.,
  1657.  Boobie Walker: Walking for a Cure to Breast Cancer,1, I am training for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure. I believe women should be supporting women in the fight against Breast Cancer. Is anyone else training for the 3 Day Walk? Or training for a similar walk?,
  1658.  Boone-town,1, This group is aimed at connecting local/high-country fitbit users in and around the Boone NC area. Where are you using your fitbit? From the Greenway to the Parkway.,
  1659.  Boot Campers,1,,
  1660.  Boston Sports Club,1,,
  1661.  Brasil usando Fitbit,1, Vamos todos os brasileiros nos encontrar nesse grupo.,
  1662.  Brasileiros que usam FITBIT!,1, Gostaria de iniciar um grupo com brasileiros que estão usando o FitBit.,
  1663.  Brave New World Epicureans,1, No detached controlled platform here. Quite the opposite...I am passionate about the tastes found 'round the world and I'm trying to find healthy ways to enjoy world cuisine. If this is a passion of yours please join me to share ideas.,
  1664.  Brazil at a glance,1, Our group want to show and share the most incredible stories about Brazilian women. Fitbit is helping me to get a healthy behaviour - first time!!!,
  1665.  Brockton - aim to achieve 2012,1,,
  1666.  Brunswicks Best,1,,
  1667.  Brussels Fitbit team,1, I'm looking for anyone who lives in Brussels Belgium with a Fitbit to create some challenges with me.,
  1668.  Burgess Family,1, Anyone in the extended Burgess family is invited and encouraged to participate.,
  1669.  busy mom fitbit-ers,1, A group for busy moms who are proud to fit in a workout a day and still juggle other mommy duties. Ideas support and motivation!!,
  1670.  Canadian FitBit,1, Trying to find fellow Canadians who took the time to order and wait for a FitBit to ship all the way from the states. I myself am glad it is finally here. How long have you had your fitbit? Has it made a diffrence? Whats your favourite feature? Do you think Fit Bit should have an office and supplier in Canada? Lets discuss Excercise Eating Healthy and All those things that make us feel good look good and not to mention be the Best Canadians we can be!,
  1671.  Canadian Manitobain group,1, Any one from Winnipeg manitoba canada want to start up a challenge?????,
  1672.  Cape Town South Africa,1, Fit Bit Users in the Beautiful Cape Town South Africa,
  1673.  !Fitbit China,1, Based in China. Let's motivate each other by joining this group!,
  1674.  !My group,1, Un groupe de soutien,
  1675.  Castle Rock Shinanagans,1,,
  1676.  Cate Challenge,1,,
  1677.  Cathe fitbitters,1, 50 and over group who use Cathe dvd's to exercise.,
  1678.  CBI FitBit-ters,1,,
  1679.  CEA,1,,
  1680.  CENTRA TM,1,,
  1681.  Central Michigan University Students,1, This is a group for the students of Central Michigan University who are fitbit users. Here students can discuss anything as well as share nutrition information and recipes.,
  1682.  Central Texas Fit Bit Users,1,,
  1683.  Cerner Associates,1, A forum for Cerner Associates who have a fitbit to communicate and share.,
  1684.  Cerner India Fitbit Community,1,,
  1685.  Charlotte,1,,
  1686.  CHOICES,1,,
  1687.  christ walkers,1,,
  1688.  Christian Group,1, A group where people of all Christian beliefs can discuss their exercise and their faith.,
  1689.  Ciramella's,1,,
  1690.  City Folk,1, Santa Clarita FitBit Users,
  1691.  Clayton Fitbit,1, :),
  1692.  Cohort 66,1,,
  1693.  Cohorts @ KP ( 100 -Day Journey Plan),1, A group of us both men and women have been involved in a medical weight program for over a year. Before reaching the conclusion of the program we have opted to go on a 100 day plan to use what we have learned about eating and overeating and put to good use the tools we've learned to take off more weight keep it off and live a healthier life style. Fitbit is just another tool to help us reach that goal. The journey starts after the first week in August. Join us or follow our progress.,
  1694.  Collymore,1, Must be open-minded and appreciative of all creative talent.,
  1695.  Colombia FitBit,1, Share and Compare Healthy stories in Bogota Colombia,
  1696.  Coonce,1, Coonce Group,
  1697.  Courageous Fathers of Faith fitbitters Group,1," This group is for all of us Fathers out there that signed and pledged to ""The Resolution"" from the movie Courageous. Together as Courageous Fathers of Faith we can help improve our lives and the lives of our family. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15.",
  1698.  Cowgirls,1, A group for the horse loving country girls.,
  1699.  Crossfit and fitbit-any takers?,1, Looking for fans of crossfit and fitbit.,
  1700.  Crystal Coast Run For God,1, 12 week training program to get you ready for your first 5k. Along with a bible study you will meet lots of new runners and christian that you can fellowship with.,
  1701.  CS Fit Biters,1, 364 days of fitness for one day of CS judgment.,
  1702.  Daddy & Mommy,1,,
  1703.  Daddy Rich Group,1, Team keeping Daddy Rich on track,
  1704.  Dallas,1,,
  1705.  Darleen,1, I am a 58 woman and happly married with two grown children and one grand child and I am a child of God. My gold is to loss 90 pound and need all the support I can get I walk every day any were from 40 min to one mile and I watch what I eat. I also have a trainer who is also a nurse and she works with me. But I can also us others to help me by just talking and giveing me a boost. Thank you Dar,
  1707.  ddd,1,,
  1708.  DDUSDU,1,,
  1709.  Deaf Fitbits,1, This is for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing group. Anyone is welcomed.,
  1710.  Debra Nelson,1,,
  1711.  Defender Direct,1, Team Defender Direct,
  1712.  DELETE1,1,,
  1713.  DELETE2,1,,
  1714.  Deloitte Consulting Switzerland,1,,
  1715.  Delta Zeta Sisters,1, A place for DZ sisters to check in on each other.,
  1716.  Dental Specialists of Maine,1,,
  1717.  determined to lose,1, come 1 come all&lt let's motivate each other!,
  1718.  Diego Dias,1,,
  1719.  DK,1,,
  1720.  DN Tigers,1,,
  1721.  DoItAgain,1, Second time around know how to do it lets see what you got... Step it out...,
  1722.  dominican republic group,1, people who use fitbit in DR,
  1723.  Donna_Mimande,1,,
  1724.  Downunder,1, For Australian guys needing help and support for each other.,
  1725.  Dtoidgetsharder,1,,
  1726.  Dvd video klub Tv video servis i studio,1, Prebacivanje sa Vhs na Dvd i druge studijske usluge.Telefoni 0113984622 i 0641583546 zvati od 11h do 21h,
  1727.  E's Big Move,1,,
  1728.  Edge Fitness- Bridgeport,1,,
  1729.  Emergency Medicine,1, If you work in the field or in an Emergency Department we all know we spend a lot of time playing hurry up and wait. Just looking to connect with other Paramedics/Nurses/Physicians that work shift work or are in the emergency medicine practice.,
  1730.  Equinox Fitness Members - Boston,1, For Equinox members in Boston using fitbit,
  1731.  espanol,1,,
  1732.  Exmouth Devon fitbit Club,1, Do you have a fitbit ? Do you live in Exmouth Devon uk? Then Join this group and meet up for a walk along the sea front every week. Getting fit can be a up hill struggle not if your not alone. Help each over with dailyweekly goals,
  1733.  FAA @ MMAC,1, This group is for the employees of the FAA at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City.,
  1734.  Family/friends,1,,
  1735.  Fat Old Men - back to high school weight,1, Over 60 group! - welcome baby boomers. Let's work together to get back to our high school grad weight.,
  1736.  Fibromyalgia FitBit Support,1, This is a group created for people that have Fibromyalgia and want to live a more active lifestyle. I know its hard to get moving (some days are much harder than others) but hopefully with the support from this group will help us along!!!,
  1737.  Fighting O'Malley's,1,,
  1738.  finishline,1, Group to encourage friends.,
  1739.  Fit & Fabulous,1,,
  1740.  Fit bit Brasil,1, pessoal vamos formar um grupo de discussão do fitbit no Brasil ...,
  1741.  Fit Bit is Junk,1, Fit Bit product does not stand up to any water why isn't it water tight.,
  1742.  Fit Bits,1, This group is for all the Fit Bits who are family and friends !,
  1743. " ""Younger next Year"" by Dr. Henry S. Lodge and Chris Crowley",1," this group is for anyone who is using fitbit based on the book: ""younger next year"" by Dr. Henry S. Lodge and Chris Crowley Our PRIMARY reason for using fitbit is for health. SECONDARY is for weight loss. Our goal is to have our bodies younger next year than they were this year. It's never too late to start. The book is very motivational and you will learn WHY it is so important to exercise. Hint... it is not just to look good. it is about our quality of of life. They have written a ""for men"" and ""for woman"" book this book has changed my entire outlook on fitness. If anyone else has read this book and would like to share their thoughts on how to incorporate this lifestyle philosophy in to their lives then this is the group for you !",
  1744.  #SVBSummit 2011 Group,1, Clients who attended SVB's 2011 PE/VC Financial Executives Summit in Utah received a FitBit and are encouraged to join this group.,
  1745.  Fitbit,1,,
  1746.  Fitbit and Myfitnesspal Calorie Adjustment,1, Can somebody please explain to me what the calorie adjustment is for fitbit? I've recording my workout time with the stop watch and manually inputting my exercise into MFP. Then I get an adjustment from fitbit. The numbers dont match as to how much I supposedly burned. Can someone please help me! Its my 3rd day using it so I'm a bit lost :(,
  1747.  Fitbit Australia,1, Welcome to all Australian Fitbit users,
  1748.  fitbit eBay (do it eBay),1, Fit Bit Users in eBay lets get out and enjoy our weather!! Keep each other motivated and accountable.,
  1749.  Fitbit Ergonomics,1, Making Fitbit features easier for humans to use. This is about existing features rather than new features.,
  1750.  fitbit Europe,1, Join this Group if you wan´t to share your experience with fitbit users from Europe.,
  1751.  FITBIT FITGMA's,1, GMA's: 50 - 60 yr old women interested in a healthy lifestyle consisting of various physical activities great food & wine and enjoying life all while trying to maintain or get fit! Let's share what we do what works new ideas or anything else that fosters a healthy lifestyle!,
  1752.  FitBit Friends of AliArt,1,,
  1753.  Fitbit Hungary,1, The group for Hungarian Fitbit users.,
  1754.  Fitbit in Anne Arundel County,1, For people with a Fitbit who live in or near Anne Arundel County MD&gt,
  1755.  Fitbit in Shanghai (English language Group),1, This is for expats and locals alike that have a Fitbit and are looking to communicate with like minded people on how they are using this great device while living here in Shanghai China!,
  1756.  Fitbit in Thailand,1, ???????????? Fitbit ?????????????????? ???????????????????,
  1757.  Fitbit Milwaukee,1, A group for fitbit users in the Metro Milwaukee area,
  1758.  Fitbit Nederland,1," De groep Fitbit Nederland is voor alle Nederlandse gebruikers van de Fitbit. Kijk ook op eens op facebook ""groep Fitbit Nederland""",
  1759.  Fitbit order,1, Can you tell me how to find the status of an order for a fitbit? I have a confirmation number but nowhere to go to track it. Is there a number I can call?,
  1760.  Fitbit Pacers,1, People who have ICD devices or pacemakers who use Fitbit.,
  1761.  Fitbit Portugal,1, Any one from Portugal using fitbit? If yes then join!,
  1762.  Fitbit SD,1,,
  1763.  Fitbit Smackdown!,1,,
  1765.  FitBit Steiner & Asians,1,,
  1766.  Fitbit Sweden,1, Hur många svenskar har hunnit skaffa sig en Fitbit? Gruppen ger oss en svensk leaderboard och bör betraktas som SM i Fitbit. Vid intresse organiserar vi tävlingar och annat skoj!,
  1767.  Fitbit Technical Questions,1, Use of the Software,
  1768.  FitBit Users in Peru,1, Para iniciar y cultivar la comunidad de usuarios en Lima Peru,
  1769.  Fitbit Users with Binge Eating Disorder,1, Support each other through our journey to recovery from this life changing disorder as we get fit!,
  1770.  fitbit Wirral merseyside UK,1, fitbit owners trying tio mantain the 70.000 steps per week and needing encouragement or a walking buddy,
  1771.  fitbit-optifast 900 group,1, people using or are interested in fitbit and optifast meal replacement for weight reduction.,
  1772.  Fitbit-SCE,1,,
  1773.  Fitbit12,1,,
  1774.  fitbits,1, test group,
  1775.  Fitbitters in Mexico,1, Group for those who live in Mexico. Spanish and English spoken.,
  1776.  Fitbitting,1, NE KS friends and family,
  1777.  FitSolution Group,1,,
  1778.  FL - Health Nuts,1, Select members working together to reach health goals,
  1779.  Fl Group,1, People who would like to talk on line about losing weight.,
  1780.  FlexibleFitness Public,1, A weightloss/wellness group designed to help you on your road to a better you. Created by a degreed and certified trainer with over 20 years experience. I am passionate about helping people and love the accountability and results that fitbit makes possible. Fitness has to be flexible...for it to be a long term lifestlye it must be convenient tangible and affordable. Join Flexible Fitness today. For more info about the services I offer go to (No www.),
  1781.  Fly Girls,1,,
  1782.  FLYLady Fitbitters,1, Do you live in C.H.A.O.S and need to lose weight as well. Let us motivate each other as we remove the C.H.A.O.S. and Body Clutter.,
  1783.  France,1, Bonjour Heureux propriétaire depuis peu d'un ultra fitbit grâçe au site je souhaite partager autour de ce super podomètre et ce en langue française si cela vous dit. Etienne,
  1784.  *Just 2 B Healthy,1, This group is for those people that realize that in order to be healthy you must practice a lifestyle that includes a good diet and regular exercise. This lifestyle decreases so many health problems such as the metabolic syndrome: hypertension and diabetes type 2. Join me as we encourage each other to lose weight eat right and exercise regularly.,
  1785.  +++ Bay Area Weight Watchers +++,1, Open forum for people looking for other Weight Watcher minded support from recipes to day hikes to encouragement toward lifetime weight loss goals. Get accountability encouragement ideas and more...,
  1786.  Freescale Challenge,1,,
  1787.  Fresno Fitbiters,1, Living in the California Central Valley and using Fitbit? Let's chat!,
  1788.  Friends of SB,1,,
  1789.  Fun,1,,
  1790.  Fun Times,1,,
  1791.  garwackes,1, family members only,
  1792.  Gator Nation,1,,
  1793.  Geek Squad,1, Geek Squad Agents,
  1794.  GERD-Acid Reflux Disease,1, FitBit users suffering from GERD share your recipes or ways that you stop the burn,
  1795.  German fitbit users,1, You're a fitbit fan and you live in Germany? Join our group!,
  1796.  Germany wait on FitBit,1,,
  1797.  GetHealthy,1, Friends of Friends supporting each other in living healthier.,
  1798.  Girls with Fitbit's,1,,
  1799.  Gladiator's Family,1,,
  1800.  Glatfit,1, Group at Glatfelter Paper Company,
  1802.  GOALS,1, What are your daily goals?,
  1803.  Going going Gone!,1, Run Walk Jog crawl Doing what ever it takes to get it gone.,
  1804.  Golden Dragons,1, Friends who want to get healthy.,
  1805.  Good ole Rocky Top,1, Tennesseeans come on out and join me. We will help each other strive to meet our dailey goals! Come on lets get started!! Weight loss and general fitness is our goal in this group.,
  1806.  Googlers,1, A group for Googlers (employees of Google),
  1807.  Graduate Students Move!!!,1,,
  1808.  Grannies,1, Anyone who is over 60 is invited to join and work together to lose weight,
  1809.  GRANNYS CAN BE FIT TOO,1, I am a great granny and I want to be fit to spend as much time with my family as possible getting fit is not just for the young ones,
  1810.  Green Mountain FitBit-ers,1, For FitBit users in Vermont.,
  1811.  Greenville/Upstate SC Fitbit Users,1, Looking for other Fitbit users in the Greenville SC area. Hoping to find others who would like to get together for some walking dates. Join me for walks on the Swamp Rabbit Trail Furman University or the Mall.,
  1812.  group11,1,,
  1813.  GROUP123,1,,
  1814.  Groupe de duduche,1, ceci est mon groupe,
  1815.  Groupe pour québécois et francophones,1, N'hésitez pas à joindre ce groupe si vous parlez français et êtes à la recherche de motivation pour atteindre vos objectifs. Vous êtes les bienvenus peu importe votre niveau d'activité.,
  1816.  Gulf Coast 30,1, Living on the Texas gulf coast where the humidity and heat can feel like a sauna and the mosquitoes are so thick they can choke a horse. 30 lb weight loss goal.,
  1817.  Gwinnett County - Georgia,1, Group is for those living and working in Gwinnett County Georgia USA. Place to share your tips local places to go and encourage others!,
  1818.  H3,1, Group for those who have been a client of Hilton Head Health in South Carolina. Please use this forum to discuss successes ask questions or just to be a cheerleader for anyone that needs encouragement.,
  1819.  Happy to be fit. . . . .and fit to be happy,1, Just stay on the go. Love your self!!,
  1820.  Harrisburg Honey Bun Shakers,1, This is a group that my family Jenny Weems has started to get our honey buns movin'. Won't you join us??? We'd love it if you did!,
  1821.  HBO Running Team,1, HBO's Running Team,
  1822.  Health Track,1, Healthy People at Health Track,
  1823.  Healthworks,1, Members of the women's healthworks gyms in Boston.,
  1824.  Healthy Life Style Group,1,,
  1825.  heart club,1,,
  1826.  HEED 1340 Spring 2012,1, UTA Healthy Lifestyles for Spring 2012,
  1827.  Help & Support,1,,
  1828.  Help Group,1, need help with FitBit,
  1829.  Help me be motivated please!!!!,1, Hi my name is Lisa.. Im looking for some to help with motivation. I have alot of weight to lose. But I get easily discourage... I bought my fit bit in January. I wear it faithly everyday. but its getting boring no one else to share with. I love to have games something to look forward to doing.. PLease help!!!,
  1830.  Hillsdale College,1, Current and former Hillsdale College students and staff members.,
  1831.  HMR-Health Management Resources Diet Group,1, This group is dedicated to members who are on the HMR Diet that is medically supervised.,
  1832.  Hockey,1, Players and Fans,
  1833.  Hollywood baby!,1," Anyone in the Hollywood California area or anyone who works in ""Hollywood"" please join!",
  1834.  Hong Kong Fitbit Group,1,,
  1835.  Hong Kong Users,1, I want to know who use fitbit in hk,
  1836.  Hooping All Stars,1, This is a group for anyone that loves to hula hoop! Hooping is a fantastic exercise and hobby that can change your life. Anyone can hoop with the correct size hoop.,
  1837.  Houston,1,,
  1838.  How many steps did I take today,1, A motiovation tool for everyone to share the number of steps taken daily,
  1839.  How much harder could it be to log in my sleep?,1, Every day since I received my FitBit I cannot log in my sleep as the directions read. At some point it seems to appear and I don't know how. I've read discussions over the past year that say the same and no one really has an answer.,
  1840.  How To Operate FitBit,1, As a new fitbit user I find not having instructions very much a drawback and would like to know such things as : do I have to start and stop & clear each day what does the blinking mean do I stop it each time I get up at night,
  1841.  Hungry for change~ Starting April 1,1, Inspired and Hungry for Change,
  1842.  If I Can Do It So Can YOU!,1, Just wanted to create a place where people of all ages and sizes could share their experiences with trying to lose and succeeding at losing weight. A place where as long as you are trying it is progress. Just don't ever give up. We all fall off the wagon at times but it is up to us to pick ourselves up and try again. We are the driver of this bus and we will make sure we get to our next destination together. A group that motivates uplifts and keeps us going. I have tried all fad diets work out tapes etc. but have learned the best way to get it done is to continue trying.,
  1843.  IGT FitBits,1, For anyone that works at IGT.,
  1844.  IKE69,1,,
  1845.  Intelsat,1, Intelsat Staff and Alumni,
  1846.  Iron Workers Union,1, Legends only need apply: Wieder Principal Body Builders Kettle Bell Trainers Old School Olympic Power Lifters Top Flight Gymnasts Boot Camp Veterans We want YOU! Strength Athletes are invited to become a member of our exclusive private association of serious hardcore power lifters body builders and other athletes dedicated the pursuit of muscular perfection and raw power.,
  1847.  Isabel Hernandez Friends,1, Izzys Friends,
  1848.  Italia 2012,1, Un gruppo per portare anche da noi Fitbit !,
  1849.  Italian FitBit users,1,,
  1850.  Jane's Journey,1,,
  1851.  JAX FL (FCM),1, Jacksonville FL. *Join this group and lets motivate each other and set our activity numbers through the roof. *Let see who climbs the most FLIGHTS. *Takes the most STEPS.,
  1852.  jc walkers,1,,
  1853.  Jeb's Kids Club,1," Jeb is a 10 year old Cali girl who is inviting all kids (children) ages 5-12 to join in on the fun! ""Let's show these adults that we can do it too! Let's make our generation a healthy one!""",
  1854.  Jewels Girls,1,,
  1855.  Jim Hill Fit Club,1, To empower and support each individual to reach personal health and wellness goals to make their lives better.,
  1856.  jk,1,,
  1857.  JMP,1, Jones McClure,
  1858.  joe-jill-carolyn,1,,
  1859.  Jtown Prisoners,1,,
  1860.  Julie and Lisa,1,,
  1861.  Just doing it,1, Anyone anywhere...just doing it....step by pressure....just doing it,
  1862.  Just Doing It Over 53 - keeping active but not TOO active,1, Since the human body is SO GOOD at adapting to exercise food eaten etc I would like this group to vary daily & weekly activity and calories eaten to keep the body guessing & NOT plateau !!! Welcome !!,
  1863.  Just Doing It!!!,1, The Employees Asurion are looking forward to staying healthy this Holiday Season!!,
  1864.  Just me in Bama,1," Yesterday fitbit did not record all my steps. I wore two pedometers. Fitbit show 2083 and the Omron 6999. Has anyone else had this problem? I am new to Fitbit and am on the Jackie Warner diet ""Lose 10 lbs in 10 days"". Any one live in Alabama near Birmingham?",
  1865.  Kaiser Chiefs,1, Department Chiefs of the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center,
  1866.  Kandahar Cutting Crew,1, Here at KAF cutting the fat.,
  1867.  kapperli,1, China wellness program,
  1868.  kevo123,1, weight loss group,
  1869.  killer's,1,,
  1870.  Kimmell,1,,
  1871.  Koko Fit Clubs,1, Welcome to anyone that works out at a Koko Fit Club and also uses Fitbit for a healthier lifestyle,
  1872.  Kross Family,1,,
  1873.  lady,1,,
  1874.  Lane/Hanson fitness challenge,1,,
  1875.  Lapbanders,1, Just a place for us lapbanders to discuss our specific problems and motivate each other!,
  1876.  Lapbandsters,1, I recently made the decision to embark on a journey to change my life for better health by making the choice to have the lapband procedure done. I also came across the FitBit tool and think it is a great motivational instrument. That said I think this is a great venue to perhaps have others either pre or post op in the lapband arena share their journey and their motivation using the FitBit tool.,
  1877.  Lazy No Longer!,1, Join this group if you are at that stage where you recognize that you just need to get up and DO more. That's me!! I am always busy with things for other people and organizations but am committed to putting time to get healthy first in my life... or I won't be around to contiue to do good things for others. Wake up call heard.... now I am going to do something about it!!,
  1878. ,, All those that wanted to join in on the from the community topic,
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