Projecting Mirror

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  1. Projecting Mirror
  2. Rarity ◊◊♦
  4. A magical mirror that reflects recollections of scenes.
  5. An image is recorded on the mirror and dwells within it using mana, then that is projected on the mirror using magic.
  6. That is, scenery and figures of people projected on the mirror are preserved, to be freely viewed later.
  7. By using more advanced techniques and skill, it is even possible to leave moving images.
  9. "Projecting Mirror", when used together with supplementary techniques or other magical tools, can be used in a variety of ways.
  10. For example, in this magical tool there exists two magics, to "remember an image using mana" and "reproduce a recalled image". The image to be reproduced does not necessarily need to be recalled with the same mirror, because the image information itself dwells in "mana", if you deliver mana to a fellow mirror, it is possible to reproduce a scene memorized by another mirror.
  11. By applying "Transference Magic", if you transfer mana to another mirror far away, information exchange and sharing are possible across long distances.
  12. Also, by continuing to transfer the mirror's reflection in real time, it is possible to see the current scene from another mirror in a far away place.
  14. This magical tool, in many cases, remembers the contents of valuable stone slates that exist deep in ruins and the appearance of the "Statue of Wisdom". It is used to verify and exchange that information, and is used to record scenes that were instant and couldn't be memorized so that they can be viewed later at will.
  15. Our sabbath also puts this to great use in magical research and information exchange, in addition, we are further applying this "Projecting Mirror" in the development of various techniques and magical tools.
  16. On the other hand, among many monsters, their partner's image, and the image of the two joined together are recorded. It has become a thing used for purposes like personal enjoyment and showing off to friends.
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