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  1. [11:22] She called for him, and roughly two hours later her request is granted on this quiet winter night. It felt like a sudden breeze of frosty wind when he appears behind through a twirling rift in the atmosphere, a cut in space and time that sent a chill through your spine; it sews itself as black feathers emerge, and one leather boot steps out. Then the other, the new form of Isaac appearing in a descent down onto the cobblestone path below.
  3. He is different.
  5. Too different.
  7. More like a porcelain doll in some ways than a human - the odd few freckles that were on his skin prior are gone entirely. A sheet of white, no discoloration whatsoever. His eyes are deceptively cherubic, resembling a fae, and his ears are flicked and pointed at the end.
  9. "Calista. Whatever is it that you need?"
  10. (Isaac Ingress)
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. [11:28] The cold had never disturbed her, her internal flames too bright. The budding Arcane Magi feeling that tear before it ever gave a physical presence she turns to face it, seeing who she expected.
  15. Her father.
  17. Or was he..?
  19. Her father didn't look like a girl's doll with flawless skin, almost ivory in nature. His ears weren't pointed, and even his face wasn't the same.
  21. Her actions from when all of this revealed may be unknown to him, blasting the top of the mountain after he disappeared.
  23. She radiated a sense of being unsettled in the world, as if she were a piece of the puzzle now turned sideways.
  25. Though nothing else yet.
  27. Her eyes meet his,
  29. "Where is my mother?"
  31. She had so many questions, so many things that needed answers... She knew she was going to see Isaac, and she hadn't seen her since.
  32. (Calista Shimasu)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [11:36] For the most part, his face is the same, though the structure is slimmer and his eyes have a cherubic touch to them. Nonetheless, he does not blink a single time and his smile is unfaltering despite Calista's tone.
  37. "Reito is in the Worldscape," he answered truthfully. "She's accepted everything." Both hands gesture out to himself, fingers straightening with the motion, "This power. It has been a long time since the fear of god has been instilled in the unruly, but on that night I feel myself and Nyphadora accomplished it."
  38. (Isaac Ingress)
  39. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. [11:39] She doubted her mother could accept such a thing, she wouldn't would she..? Even if she did.. why? Her posture didn't change, only that vulpine tail swaying softly in the air behind her.
  43. "All it did was piss me off, but I think that's the difference between myself and those who call that snow blasted place home.
  45. And what all did she accept exactly..? What are you going to do with this 'power'?"
  46. (Calista Shimasu)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [11:45] The feeling of disappointment was still a possibility even in this form that filtered out certain emotions, and it showed itself on his expression. "I do all of that, and your response is to be bitter and angry?"
  51. "Calista... I thought you were better than this."
  53. His fingertips graze against the shadow tool that rested on his chest, moving against the soft gold metal. He is silent for a few seconds, thinking, before his great black wings curl against him in a tilt back of his head, "You don't deserve to know as you are."
  54. (Isaac Ingress)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [11:49] Why did he sound disappointed..?
  59. Why did she care..?
  61. "I'm hurt you couldn't tell me before. That I had to fight not knowing my father would step from the other side.
  63. You don't think I wouldn't have helped..? Or been a part of it..?
  65. It's not about being better than this, it's about having all of this dropped randomly in my lap."
  67. Had he asked..? She would have likely done anything she was able to aid him, but he hadn't.. and so now she was stuck looking stupid to the rest of Agartha.
  69. The hurt she felt was obvious, even if it ran deeper than what was shown on her face. A slight frown adorning graceful features.
  71. "You could have said something.."
  72. (Calista Shimasu)
  73. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75. [11:55] She had a point, he realizes. The demi-angel's slender chin tilted back with his aimless gaze drifting; it was difficult to control the body from afar, but the more he moved it the more natural it looked. "I could have," Isaac repeated, the focus of his ember eyes setting back on Calista, "And I should have."
  77. One step forward. "Your mother knew," he explained, "-every single detail. Merging with the Worldscape, powering it with the cluster." Perhaps Reito had that tidbit of information out. He wasn't entirely sure.
  78. (Isaac Ingress)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. [12:02] She... knew..?
  83. Would she have allowed it? She couldn't have known, in her mind she had problems rationalizing it. Trying to connect the dots.
  85. As he steps closer she doesn't move, not an inch.
  87. "She was surprised when we spoke... Though.. why didn't you tell me..?"
  89. Her voice softened a few degrees,
  91. "You know I only wanted you to be proud of me..? Mother never said it until but a few weeks ago.. and she couldn't even remember my age.."
  93. Ruby eyes cast aside for a moment, to glance at the stones before returning. Trying to leash her emotions to some extent.
  95. "What now...? It's something I need to know.. I can feel the world breathing down Huangzhou's neck right now.
  97. I need to be prepared.."
  98. (Calista Shimasu)
  99. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. [12:09] "Your mother likes to pretend, at times. Bend her perception. But no longer - she has accepted the truth and will return to us anew," Isaac reassured with an eerie smile, his porcelain-white hand drifting down to rest on his daughter's shoulder. "I've told you I'm proud of you, Calista. And I still am. Don't you remember-? I said that despite not being born a demi-angel, you outshine the rest..."
  103. "Lea. Traitor. Percival, absent. Sima, underwhelming. Magdalen's other child - whatever her name was - another traitor. Yes, Aurora, and Thalia are the only ones who proved themselves."
  105. Thalia was raised in Huangzhou, and Aurora practically lived with them now. Figures, right? He grins.
  107. "Nothing has changed. The Alliance holds, and the attack was directed at Sors. Now we begin hunting them down like the vermin they are, yes?"
  109. "And infinity awaits beyond that."
  110. (Isaac Ingress)
  111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  113. [12:14] She didn't think he realized what was probably going to happen, what she could feel coming on the winds of change. What the Arcane was promising her desires.
  115. That pristine hand settling on her shoulder,
  117. "I don't think you realize. It was taken as something else. I expect war to be declared on us at any moment... and not by the mountain.
  119. Even if I would like the hunting, Huangzhou isn't what it was the last war."
  120. (Calista Shimasu)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [12:15] Isaac Ingress says, "War...? No. This is something different entirely."
  124. [12:15] Isaac Ingress says, "More like... eradication."
  125. [12:17] Calista Shimasu says, "That won't stop the rest of the Alliance."
  126. [12:17] Calista Shimasu says, "What was done looked like an attack on Agartha, not the Mountain."
  127. [12:18] Isaac Ingress says, "Then they are fools, and it is your duty to correct them."
  128. [12:18] Isaac Ingress says, "...The fact so many were up there to begin with was a mistake. Including yourself."
  129. [12:18] Isaac Ingress whispers: Keitaro is dea.d
  130. [12:18] Isaac Ingress whispers: dead*
  131. [12:18] Calista Shimasu whispers: I know.
  132. [12:19] Calista Shimasu says, "Perhaps forewarning could have prevented this, but I only see it declining from here."
  133. [12:20] Calista Shimasu says, "I know Elyon /quite/ well."
  134. [12:20] Isaac Ingress says, "What kind of forewarning? 'Don't be present where you absolutely shouldn't be anyway?' Hmm..."
  135. [12:20] Isaac Ingress says, "If they want to make me an be it. I'll enjoy the challenge and taking them out one by one."
  136. [12:22] Calista Shimasu says, "Hopefully something can be done.. Though if not..? It may come to that."
  137. [12:23] Isaac Ingress says, "I think I might even prefer it. It would be after I resign as shogun, of course...The city would only weigh me down. I would attack rather than defend."
  138. [12:23] Isaac Ingress says, "But you are the Regent - you are the one who deals with these people. Do as you see fit."
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