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  1. I was born into a small village, called Rorringen, between the capital, Altdorf and Gränberg.
  2. My parents got angry at me lots of times, because I was a very nosy and mischievous kid. I loved to play hide and seek with my mates in the forest. One day though, I fell into a pit, and suddenly thiusands of small spiders covered my whole body. From that day on, I panic if i ever see one.
  4. My favourite thing to do was listen to my mother's stories, my favourite of which was about Arnas, a great mage of the past. I always wanted to control fire, like he did. My father didn't really like this, he always wanted me to become a lumberer, but my mother supported me in chasing my dreams.
  6. At 16 years old, I travelled to Stimmingen, to try my luck. I ended up working at a library, where I helped clean, organize the books, anything, really. I found many friends there, earned a fair bit of money, and I extended my knowledge of the literature and history of The Empire.
  8. One day in the library, a couple days before my birthday, in a closed down section, I found a really interesting book while cleaning. It was titled "Magic for Beginners" and it was wrote by soem feller called Maurice. Without thinking, I slipped it into my pocket, and continued my shift.
  10. One day later I said my goodbyes, and left Stimmingen. I started going home, so we could celebrate my birthday. When I stepped inside the house, my mother sat on her armchair, and whilst crying, explained to me that my father had passed away. He gave me something wrapped into a nice fabric. She said that my father said to her, that she should give it to me, and that I should go into my room and open it. So I sat down on my bed, and opened the parcel. It was a jewelled dagger, and besides it was a letter. It said stuff like "This dagger was made by my grandfather's grandfather..." and "Because it passed down from child to child, it's now time to give it to you...".
  12. After reading the letter, I slid it into my pocket, but my hands touched something else. It was the book from the library! Since I didn't know what to do, I got an idea, that I'll search for the author of the book, and become an apparentice, maybe even a wizard, like in the stories.
  14. So I said goodbye to my mom, and left following the road, asking every person I met if they knew a mage called Maurice. I was unlucky, no-one knew who Maurice was, and on top of that, in a roadside inn, an inkeeper put a sleeping potion into my drink, and robbed me. But after weeks, a florist's eyes in Kemperbad widened as I asked if he knew Maurice. He said that Maurice is an old wizard, who lives alone in his tower near the city.
  16. The next morning, I stood at the tower's door, waiting. A tiny old man opened the door. I introduced myself, and I said that I'll be his apparentice if he wants one. He got really happy, and welcomed me in. So for 2 years, I learned at the wizard.
  18. One day I woke up to a huge storm. I thought the tower would collapse on us! Maurice was very sick by now, and when I opened the door to bring him some soup to eat, he called my to his bed, and told me he was dying. He wanted me to take care of the tower, but he could barely say words. When he said the sentence, he took a deep breath, and drifted into a sleep he never woke up from.
  20. I have lived there alone since a couple months, when one day I heard a knock on the door. It was a lady called Helga, and she told me she was sent by Sigrid, the leader of a rebel camp near Wittgenstein castle. "We would be grateful if a mage joined us. If you're interested, pack your things and come to the inn called "The Rooster and the Weasel". There, a carriage will wait for you." I didn't want to leave the tower, but it was terribly boring to sit there, alone. So I accepted. The next day, I packed up and left for the inn. So now, I'm abroad, heading for Wittgenstein castle...
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