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TSV/ESV Checks

nuren Jan 19th, 2018 (edited) 173 Never
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  1. TEA ESV Checks -- This is the fastest way for another user to check your egg
  2. shiny values.  From here, you can use Kid A's database to find people with TSVs
  3. matching your eggs.
  5. How this works:
  6. 1. Anything you show on screen will get its PSV/ESV checked.  Anything.  This
  7.    means: do not scroll through tons of eggs/mons unless you want them to be
  8.    checked as well.
  9. 2. You need to wait a full second for the egg to be read.  Going too fast will
  10.    cause eggs to be skipped.
  11. 3. Move the cursor to an empty position in your party or the box name before
  12.    changing boxes.  Otherwise the first thing the cursor hovers over will be
  13.    read.
  14. 4. The list is in order of what you show me, not in the order of your box.
  15. 5. Stop at the end of every box to confirm the total count.
  16. 6. I only do 1 ESV check per user per week.  I suggest you have at least 60
  17.    eggs or 2 boxes before you ask.
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