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  1. 15/12/2016 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. ※ An error was found during the maintenance, and the  Guild event has been temporarily postponed as a result.
  6. ▣ Updates !
  8. 【New Additions】
  10. Quests:
  11.     New quests have been added to the following 6 Maps:
  12.     - Knidos Jungle, Dadan Jungle, East Siauliai Woods, Lemprasa Pond, Nheto Forest, Guards Graveyard
  14. Maps:
  15.     - Moving devices have been added to the maps Emmet Forest, Phamer Forest and Khonot Forest.
  17. Instance Dungeon/ Missions:
  18.     - When auto-matching has been completed, the game screen window will move to the front and become active.
  20. Market:
  21.     - If an item you have listed is sold whilst you are online, a notification message will now display at the top of the chat window.
  22.     - If you have items/Silver you can redeem a notification message will appear in the top of the chat window upon entering a town.
  24. Character Information:
  25.     - In the Character info window (F1). upon mousing over stat information, some more detailed numerical values will be displayed.
  27. Map Exploration:
  28.     - Upon completing 100% of exploration on a map, the completion of the map will display in the center of the screen temporarily.
  30. Rewards:
  31.     - When obtaining item rewards, the output of the UI will change.
  33. Collection:
  34.     - The collection UI has now been divided into Complete/Incomplete and Unidentified categories so that you may check them more easily.
  35.     You can now press the plus '+' icon UI in the window to immediately register a material that is in currently your inventory.
  36.     You can now also click a 'show total effects' button to see the total effects you gain from your collections.
  38. Warp:
  39.     - The world map(N) has been integrated with the warp map so that you can use world map functions whilst also warping.
  41. Guild:
  42.     - The Guild window (Alt+G) now displays guild members' logout time.
  46. 【Changes】
  48. Free Dungeon:
  49.     - The amount of monsters that spawn in Nakhon Jail, Nhathu Watchtower, Neiport Cathedral have been lowered, and the experience points obtained from the monsters on the aforementioned maps have been increased.
  52. UI:
  54. -   When attempting to purchase buffs when it isn't possible, the output message has been changed.
  55.     Existing: Above the number of buffs
  56.     Change: The number of buffs allowed has been exceeded.
  59. NPC:
  60.     - The portraits of goddesses and following NPCs will change:
  61.             - Laima, Mercenary Post Manager Rota, Lada, Gabija, Saule, Sorcerer Master
  63. 【Events】
  65.     Laima's Blessing (15/12/2016 ~ 01/12/2017):
  66.         1) Rank Reset Ticket (14Days) & 20% Discount on Attributes
  67.         2) First time anniversary !! Get items every day you play.
  68.         3) When using tokens now, you can collect silver from the market immediately.
  70.     Laima's Gift (15/12/2016 ~ 01/12/2017):
  71.         For new & returning characters, gifts have been prepared for your saviors !
  73.     The Growing Sprout(15/12/2016 ~ 01/05/2017):
  74.         - Special seeds can be acquired from the Event NPC, enjoy the experience buff effects !
  76.     Weekend & Burning Time Part.2 (17/12/2016 ~ 25/12/2017):
  77.         - Sat/Sun TOS Day! 30% Additional EXP all day !
  79. 【Skills】
  81. Corsair:
  83. “Corsairs would like to get a little more courtesy through the 'pirate' party system. We're expecting to see some improved pirate effects when corsairs are in parties. This does follow on from the changes that have been made to the current Pillage skill.”
  85.     ► Jolly Roger:
  86.         ○ The conditions for the combo have been changed, they are no longer monster kills - but instead monster strikes. ( This combo meter goes up to 300)
  87.         ○ The combo effects have been changed. The max damage per combo has been removed, and for 10 seconds, Missile attack damage is increased by (15% + (3 * Skill Level))%
  88.         ○ The combo can only be activated once per Jolly Roger Flag that has been placed, and the 'FEVER!' time lasts for 10 seconds.
  89.         ○ The cooldown time has been changed to 35 Seconds. (Previously 16 Seconds)
  90.         ○ The skill duration has been changed to (20 + (35 * Skill Level))Seconds.
  93. Doppelsoeldner:
  95.         "The latest batch of bug fixes showed that Doppels damage was in a good place, but it was due to the result of a lot of unintended mechanics which has caused them to lose their power potential. We have made some changes to the Doppelsoeldner's aggressive side so that players can feel the impact of cyclone attacking at a high speed." 
  97.     ► Cyclone:
  98.         ○ Attack speed is increased by 33%.
  99.         ○ The duration of the skill has been changed to 0.2 Seconds per skill level. (Previously 0.3s Per Skill level)
  102.         " The Deeds of Valor was too ambiguous because it felt the same after the 10th level, and to add to that the penalty for using it was also quite high. We reduced the armor reduction by half to keep the concept of having a drawback to the ability but to also grant it some warranty beyond the 10th skill level."
  104.     ► Deeds of Valor:
  105.         ○ The defense reduction per skill level has been changed to 5% per skill level. (Previously 10%)
  107.         "This is a rank 8 ability, but it appeared to be negligible to use for monsters around the level of rank 8. We've increased the amount of defensive damage it can break through so it can be more useful at Rank 8."
  109.     ► Sturtzhau  
  110.         ○ The ignored defense per skill level has been changed to 200 per level. (Previously 75 per level)
  113. Elementalist:      
  115.     " Meteor has been quite neglected due to its long downtime in comparison to the effect of the skill. With the changes we have prepared for you, youll be able to use Meteor even more often and attack more enemies with it."
  116.     "If a person has dedicated 3 Circles to Elementalist and invested a large amount of skill points into Meteor, they will be able to cast Meteor faster."
  117.     ► Meteor:
  118.         ○ The AoE Attack Ratio has been increased to 16. (Previously 10)
  119.         ○ The cooldown time has been reduced to 60 Seconds. ( Previously 90 seconds)
  120.         ○ A 'Meteor:Quickcast' Attribute has been added. (Reduces cast time for Meteor by 50%, Rank 3 Elementalist Req + Meteor LV.10)
  122. Runecaster:        
  123.         "Runecasters were designed with a concept of having long cast times and cooldowns, however in its current position they do seem a bit too long for practical uses, so the overall cooldowns for runecasters will be lowered"
  125.     ► Rune of Destruction:
  126.         ○ The cooldown time has been lowered to 60 Seconds. (Previously 90s.)
  128.     ►Rune of Ice:
  129.         ○ The cooldown time has been lowered to 140 Seconds. (Previously 180s.)
  131.     "The development team is quite sad that the giant rune ability is treated as a visually flashy skill. However, making changes to this ability requires some careful consideration as it can cause several issues later down the line. Starting from this patch, there will be more and more things you can do with the Rune of Giants."
  133.     ► Rune of Giants
  134.         ○ The cooldown time has been lowered to 120 Seconds. (Previously 300s)
  135.         ○ Runecaster skills are now available to use whilst under the enlarging effects of Rune of Giants.
  137.     " The Rune of Justice did not achieve the performance levels that were planned, especially since it was not even on par with Rune of Destruction, some changes have been made to the skills specs     to make it more efficient under certain conditions to differ itself from the Rune of Destruction. The Rune of Justice now will deal strong amounts of damage to Dark Property Monsters and will be easier to use due to the addition of an Overheat. "
  139.     ► Rune of Justice:
  140.         ○ The attacking attributes for this ability has been changed to Holy. (Previously Melee)
  141.         ○ The skill's Overheat has been increased by 2 uses.
  144.     "The Rune of Protection seemed to not be advantageous in comparison to other spell buffs that had 100% immunity to stun and whatnot, so we have increased the duration of this buff  for a more prolonged use."
  146.     ► Rune of Protection:
  147.         ○ The duration of the buff will change to 20Seconds Per Skill Level. (Previously 10s Per Skill lv.)
  150. Wugushi:       
  151.     * General Changes:
  152.     "A majority of the Wugushi's damage comes from the debuffs it can apply, although there is a problem with them at the moment where in their current place - poisons debuff ranking is quite low and can be negated with too much ease. Debuffs applied by Circle 2/3 Wugushi's abilities will now be considered level 2 debuffs. "
  154.     The debuff level of the skills is changed to the following:
  155.         - Circle 1 Skills: Debuff Lv.1
  156.         - Circle 2,3 Skills: Debuff Lv.2
  158.     "The poison pot was an awkward skill to use in comparison to other classes. To try to compensate this issue the range has been increased a bit, as well as the duration scaling to skill level which can hopefully interest more into investing points into the poison pot skills"
  160.     ►Throw Gu Pot
  161.         ○ Skill Range is increased by 25%
  162.         ○ The duration is now (5 + (1*SkillLevel))Seconds.  (Previously 6s)
  164.     ►Jincan Gu:
  165.         ○ The following pests will change. You will gain access to enemies, self destruction and poisonous damage to a certain extent. The pests will survive for 3 seconds and then disappear after that duration.
  166.         ○ When attacking you'll get a 10% chance to spawn a pest.
  167.         ○ The amount of pests generated will be changed to 1 per skill level, if you hit the max amount of pest spawns due to the 10% chance, new insects will not spawn at that time.
  168.         ○ The value of debuff damage that Jincan Gu can output will now also increase by the skill level of this ability.
  171. Kabbalist:     
  172.     "When the Merkabah chariot went through enemies, it was kind of awkward that no damage was being dealt around it. We have made changes to this skill so that it can harm enemies it passes through aswell, to increase the usability of this skill by Kabbalists."
  174.     ►Merkabah
  175.         ○ This skill will now penetrate through enemy targets.
  176.         ○ The max number of hits: Per 1 Wheel = [Skill Level * 10] Hits
  179. 【Quests】
  181. Cursed Statues (4) :
  182.     - More Quest Monsters have been added for smoother progress.
  184. Quests Rewarding Companion Exchange Tickets :
  185.         - If you already own a companion in your lodge, the companion exchange voucher won't be taken away from you by mistake.
  188. 【Instanced Dungeons/ Missions】
  190. 1)Collapsed Residential Quarters &  Thorny Forest Dungeons have been removed.
  191.     - The items that were obtainable from these instance dungeons can now be acquired from other instance dungeons.
  193. 2) The entry levels for dungeons/missions have been changed.
  195. 3) The level of monsters that have been spawned will now be changed to be similar to the entry level of the dungeon being entered.
  197. 4) The conditions for automatic-matching have been relaxed and the matching times have been shortened. (Missions are excluded from this)
  199. [The new Instance Dungeon Entry Levels List]  (I've listed the previous levels if changed, in square brackets)
  202.     Tenet Church - Lv 50
  203.     Historic Site Ruins - Lv 80
  204.     Monument of Desire - Lv 110                         *[Prev.115]
  205.     Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon - Lv 140               *[Prev.130]
  206.     Hollow Thorn Forest - Lv 170                        *[Prev.140]
  207.     Archmage Tower Dungeon - Lv 200                     *[Prev.190]
  208.     Catacombs Underground Dungeon - Lv 230              *[Prev.200]
  209.     Blue Fortress Dungeon - Lv 260                      *[Prev.240]
  210.     Castle Dungeon - Lv 290
  213. 【Monsters】
  215.     Black Shardstatue - The Idle animation for this monster has been changed.
  216.     Greentoshell - The movement motions have been made faster.
  217.     Lapasape Mage - The movement motions have been made faster.
  220. 【Items】
  222. Rank Reset (14 Days):
  223.         - This item has been given out to players as part of an event reward from the event:「Laima's Blessing」
  224.         ※ This was announced in a seperate announcement, so please check !! (KR) []
  226. Token:
  227.     Some effects have been added as part of the 「Laima's Blessing」 Event, and aren't permanent.
  229.     - Limitations from purchasing tokens from the market have been lifted, you can now sell tokens that you have purchased from the market again.
  230.     - Token users can collect their silver from sales immediately without having to wait 48hours. (However, Items sold prior to this maintenance will still have a waiting time.)
  233. Cubes:
  235.     Boss Cube's 're-roll' for extra loot feature will now have its cost reduced for the following cubes:
  236.     - Archmage Fire Lord Cube
  237.     - Guard Dog Cerberus Cube
  238.     - Mineloader Cube
  239.     - Orange Harpeia Cube
  240.     - Manticen Cube
  241.     - Evil Necroventer Cube
  242.     - Riteris Cube
  243.     - Lavenzard Cube
  244.     - Rafene Cube
  245.     - Armaos' Cube
  246.     - Red Lavenzard's Cube
  247.     - Mystery Cube
  248.     - Sparkly Cube
  251. Enchant Scrolls:
  252.     - When using this item, the inventory tab will automatically move to the Equipment Tab.
  256. 【TP Items】
  258. (New Store Items!)
  259.     - Cleric Circle 3 Costume (M/F) - 129 TP
  260.     - Swordsman's Christmas Costume (M/F) - 129 TP
  261.     - Wizard's Christmas Costume (M/F) - 129 TP
  262.     - Archer's Christmas Costume (M/F) - 129 TP
  263.     - Cleric's Christmas Costume (M/F) - 129 TP
  264.     - Assymetric Long Cut (M) - 198 TP
  265.     - Natural Ponytail (F) - 198 TP
  267. (Items leaving The Store on 15/12/2016!)
  268.     - Swordsman's Royal Guard Costume (M)
  269.     - Swordsman's Sailor Costume (F)
  270.     - Swordsman's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  271.     - Wizard's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  272.     - Archer's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  273.     - Cleric's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  274.     - Swordsman's Spring Costume (M/F)
  275.     - Archer's Lt. General Costume (M)
  276.     - Archer Sailor Costume (F)
  277.     - Wizard's Goth Loli Costume (M)
  278.     - Wizard's Goth Loli Costume (F)
  281. 【Recycling Shop】
  282. (New Items In the Recycling Shop as of 15/12/2016)
  283.     - Swordsman's Royal Guard Costume (M)
  284.     - Swordsman's Sailor Costume (F)
  285.     - Swordsman's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  286.     - Wizard's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  287.     - Archer's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  288.     - Cleric's Ceremonial Costume (M/F)
  289.     - Swordsman's Spring Costume (M/F)
  290.     - Archer's Lt. General Costume (M)
  291.     - Archer Sailor Costume (F)
  292.     - Wizard's Goth Loli Costume (M)
  293.     - Wizard's Goth Loli Costume (F)
  297. ▣ Bug Fixes:
  299. 【Skills】
  301. General:
  303.     Overheat Skills: Fixed some problem with the cooldown times being incorrect after 1 use of a skill with overheat.
  305. Swordsman:
  306.     - Pain Barrier: Fixed issue where taking critical damage under the effect of pain barrier didn't display the damage value in yellow numbers.
  308. Barbarian:
  309.     - Wild: Fixed issue with tooltip window not showing the increase in damage from attribute.
  311. Sorcerer:
  312.     - Riding: After learning the increased stats attribute, you could not see the new stat values in the Grimoire.
  314. Chronomancer:
  315.     - Stop: Fixed issues where it was possible to attack 'Stopped' targets with persistant AOE skills.
  317. Falconer:
  318.     - Circling: The AOE Attribute was not  correctly applying in proportion to the level of the attribute.
  320. Monk:
  321.     - General Fix: Fixed some issues that occured when using Monk Skills with weapons equipped.
  323. 【Quests】
  325. The Value of Flowers (1) - Fixed issue where players could not gather the herbs & corrected some typos in the quest info.
  326. Obstructing Surveillance (2) - Fixed issue with collecting spores for the quest.
  327. Recovering Vigor- Fixed some typos with a quest NPC.
  328. The Origin of Physique [Swordsman Advancement] - Fixed issue with the quests content  not matching the quest completion criteria.
  331. 【Monsters】
  332. Earth Tower:
  333.     - Fixed issue with sometimes being unable to climb further than Floor 31 even after killing Terra Hydra in the Solmiki section of Earth Tower.
  334.     - Fixed issue with sometimes being unable to climb further than Floor 36 even after killing Terra Ginklas in the Solmiki section of Earth Tower.
  335.     - Fixed issue with being unable to get the first kill count on the first monster that dies in floor 36 of the Solmiki section of Earth Tower.
  337. 【Graphic & UI】
  338.     - Fixed issue with the Server EXP not being displayed in the character window (F1)
  339.     - Fixed item comparison tooltip locations not matching.
  340.     - Fixed the skewed shoulders that would be visible when riding a companion whilst wearing the Goth Loli (M) Costume.
  341.     - Fixed issue with characters legs piercing through the sailor costume (F) skirt when using certain gestures.
  342.     - Fixed some UI issues when buying from skill shops.
  343.     - Fixed issue with remaining time on the EXP Tome being displayed abnormally.
  344.     - Fixed display issues with the auto-matching UI
  345.     - Fixed issue where when matching automatically with  party members, the class tooltip of the party member appeared as the job of the character that was previously connected.
  346.     - Fixed issue where the color of some effects were reversed in some maps.
  347.     - Fixed issue where if you begin to move as soon as the motion for feeding the companion begins to play, the character became stuck in the feeding pose.
  348.     - Fixed issue where jumping whilst using a staff attack, (C) would not display an animation.
  349.     - Fixed issue where wearing two-block haircut and yellow lenses would cause the character's face to vanish.
  351. 【Other Changes】
  352.     - Fixed issue where users would disconnect from the server after clearing floor 40 of the Solmiki section in Earth Tower.
  353.     - Fixed some issues with joypad users and interacting with system menus.
  354.     - Fixed issue where the trade button would appear when right clicking players in auto-matched dungeons/missions.
  355.     - Fixed issue where dispeller couldn't be activated by Joypad users.
  357. Source Post:
  358. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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