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  1. This is a dox on Phineas Nimbus aka itsphin for being genrally a fuckboy online and thinking hes big for managing trap nation
  3. Nickname: Phineas or phin
  4. name: Phineas Nimbus
  5. address: he has 2 from the information i've gathered including his old amazon account
  6.         los angeles: #201 9265 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  7.         uk: 57 Netherhall Gardens, London, United Kingdom
  8. urls: http://phineas.io, https://github.com/Phineas, https://keybase.io/phineas, https://keybase.io/Phineas, https://twitter.com/itsphin, discord: Phineas#7979, snapchat: thePHINEas
  9. emails: phin@phineas.io, phineas@phinstech.com, billing@Phinstech.com, phineasminecraft@gmail.com, alt1@phinstech.com, phin@nations.io, phineas@para.team, phineasw@edmdistrict.com
  10. old/maybe new some passwords: fluffy9580, Fluffy9580@
  11. relatives: Jules Nimbus, Ben Nimbus , Jules Walton , Alissa Walton (possible other last name??????)
  12. numbers (he has 2 although i have not tried any of them yet) : 07789161739, (310) 393 652
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