Dadonequus Discord (The After Years) Fun with Grandadonequus

May 4th, 2017
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  1. >The void that expanded upon infinite was around the three foals that were Anon's children.
  2. >Anon Jr., Illustrious, and Jewel sat on cute little stools with army helmets on their head.
  3. >You were Discord, and you were there Grandpa and general.
  4. >You step out to a white screen suspended in midair. Marching in full military attire with a riding crop in your paw.
  5. >When you reach the screen, you about face to look at the three foals.
  6. >Anon Jr. Looked pretty excited
  7. >Crown Jewel was just naively poking at her helmet
  8. >But Illustrious? Of course, he didn't look happy to be here at all.
  9. "Good afternoon privates!"
  10. >Anon Jr. Saluted "Sir, yes sir! Good Afternoon sir!"
  11. >Crown Jewel just waved "Hi Grandpa!"
  12. >Illustrious just rolled his eyes.
  13. >You do a cute little wave towards Jewel right before becoming utterly serious as you slap your riding crop on the screen.
  14. "Today is a special day! Your parents are out with your grandparents. Leaving me to watch over you. And of course, me being the greatest grandpa ever. Have decided to take a suggestion from one of you to make the day more fun!"
  15. >You say with a toothy smirk
  16. >Crown Jewel just looked confused "I don't remember making any suggestion"
  17. >Illustrious sighed "He meant AJ"
  18. >"Really?" Junior chuckled arrogantly "That's really unexpected! Wait" He then looks at you inquisitively "Are we really going to do it Grandpa?"
  19. "Oh you bet we are Junior me boy"
  20. >The screen turns on. Revealing a very smug looking white colt. Wearing a crown and a suit. He had a well kept blonde mane and blue eyes.
  21. "Our target, is Prince Aristocrat. Son of Prince Blueblood. A pony your father had failed to toy with long long ago. And Junior here, has made the VERY surprising choice of messing with him today. Isn't that nice?"
  22. >"YES! YES!" Junior cheered "Yeah! We'll show that guy not to be a big butt face to everypony!"
  24. >Junior had a bone to pick with the colt
  25. >It also caught Illustrious's attention. It made him angry. "AJ? Really? Him? What did he even do?"
  26. >"Yeah, what did he do? He's a prince! Aren't all princes nice and dreamy? He does look kind of dreamy" While Crown Jewel didn't really understand love, she was taught by Diamond to appreciate all royalty. And the fairy tales she's been read has always made them seem really great.
  27. >"No Jewel! No! Don't think like that. That guy? He's a real dingus. He came to the school to make a chess presentation and everypony who asked a question he gave a real mean answer to. He even made Checkerboard cry when he tried to get his autograph. He told him "Checkers is for peasants and morons". The guy is the REAL peasent!" Anon Jr. was looking pretty determined to get back at the guy.
  28. >"Really? I know I missed school that day because I was sick but...would a prince really be mean like that?" Crown Jewel frowned "Poor Checkerboard"
  29. >Illustrious rolled his eyes "Of course not. AJ is exaggerating as usual. All the answers he made were perfectly reasonable and precise. Checkboard is also too childish with his attachment to Checkers. I don't think he did anything wrong."
  30. >"Are you kidding? When you challenged him to chess he said no." Anon Jr. said "Like, in a really mean way"
  31. >Illustrious shrugged "To be expected. I would have been able to challenge him proper if I didn't get angry in the preliminaries. But what could I do, everypony there was way below my level to the point that it was insulting."
  32. >"Illustrious..." Crown Jewel frowned at him "Why do you have to be so cold?"
  33. >"Cold?!" Illustrious was taken aback "I'm not cold! Just...logical. I did admit it's my fault"
  34. >"No, I mean. If this prince really is that mean. Then he's no prince. But you're defending him anyway." She then looked to you, worried "But I don't want to do anything bad to anypony either. Grandpa, can't we just tell his parents?"
  36. "No can do sweetie. Your brother is right. Aristocrat..."
  37. >You point your riding crop to the screen as it shows the prince doing many awful things. Like even kicking a puppy.
  38. "Is not a very nice pony at all. And I feel, as per Junior's suggestion, that he is in dire need of a little family chaos. Don't you think?"
  39. >Crown Jewel gasped "He kicked a puppy! HOW COULD HE KICK A PUPPY!? PUPPIES ARE CUTE!" She growled "I wanna take him up!"
  40. >you chuckle a little from her determined cuteness
  41. "It's take him down Jewel"
  42. >"That too!" She let's out.
  43. >"Really? Grandpa is just making that up. It didn't really happen" Illustrious was skeptical of course. You would make something up to try to convince them to do what you want. But, in this case. He really did kick a puppy.
  44. >"Yeah! I'm sooo ready! C'mon Illustrious! That guy, You know it! You know he thinks you stink at Chess. I bet inside, he was laughing that you screwed up in the preliminaries." Anon Junior shook his brother in his excitement.
  45. >But Illustrious just hopped off a stool as started walking away "He wouldn't. Because he's from a different school was wasn't around to see how the preliminaries in Ponyville went. Do what you all want. I'll just tell Mother later."
  46. >That did worry you, but you couldn't help but snicker as you watched him walk away.
  47. "Y'know Illustrious. This is an endless void. You'd only end up back here if you walked away"
  48. >Illustrious growled and turned towards you with anger. "THEN SEND ME HOME ALREADY! THIS IS ALL IDIOTIC!"
  49. >Crown Jewel got scared and hugged onto Junior. Junior held her tightly as he looked to Illustrious "Yo, that's not cool. We're telling you the truth!"
  50. >"So you say..." Illustrious was not having any more of it.
  51. >It was time for a little draconeequs persuasion
  52. >you slither slowly around Illustrious with a smirk on your face
  54. "Oh Illustrious. So unlike your father. So logical, so intelligent. I should have figured you'd want no part in this"
  55. >Illustrious sighed "Grandpa...just stop"
  56. >You chuckle as you boop his nose
  57. "Cute, but. I didn't bring you here to help with the plan itself. That was Junior's suggestion. No, instead I have something planned for you that you just might enjoy."
  58. >Illustrious raised an eyebrow at you "Yeah? And that is...?"
  59. "Entry into the Equestrian Elite Chess Finals. How does that sound?"
  60. >Your grin became devilish in nature. You needed him to say yes
  61. >"Y-you can't make that happen. I didn't get past the preliminaries." Illustrious was buckling. He liked the sound of it. But still so much the skeptic
  62. >You just grin as you look at your talons and buff them with your paw.
  63. "Grandson of mine. I'm Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, I can make anything happen. Besides, I know you have been wanting to see if there's anypony better than Ole Scrappers. And since the elite finals has everypony of all ages. And Prince Aristocrat himself. Well, I figured you might want to have a go at it since the only reason you couldn't go was because you blew your top."
  64. >Illustrious went silent as he considered it
  65. "Mommy dearest would be proud to see you with that trophy"
  66. >You whisper in his ear.
  67. >Illustrious finally broke. That was something....he couldn't pass up. ".....fine..I guess. But playing chess is all I'll be doing. I'll have no part in this preposterous shenanigan. And Yes, I'll keep my mouth shut. But only if you actually get me in."
  68. >You chuckle as you pinch his cheek
  69. "Just leave it to me, sourpuss."
  71. >you turn to the other two and give them a thumbs up with your paw
  72. "We're good to go gang!"
  73. >"YEAH! WE'RE GONNA GIVE THAT GUY SUCH A THRASHING!" Anon Junior cheered before rushing up and hugging Illustrious "And thanks for coming along bro!"
  74. >Illustrious scrunched his nose, grumpy "....I'm not helping though."
  75. >Crown Jewel just happily cheered "For the puppies!"
  76. "Awww, all this togetherness does your grandpa proud. So"
  77. >You rise up as you prepare to snap your talons.
  78. "Any questions about the operation?"
  79. >Crown Jewel raises her hoof frantically "oh! oh! I got one! Pick me! Pick me!"
  80. >Awww, she really was such a jewel. And Fluttershy loved her so. It made you happy that she was oh so precious and yet still willing to be a team player. It made you tear up.
  81. "Yes Crown Jewel? What is your question?"
  82. >She raised her hoovsies up at you as she giggled and smiled "Can I have a hug, Grandpa?"
  83. >You couldn't say anything. That just pierced your heart. You go to her and pick her up and hug her as gently as you would Fluttershy as she squeed in happiness.
  84. >And with that, you snap your talons. It was time to go to Canterlot.
  87. >Your first stop was a hotel room. It was pristine and clean as it could be.
  88. >You were alone with Crown Jewel. When she appeared beside you. She looked around. Confused.
  89. >"Where is Illustrious and AJ?"
  90. "Their around my dear. Their around. Now then, since you all have a part to play, and you are a lady. You'll be going first."
  91. >You give her a boop on the nose, which calms her down.
  92. >"Oh, so..." She looks up at you with a smile "What should I do?"
  93. "Well..."
  94. >You snicker as you pick her up and gently toss her onto the bed. The bed makes a "pomf" noise as she lands.
  95. >"What are we going to do on this bed, grandpa?" She looks up at you with an adorable smile.
  96. "My dear. "We" aren't going to do anything. You will be the star of this show. For you see, all I want you to do is hide under the blanket. and when Aristocrat comes in. Pop out and say hi!And be all cheerful about it if you don't mind"
  97. >"Hi? Ohhh!" Crown Jewel giggled "OK!"
  98. "Something like that. I'll be watching, so do your grandpa proud. Alright?"
  99. >Crown Jewel does a cute little salute "I won't let you down Grandpa!"
  100. "I know you won't. You never do."
  101. >You slowly turn invisible as you watch Crown Jewel hide herself in the blanket.
  102. >It took awhile. But the hotel door finally swung open with a very annoyed Aristocrat.
  103. >"Finally, in the hotel room safe and sound. Hmph," Aristocrat gruffed "Having to mingle with those simpletons is just...ugh! And their dirty hooves touching mine!" He started to wipe his legs and hooves "Absolutely unforgivable. I shall enjoy crushing them all in the finals today."
  104. >Aristocrat looked around and smirked "Sad my father couldn't be here. I'm sure he'd love the entertainment of watching those fools tumble before my intelligence"
  106. >As he chuckled evilly to himself. He noticed his blanket move. It had a lump.
  107. >"RGH! Those stupid workers! They must have left their trash here. ON MY BED! I'll have them all fired for..GYAH!" Aristocrat was taken aback when Crown Jewel hopped out and smiled at him.
  108. >"Hi!" She cheered with a giggle "Are you really a prince?"
  109. >Aristocrat stepped back in fright. He shivered before her "A-a g-girl? A g-girl in my room?"
  110. >Crown Jewel looked at him with naive confusion. Then grinned happily at him "Yup! I'm a girl! Hey..are you as mean as my brother says you are?" She asked
  111. >But Aristocrat didn't answer. He merely backed away from her. " my room. A girl...t-they have the worst k-kind of f-filth...t-the Cantercooties."
  112. >"Cantercooties?" Now Crown Jewel felt insulted "I don't have Cantercooties...see?" She held her hoof out towards him, making him jump back in fright.
  113. >"You stay away from me you vile beast! You commoner!" He yelled at her
  114. >"Commoner?" that confused Crown Jewel "Am I a commoner? Grandpa Filthy says..."
  115. >"Filthy?! By Celestia! That's gross! Who has a name like that?!" It was obvious he was not aware she was a Rich.
  116. >"Ok! Now you're really getting mean! You meanie! You really are as mean as they say! You can't talk about my Grandpa like that! I'm...I'm...I'M GOING TO SIT ON YOU!" She screamed at him.
  117. >"NOOOO! NOO!" Aristocrat rushed towards his door. He slammed his head on it, felt really dizzy, then nearly puked when Jewel nearly came upon him. He pushed her away, then looked at his hooves in horror. Not for what he had done. But because he touched her. He then ran away. More white faced than even his snow white mane.
  118. >Crown Jewel sat there. And started to sob because he hurt her leg in his push. Nothing major. But she was a bit of a baby. "Mnn..Mnn...WHAAAAA!"
  119. >that was your cue.
  120. "Jewel, Jewel...don't cry my little precious flower."
  122. >You scoop her up and hug her tightly yet gently.
  123. >"H-he hit m-me..." She whimepred "A-AJ was r-right. H-he's a b-b-b-rute!" She whimpered
  124. "I know he is. I'm sorry that he hurt you. I wasn't expecting that."
  125. >"I-It's ok...i-it's for the puppies..." She sniffed as she looked up at you with sad eyes "D-did I do good Grandpa?"
  126. "Oh Jewel, you did better than I ever could have hoped for. Without you, there was no puppy saving. You really are the Crown Jewel of this entire operation."
  127. >That made her smile very slowly as she wiped her eyes "R-really?"
  128. "Mhmmm"
  129. >"mnnn.." She frowned again "That's good...D-do you think Daddy would be proud of me?"
  130. >"Oh, I'm sure he would. In fact..."
  131. >You hold her up and rub your nose against hers
  132. "I bet your dollie Chryssy would be proud too!"
  133. >And that cleared up those sad eyes right up.
  134. >"Yay! Grandpa! You're the greatest!" She hugged onto you tightly the best she could.
  135. "Oh...don't I know it"
  136. >you grinned as you gently pet her head.
  138. >With Crown Jewel's part finished. You teleported her to a pocket dimension full of toys and treats for the duration of the plan. And had her promise not to tell anypony what had happened. She was content, especially since Chryssy was there.
  139. >You were a little worried leaving her with that doll. You never expected ole buggykins to show up after hearing about the Raptorians.And as a doll of all things. You could tell Anon about it. But as long as she didn't hurt Crown Jewel, you figured it'd be more fun to keep your mouth shut. You found it too curious at the moment to ruin it now. Chrysalis seemed to be doing something good. For what ends? You had no clue. But as long as she didn't hurt your family. Then you were willing to give her a chance.
  140. >But enough of that malarky. It was time to meet up with Anon Junior, who was waiting in the lobby.
  141. >When you appeared behind him, you were of pony form.Classic Discord pony look of course.
  142. "Junior, has he come by yet?"
  143. >"Not yet Grandpa." He snickered as he tapped his forehead. There was a horn on it. Yes...that kind of horn.
  144. "And you know what to do?"
  145. >"C'mon Grandpa! We do this all the time." Anon Junior snickered, but then looked towards the bathroom with a determined look "And besides, the twerp deserves it. He made so many ponies sad. He's really gonna get it. It's going to be a real blast!"
  146. >Oh, he's using puns! That made you feel proud.
  147. "I love it! You know Junior, I know you don't get good grades like your brother and sister. But to me, you're the smartest colt in chaos making since your father. In your own way of course"
  148. >"Thanks Grandpa!...oh look! Here he comes!"
  149. "Remember, you only have one charge"
  151. >"Oh trust me, I only need.....wait" He looked back at you confused "I thought I had one magic thing. I'm not going to charge at him"
  152. >You cringed as you pet him on the head.
  153. "...the important thing is that you understood."
  154. >With that, you disappear and follow Anon Jr. as he steps into the bathroom after Aristocrat and enters the stall next to him. Noticing the old attendant at the side of the door.
  155. >"Stupid filly!" Aristocrat started cleaning himself with the toilet paper. "Touching me with her dirty Cantercooties. I'd gladly take this toilet over her anyday! I have to get myself wiped up. I need to appear princely for that tournament. These toilets, they are as pristine as my teeth. The little wench could learn a thing or two from them."
  156. > he didn't. That little cur! You could feel anger flow through you. You wanted to turn him into a toilet.
  157. >looking at Anon Jr. It almost looked like he was just going to break a bottle and.....ahh well, that kind of thought is more akin to your "son", isn't it?
  158. >You'd wait. And see what Anon Jr. had in mind.
  159. >And it didn't really take long at all. He used his horn. Which, was only temporary for chaos missions only, to make the toilet explode in doody water. Sending Aristocrat over the edge.
  160. >"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHHH!" he let out a high pitched squeal as her dragged himself out "H-help...s-so...s-smel...mnghhsmelly..."
  161. >The attendant didn't know what to even think. But that smell. He thought about helping Aristocrat as well. But then he remembered that the little snot tipped him in chewed gum. So he whistled and walked out to find a janitor.
  162. >Oh, that's rich! You were laughing heartily. Anon Jr. was superb! You loved it and...OH WAIT! THAT'S AMAZING!
  164. >As Aristocrat dragged himself to the sink. It too exploded in doody water. He had booby trapped the entire bathroom with one charge. Exemplary work.
  165. >He couldn't take it anymore. He ran frantically out of the bathroom as Anon Jr. gave chase without being noticed by him.
  166. >How could he be noticed when the little beast was screaming, blinded by poop water.
  167. >You appear next to Anon Jr. Outside the hotel as Aristocrat runs to a neighboring cart service station and jumps into a soap bucket. The soap seems to burn his eyes. Causing more misery. But at least he was clean. The ponies around him had no idea what was going on.
  168. >"Do you think we overdid it Grandpa?" Anon Jr. looked, feeling a little bad as the horn on his head disappeared.
  169. >You didn't answer. Instead you said.
  170. "He pushed your sister."
  171. >Anon Jr. growled angrily at that "THAT LITTLE! GOOD! I'M GLAD I POOPED HIM UP! I SHOULD OF PEED HIM UP TOO!" He was breathing heavily. Angry.
  172. >His part was done. And you knew he was. Despite his call for peeing. That he was satisfied.
  173. "Oh don't beat yourself up over it Junior. You did fine, very fine work. If I was a teacher, I'd give you an A plus"
  174. >This stopped Anon Jr. as he smiled up at you "That's amazing! I would have been happy with a C plus. Do you really mean that Grandpa?"
  175. "Oh, more than you know Junior."
  176. >He just smiled to himself. Feeling good about what he did. Until he realized. "OH NO! CROWN JEWEL! I-I..."
  177. >You gently put your paw on him and smile
  178. "She's alright. Here.."
  179. >You snap your talons, making a door appear at his side.
  180. "She's in there having some fun. Why don't you keep her company while I tend to your brother"
  181. >"Ok...umm...Do you think Illustrious is going to be ok? I know he acts like he doesn't care sometimes...but I know he does."
  182. "I know. He's just a sourpuss"
  183. >With that, you hug Junior as you hurry to the chess tournament. It was time for the finale.
  185. >Illustrious was waiting inside. As promised, he was sitting on his chair, in front of a burly looking earth pony fellow. Waiting for the tournament to begin. He had been sitting there for awhile it seemed.
  186. >You had wanted to talk to him. But, you failed to get to him in time it seemed. Still...
  187. >You don't need to worry really. Illustrious is a smart fellow. You were sure he'd do fine.
  188. >eventually, a few moments before the tournament started. Aristocrat barged in. Wet and heaving, his coat ruffled
  189. >Everything went dead silent. He tried to act regal when he was noticed. But it was too late.
  190. >Still, he demanded respect as they let him in and take his seat.
  191. >Illustrious just shook his head. He didn't know what happened. But he felt the guy didn't deserve it.
  192. >How wrong he was.
  193. >So you watched. Bored out of your skull as Illustrious predictably knocked out player after player.
  194. >And, as you had hoped. Aristocrat was doing the same. He must have been pretty focused to be able to play. Weird, considering what had happened to him. But, it would just make things more worth it in the end.
  195. >Finally, after some time. The last battle began.
  196. >Illustrious vs. Aristocrat.
  197. "Illustrious, don't let me down. I know you can do this..."
  198. >You whisper to yourself.
  199. >Illustrious holds his hoof out to shake. But Aristocrat wasn't having any of that. It didn't bother Illustrious however, he didn't much care for that kind of formality anyway.
  200. >"Good afternoon Prince Aristocrat, it is an honor to face off against you in strategic combat" Illustrious says as he makes his first move.
  201. >"Hrn? Ahh yes, of course. Of course. And...who might you be again?" Aristocrat asks with some rudeness in his voice as they both slowly make moves on eachother.
  202. >"Ahh, yes. I am Illustrious Rich. Of the Rich estate." Illustrious said as he tried to focus on the game and the conversation.
  205. >Aristocrat let out a relieved sigh "Ahh, I've heard of the Riches. Very prestigious. Like yours truly. It's truly a pleasure to face off against somepony as refined as you are"
  206. >It was clear Aristocrat didn't even remember him.
  207. >"I feel the same way. Testing my intellect against yours in the field of combat that is chess And..mnn" Something was wrong. Illustrious was...losing. Not by a lot. But he was making a mistake from time to time. He seemed bothered by the fact that his family would torment such a "fine fellow"
  208. >Aristocrat let out an arrogant chuckle "Indeed." Despite everything that happened to him. Winning the tournament would make it ALMOST worth it. What would make it complete would be...
  209. >"So...what exactly happened to you?" Illustrious asked, knowing the answer.
  210. >"Ahh, I'd hope you wouldn't bring attention to that. But it's fine. You see, some vile...disgusting little filly invaded my room and touched me with her nasty little hooves. I had to shove her just to get away. The nerve of someponies. Just because I'm a prince doesn't mean I have to deal with such dirty peasantry."
  211. >Suddenly Illustrious tensed up. " don't say"
  212. >"I do say. And then? The hotels bathroom completely malfunctioned on me. All the pipes burst from simple taps! I swear, I'll have each and every one of those simple minded workers jobs. I'll own that hotel as my first piece of real estate and turn it into a cart parking lot, just like what my father would do. I swear, I saw some plump ugly fellow laughing at me when I was cleaning myself up. Horrid whelps, jealous that they can't be as great as somepony like you and I."
  213. >Illustrious became silent. Suddenly, he was super focused. his moves now starting to overpower Aristocrat.
  214. >"Hrn, you're getting better. But not good enough I'm afraid and..w-what?...I...ugh..huh?!" Aristocrat started to panic as he began to lose.
  215. >Illustrious just stayed silent as he continued playing. Crushing every movement Aristocrat made.
  217. >"N-now see here. I-I don't know how you're beating me all of a sudden b-but it just won't do" Aristocrat stammered
  218. >"This is a tournament, isn't it?" Illustrious replied with dark eyes.
  219. >"Y-yes, see" Aristocrat suddenly gave him a cocky grin. "as a Prince, I must win. So I'll tell you this. Throw the game, and you shall have five times the amount of prize money in your hotel room by the end of the day."
  220. >"I don't need money." Illustrious replies as he takes 2nd rook. "I am a Rich after all"
  221. >"Y-yes...b-but.." Aristocrat changed gears as he suddenly began to tear up "B-but you see, I-I have to win. I-If I don't. I'll bring shame to m-my family. My don't know...what'll he'd do to me"
  222. >Illustrious stops for a moment. Knowing he could explain what he needed to explain without running out his clock. "I'm going to give you three reasons why that will not happen"
  223. >"G-guh?" Aristocrat was baffled just from that reply.
  224. >"One, those ponies you mentioned? Are my siblings. My sister? She is the opposite of everything you called her. And my brother? An idiot to be sure, but an idiot I could never do without. You'd find it beneficial to not mock them again. Two, my brother was right, you are contemptible. And three, even without reasons one and two...I never intended to lose" Illustrious takes his queen
  225. >"Y-you..." Aristocrat leered at him, angry "I-I'll call you a cheater. The committee will listen to me due to my standing"
  226. >Illustrious just snickered.
  227. >"W-what's so funny?" Aristocrat asked
  229. >"It seems you've never looked into my family. So let me tell you this. MY grandfather? His name is Discord. I'm sure you've heard of him. If you ruin this for me, if you EVER do anything to my family, I'll ask him to dump you in a place where there's nothing BUT vile disgusting things everywhere...and it'll NEVER stop."
  230. >Aristocrat went silent in fright, he could barely move now.
  231. >Illustrious moved one more piece as he looked to Aristocrat with a serious yet victorious look "Checkmate."
  232. >You cheered despite no one being able to hear you. It worked out after all!
  233. >Illustrious had dealt the final blow. And in turn, won the tournament he so desperately wanted to be a part of. Winning the trophy he could show his father and especially...his mother.
  234. >Through interdimensional connections. You could hear Crown Jewel and Anon Jr. cheering him on. You had left a screen in the room they were in so they could see what was going on.
  235. >Sweet sweet victory.
  236. "Finally, oh Anon. If only you could see this"
  237. >You chuckle to yourself
  238. "Well....perhaps it's best that you don't."
  239. >After the tournament. You took the three out for ice cream back in Ponyville. Illustrious carrying around his trophy with pride.
  240. >Anon Jr. gave him a smarmy look "seeeee?"
  241. >"Huh? See what?" Illustrious asked
  242. >"You know.." Anon Jr. smirked
  243. >"AJ..." Illustrious sighed "Just tell me what I apparently saw."
  244. >"Oh, well. Aristocrat actually being a poophead" Junior said
  245. >"Yes....well. That became plainly obvious" Illustrious said
  246. >then Junior gently knocked in his head "Yeah, after you stopped being dumb about it."
  247. >Illustrious growled at his brother "How dare you! I'm at least fifty times smarter than you!"
  248. >"I dunno, I figured out he was a bad pony before you did. Dumby" Junior snickered.
  250. >"Yes, I'm aware. Now stop inferring that I'm an idiot or I'll have to show you what a change in temperature can do to your nose" Illustrious threatens.
  251. >"Hah, I still say I'm smarter since I figured it out. Also jokes on you! You can't change my temperature if I don't know what a temperature is!" Junior mocked.
  252. >illustrious didn't reply in words. He just threw his ice cream as Junior. Making him freak out for a moment.
  253. >"COOOLD! AGH!" Anon Junior cried
  254. >"Yes..Ice cream is indeed cooOOOLD!" Anon Junior lobbed his ice cream into Illustrious's face.
  255. >After that, they started to chase one another down.
  256. >Crown Jewel just stared as she licked her ice cream and gently pressed some of it onto her Chryssy doll. "Grandpa, why are boys so weird sometimes?"
  257. >You just smiled and patted her head
  258. "You do know I'm a boy too, right?"
  259. >"Well, you're sorta boy. But that's ok because you're super great!"
  260. "Oh I know. As for your question. Boys sometimes just need a reason to fight. A little chaos as it were"
  261. >"Oh....I guess that makes sense. I'm just happy we saved all the puppies that mean notprince will never ever hurt" She says as she innocently licks her ice cream.
  262. "Oh, me too"
  263. >You were just happy they all did so well.It made you proud to be a Grandadoneequs.
  264. >Chaos really did run in the genes
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