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/hs/ HoneySelect

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(ハニーセレクト) - HoneySelect

[HoneySelect] Release Date: 09/09/2016

[HoneySelect DLC_#01] Release Date: 12/22/2016

[HoneySelect DLC_#02] Release Date: 04/28/2017


URLNew Mod Releases & Game Updates/Patches




URLActive Community & Help Support




[Game Updates]

DownloadFinal_Update: honeyparty_01_plus_0630grt_all

[English Translation]

DownloadAIO_UITranslation (Lastest Version:01-05-20)


SaveData100% SaveData

[Mods & Add-on]

DownloadLatest Mod Releases


DownloadPatreon Mod Package_01

DownloadPatreon Mod Package_02

PatreonMod Downloads

[Required Plugins]

IPA - Illusion_Plugin_Architecture_v3.4.1Mod Support

HS_GGmod_v1.6.1Mod Support

HS_WideSlider_v0.8.3Mod Support

HS_AdditionalBoneModifier_v0.7.4Mod Support

HS_SlotID_v1.1.1Mod Support

HS_MoreSlotID_v1.3Mod Support

HS_ResolveMoreSlotID_v1.4bMod Support

HS_Bones_Framework_v1.1.0Mod Support

HS_ExtSave_v1.0.1Mod Support

[Female & Male Uncensor]

SBX2_Uncensor_v2.5eFemale & Male Uncensor Add-On

HS_Uncensor2_v0.6.4 Add-onUncensor Package

Male_Uncensor_From_PlayClub_v4.1Male Uncensor

[Texture Mods]

[Meta] Body_Skin_4K_v1.31HD4K-Textures

[Meta] Body_Skin_LRE_v1.31LRE-Texture

SBX2.5e-MetaFix_v05.02.2019SBX2 Texture Fix

[Mods & Add-on]


SBX2.5e_Pubic_Hair_PatternsAdded More Pubic Hair Patterns

SBX2.5e_Nipple_Pack_v1.2Nipple Package

SBX2.5e_3D_Female_Body_Hair_Overlay_v5.03D-Hair Add-On

HS_Vanilla + Nipple_Pack_v1.1Nipple Package


HS_PlayHome_Skin_v0.5Added PlayHome Skins

HS_PlayHome_Skin_Texture (Standalone_Version)PlayHome Skin Textures

HS_Facial_Retouch_MOD_v3c + (Standalone_Version)Face Texture Mod

[Textures Mods & Add-on]

4K_Skin_Diffuse_Initial_Pack (All-In-One)Full Mod Package

Linear_Rendering_Experiment_v4.0.1LRE Add-On

Image_Based_Lighting_v5.0.1IBL Add-On

[Utility Plugins]

HS_StudioAddon_v1.1.0Game & STUDIO Animation Import

HS_StudioNEOAddon_v0.9.2Additional Capability to the Game & STUDIO NEO + Import Animation

HS_Shortcut_Plugin_v1.7In-Game Shortcuts + New Function Options

HS_SkinTexMod_v2.3aChange the Overlay of Skin Textures

HS_Adjust_Mod_v2.2aIK-Bone Adjustment

HS_LockOnPlugin_v2.6.0Camera Target Lock-On + More

HS_ShortcutsHS_v1.1.3Shortcut Interface Add-On

HS_ShortcutsParty_v0.0.9Shortcut Interface for the DLC Add-On

HS_Movie_Maker_v0.5Create & Record Movies in STUDIO NEO

HS_Studio_Invisible_v4.2Make Characters Invisible & Extra Accessories Slots

HS_CMModForHS_R_v4.0Custom Options for Scenes & More Camera Control

HS_CMModNEO_R_v0.1Custom Options for Scenes & More Camera Control for STUDIO NEO

HS_Active_Bones_Female_v0.4FK-Bone Editor Add-On

HS_HoneyShotHigh Quality Screenshot Add-On

HSPE - HoneySelect_Pose_Editor_v2.11.1Character Editor Add-On

HS_Change_FK_BonesIncreased IK-Bone Limit

HS_Boop_v1.3Mouse Interaction with Nipples

HSUS_v1.8.1Improvements to the Game & STUDIO NEO.

HS_Allegretto_v1.4.7.0Search Function Added to the STUDIO

HS_Clothing_Menu_v1.6JCustomization During H-Scenes & STUDIO

HS_Paizuri (Fix)Fixed Penis Animation

HS_HeelyFeely_v1.4Add-On to GGMOD

HS_Menu_Mod_v1.1Basic UI Customization

HS_P2HSceneConverter_v1.0.0.0Option to Load PlayHome Scenes

HS_More_Accessories_v1.3.1Unlimited Accessories Slots

HS_Toggle_POVPOV Add-On

HS_HoneyKatsu_v1.0.3.0Change Textures on Clothing

HS_AlphaShot2_v1.3Adds a Transparent Background to Screenshots

HS_Lighting_Editor_v1.1.0Advanced Options for Lighting in STUDIO NEO.

HS_Renderer_Editor_v1.5.1Texture Swap Add-On

HS_Custom_FK_Poses_PackageAdded Pose Package

HS_Screen_v2.0More Backgrounds

HS_Move_Controller_v1.4Move Controller for STUDIO NEO

HS_Camera_Editor_v1.0.0Added More Camera Slots

HS_Body_Sliders_v2.0Adds More Body Sliders

HS_Video_Export_v1.0.0Record Custom Videos

HS_Nodes_Constraints_v1.1.0Option to Link Objects Together

HS_Standard_v1.0.2Shader Replacement Add-On

HS_Bones_Framework_v1.3.0Dynamic Bones Framework

HS_VN_Game_Engine_v17.5Visual Novel Add-On

HS_Scene_Save_State_v10.0Add-On for Saving Scenes, States of Characters, Folders & Items

HS_Timeline_v1.0.0Animation Plugin


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