Puberty Grooming

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  1. Susie snorted loudly as she nearly choked on her burger.
  2. ”Thats bullshit and you know it Kris.” Susie laughed as Kris wore a smug smile on his face.
  3. ”Two whole arms Susie! I’m being serious here.
  4. My brother is a person of many talents.” Kris assured her as he ate a frenchfry.
  5. The two friends smiled, the restaurant had become a common hangout for them, mostly due to it being the only place that had burgers.
  6. Kris sighed as he looked out of the large glass window beside them.
  7. ”Yeah my brother is pretty talented, he even helped me with my puberty grooming.” Kids chuckled. “What’s puberty grooming.” Susie asked through a mouthful of burger.
  8. Kris turned to Susie confusion clear on his face.
  9. ”You know, when a monster has to inject some of their monster magic inside of you so you can continue to be a part of their family.” Kris said with a straight face.
  10. Susie raised an eyebrow “That’s not a thing monsters do Kris, if you have a family your part of that family, like it or not.” Susie trailed off a bit at the end of her sentence.
  11. Kris shook his head “No, my brother was quite adamant about it, made me do it every week ever since I was 13”. Kris said taking a sip of soda,
  12. Susie rolled her eyes from under her bangs.
  13. ”How could a monster even eject someone with magic anyway? I don’t think humans can learn magic or absorb it.” Susie said, doubtful that he wasn’t just pulling a prank on her.
  14. ”Yeah he did by taking off his pants and sticking something inside my butt.” Kris said with a straight face.
  15. Susie choked on her burger.
  16. After drinking her soda and saving herself from choking she turns to Kris,
  17. ”Okay....that was dark, but you did get me I’ll admit that much.” She said a small smirk on her face, she did not expect a joke like that form him.
  18. ”What joke?” Kris asked.
  19. Susie looked at Kris's stoic expression, he wasn’t joking.....
  20. Susie leaned back in the leather booth, he wasn’t joking.
  21. Was her best friend really.....and by his own brother!?
  22. ”Hey, Susie are you okay?”
  23. Kris looked at Susie with concern.
  24. Susie sat up leaning in on the table.
  25. ”Kris....what your brother did, isn’t something that family’s do, anywhere, your brothers fucked up Kris!” Susie snarled
  26. Kris seems shocked by this “Hey! My brother is a great guy, just ask around.” Kris motioned his arms around in circular motion.
  27. Susie scoffed “And want do you think about him huh? What do you think of your perfect brother?”. Susie said leaning in over the table.
  28. Kris it taken aback by this, “I love him of course! He was my only friend for most of my life....We did everything together.” Kris began to rub his arm nervously.
  29. ”But when he got older, we grew apart for a bit...he would stop playing any games with me, but would watch me from a distance, like he wanted to do something but couldn’t. His eyes were hungry, he was probably lonely like me.” Kris continued, Susie listened intently.
  30. ”That’s when he told me about the puberty grooming and how he was worried we wouldn’t be a family for long if he didn’t help me.”
  31. Kris put a hand over his heart “I was touched knowing that deep down he cared for someone as worthless as me.” Kris smiled bitterly.
  32. Susie began to feel uncomfortable, and it wasn’t her position on the table.
  33. ”He told me that it would hurt, but that I needed to be strong and let my love for him carry me through. And it did, despite the tearing pain I was determined, I didn’t want to lose my family.
  34. He put precious time out of his week to make sure I wouldn’t be left out of the family. He’s great!” Kris smiled a tear running down his cheek.
  35. ”In the upcoming sessions he would inform me of why I needed this, why I deserved this pain for not loving everyone enough.
  36. How some one like me belongs in the dark.” Kris sighed as he wiped the tears away.
  37. Susie is now slouched back in her booth, her eyes visible from under her bangs.
  38. What the fuck.......
  39. Kris shook his head “He did it because he cares about me, I couldn’t have asked for a better, b-big b-b-b-b-“ Kris felt the tears stream down his face, Kris silently sobbed as Susie slouched in the booth unsure of how to react to this.
  40. After the longest and most agonizing minutes of Susie’s life, Kris spoke.
  41. ”H-he did what was best for me....He was gentle, he was gentle, he was gentle......But why did it hurt so much.” Kris dig his nails into his shoulders.
  42. Kris shook his head violently as if trying his hardest to not remember something.
  43. ”H-he wasn’t gentle, he forced me to-No! He was always so nice, he wouldn’t do that!” Kris raised his voice, the nearly empty restaurants few patrons turned to them momentarily.
  44. Susie got out of her seat and slowly moved next to Kris.
  45. He looked so scared and confused.
  46. She’d never seen him show such emotion before.
  47. ”I’ll lose my family if anyone finds out. They do so much more for me than I deserve they wouldn’t hesitate to be rid of me, who wouldn’t?” Kris slumped against his seat.
  48. ”I trusted him, more than anyone, and yet he did this to me....I must have deserved it.” Kris chuckled solemnly.
  49. Kris wrapped his arms around Susie, an action she didn’t object to as she hugged the poor boy.
  50. ”I’m worthless, the only thing I’m good at is being quiet, I’m so tired Susie.” Kris cries into her shirt.
  51. ”I want to die....”
  52. >Susie said nothing, what could she say?
  53. She could only rub his back as he cried into her white undershirt.
  54. ”I-I -I don’t want to g-go back, he-he’s coming home soon, I don’t want to do it again. I want my brother back!” Kris held Susie tighter.
  55. It would have been awkward, telling his darkest secret to her in a restaurant and crying in front of everyone there.
  56. Susie attempted to move Kris out of his seat.
  57. ”Come on, Kris we’re going to take you home for the night.” Susie said the boy clinging to her as they walked out of the restaurant, leaving their meals unfinished.
  58. The walk there was a bit awkward with the stares they were getting, which just made Kris even more upset.
  59. Susie opened red door to the house, thankful that Kris’s mother was out, she knows his mother would likely blame her for Kris’s sorry state.
  60. Susie helped Kris up the stairs, that was when susie saw his room for the first time.
  61. One side of the room was decorated many toys, electronics and even a trophy shelf filled to the brim with awards.
  62. And on the other, was a simple black shelf, and a tattered old bed.
  63. messed up.
  64. She lay Kris down on what she correctly guessed was his bed.
  65. Kris felt his eyes glance at the other side of the room, a constant reminder of what he could never have.
  66. Susie sat on the bed opposite of Kris, feeling what felt like memory foam, even their beds were of different quality...
  67. Susie nervously scratched the back of her neck.
  68. Damn, she didn’t know what to say, the room itself spoke volumes about how Kris and his family viewed him.
  69. Kris is silent as he stares at the ceiling his eyes empty, Susie just looks at her friend, she felt so damn useless.
  70. Susie gets up from the bed trying to think of something to say to Kris.
  71. All that came to mind was...”Kris, I’m sorry.”.
  72. Kris sat up his expression unchanged.
  73. ”Sorry? Sorry for what?” Kris asks his voice dry.
  74. Susie is a bit surprised. Wasn’t it obvious?
  75. ”You, y’know?” Susie deadpanned.
  76. Kris’s eyes widened “Sorry? Me? Is that right?”. >Kris slumped back on his bed.
  77. Susie opened her mouth and then closed it, she...could have worded that better.
  78. ”Uh, I mean I’m sorry that you have to live like this, your parents are assholes.” Susie said trying to explain her apology.
  79. This caused Kris to sit up on his bed.
  80. “What did you...just say?” Kris looked at her looking defensive all of a sudden.
  81. Susie let out a sigh, honestly? She just wants to say she feels bad and wants to help.
  82. He’s making it a lot harder for her, and that’s starting to piss her off a bit.
  83. ”Look,Kris I’m sorry, I want to help you. Tell me how.” Susie explained as she emphasized the sentence with exaggerated hand gestures.
  84. ”I don’t need help. Just some time alone.” Kris spoke as he looked at his brothers trophy shelf once more.
  85. Susie honestly felt like she was going in circles here, she just wanted to help him.
  86. Like hell was he pushing her away!
  87. ”Listen up freak! I’m gonna help you out of this, and your gonna fucking like it!” Susie yelled at the stubborn boy.
  88. Said boy looked at the furious dragon with a bored expression.
  89. ”Susie, are you mad at me?” Kris asked.
  90. Susie threw her arms up in the air “What do you think!?” She exclaimed.
  91. ”Go ahead, I deserve it.” Kris says, his voice hoarse.
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