That Kain't Have Gone Worse

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  1. [17:42:37] <Amaryllis> Sometime later in the day, after Ammy's chat with Lenore, she goes to find Theta, first going to his inn room and, after a moment of hesitation, knocking.
  2. [17:43:09] <Thetina> Not home~
  3. [17:43:16] <Thetina> oh god it's contagious.
  4. [17:44:47] * Amaryllis knocks again, and again. "Theta? It's Amaryllis. Are you in there?" After a few more tries, Ammy sighs and begins to leave the inn.
  5. [17:44:51] <Amaryllis> (it's cause you're genderbent)
  6. [17:47:21] <Thetina> Looking around town, you'd find Theta on the beach,  sitting on a couch made of sand.  She's doodling in a notebook while staring out to see.
  7. [17:48:19] <Amaryllis> "Theta?" Ammy calls out from a distance away as she approaches the beach. She stops abruptly at a point, hands clasped behind her back, as if asking permission to come closer.
  8. [17:50:13] * Thetina looks up slowly. "Huh?  Oh." looks back down to the doodling.  "We leaving already or something?"
  9. [17:52:44] * Amaryllis shakes her head. "No, I came to apologize." She starts slowly shuffling over. "You were quite upset the other day, and rightly so. But I do believe there were misunderstandings, and I'd like to make them right."
  10. [17:56:59] * Thetina puts the notepad down and nibbles on the pen end. "Like what?"
  11. [17:57:47] * Amaryllis moves toward the couch and gestures to it. "May I sit down?"
  12. [17:58:33] * Thetina nods slowly
  13. [18:00:27] <Amaryllis> "Thanks." Ammy takes a seat with a sigh.
  14. [18:01:14] <Amaryllis> "I did not know about Kalissa before yesterday, I want to make that clear. I had thought this entire time that whatever malevolent presence had been possessing me, it existed solely within my mind, not as another physical entity out there."
  15. [18:02:21] <Amaryllis> "And furthermore I thought that the charm against harming my companions was foolproof. It was not, despite my best efforts."
  16. [18:02:55] <Amaryllis> "As I understand it only stayed Kalissa's knife and not her magic, and that was my mistake in not realizing that."
  17. [18:03:24] <Thetina> "Didn't stay her knife against anyone that wasn't us anyway," she shrugs.
  18. [18:05:12] <Amaryllis> "If that is the standard you measure this by, the only way I could have stopped the knife entirely was by killing myself." Ammy looks away and doesn't speak for about a minute. When she resumes, her voice is a lot quieter. "...I did consider that option, years ago, but I decided against it."
  19. [18:06:21] <Amaryllis> "If it is time for Tonberry to emerge as an Eidolon in this world, then even my death would not stop it. It would merely mean another would take the mantle after me. I was thrust into the position unnaturally, artificially, and that is likely why I am someone who would try to resist the urge. Were Tonberry's tales to come to bless someone more naturally...well, the result is as you've seen. It would be someone like Kalissa."
  20. [18:07:02] <Amaryllis> "I thought that it would be better to continue to live and have the hope of changing the tales of Tonberry than to allow another to continue them as they are now."
  21. [18:07:25] <Thetina> "Nevermind that.  While  I find it hilariously silly we spent that evening trying to prove you innocent of something you -were- partually guilty of anyway, it's tenfold more aggrevating you two keep hiding things from us."
  22. [18:08:33] <Thetina> "How the hell do I know this isn't just a continuating of the farce you and dumbuncle have kept up for a decade or so already?"
  23. [18:09:22] <Amaryllis> "I suppose you do not. You have only our word against your suspicions."
  24. [18:10:45] <Amaryllis> "But I will say it has never ended well in the past when the truth was let slip. Even now, I wonder if it is safe for you to know that 12GIL exists. Before, you were not a target, but now you know and those would want us dead would see you erased from this world as well." Ammy picks up a handful of sand and thinks.
  25. [18:11:28] <Amaryllis> "Do you want an assurance that there are no more secrets? I can give you that, but it is only worth as much as you are willing to value it."
  26. [18:13:55] <Thetina> "Oh so it's just to keep me safe.  Sure, I get it, you two were meant for this whole affair.  I was probably only here cause of a bad joke on the crystal's part or something and a terribly embarassing sales pitch that someone went and actually used.  Can't let the normies know."  she crosses her arms and physically sinks into the couch as she leans into it. "...I don't know who or what to trust anymore."
  27. [18:14:37] <Amaryllis> "That is not what I meant." Ammy sighs.
  28. [18:15:02] <Amaryllis> "Would you humor me in a small set of tales? I would like you to know why it is Eidolons value their privacy so much now."
  29. [18:18:29] * Amaryllis stands up and takes a few steps onto the beach, looking at the ground around her. She lifts her arms and murmurs quietly. "Come forth, magnificent myth. Opus!" The sand of the beach begins to shift and move, not as if propeled by geomancy but instead as if it became a living entity.
  30. [18:18:37] * Thetina shrugs.  "Hell if I know.  You all knew my entire life story the second day on the job."
  31. [18:19:59] * Amaryllis nods. "There was once an age in which Eidolons more readily aided people and civilizations. You might have heard from Leviathan that he established the library at Daguerreo for scholars the world around." The sand shifts to match Ammy's words, bookcases and a serpent rising and forming.
  32. [18:20:59] <Amaryllis> "Even before they were Eidolons, the Magus Sisters split the continent asunder to stop a war. That kind of grandiose act was common. But it soon became apparent that the power of Eidolons attracted those who would abuse their powers." The sand all goes suddenly still and falls to the ground.
  33. [18:22:33] <Amaryllis> "Since then, the Eidolons have largely lent their aid in more subtle, and smaller ways. Syldra helps wayward sailors. Ramuh is traveling the world dispensing advice to the common folk, even giving Lenore tips on crafting new magicks. Carbuncle, despite what you may think of her, has helped as well. She lent her very lifeforce to extend Lolo's life, and so did a few others for the rest of Vivi's children."
  34. [18:23:49] <Amaryllis> "Ragnarok, the legendary blade, was wielded by Steiner in the war against Kuja. And of course, there were the Eidoons, Carbuncle included, who lent their aid in that conflict in much more apparent ways. But they did so at great risk." Ammy stops now to look around at any Garland statues, if they remain.
  35. [18:24:07] <Amaryllis> (do you figure there'd be any still left?)
  36. [18:24:13] <Thetina> so many garlands
  37. [18:24:15] <Thetina> so many
  38. [18:25:07] <Amaryllis> "It was that man, in fact, that stands as the greatest reason why Eidolons now sequester themselves and hide from the world." Ammy nods at those statues. "Do you know what happened here 20 years ago?"
  39. [18:25:44] <Thetina> "Nope."
  40. [18:26:14] <Thetina> "Well, aside from the all the summoner's getting wiped out bit."
  41. [18:27:22] <Amaryllis> "Yes, exactly, and it was that man who did it. Even with their attempt to isolate themselves in the world, they were destroyed, utterly."
  42. [18:28:11] * Thetina looks over. "You know, someone coulda told me thatn when I MENTIONED I was gonna make them."
  43. [18:28:36] <Amaryllis> "And thus began a rather dark age for Eidolons. Bahamut, Odin, others were taken and enslaved by Kuja, made to destroy entire cities. In the aftermath of the conflict, others disappeared. The Mist Dragon that saved children vanished with the Mist, and Eidolons such as Titan, Phoenix, Carbuncle lost their memories and with it a large portion of their ability to help and shape the world."
  44. [18:29:00] <Amaryllis> "Well, you were rather cross. I did not want to start a row. In any case, I doubt many who live here -now- know he was responsible."
  45. [18:31:20] <Thetina> "Meanwhile he's the sole reason I even exist, so yadda yadda all fleshbags go back to the crystal anyway or whatever that spiel is.""
  46. [18:33:58] * Amaryllis nods. "Nat's worldview can be difficult to accept, and I will not pretend I did not once also row with her over it. But I want to preface what I am about to say by emphasizing that despite how she viewed the world and the people within it, she still did all she could to help. If she did not care about that, she would not have lent her lifeforce to save Lolo, right?"
  47. [18:36:21] <Amaryllis> "But she simply cannot see people the same way that people do. At an instinctive level, her being remembers them the way she has for thousands of years. It is literally true that as people die their memories, stories, and experiences return to the Crystal, and then later those parts of them are mixed and reborn into other people, and so the world is enriched and continues. She understands this intuitively, that even if she watches
  48. [18:36:22] <Amaryllis>  one soul die, in a dozen, a hundred or perhaps a thousand years she may see it again, or shards of it, born into a new individual."
  49. [18:37:09] <Amaryllis> "All that has come to life will return to life again in time. That is the perspective of an eons-old being, and it is a difficult one for those like you and I who have lived on this planet for so short a time to understand."
  50. [18:37:27] <Thetina> "Okay, fine, so you're all in a vurnable state.  I don't see what that has to do with the same friggen crystal you come from binding you to others to WORK TOGETHER and...I don't know.  It's sorta insulting that it's okay to keep us around for this sorta thing but can't let us know."
  51. [18:37:49] <Amaryllis> "It really is a lot simpler than that, honestly."
  52. [18:38:25] <Amaryllis> "Sometimes, Eidolons just want to be left alone. -Not- be treated special, live normal lives. That was what Nat has wanted these past ten years, to live carefree, without someone like Kuja coming about and trying to enslave her and take her power."
  53. [18:38:36] <Amaryllis> "To live as a human."
  54. [18:39:11] <Amaryllis> "But even with all that effort, she has still been targeted." Ammy takes a deep breath. "She is slowly being corrupted into a Dark Eidolon. It is reversible at this stage, but...but I worry of course, as her friend."
  55. [18:40:10] <Thetina> "And I'm sure that whole thing makes sense to you but I can't fucking stand her attitude on things.  I'm not making -any- promises there.  If I were stuck in another dimension with Chaos, Renegade, her, and two immortal slaying crossbow bolts...well if shooting her wouldn't kill Lolo I'd shoot her twice." >:T
  56. [18:40:50] <@Morty> (Ouch)
  57. [18:40:58] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  58. [18:40:59] * Amaryllis frowns deeply. "Is this so difficult to understand? That the breadth of what you have seen her do is but a miniscule part of a much longer life, spent helping others the best she can?"
  59. [18:41:08] <Amaryllis> "Are you really so spiteful?"
  60. [18:42:41] <Amaryllis> "She has a perspective that is totally alien to you, yes, and you yourself already have troubles acclimating the world around you, but you would sooner give up than try to make an effort to understand? Even when she has dedicated so much effort into helping with the endeavor that -you- have put so much energy into yourself?"
  61. [18:42:59] <Amaryllis> "Vivi trusted her with his son's life. Why can't you trust her as well?"
  62. [18:47:29] <Thetina> "It's and white.  Where is the line drawn where the miniscule that my entire existance is relevant versus you or hers?  How is it even fair to say that the same Carbuncle who helped Vivi later told me my entire endevour is a waste of time cause it all ends up the same way in the end?"
  63. [18:49:03] <Amaryllis> "It is not a waste of time. That is not what she meant. Because, in the end, if you let those mages live longer lives, they will weave greater stories than they could've, they will enrich the world past when they would have met an early grave, and -you- will have left an indelible mark on the world in the same way. It will be the experiences that you made possible that return to the Crystal later and become part of it forevermore."
  64. [18:50:08] <Amaryllis> "And, you know what, Theta? Sometimes I envy your normality. I am, as a storyteller, incredibly honored to have the capability to become an Eidolon, a living legend, but there is something about you that speaks to the idea of the classical hero, the one who starts from nothing and builds everything glorious in their tales by their own two hands."
  65. [18:50:58] <Amaryllis> "It is a role I will never play myself in any tale. I would not be half the fighter I am without Tonberry's power within me. I would not have the skill I do as a storyteller were my mind not already filled to the brim with all the tales and myths people told of Tonberries over the ages."
  66. [18:51:53] <Amaryllis> "But you have had to build everything for yourself, your training in Geomancy, your skill with a bow, the science you have learned to help the mage dolls. At the end of our journey, you will be able to stand there and say with all honesty that everything you have gained and accomplished was a hundred percent your own. That it was solely your own effort that made it happen. And that is something to be proud of."
  67. [18:52:42] * Amaryllis stops to catch her breath. Sand had begun swirling around her as her voice rose in the last long spiel she gave, but now it falls back to the ground, listless.
  68. [18:55:52] <Thetina> "It's not just my own.  Garland's plan to create us was the very foundation.  Kuja's actions provided the cause and delimma.  Countless victims have fallen to it and while I hate the living shit out of Ayane for what she did, it's a complete boot to the ass on the urgency."
  69. [18:56:19] <Thetina> "Maybe the grass is greener on the other side, but I care way less about how pure this is by my own hands and more about it happening before this whole thing starts anew."
  70. [18:57:16] <Thetina> "And honestly? Even if I don't respect that dumb cat thing at all least she's always been there for you.  I don't even have a god damn home or family, never did.  Poof, just existing and somehow need to figure this out."
  71. [18:58:15] <Amaryllis> "And you have already made remarkable steps toward that, in a span of mere weeks. You have destroyed Ayane's airship, built an entire bloody house in a day for the mage refugees in Lindblum, and there is only more ahead of you to be told in the world's tale."
  72. [18:59:37] <Amaryllis> "Yes, I have had Nat all this time. And Noah and Cait as well. But that is all I have had until now. Do you not also have a village? Mayor Mikoto? And..." Ammy takes a deep breath at this one, pausing even after she's exhaled before speaking. "do you not have Lenore? She wishes to speak with you, you know. To apologize and make right."
  73. [19:00:40] <Amaryllis> "I will not speak for her, but she feels deeply about the pain she's inflicted on you, and it has torn her apart as well. I think you both would gain a lot from speaking to each other."
  74. [19:04:32] <Thetina> "I don't really know how to explain this but the idea of a family unit is not really one dolls nor us relate to well.  I don't know what to make of my relation to Mikoto as you guys see it.  But she can't really directly help me with this, if anything I'm just making HER job harder."
  75. [19:05:49] <Thetina> "Lenore...fuck if I know," she tosses her hands in the air.  "I don't know exactly what you mean by that.  I'm an idiot but I know enough that I'm not right for her now and probably never."
  76. [19:06:40] <Amaryllis> "The only family I ever knew in my life is dead, Theta. And -I- killed him, was -forced- to kill him. If I can recover from that, you bloody well can make meaningful relationships in your life among those you know. Do you think it was easy to befriend Nat? She forgot who I was every other week, and every time it was absolutely heartwrenching. But I persevered, and you can as well."
  77. [19:07:23] <Amaryllis> "Your relationship with the village, with the dolls, with Mikoto, it is only ever what -you- put into it and what -you- decide. You are the author of your own tale here. You are not bound by the legends of yore, and you are free to decide what you wish. All that may hold you back is your own indecision and doubt."
  78. [19:08:00] <Amaryllis> "As for Lenore..." Ammy takes a deep breath again and closes her eyes. The sand around her rises up, forming two arms with large hands at the end. They grab onto Theta's shoulders and start shaking. "Bloody talk to her! You will never know if you do not do that!"
  79. [19:09:42] * Thetina is lightly shaken. "When the hell did you learn to do this anyway cause it's creepy as hell."
  80. [19:11:35] <Amaryllis> "...Sorry." The hands retract back into the beach, and the sand is still once more. "My stories have the power to change reality. I once thought I was merely a player in the world's tale, given a script to act out, bound by story, as I have always said. By the stories of Tonberry. But now, I suppose, I realize I...can pen my own tale as well, and with that realization has come a power I did not know before."
  81. [19:11:43] * Break is now known as Song
  82. [19:12:02] * Song is now known as Break
  83. [19:12:41] <Amaryllis> "In any case, will you bloody talk to her? She wants to apologize, and she absolutely does think you two can make a happy life together once this is all over."
  84. [19:17:10] <Thetina> "Bit of a different tune then the one you're lecturing me on with that..."  she coalesces the sand to repair the couch.  "And the rest of this...I get it, I got a lot to learn.  But I'm not just here for this mission I sorta fell into.  Yes, it's consuming all my god damn attention cause it should be.  But...god damn I just can't sustain it by myself.  That doesn't mean you need to keep me entirely out of the loop on the rest of t
  85. [19:17:10] <Thetina> his crap either."
  86. [19:19:08] <Amaryllis> "I have told you already there are no more secrets, and that is all that I can do."
  87. [19:20:45] <Thetina> "And I don't entirely trust you to that but time will tell there I guess.  As for Lenore...ugh.  I really don't wanna do this never even got that ice cream." She slowly gets out of the couch as it melts into a sand dune.
  88. [19:22:38] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Ah!  There you are!" And whadya know, there's Lenore at the edge of the beach, looks like she's been looking for Theta too!
  89. [19:23:16] * Amaryllis sees Lenore coming and then murmurs a bit under her breath. A tub of ice cream and a spoon appear in her hands. "...Here. Best of luck." She hands them over to Theta and starts to shuffle away.
  90. [19:23:34] * Amaryllis is now known as castfromhp
  91. [19:23:46] * LennyTheHeartwrecker walks on up to Thetina. "Um. Hi."
  92. [19:24:05] * Thetina stares down, grumbles. "And she's envious of mortals." What flavor is this anyway?
  93. [19:25:49] <Thetina> "Lenore." She nods politely. "Amaryllis mentioned something about last night, right.."
  94. [19:25:53] <castfromhp> Uh, CHOCOLATE.
  95. [19:26:28] <castfromhp> (chocolate is the default flavor for bloobloos right?)
  96. [19:26:36] <Giantree> (Vanilla is best)
  97. [19:26:48] <castfromhp> (but it's of those fancy chocolates with chips and brownie bits and fudge in it)
  98. [19:27:28] * Thetina takes a bite hnnnnggggh sogood ;o;
  99. [19:28:34] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Yeah, um...well..."  She's looking down on the ground, but shakes her head and starts looking up into Thetina's eyes.   "I'm really sorry about hurting you last night, and I want you to know I don't think less of you for not having time for me with all you've done.  I mean, you've helped the dolls, you're trying to help them with their lives and help them have a home and that's really
  100. [19:28:34] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> important and noble and...that's part of why I liked in the first place, because you do things like that."
  101. [19:34:41] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "I mean, I've always wanted to make a new spell and change magic, and that'll hopefully help people, but I honestly wanted to do it for selfish reasons, so that I'd have the self-satisfaction of making a spell and being able to rub it in my dad's face, and that's the thing, if there's a lesser one of us,'s me, not you!"  She pumps both of her fists up, her eyes narrowing slightly
  102. [19:34:41] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> as her face gets serious.  "I'm the one who's motivated by selfish things, but you've always been so noble and selfless in what you desired!  Improving mage doll lifespans won't help YOU directly,w ill it?  But that's still your passion, what you've sought to do from the beginning!"
  103. [19:36:12] * Thetina is nodding along with the ice cream nomming, keeping it together for now.
  104. [19:40:06] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "And...that's why we can't be a thing yet, because you have something you have to do, and I can't be there demanding your time and making it harder for you!  You have a big mission and I'm not going to get in the way of it!"
  105. [19:41:10] <Thetina> "I never really got the sense you were trying to insult me, Lenore.  Just..."
  106. [19:43:33] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Just...?"
  107. [19:43:48] <Thetina> "I don't know if I could handle seeing you with someone else when I messed up so bad and still keep that in mind.  The very -thought- of it makes me reluctant.  So if that's what you want I don't think I can handle keeping an open mind about it in the future :<"
  108. [19:48:10] * LennyTheHeartwrecker is quiet now, adjusting her hat. "You didn't...I won't...I..." Stumbling.
  109. [19:50:24] <Thetina> "That was entirely the point, wasn't it? Like..."
  110. [19:51:06] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "That wasn't the point of me wanting to split up, no!"
  111. [19:51:26] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "I hadn't even THOUGHT of dating someone else until T-89 brought it up!"
  112. [19:52:09] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "But I realized I probably would in the meantime and I didn't want you to be hurt when it happened, so I admitted that I was selfish enough to do that!"
  113. [19:52:09] <Thetina> "Then what did you mean?  That'd it'd be better if we just moved on? I don't understand..."
  114. [19:55:27] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "It was that I'd stop thinking I was entitled to your time, because I kept feeling like I was and knew that I wasn't.  I didn't want to be the clingy jealous one, I was worried I was going to ruin things if we stayed together while this is going on, so I ended it so I wouldn't screw up your goals."
  115. [19:56:33] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "It's not you, it's me."
  116. [19:56:56] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "I'm the one who's not good enough for you."
  117. [19:57:09] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Not the other way around."
  118. [19:57:29] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> She's tilted her head to the ground, her eyes barely visible beneath her hat.
  119. [19:59:16] <Thetina> "Okay..."
  120. [20:00:45] <Thetina> "I'm not really comfortable hoping once this is all done you haven't moved on, though.  I also can't make promises that wouldn't hurt either."
  121. [20:01:24] <Thetina> "Talking about this just makes me feel crummy though." :<
  122. [20:03:48] * LennyTheHeartwrecker sniff. "I'm sorry that I'm so selfish, Theta. All I wanted was your tail and your dick and all your time and everything and that's not right of me, I shouldn't have thought I could get everything from you, I shouldn't have asked so much of you from the beginning. I'm really sorry, stop blaming yourself, okay? Can you..." Sniff. "Can you promise..." Sniff. "C-can..."
  123. [20:03:49] * LennyTheHeartwrecker Sniff waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  124. [20:07:17] * Thetina hugs her and lets her cry it out, then offers over the ice cream.  
  125. [20:07:27] <Thetina> "Fate's just really shitty to us, huh."
  126. [20:09:53] * LennyTheHeartwrecker latches onto Theta when hugged and makes their shoulder pretty wet.
  127. [20:11:00] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> After a while, and a few bites of ice cream, she's calmed down but won't let go.  ""  Sniff.  "If there's anything I can do to make it up to you..."
  128. [20:12:44] <Thetina> "When you find someone else please keep it discrete so I don't know or something," it's half a joke and half ;o;
  129. [20:13:20] * LennyTheHeartwrecker nods carefully. "Well, I um...was planning that anyway..."
  130. [20:14:18] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Is there...anything else you want?  Um...I mean...even though we're not officially in a relationship doesn't mean I can' can' things with each other."
  131. [20:17:06] * Thetina just slowly takes the ice cream back. "I think I just. Want to. Forget or something I don't know" Shaking a bit, the facade's sorta slipping.  
  132. [20:17:30] <Thetina> She also doesn't seem to, well, really get what you're implying.
  133. [20:21:13] * LennyTheHeartwrecker lets go of Theta. "Oh, maybe you'll think about it when you're back to you ever want a girl for anything, or to just talk...I'm still around...but I guess I'll go now, if that's okay, unless you don't want me to leave, I mean, if you're upset I'll still stick with you..."
  134. [20:23:26] <Thetina> "Just. Time.  Or something. I don't know.  Tonberries to go with the Garlands. Yes. new project," still shaking a little, she continues to eat the ice cream and walks down the beach some.
  135. [20:23:54] * LennyTheHeartwrecker nods. "Okay, then, let me know if you need anything..."
  136. [20:24:19] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "And...I guess I won't tell Ammy, your secret's safe with me, okay?"
  137. [20:24:37] <Thetina> "Secret?"
  138. [20:25:07] <@Morty> (She means the lewd tonberries)
  139. [20:25:16] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "T-that you're making Tonberries, I mean, Ammy would flip if she foudn out, right?  Especially if they're like that."  She points at one of the Garland statues.
  140. [20:25:19] <@Morty> (Silly derpy Theta)
  141. [20:25:47] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Although...maybe you should make them somewhere that Ammy can't see..."
  142. [20:26:48] <Thetina> "...She'll probably know it's me.  Oh well.  Heh.heheh...ha." god that was an awkward laugh.  "But...thanks...for...everything." She runs off with the ice cream before she loses it again and returns to the life of the geohobo.
  143. [20:27:39] * LennyTheHeartwrecker watches Theta run off, laughing really creepily. "Well, I guess that worked, although...he's still a bit broken..."
  144. [20:28:03] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "...maybe I should've just said he could have sex with me outright, I mean, he probably knows less about it than I do..."
  145. [20:28:50] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> "Nnnngh, I just keep screwing everything up lately, don't I?"  She walks off the beach, now.
  146. [20:30:02] <LennyTheHeartwrecker> </>
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