Introduction of Mana

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  1. [17:25:15] <@Giantree> Wisp's smiling face graces the sun in the sky!  It's the beginning of the Mana Holy Day, or at least, it's close enough to it that it isn't nearly sundown yet.  The bright sky looms over Willow Village, a peaceful but still refreshingly new-looking town en route to the way to the holy kingdom of Wendel, where the Mana Spirit of Light, Wisp, is known to reside.  Of course seeing him in the sky is nothing like seeing him in person.  Many villagers turn toward the entrance as a new traveler enters, though not without some bustling elsewhere.
  2. [17:26:28] <@Giantree> To the sides, weapon shops, inns, all sorts of merchants and mercenaries making lots of noise and frolicing on their own.  A big, neutral "WELCOME" sign hangs overhead as the Siren enters.
  3. [17:27:38] <@Giantree> "... And stay out!"  Right away, a loud SLAMming door rings out in the village, with a human-looking... well, human rolling out uncomfortably from a building with a big beer mug on it.  The back room, even.
  4. [17:28:45] * Eirene sort of hops and flutters towards the tavern, thinking that would be the best place to get information - and nearly collides with the human projectile being encouraged to leave.
  5. [17:30:37] * Terse starts to pick himself up, tousled blonde hair dusty from, well, rolling in the dust, turning and preparing to unleash a veritable torrent of invective at the tavern, proprietor, and people who check sleeves for extra sets of dice...when he notices that he fell on something fluffy.  Attached to the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.
  6. [17:31:00] <Eirene> "Hello there! Good morning to you! You're sitting on my leg."
  7. [17:31:23] <Terse> "Oh shit.  I'm sorry about that, are you alright?" Smooth, Terse.  Very smooth.  He quickly scoots off her leg.
  8. [17:32:00] <Eirene> "Mmmhmm. Fine, yes, fine, of course. Excuse me, I'm looking for a song. Have you seen one?"
  9. [17:32:33] <@Giantree> "Sheeesh.  Can'tevnkeepisandsoffablahblahblah."  A grumbly voice proceeds into the closed tavern back-door, even though a much bigger one is wide open at the frontside of the building.
  10. [17:33:22] * Terse throws a rock at the door, "Plebian sods."
  11. [17:33:59] <Terse> "A song?  The only songs you'll find in there are the ribald lyrics of drunkards, a posh lady like you shouldn't be hanging around there." He stands, and offers her his hand, "Uh.  Terse.  No last name."
  12. [17:35:03] <Eirene> "Eirene. Pleased to meet you." The siren does a little bird hop back onto her feet. "That's a pity, I thought the City of Light would prove more...illuminating."
  13. [17:36:55] <Terse> "Everyone's gotta eat somehow.  So, you're looking for a song?"
  14. [17:37:31] <Eirene> "Indeed I am! It was stolen from me a while ago, you see."
  15. [17:37:57] <Terse> "Ah.  So you can't hum a few bars or anything?"
  16. [17:37:58] <@Giantree> Birds CAAAAW in the sky, flying to the north where even this early in the day a bright light hangs in the sky above whatever's past the forest.  Numerous caravans pass through the village and leave.
  17. [17:38:29] <Eirene> "Well, ah. No. It was stolen, you see."
  18. [17:38:32] <Eirene> "Quite completely."
  19. [17:41:47] <Terse> "Huh.  Not like I have a job to keep me any longer, anyway." He kicks another rock at the door, "Wendel's a real city, not like this dump." Willow isn't a bad town, but he has just been fired, "You might even find your song there."
  20. [17:42:04] <Eirene> "Hopefully!"
  21. [17:42:11] <Eirene> "Are you a fellow traveler?"
  22. [17:42:15] <Eirene> "What are you searching for?"
  23. [17:42:22] <Eirene> "What's your favorite color?"
  24. [17:43:42] <Terse> "I..." Overwhelmed, he just blinks at her, "I dunno, really.  I'm not doing anything, and I don't really have anything to search for..."
  25. [17:44:02] <Terse> He grins, suddenly, "You know what?  Yeah, I'm a traveler now.  Also, orange."
  26. [17:45:54] <Eirene> "Oooh. Really? How lovely! Would you mind coming along with me? I mean, if you've nothing better to do, since things are always more fun with more people!"
  27. [17:47:31] <@Giantree> The village is small enough to have multiple entrances just a short walk away from each other.  Carriages and merchants pass through one to the other within minutes, seconds if they're dashing quickly enough; but near an entrance leading to a trail through an apparent deep forest, a round rabbit-esque man waves his hands at all passerbys and tries to grab onto carriages only to land face-first in the dirt.
  28. [17:47:40] <@Giantree> "Help!  H-Hey, wait!"
  29. [17:47:49] <@Giantree> Plop.
  30. [17:50:54] <Eirene> "Hmmm."
  31. [17:51:40] <@Giantree> The beggar keeps begging everybody exiting the village to no avail, resting near the exit with a pout.  He's wearing plenty heavy packs slung over both his shoulders.
  32. [17:51:42] <Terse> "I guess I can come along with you.  It's no trouble, I mean, miss Eirene."
  33. [17:52:17] * Terse remembers to stay nonchalant and cool
  34. [17:52:53] <Eirene> "Wonderful, wonderful. Hmm, do you know that person?"
  35. [17:53:09] <Terse> "Never seen him before."
  36. [17:53:52] <@Giantree> He throws himself into a carriage, only to be forcefully kicked out and dirt-covered seconds later.
  37. [17:54:25] * Eirene hops over.
  38. [17:54:29] <Terse> "Poor guy." Terse saunters over.
  39. [17:54:49] <@Giantree> "Nnnngggh.  All I want's a bit of business, you guuuuuys~!"  ;_;
  40. [17:55:07] <Terse> "What's wrong, chum?"
  41. [17:55:56] <@Giantree> "Whoa!"  The rabbit rolls around, barely even able to stand up on his own with the heavy bags all over him.  "Oh, got me excited for a second, almost thought it was a traveler."
  42. [17:56:19] <Eirene> "He is a traveler, though!"
  43. [17:56:43] <@Giantree> "Uh-huhhhh, is that so?"  Roll, roll.  Rollroll.
  44. [17:57:18] <@Giantree> Rolllrolllroll... PLOP.  He gets back on his feet and brushes himself up, reaching into a pack to pull out a monocle before holding it over his eye and looking over them both.  "Hmmhmm... hmmHMM... I see!"
  45. [17:57:44] * Eirene leans back. "You see?"
  46. [17:57:57] * Terse crosses his arms over his chest, looking skeptically at the rabbit.
  47. [17:58:25] <@Giantree> "Nope!  I lied, I don't actually see anything."  He puts the monocle away back into a pack, extending a paw that's a perfect fit for his plump body.
  48. [17:58:59] <@Giantree> "I'm Niccolo, of the Niccolo family of Niccolos!  You lot wouldn't mind helpin' a poor merchant out, wouldjya?"
  49. [17:59:24] <Eirene> "I would, but I'm not sure there's so much I can do. I'm just looking for my song..."
  50. [17:59:36] <Terse> "I don't have any money."
  51. [17:59:40] <Terse> Blunt as a hammer.
  52. [18:00:10] <@Giantree> "Ohhh!"  He claps his paws together, with a big, greedy grin.  "I know a songwriter up in Wendel, little miss!  I could introduce you, y'know."  A single wink.
  53. [18:00:56] <Eirene> "Oooooh, really?"
  54. [18:01:39] <@Giantree> "And... you seem like a pretty hardy young man.  How about a quick deal, eh?  I just need a quiiiiick walk back thattaway to GET to the place."  He motions with the same paw back toward the forest.  "I won't ask for any money!  Just... to not die, that'd be nice."
  55. [18:02:12] <Eirene> "Doesn't seem hard at all!"
  56. [18:02:13] <@Giantree> "I gotta transport some goods, y'see, and everything I hear about that there Trail gets worse n' worse.  Rabites, Vampire Rabites, Goblins, Vampire Goblins, Thieves..."
  57. [18:02:20] <Terse> "So, you need bodyguards."
  58. [18:02:20] <@Giantree> He gulps instead of even saying the last one.
  59. [18:02:24] <Eirene> "...Vampire thieves?"
  60. [18:02:36] <Terse> "The worst of menaces."
  61. [18:02:51] <@Giantree> "That's the gist of it!"  He nods to Terse and shakes his head to the Siren.  "No, no, that's silly, those are just myths?"
  62. [18:02:54] <Terse> "...I actually heard something about vampire thieves being a problem in some city or other, I don't remember the details."
  63. [18:03:01] <@Giantree> A shiver runs up his entire body.  "... I really hope they're myths."
  64. [18:03:24] <@Giantree> "Oh Goddess!"  He jumps and cowers behind the WELCOME signpost near the village's exit.
  65. [18:03:36] <Eirene> "Well, you could do what I do! Just don't carry anything worth taking!"
  66. [18:03:46] <Terse> "Then they're myths.  I don't mind being a bodyguard, but I promised to take her to Wendel." He looks over at her.
  67. [18:04:35] <@Giantree> "Oh!  Then it's win-win-win for all of us, yeah?"  He gets the greedy smile back on his rabbit-face.  "I'll just... follow you two and stay out of any trouble and then I'll see what I can do to help in town, how's that sound?"
  68. [18:05:09] <Eirene> "Sounds exciting!"
  69. [18:05:27] <Eirene> "Um...which way are we going?"
  70. [18:06:27] <@Giantree> "Allllrighty then!  That was easy!  Only took three days to convince some poor s- I mean, lovely adventurers to help out!"  He nods at himself, twice, before pointing toward the forest.  "The map says Wendel's past that big ol' Trail, but I dunno how to actually go through it.  Presumably it's just a trail, since if it were a maze or somethin' nobody'd ever have seen the city on the other side of it, yeah?"
  71. [18:06:49] <@Giantree> "... Because they wouldn't call it a Trail if it wasn't a trail."
  72. [18:06:53] <@Giantree> ".... Probably."
  73. [18:06:54] <Terse> "Presumably, but not all forest trails are well-maintained."
  74. [18:07:07] <Eirene> "If Wendel's such a big place, then why wouldn't they be?"
  75. [18:07:36] <@Giantree> "Eeeexactly!  I sell weapons, but I can't use 'em, my hands just ain't quite right."
  76. [18:08:38] <Terse> "Jeez, well, it's not out of our way, I suppose I don't mind."
  77. [18:08:48] <Terse> "How much are you gonna pay us?"
  78. [18:09:51] <@Giantree> "Hmmm... HMMM..."  He rubs his paws together again.  "I'm fer real about that songwriter, young man, but... I don't suppose it'd be too hard to line your pockets with a few lucre.  After all, I AM a pretty well-known merchant in other parts of the world, surely business has gotta be great up there!"
  79. [18:10:37] <@Giantree> "If nobody has any money up in a big tourist city I guess the worst that'd happen is you'd have to settle for a big group hug instead.  Hmhmm!"
  80. [18:10:51] <@Giantree> "... But I kinda doubt it."
  81. [18:11:58] <Eirene> "Hmm."
  82. [18:12:01] <Eirene> "So, um."
  83. [18:12:04] * Eirene raises a hand.
  84. [18:12:10] <@Giantree> "Yesssssss, young miss?"
  85. [18:12:49] <Eirene> "What you're saying is that you, uh, won't actually have any money to pay us until way after we get there, right?"
  86. [18:13:25] <@Giantree> "Well... er... I have some pocket change, I guess I wouldn't mind parting with some of that."
  87. [18:13:57] <Terse> "You could pay us half now, half when we arrive."
  88. [18:14:47] <@Giantree> He sighs, and fishes in a pack.  "Y'sure have ways with words, huh?  Okay, just to show you a Merchant never goes back on his word, how about I give a hundred each and a hundred more when we get there?  That much isn't hard for a master like me ta come by."
  89. [18:15:28] <Terse> "It's not that I don't trust you, but it'd be bad business not to arrange it in advance, right?  You're helping Eirene,'s a deal.  A hundred each now, and a hundred more when we get there." He extends his hand.  
  90. [18:16:00] <Eirene> "Okay. :D"
  91. [18:16:25] <@Giantree> "Not that I don't think I'll be rollin' in millions once I'm up there!"  A bit pouty, he fishes out some tiny coins and pays them out to Terse, then does the same for Eirene who presumably wasn't greedy enough to already have her hand extended, which is enough to put the smile back on his face.
  92. [18:16:37] <@Giantree> Or, the greedy merchant grin, anyway.  It seems like only losing his money ever makes it go away.
  93. [18:16:53] * Terse was holding out his hand to shake, actually, but he takes the money without complaint.
  94. [18:17:14] <@Giantree> Silly Terse, merchants don't know about anything that isn't money!
  95. [18:17:48] * Eirene puts the 100 luc into her change bag! Yaaay.
  96. [18:17:53] <Eirene> "Shall we be off, then?"
  97. [18:18:29] <@Giantree> "Alrighty then!  The last few guys ran off on me after a deal like that, y'see, that's why I was startin' to run low.  But right, we're off!"  He gives an exaggerated gesture toward the forest before creeping behind the other two.  "... You first."
  98. [18:19:14] * Terse makes the money disappear somehow.
  99. [18:19:47] * Terse dusts his hands off, and takes the lead, "Hey, Eirene, want to hear a story?"
  100. [18:19:50] <@Giantree> THE FOREST TRAIL expands past the village, and looks a little more ominous as it goes deeper and deeper.  Not that the brush is incredibly thick, but enough to be a nuisance.
  101. [18:20:06] <@Giantree> Niccolo waddles along behind, humming something incredibly off-key to himself.
  102. [18:20:17] <Eirene> "Sure!" Eirene settles for walking, not wanting to fly above tree level and lose sight of the person she's bodyguarding.
  103. [18:21:42] <Terse> "So, one time, we had this group of mercenaries pass through town, and I could just tell they'd just gotten paid because they were drinking and eating everything in sight, so I thought I'd do the community a service and offer to double their wages, y'know?  Little low-stakes card game between friends..." He starts into a story.
  104. [18:23:28] * Eirene listens with interest, even as she keeps an eye out for trouble - and another eye out for trouble form Niccolo.
  105. [18:23:55] <@Giantree> The bored rabbit keeps waddling along behind.  He stops every few minutes to look at some flower or act like he saw money on the ground but then realize he actually didn't and walk along whistling.
  106. [18:24:17] <Terse> "Just a few rounds.  They figured it wouldn't be hard to fleece a tavern cook with their city smarts, and I'd just gotten done losing to one of 'em, so he'd bring his friends in on it..." casually, he takes a pair of apples from under his rugged, but hard-worn mantle, and offers one to her, "Anyway, they thought I didn't know the rules that well, since I asked one of them if heroes beat kings..."
  107. [18:24:56] <@Giantree> Halfway through the story, they come about a fork!  It leads right and left, with the left path being slightly higher-elevated than the right, but the signpost in front of it seems to be torn apart so there's no indication what's where.
  108. [18:26:04] * Eirene no longer has any idea what Terse is talking about, but she smiles and nods along, and hey! Lunch.
  109. [18:26:18] <Eirene> "Hmmm, is Wendel north or south of Willow?"
  110. [18:26:34] <Terse> "So it was down to the third round, and they thought they were doing pretty well and were just about fixing to leave...when I take out this fake gem I'd found, and plunk it down on the table, looking as desperate as I could..."
  111. [18:26:45] <Terse> "Hey, merchant, where do we go here?"
  112. [18:26:57] <@Giantree> "I'm prrrrrrretty sure it's south, Missy."  Niccolo proudly points to the map he's holding, only to realize later it's upside-down.  "... Oops, wait, nevermind."
  113. [18:27:51] <@Giantree> "Let's see here... something about a fork in the path... mumblemumblemumble..."  He stares intently at the map.  "Nope, nothing!  Let's just pick one way and go there, I'm sure one's just a scenic route, yeah?"
  114. [18:27:58] * Terse was mostly just enjoying walking and talking to a pretty girl, and hasn't really been keeping track of the path.
  115. [18:28:15] <Terse> "Say, Eirene, any chance you can fly up and check?"
  116. [18:28:29] <@Giantree> The rabbit is everything but pretty, but that doesn't erase the smile from his face any.
  117. [18:29:32] <Eirene> "Sure. One momeeent~"
  118. [18:29:35] <Eirene> flapflapflap
  119. [18:30:41] * Terse gets buffeted with the wind from her wings, noticing it smells like flowers.  Obviously.  Best girl ever.
  120. [18:30:57] <@Giantree> The rabbit marvels at her wings, like he didn't even notice they were there until just now.  UP ABOVE THE FOREST, despite some thick canopy, is a big, bright city a good way ahead.  The right path, indeed, seems to lead more directly to it, but the left path ultimately doesn't go in the opposite direction of the city or anything; only a longer, winding path.
  121. [18:31:25] <Eirene> flapflapflap plop.
  122. [18:31:40] <Eirene> "Right is the quick way, left is the fun way!"
  123. [18:33:02] * Terse considers for a moment.  Technically, she might find her song in Wendel itself, and going left gives him more time to talk with her, "Well...would they have a longer path unless there was something wrong with the shorter one?  Gotta have a reason, right?"
  124. [18:33:33] <@Giantree> "Hrmmmm."  The merchant scrunches his happy rabbit-face.  "We might be able to get there before nightfall if we took the 'quick way,' but I'll follow wherever you guys go, y'know!  Can't go gettin' left behind."
  125. [18:33:34] <Eirene> "Maybe it's the scenic route."
  126. [18:34:43] <Terse> "Might be safer to go left.  Besides, that way goes up, we'll have a better view of whatever's ahead."
  127. [18:36:09] <@Giantree> Niccolo shrugs.  "Then make it left!  I hear scary stuff comes out at night..."  A shiver while walking.
  128. [18:36:38] <Eirene> "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine."
  129. [18:37:00] <Eirene> "After all, whichever way we go, we're between two busy areas, right?"
  130. [18:37:23] <@Giantree> "Mm-hmm, I trust you both, after all, you didn't run off with my money!  So, left we'll go."  He waddles off, though slowly enough to not get ahead of anybody.
  131. [18:37:52] <@Giantree> Awareness checks!
  132. [18:37:56] * Terse heads off to the left, casually slipping a sort of...well, it looks like two metal handles pressed tight together.  A flick of his wrist, though, and it's a knife.  He casually flicks the balisong back and forth as he walks, spinning the handles and blade end over end, fingers dancing from one to the other, "I'll keep an eye out."
  133. [18:38:46] <Eirene> 2d6+4
  134. [18:38:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=3,1]
  135. [18:40:03] <@Giantree> Terse takes the lead and manages to see the two Rabites frolicing along the left path.  They roll around lazily; of course, the rabbit with them is off not paying attention and Eirene, who knows?
  136. [18:40:37] <@Giantree> Rather, frolicking in the bushes.
  137. [18:42:29] * Eirene is busy watching the skies. Adventurers never look up, that's why so many of them die to drop bear attacks.
  138. [18:42:57] <@Giantree> Thinking on it, such things would probably be solely responsible for making the bottom path more dangerous.  Good call.
  139. [18:45:18] <Eirene> "Anything dangerous down there?"
  140. [18:45:43] * Terse keeps his knife to hand, "Just a few Rabites, nothing important yet." Stayin' cool and nonchalant like a boss.
  141. [18:45:59] <@Giantree> (Anyone who WANTS to avoid them, gimme stealth~)
  142. [18:46:16] <@Giantree> They look like they'd probably be hostile.  Just maybe.
  143. [18:47:38] <Eirene> 2d6 I'm stealthy!
  144. [18:47:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, I'm stealthy!: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  145. [18:48:54] <@Giantree> 2d6 let's have this guy's too
  146. [18:48:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, let's have this guy's too: 8 [2d6=6,2]
  147. [18:49:28] <@Giantree> Through the path, the small, adorable creatures don't notice the rabbit or the bird, probably because they're incredibly lazy and rolling around instead of watching the road.
  148. [18:50:04] <Eirene> (hnngh)
  149. [18:50:11] <Eirene> (I almost want to take one for a pet)
  150. [18:50:14] <Lyle> (d'awwww)
  151. [18:50:24] <@Giantree> (>implying you can't)
  152. [18:51:07] <Eirene> (>implying it wouldn't cause trouble)
  153. [18:51:26] <@Giantree> (oh, it would, more than you can imagine)
  154. [18:51:29] <@Giantree> (BUT STILL)
  155. [18:51:32] <Eirene> (:B)
  156. [18:52:08] <Terse> 2d6+3 stealthin'
  157. [18:52:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, stealthin': 7 [2d6=1,3]
  158. [18:52:35] <@Giantree> They stop rolling.
  159. [18:52:51] <@Giantree> ... And then go back to it a few seconds later!
  160. [18:53:01] <Lyle> (nice psycheout)
  161. [18:53:18] <Eirene> "Hmm, Terse."
  162. [18:53:30] <Eirene> "What would you do if one of them followed us?"
  163. [18:54:05] <Terse> "Watch it closely, they're vicious in packs.  Maybe I'd just cook it with some parsley and carrot slices..."
  164. [18:54:06] <@Giantree> The rabbit lets out a relieved sigh once they're past, encouraging the others to whisper, but the look on his face says he doesn't expect to be listened to anyway.
  165. [18:54:42] <Eirene> "....That was the least vicious thing I've ever seen."
  166. [18:54:54] * Eirene drops her voice to 'stage whisper'. "Except maybe Niccolo."
  167. [18:55:41] * Terse barely stifles a burst of laughter.
  168. [18:56:02] <Terse> "You want me to go get one?  I'm a pretty good cook."
  169. [18:56:39] <@Giantree> The rabbit keeps waddling ahead, not even having heard anything despite the size of his ears.
  170. [18:57:01] <Eirene> "No, it'd probably offend Niccolo."
  171. [18:57:05] <Eirene> "I wonder if they're related?/"
  172. [18:58:45] * Eirene hurries to catch up. Speedy speed and all that.
  173. [19:00:23] <@Giantree> "What are you two babblin' about?  Look, we gotta go through there."  Frowning, he points ahead to the massive rock wall and the entrance from the trail that seems like it leads a bit downward.  "Well, at least, I've never been THIS way so I'm not sure if there's a way around."
  174. [19:01:27] <Eirene> "We could just fly over, right?"
  175. [19:02:18] <@Giantree> "That sounds like a great idea, li-"  He pauses a second to realize he doesn't have wings.  "Well, if I could do that I would've already been in Wendel by now, probably."
  176. [19:02:47] <Eirene> "Then onward it is, I guess."
  177. [19:02:51] * Eirene doesn't look too thrilled.
  178. [19:03:29] <Terse> "Onward!  So, there I was, staring down these four burly mercenaries, with the Hero of Swords hidden up my sleeve..."
  179. [19:04:05] <Eirene> "And then what happened?"
  180. [19:04:19] <@Giantree> He nods and walks along before freezing at the loud noise of something snoring.  And something else.  And something else.  The cave path leads into a large room.
  181. [19:04:43] <Eirene> "Huh."
  182. [19:04:51] <@Giantree> "Uh... Oops."  Niccolo whispers.
  183. [19:05:02] <@Giantree> Then, DINGALINGALINGALINGALINGA
  184. [19:05:15] <@Giantree> A bell on the ceiling starts to ring!
  185. [19:05:36] <Eirene> "...Oops?"
  186. [19:05:44] <@Giantree> Only, it looks like what it's tied to is a rope that neither Niccolo nor the others touched.
  187. [19:06:06] <@Giantree> The angry-looking goblins waking up may have something to do with the humanoid figure who just landed face-first on the other entrance of the room.
  188. [19:06:23] <Lyle> "Ow."
  189. [19:07:23] <Eirene> "Oh."
  190. [19:07:24] <Eirene> "Hi."
  191. [19:07:27] * Lyle would get up, dusting himself off, looking at the goblins approaching him. "Well, I guess I could've done that better..." He'd immediately move his arm to the sword at his side.
  192. [19:07:27] <Eirene> "Is this your house?"
  193. [19:07:57] <@Giantree> "Well, that could've gone better.  Uh... please don't hurt us, okay?"  The fat rabbit waves at the three goblins that stand up and grab the axes lying next to them.
  194. [19:08:36] * Eirene pulls out a harp and plucks it a few times.
  195. [19:09:27] * Terse already has his knife in hand, "Too late for that.  Stay back, you two!" Despite being nothing but an ex-tavern worker and a cheat, he boldly brings his knife up to defend himself.
  196. [19:10:48] * Lyle would blink at Eirene's inquiry, before drawing his sword and getting into a ready stance. "Yeah, uh, stay back and let us trained fighters deal with these...rogues..."
  197. [19:11:26] <Terse> "What training?"
  198. [19:11:26] <@Giantree> "Kekekeke!"  The goblins all shout out at once, because that's... apparently all they can do; or maybe it has to do with the fact that their rabite masks are covering their faces.
  199. [19:12:02] * Lyle would blink a few times. " know what you're doing, at least, right?"
  200. [19:12:27] <Terse> "Yep."
  201. [19:12:39] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lyle > ??? > Terse > Eirene > Goblin A > Goblin B > Goblin C > lol niccolo'
  202. [19:12:39] <Lyle> "Works for me."
  203. [19:12:42] * Terse speaks totally nonchalantly about drawing a knife on three goblins with axes
  204. [19:13:23] <Eirene> "Hmm."
  205. [19:14:06] * Lyle would immediately dash in towards one of the goblins, both of his hands clutching his blade, as he would slash diagonally down on Goblin A. "Take this!"
  206. [19:14:40] <@Giantree> "Well, uh, I kind of promised the last of my money on you guys," Niccolo remarks.  "Otherwise I'd probably try to bribe these guys.  Er, good luck!"
  207. [19:14:41] <Lyle> 2d6+6; 16 damage plus whatever rolled.
  208. [19:14:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+6: 18 [2d6=6,6]; damage plus whatever rolled.: 16 []
  209. [19:14:51] <Lyle> (Oh damn.)
  210. [19:14:52] <@Giantree> (WE'RE OFF TO A GOOD START)
  211. [19:16:07] <Eirene> (whelp)
  212. [19:16:33] <@Giantree> Well, the closes goblin tries to parry with his axe and... doesn't.  In fact he looks pretty pathetic, bleeding and rolling backwards.
  213. [19:16:56] <@Giantree> ".. Oof!"
  214. [19:17:13] <@Giantree> That wasn't the goblin, surprisingly.  It was Niccolo, as something landed on his head-- it sounded painful, too.
  215. [19:17:22] <Lyle> "That's the power of the Order of Gemma Knights, you fiend!"
  216. [19:17:33] <Eirene> "A Gemma Knight?"
  217. [19:17:44] <Lyle> "Well...I'm just a Squire...but..."
  218. [19:18:08] <@Giantree> "Ahh... oh no, I didn't expect to run into- hey, get off my head!"  Niccolo barks at the creature that fell on him, as rocks fall from the ceiling afterward.
  219. [19:18:17] <Lyle> "I'll be a full-fledged Gemma knight someday!"  He'd grin.
  220. [19:19:16] * Briar gah, stunned as he leaps off of the head of the rabbit. "Great, now I'm going to get eaten."
  221. [19:19:23] <Eirene> "Not so loud! You'll cause an avalanche."
  222. [19:20:26] <@Giantree> (Briar can take a turn now, but IF NOT it's Terse)
  223. [19:20:52] <Terse> (Oh, I assumed he acted before me)
  224. [19:20:56] <@Giantree> "Hey, how d'you think WE all feel?  We'd probably even taste good!  ... Actually, where the heck did you come from, anyway?"  He rubs his head.
  225. [19:21:04] <@Giantree> (He does)
  226. [19:21:09] <Terse> "He's really young to be a Gemma Knight."
  227. [19:21:15] <Terse> "...Whatever they are."
  228. [19:21:25] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lyle > Briar > Terse > Eirene > Goblin A > Goblin B > Goblin C (really wounded) > lol niccolo'
  229. [19:21:50] * Briar the squirrel like creature picks up his hat dusts it off, and cracks his whip at the nearest goblin.
  230. [19:21:52] <Eirene> (I really have the lowest dex in the party? O:)
  231. [19:21:55] <Eirene> (allthedex)
  232. [19:21:58] <Briar> 2d6+5;22
  233. [19:21:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=3,4]; 22: 22 []
  234. [19:21:59] <Lyle> (Hyup.)
  235. [19:22:09] <Lyle> (So many Dex peoples.)
  236. [19:22:15] <Briar> (29 damage)
  237. [19:22:42] <Briar> "I was hoping to get the loot and out without a fight."
  238. [19:22:52] <Eirene> "What loot?"
  239. [19:22:52] <Briar> "Damn goblin raids."
  240. [19:22:57] <Eirene> "We were just passing through."
  241. [19:23:03] <@Giantree> (that does hit, yes)
  242. [19:23:10] <@Giantree> Terse!
  243. [19:23:27] <@Giantree> "Keeekekeke!"  The goblins swing their axes around threateningly!  Fortunately they're too awful at their work to hit anything.
  244. [19:23:42] <Briar> "Took stuff from my town."
  245. [19:24:12] <Eirene> "Perhaps we should talk about it later, though?"
  246. [19:24:38] <@Giantree> "THESE guys are why I wanted to get there before night, you guys!  ... Not that that ended up mattering.  Well, maybe they fight worse when they're tired?  And maybe they have money... hmm... hmm..."
  247. [19:24:39] <Briar> "Lets."
  248. [19:24:42] * Terse leaps forward in mid-conversation, his knife describing a short, steely arc right through the goblin's throat!
  249. [19:24:44] <Terse> 2d6+4
  250. [19:24:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=5,3]
  251. [19:25:05] <@Giantree> Hits!  But is it at the undamaged one or one of the other two?
  252. [19:25:27] <Terse> The one Lyle hit!
  253. [19:25:47] <Terse> "Goblins first, money later!"
  254. [19:26:20] <@Giantree> It goes down pathetically, flailing its axe around.  The other two look at each other and decide to keep waving their weapons anyway.
  255. [19:27:04] <Lyle> "Hmph.  Don't know when they're beat, eh?"
  256. [19:27:26] * Eirene aims her harp and pulls the last string back as an arrow-shaped burst of energy forms in the string's bend.
  257. [19:27:29] <Eirene> "Aaaand!"
  258. [19:27:31] <Eirene> "Fire!"
  259. [19:27:37] <Eirene> 2d6+5
  260. [19:27:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  261. [19:27:56] <Eirene> 25 damage to the one Briar hit
  262. [19:29:05] <@Giantree> The goblin braces itself and takes a shot to the face, getting up and flailing its axe around.
  263. [19:29:45] <@Giantree> "Ke... Keke!"  That same particular one, being Goblin A and all, looks around for an escape path or something, before turning to the only remaining comrade it has.  Said comrade only shrugs.
  264. [19:30:03] <@Giantree> 2d6+5 so he aims at Lyle instead!
  265. [19:30:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, so he aims at Lyle instead!: 13 [2d6=4,4]
  266. [19:30:45] <@Giantree> 21 damage, that seems like it hits.  Does it hurt?  ... Only maybe.
  267. [19:31:16] * Lyle attempts to block it with his sword, but ends up failing to deflect the axe, so he gets a cut along his arm. Since he's got like, 6 ARM, though, it only did like 15 damage, so he's fine.
  268. [19:31:31] <@Giantree> The other goblin looks around for an escape route too, but quickly gives up.
  269. [19:32:10] <@Giantree> So, seeing the rabbit guarded, he winds up and throws his axe at Terse instead.
  270. [19:32:17] <@Giantree> 2d6+3 this will not go well
  271. [19:32:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, this will not go well: 9 [2d6=5,1]
  272. [19:32:33] * Terse tilts his head to the side casually, as it whizzes past
  273. [19:32:42] <Eirene> "
  274. [19:32:42] <@Giantree> The goblins look at each other and shrug.
  275. [19:32:43] * Terse is just too cool to be worried about axes.
  276. [19:32:44] <Eirene> "Ooooh."
  277. [19:32:59] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lyle > Briar > Terse > Eirene > Goblin A (hurt) > Goblin B > What, you think Niccolo DOES things?'
  278. [19:33:07] <@Giantree> Niccolo counts the change in his pockets.
  279. [19:33:12] <@Giantree> New turn!
  280. [19:33:29] <Terse> "Throw your axes down and you can run off."
  281. [19:33:29] <@Giantree> Also, the goblin's axe gets stuck in a wall; the other one gives him a "why" stare.
  282. [19:33:36] <@Giantree> ".. Keke?"
  283. [19:33:53] * Lyle turns to the goblin who hit him. "Drop your weapon now or I'll be forced to introduce you to a world of hurt."
  284. [19:33:56] <Briar> 2d6 Language check
  285. [19:33:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Language check: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  286. [19:33:58] <@Giantree> Goblin B, having disarmed himself, slowly takes a couple steps back.  To where Lyle's standing.
  287. [19:34:10] <Terse> "Right then." His butterfly knife whirls around his hand.
  288. [19:34:10] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  289. [19:34:30] * RichterBelmont is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  290. [19:34:50] <@Giantree> A decides to slowly lower his-- and of course, it turns out they're actually saying "keke," that's not a language.
  291. [19:36:13] * Lyle stares them down. "All right, get out of my sight. I don't want to catch you causing trouble around here again. Consider yourself lucky that you only had to deal with a Squire, a real Gemma Knight would've beaten you down before you got the chance to surrender."
  292. [19:36:45] <Eirene> "You sure that's a good idea?"
  293. [19:36:52] <Eirene> "They might fall from the sky at us!"
  294. [19:36:54] <Eirene> "Like drop bears."
  295. [19:36:57] <@Giantree> "Keeeekeke!"  The goblins pick up their wounded comrade and attempt to flee down a staircase in the side of the room.
  296. [19:37:07] <@Giantree> Of course, they flee with all their loot too!
  297. [19:37:29] * Lyle watches them go. "Pathetic..." Then he'd turn to Eirene. "What's a drop bear?"
  298. [19:37:49] <@Giantree> Well, except for the 20luc that fell out of their pockets.
  299. [19:37:52] <@Giantree> And their axes.
  300. [19:38:25] <@Giantree> All three cheap, chipped axes.  Niccolo picks up the one stuck in the wall and observes it for a second before throwing it to the side with an "eh."
  301. [19:38:49] <Briar> "Now where did they put Bark's boxes.
  302. [19:39:08] <Eirene> "A drop bear is the villain of the skies."
  303. [19:39:20] <Eirene> "You're flying along, minding your own business..."
  304. [19:39:27] * Eirene motions with her free hand. Wooosh.
  305. [19:39:33] <Eirene> "And then, all of a sudden, drop bear!"
  306. [19:39:41] * Eirene 's hand does a sudden dive. Splat.
  307. [19:39:41] * Briar looks around, mumbling. "He payed good money for those."
  308. [19:40:48] <Terse> "Gotta try to steer clear of those."
  309. [19:40:52] <@Giantree> "Aaaactually."  The rabbit approaches Briar and gives him a good, long, stare.  "Who are you supposed ta be, anyway?  You look like a slightly runtier version of those things they just ran out."
  310. [19:41:07] <Terse> "I thought he was another goblin."
  311. [19:41:11] * Lyle would realize he still has his sword out, so he'd quickly wipe the blood off of it and sheathe it in a quick, fluid motion. "That sounds terrible. Uh..." He'd finally get a good look at the...pretty siren...catching himself staring at her, he'd hold out his hand. "I'm Lyle. Lyle Firienne."
  312. [19:41:28] <Eirene> "Eirene. And this is Terse Nolastname."
  313. [19:41:45] * Terse gives Lyle a very flat look, crossing his arms and staring him right in the eye.
  314. [19:42:01] <Eirene> "And that guy over there is."
  315. [19:42:03] <Eirene> "Uh."
  316. [19:42:06] <Eirene> "I don't actually know."
  317. [19:42:10] <@Giantree> "And I'm Niccolo Niccolo of the Niccolo family of Niccolos!"  He proudly points to himself.
  318. [19:42:18] <Briar> "Wha...the. Names Briar, and if I wasn't trying to find what they stole from Bark, I would punch you in the face for that insult."
  319. [19:42:21] <@Giantree> "We all like to Niccolo- I mean, to sell things."
  320. [19:42:22] <Eirene> "I was getting to you!"
  321. [19:42:27] <Eirene> (aha)
  322. [19:42:38] <Terse> "He's a merchant.  We're guarding him." Short, terse, still maintaining eye contact.
  323. [19:43:18] * Briar rummages around the cave, looking for the boxes.
  324. [19:43:42] * Eirene follows him to help out while Terse and Lyle :| at each other.
  325. [19:43:58] * Lyle would nod. "I see." He'd meet Terse's eyes. "I was asssigned to patrol this route for any unsavory types, like what you just ran into, and to make sure any groups coming through would get out all right. Mind if I escort you all to the city?"
  326. [19:44:15] <@Giantree> (Briar, gimme some... we'll say awareness, they're well-hidden)
  327. [19:44:32] <Briar> 2d6 (darn,I don't have treasure hunter yet)
  328. [19:44:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, (darn,I don't have treasure hunter yet): 10 [2d6=5,5]
  329. [19:45:23] <@Giantree> That's still fine!  There are a few boxes that are opened, though a couple closed one.  Looks like whatever was in the open ones has been scattered around, and that may just have been where those axes came from.  They're sharpened so much they're dull, now.
  330. [19:45:32] <Eirene> 2d6+4 I can help? :D
  331. [19:45:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, I can help? :D: 9 [2d6=1,4]
  332. [19:45:38] <Eirene> I can't help :D
  333. [19:45:59] <Terse> "That shouldn't be a problem, should it?" :|
  334. [19:46:04] <@Giantree> There seems to be one box missing from Briar's count.  Maybe it's downstairs?
  335. [19:46:10] <Lyle> 2d6+2 An honest man helps people out.
  336. [19:46:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, An honest man helps people out.: 6 [2d6=1,3]
  337. [19:46:15] <Terse> "...So what's a Gemma Knight, anyway?"
  338. [19:46:17] <Lyle> Nope, no help.
  339. [19:46:31] <Briar> "Yes! There here. Damn goblins ruined the axe.... son of a rabbite. One's missing."
  340. [19:46:54] <@Giantree> "Aha!  We'd love to have it, Mr. Gemma Knight."  He speaks in a grumble.  "... long as you don't try to ask for my money or anything grumblegrumble"
  341. [19:47:36] <Lyle> "The Knights that protect this city, specifically the Mana Tree and the High Priest.  I've been training to earn the right to be inducted into the ordered for a long time now..."
  342. [19:47:45] <Eirene> "You've gotten what you paid for, right?" Eirene shouts after Niccolo.
  343. [19:48:01] * Terse picks up the 20 lucre that fell, and makes it vanish into a sleeve.
  344. [19:48:22] <Lyle> "I don't need the money, this is my job, I'm already being paid for it."
  345. [19:48:35] <Briar> "Hey knight, you help people. Right? Well, those goblins stole a shipment of food, medicine, and weapons on route to my home. Ones missing."
  346. [19:49:00] <@Giantree> "Well, if you turned out to just be traveling circus performers who didn't use weapons, yeah, I'd be in a heap!  And..."  The rabbit turns to the Chobin.  "What's in that box wouldn't happen to be something that... sells for a lot, would it?"  His paws rub together.
  347. [19:49:07] <Terse> "That's not half-bad, Firienne.  Gotta have some kind of goal, right?"
  348. [19:50:19] * Lyle would rub the back of his head nervously. "Well, that's not my only goal in life, but, it's definitely important." He'd walk over to the Chobin. "I'd be willing to help you look for them, yes."
  349. [19:50:32] * Briar stores the boxes in his pack.
  350. [19:51:05] <Eirene> "Well, if you're escorting us, I guess that means we're looking too, right?"
  351. [19:51:36] * Lyle would nod. "Yes, I guess that's how it'll have to work out."
  352. [19:51:59] <@Giantree> "Ha, ha!  Well!"  The Niccolo laughs heartily and pats Briar on the back.  "With this kinda firepower, we don't have to worry about how late it gets!  Good money's right down there, let's go get it!"
  353. [19:52:37] <@Giantree> He snerks.  "Don't worry, little miss, that songwriter I told you about barely even sleeps."
  354. [19:52:47] * Eirene hops off to look then! Can't get much flying done underground.
  355. [19:52:49] <Briar> "They are things that our village is stockpiling for winter you rabbit. Weapons to keep those gobs at bay, clothing to keep us warm. What is missing is the most important, medicine, and if I don't get it back. Bark is going to take it out of my hide."
  356. [19:53:58] * Briar makes his way to the stairs.
  357. [19:54:15] * Briar pears down them.
  358. [19:54:18] <Briar> *peers
  359. [19:54:21] <Briar> 2d6 Peering
  360. [19:54:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Peering: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  361. [19:54:47] * Lyle would nod, and would also check around the stairs.
  362. [19:54:52] <Lyle> 2d6+2
  363. [19:54:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+2: 11 [2d6=3,6]
  364. [19:54:57] <@Giantree> The goblins are breaking the box open to use the medicine on their fallen comrade!
  365. [19:55:16] <Briar> "DAMN IT. Hey Keep out of that."
  366. [19:55:35] * Briar 's whip glows and he tries to whip it away from them.
  367. [19:55:50] <Eirene> (anything close I can Wake to Life at?)
  368. [19:55:55] <Briar> 2d6+5 Accuracy check
  369. [19:55:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Accuracy check: 16 [2d6=6,5]
  370. [19:55:56] * Terse peers down the stairs, "Huh, the new goblin is fighting the old ones."
  371. [19:56:10] <Briar> ((well, that is a Critical, and a Mug.))
  372. [19:56:40] * Lyle would blink. He was about to intimidate the poor things into giving them away again, but seems that the Chobin has it all under control.
  373. [19:56:43] <@Giantree> (There's only the one box, but a bunch of axes lying around.)
  374. [19:57:09] <Terse> "Let them help their friend in exchange for any lucre they've stolen, why not?"
  375. [19:57:15] <Eirene> (Let's have some axes flopping around and getting into the way then. SORCEROR'S APPRENTICE ALL UP IN THIS)
  376. [19:57:15] * Terse leans on the wall, arms folded.
  377. [19:57:16] <Briar> "Damn it, I am not a goblin. I'm a chobin."
  378. [19:57:20] <@Giantree> The goblin that was opening reels back as the whip wraps around the box.  "KEEEKE?"
  379. [19:57:25] <Terse> "A choblin?"
  380. [19:57:40] <@Giantree> (Hahaha, in the way of stealing the box or in the way of the goblins opening it?)
  381. [19:57:45] <Eirene> (the latter)
  382. [19:57:48] <Eirene> (I'm not a dick)
  383. [19:57:53] <@Giantree> (Hee hee~)
  384. [19:57:53] * Briar yanks the box away from the goblin.
  385. [19:58:00] * Eirene starts singing as a few of the axes on the floor shiver to life and start bouncing around randomly.
  386. [19:58:36] * Terse loses a bit of his sarcasm at the pretty, pure tones, "Sorry, Chobin, why not let them have some of that for their friend?"
  387. [19:58:37] <Briar> "Cho-Bin. No 'L'. Not even related to those pigs."
  388. [19:58:44] <@Giantree> The axes clean themselves from the ground and start assaulting the group they claimed they'd leave alone!  Or rather, keep them away from the box pretty well with how rapidly they fling themselves.
  389. [19:58:53] <Terse> "You can buy more with the money they've probably collected."
  390. [19:59:06] <Briar> "We need it all for the winter. We payed for it, fair and square."
  391. [19:59:15] * Lyle would almost freeze up at the sirens singing. It's...beautiful. ;_; He'd shake his head a bit to keep his composure.
  392. [19:59:24] <Terse> "And now they're paying for some of it for someone who's dying."
  393. [20:00:15] <@Giantree> "Well, er, I can't really say a whole lot about this one."  Niccolo gulps.  Clearly he feels terrible about this whole thing.
  394. [20:00:16] <Briar> "...they've eaten 3 chobin in the last 6 months."
  395. [20:00:39] * Lyle isn't sure which side to take between Briar and Terse, but... "Well, uh, I don't think that Goblin is dying, just knocked out."
  396. [20:00:56] <@Giantree> Well, it's bleeding a little, but not excessively so.
  397. [20:00:56] * Eirene waits until the box is safely recovered before she stops the song.
  398. [20:01:03] <Eirene> "In any case, shouldn't we get going?"
  399. [20:01:23] <@Giantree> "I guess I don't wanna see the aftermath of this either!  Let's leave those guys to themselves and get outta here, yeah?"
  400. [20:01:24] <Lyle> "I think it'll be okay, myself."
  401. [20:02:09] * Briar stores the box in his pack. "If they'd stop raiding my village and the road and started hunting wolves and rabbites for pelts, they could buy their own."
  402. [20:02:55] * Briar heads out of the cave quickly before the come after him.
  403. [20:03:18] <Lyle> "Well, glad to have that settled...shall I take you all to Wendel, then?"
  404. [20:03:31] <@Giantree> Disoriented as they are, they don't.  The cave exit leads to another forest trail, but this one's short enough that Wendel's gates are even visible ahead.
  405. [20:04:02] <Terse> "In that case.  Hey, all of you, throw down your stolen money or face the wrath of a Gemma Knight!"
  406. [20:04:06] * Terse gestures towards Wendel
  407. [20:04:08] <Terse> er, Lyle
  408. [20:04:42] * Briar looks around for Bark.
  409. [20:04:53] * Lyle would blink, raise his hand up and open his mouth to object, then put it down and close his mouth after some thought.
  410. [20:05:11] * Eirene just sits and watches. This is fun. :D :D :D
  411. [20:05:22] <Terse> "ALL OF IT!" he leans forward, hands on his hips and a fierce expression on his face, scowling.
  412. [20:05:23] <@Giantree> The goblins just stare and move their hands around in their pockets, before flipping out at the realization that it's all gone.
  413. [20:05:33] <@Giantree> And then they turn tail and try to run.
  414. [20:06:23] <Terse> ...that was it?  Oh well, "Good!  You're all pardoned, this time!  Don't let me catch you again, or I'll have to sicc Lyle 'The Red-Handed Flenser' Firienne on you!"
  415. [20:06:28] <@Giantree> Outside of the cave AND of the town, a fur-covered, tiny humanoid peeks a head out from the other side of a tree.  Between the cave and the city, in fact.
  416. [20:06:35] * Terse gestures DRAMATICALLY at Lyle
  417. [20:07:07] * Briar goes to him. "I got them back Bark. Are we even?"
  418. [20:07:34] * Eirene pokes Lyle in the back. "What's a flenser?"
  419. [20:07:56] <@Giantree> "Whoa!"  The Chobin in a much less fancy outfit than Briar himself pops out and looks around, outstretching his arms.  "Didjya really do it THAT fast?  Yer joshin'."
  420. [20:08:11] * Lyle would stare at Terse. "I don't like that nickname." Then he'd turn to Eirene. "I have about as much idea what that is as I did what a drop bear was. :/"
  421. [20:08:21] <Briar> "Would of been faster if someone didn't trip the alarm."
  422. [20:08:34] <Eirene> "I told you what a drop bear was."
  423. [20:08:38] <Terse> "Then get another one."
  424. [20:08:51] * Eirene does the hand motion again, this time with sound effects.
  425. [20:09:03] <Terse> "We need to go, I don't want to play tag with these sodkickers after dark."
  426. [20:09:06] <Lyle> "Well, I know now, but..."
  427. [20:09:16] <@Giantree> "Aw, well, I'll call it even this time."  He tries to haul the boxes up.  "So ya'll be comin' back, right?  Chief's mad that y'didn't say anythin' n' all."
  428. [20:09:56] <@Giantree> Niccolo, on the other hand, waits near the cave exit and sighs at his wonderful money-box being taken away from him.  "Are you all having fun in here?  It's already dark out, you know!"
  429. [20:10:33] * Terse shrugs, "I can see pretty well, and we have a guide.  Let's just go, I'd rather walk in the dark than sleep out here."
  430. [20:11:03] <Briar> "...I, I think I should take a break from the village and all. Thorn's been riding my back about, well, everything. Tell him I'll be back when I make a name for myself, I'll deal with the downfall then."
  431. [20:11:40] <Terse> "Miss Eirene, shall we?"
  432. [20:12:10] * Lyle would nod. "Would you like me to show you around town, as well?"
  433. [20:13:38] <@Giantree> "Really?  Not even gonna come back and say goodbye?  I mean, ya could always piss 'im off and get exiled on purpose, that'd be worth a laugh for years!  Huh?  Huuh?"  The Chobin nags.
  434. [20:14:02] <Eirene> "That'd be nice."
  435. [20:14:09] <Eirene> "Oh! And you're from Wendel, right?"
  436. [20:14:10] <@Giantree> Niccolo approaches the Chobins as the rest of the group does and glares.  "What the SHADE is going on here, now?"
  437. [20:14:36] <Lyle> "Well, I wasn't born here, but I've lived her for most of my life, so yes."
  438. [20:14:57] <Eirene> "I'm looking for my missing song. Have you seen it?"
  439. [20:15:02] <Briar> "Bark here just happened to get mugged on the way back from Wendel, he is lucky he wasn't lunch."
  440. [20:16:38] <Briar> "Bark, you know I go back and say I want to journey, Thorn won't let me leave the village."
  441. [20:16:42] <Terse> "I think it reproduced."
  442. [20:16:44] <@Giantree> "Mm-hmm yeah!"  Bark nods as he hauls the boxes and starts to walk away.  "I can't even fight, y'know, my arrows are made of wood."
  443. [20:16:45] <Lyle> "A song...?"  He'd pause and think about it.  "I'm not sure how you'd 'see' a song, but...I know of a songwriter in town, and I could put in a notice to the order that your song has been stolen, if that doesnt' help."
  444. [20:17:10] <Eirene> "Well, it was more know how the mana tree just came back, all of a sudden?"
  445. [20:17:17] <Terse> "I was actually gonna ask, how'd you get a song lifted from you?"
  446. [20:17:22] <@Giantree> "Oh ho ho!"  Niccolo waddles over and pats Lyle on the back.  "You don't mean THAT songwriter, do you?"
  447. [20:17:23] <Terse> "Huh, yeah?"
  448. [20:17:37] <Eirene> "Just like that. One night I had my song, and the next morning, it was gone."
  449. [20:18:16] <Briar> "You could try firing them some time."
  450. [20:18:52] <Eirene> "And that's all I know. I don't know what it was, but I know I had it, and then I didn't."
  451. [20:19:10] <Briar> "Regardless, Bark, stay safe and don't go to town witout someone to watch your tail next time."
  452. [20:20:03] * Lyle would blink. "That's unfortunate, Eirene..." He'd look up at Niccolo. "Of course, I'm part of the order, after all."
  453. [20:20:11] <@Giantree> "Yeah, yeah, I'll tell the chief.  Watch yer own tail too, arright?  If y'don't, it's gonna get chopped off REAL quick out there."  The Chobin disappears behind a tree.
  454. [20:20:29] <Lyle> "Even if...I'm pretty low on the ladder."
  455. [20:20:43] <Eirene> "What does a songwriter have to do with the Knights?"
  456. [20:21:15] <@Giantree> The rabbit nods along.  "Of course, of course!  At least he's nice about what he does.  So, town's just up ahead!  Let's hope we don't get ambused by any mysterious monsters during the last few paces or something."
  457. [20:21:36] <@Giantree> "Leeeet's just say they're on pretty good terms, missy."
  458. [20:21:58] * Briar stretches as he watches the brown Chobin scurry away.
  459. [20:22:06] <Lyle> "It's easiest to explain it by meeting him."
  460. [20:22:32] <Eirene> "Huh. Okay."
  461. [20:23:18] <@Giantree> Guards stand to attention at the front gates-- fortunately, there aren't any monsters that suddenly jump out, though Niccolo's face sure showed that he was expecting it.
  462. [20:23:34] <Briar> "So, what brings you tall-folk around these parts. Not many people just walk into a goblin den.
  463. [20:23:46] <Terse> "Don't worry about a thing, we'll get your song back.  S'not like I'm doing anything else anyway."
  464. [20:23:54] <@Giantree> "Money!"  Niccolo chimes in during his jolly waddle to the front gates.
  465. [20:24:16] <Terse> "Intentional shortcut, Chobin."
  466. [20:24:23] <Eirene> "He said it was the way we were supposed to go."
  467. [20:24:28] * Eirene points at Niccolo.
  468. [20:24:34] <Terse> "...Well, I did suggest it."
  469. [20:24:35] <Eirene> "And none of the others could just fly over."
  470. [20:24:44] <@Giantree> "Wellll..."  He blushes a little.  "At least we didn't get lost!"
  471. [20:24:46] <Briar> "Hm, same with me. I need a job now that I am out of the woods."
  472. [20:24:46] <Terse> *I suggested it
  473. [20:25:04] <Lyle> "I'm just doing my job."  He'd go over and wave to one of the guys on guard, since he'd MOST LIKELY know them considering what he does, then bring them to town.
  474. [20:25:56] <@Giantree> "Ho ho ho!"  The little furry critter gets an even furrier pat on the back, so much so it almost feels like a punch.  Good thing the rabbit-merchant isn't armed.  "Why not try merchanting, little... thing?  It's the easiest job there is, the job that keeps on giving!"
  475. [20:26:20] <Eirene> "Except the part where you hire people to take you places, right?"
  476. [20:26:48] * Terse has, at some point, vanished his knife up his sleeve or back into his belt.
  477. [20:26:57] <@Giantree> They give Lyle a nod, with smiles on their otherwise-stern faces.  One of them even motions back to HQ, the look on his face congratulating the Squire on a job-well-done.  Not that they don't both eye the others with a "Welcome to the Holy City!"
  478. [20:27:14] <Terse> "Good to be here, fellas."
  479. [20:27:21] * Eirene hangs her harpbow across her back again.
  480. [20:27:30] <@Giantree> They nod.  "Enjoy your stay, travelers!"
  481. [20:27:50] <@Giantree> It's a bit dark out, but they clear the way for entry into the big town, full of stone structures.
  482. [20:28:10] <Lyle> "All right, so, do you all have a preference where I take you first?"
  483. [20:28:33] <Eirene> "Might be a good idea to find a place to turn in for the night first."
  484. [20:28:49] <Eirene> "I mean, you probably have a place here but the rest of us sort of walked it."
  485. [20:28:54] <Eirene> "Or flew it, I guess."
  486. [20:28:58] <Briar> "Those things to trade have to come from someplace Niccolo."
  487. [20:29:31] <@Giantree> "Mm-hmm!  I sent a message to reserve a room at the inn, but I only got it for one."  Sighing, he reaches into his pack.  "Speaking of trading, you two..."
  488. [20:29:37] <Briar> "Honey and Beast Hides take work to get."
  489. [20:30:37] * Lyle would nod. "Figured as much. I don't even think the person you want to see takes visits this late, so it'd most likely be best for you all to sleep, first. I'm not on duty tomorrow, so I could take you all around personally, if you want."
  490. [20:30:41] <@Giantree> He pats his pack.  "I have loads and loads of those!  You just gotta find the right buyers!"  Merrily laughing along, he turns back to Terserene and hands out the 100luc each he promised.  "You two were a good help.  The others were too, sure, but a merchant keeps his promises and you bet I didn't promise THEM anything."
  491. [20:31:30] <Eirene> "Hmmm."
  492. [20:31:40] <Eirene> "Well, since we already got a hundred each."
  493. [20:31:48] <Eirene> "Hey! Mister Knight!"
  494. [20:32:03] <Lyle> "Yes?"
  495. [20:32:14] <Eirene> "You can have my share."
  496. [20:32:22] <Briar> "Yeah, and the right sellers. I guess you got those hides from a middleman around here, likely he bought them from us."
  497. [20:33:03] <@Giantree> The rabbit d'awwwws, before turning back.  "Yeah, little guy, that's how the business world works.  Stop by sometime, I'll give ya tips!"
  498. [20:33:28] <Briar> "Here is a tip, that guy made a profit, buy directly from the source."
  499. [20:34:04] <Lyle> "E-eh?"  He'd blush.  "I was just doing my job, I'm going to get paid for it eventually anyway..."  He'd trail off a bunch of excuses as to why he shouldn't get it, ending with something like "It's Squire, anyway".  REally he just doesn't want to take the girl's money...
  500. [20:34:26] <Eirene> "I already got paid for this, though."
  501. [20:34:29] <Eirene> "Go on~"
  502. [20:34:51] <@Giantree> "Hey, hey now!  There's a difference between not knowing your limits and just doing what's the easiest thing to do.  You can fight, kid, but I never learned self-defense and stuff.  I'd just get myself hurt!  A true merchant knows how to keep themselves from getting hurt."
  503. [20:35:25] * Lyle would take the money, blushing. "A-all right..."
  504. [20:37:51] <@Giantree> "Well, I'll be at the inn."  Niccolo gives a wave.  "Thanks for everything, and you guys take care, alright?  Maybe we'll meet in the next big city!"
  505. [20:37:53] <Terse> "Well.  He helped with the goblins..." Terse fishes out 10 luc, half what he took by extorting the helpless creatures, and drops it into Lyle's hands, "Here.  Don't spend it all in one place, but if you're going to...I'll bring some cards along, and maybe we'll win it back."
  506. [20:39:34] * Lyle would blink. "Okay..." He'd then gingerly pocket it all. "Well, I know an affordable inn around here, probably not the one that merchant's going to, so if you want I can show you...two...there..." It suddenly dawned on him that Terse would be staying with Eirene, most likely. Some part of his brain started going PLEASENOTSAMEROOM repeatedly.
  507. [20:39:54] <Eirene> "That'd be lovely, thank you!"
  508. [20:39:56] * Terse shrugs, "Hey, better than an alley."
  509. [20:40:03] <Terse> "Thanks, Lyle."
  510. [20:40:53] <Lyle> "Uh, yeah."  He'd start leading them over to the inn in question, then remember about the Chobin. "Uh, do you need to be shown around too?"
  511. [20:41:26] <Briar> "Haven't been here in a while my friend."
  512. [20:41:26] <Briar> "Haven't been here in a while my friend."
  513. [20:41:50] <@Giantree> The town, lit up by only a few lights emanating from some buildings, seems to have all sorts of things anybody could ask for.  It has its own in-house merchants littered everywhere, of course, though if there were any peddlers on the streets they'd packed up and gone home by now.  Most lights that aren't the inn's seem to be off, but along the road ahead a massive castle-like building stands.
  514. [20:43:38] <Terse> "So, Eirene, what do you think of Wendel so far?"
  515. [20:43:55] <Eirene> "I bet it's really nice when the sun's up and everyone's running around."
  516. [20:44:25] <Lyle> "It gets pretty crowded during the day, yeah..."
  517. [20:46:27] <Lyle> "They don't call it the "City of Light" for nothing, after all."
  518. [20:46:51] <Briar> "Last time I was here it sure was, no one looked down, and I nearly got kicked cross the street."
  519. [20:47:31] <Terse> "Big cities are great, there's a ton of smells and sights, and you can climb, fly the tallest buildings and see everything."
  520. [20:47:33] <Eirene> "Hmm."
  521. [20:47:42] <Terse> "You need stilts, Chobit."
  522. [20:47:47] <Eirene> "Maybe you could tie a kite to yourself and fly above the crowd!"
  523. [20:47:50] <@Giantree> More buildings shut their lights out.
  524. [20:47:54] <Eirene> "Or you could do that, but it wouldn't be as fun."
  525. [20:48:06] * Lyle would grimace at the thought of getting trampled. "I'm sorry to hear that..."
  526. [20:48:26] <Briar> "Tried them, someone walked into them."
  527. [20:49:31] <Terse> "You know, they make shoes for that."
  528. [20:49:56] <Terse> "Guy's gotta do what he must to stop people steppin' on him."
  529. [20:51:13] * Lyle would finally stop in front of the inn he was talking about. "Here it is. Not the best rooms, but it's very affordable."
  530. [20:51:14] <@Giantree> As the city of light gradually gets darker, some footsteps echo through the main road.
  531. [20:51:25] <Briar> "Likewise, people should keep their eyes on the road."
  532. [20:51:43] <Eirene> "But if they kept staring at the road all the time, they'd never see the sky."
  533. [20:51:43] <@Giantree> The guard patrol's footsteps, that is.  They wave as the group approaches the inn.
  534. [20:53:16] * Terse waves back, no sense antagonizing anyone who doesn't know him.
  535. [20:53:20] <@Giantree> As for the inn itself, a turban-wearing dancing man sits at the counter, as the door is wide-open.
  536. [20:54:15] * Lyle would of course wave back
  537. [20:55:02] <Eirene> "So, this is the place?"
  538. [20:55:08] <Lyle> "I can meet you all around here in the morning if you wish to be shown around.  yes, this is the place."
  539. [20:55:14] <Eirene> "I've been wanting to put my feet up for a while. Thanks~"
  540. [20:55:14] * Briar nods at the guards.
  541. [20:55:42] <Terse> "Not too bad.  Not too bad at all."
  542. [20:55:50] <@Giantree> "Aaaah, you want room?"  The man - whose name may or may not be Moti - stares at the group as they enter.
  543. [20:56:14] <Terse> "One for the men, one for the lady, sir.  How much is it for the night?"
  544. [20:56:34] <Briar> "It would be nice to get a rest on a bed which wasn't suspended three feet off of the ground by vines."
  545. [20:56:45] <@Giantree> "Big rabbit pay for bird-girl, scary man, furry thing.  He say 'no problem!'"  The man nods again.  "We have many room, take whichever one is please!"
  546. [20:57:07] <Eirene> "Oh, one room for each of us?"
  547. [20:57:46] <Briar> "That was generous of him." <oh boy, he is going to hold it over our head, I can tell.>
  548. [20:57:51] <@Giantree> "Many people make coming to town, but now people do less.  Should seen yesterday!  Was full up.  Today..."  He shakes his head.
  549. [20:59:02] <Eirene> "What happened yesterday?"
  550. [20:59:30] <@Giantree> "Is Mana Holy Day!  Many celebration in town, people happy.  Every week, is very loud."
  551. [20:59:34] <Briar> "Slow buiness on Mana Holy Day?"
  552. [20:59:48] <Briar> *business
  553. [21:00:12] <@Giantree> "More like too fast business, furry critter!  I enjoying slow down.  So take room for each."
  554. [21:02:07] <Eirene> "Well~"
  555. [21:02:13] <Terse> "Shame we missed the fun."
  556. [21:02:16] <Eirene> "I believe, if none of you mind, that I'll turn in for the night."
  557. [21:02:36] <Briar> "Likewise, alot of job searching to do tomorrow."
  558. [21:02:38] <@Giantree> The innkeeper dances on his own.
  559. [21:02:48] <Terse> "Goodnight, see ya in the morning, right?" He grins, and heads off for the common room, already digging out a deck of cards.
  560. [21:02:51] * Eirene hops off. Yaaay zzz.
  561. [21:02:58] * Lyle would nod, yawning.
  562. [21:03:12] <Lyle> "I think I'll see you all tomorrow, if you don't mind..."
  563. [21:03:41] * Terse inconspicuously watches the feathery woman leave, cursing himself for not having the gumption to actually talk with her rather than just chattering.
  564. [21:04:31] * Lyle would start walking off to the housing for the Gemma Knights and all.
  565. [21:05:54] <@Giantree> The palace is a fairly cozy place.  Waiting at the front gate, and yawning, is a lightly-armored man with short black hair who rests lazily against a wall.  A man known only as Captain Kurt, though unfortunately for him he doesn't have a nametag for it.
  566. [21:06:38] <@Giantree> "I take it that's a job well done for the night, eh?  It's awfully late."
  567. [21:07:18] * Lyle would greet him as he reaches the palace. "Yeah. I ran into a group and ended up showing them to the inn, looks like I'll be showing them around tomorrow..."
  568. [21:08:37] <@Giantree> "Haha!"  His big hand befitting his tall figure slaps Lyle's shoulder a couple times.  "That's the kind of thing I like to hear.  Glad you didn't get hurt.  Anything else to report?"
  569. [21:11:08] <Lyle> "Well, they were asking about the "songwriter", so you might want to give him a heads up I'll be bringing a group to him.  Specifically, the Siren in that group wanted to ask him about...a lost song?  Seems kind of weird to me.  Also, I ran into some goblins when I ran into that group, we took one down and sent the other two packing.  Hopefully they won't be stupid enough to come back."
  570. [21:13:28] <@Giantree> He gives understanding nods with each mention.  "Good, good!  Clearing the roads for travelers is what we go out there for, after all.  And don't worry, I'll go ahead and deliver the message, he shouldn't be quite as busy considering what it is.  Still... a lost song?  Is that even possible?"  Kurt scratches the back of his neck.
  571. [21:13:52] * Briar goes to sleep after reading something.
  572. [21:14:51] * Terse plays a few friendly games of poker, without cheating, and listens for rumors.
  573. [21:15:04] <Lyle> "Apparently it is.  She said she just sort of forgot it overnight or something, can't remember any part of it."
  574. [21:17:51] <@Giantree> "That's... not as strange as it sounded.  Forgetting is pretty natural, but I'm sure he knows enough tune to help whoever it is."  A bit of a goofy grin emerges on his face before he wipes it off.  "How about you take them to see me in the morning?  It'll be a little easier to arrange an audience if I'm there.  And..."  Scratching his neck again, he pauses.  "Think you have enough energy in you before turning in for the night?"
  575. [21:19:38] * Lyle would nod along, until the last part. "Hm?" He'd blink a few times. "What for? I took a bit of a hit to my arm when fighting those goblins, but I think I've got some energy to spare..."
  576. [21:21:08] <@Giantree> "Aha, that'll take a look at.  But..."  His head shakes.  "No, I actually kind of want you to meet someone.  Not an important political figure or anything!  Just... you know what, follow me."  He beckons and begins to walk around the palace in the dark of night.
  577. [21:22:54] * Lyle would tilt his head as Kurt went on, a little confused, but would follow along without question all the same.
  578. [21:23:26] * Terse goes to bed afterwards, obviously~
  579. [21:24:28] <@Giantree> The man makes his way to a big, open field behind the palace, unearthing something in the ground and dusting it off.  "Okay... this will sound a little weird, but you do it like this."  Wincing, he reveals it to be a small drum, which he promptly slams his hand onto a couple times.  It's followed by silence until what seems to be the beating of wings a short while later.
  580. [21:26:22] <Lyle> "What's that gonna' d-" He'd hear the beating of wings, and look for the source.
  581. [21:26:34] * Flammie flaps down into the field with a soft thud, her wings spread out and the white fur standing out against the night.  She grins a big, dopey grin, and lowers her head down towards the man.  (Hello~!)
  582. [21:26:37] <@Giantree> Kurt turns back to his underling after setting the drum down on the ground.  "We found this thing a little while back... never would've believed what came from it though.  Why don't you say hello?"  He gives a grin while looking straight up.
  583. [21:27:32] * Lyle would look Flammie over, curiously. "Hi there..." He's out of other words to say, but hey, it seems friendly enough.
  584. [21:27:56] <@Giantree> He gives a hearty laugh.  "Ha!  Nice to see you again, glad you're still looking well.  This is one of mine," he gestures to Lyle.  "Treat him nice, why don't you?"
  585. [21:28:41] * Flammie turns to Lyle at the greeting and gives him another dopey grin, then leans forward and headbutts him in the chest. It's like being hit with the softest pillow.
  586. [21:29:22] <Anise> (oh god hnnnnnngh)
  587. [21:29:25] <Anise> (stop being so adorable)
  588. [21:29:32] * Lyle would be...pillowed? He'd try petting the...dragon...thing. "I think it likes me." Blink blink.
  589. [21:30:44] * Flammie looks up at Lyle with big, trusting eyes.  (Hello!)
  590. [21:31:14] <@Giantree> The man gives an even heartier laugh.  "I thought so!  This is a... well, I'm not really sure what they're called.  They're pretty similar to some creatures in ancient records that went by a name like... 'Flammie,' I think it was.  Then again, the same record calls them 'Mana Beasts,' too."  He scratches his head some more.  "I thought about calling this one 'Mannie' when we first met, buuuut that doesn't seem like as good of an idea as it did at the time."
  591. [21:32:08] * Lyle would look into its eyes. "So you're Flammie? I'm Lyle, nice to meet you."
  592. [21:32:18] * Flammie looks over at the man and snorts.  (Good.)
  593. [21:33:17] * Flammie turns back to Lyle, then, and pulls back and sits on her haunches.
  594. [21:35:20] * Lyle blink blink. "Hey, you think Flammie's appearance to do with the Tree?"
  595. [21:36:51] <@Giantree> He gives a stout nod.  "Yeah.  We found the drum in some ruins, you can only imagine our surprise when it called something like this.  Turns out they can fly, too!  Just... this one's lost its home, from all we could tell.  A stray, I guess you could say.  Isn't that right?"  He gives an empathetic look to the Flammie, or at least attempts to.  His size and the fact that he didn't take his armor off adds to the intimidating factor a little.
  596. [21:38:16] * Flammie perks up a little at the mention of the drum, then nods vehemently at the question, headbutting the armoured man and nuzzling him like a child would her daddy.
  597. [21:38:53] <@Giantree> He reaches up a hand to the Flammie's head for a small pet.  "Personally, I'm just glad they aren't vicious.  Nice little guy."
  598. [21:39:53] * Flammie pushes up into the pet, then looks back at Lyle with a questioning glance.
  599. [21:40:27] * Lyle would nod. "I'll take something friendly and fluffy to something vicious and scary any day."
  600. [21:41:18] * Lyle would kind of nervously walk over to Flammie, then pet it. "That what you wanted? Maybe a scratch behind the ears?"
  601. [21:41:57] * Flammie snorts in derision at the question, though she does push her body towards the hand happily.
  602. [21:43:56] <@Giantree> Kurt puts a hand at his hip, not trying hard enough to stifle his smile.  "I like the work you do, Lyle.  So, I asked permission and sure enough, we're not gonna need a beast like this for wars or anything like that.  If you have a mission outside anywhere, I want you to take this little guy with you.  Think you two could pull off being a team?"
  603. [21:44:40] * Flammie looks back at Kurt with big, sad eyes.  (Leaving you?!)
  604. [21:45:12] * Lyle would blink, surprised. "Me? Well, if you think I can handle it, I guess I'll take them along..."
  605. [21:47:27] <@Giantree> A big nod.  "Hey, hey, I'll be around!  But I think my subordinate here's a better candidate than I am.  Even if he isn't totally trained for riding, I don't doubt he'd be able to be gentle.  And let's face it, I'd hate the idea of having to mount a cannon to your back because a war started, anyway."
  606. [21:49:29] <Lyle> "You sure they can't fight for themselves?  I mean, if they're linked to Mana..."
  607. [21:49:54] * Flammie looks startled at the idea of having a cannon mounted, and paws over to Lyle again, looking him over anew.  A brief moment's stare between the two, then Lyle discovers firsthand what they can do...they can pounce!  He's covered in fluffy dragon!
  608. [21:51:17] <@Giantree> "That's just it!  Mana's not for violence anymore.  And besides, we get requests from all over the world.  I think it'd do you a world of good to see what's out there for a change!"  He manages another chuckle.  "Why not take that girl you met on a ride with you?"
  609. [21:53:11] * Lyle would be pounced. And covered in fluffies. Oh god, the fluffies. They feel so good. Uh, anyway. "That girl?" He'd sound surprised. "I just met her, though..."
  610. [21:55:19] * Flammie hops off.  Lyle's good by her.  She turns and looks at Kurt, tilting her head.  (Who?)
  611. [21:55:48] <@Giantree> "Meeting a girl's better than meeting no girls, ah?"  He wears a playful expression.  "In the morning, I'll see what I can do about getting them to talk with the big guy.  I'm sure he'd be concerned if he 'lost' one of his songs like that too."
  612. [21:57:23] * Flammie glances at Lyle.  SO lost.
  613. [21:57:29] * Lyle would get up. Getting some fluffy hair off of him. "I...guess. Well, anyway, I'll meet them in the morning and bring them over. Hopefully, he won't be too busy..."
  614. [21:57:50] <@Giantree> "Don't worry about it, little guy!  Just the way stuff goes in this complicated world we live in."
  615. [21:59:10] <Lyle> "A-all right.  Anyway, I'm getting tired, so...I think it's time for me to retire.  And get that arm looked at."  He'd turn to Flammie.  "It was nice meeting you, I look forward to working with you."
  616. [21:59:11] <@Giantree> He nods, then gives the boy a pat on the shoulder while pointing to where the drum was hidden.  "Put it back over there when you're done-- seems like these little guys have their own hiding places when they're not out being talked to, so don't worry about it being left out alone when you go to bed or anything.  Pretty convenient!"
  617. [22:00:00] <@Giantree> "Well, we can do that too."  A hand reaches up and pats the dragon some more.  "Thanks for all your hard work, little guy.  I'll be seein' ya."  With a wave, the knight turns around and heads off.
  618. [22:01:20] * Flammie lowers her head at the patting.  Sad Flammie, watching him walk away.
  619. [22:01:44] * Lyle would wave Flammie off one last time before leaving for the night.
  620. [22:02:12] * Flammie tromps after Lyle, head low
  621. [22:02:23] * Lyle blink.
  622. [22:02:46] * Lyle would walk over to Flammie, and give it a little pet. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
  623. [22:03:05] * Flammie gives a surprisingly human nod, then takes a few steps back and takes to the air!
  624. [22:03:42] * Lyle NOW goes in for the night, pondering everything that'll happen tomorrow.
  625. [22:04:20] <@Giantree> Shade's image winks from the night sky.  It sure was a long day.
  626. [22:04:30] <@Giantree> /session #1
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