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  1.  ====Start Session 2====
  2. As the party emerges from tunnel, it's literally slid up to open out into a snowy tundra, in the distance there is a shadowy sillouhet set outlined by a massive bonfire, as the sun sets, the party is faced with the decisions to either investigate the fire in the distance, or, to be much, much more cautious
  3. Tidal Fury Looks out into the pitch black darkness. and looks back to the group.
  4. Moonlighter feels a shiver as the cold winds brushed on her face. "Thank the sisters above for this winterized gear."
  5. Wub concentrates for a moment and turns to the others. "Hey, light or not? Figured I am the only uni here, so...?"
  6. Kamika nods. "We could definitely use it."
  7. Tidal Fury Nods
  8. Kamika begins to look around. "I wonder..."
  9. Wub: "Ukay, here it goes..." He lets his horn glow in a flashy bright light and grins. "Yeah, cool, so what now?"
  10. Kamika: "Ooh... There might be some things here that'll help us."
  11. Tidal Fury Looks to the ..Exotic Zebra with a raised eyebrow, then paws the ground.
  12. Wub looks around and pats Moonlighter with his hoof. "Yo, say, where to go? There IS a light over here, what are we waiting for?"
  13. Tidal Fury Stops pawing the ground and stares into the distanced at the flicker of light in the un-ending darkness and begins walking towards it.
  14. Moonlighter frowns. "If there's a fire, then there's somepony who is smart enough to make fire and that means they're smart enough to hold a weapon."
  15. Wub: "Yo, wait sillyfilly! Youre forgetting your light!" He says, then runs after Tidal. "Also hear Moony out, she has a point."
  16. Kamika trots off after Wub and Tidal, trying to find a bit more of a general area to start properly finding plants.
  17. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Even with Wub's 'quiet' shouting, the silohouted figure doesn't move-
  18. Tidal Fury Keeps her vision forward as the unicorns light follows her from the back.
  19. Moonlighter huffs as she glides next to the others.
  20. Wub: "Yo, wait, aren´t we gonna... discuss something? Were a team, silly."
  21. Wub shrugs and looks at the others. "We jus´ goin´ then? fine with me." but he levitates his new gun out as he follows the earth pony mare.
  22. Tidal Fury Keeps walking but as she approaches the flicker she would slow down.
  23. Wub slows down at Tidals side and lets his light shine brigth enough for the others to follow. "Whoah, what now?"
  24. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Wub can tell that it is a strange canine creature, and, he can also tell it seems to be bound and gagged-
  25. Wub gives a warning and hold Tidal back. "Stop! Something is off here."
  26. Tidal Fury Stops as the stallions hoof goes up and looks at him.
  27. Wub: "That creature is... " he whispers now, as loud as a normal pony speaks. "its bound. Somepony check that out first."
  28. Kamika: "Bound?  How cruel."
  29. Tidal Fury Looks to the grey in her vision.
  30. Wub: "Yeah. No nice partyponys, so somepony check that out." He lifts his MEW within his magic grasp. "Or I check that, but I´m no silent hoof, mates."
  31. Tidal Fury looks back to her group.
  32. Kamika finally decides on walking forward to help out the creature.
  33. Wub follows Kamika in distance, casting a spell in advance. A targetting spell.
  34. Tidal Fury Keeps close to Wub and walks
  35. Tidal Fury hears snoring and hold out a hoof to wub for him to stand back and goes to walk closer
  36. Moonlighter squints as she looks at the tents, trying to make out any movements
  37. Wub nods and lifts his MEW to aim at any *suprise* that might jump out from the tents or ground or fall from the sky. He wants to show he can be a useful partypony!
  38. Kamika looks at Tidal, slightly confused.
  39. Moonlighter decides to try gliding over near the fire and the bound canine for a better look.
  40. Moonlighter looks back at the group as she points at the diamond dog while making a gesture of silent snoring indicating that he's asleep
  41. Moonlighter: Moonlighter's eyes widen as she sees two ponies nearing the group with weapons. "Lookout!" she yells as she takes out 'Balance'.
  42. Tidal Fury Eyes go wide as the stranger ponies come into view.
  43. Wub turns up at Moonlighters warning, sees the pony wielding a machate and aims. "Be useful." he thought and took aim.
  44. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Tidal Fury takes a solid hit as another tribal pops up out of the snow and lands a solid hatchet to the earth pony, and yet another tribal pops up, slashing into Kamika with a machete held in it's mouth-
  45. Tidal Fury Lets out a grunt of pain as the blade cuts into her skin. She then turns to the pony nearest to her and fires a panic shot at the pony
  46. Tidal Fury she charges away toward the bound dog and tries to tackle the pony near Kamika
  47. Kamika: "Gah!"
  48. Backwards Compatable (GM): -A hatchet goes whizzing by Kamika's head, missing by a hair as another tribal hurls one of the brutal throwing axes-
  49. Wub looks at the pony fighting Moonlighter and grins, shouting:"Prepare for a lasershow!" then he relays three shots from his MEW at it.
  50. Kamika attempts to disarm the Tribal by slamming her hoof against the machete's flat side!
  51. Wub: "PewPewZAPP!" he yells, seeing one of his beams hit the tribal pony. Hoping this would give Moonlighter the upper hoof in the fight. He turns, prepared for the next bassdrop!
  52. -The tribal shouts something incoherent, and a hatchet buries it's self in Wub, the pony shooting lasers around!!-
  53. Wub: "Argh!" Wubs didn´t even look at the hatchlet. "I had deeper cuts in lab, fucker!"
  54. Moonlighter swings her sword at the unarmed pony. She misses the first two swings but ends up slicing his head off on the third swing.
  55. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The tribal fighting Kamika lands another heavy blow with his machete, her crimson blood sprays out, leaving a red splash in the white snow
  56. Kamika: "Agh!"
  57. Tidal Fury Rears up her hind legs and tries to buck her attacker.
  58. Kamika: "Thanks... I thought he was gonna get me, to be honest."
  59. Tidal Fury Tapping into some natural bucking talent she unleashes the buck that PIERCES THE HEAVENS or at least that guys chest.
  60. Tidal Fury before getting a hachet in the flank
  61. Backwards Compatable (GM): -A hatchet flies through the air, tumbling end over end, thunking hard into Tidals left flank-
  62. Tidal Fury bites her lower lip as her flesh cheek was sliced .  "Fuuuu."  She manages before she wobbles over and tries to untie the strange creature
  63. Wub: "Fucks, PARTYTIME!" Now he looks grim, casts a BLINDING spell and brings his gun up, shooting twice.
  64. Tidal Fury looks at the canine and tries to roll him over.
  65. Kamika digs the hatchet from before out of her flank, and proceeds to throw(?) it at the same Tribal that Wub's shooting at!
  66. Kamika: rolling 1d100<20
  67. Wub: "Hah! Take the wubs how they drop, basterd!" He shouts at the hit tribal, grim for the pain of the hatchlet in his shoulder.
  68. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The tribal shakes his head and rubs his eyes, clearing his vision-
  69. Moonlighter finishes of one of the last two armed ponies by jabbing her sword in his side. She then goes to attack the other on but ends up missing both swings.
  70. Tidal Fury Tries to roll the canine over and untie it.
  71. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The strange canine creature huffs indignantly and shakes it's head as Moonlighter attempts to pony handle it-
  72. Tidal Fury Pouts at the the reluctant hound and simple motions her hoof in a circle motion. As if to tell him to roll over.
  73. Backwards Compatable (GM): -He rolls his eyes and motions his head at the last tribal-
  74. Tidal Fury Frowns and turns to shoot the tribal. She blinks as she somehow killed the tribal with a quick salvo of shots
  75. Kamika looks a bit wobbly on her hooves.
  76. Wub looks around with a big grin on his face and looks around. "Whoo!" He looks down and takes out the hatchlet, grinning still. "This is pain, I dont like it! Where is the doctor!?"
  77. Tidal Fury As a sudden blue shield encircled her for a few seconds Tidal turns back to the Canine and motioned. Roll over
  78. Kamika holds her head for a second. "If I could find some herbs, I could do something... Would you mind following me so I can see better in the dark?"
  79. Backwards Compatable (GM): -As the last tribal falls, there is a sudden loud crack, and the strange canine stands up, his writs out infront, the chain between his manacles broken as he removes the gag from his mouth, proceeding to rub his wrists "Ah, thank you, I didn't want to risk that with all those assholes around"
  80. Tidal Fury Raises an Eyebrow as she looks up at the Canine and nods, turning around she asks  "Can you take this hachet out of my flank."
  81. Wub: After a short gaze on Kamika he look worried. "Forget me, she needs attention! Doctor?!" He was very wobbly on his legs, but stayed focussed. "And big doggy thing! Welcome! Are you doctor?!"
  82. Kamika: "...Wub?"
  83. Backwards Compatable (GM): "I am a doctor, sadly not a medical doctor, but yes I can remove it from you, it will hurt though" he says, his voice eloquent, and surprisingly gentle as he carefully grips the handle on the hatchet in Tidal's flank and pulls it out
  84. Wub: "Heh?"
  85. Kamika: "Never mind. I'll try looking around here."
  86. Tidal Fury Eeps and bites her lip as the hatchet is removed.
  87. Wub: "Need light?" He follows Kamika with his glowing horn.
  88. Tidal Fury In a low voice she meeks out a "thanks."
  89. Backwards Compatable (GM): "There was another, I think they took him into one of the tents, silly bird didn't talk much" he says "And I'm sorry that hurt"
  90. Kamika bites her lip. "I was sure there would've been plants here... Oh well."
  91. Wub: "Plants? Like edibles? We need a doc, well, YOU need a doc!" He looks even more worried at Kamika.
  92. Tidal Fury Rubs her flank and nods to the Canine "I'll check, mister...um Hound?"
  93. Kamika: "Well, I can kinda use herbs like medicine, so that's closer to what I was looking for."
  94. Moonlighter places the sword back in it's sheathe on her back. "Well, that was a barrel of laughs." she says sarcastically as she rejoins the group.
  95. Backwards Compatable (GM): "Oh, where are my manners, I am Doctor Reginald Emeraldfang, the Seventh.  Now whom do I have the pleasure of calling my rescuers?"
  96. Kamika suddenly gets an idea. "Buuut..." She ponders, walking back over to the tents, and looking inside for Medical Supplies.
  97. Wub: "Better search tents, if there was medical plantlife these tribes flocked them already."
  98. Tidal Fury: "Tidal Fury, Nice to meet you."
  99. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Inside the first tent you find a bound and gagged griffon, apparently the tribal in this tent was using him as a pillow-
  100. Kamika: "Wah!" she gasps in surprise before she rushes over to unbind the Griffon inside.
  101. Blitz lets loose a muffled roar of surprise, struggling as someone touches him.
  102. Wub: "OI! Blimey, a rather unique expression of perfectly canterlot dialect! Good sir, where are you from?" He looks at the canine, actually offering a hoof.
  103. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Suddenly the ground shakes beneath every one and in the direction they just came from there is a horrendous screeching noise-
  104. Kamika hears the noise, and goes about quicken her pace to free the Griffon.
  105. Moonlighter: "What the bloody tartarus was that?!" she exclaims taking her sword back out again.
  106. Blitz flails about, wanting out of these flippin chains
  107. Kamika noticing the lock on the chain, goes about looking around the tent for something to help her.
  108. Tidal Fury Holds up a hoof to Moonlighter and shakes her head no
  109. Kamika peaks her head out the tent. "There's someone in here! I need a hoof getting him free!"
  110. Doctor Reginald: "That same sound came out a bit before you lot showed up, so you likely know more about it than I do, also, I'm from GemTree"
  111. Moonlighter heads towards the tent to see what the hold up was. "Why, what's the problem?"
  112. Blitz whimpers in fear, afraid of the pretty pony-thing
  113. Wub: "Gem Tree? Fancy! We´re looking for one!" Then he faces the direction of the sound. "Then it might be the gate, guys. Nothing to worry, actually."
  114. Blitz uses his eyes, motioning to the muzzle on his beak, continuing to whimper and curling up into as small a ball as his frame could allow.
  115. Kamika shows Moon the chained Griffon. "I can't find the key anywhere..."
  116. Wub walks up to Tidal Fury and nods to her flank. "You alright? Zebra told me shes kind of a doc..."
  117. Tidal Fury Looks to her flank  "It hurts, but I can handle it." she replies
  118. Wub: "You might be more fit to this then me then. Frigging hate pain, and needles..."
  119. Moonlighter smirks at the lock. "Key?" she says in a light tone before taking out a screwdriver and a small sack of what looked like Bobby Pins. "Who needs a key when you got me?" she then goes to the lock and begins picking it. "Hold on there mate, we'll get ya free in a jiff."
  120. Blitz blinks, staying still.
  121. Doctor Reginald: "Well, I wouldn't say 'nothing to worry about'.....odds are....it's waking up as we speak and....well.....you'll see why they had two of us captured" he says before burrowing into the ground
  122. Tidal Fury Nods to the Canine and checks the free tents for medical supplies.
  123. Moonlighter groans as the bobby pins keep breaking. "Fuck, this is a tough ass lock."
  124. Blitz starts flailing and flopping about
  125. Tidal Fury backs up from the big tent and taps wub  "Keep your gun pointed at the big tent something in there, I'm gonna check the other tents."
  126. Wub walks inside the upper tent, looking to use his light to search for stuff to loot. He does not know looting, but wants stuff!
  127. Moonlighter grows frustrated and just forces the bobby pin to cooperate. "Come on ya bloody fuckin'- *Click*" her statement is cut off as she hears the satisfying click of the lock opening. "There we go!"
  128. Blitz shakes a little, stretching his wings and letting loose a loud roar of joy at being free, looking at the ponies. "Not.... Hurt.. Blitz?"
  129. Kamika cocks her head. "No?"
  130. Backwards Compatable (GM): -As Wub steps ontop of the hole a faint- "Go away, I am hiding from that.....thing" comes out from the sealed top of the hole
  131. Blitz picks up Kamika and gives her a hug in joy, puts her down and gives Moonlighter a hug before setting her down. "Blitz thanks you!"
  132. Wub: "Eh, guys?..." He peeks his mighty bright horn into the tent. "Girls, we need to MOVE!"
  133. Tidal Fury Looks down at Sir's Hole."
  134. Kamika feeling the pain from earlier, on top of the Griffon suddenly squishing her in a tight hug, gives out a quick yelp in pain.
  135. Blitz smiles. "You.. Nice... Blitz owe....." He pointed to himself. "I.. Blitzwing."
  136. Backwards Compatable (GM): -Suddenly with a loud roar a giant centaur bursts out of the largest tent, unlike the normal kind, it only has one front limb, a large mantis forelimb esq protusion of bone, it's two whip like tongues flailing about in the air as this abomination slashes out of the tent, causing it to crumple down behind it-
  137. Wub: "MOVE! MOVE!" A frightened gaze on his face. "Run for your lives!!"
  138. Tidal Fury Looks up as the Tent flies open and with a shout  "WHAT IN CELESTIAS' ASS IS THAT."
  139. Kamika pokes her head outside. "BY THE STARS!" She squealed.
  140. Blitz blinks. "What.. Happen?" He pushes by and looks out.
  141. Moonlighter: "Sweet mother of Luna." she mutters as she looks at the large monstrosity.
  142. Wub: "...eh... Run?"
  143. Blitz yelps. "IN.. NAME... OF ALL DAT IS HOLY.. WHAT IS THAT?!"
  144. Tidal Fury Steels herself as she bites down and fires 4 shots at the creature.  She is to panicked and to untrained to make a clear shot
  145. Blitz looks at the ponies, sighing. "Owe... Debt.. Pay time." Before heading towards it.  The griffin roars a battlecry as he slashes and rips at this monster.
  146. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The abomination lets out a pained roar as it's green ichor like blood sprays out-
  147. Moonlighter flies towards the monster with sword in hoof.
  148. Wub: "Fuck... party it is..." He levitates his Lance out and aims over the large griffon, pumping all the lasers into this show! He grins and looks grim as a darkstyle cyberpunk song, raging in silent anger.
  149. Kamika pulls out the strange weapon she got from the chest in the place she woke up from. "Better late than never..." She mused, pointing it at the behemoth.
  150. Backwards Compatable (GM): -With a crack and a crimson flash, the larger crystal on the strange launcher flies off with a red tail of plasma trailing behind it, before striking into the large centaur exploding violently-
  151. Blitz braces himself slightly, taking the brunt of this. roaring, not caring, knowing this probably wasn't on purpose, contrary to his bad vocabulary he was rather understanding, now he just wanted this thing dead and for dinner at this point and the psychotic look in his eye showed he was ready to take this thing down.
  152. Tidal Fury Hit by the weapons shockwave falls to the ground and holds her head, trying to regain her senses.
  153. Kamika is blown back by her own explosion, and as a result, looks seriously hurt. "W...Wha..." She stammered, curled up to both try and help reduce the pain, and in terror of what she'd owned. "Why would..."
  154. Wub blink. Not knowing how he landed on his back, or why his fur burned that much. As a wubmaster he took desorientation lightly and came up to keep on shooting.
  155. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The large creature slashes down at the griffin with it's bone scythe limb slashing deep into him-
  156. Tidal Fury shakes her head and biting back down on her saddle she fires 4 shots at the beast
  157. Blitz slashes wildly and continues to roar.  He seems to enjoy the feel of flesh and squishy blood between his talons
  158. Wub concentrates grimly on a very, very precise shot.
  159. Wub swears loudly and jumps in front of Kamika, shielding her. There is no more to do.
  160. Tidal Fury readies her stance and aims 2 shots at the beast
  161. Backwards Compatable (GM): -The massive beast collapses in a pool of it's gathering, thick, ichorus blood, heaving it's last breath, the party feels....good....damn good for getting rid of that....thing....-
  162. Blitz stands above the corpse of this THING and lets out a scream of triumph.
  163. Tidal Fury Exhales as this was the most combat she has seen in her life.
  164. Doctor Reginald: "I....can't believe you killed that....thing"
  165. Wub jumps over Kamika looking worried to wake her, comforting her if in pain. "Come on, stripes, tell me what to do. There must be anything..."
  166. Kamika recoils, burying her head in her curled-up ball-like body.
  167. Blitz gets to work, slashing and ripping apart flesh from its body before dragging it over to the fire, throwing it on to cook it.
  168. Tidal Fury Stands up and looks to the Hound and walks over to the tribals to see if they had any medical supplies
  169. Wub: "A doctor! Somepony, please!"
  170. Moonlighter goes towards the other tent to see if there was anything salvagable.
  171. Blitz sighs and goes to tear off some more flesh to cook.
  172. Doctor Reginald heads into the collapsed tent coming back out after a while, wearing a comically large top hat, a business suit with an armored vest as apposed to the normal suitvest, a pair of brown tinted sunglasses on  "Ah, that's much better" he says looking around again
  173. Blitz continues ripping off chunks of flesh and piling it up, dragging it over and trying to cook it again.
  174. Wub jumps around helplessly. "Any doctor here? You, Reginald, you a doctor?"
  175. Blitz frowns and has a small visible tantrum, letting out small eagle-like calls in frustration.
  176. Doctor Reginald: "Ugh....that's....horribly barbaric you know, I wouldn't suggest eating that" he says looking to Blitz "And no, I'm not a doctor....not of that sort, as I assume you mean a medical doctor, yes?" he adds on, now looking to Wub
  177. Blitz looks at him and shrugs, going and getting more meat dragging it back to the fire and attempts again.
  178. Wub: "Any doctor! She needs help!"
  179. Doctor Reginald: "All right Missy, what seems to be the problem?"
  180. Blitz sighs in frustration.... "Any... Other.. Bodies? Hungry..."
  181. Kamika is basically shivering at this point, but shakes her head.
  182. Wub points at her, looking worried. "Shes badly hurt, in pain, just as we all. Do you... know a place t go? Any place with a medipony, or similar."
  183. Sir Reginald Emaraldfang: "Miss, you did alot of good taking that out, do you want to know exactly why they had us captured for it, I'll tell you, it wasn't for food" he says to her before looking back to Wub  "And no, GemTree is....off limits to most every one at the moment, however this is a fairly....secluded campsite, so it's a....moderately secure"
  184. Wub: "Take us there, I beg you! She needs help. And with things like this around... we all do."
  185. Doctor Reginald: "If I take you there, you WILL die" he replies bluntly looking at Wub
  186. Kamika begins mumbling. "I'm... Not a pony... I can make the trip... Right?"
  187. Blitz goes to the body and takes an ear off of it,quickly intertwining it with some of his feathers, using it as a decoration before going over to the other pony who had physically attacked this beast alongside him.
  188. Doctor Reginald sighs heavily "Let me ask you this, why would I, be up here on the surface when GemTree is underground?"
  189. Blitz: "You.... No run... Why? I owe... Debt..."
  190. Wub folds back his ears and bites his lip. "Can you... get help from there? We saved you, after all..."
  191. Kamika: "I don't need any help, Wub... Stop pressuring him already...I just need...Rest.  I can get everyone fixed up... If I can find some plants..."
  192. Wub shakes his head and looks to the big tent, if he was of no use here he would be a use bringing stuff. After all he was the groups flashlight, wasn´t he?
  193. Tidal Fury After striping the raiders she walks to the big tent passing the corpse now chopped to bitts
  194. Doctor Reginald shakes his head "The only ones down there at the moment are doing what they can to save the city, I'm sorry but I won't risk the homes of hundreds for the needs of a few, even if you did save me, that's very selfish thing for you to ask of me. And yes, rest is good for healing wounds, I can not help much with your...physical trauma, however, you are in shock it would seem, so I can't exactly leave you alone" he says, gently scooping up the zebra in a hug "You saved more than just myself and the griffin by doing what you did, that....thing could turn others into.....monsters like it's self"
  195. Kamika: "Ow, ow, ow..."
  196. Moonlighter: "Well mate, running off and leavin' you with sunshine over there," she points at the monster. "Would've been a really big violation of our own morals; besides you seem like an alright sort so we wouldn't have just left ya there."
  197. Blitz smiles and gives her a big hug. "Thank you." He seemed to be a nice guy with a big heart it seemed, if not a little odd.
  198. Kamika shakes slightly. "It's... No trouble... But please... Let go..." She managed.
  199. Moonlighter: "Oof." she exclaims getting hugged by Blitz. "Okay mate, you gotta be gentle with a mare ya know."
  200. Blitz blinks. "Mare?.... What is mare?..." It seemed he just saw ponies as ponies for some reason.
  201. Doctor Reginald lets her go "I'm...sorry hugs usually help with psychological trauma"
  202. Moonlighter raises a brow at that. "Mare, ya know a girl?  Female?  Lady?  Any ringin' bells?"
  203. Blitz shakes his head. "Mama left me.. When young... All alone.. For long time.. Not met much people... Some ponies bad... Some nice... You all.. Nice."
  204. Wub walks out of the tent looking around, levitating the case with him for all to see.
  205. Tidal Fury spots a bottle of Sparkle Cola Vanilla...and somewhat drools shaking her head she places it in her bags for later
  206. Moonlighter nods her head at that, understanding about growing up alone. "Well ya won't find any nicer than us, though there are plenty of nice ponies, ya just gotta look hard for em' "
  207. Blitz sets her down and looks at the others.
  208. Wub: "Guys? Hello?" He walks up to the group. "Can I have a say?"
  209. Doctor Reginald smiles at Kamika "Open your mouth, and close your eyes, I have a suprise that will make you wise" he says chuckling, and smiling some, his teeth are actually filed down to blunt tips
  210. Blitz approaches Wub. "Horned pony... What in box?" has a look of curiosity
  211. Tidal Fury walks over and sits by wub
  212. Blitz reaches out towards it
  213. Wub: "Oh, I just wanted to tell all, you will find out."
  214. Kamika blushes furiously at Reginald's wording, but does so regardless.
  215. Backwards Compatible (GM): -As the griffon goes to touch the, oddly familiar still sealed box, the lock on it glows and explodes in a cascading set of rainbow rings, unlocking-
  216. Blitz blinks. "Pretty.. Colors..."
  217. Doctor Reginald puts a piece of spearmint bubblegum in the zebras mouth "The wisdom is that trust is good to have with nice people"
  218. Kamika chews the gum thoughtfully. "Mm, spearmint."
  219. Wub: "Shuush, gratz gfiff, you´re now a permanent part of our team!" Wub smiles greatly. "And all, thanks for staying alive. Can´t have a party without you, now could I? Thats all."
  220. Blitz waggles his tail like a kitty and gently takes the box.
  221. Moonlighter: "Huh, looks like we found our element of Loyalty it seems." she says looking at Blitz. "Welcome to the team mate."
  222. Tidal Fury takes a drink from her canteen and claps
  223. Wub waves the griffon. "And I am the WUB, not horned pony." he smiles."Now, how is your name, big one? As a represent of loyalty I cant call you griff, griff..."
  224. Sir Reginald Emaraldfang: "The best flavor" he replies smiling and chewing a piece himself "Feeling better?"
  225. Kamika: "A little."
  226. Blitz smiles. "My name... Blitzwing.. But call me Blitz."
  227. Wub: "Alright, Blitz then. Reminds me..." h looks at Tidal. "Don´t know yours either."
  228. Blitz tries on his new gauntlets, it fitted around his wrist and was tri-bladed. "Nice..."
  229. Doctor Reginald : "Good, now cheer up missy, it may not seem like much, but, I'll let you know, that thing uses it's tongues in.....places it aught not to, in order to....infect things with taint. You have saved countless lives down the road by what you did, so take that into account"
  230. Tidal Fury: "Honesty." she answers flatly
  231. Kamika shudders, before letting a quick whimper from pain. "Gross..."
  232. Wub: "Your name, sillyfilly, already know your element." Wub chuckles softly. "So, is it a secret? Do I have to earn it?"
  233. Doctor Reginald: "Quite. Now doesn't it make you feel better to know you destroyed that.....monstrosity?"
  234. Tidal Fury: "Tidal, Tidal Fury."
  235. Blitz beats his wings proudly, standing on his hind legs. "Friend.. Find safe place now.." He began to take off, taking to the air to survey the area.
  236. Kamika: "That's not what I was upset about... I'm glad, it's just..."
  237. Blitz sighs. "Me Blitz.. No see nothing."
  238. Doctor Reginald: "It's just what?"
  239. Kamika: "...I don't want to do anything like that again. Not if it'll hurt my friends."
  240. Doctor Reginald gently lifts her chin "Your friends are fine, sometimes you may have to hurt those you care about to help the world, I'm not saying it's good to hurt your friends, just sometimes, it cannot be helped. What would have happened if you hadn't done whatever it is you did hmmm, just think about that"
  241. Wub walks up to the zebra again. "Ah, youre fine... was worried actually. Say, you need still rest? We should all take some.. but can I ask some questions? Tomorrow perhaps?"
  242. Kamika holds her chin up for a few seconds, before nodding, and putting her head back down.
  243. Blitz lands down and sighs. "We bury bodies... Rest here? Keep watch?"
  244. Tidal Fury Nods  "I will take first watch, you guys need rest."
  245. Doctor Reginald: "You, shouldn't need to keep watch, nothing really follows the Tongue-Lashers"
  246. Blitz thinks. "Ok I sleep now." He curled up into a big fluffy griffon ball, covering himself with his wings as he dug down slightly into the snow to make himself a place to rest.
  247. Wub: "Ah what, partypony is an all-nighter! I´ll stay up with you, Tidal, and with the next!" He sounds serious.
  248. Doctor Reginald: "Sleep is a good way to recuperate" he says "Your body can't properly mend while you are conscious"
  249. Tidal Fury Nods and reloads her weapons and ready for the night
  250. Moonlighter: "No arguements here." she says grabbing one of the bedrolls and just lays it near Blitz. She then crawls inside and begins to drift off. "*yawn* Wake me up when it's my turn for watch."
  251. Wub: "So what? They need sleep, I need party time! Will not sleep if others have it worse."
  252. BackwardsCompatable (GM): -As sleep settles over the party, they all rest peacefully through the night, who knows what tomorrow will hold....-
  253. ====End Session 2====
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