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  1. Karen knocked at the door.  She really needed to get a key off Alex, it'd be better if she could just come and go at ease.
  3. The door opened, and there stood Alex:
  5. Alex, the boy.  He stood in his pajama bottoms, red and black dragons, and a black sweatshirt.  The brown-eyed boy with dirty-blonde hair and a chin he couldn't hide and a sharp nose.  Completely and totally, unmistakably male.
  7. "Karen, we need to talk."
  9. We're not going out, she wanted to say.  I'm just your trainer, your designer, your maker.  You can't break up with me.
  11. "What's up?" she said.
  13. Alex hung in the doorway, letting the door rest against his shoulder; he was a human wall.  But words seemed to flutter about at his lips; he couldn't quite say what he wanted.  "I wanted to thank you," finally, he said, not able to look her in the eye.  "But I'm not convinced so far that Julian is really taking  this movie as seriously as you're making it seem.  There's no point in 'getting into the role' without a script there to work off of."
  15. "I thought Julian talked to you about this?" Karen asked, stepping closer to him, trying to stand up straight.  She wanted to seem strong and solid.  This was no time for backing down.  "We're creating your role, Alex.  Helen is what you make of her.  Julian doesn't even have a firm script yet, but that's not laziness.  It's a deliberate choice, because he wants improvisation to be a big part of the story.  But that doesn't mean there isn't a story there."  When did she become the stalwart defender of Julian?
  17. "Fine, fine," Alex said.  "But really that's just the half of it!  I don't get why you've been treating me like you have, I don't get why I have been letting you treat me this way, and I want it to stop."
  19. Karen cringed.  "What do you mean?"
  21. Alex stepped forward, out of the doorway.  His hands became wild as he gesticulated while he spoke, shooting up into the air around them.  "What's the point of having me run with fake boobs on?  Women don't run with a bra like that.  It would be embarrassing for a woman, and frankly it's unrealistic."
  23. Karen nodded.  "It is unrealistic.  The movie will be unrealistic, though, so we want you ready to be unrealistic too.  What else was it?"
  25. Alex seemed to be getting annoyed, like he really wanted to be angry with Karen although he couldn't find words to express what she'd done to him that was wrong.  "Well, there's absolutely no reason for me to swim in drag.  I'm not even going to swim in the movie."
  27. "How do you know?" Karen asked.  "I thought you had no idea what was going to be in the script?"
  29. "Because... because..."  Alex stammered.  "Why do you want me to be in a dress when we go out to dinner?  Why can't you just let me be a man for that at least?  Be honest with me Karen, are you going to let me take you on a date or not?  Just say no if that's how it's going to be, but stop playing with me because it's just not fair."
  31. Ah, so there's where it was.  She sighed, stepping back, feeling just a bit vulnerable.  Now she didn't want to look at him, didn't want him looking at her body.  He was such a stick-figure, there was no reason someone as gorgeous as him would ever really want a background girl like her, really.
  33. But then she smiled and turned back to him.  "I'm glad you finally got the backbone to realize that was just my way of saying no.  So, what's it going to be?" she asked.  "Are you going to back out of the movie just because I won't go out with you?"
  35. That caught Alex off-guard.  "I'm not quitting the movie!  I'm not, damn it!  I just want to know what's really going on with you.  Are you really here to help me with the movie, or are you just here to fuck with me?"
  37. Karen could feel her face turning red as she began to quiver with anger.  "Do you know how hard I worked to get  your costume together?  You know, it's been all my time too, teaching you how to do the makeup and to get into character.  What's all this bullshit about?  You know I care about you, Alex, and I care about the movie, too.  Why can't you see that you're like a brother to me?  So what that I just don't want you to try to be my boyfriend.  I'm too fat for you anyway."  There, she said it.
  39. "So why even lead me on?" he asked, waving his hands in front of him and sighing.  "Why even agree to go on a date with me 'if I'm in a dress too'?  What's the point?"
  41. She could only shrug.  "It wasn't supposed to be a date.  It was just supposed to be some fun where maybe we'd go out... as girlfriends, together."
  43. "That's fucked up," Alex said.  "I'm not your girlfriend, Karen, and I never will be.  I want to be your boyfriend, and you won't let me."
  45. "Why can't we just be friends?" she asked.
  47. Alex squeezed his eyes shut and stepped back, leaning his head back against the door-frame.  "If that's all we can be, okay.  Okay."
  49. There was a long silence.  Karen looked down.  Had she really been that mean to him?  It had seemed like innocent fun yesterday.  Maybe she had pressed him further than she thought.
  51. "Where did this all come from?" she finally asked, taking a step back, and leaning against the railing.  "I thought you understood all this.  I'm really sorry, Alex.  I just didn't think we needed to say all this.  I thought you understood.  Did... did something happen?"
  53. Alex shrugged.  "No.  Maybe.  I guess so.  It's stupid, no, I'm sorry, it's my fault.  Let's go get brunch, I'll explain it over pancakes."
  55. He stepped out, and locked the door.  Still Alex.  Still the man, the boy.  And Karen had enough sense to know that, just now, she needed to let Alex be Alex.  Helen was locked inside the apartment, for now.
  57. ______
  59. Their pancake place was a second-story restaurant that doubled as a Mexican place.  Alex's favorite part was ordering the orange juice; he could watch them put a whole orange or two into a juicer and make it fresh right in view of everything.  It wasn't too expensive, either.
  61. Alex sat down with his juice, and took a few sips.  Karen nibbled at her crepes, waiting for him to say something.  Finally, he did.
  63. "It's the dreams," Alex said.  "I don't know what's causing them, but they're really getting to me.  I wake up from one nightmare, and go back to sleep and have two more.  Sometimes I wake up from one dream into another dream.  It's getting really confusing, and I end up just waking up feeling more exhausted than I was when I went to sleep."
  65. "Every night?" Karen asked.
  67. "They weren't quite so bad last night," Alex said.  "That's the main reason I think I had the energy to even get angry at you today.  I don't really know what was into me yesterday.  I should have talked to you sooner, instead I just let myself get resentful."
  69. "Yeah, you can always talk to me, Alex," Karen said.  What was she saying?  He might totally misinterpret that.  "I mean, I really am your friend, Alex."  Maybe that helped, maybe it didn't.  "Is it always the same dream?"
  71. "A few have recurred, but they tend to move around a lot.  I'm pretty sure I don't remember all of them.  In fact, I'm certain I don't.  But the worst one was when you were over last night, and I passed out in front of the TV."
  73. Karen shrugged.  "So you shouldn't sleep on the couch, that's all that means."
  75. Alex shook his hand.  "It was just a really bad dream.  I was awake for a lot of last night.  I... well, I dreamed the devil raped me."
  77. "You what?!" Karen said, a fair amount of shock in her voice.  "That's totally wild!  What else did you dream about?"  This was getting pretty good.
  79. "Uh, they're gross," he said, blushing.  Clearly he'd been thinking Karen's reaction would be different.
  81. "Tell me, I can take it," she said.  Actually, the more he talked, the hungrier she got.  She was really chomping down on the crepes now, and was thinking of getting an omelet too.
  83. "Well.  Let's see.  In one dream, my penis exploded."
  85. Karen burst out laughing.  "That's hilarious!"
  87. "Actually it was really terrifying."
  89. "I know, I know, but..."  Karen could not contain herself.  She had to put her fork down, and struggled to swallow the crepe in her mouth between laughs.
  91. "Don't I actually look different, too?" Alex said.  "Even now, I feel like no one would recognize me."
  93. Karen shook her head.  "Baby, that's nothing.  Yeah, you've lost a bit of weight, but that just goes to show how fast your bloody metabolism is and how good my diet is.  It's nothing."
  95. "No, my whole face looks way different," he said.  "Look at it."
  97. She did.  "Well, that's what happens when you take care of your eyes and at least try to get enough sleep.  Your face really is a lot brighter.  You may feel worse, but you LOOK better."
  99. "Better?" Alex asked.  "As in, more like a girl?"  He was getting skeptical.
  101. Karen sighed.  "No, just healthier.  Younger.  You actually look like the twenty-something you are."
  103. "Really?"
  105. "Yes, really."
  107. "Fine," Alex said.  "Okay, so everything that's happening to me is natural.  So be it.  I still don't have a part to act."
  109. "So let's create Helen together," Karen said.  "Who do you want her to be?  Who do you think will sell the most DVD cases, you know?  Who get's the 9.0 on IMDB?"
  111. They ate in silence for a bit.
  113. "Thank you again," Alex said.  "I don't know what's wrong with me."
  115. "Clearly, you're PMSing," Karen said, and winked.
  117. "Hardy-har.  Anyway, I think I'm going to officially take today off."
  119. "Already a diva, huh?"
  121. "I just have a lot to think about.  No sense being burnt out before the shooting even starts.  I'll call you tonight, and we can plan for tomorrow."
  123. He stood up, and walked outside.
  125. ______
  127. Once home, Alex walked in, sat down, and began spinning his cell phone in his hand.  He needed to call Julian.  But what would he say?  I don't have the talent to improvise?  This is all too much for me?  I'll give you the money because I want out?
  129. Or maybe he should just try to get it over with.  I'll be there tomorrow.  I don't want to be stuck here with Karen anymore.  Let's get this show on the road.
  131. Maybe he'd figure it out once he heard Julian's voice.  
  133. He pressed dial, and waited.
  135. Ring.
  137. Ring.
  139. Ring.
  141. Hell, you've reached the voice mail box of...
  143. Alex hung up.  He didn't want to leave a message.  
  145. Thump.
  147. Something came from his bedroom.  Heart racing, his thumb dialed 911, then hovered over the send button.  He stood up, and walked slowly, and quietly to the door for his bedroom.  Slowly, he opened the door and looked inside.
  149. He expected it to be nothing; or if it was something, maybe a cat that had somehow sneaked in.  Or, even more unlikely, maybe one of his roommates had come back early for some reason and was poking around.
  151. The last thing he expected to see was a person.  But when he opened the door, he saw through the crack a red head of hair and part of a smooth, feminine back.  There weren't any clothes on the back.
  153. Thinking that this must not be burglar, and generally confused, Alex pushed the door open further.
  155. There definitely was a woman on his bed.  He couldn't see her face, but she wasn't wearing a shirt, or a bra—that much was clear.  She did have on black high heels, and fishnet stockings ran up her legs.  And she seemed to be throwing the contents of his closet into a large black plastic bag.
  157. "Excuse me, miss?" he asked.
  159. The face that turned back to him had a large nose, a soft chin, and thin black eyebrows.  He had seen a face very similar to hers every day of his life for years.  At least, he'd seen it any time he'd looked in a mirror.
  161. "So you want to lock me in?" she asked, standing up, her hands hanging down between her large, very real breasts.  She stood there, staring at him, with her bright green eyes.  Unmistakeably female.  Her voice was soft and sultry, her words easy and smooth.  
  163. "Helen?" Alex asked, stepping back.
  165. "You think you can lock me in here all day," she said, walking toward him, her body swaying left and right with each step, like she was incredibly drunk.  "You just want to kill me as fast as possible, do you?" she asked.
  167. "You're me," he said.  "You're the character I'm playing in the movie."
  169. "Is that all I am?" she asked.
  171. "You're not real," he said.  "You don't even have any scripted lines."
  173. "Is that so?  Well, neither do you," she said, walking forward.  "But you're talking anyway."
  175. "Get out of my head," Alex said.  "You're not real.  You are a figment of my imagination.  I must be hallucinating."
  177. "Yeah," she said, walking straight up next to him, pressing her naked breasts against his chest, her hands wrapping up around his back.  "I'm not real."  She leaned back and slapped him.
  179. He could feel his cheek burning.  Turning, he could see her holding him in the bathroom mirror; he could see the red marks on his face, too.
  181. "What do you want from me?" he asked, trying to push her back.  Her grip on his back was shockingly strong, her muscles more like iron.  
  183. "Well, you want me to be naked, don't you?" she asked, stepping back, her hands gripping her breasts and pushing them up toward his face.  "You want to stare at me and see how impossible it is that I'm a woman.  You want to touch my breasts.  So touch them."
  185. "No," he said, stepping back again.  "This is freaky shit."
  187. Her hands snapped out and gripped his wrists.  She moved like a snake striking.  Alex barely had a chance to see her move before she held him, and she wrenched him forward, pushing his hands against her breasts.
  189. They were soft, warm.  Holding them felt like holding water balloons.  Alex shuddered, feeling them.  When he touched them, he could feel cold, foreign hands pressing against his own breasts.
  191. "So I want you to be naked," Helen said, and all at once she pushed him backward.  He took a step back, and then she rushed to him, pushing him down onto the couch.  She ripped his shirt off, and then began tearing at his shorts.  
  193. "Stop it!"  His hands went to hers, trying to stop them from working at his buttons, but her fingers were like steel, unbending from his efforts.
  195. In moments, she pulled his shorts down, ripped off his boxers, and then pushed him back onto the couch, sitting on top of him.  Pantyhose pressed against his legs, the heels sliding up and down against his shins.  Her hands held his shoulders back.  
  197. Alex just couldn't bring words to his lips.  Helen was on top of him, staring at him, then leaned her head back, shoving her breasts into his face.
  199. "You can't kill me, Alex," she said, leaning forward again, her face up against his.  "You can't kill me without killing yourself."
  201. "Where did you come from?" he asked, his hands reaching up to grip her hips, to feel her whole feminine form.
  203. "I'm not gonna answer your questions," Helen said.  "I'm just here to tell you that every time you try to try to take something from me, I'm going to take something from you."
  205. "What the hell are you talking about?" Alex asked, starting to freak out.  She smiled at him, smiled at him through those smooth red lips, and then her hand grabbed his balls.
  207. "Fuck!" he said, and this time he shoved her back.  She flew through the air this time, landing on her ass on the carpet.  
  209. "You can't have my balls, you bitch!"
  211. "This is my time," Helen hissed.  "You were supposed to give it to me!  You can't take days from me!"
  213. She jumped to her feet, her breasts bobbing as she made a perfect landing on her high black heels.  He guessed she must be just a bit shorter than him, to be equal height with him in heels like that.
  215. Alex jumped back, over the back of the couch, his balls slapping against his thigh as he did so.  Helen stepped forward and kicked the couch over with her heel.  Alex turned around, running to the door.  The sound of heels pounding into the floor sounded behind him.  As he reached the door, his hand gripping the icy cold handle, her hands grabbed his shoulders and dragged him backward, throwing him on to their wooden table.  The table gave out beneath him, snapping with one terrible crack.
  217. "Stop breaking all my goddamn furniture!" he yelled at her.  
  219. She walked forward and raised her heel.  He jumped back, rolling over the table, as her heel pounded down where his balls had been moments before.
  221. "Fucking shit!  Stop going after my balls!"
  223. "Stop whining like a little bitch and fight me," she said, leaping over the table and diving into him, slamming him against the wall.  As they fell, her hands went for his balls again.
  225. "Gah!"  He slipped away, her hand gripping his ankle.  Cringing, his free leg twisted and kicked her in the face.
  227. As he did so, his own head slammed against the wall for no apparent reason, and he felt a bit dazed.
  229. Her hands raced up his thighs and grabbing his balls once more.  She began to tug at them harshly.  "You don't want me to have boobs?  Well I don't want you to have balls.  Give.  Them.  To.  Me!"
  231. Alex leaned forward and tried slapping himself.  He succeeded.  She continued tugging at his balls, making his entire gut clench in pain.  In a moment of desperation, he reached up for the nearest object—the bottle of wine, left out from the other night—and he brought it down on her head.
  233. The world went dark.
  235. ______
  237. Karen was at home watching baseball, sipping a Heineken.  Maybe I should actually go over in a dress? she thought to herself.  Surprise him, make him feel better.  Take him out.
  239. Yeah, the only problem with that, would be that he'd take that as a sign she wanted to go out with him.  Better to sit at home watching baseball.  Plus, HOME RUN!
  241. meow meow, meow meow...
  243. Her phone was ringing (with its cat's meow ringtone).  Alex.
  245. "Hello," Karen said, hoping she didn't sound tipsy.
  247. "Hey Karen," Alex said.  He was talking in his falsetto; actually, his falsetto was much, much better than it had been at any time so far.  
  249. "What's going on, Alex?  Are you okay?  I thought we were taking today off?"
  251. "Yeah, yeah.  I've just been thinking.  Why don't we head up to camp tomorrow."  Everything, pitch, tone, rhythm—Alex had really mastered the voice since last night.  
  253. "Sure, Alex, if that's what you want.  You've made a lot of progress already."
  255. "It is," Alex said.  "Oh yeah, and until we're done, call me by my character's name.  I'm going to be Helen from here on out."
  257. Well that was surprising.  "Whatever you want... Helen it is, then.  I'll see you tomorrow."
  259. "Have a nice night, Karen."
  261. "You too."
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