[F4F] Let Me Take Care of You

Mar 23rd, 2020
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  1. [Script Offer] [F4F] Let Me Take Care Of You [Massage] [Grinding] [Cozy] [GFE] [A deluge of kisses] [Breastplay] [ASMRish] [Oil] [Semi-clothed] [Very gentle Fdom] [Coy but tender] [Cumming together]
  3. Your girlfriend is feeling under the weather; you offer an impromptu massage which turns into more. The tone of voice should be slow, soothing and cozy, a little coy - with the steaminess emerging organically from this.
  5. [Denotes effects and voice directions - optional]
  6. Feel free to adapt as you wish!
  8. -
  10. Hey! How are you feeling? Any better? …Not really? Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. [Rustle as she hug hers her tight] Mm.
  12. You sure it’s just a little cold? You *better* not be contagious.
  14. You just need a break? Yeah, you kinda look like it, if you don’t mind me saying.
  16. Oh, you do mind? Too bad, you like crap. [Giggle] Hey, you’re right though, I don’t think you should be working…
  18. I know. I know there’s a lot to do. But you deserve a break.
  20. I’m glad you called me in here. [Scoff] No, no it’s not a bother. I don’t want you to be alone while you’re *achey*. [She falls into a baby voice.] Not while my baby’s *suffering* and *sniffling*.
  22. What do you need, huh? Can I maybe cook you something, bring you a drink-
  24. You just want another hug? Oh… Come here… [She turns a little softer, and more serious] Oh, you’re all tense… Hey, look at me.
  26. [A moment, then she gives her a single, gentle peck]
  28. Come on, let me help you out….
  30. Seriously, lay down. On the bed, yeah, right there. Put your head against me. A little closer... Yeah, perfect. Let’s relax you, baby.
  32. [She strokes the listener’s hair/head while she chatters] You had a long week, didn’t you? I can feel it, you know - right *here*, and *here*. All over, really. Poor thing.
  34. Hey, do you have any oil? Yeah, coconut oil’s perfect. In the drawer, right?
  36. [She procures and uncaps the jar, before rubbing her hands together]
  38. Alright… I’m just going to use my hands, okay? And I’m going to start with your head. A lot of nerves bundled up here... Just relax for me…
  40. Wait, I’m just gonna take this tie out of your hair. There we go… Yeah, close your eyes.
  42. [Gentle massage or humming sounds as she proceeds] Just feel my hands, my hands on you... over your temples, behind your ears. [Whisper] Just relax for me…
  44. Huh? Of course it’s not a problem. Don’t you apologize. And you don’t have to do that either - don’t thank me, baby... You’re feeling like this, there’s nowhere else for me to be. You know that, don’t you?
  46. Mm… here, let me get all this lovely hair out of the way.
  48. Oh, you really needed this. Can you feel how tight your shoulders are? Shh, it’s alright, just lean back into my hands…Ah. Your skin is so soft… [Laughter] Yeah, I bet this oil’s helping.
  50. How does that feel? Good… I hope this pressure’s okay. Your neck is such a sensitive area. But you’re breathing better already, I can see that…
  52. Yeah, you can feel it? I’m glad this is working for you… ‘Cause you know, just being touched… can do wonders. No matter what’s making you feel low, or under the weather. It’s really so important to feel - to let your body just feel loved. You know, protected. I want you to feel that.
  54. I’m just - I’m going to move down a little. Is it okay? Yup, over your chest, it’s the chest massage now. If I just move your shirt down a tiny bit. [The rustle of fabric] Slowly… gentle fingertips down over your ribs. Searching out those muscles with the softest of strokes. Let’s just ease us into it. Because this can actually be a little intense for some people… you know, it’s where all your, uh, baggage is locked up. Right… [A sigh, or exhale] over your heart.
  56. I know, baby. I know you’re okay with it. I know you like my touch.
  58. I’m just gonna slide along the edge of these pec muscles, under your shirt… Perfect. Deep, slow circles over your ribs… Down and around… You okay? Not too much?
  60. You’re just fine, you’re perfect. Breathe in with me, okay…And out. [A little laugh] Feel that, we’re totally in sync now.
  62. Further? Of course… You don’t mind if - uh, if we pull your shirt down? Okay. Here we are, mm.
  64. I know, honey. It feels nice, doesn’t it? It feels nice to be touched, it makes you feel cared for. And I care for you so much. [Little kiss]
  66. Oh, that’s such a pretty sigh. You like it when I kiss your forehead… Yeah? How about here, your temple [kiss] Mmm… or your ears [Kissy kiss, in quicker succession, but still deliberate and lingering]
  68. Oops - [embarrassed laugh] I just brushed your nipple. Are you - are you cold? Your breasts look a little - you’ve got all these goosebumps
  70. Oh, does my touch feel good here? [Teasing tone] Is this perfectly *soothing*?
  71. Lower?... Like that? Right… Mm, you want me to warm them up. Let’s get some more oil.
  73. Gosh, you look good…My hands feel good on you? You feel good in my hands [Laugh]. All slippery and warm… You feel as good as you look. [Kiss]. Which is perfect… Yeah, I know I said you look like shit five minutes ago, but... now you’re all *melty* in my hands [Coy laugh]
  75. You don’t mind if I - press over your breasts. Oh, your nipples are still hard. If I just - brush my fingers over them. [Her voice drops] Softly, just like that?
  77. You look so sweet and cozy. So kissable. Let me kiss you again [Plenty of kisses, melting into one another] Down here, against your neck… On your clavicle... While I rub these beautiful breasts…[Breastplay™]
  79. Oh, you’re squirming… Yes, I would very much like to take care of you. I said that already, didn’t I? Let me kiss you here. [A rustle as she shifts to kiss her chest] I love how you’re moving. That’s it, you can push up against me. While I - kiss you all better.
  81. You want it? You want me to kiss these delectable breasts for you? Bending down to suck on your little nipples. [Kissing, sucking, etc.] That’s it, move against me. Rub yourself against me...
  83. I want you to feel good. You feel so good to me… [She gasps gently] I love the feeling of your fingers in my hair, just clutching while I lavish you. Mm, playing with your tits as I caress you with my mouth - your lovely skin [Inhale against her skin], the curve of your waist. All the little ways you just respond to me...
  85. [Her breath quickens]
  87. Do you like how my hands cup you all over, skimming your back, your spine? Oh, fuck, look at you, you’re practically trembling for me.
  89. [Her heady tone is interrupted with a laugh] Yeah, I *know* you have other reasons to be shivery. This isn’t that, though, is it? This is me - my fingers, teasing you, rubbing this oil all over you, my kisses, making you all weak and desperate...
  91. Yeah, wrap your legs around me, grind up against me… Sure you can, don’t worry about it. [Moan] Oh, that feels good.
  93. God, you’re irresistible… Are you getting worked up, sweetheart? Getting nice and wet from my hands on you, and my mouth? ...‘Cause, I mean, I know I am [Giggle].
  96. You’re so hot against my thigh, even through these shorts. Is it… is it alright if I rub against you, too? Yeah? Oh, fuck, it’s not like I can help it.
  98. [She continues to work herself up along with the listener]
  100. Fuck, just like that. Listen to you… whimpering as I grope and tease you. Yeah - slide up into me, let’s rub off on each other. You look so hot like this, straining, so beautiful [Looots of wet kisses while grinding away]
  102. You like it a lot, don’t you? You like - hearing me moan with you... Thrust into me. Oh, I bet you’re so nice and slick, baby… [She sighs through her delirium] I wish I could feel it, feel how slippery you are, spilling over my fingers -
  104. But you’re close, aren’t you? Mm? You're going to cum like this, grinding against me. I won’t interrupt now… I won’t deprive you. I’m here for your pleasure, after all, I’m here for you. Oh... I want you to cum against me, baby. Come with me. Let me hold your perfect body while you buck up, and come like this… Yeah? Are you gonna come, just rutting against me? Come on, baby, cum with me… [Encouragement until she orgasms]
  106. [Catch you breath]
  108. [Kiiiiiissing] There you go.
  110. You perfect girl. You perfect *mess.* [Breathless laugh] [And more cooing and kisses]
  112. How d’you feel? Better? Yeah, did I kiss you all better?...Well, mission accomplished.
  114. No, no that was not part of the plan. But I *am* pretty good at improv, huh? What? Oh, you’re welcome, baby. That was… absolutely not a problem. [Laugh]
  116. [Tenderly] I mean it, you know. Whatever you need. What’s next, eh?
  118. Water? I thought you might say that.
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