Jan 28th, 2013
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  1. [18:44:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Carrion Riot
  2. [18:44:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> >Prologue
  3. [18:45:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It was a night full of hopes and dreams, anxieties and desires, and of disappointments and anger.
  4. [18:46:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The school dance! Some of you had been looking forward to it! Some of you were going to it just because, or because you felt you needed to do it
  5. [18:46:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And some of you didn't even go!
  6. [18:49:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> But regardless, the fact remains that the school dance didn't go as planned! A big fight broke out,a nd those of you at the dance decided it was better to skeedaddle before the cops came and before anyone REALLY got hurt! Whatever the reason, those of you who were at the party all just so happened to meet up in an alleyway with a fence with a large hole in it. On the other side of the fence is a biiiig old abandoned power plant. Pretty spooky place, has a bunch of weird rumors about it.
  7. [18:49:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (And now you guys can start doing things)
  8. [18:53:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Biff? Steve? Anyone else? Bueller?)
  9. [18:53:11] <DonJones> (I'm back and stuff)
  10. [18:54:32] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> Biff, who is already fairly deep into his cups thanks to the unending efforts of the football team to make sure the school dance wasn't boring as shit, finishes his red plastic cup full of booze and glares at nothing in particular. "Fuckin'-" he starts, then shuts up as he realizes he's not actually the only one there.
  11. [18:54:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh man I already love Biff)
  12. [18:55:19] <Steve> (Best imaginary friends forever)
  13. [18:55:21] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (the second word was going to be whoooooooore but there are ladies present)
  14. [18:56:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Lorelei's not there, Larissa is ???)
  15. [18:57:00] <Lorelei> (^ yeah, it's lady singular for now)
  16. [18:57:13] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (whatevs)
  17. [18:57:25] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (you're all little girly homos anyway chug chug)
  18. [18:57:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (♥)
  19. [18:57:55] <Larissa> (wait my presence is a mystery? @_@ )
  20. [18:58:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (it's up to you whether you're there or will just pop up later! 1,1I'd personally prefer if you were there, though)
  21. [18:58:34] <Steve> Steve Rogers, local straight-laced eagle scout and veteran Elderly Street Crosser Assistant, frowns slightly at the crude word choice. Obviously he has had nothing to drink, because he WAS a DD, until who the heck knows where his friends got to. "Hopefully everyone's alright. I'm sure they are!"
  22. [19:02:35] <DonJones> "Amen, Biff. Nobody's havin' they were looking forward to. Come in to play some Top 40 bullshit for the congregation, and now I got my best equipment fucked up by some moron's drink." DJ is leaning up against the wall, staring hard at an empty soda can rolling on the ground. "Fucks ain't got any respect."
  23. [19:03:19] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE squints blearly at Steve. "The guy I fucked up ain't. Served him right, though. Makin' out with Becky on the fucking dance floor and..." Biff descends into angry muttering about whooooooooores
  24. [19:08:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The moon looms high in the skyyyy, silhouetting the power plant in the distance. A loooong shadow is cast by it. Creepy. You can hear police sirens in the distance, one coming your way, passing by with a WEEE OOOO WEEE OOOOO
  25. [19:08:45] <Steve> "R-right. Except for that guy..." Chinscratch as he looks around. "Where...even are we?"
  26. [19:10:36] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Aww, shit." Biff turns the squiiiiint in the direction of the police siren, concludes it probably isn't close enough to worry about and (sloooowly) turns back to Steve. "Not at school. And." a pause. "By the old power plant? Over there."
  27. [19:11:19] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> Point.
  28. [19:13:09] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> 1d100 to make roara happy
  29. [19:13:09] <Lorelei> BIFF_VANDERHUGE, 1d100: 23 + 0 [23]
  30. [19:13:23] <Larissa> (wait whys this to make me happy D: )
  31. [19:13:28] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (whoops)
  32. [19:13:29] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (aori)
  33. [19:13:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (~)
  34. [19:13:39] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (the other combination of as, os, and rs)
  35. [19:13:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Let's seee)
  36. [19:16:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> That'd be a Minor check,'re definitely buzzed pretty hard, but your coordination is still better than the coordination on those fucking NEEEEEEERDS
  37. [19:16:13] <Steve> (Buzzed like a kazoo)
  38. [19:18:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Anyway, Larissa and Lorelei can show up whenever they want)
  39. [19:18:31] <Larissa> (so will it be like)
  40. [19:18:35] <Steve> (And then roll for initiative)
  41. [19:18:39] <Larissa> (SUP I KNOW WE'RE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS)
  43. [19:19:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Maybe!)
  44. [19:19:04] <Lorelei> (Nah don't worry, she was really subtle about following you)
  45. [19:19:07] <Larissa> (tree can it be like that)
  46. [19:19:23] <Steve> ("She doesn't even go here!")
  47. [19:19:24] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> (hid in the back of the car)
  48. [19:19:51] <Lorelei> (I dunno man, you think she'd bring her bratty sister? If so sure! I still think sneaking is much cuter though)
  49. [19:20:05] <Larissa> (my character is luna lovegood)
  50. [19:20:06] <Larissa> (so)
  51. [19:20:06] <Larissa> (yknow)
  52. [19:20:13] <Larissa> (i think it makes more sense for her to do something that makes no fucking sense)
  53. [19:21:24] <Lorelei> (oh sure, she wouldn't object to it if invited 1,1especially if rissy has any idea who's actually gonig to BE there)
  54. [19:23:51] * Larissa arrives to the scene bringing 1x LITTLE SISTER and possibly a pocket knife because, unlike schools, abandoned power plants don't have (working) metal detectors.
  55. [19:25:20] * Lorelei arrives to the scene, a mixture of confused and excited, looking as preteen as a preteen probably can! In fact, it's almost like she dressed up for the occasion because she's not in very casual clothing, but follows much like a tagalong little sister would be expected, peeking in at the big high schoolers.
  56. [19:30:39] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Oh, it's the crazy bitch."
  57. [19:30:44] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> Biff is so nice.
  58. [19:30:52] * Steve remains on the scene, mostly still confused about what they're actually doing by the suspicious power plants instead of going somewhere to have responsible, chaperoned fun. "That...hardly seems appropriate..."
  59. [19:32:49] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Which part?"
  60. [19:32:50] <Lorelei> Lor sticks a tongue out at Biff, clinging to big sis' side. She's wearing a backpack too for some reason.
  61. [19:34:03] * Larissa was dressed in her usual style of attire, which was probably determined by some crazy and completely random method.
  62. [19:34:36] * Lorelei probably dresses more normal just to conflict her sister. ... But it sure looks weird NOW.
  63. [19:34:57] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "...And what's with the brat?"
  64. [19:35:28] <Larissa> "I kidnapped her."
  65. [19:35:30] <Lorelei> "Ah." The little girl takes a step behind big sis.
  66. [19:35:41] <Larissa> "She's my slave now and forever."
  67. [19:36:05] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE squiiiints.
  68. [19:36:08] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Crazy bitch."
  69. [19:36:22] * Lorelei segues. "Annnnnnd that means you can't do anything about me being here, beefhead!"
  70. [19:36:28] <Lorelei> Tongue 2.0: Electric tonguegaloo.
  71. [19:36:49] <Lorelei> segues into a grin*
  72. [19:36:54] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Go play in traffic, okay kid?"
  73. [19:37:05] <Lorelei> "Nuh."
  74. [19:37:14] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE mournfully contemplates his empty cup.
  75. [19:39:27] <DonJones> DJ looks over at the new arrivals. He sighs and tries to compose himself, probably not to much avail. Tonight cost him a lot of money, which he didn't have much of to spare. "So what're we even doing here, again?"
  76. [19:40:36] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE shrug
  77. [19:40:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Another police car passes by, WEE OOO WEEE OOO. This time you can see some high school kids in it, as it passes by with SHINY LIGHTS
  78. [19:41:08] <DonJones> "...Right. Not being in that car."
  79. [19:41:59] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "My dad would kill me if I came home in a police car."
  80. [19:42:06] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Oh man."
  81. [19:42:38] <Steve> "Well, good news, looks like you'll live to see another day!"
  82. [19:42:39] <DonJones> DJ glance/glares at Biff. "You really think you're not gonna get ratted out on?"
  83. [19:43:05] <Larissa> "So yeah, let's not give them a reason to arrest us."
  84. [19:43:15] <Larissa> "Into the abandoned power plant that we're not supposed to be in!"
  85. [19:43:16] * Larissa points!
  86. [19:43:49] * Lorelei raises a fist to the air, giving a little cheer.
  87. [19:43:56] <Steve> "Wait, come again? Isn't that trespassing?"
  88. [19:44:13] <Larissa> "Nah, it's abandoned, so it's cool."
  89. [19:44:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Nobody's officially owned it for like 30 years. It was set to be demolished, but everyone forgot about it.
  90. [19:44:52] <Larissa> (do we have to climb the fence to get in or is there a SECRET ENTRANCE)
  91. [19:45:01] <Lorelei> (SQUEEZE TIME?)
  92. [19:45:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I noted at the beginning that there's a hole in the fence you can walk through)
  93. [19:45:20] <Larissa> ( >_> )
  94. [19:45:21] <Larissa> ( <_< )
  95. [19:45:35] * Larissa time to walk toward the powerplant/through the fence!
  96. [19:45:58] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Are you guys nuts?"
  97. [19:46:12] <DonJones> "How is that gonna help us?"
  98. [19:46:13] <Lorelei> "Sis is." Lor tags a little closer to Steve.
  99. [19:46:34] <Larissa> "No. I'm a wizard. God, I have to say this at least once a week!"
  100. [19:46:40] <Steve> "What about rusty nails! And rats! And...and...other bad things!"
  101. [19:46:46] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> Biff starts to say more, takes a look behind him at the po-po going by, and follows Larissa.
  102. [19:46:54] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "How about getting fuckin' arrested?"
  103. [19:47:02] <Larissa> "You're not even worried about the cockroaches?" She gives Steve an odd look.
  104. [19:47:25] <Steve> "Cockroaches don't bite people."
  105. [19:47:39] <Larissa> "Rats usually don't either."
  106. [19:48:17] <Steve> "Someone's never heard of the bubonic plague."
  107. [19:49:29] <DonJones> "There's better places we can go, but..." He considers the fact the area is emptying. "Whatever." He follows Biff. He has a laptop in a laptop bag thing, and a black cord coming out of it, leading to an earbud in his left ear, the other bud dangling at armpit level.
  108. [19:50:54] <Steve> "Fiiiine..." His shoulders sag as he admits defeat. Someone has to go with them to save the day.
  109. [19:51:18] * Lorelei turns around to Steve and gives a bit 'it'll be okay' smile. Huge moe smile.
  110. [19:51:19] <Lorelei> Uguu.
  111. [19:53:21] * Steve returns the smile. How dare her sister potentially jeopardize so innocent a child by dragging her to this dungeon!
  112. [19:57:05] <Lorelei> The little kid squeezes through the fence - though she probably doesn't really need to - and makes sure the justice hero trailing behind can make it in okay. She's pretty careful with her backpack and doesn't seem to care about getting her dress dirty.
  113. [19:57:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The grass you cover is spotty and dead in places, as the plant looms over you as you enter it. The floors are smooth tile, covered in dust, the walls with lots of cracks but mostly a smooth beige, although you can only see that it's beige from whatever the light source you're using is. The inside of it is dark, although the full moon illuminates areas with windows quite well!
  114. [20:01:27] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Shiit." Biff looks around, trying to find a place free of broken glass and shit to chill out while his buzz wears off and until the police are done.
  115. [20:02:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The entrance to the Plant is unlocked, a pair of double doors barely on their hinges. When you first enter, it is into a hallway, with sparse doors, a few of which are locked, but the the last two are unlocked! One on the left and one on the right!
  116. [20:02:45] * Larissa gets out a flashlight maybe, if she has one. She probably prepared for this adventure! how does items work in this? @_@
  117. [20:03:24] * Lorelei doesn't need a flashlight because she's wearing light-up shoes! Kids.
  118. [20:03:31] <Lorelei> ... They don't match with the rest of her clothing at all.
  119. [20:04:32] * Steve fumbles for his phone and adds its terribly unacceptably small amount of light to the party.
  120. [20:05:58] * Larissa turns her flashlight on, and leads the way!
  121. [20:08:17] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> 1d100 noticin'
  122. [20:08:17] <Lorelei> BIFF_VANDERHUGE, 1d100: 82 + 0 [82]
  123. [20:08:21] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> welp
  124. [20:08:22] <DonJones> 1d100 how does this shit do D:
  125. [20:08:22] <Lorelei> DonJones, 1d100: 97 + 0 [97]
  126. [20:08:26] <Larissa> 1d100 vs 20% notice, do I notice anything unusual along the way?
  127. [20:08:26] <Lorelei> Larissa, 1d100: 9 + 0 [9]
  128. [20:08:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Larissa knows to turn right, and then go down a hallway, up a set of stairs, and then take the third door to the left! AS FOR NOTICE
  129. [20:08:45] <Larissa> (do you want me to summon dice-tan?)
  130. [20:08:49] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1d100 Rolling for Lorelei~
  131. [20:08:49] <Lorelei> Aori_Radidjiu, 1d100: 39 + 0 [39]
  132. [20:08:54] <Steve> 1d100 15% Failnotice
  133. [20:08:54] <Lorelei> Steve, 1d100: 8 + 0 [8]
  134. [20:10:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Don doesn't notice shit unfortunately, because he rolled badly (lower is better). Biff is too busy practicing his drunken swagger to notice anything!
  135. [20:11:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Lorelei notices that while several of the rooms are locked, most of them have rusted hinges that would probably break easily if you were to hit them hard enough!
  136. [20:11:59] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE sticks out his jaw, squares his shoulders, and scowls
  137. [20:13:16] * DonJones is still really distracted by frustration.
  138. [20:14:22] * Lorelei follows Larissa a bit of the way, but slows down behind the other high school kids once they get going. Maybe examining the doors? At least she's not going to be the one breaking them down.
  139. [20:18:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Larissa and Steve notice that, as they go up the stairs and pass by a window, the second floor is high up enough that if you were to jump off of it, you'd probably die. Those steps go pretty high, and you wonder if maybe this is actually the third or fourth floor, and therea re some other floors that this staircase just simply doesn't go to.
  140. [20:19:31] <Larissa> "Don't jump out any windows," she helpfully suggests as she leads the way~
  141. [20:19:39] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "No shit."
  142. [20:20:19] * DonJones exasperated siiiigh
  143. [20:20:39] <Larissa> "If you get the urge to, say so, so that we can stop you," she adds. Her tone doesn't sound very joking, this time.
  144. [20:21:20] <Steve> "Hmmm...looked bigger from outside..." That's actually what she said, unfortunately.
  145. [20:21:26] <Larissa> (trust)
  146. [20:21:26] <Larissa> (wizard)
  147. [20:22:03] * DonJones is literally just following whatever. He just doesn't want to fall behind.
  148. [20:22:40] * Lorelei fell behind.
  149. [20:23:20] * Steve helps Lorelei up / falls further behind, depending on which is the appropriate interpretation of falling.
  150. [20:24:19] <Steve> "So there something we're actually looking for here?"
  151. [20:24:22] <Lorelei> It's the latter of course! She zips up her backpack and gives him a thankful-looking glance. "Oh um, which way did sis go?"
  152. [20:24:24] <Larissa> (aori)
  153. [20:24:28] <Larissa> (horror games need horror music D: )
  154. [20:24:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Okay, on it)
  155. [20:24:37] * Lorelei nods slowly. "She probably knows what... she's... doing."
  156. [20:24:47] <DonJones> ( )
  157. [20:24:53] <Steve> (Bieberfever is pretty horror-ridden)
  158. [20:25:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ( )
  159. [20:26:34] <Larissa> "We're not looking for it - I already know where it is. We're walking to it." if she heard Steve.
  160. [20:26:53] * Larissa probably stops and turns to face the two, too, so that they just turn around a corner and OH GOD
  161. [20:27:05] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE mutters something about crazy bitches again
  162. [20:27:23] <Steve> "Oh...well...alright."
  163. [20:27:37] * Larissa continues leading~
  164. [20:27:49] * Steve starts to think Larissa is kind of weird, before admonishing himself for judging people.
  165. [20:27:51] * Lorelei totally shrieks when she does that.
  166. [20:28:04] * DonJones also starts concurring with Biff.
  167. [20:28:17] * Steve emotes.
  168. [20:28:29] * Larissa displays a wonderful range of human emotion in a text-based roleplaying setting.
  169. [20:33:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Larissa eventually reaches her destination, the door a light blue in contrast to the rust red doors that were more commonplace here. She opens it opens to a wide room, illuminated from a single window by the full moon. There's a bunch of odds and ends and nicknacks, but for more in-depth description of those it's more up to Larissa's player, since she set this up~
  170. [20:34:11] * Larissa already had the blue key.
  171. [20:34:20] * Larissa was prepared~
  172. [20:34:49] * Lorelei goes missing as they enter the room.
  173. [20:35:04] * Larissa prepared the room with various ritualistic-y stuff. Like, the ground is probably painted up with magical symbols, some pretty esoteric. There're even candles, not currently lit.
  174. [20:35:55] <Larissa> There probably was furniture in the room, but it's been pushed to the side.
  175. [20:36:17] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Wait. Wait. What the fuck."
  176. [20:36:26] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "What the fuck is all this?"
  177. [20:36:36] <Steve> "For once, I'm with him, what's going on?"
  178. [20:36:56] <Larissa> "Didn't we talk about this before we left the school?"
  179. [20:37:00] <Larissa> "I swear we did."
  180. [20:37:43] <Larissa> "We were going to curse bitchy bitch-face, Biff's bitch bitchfriend."
  181. [20:40:29] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "Whatever." Biff searches the pockets of his cargo pants, produces another beer, cracks it open. "Have fun with your nerd shit."
  182. [20:41:06] <Larissa> "Didn't you get a lock of her hair?"
  183. [20:42:51] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE squints.
  184. [20:43:03] <Larissa> "Don't tell me you fucking forgot."
  185. [20:43:20] <Larissa> "I got literally the easiest fucking curse from grandfather, don't tell me you fucked it up already!"
  186. [20:44:09] * Lorelei is fortunately not present to hear this, sparing her poor preteen ears! 1,1But Larissa would know that Lorelei is probably MORE foul-mouthed when she gets upset. *Siblings*
  187. [20:44:28] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "...My varisty jacket."
  188. [20:44:40] <Steve> "I don't think that's a correct use of lit- hey, wait, where did Lorelei go?"
  189. [20:44:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a slight hum in the air, you notice.
  190. [20:45:26] * Lorelei peeks into the door, zipping up her backpack.
  191. [20:45:30] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "I mean, if we were making out before I found out she was a psychotic slutbag maybe some of her hair got on it?
  192. [20:45:38] * Steve was able to notice the hum in the air EVEN WITH A LOWLY 15% NOTICE!
  193. [20:46:12] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> *"
  194. [20:46:29] <Larissa> "Well, look for it. I'm not searching your gross jacket," says the girl who's not afraid of cockroaches.
  195. [20:46:32] <DonJones> "This is fucking crazy." DJ's been quiet; probably distracted from the conversation by all the stuff in the room.
  196. [20:46:42] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE takes off his jacket that he totally had on because he's on the football team, fuck you, and tosses it to Larissa. "Too bad."
  197. [20:47:17] * Larissa drops it in center of the room, not searching it at all!
  198. [20:47:22] <Lorelei> "Oh, that's where you went?" She's wearing a big smile at hearing her name but hops in the room, totally unfazed by the ritual candles and whatnot.
  199. [20:47:40] <Larissa> "Good enough. It'll probably work," she assures herself.
  200. [20:48:21] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE grabs it up. Fuck, he's not gonna get cursed by some crazy bitch. Not that it mattered because curses were fake as shit, but not taking any chances. :I
  201. [20:48:50] * Larissa gets out a lighter. Never try to perform magic without a lighter, it always goes badly.
  202. [20:50:02] * Larissa lights all the candles~
  203. [20:50:14] * Lorelei sighs and closes the door with a foot. "Um, sis, I think you freaked beefcake here out."
  204. [20:50:21] <Lorelei> "As usual."
  205. [20:51:06] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> 1d100 notice (girl hairs)
  206. [20:51:08] <DiceMaid-9001> BIFF_VANDERHUGE, notice (girl hairs): 21 [1d100=21]
  207. [20:51:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Go ahead and roll notice for finding girl hairs)
  208. [20:51:29] <Larissa> (but notice is a skill)
  209. [20:51:40] <Larissa> (just your skill)
  210. [20:51:44] <Larissa> (stats become skill points)
  211. [20:51:54] <Larissa> (just the skill~)
  212. [20:52:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You find plenty of them! They're easy to tell apart from yours because they're waaaay longer and a different color and stuff. You wonder how much she sheds hair. Ewww.
  213. [20:52:41] <Larissa> (it's basically call of cthulhu but better)
  214. [20:52:52] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> Ewww, she's not a natural blonde either, look at those brown roots
  215. [20:54:49] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> "There."
  216. [20:56:11] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE hands over the hairs, brushes off the jacket reverently, and puts it back on. >:I
  217. [20:58:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Larissa got SLUTHAIR
  218. [20:58:51] * Larissa FINISHES THE FUCKING RITUAL
  219. [20:58:59] <Larissa> 1d100 AUTHENTIC THAUMATURGY
  220. [20:58:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, AUTHENTIC THAUMATURGY: 91 [1d100=91]
  221. [20:59:02] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> WELP
  222. [20:59:03] <Larissa> (swap to 19)
  223. [20:59:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She makes you all hold hands and do shit and GOOD THING THAT'S YOUR OBSESSION
  224. [20:59:33] <Larissa> (we all survived)
  225. [20:59:39] * Lorelei walks about helping big sis prepare, seemingly knowing what she's doing here. And of course Lor's the one to call for the handhold.
  226. [20:59:41] <Larissa> (aori failed)
  227. [21:00:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Nothing happens...nothing...nothing...
  228. [21:00:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And then suddenly everything swirls together like a fucking milkshake
  229. [21:00:13] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight: did it work?
  230. [21:00:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight: did it work?: 68 [1d100=68]
  231. [21:00:42] <BIFF_VANDERHUGE> 1d100 aura sight for shits and giggles
  232. [21:00:42] <DiceMaid-9001> BIFF_VANDERHUGE, aura sight for shits and giggles: 13 [1d100=13]
  233. [21:01:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You have no idea if it worked, holy shit this isn't supposed to happen! Everyuthing around you is blending toegether and suddenly it's all black and then there's blue lightning and oh god oh god you have no idea what's happen suddenly all the colors
  234. [21:01:16] <Steve> 1d100 Bullshit Protagonist Intuition (Aura Sight) for further shits and giggles v. 15%
  235. [21:01:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Bullshit Protagonist Intuition (Aura Sight) for further shits and giggles v. 15%: 22 [1d100=22]
  236. [21:01:33] <DonJones> 1d100 what they said, because sooulfulness
  237. [21:01:34] <DiceMaid-9001> DonJones, what they said, because sooulfulness: 68 [1d100=68]
  238. [21:02:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Steve realizes something bad just happened. Something worse than anything that's ever happened in his life
  239. [21:02:46] <Lorelei> (He's pregnant?)
  240. [21:03:08] <Larissa> (we're all the father)
  241. [21:03:23] <Larissa> (you do tree)
  242. [21:03:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Biff sees an aura start materializing int he area, like, a red color aura that permeates the whole area and then covers everything and then darkens and darkens until it's black.
  243. [21:03:24] <Larissa> (you do)
  244. [21:03:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> What the hell is that
  245. [21:03:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You don't even know
  246. [21:04:13] * BIFF_VANDERHUGE cringes away
  247. [21:04:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Don sees this too, although he doesn't see the red, he just sees the whole area slowly turn black in aura
  248. [21:04:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Until it all...fades...out
  249. [21:04:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> End Prologue
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