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  1. [12:37] LadyCyanide hi Chizu
  2. [12:37] LadyCyanide As a moderator, I was hoping to have a quick chat with you
  3. [12:38] LadyCyanide Having Cahata in the channel has made me extremely uncomfortable, for several reasons
  4. [12:38] LadyCyanide 1) he seems to think that sexual orientation is a choice, and can be "changed" via yoga
  5. [12:38] [ERROR] Connection to irc://freenode/ (irc://chat.freenode.net/) reset. [Help]
  6. [12:39] [INFO]  Connecting to irc://freenode/ (irc://chat.freenode.net/)… [Cancel]
  7. [12:39] === 1 unknown connection(s)
  8. [12:39] =-= User mode for LadyCyanide_ is now +i
  9. [12:40] LadyCyanide_    2) he holds those views so vehemently he will argue with other chatters for quite some time before so much as leaving (let alone recanting)
  10. [12:40] === The nickname “LadyCyanide” is already in use, use the /nick command to pick a new one.
  11. [12:40] LadyCyanide_    If actual lesbians is to be a safe space for anyone, let alone for women / lesbians (the people who it was actually intended for)
  12. [12:40] LadyCyanide_    people with such virulently negative opinions toward gay people, especially gay women need to be culled
  13. [12:41] LadyCyanide_    I think it adds insult to injury that Cahata is male, but if a female identified person spouted this sort of hate speech, I would be sending you the exact same message
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