A smile in the rain

Nov 4th, 2015
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  1. The rain beats down on you as you sit there with your sign and hood over your head. People pass you by, man and monster paying you no mind while you burrow deeper into your coat and try to pretend that you’re anywhere but on the sidewalk begging for spare change. If you had to describe the past few weeks (has it been nearly two months? Damn.) in a few words, being homeless sucks. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. In most cities you’d at least be able to apply for benefits or go to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen or something but not in ‘the open city of the United States’. Of course not.
  2. You can’t get a job and get yourself out of this mess without having a home, and ever since your girlfriend and her new boyfriend kicked you out (of your own damn home!) and the police didn’t give a shit you don’t exactly have one. So now you’re trapped in a loop of can’t get a job without a home and can’t get a home without a job. You’ve considered some of the lower-end jobs, anything really, but monsters work cheaper than humans and don’t even need to be paid minimal wage so there’s no way anyone will hire you for a Mcjob. You’re stuck out here, on the streets, with no money to go anywhere and no home to return to. Fuck everything.
  3. So lost are you in your self-pity that it takes you nearly a minute to feel the eyes upon you. Your gaze flits up, left and right before locking eyes with the person across the street who stares right at you. A woman with a calm smile on her face, wearing a deep blue kimono soaked nearly through due to her conspicuous lack of an umbrella despite the pouring rain stares at you, and you hesitantly smile back. Your heart skips a beat as the woman steps into the street, ignoring a car screeching to a halt less than five feet from her as she walks over to you.
  4. She stops a few feet in front of you, and you can see the highly detailed silvery trim on her kimono and almost blue tint in her face. You would suspect her of being a monster but she looks entirely human if insanely beautiful and wearing a kimono without an umbrella in a downpour. She looks you up and down from head to foot and then in a quiet, dignified voice speaks up.
  5. “What’s your name?” Courtesy outweighs your suspicion and you respond as politely as you can.
  6. “Anon. I’m Anon.” The woman nods thoughtfully.
  7. “Come with me, anon.” She says suddenly. The woman turns to walk away, looking at you over her shoulder. Part of you wrestles with the desire to go with her to get out the rain (or at least out of the puddle you’re currently sitting in) versus the chances of you getting murdered in a back alley somewhere. The rest of your brain is occupied with the thought that, holy shit, her kimono is practically see-through. Her ass draws your gaze through a magnet, highlighted through the soaked navy fabric. You tear your eyes away to meet hers, but hot damn that would be impressive even on a monster. You struggle to find something to say if only to break the awkwardness.
  8. “Uh. Why?”
  9. “Do you really want to sit out in the rain, anon?” She has a point. It’s not like you enjoy being out here in a chilly pool of water. Still, your hind brain is screaming that if you take her up on that offer you will die.
  10. “Maybe I do.” you say as stoically as you can manage with chattering teeth. The woman sighs but in a good natured way without breaking her small smile or eye contact.
  11. “What about a change of clothes and a hot meal? Does a bath sound nice?” You slowly nod. Your hind brain is still screaming that it sounds terrible, actually, but it’s drowned out by every other part of you which is willing to risk the odds to feel slightly human and clean again. Slowly you rise to your feet. The woman smiles wider, turns and walks away. She looks back after a few steps to make sure you’re following which you are despite your better judgement.
  12. You decide it’s probably best to leave your shopping cart filled with beer and soda cans and only taking your extra set of clothes and wallet, though you cast a longing stare back at the cart as you follow her. A pang of regret for losing that $11 fills your heart though soon your attention is drawn back to the woman you’re following. You examine her graceful steps carefully though that’s mostly code for watching her ass like the disgusting hobo you’ve become. Still, you eventually break your gaze from the mesmerizing sight
  13. Whoever she is, she’s shorter than you by about a head but her posture is prim and perfect next to yours, narrowing the gap significantly. Her skin is perfectly smooth, with no little scars or hairs or anything, really, just a faint blue tinge that suggests an inhuman origin to you, though the rain makes it hard to be sure if it’s there at all. She’s not exactly stick-thin or a walking tub of lard, instead she’s more curved in all the right places. Abruptly she stops moving and you look up with a start to realize you’ve wandered into Redford. Shit, you’ve got to get out of here before someone calls the cops on you! You turn to flee the scene before the woman speaks up.
  14. “We’re here, anon.” You look back at the square two-story wood building and then back at your benefactor with apprehension. She lives here? In the nicest part of Detroit? Without waiting for a response she walks past the little gate and fence that might keep a particularly small dog out if you’re lucky. She’s climbing up the stone steps when you abandon your fear and follow her.
  15. The house she leads you into is spotless. If not for a few haphazardly scattered books on a table in the entrance hall you’d suspect that nobody lives here. You spare a glance at the books. Tawdry romance novels. You are led deeper into her home into a small kitchen, stove, oven, sink and all. While you’re taking in the (spotless) decor, a polite cough draws your attention to the still-smiling woman who taps wetly on a small hamper, and your manners hurry you to dump your spare clothes inside.
  16. She produces a towel from somewhere while sifting through your belongings and in a few dizzying moments you’re mostly dry. You’re so disoriented that you hardly notice being pushed into a chair. Stunned, you sit there and piece together the events of the last thirty seconds. She returns just as you’ve made sure you still have your tiny pocketknife, squelching as she walks. A small puddle has formed beneath her bare feet -- were they already bare? You can’t remember if she was wearing shoes but she doesn’t seem to have toweled off-
  17. “What do you want to eat?” She says, interrupting your thoughts. Oh, right. Hot meal.
  18. “Bacon and eggs?” After a moment, you add “over easy” to your spontaneous decision while hoping you don’t come off as too rude. To your surprise she nods and sets about gathering the ingredients and heating a frying pan. Something is still bugging you.
  19. “What’s your name?” The urge to condition that statement is overpowering and you give into it. “I mean, you don’t have to tell me, I’m just-”
  20. “Ai.” She interrupts.
  21. “‘I’ what?”
  22. “My name is Ai.” She patiently says, cracking an egg into the pan. “Ai Tezuka.” You sit in silence, watching Ai cook. The frying pan sizzles and bubbles, heat pouring from the cooktop but somehow Ai remains soaked to the bone and her clothes remain distractingly transparent and her hair remains strangely matted together. You’ve got a sneaking suspicion that she’s a monster but you aren’t impolite enough to ask your benefactor if they’re even human. Soon enough she finishes and sets a place for you at the table, making you feel even more out of place somehow. The bacon and eggs are set before you and Ai watches expectantly, hands folded at her waist. You can practically see through her top and she isn’t wearing a bra, your hind brain notes. You tear your gaze to the food.
  23. It’s good enough. Certainly not bad, but not spectacular either. You idly dab at your mouth with a provided napkin, Ai leaning forward with a question clearly on the tip of her tongue. Eventually she can hold back no longer.
  24. “How was it?” Enthusiasm rings in her voice.
  25. “It was pretty good, thank you.” You settle upon. Best not to tell your polite hostess that you’ve had better. That would just be rude. She breaks into a wide, sunny grin only slightly interrupted by water running down her face in rivulets.
  26. “I’m glad you enjoyed it anon.” She practically sings. Plate, setting, and napkins are whisked away in a burst of motion from Ai. “I’ll start running a bath then, while your clothes wash.” She disappears, leaving you alone in the kitchen. Idly you drum on the table and inspect your surroundings. Everything in this kitchen is very clean. Sterile, you’d almost say, but you can smell a hint of lemon and lavender soap. Ai, or someone else, has been extremely thorough in cleaning every inch of this room. It takes about five minute for Ai to reappear in the door with a gentle cough to announce her arrival. Wordlessly you stand and follow her through the sparsely decorated entrance hall. Ai leads you to an immaculate bathroom, white tile gleaming from every surface. The bathtub in one corner is the first thing that draws your eye, shiny and new-looking and filling with water.
  27. “I hope you find it to your liking, anon.” Ai says, abruptly breaking the near silence. “I apologize for the swiftness, but I hope that it isn’t a bother.” You assure her that no, it isn’t, but there is a niggling doubt about why you feel so rushed. Do you really smell that terrible? Well, you wouldn’t blame her if you did since you’ve lived on the streets for seven weeks. Ai half-bows. “I will have your change of clothes ready when you finish. Please excuse me.”
  28. Serial killer, serial killer… runs endlessly through your mind as you strip. Any moment now Ai’ll burst through the door holding a chef’s knife and re-enact that scene from Psycho with you. Your nerves jitter a little as you settle into the warm bath but soon you feel your worries growing distant as you relax for the first time in what feels like forever. Idly you take up the bar of soap and set to it.
  29. You’re nearly asleep now, having finished cleaning yourself ten minutes ago. You feel squeaky clean and brand new, and you want to just close your eyes and bask in this forever but you know that you should savor this while you can. There’s no guarantee you’ll have something like this again for weeks, if at all. Even if she is just some harmless, over-friendly monster that doesn’t mean she’s not just doing this as a one-time kindness. She hasn’t propositioned you, even. For a monster that’s basically a sure sign of disinterest, right?
  30. The door creaks and you have just enough time to turn as Ai glides into the room (still dripping wet) with a bundle of your clothes. She turns to look at you and stops in her tracks as you stare back. The bundle drops from her hands which fly to her mouth in shock as she blushes deep purple.
  31. “I -- I’m sorry, I’ll just -- “ After a few strangled words she gives up and flees the room, leaving the bundle where it fell. Well. That puts a bit of a damper on things. You didn’t even have time to really get embarrassed before she ran out. You consider how to apologize to her as you towel off and get dressed but really, what is there to say? ‘Sorry you walked in on me bathing in your house?’
  32. The hallway is empty so you semi-wander to an area you assume is a living room based on the two couches, one wrapped in plastic and a coffee table. Ai sits on the plastic-covered couch (still dripping. Is she a water-based monster?) in a dignified position somewhat ruined by the hand over her face Ai jerks to attention at your approach and clears her throat.
  33. “I -- I apologize for my intrusion, anon. It was very rude of me, and silly of me to forget you were in there.” You can’t hold back a snort as you step around the couch to face her, arms crossed.
  34. “What are you apologizing for? It’s your house.” Ai hesitates.
  35. “But it -- It’s improper. I had no right-”
  36. “Right? It’s your house. I’m a guest, and you forgot. Simple as that.” Ai opens her mouth to speak and then closes it as you press on. “If you want to bring me my clothes, fine. That’s your right. I don’t really have any right to complain if you forgot that I was taking a bath and besides that, who would complain about a hot woman helping them out?” It takes about three seconds for you to realize what you just said. Shit. Ai is blushing profusely but smiling up at you. “Let’s, um. Let’s replace ‘hot’ with ‘beautiful’. Yeah.” Wait. That doesn’t help either.
  37. Ai giggles for a long moment, hand raised to cover her mouth.
  38. “Well, I have to say that this is a of a change of plans. To go from helping you to being flattered so, my my.” Her smile is infectious and you feel a bit of it creeping up your lips though you still feel you got lost somewhere in this conversation.
  39. “Helping me? Why?” Ai smiles even wider and despite the water (still) dripping down her face, she looks radiant.
  40. “Because you were sad, and no one would help you but me.” She leans forward before you can think too hard about that. “Do you really think I’m beautiful, anon?” Ai says sweetly.
  41. “Yeah.” You say after a moment of hesitation. Now is no time to be indecisive. Ai leans a little further forward and even though her kimono is practically see-through your breath still catches a little with the realization that you can see down her top -- and she’s trying to show it to you.
  42. “Do you think i’m hot, anon?” The words sound a little wrong coming out of her mouth but you hardly notice.
  43. “Yeah.” There is no delay this time. She stands and you stumble back a step to make room. The smile has gotten wide on her face though there’s a gleam of something more than kindness there now. Ai looks you dead in the eyes and you meet her gaze.
  44. “Good.” She surges forward and drags you into a kiss. She tastes vaguely of tea but the goopy and semi-solid hand behind your head takes more of your attention. A slime. Of course, it’s obvious in retrospect and you aren’t thinking too hard on it right now, but still. The kiss ends and you find yourself a little sad that it never moved past the most chaste stage but Ai has your attention again before you can think too much.
  45. “Before, um… I should ask, are you ready?” Ai leans into your chest and her entire frame slowly shifts towards you while a malleable finger slowly draws circles on your clean new shirt, leaving a small path of slime. You aren’t really ready, but you aren’t about to turn her down over that. You move to unbutton your shirt, grunting in affirmation. She tosses the shirt to one side and you stand there, cradling Ai in your arms. SHe’s soft and somewhat sticky even through the kimono, her skin and ‘flesh’ moving aside to make room when you press your arms against her.
  46. After a few more short kisses, Ai pushes you in the direction of an armchair. It’s a solid, heavy thing. You’d go on more about it’s merits but you’re currently occupied with Ai pushing you into it. She doesn’t give you time to settle, just a moment or two for her to look down on you before sinking to where her knees should be. Behind her you can see a puddle of slime spreading across the hardwood floor but that train of thought is derailed when she unbuckles your belt. Ai hums an unknown tune as she slowly undoes the zipper and reaches inside your pants with an impossibly flexible arm to pull you out.
  47. Ai continues to hums softly while staring at your cock, hand inches away but not quite reaching forward enough to grab it. She looks up at you for confirmation and you nod enthusiastically. You grit your teeth when the hand engulfs you as it collapses into a blob of slime, just warm enough to be comfortable without feeling hot. Ai strokes once, and you feel the goo contract around you. She pumps again. And again. And again, and with every stroke the slime drags on your cock so hard you think you’re going to come right away. Ai watches intently while she jerks you off with one hand-tentacle-thing, a dull fascination on her face. Her kimono has slid mostly off her shoulders now, kept up only by her breasts and a sheer stubborn refusal to expose the goods.
  48. Ai follows your gaze and smiles absently. She shrugs, and the kimono literally dissolves into her skin to your shock. You don’t have time to wonder if that’s in most slimes abilities because the intensity of her pumps doubles and all thought flees from your head. For a few minutes all you can do is gasp and clutch at the armrests of the chair while she patiently services you. You can feel heat bubbling in your gut and you stammer out to her.
  49. “I-I’m close -- too soon,” You try to push her hand away but you simply pass through her arm while she continues to pump at your cock. In a haze you try again while your end draws ever nearer. “Ai, I’m seriously going to-”
  50. “I know, anon.” She whispers up to you with adoring eyes. “Don’t fight it.” You make one more feeble attempt to push off her hand before sinking back onto the chair as you teeter over the edge. Ai’s hand doesn’t slow as you come, only rolling slightly back to expose the head of your cock as she milks you. Thick strings of cum splatter across her face and chest and she opens her mouth to catch some of the third. Eventually you stop coming and Ai hums for a moment, swirling your seed in her mouth before swallowing with an audible gulp. Her hand finally releases your spent cock and she smiles even wider. “Thank you, anon.”
  51. You’d wonder why she’s thanking you rather than the other way around given how fucking incredible that was compared to your old girlfriend (and you can kind of see why some people prefer monsters now) but say nothing. It’s taking all of your effort to not pass out as you sit upright in the chair and catch your breath in deep gulps. Ai is busy with licking up every escaped drop of your semen or wiping it up with her fingers for you to bother with conversation anyway. When she finishes she is the first to break the silence.
  52. “How was it?”
  53. “God, that was…” You trail off and suck in another breath. “... just, the best.” Her smile is so bright you almost can’t bear to look at it.
  54. “I’m glad! So, can you go again?” A whimper threatens to escape your lips, but you quash it instantaneously.
  55. “Give me five minutes, please.” She tilts her head quizzically. You’re still hard and you’re pretty sure that’s not normal but you KNOW how much it hurts to try to start up again just after you’ve come.
  56. “Well, I’ll go get you some water, shall I?” Ai says slowly, rising to her ‘feet’ as she remakes her legs from the puddle of slime. She turns and stalks out of the room, hips waving slightly as she goes. God damn. You kind of wish that you could see into the hall because you know if you weren’t already hard that would have done it for you real quick. Left alone with your thoughts you ponder exactly what the fuck you think you’re doing, having sex with a woman you not only just met but who so kindly took you in. But does it really matter? Ai was the one who took the opportunity, so why not enjoy the ride?
  57. The slime woman returns with a glass of water in one hand which you gratefully accept. After you finish off the cup Ai speaks up again.
  58. “So, what do you want to try next?” She’s got a sense of cheerful enthusiasm around her, like a kid finally convincing their parents to let them do something. If it was up to you, you’d go and think about your life for a bit or possibly take a cold shower but Ai is smiling at you in a way that suggests that is not an option. So you take the next best step.
  59. “Well, what do you want to do? I’m happy with whatever.” She hesitates for slightly too long and you begin to worry that perhaps you should have seized the initiative after all but eventually she leans forward, arms framing and lifting her breasts.
  60. “Since that didn’t really count -- I mean, um, sorry. Maybe we could try… in my mouth?” You aren’t exactly going to deny Ai what she wants, because no matter how good your position in life you’re pretty sure you’d never turn down a blowjob and if that’s what she wants for making you feel human again, hey, who are you to judge? You give Ai a nod and speak.
  61. “Do you want me in this chair again, or…?”
  62. “I think standing would be nice.” Shrugging, you pull yourself to your feet, already at full mast again just from the way she moves. She and you stand and stare at each other for a few moments. Now that you’ve got a more… intimate look you’re surprised you ever mistook her for human. Her skin is very definitely blue and while she isn’t quite see-through like the slimes you’ve seen on TV she does have a somewhat translucent quality. You’re wondering what exactly is different about her mouth when any part of her could be a mouth (or something else, your dick reminds you) when she tentatively reaches out and slides your pants all the way down to your ankles.
  63. Slowly, Ai sinks to her knees again (and again, it’s less dropping to her knees and more ‘dissolving her entire lower legs into her puddle), her face inches from your cock. Ai stares and breathes heavily on you, forcing a twitch out of your self-control. She flips back her black ‘hair’ and takes you into her mouth. You grit your teeth and suppress a moan as she envelops you, lips dragging at your cock all the way down. Somehow it feels better than her hand despite it being fundamentally the same, but you’d swear you can tell the difference. Ai makes a wet sound and she starts actually sucking on you once she reaches the base, pulling you further towards her though you can’t actually get your hips any closer to her face. And then she starts using her tongue. Or rather, tongueS.
  64. A gasp escapes your mouth when another tongue joins in with the first, stroking in the opposite direction even as Ai begins to bob her head back. And then another hot, wet and sticky presence makes itself known on your cock and it’s all you can do to suppress a whimper. She’s warm on the inside, not uncomfortably warm but hotter than her hand for whatever reason. Her insides are slick but somehow tacky, her flesh itself trying to keep a grip on you as Ai pulls her head back once more. Your hands come to rest on her head, digging slightly into her skin when the fourth tongue wraps around the head of your cock. It’s wonderful -- and certainly better than any you’ve ever had before -- but your base instincts are telling you that she isn’t moving quite fast enough and it takes actual effort to suppress the desire to take matters into your own hands.
  65. Ai gazes up at you lovingly while she gurgles on your dick, trying to say something while she pushes all the way down once more. As if realizing that that didn’t quite get across, she pulls all the way back and lets you drop out of her mouth into now-freezing air. Four tongues wiggle out of her mouth before she pulls them all back in at once and whispers up to you,
  66. “You know, you don’t have to hold back anon. You can’t hurt me, no matter what you do~” She leans back in, kissing the tip of your cock with four tongues unfurling from nowhere, moving much slower than before, taunting you. You simply can’t take it any more and your hands slam into the back of her head, digging into her skin much more deeply than should be possible. Ai gags even as she looks up at you with adoration, sucking loudly on your cock as you slam her head all the way down the shaft. Unrestrained by any concern for her safety, you hammer her up and down, using her mouth like a toy for your amusement. Ai’s hair jerks back and forth as you increase the speed of your assault further and further, slapping against your legs while you force your cock down her impossibly tight throat. Soon your hips are bucking, slapping into her defenseless face while she chokes and gurgles around your length.
  67. Nothing lasts forever and at the pace that you’re taking you know you won’t last long. Even lost in lust as you are you can feel the tightness in your waist and the urgent desire to spill all over or preferably in her but somehow you don’t care. Ai’s head is still firmly in your hands as you slam her to your base again and again while wordless noises come from her abused mouth. She’s still sucking on you even as you fuck her face and nearly crush her with every thrust and you love it. Fuck human women, this is where it’s at with a beautiful slime-woman letting you fuck her so hard that you can hear the floorboards creak a bit now every time you thrust into her throat.
  68. So preoccupied are you with mentally singing Ai’s praises that you don’t notice your orgasm sneak up on you until your legs start to feel weak and burning cum spurts from you into Ai’s throat. You nearly collapse on top of her as you come with soul-shaking force, only for her arms to prop you barely up as you almost double over her head while she dutifully sucks every drop from you, licking and stroking your cock as it throbs in her mouth and throat. You feel so weak and so drained lying there, bent over your hostess. It should hurt for her to still be sucking on your cock but there’s a sickly-sweet taste in the air and you can almost feel yourself harden again in her mouth.
  69. You gather your strength and pull off of her. No, now is not the time for that. You should feel tired. You should feel spent, at least, but for some reason a haze has fallen over your eyes and you can feel yourself getting ready once more. But even if your body is ready, you’re not really willing to start again so soon. You stagger back out of Ai’s supporting grip, stumbling upright and letting out a contented sigh as Ai slumps back onto the floor. You watch, slightly fascinated as Ai comports herself and adjusts her proportions back to normal, just a regular naked woman lying in a pool of slime with light blue skin. Her face slides back from it’s thoroughly used state to it’s usual smile.
  70. “Delicious.” Ai murmurs while lightly licking at her lips. She brightens and ‘stands’, reconstituting her entire body out off her puddle rather than actually pulling herself upright.
  71. “Thanks, anon .You were wonderful.”
  72. “Isn’t that my line?” You say. A flash of guilt crosses your mind. “Uh, are you okay, Ai? I was a little, um, hard on you.” Her smile doesn’t dim. She leans forward, looking at you.
  73. “I wasn’t lying when I said you couldn’t hurt me, you know. Actually, I think I wouldn’t mind if you were a little bit rougher.” Ai leans in suddenly and touches her lips to yours. Some people would probably be concerned that they had just had their dick between those lips, but you are not ‘some people’. You meet her lips with yours in a short but sweet kiss, vaguely flavored like tea.
  74. Ai pulls away from you and looks to her left, blushing sort of purple on her light blue skin. She glances at the clock set on one wall and closes her eyes for a moment before opening them again with a look of purpose in her eyes. She concentrates with tense shoulder and an exact copy of your shirt erupts from her skin, hanging loose off her shoulders while an entirely pointless set of white panties appears on her hips. Both are already soaked through and the effect somehow manages to make her look more naked than before.
  75. “No sense lying around when there’s work to be done!” You grumble and struggle to pull up your pants but a squishy hand stops you. “I didn’t mean you, anon. Rest all you like, I just have some cleaning to do.”
  76. “I’ll help.” You’d feel downright irresponsible if you didn’t.
  77. “Are you sure? You don’t have to do anything for me, that was payment enough~” Ai giggles. You smile but shake your head.
  78. “It’s the right thing to do.”
  79. “Well, if you’re sure I won’t stop you. Now, I have to clean the dishes, so why don’t you make sure the laundry is running properly? Go get your old clothes and load them in, then come help me in the kitchen.”
  80. Soon you find yourself in the kitchen with Ai, scrubbing dishes since she has a hard time not accidentally drinking water through her skin when washing them. Ai breaks the silence between the two of you first.
  81. “So, you seem polite enough. Why were you on the side of the road?” Not exactly subtle, is she? Oh well.
  82. “I’m homeless.” You reply bluntly.
  83. “Homeless? Why don’t you have a home?” Ai seems almost confused, like the concept is difficult for her.
  84. “Girlfriend kicked me out and got rid of all my stuff by the time the police got around to asking after it. Don’t have any money to take a bus out of here and I can’t get a job without a home or a home without a job. It sucks but that’s the way life is.”
  85. “Why would she kick you out of her home? It’s not like you’re a terrible person.” Again, Ai seems more confused than inquisitive. You’re pretty sure monsters have a different moral code, so you brace yourself for the next set of questions and lean on the sink before you respond.
  86. “It was MY home before she stole the deed and had someone legally change it, forged signature and all of that. Secondly, it’s because she started fucking another guy while we were still together and she didn’t want to have to deal with me any more.” You wait for the questions but none come from the slime woman standing to your right so you return to scrubbing. Two minutes later you look at Ai and notice that she’s shaking hard and her smile has become razor-thin.
  87. “Well then. I suppose you really can’t trust human women.” Ai speaks up with a voice that practically teeters along the edge of sanity.
  88. “Isn’t that a bit harsh? It’s only one experience.” Ai snaps her head to the side, glaring at you for a moment before her face returns to it’s soft smile.
  89. “No, it’s not. Father told me I shouldn’t trust them at all, and you’ve only, well. You didn’t deserve that, anon. I’m sorry it happened to you.” She says kindly, putting a hand on your shoulder.
  90. “Eh. I’ve gotten over it.”
  91. “No, you haven’t.” You sigh.
  92. “No, I haven’t. But holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” You wish you could believe that but a part of you still burns with a desire to see that bitch brought to karmic justice.
  93. “How very poetic of you. You’re a man of many talents, anon.” You neglect to inform Ai that those were not your words. After a few moments of silence she speaks up once more while you start in on the frying pan. Damn, this grease is stuck on here good. “You know, if you need a home or something to get a job you could always stay here for a while. I wouldn’t mind.” You hum in thought.
  94. “What do I have to pay?” Ai stifles a short giggle.
  95. “Well, nothing really but if you wouldn’t mind I could use a bit more ‘repayment in kind’~” A chuckle comes from your lips of it’s own accord.
  96. “What, so prostitution? Well, it’s a pretty good fare, at least.” You say.
  97. “Oh, prostitution? A husband can’t prostitute himself to his wife. That’s just unseemly.” Husband? Wife? Have you gotten lost somewhere in this conversation? Oh. Right, Ai is a monster. Aren’t they supposed to be incredibly fast when it comes to relationships?
  98. “Husband? We aren’t married yet, are we? Where’s the altar?” You say, finishing off the pan and hanging it up last on the rack before turning to Ai. She’s leaning forward and smiling cutely, your shirt (or at least a copy of it) barely able to contain her assets.
  99. “Of course we’re married now. It’s tradition. Unless…?” She looks so despondent at the end there that you can’t help but hold up your hands apologetically.
  100. “I’m not -- I’m not turning you down or anything, just give me some time. We just met, you know?” Ai deflates slightly, then brightens again.
  101. “So that’s not a ‘no’, then?” Ai asks hopefully.
  102. “Not yet, anyway. Come on, you can give me a few days, right?” She smiles so wide you’re surprised it all fits into your face, then bounds away out of the kitchen.
  103. “Hey, come with me anon! I’ll get your room set up and everything!” You sigh, drop the towel, and follow her upstairs while shaking your head.
  107. The next few days are a rush of job hunting and romantic activity. Ai takes you out for a fancy dinner after buying you a set of new clothes out of her pocket. You’re not sure what she does, exactly, since you’ve never seen her leave for a job or anything. When you ask her Ai tells you that it’s her personal savings and you can’t help but feel guilty that she’s spending so much on you. A little research in your spare time on the internet and chatting with your hostess reveals to you that Ai’s idea of married and your idea of married are two drastically different things, and in the end you yield to her pressure of constant smiles and romance.
  108. Over your third small candle lit dinner at a relatively fancy restaurant you agree to marry her when she asks if you’re ready to make a decision again. The way she faints dead away and surges OVER the table to hug and kiss you is a little disturbing (and it certainly attracts some stares from other guests) but it’s mostly endearing. Ai spends the rest of the dinner chattering excitedly about how much she loves you and how excited she is to be with you.
  109. When you return home, Ai turns to you and speaks up hesitantly.
  110. “Um. Well, my dear husband, I think perhaps…” She turns her head away and blushes profusely before continuing. “Maybe it’s time for you and I to really do it, like a married couple, you know. So, anon, can you go get a change of clothes and meet me in the bathroom?” The bathroom? Well, you aren’t about to refuse her something on your wedding night even as strange and sudden as it is. You retrieve a set of pants and a shirt from your bedroom which Ai has so far not slept in despite her intense desire to become more acquainted with you.
  111. When you open the door to the bathroom, Ai greets you from the bathtub. You set down the clothes on the toilet and step over to her. She’s filled the bathtub with, well, herself mostly. Ai is naked and lounging on a tub full of slime, lying on top of the liquid rather than in it. It’s only half full but it’s still a bit impressive that she could fill it so much and still maintain roughly the same size. Noticing your gaze, she speaks up.
  112. “Oh, I used some thickener and water to give myself the, um, mass to do this properly. When we’ve been together long enough I shouldn’t need this stuff just to be good enough for you.” Ai looks away, embarrassed but you laugh and her gaze jerks back to you, almost hurt looking.
  113. “You were good enough without it, Ai. Now, what did you want me to do, then?” Truth be told, she’s only really blown you before even if functionally all of her should be the same. You’re a bit confused about what the bathtub is for -- couldn’t you just do it on the floor like the first time, or on the bed like a more solid couple? Still, Ai looks relieved and smiles again, warming your heart just a bit.
  114. “If you, um, climb in then we can have our wedding night like husband and wife without me spilling everywhere. But take off your clothes first, please.” She sinks a bit lower into the slime, averting her eyes. You chuckle and strip your clothes off. When did she get so concerned with her slopping about? It’s not like it isn’t going to be an issue in the bathroom.
  115. You carefully lower yourself into the bathtub, awkwardly turning half way down so that you can kneel and face Ai who lies there, arms draped over the edge of the tub and her usual smile back on her face. She comes up a little more than two thirds of the way up your thighs and her lower legs are still melted into her puddle but her hips and most of her thighs are still ‘solid’, resting on what amounts to a tubful of herself.
  116. This is going to be tricky mostly because while wider than most tubs you’re not sure you can get yourself at a proper angle in this particular one with your knees being, well, solid and not made of slime. You don’t really have to actually line up Ai’s hips or anything, but you’d feel a bit weird just fucking away at a handful or armful of goo no matter how many times Ai has assured you that literally everywhere is an erogenous spot for her (though not in that many words) and it makes her feel just as sexy. You’re just not ready for that level of weirdness yet. Eventually you manage to get your knees in such a position that with a slight adjustment from Ai you can actually get inside of her, though she hasn’t lifted her hips up enough yet and you’re not willing to just drop on top of her at the start. You raise your gaze to meet her languid stare.
  117. “Are you ready?” Her smile widens and her lips part to show just a bit of a toothy grin, even if it’s all just slime anyway.
  118. “I was born ready, anon.” With her confirmation, you reach down and grip firmly at her butt and lift. With some effort from Ai she retains her solidity and you align her hips generally with yours. You fumble with a sticky hand, stroking yourself once to prepare before aiming your cock up to her slightly parted lower lips. She’s not dripping down there but you suspect lubrication will not be a problem. Ai’s legs come to rest at the sides of your hips, thighs ready to squeeze. You breathe deep and press inside. The way she shivers and ripples only encourages you even as your breath shortens just for a second. She’s slick rather than her usual stickiness down there and comfortingly warm and tight.
  119. There is no sound in the bathroom other than the two of you’s heavy breaths and quiet squelches as your cock presses deeper and deeper inside of her, splitting her open. You watch your own cock through her blue skin and slime bury itself deep inside of her until at last your hips meet hers. You can’t press in any further so you do the next best thing and slide out slowly to her wordless hum of displeasure. It gets more difficult as she clenches down on you with every inch you free. When just the head of your cock still remains inside her the pressure is almost too tight to move.
  120. When you press in all at once Ai squeals and flails to anchor herself on the tub, pussy letting up on you just enough to thrust completely back in before locking down on you again. You shut your eyes and set to it. A firm grip on her waist helps you establish a rhythm as you fuck her slowly, then faster. Ai practically sloshes in the bathtub once you’re going, having given up all pretense of holding herself still. She moans loudly with every thrust, hands gripping wildly at the edge of the tub. Every once in about fifteen thrusts or so she comes, loudly gasping for air and nearly crushing you with both her depths and the somewhat undefined legs wrapping around your back.
  121. You grit your teeth and try to focus on anywhere but here to put off a swift end but the way Ai is squeezing at you makes it difficult. Your eyes open for just a moment as her waist sinks partially back into her slime, leaving you clutching at surprisingly firm nothing. Her hips still exist and your cock still plunges into her (again and again and again, god, so tight) but there’s nothing connecting the area just below her waist and her chest. Your eyes flick upwards to the rest of Ai’s body just in time for her to moan loudly and tip her head all the way back, breasts bouncing enough to lock your gaze.
  122. Unconsciously you reach out to grip them as they slam into her chest with each rough thrust. There’s slightly more give to them than you’d expect, and with a squeeze that would probably be too much for a regular girl the tips of your fingers slip inside of them as Ai lets out an uncharacteristically loud moan and comes again. There’s a tiny flicker of jealousy at how good of a time she seems to be having but it’s easily squashed when her insides suck at you like her mouth but incredibly tighter. After you catch your breath you give her tits another curious squeeze and Ai spits out a word you’re surprised she knew and her entire body shakes, including the slime. Her head tips back upright and Ai locks eyes with you.
  123. “Do that again.” There’s no pause, no ‘please’ like you expected, but the blush that turns her entire face purple is more than enough to convince you not to tease. You grind the palms of your hands into her tits while squeezing and Ai groans and shakes so hard you’d think she was dying. She’s so tight around your cock that you actually can’t move, just wait for her to loosen up which she does after a moment. That gives you an idea, actually. You finish your downthrust and begin to pull out while Ai pants and makes a little whining sound, then your fingers slowly squeeze her breasts again.
  124. The effect is interesting, as she can’t quite stop you from pulling out and yet with each inch freed from her she clenches tighter and tighter, insides rippling slightly with each squeeze of your fingers. You can feel your end approaching when you press back into her again, a burning desire to cum overtaking your senses and you can’t simply hold back much longer as you watch Ai flail under you, moaning and panting your name in between babbled not-words. Her hips have devolved to the barest parody of a human, just a pussy and hips with little more than slime tentacles for legs. You grit your teeth even harder and try to control your breathing, trying to put it off just a bit longer so you can stay here and enjoy this a bit longer.
  125. “Anon…” Ai whispers up to you, face flushed purple and ‘hair’ splayed across the edge of the tub. “You don’t have to hold back for me. Give me everything.” She reaches up and runs one shaking hand through your hair while you pant and try to control yourself.
  126. “I can -- hold on a second, I can last a bit-” You try to say, but Ai pulls herself out of the tub, extending herself to reach you and practically smooshes her lips against yours. She pulls you into her kiss, almost into the slime as her tongue dances with yours before more force their way in past the first fighting each other (and you) for control. Finally Ai pulls back and you gasp for air, barely suspended above her in the bathtub, still buried inside of her. Suddenly, her hips start thrusting up onto you and even though you try to back away her ‘legs’ hold you in place. Ai gazes up at you adoringly while you can feel your composure failing.
  127. “Come on, anon. Cum for me.” You can’t take it any more. You can’t get away from the fucking you’re receiving so at last you simply give in. You tense up from head to toe, shaking and mumbling nonsense words while her hips still slam onto you. She only speeds up and you don’t so much come as you explode into her. Your seed spurts into her in short bursts but Ai doesn’t slow at all even as your strength leaves you and you collapse into the slime -- into her. Your entire body except for your head is wrapped in a comfortable layer of sticky slime even as your hips futilely buck into her, trying to get your cum deeper. And then it’s over and you collapse onto Ai, spent.
  128. You lie there, panting as Ai cradles you while you cushion yourself on her breasts. She strokes a sticky hand through your hair and giggles.
  129. “That was… wonderful. Thank you so much, anon. Thank you for making me your bride.” You smile despite your desire to just lie there and soak it in forever. You open your mouth to tell her not to mention it but she presses on. “We can do this any time you like or anything else you want and I’ll have everything clean and tidy for you when you get home from your job. I don’t care what you do or where you do it as long as you come home to me at the end of the day. Just be with me, please. I’ll cherish you forever, anon.” You raise your head from her chest and kiss her deeply, then pull back. Something is pressing at your tongue and the words that come out of your mouth next are spilled right from your soul.
  130. “I love you, Ai.” She smiles again and closes her eyes, head tilting to one side.
  131. “And I love you too.”
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