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  1. # Character Background Story:
  2. #### I was born at Liberty City and I have never left until now, My mother couldn't get to the Hospital in time and had me there. I've been poor all my life I have never seen my father. Once I gathered enough money I attended College and got a degree in Medical Care which encouraged me to find out my fathers past.
  4. I was very clever and it was natural for me to work out sums and stuff. I eventually got a job as a Taxi Driver and I enjoyed it as the pay was normal and I could afford a basic apartment.
  6. I lived a secret life, nobody knew who I was or anything, I kept myself to myself. So I thought why not just go ahead and make my life exciting, so I worked out and studied real hard in everything, but I was missing one special thing. So I'm telling my whole life story to you. Before my mother died I wanted her to be proud of me someway.
  8. One day my mother had a heart attack and my father was the unit that responded. He tried to save her life, but she died. An hour later he was found dead on interstate 92.
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