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  1. id.: So bae said I could talk to you on here.
  2. Dad:  oh boy
  3. Dad: what do you want i hear some one was causing shit in my name
  4. Dad:  lately
  5. id.: Eh, I'm not gonna blame you.
  6. id.: I actually didn't come to fight.
  7. Dad:  i already know what this is about
  8. Dad:  and expected this
  9. Dad: and yea dude
  10. id.: Snizle keeps messaging my ex (Emi), asking her for proof of me abusing her.
  11. id.: She recently told a mutual friend of mine.
  12. Dad: already saw this coming and no snizle doesn't
  13. Dad:  and hasnt
  14. Dad:  in
  15. Dad:  a long time
  16. id.: And while Emi and I aren't dating, she's still open to being friends with her.
  17. id.: I never beat her.
  18. id.: I never raped her.
  19. Dad: why should i care about this
  20. id.: He has been messaging her and she laughed about it.
  21. id.: I'm telling you so you could tell Snizle
  22. id.: That next time he wants to message her
  23. id.: Ask her if maybe he's got the wrong impression.
  24. id.: Because personally, I put all thats tuff behind me.
  25. Dad: excuse me if i have a hard time believing you
  26. id.: But apparently you three did not.
  27. Dad: i dont hate you
  28. Dad: skeptical
  29. id.: That's fine.
  30. id.: You feel that I wronged your friend.
  31. Dad: i don't care about that
  32. id.: And you're loyal.
  33. id.: I get it.
  34. Dad:  that has nothing to do with it
  35. Dad:  actually
  36. id.: But can you do me a favor, message Emi yourself or have him message her?
  37. id.: So this can get dropped?
  38. Dad: I find you to be a manipulative, pretentious person. and that's where the problem lies
  39. id.: Alright, even if any of those were true.
  40. id.: None of what I am being accused of happened.
  41. Dad: They are and i don't hate people because people tell me to
  42. id.: I'm fine with being hated, man.
  43. id.: I didn't come to change your mind on that.
  44. id.: You're in your right to do that.
  45. Dad: This is my own personal uninfluenced assesment of you
  46. Dad: Yuo have this dumb idea snizle has any thing to do with how I view you.
  47. id.: I just think this creating threads of me on 8chan, trying to trash me on twitter, messaging all y friends, as well as my ex, and the emailing my current girlfriend to try to get her to break up with me is annoying.
  48. Dad:  i don't know about any of that stuff
  49. Dad:  or care
  50. Dad:  snizle is too busy to do that shit
  51. Dad:  i know for a fact
  52. id.: His twitter account, your twitter account, and raven's twitter account. Nicole told me about how you guys were bullying her and trying to trash me on twitter.
  53. id.: I'm over that.
  54. id.: I legit don't care.
  55. Dad:  dude
  56. Dad:  wha
  57. Dad: t
  58. Dad:  the only time i logged in was to make fun of emy then idiscarded the account
  59. id.: Banned Aids, you're smarter than this bro.
  60. id.: This is insulting to you and to me.
  61. id.: I'm not here to cause issues
  62. id.: I know you're not a bad dude.
  63. Dad: " you're a tranny in denial ect ect ect
  64. id.: We've had heart to hearts in the past and we share some mutual friends.
  65. Dad:  cmon
  66. id.: That's like the meme about everyone on this website.
  67. id.: I'm sorry about that, maybe I was projecting my insecurity onto you?
  68. id.: idk, I met you when I was really insecure.
  69. Dad:  i don't appreciate that
  70. id.: And really depressed.
  71. id.: Like real talk, no memes.
  72. Dad: Then let's reconsile. I had nothing to do with your ex
  73. id.: That's fine, and I believe you.
  74. Dad:  the only time i made an account was to make fun of emy
  75. Dad:  for obvious reasons
  76. Dad: snizle hasn't had any thing to do with it
  77. Dad:  since
  78. Dad:  months
  79. id.: Yeah, I know you've got issues with Emy.
  80. Dad:  i know that 100%
  81. id.: You were right about her.
  82. id.: So was Snizle.
  83. Dad:  i know i was
  84. Dad:  and you retards never listen
  85. id.: I will admit, I took her side because I thought Snizle was out of line.
  86. Dad:  you just kgive people chances because they are trans
  87. id.: And him and I had a hsitory where he was butthurt with me.
  88. id.: Nah, dude. I give everyone chances.
  89. Dad:  treat every one equal and not special just because they are the same as you or different than you
  90. id.: You saw a limited side of me in trans spaces.
  91. Dad: trans spaces are dumb
  92. id.: Which is all you have to judge me on.
  93. id.: So I get it.
  94. Dad:  that's a seperationist ideal that divides and causes more problems
  95. id.: Well, there's a reason mtfg is dying
  96. id.: While fire memes is going strong again.
  97. id.: Room is a meme room with trannies and cis mixed.
  98. Dad:  and is still just as toxic
  99. Dad:  this happens every year
  100. Dad: id
  101. id.: It's Kageshi,
  102. Dad:  the rise and fall of a tranny empire
  103. id.: Whether it's trans people or cis people.
  104. id.: Kageshi is a place with depressed antisocial people.
  105. id.: Not everyone is, but you gotta admit.
  106. id.: Most of us come here because we're lacking interactions in real life.
  107. Dad: That's not why i come here
  108. Dad:  it's just another place
  109. id.: Like I said, not everyone.
  110. id.: Personally, I don't care about being misgendered by any of you guys.
  111. Dad: So do i get an apology for you being a dumb bastard
  112. id.: It's w/e
  113. id.: Yeah, I will give you that.
  114. id.: I will apologize for calling you a tranny.
  115. Dad: LOL
  116. Dad: hahahhah
  117. Dad:  accepted
  118. id.: lol
  119. id.: Btw, Jojo unbanned Snizle a long time ago.
  120. Dad:  im still banned
  121. Dad: why am i still banned
  122. id.: Yeah, I'll talk to her. She's a bit iffy about you since you were more likely to dox than Snizle.
  123. id.: And you were banne dbefore I was even in the picutre.
  124. Dad: i actually dox when people are a problem
  125. id.: Summonabletrap banned Snizle because he was bullying Emy.
  126. Dad: i do not get at people for no reason
  127. Dad:  its too much energy
  128. id.: I know you don't you
  129. id.: You have asked me to dox people in the past.
  130. Dad: summonable is a retard though
  131. id.: I don't think she's retarded.
  132. Dad: bro
  133. id.: I think she can be emotional though.
  134. Dad: she cheated on her girlfriend
  135. Dad: with
  136. id.: She's a nice lady.
  137. Dad: emy
  138. id.: I think you misunderstood that.
  139. id.: HTML Cake was cheating on her gf with Emy.
  140. id.: You got the wrong person on that.
  141. Dad: maybe
  142. id.: There are a lot of misunderstandings that happened.
  143. Dad: then lets sit down and clear them up or they will probably continue
  144. id.: Well, let me know what your greivances and uunderstandings of what happened was.
  145. id.: I'll let you know from my point of view.
  146. Dad: i dont appreciate being dragged into stuff and getting fucked in another community because of some dumb shit from another
  147. Dad: which
  148. Dad:  did happen
  149. Dad: me you jojo and who ever else can get in a discord or skype
  150. Dad:  and discuss what happened and move past it
  151. Dad:  we can make our apologies
  152. Dad:  and move on
  153. id.: I don't know if Jojo will want to. But I'll suggest it.
  154. id.: She's not too happy about what's been going on to trash me or the fact that you guys were talking about getting me fired.
  155. id.: Sure it might have been memes and you never planned on going through it, but we did hear about it.
  156. Dad: if i wanted to get you fire
  157. Dad: d
  158. Dad:  it would have happened by now
  159. Dad:  again
  160. Dad: i never happened to care enough
  161. Dad: to put any energy in doing shit
  162. id.: I believe you.
  163. id.: I wanted to like clear things up with Snizle a while ago, but he deleted me.
  164. id.: Makes sense, he doesn't have a good idea of me.
  165. Dad: i just believe you are manipulative and such
  166. id.: There is literally no way to respond to that.
  167. id.: That won't make me look like I am, lol.
  168. Dad: which is fine because so is a chick im seeing who i believe is a sociopath
  169. id.: If i say no I'm not, it's manipulation. If I say yes, then I'm saying I manipulate people.
  170. Dad: like me
  171. Dad:  it was a loaded statement on purpose
  172. Dad: tbh the only reason i even care enough to go to firememes is socks and shay
  173. Dad: we are all very good friends
  174. id.: I'll talk to Jojo about that one.
  175. id.: I honestly think this would have been squashed easily.
  176. id.: But there was shit on that side, so I threw shit on this side, etc.
  177. id.: If Snizle cares to talk he can tell me his issues, I'll respond with what my thought process was.
  178. id.: And see if I can bring the man peace.
  179. Dad: besides
  180. Dad:  there are worse people in firememes right now than me
  181. Dad: any i at least deserrve some reconsiliation due to the fact of " i told you so"
  182. Dad:  in the emy issue
  183. id.: Yeah, but you and your gang have been really annoying these last few months.
  184. Dad:  loop my out of that
  185. id.: I don't think Jojo trusts you.
  186. Dad:  me*
  187. id.: It may not have been you.
  188. Dad: i disappeared to darknet
  189. Dad:  i don't have any affiliation with raven
  190. id.: But it was Snizle's twitter account, with Raven, and a masked cursader who talks a lot like you.
  191. Dad:  or snizles actions do not guilt me by association
  192. id.: They do not.
  193. id.: But we also know how loyal and how good of a friend you are to him.
  194. Dad:  i have 1 account that i discarded
  195. id.: Snizle isn't very good with the internet.
  196. id.: At all.
  197. Dad:  if some one is masquerading as me
  198. id.: Let's be honest now.
  199. Dad:  ill deal with that my self
  200. id.: You protect Snizle and have even insulted him to Jojo and I as if he were some retard you have to protect.
  201. id.: I get it, he's autistic and he gets bullied for it.
  202. Dad:  that's not cool by me
  203. id.: He doesn't get when he's being an idiot sometimes and you have to get him out of trouble.
  204. id.: But in the end he is a good friend to you.
  205. id.: And you are a good friend to him.
  206. Dad:  one of my best
  207. id.: You have his best interests in mind at all time.
  208. id.: times*
  209. id.: I have friends like that too.
  210. Dad:  and he has mine
  211. id.: I would die for them regardless if they were in the wrong.
  212. id.: Like I would act before I investigated.
  213. Dad: jojo is here
  214. Dad:  oh boy
  215. id.: She is.
  216. id.: Don't worry.
  217. id.: I used to be a reg here and Hapsan is a reg in Jojo's room.
  218. id.: She's not here to argue.
  219. Dad: Here's my main issue with you and a few others
  220. Dad:  the whole
  221. Dad: " you're a chaser" thing
  222. Dad:  needs to stop
  223. Dad:  it doesn't help your community
  224. id.: Dude that room is all chasers and trannies.
  225. id.: Like trans to cis ratio is 1:1
  226. id.: if not 1:2
  227. id.: No one is afraid of chasers in that room.
  228. Dad:  and it doesn't help people grow it makes people weary of stuff
  229. id.: It's just funny to make fun of someone for liking dick.
  230. Dad:  nah dude it's a planted seed
  231. id.: It's an easy way to make someone uncomfortable.
  232. Dad:  i've bene in countless activist groups
  233. Dad:  and
  234. Dad:  just saying dumb shit like
  236. id.: If they're faced with their sexuality and something they're uncomfy with.
  237. Dad:  eventually with out realizing becomes a reality
  238. id.: I'm also not an SJW, lol.
  239. id.: He seems to think I'm an SJW.
  240. Dad:  you went from " i dont give a fuck"
  241. Dad:  to
  242. Dad: " no pls dont say that you hurt my feelings"
  243. Dad:  thats why
  244. Dad:  in a very short span when you and moon started causing issues
  245. id.: I think you two misunderstand me.
  246. Dad:  it's hard not to link that
  247. id.: I am very hard to trigger.
  248. id.: I don't like it when I perceive someone I like being bullied.
  249. id.: Or when I see someone who is vulnerable being attacked.
  250. Dad:  i have a million and one conspiracies about the trans community that should actually be looked at before people take offense and alot of them many other people who are trans have agreed with
  251. Dad:  you got offended by some of them once
  253. id.: I'm down to listen to a few.
  254. Dad:  they are inconsistancies i see
  255. id.: Just realize, I might call you crazy on some of them.
  256. id.: But I'm down to listen.
  257. Dad: at some point
  258. Dad: socks and shay and even plant before she sort of went AWOL on me for no fucking reason agreed
  259. Dad:  other trans people who are not even part of this community agreed
  260. id.: Alright, which one is the one you think is most concerning?
  261. id.: And why?
  262. Dad: It has to be talked about on voice
  263. id.: Let me create a Discord.
  264. Dad: later i don't wanna discuss this now considering the pressingm atter is reconsiling and moving on
  265. id.: Eh, I won't be offended.
  266. id.: You'd be surprised, at most I'll chuckle.
  267. Dad:  i don't care if you were i just dont want to discuss that now.
  268. Dad:  it's not at the top of my list
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