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  1. This guide is going to take you step by step on how to get every Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy 5.
  3. This will go in mostly linear order, and getting the blue magic spells as early as you can, because the sooner you get it, the more you can use it.
  5. Some, but not all of the alternatives will be presented. This guide will also go into some of the notable applications for these spells, and as such there will be some light spoilers.
  7. If you’re looking for a specific spell, there will be a time stamped list in the description.
  9. I’ll also provide some useful links for Blue Magic resources, such as Boss statistics, and alternative enemies to learn Blue Magic from.
  11. Just a final note, there are several translations for Final Fantasy 5.
  12. Things may not be exactly the same, especially enemy and blue magic names, so be aware of that while using this guide.
  14. To learn Blue Magic there are a 3 requirements.
  17. 1. Be a Blue Mage, OR have “Learning” equipped as a secondary ability, OR be a Freelancer/Mimic with Blue mage mastered.
  19. 2. Be hit by a Blue Magic Spell (It doesn’t matter if it kills you)
  21. 3. Whoever was hit by the spell, must be alive at the end of the battle. (If it kills you, simply ressurect your character before ending the battle)
  23. Spell 1: ----Goblin Punch -----
  24. Goblin punch is very easy to get. Final Fantasy 5 is linear until you get your first set of jobs.
  25. Progress through the game until you beat Wing Raptor, and reach the Wind Crystal.
  27. After it shatters, simply change your characters jobs to Blue mage, and proceed back down the tower. Black Goblins are a common enemy, that will use Goblin punch fairly regularly. When you enter a battle with one, isolate the Black Goblin, and defend until it uses Goblin Punch, and then win the battle.
  29. Applications:
  30. Goblin Punch has some good uses. It uses zero MP, and has a unique damage formula. It uses the formula for throwing damage, so it can be used while equipping weapons like the Excalipoor to deal increased damage when it simply deals 1 damage while attacking.
  32. If you have an elemental weapon equipped, and encounter an enemy that absorbs that element, it will allow you to bypass that and deal physical damage instead.
  34. You can use it as a way of dealing full melee damage while in the back row. Making your party much more durable. This is especially useful in the early game.
  36. It also deals 8x damage if your character is the same level as the target, which if you know what levels enemies or bosses are, Goblin Punch can be exploited for extreme damage.
  38. Spell 2: ---- Aero -----
  39. Aero is first found in exactly the same location as Goblin Punch. Enter a battle with Mold winds, isolate one, and defend until it uses Aero. It’s likely Aero will kill it’s target at this level. If it does, use a phoenix down, and win the battle to learn Aero.
  41. Aero can also be easily learned in the escape from Karnak castle from Gigas’.
  43. Applications:
  44. Aero is a moderately strong magic spell when you first get it. It is outclassed by Thunder, and Fire black magic during the first few boss encounters. It doesn’t have much specific use, but it is a good addition to your arsenal against most enemies as a decent damage spell.
  46. Spell 3: ----Drain/Vampire-----
  47. After exiting the Wind Shrine and getting control of the pirate ship, make a detour back to the Pirate Cove from the start of the game. Steel Bats are a common enemy here. Defend until they use Blood Suck/Vampire which should deal zero damage, and then win the battle.
  49. There are additional ways to learn Vampire, but this is by far and wide the easiest, and safest.
  51. Applications:
  52. Drain can provide sustain early on especially if you are forgoing use of a whitemage, or are lacking potions. Just don’t use it against Undead enemies, as it will heal the enemy, and damage you. This is unfortunate, because the second set of enemies you encounter with your jobs are undead. Otherwise, it’s not terribly useful.
  54. Spell 4: ------- Frog Song ----------
  55. In Worus Castle, behind the waterfall on the way to optional boss Shiva, you can find Elf Toads. Isolate an elf toad, and wait for it to cast Frog Song. It may take awhile, as it seems to not use it that often. Elf Toads also appear in Worus Tower, just before the Water Crystal and Garula boss fight if you’d prefer that.
  57. Applications:
  58. Frog Song’s most immediate and useful application is on Garula. Toading Garula will force him to waste turns un-toading itself. If you use a white mage to mute Garula before casting Frog Song, it simply won’t be able to un-toad itself, and will be a frog for the rest of the battle. This totally trivializes a somewhat difficult encounter for some party setups. Even without Mute, you can exploit Frog song by chain casting it on Garula every time he un toads himself.
  60. Spell 5 --------- ???? ------------
  61. After getting the Water Crystal jobs, and entering the meteor to transport you to the other contintent, you can encounter “Nacks” in forested areas. They look like packs of wolves. Simply isolate one, and do not damage it. Wait for an attack that looks slightly different than a physical attack, that should deal zero damage and then kill the Nack.
  63. Applications:
  64. ???? isn’t good. It deals damage based around your current HP vs. Max HP. Goblin Punch is more reliable for physical damage, and other spells are more powerful and useful over all.
  66. Spell 6: ---- Flash ----
  67. On the Fire Ship, you’ll encounter enemies called “Crew Dust”. A man in Karnak tells you that when isolated, they use the Flash Ability. Isolate the Crew Dust, and simply wait for it to use flash, and then kill it.
  69. Bosses like Gilgamesh in World 2 will also occasionally use Flash, but its easier to learn it now.
  71. Applications
  72. Flash blinds the enemy. A few bosses are very susceptible to blindness, and when used in conjunction with something like Berserk it can make some very difficult fights a lot easier. Otherwise, nothing specific stands out.
  74. Spell 7: ---- Exploder ----
  75. Exploder is the first Blue Magic spell that requires a very specific setup. You’ll need Black Mage level 1 as a secondary, or a Black Mage with Learning to do this. Black Mage with Learning takes a lot longer to get, so just fight 10 battles with a Black Mage to get the 10 ABP to get it to level 1.
  77. On the Fireship, after beating some enemies occasionally a pair of Motor Traps will drop down. Have your Blue Mage with !Black cast Lightning on the Motor Trap. This will trigger the Motor Trap to counter with Exploder. If your Blue mage doesn’t survive, ressurect them with a Phoenix down or Life spell, then kill the last Motor Trap.
  79. Applications:
  80. In general, Exploder is not a useful spell. Killing yourself to deal damage is usually not good.
  82. It does have one good application. Azulmagia is a boss in the N-Zone and he happens to be a blue mage. Having your Blue Mages use exploder on him will teach it to him, and he will almost always immediately counter by using it himself. This provides an easy victory, but likely 2 dead party members.
  84. You can also use it in the scripted Sequence between Exdeath and Galuf to stop the sequence pre-maturely
  86. Spell 8: ---- Aero 2 ----
  87. After the Fireship, you’ll be forced to escape Karnak castle. It’s strongly suggested after the fire crystal explodes to change everyone to Blue mages, and maybe one Thief for faster escaping from battles and sprinting. Do this before you enter Karnak Castle.
  89. Immediately Save when you’re given the chance as the next 2 spells can be a bit of a time crunch. You should be able to have at least 9 and a half minutes on your save.
  91. Most treasure chests in this area are trapped by monsters. A few have Gigas’ in them. Gigas’ will commonly use Aero, which you should already have, but it’s another opportunity to learn it. They will also uncommonly use Aero 2, which is a more powerful version. During the escape from karnak, you’ll want to pick up the Elf Cape, the Ribbon, the Guardian knife, and the spell Esuna, most of which have a Gigas’ in the Monster Box. This gives you multiple attempts of getting Aero and Aero 2.
  93. General advice for Karnak: skip the Elixer chests, and don’t wait too long for Aero 2 to go off before moving onto the next gigas. Also, use a map of Karnak castle if you’re unfamiliar with the locations of chests, and if you need to check, you can pause during a battle.
  95. There will be another opportunity to get Aero 2 in the floating ruins, but Gigas’ use it regularly and are a reliable way to learn it.
  97. Applications:
  98. Aero 2 is a stronger damage version of Aero. Some enemies are weak vs. Wind Attacks but it doesn’t have many extremely powerful uses. It’s a good general purpose magic spell otherwise.
  100. Spell 9: ---- Death Claw ----
  101. Still during the Escape from Karnak, once you try and leave the Castle, you’ll enter a mandatory battle vs. 3 wolves and a sergeant. Kill the 3 wolves, and wait for the Sergeant to transform into Iron Claw.
  103. Iron Claw will use death claw occasionally. After getting hit with Death claw, defeat Iron Claw. Death Claw puts a character into single digit HP, if they’re killed, make sure to ressurect them before ending the battle. Then make sure to actually leave Karnak Castle before the 10 minutes are up.
  105. If you’re slow and fail to learn Death Claw, you can reset and try again, or you can get it later from the basement of Galuf’s Castle once you enter his world. Gilgamesh will also use it occasionally in your batles with him.
  107. Applications:
  108. Death Claw can be used on some bosses. Most notably is Byblos in the Ancient Library. A successful deathclaw will put him into an inch of his life, and any physical attack will take him out.
  109. Not a super broken use, as you have access to Ifrit at this point, but still fun.
  111. Another boss thats vulnerable to Deathclaw is the Dragon Pod in World 2. Simply land a death claw, then hit it and finish off the small flowers with an AoE spell to win the battle
  113. You can also death claw the Ex-Death’s little triplets in the Undersea Trench. They revive each other, so you’ll need to deathclaw all 3 of them and then use a target all spell. In general, it’s just easier to spam something like Requiem or the Magic Lamp’s Odin instead though.
  115. After escaping Karnak Castle, you’ll have unlocked Beastmaster/Mediator/Orator depending on your translation. A few Blue magic spells do require use of the “Control” ability or other, much more unreliable methods.. It’s strongly recommended after the Escape from Karnak to grind the 60 ABP to Master the Control Ability on your characters, or otherwise to return to them later once you have !Cotnrol.
  117. Spell 11: ---- Missile ----
  118. To get missile early, it requires the control ability. Enter the Fire ship with a Blue Mage and anyone equipped with Control. Win a battle, and have 2 motor traps show up. Use Control, and use missile on your Blue Mage, then win the battle.
  120. Missile is also commonly used in the Soul Cannon boss fight, so that’s another great opportunity to learn it.
  122. In the third battle with Gilgamesh, he uses a few Blue Magic spells, including Death Claw, and Missile so it’s another opportunity to learn them.
  124. Applications:
  125. Missile is a gravity spell and does % based damage. Most enemies are immune to it, and there are more reliable ways to deal damage. A lot of bosses are susceptible to Gravity spells, like the Dragon Pod, but often there are other, better ways to defeat them.
  127. Spell 10: ---- Fusion ----
  128. Fusion requires the control ability. In the forest outside the Ancient Library you can encounter Mithril Dragons. Use the control ability, and have the Mithril dragon use Fusion on your Blue mage. If it’s a single Mithril Dragon the battle is over, otherwise, defeat the remaining enemies.
  130. Applications:
  131. It’s the inverse of Exploder, where instead of dealing damage and killing your character, it heals a target, and kills your character. It’s not useful, as you’re no doubt always better off just throwing an item rather than killing one of your party members to heal another, but it’s Blue magic, it can’t all be good.
  133. Spell 11: ---- Level 5 Doom ----
  134. There are 4 Blue Magic spells in the Ancient Library, but level 5 Doom requires the most preparation. It kills anyone and everyone who’s level is evenly divisible by 5. This is a problem, as likely your entire party is the same level at this point.
  136. This is where you have to choose a Patsy, or an unintentional Hero, depending on how things turn out.
  138. When one of your party members is a level divisible by 5, which at the ancient library will likely be around level 15 with minimal grinding, or 20 if you grinded a lot for Control. You need to kill them off to prevent them from gaining further EXP. Let the rest of your party gain 1 level, so you have 3 level 16’s, and 1 level 15 for example.
  140. This will also work with 1 level 19, and 3 level 20’s which is what I had, but the other way is better and safer.
  142. Change your Level 5 divisible characters to Blue Mages or equip Learning and enter a battle with Page 64, who looks like a Blue Demon Head. Wait for it to use Level 5 doom, and then realize you made a mistake making your 1 level 19 character a whitemage. The most important step here is to: Ressurect your Blue mage, and make sure they stay alive when you defeat Page 64 to learn Level 5 Doom. They have a tendency to use it a second, and third time after you’ve tried to ressurect your party, which is why it’s better to have a single Patsy.
  144. Applications:
  145. This spell is where Blue Mage starts to get really, really ridiculous.
  147. You can use it to grind statues in the Castle Val basement in World 2 for quick and easy AP. You’ll get 4 to 8 AP and a good amount of gil per battle with a single casting of Level 5 Doom. It has a very close save point for easy MP restores, and is one of the most efficient places to grind AP in the game. It’s recommended to give !Blue to a Thief, or NInja to ensure they are the first to get a turn, and set your cursor to memory for easy access to L5 Doom. Then you can swap whichever character is the L5. Doom caster as others run out of MP to maximize grinding efficiency and minimize inn or cabin usage. It’s recommended to Master Bluemage at this point, so you can use the Bare job with Inherent learning to learn the few remaining Blue Magic spells in worlds 2 and 3.
  149. If you progress further in the game in World 2, you can use Level 5 Doom to grind levels in the forest outside of Moore. It provides around 825 EXP per battle, 3 ABP, and a decent amount of gil. This is a good way to pick up the tier3 magic that becomes available in Moore or tune up your characters for upcoming events.
  151. You can use level 5 Doom on several bosses, including Adamantoise, the side launchers on the Soul Cannon, the second form of Archaeoavis.
  153. It can also be exploited further by combining it with other Blue magic like Dark Shock, and Level 2 Old to beat others.
  155. Spell 12 and 13 : ---- Guard Off ---- and ---- Moon Flute -----
  156. These two Blue Magic spells are learned from the same enemy in the Ancient Library. Guard Off requires the Control Ability. Enter a battle with Page 256, which looks like a Tiki Mask.
  158. Use control on Page 256 to learn Guard Off. Then attack it once to break the control, and wait for it to cast Moon Flute. Moon Flute will berserk your entire party which will hopefully result in a win. It’s recommended to have at least one party member be a strong physical attacker going into the fight with Page 256.
  160. Guard Off can also be learned from Zigguaruats in the Barrier Tower, and Magic Dragons in Ex-Deaths castle.
  162. Applications: Guard Off
  163. Guard Off halves enemy defenses. If you’re using a melee oriented team this is a great spell. It’s useful on a surprising amount of bosses.
  165. Applications: Moon Flute
  166. Berserk can be an effective tool against certain enemies. Moon flute berserks your party, which is generally not a good thing. Get it for completion, rather than to use it.
  168. Spell 14: ----Magic Hammer----
  169. At the bottom of the Ancient Library you’ll fight Byblos. Byblos uses Magic Hammer fairly regularly. Turn your party into Blue Mages, or other jobs with Learning and wait for it to land because it is single target. Then defeat Byblos and make sure the character hit by Byblos’ Magic Hammer lives.
  171. Magic Hammer can also be learned in World 2 from Drippy’s in the Wyvern Mountain, but it’s easier to just learn it from byblos.
  173. Applications;
  174. Magic Hammer halves the targets MP. There are some uses for it, mainly by running a handful of bosses out of MP. It can be useful on bosses like Mellusion, who has a low MP pool and uses Tier3 magic.
  176. Any time Magic Hammer might be useful, it’s usually easier to use a different strategy instead of trying to run your opponents out of MP. There are circumstances where it is a viable option though.
  178. Spell 15: ----Aqua Rake----
  179. You can technically learn AquaRake earlier then the previous blue magic, but Dhrome Chimeras are extremely deadly at lower level. It’s recommended to be at least level 16+ before attempting to learn Aqua Rake.
  181. In the linear path between Karnak and the Ancient Library tehre is a section of Desert. In the desert you will encounter Dhrome Chimeras who will use Aquarake. A good strategy is to have Blue mages in the back row with Control. After being hit with Aqua Rake, control the Chimera, and have it use Aqua Rake on itself until it’s out of MP. Then finish it off with spells like Aero 2 which won’t break the Control.
  183. Aqua Rake will also be commonly used from Chimera Brain, a boss in the Meteors just before you enter the 2nd world. It’s another good opportunity to get it if you skipped the Dhome Chimera.
  185. Applications:
  186. Aqua rake is extremely powerful. It hits everything, and is just a good tool for clearing out random encounters..
  188. It is extremely effective against monsters in the desert. Including the Sand Worm boss, which can be a hassle otherwise. Aqua Rake will kill it in a single hit, making an annoying encounter, a total joke. This also extends to the trek to the moogle forest, as you can ignore the path shown, and just aqua rake your way through the desert. Same thing with the trek to the Pheonix Tower, but at that point, you have decent altenratives. The only downside is it uses a lot of MP but it remains useful for the entirety of World 1 and most of World 2.
  190. Spell 16: ----Dark Shock----
  191. After getting the Steam Ship, you’ll want to head South East to Crescent Island. After entering the town, you’ll lose the ship as part of standard story progression. Exit the town, and get the Black Chocobo from the forest. Go south to another island, and enter random battles here. You’re looking for enemies called Black Flames. They will use a spell called Dark Shock. After being hit with it, kill them with Aqua Rake and win the battle.
  193. Applications:
  194. Level adjustment is extremely powerful in Final Fantasy 5. A lot of attacks factor in your level and the enemies level, so by dropping enemies levels by half you have a much better chance of dealing damage or successfully landing attacks. A lot of bosses are vulnerable to Dark Shock, it may not land immediately, but it’s worth trying.
  196. One of the best abuses of Dark Shock is against Atmos on the barrier tower. Connect a Dark Shock, and it’s level will drop from 41 to 20, as it rounds down, and you can kill it with level 5 doom. This may only work on the Super Nintendo version, as I believe he gains the heavy tag in other versions making him immune to instant-Death, you’ll have to double check if it’s a viable strategy for your version.
  198. Spell 17: ---- Emission ----
  199. Once you get the Airship, and you’re tasked with taking out the flying fortress, you will have to fight 4 sets of 2 cannons. The flame cannons use Emission constantly. Simply use a Blue mage, and take them out, making sure they live through the battle. You can abuse saving to ensure Flame Cannons show up by reloading if you didn’t get one.
  201. Applications:
  202. Emission doesn’t have many uses. It’s a fire elemental spell, but it’s not really anything note worthy otherwise. Aero 2 is generally more useful and more powerful, as is Aqua Rake.
  204. Spell: 18: ---- White Wind ----
  205. White Wind requires control. In the floating ruins after beating the Soul cannon, you’ll encounter enemies called Whirl Demons. These can be controlled to cast white wind on your party. Then, just kill them off. These enemies also commonly use Aero2 if you missed it from Gigas’ in the escape from Karnak castle.
  207. Applications:
  208. White Wind is a spell that heals your whole party based on the users current HP. Obviously, it adds a lot of utility to the blue magic skillset, especially as a secondary. It’s great to have, and is always useful as an alternative to White Magic.
  210. It also bypasses the Bone Mail, and lets you heal through the “Undead” effect, making it a much more viable peice of equipment.
  212. If you’re low on HP it can be really bad, but that’s the trade off of Blue Magic.
  214. Spell 19: ---- Blowfish/1000 needles ----
  215. Stilll in the floating ruins. You’ll occasionally encounter Lamia. When you do, Isolate it. They seem reluctant to use Blowfish, so make sure you have someone with control. It’s unlikely the target survives at this point, so make sure to ressurect them before ending the battle.
  217. Applications:
  218. Blowfish is a great general purpose spell. It just deals 1000 damage for 25MP.
  220. It’s immediately useful for random battles, and it destroys Archaeoavis’ first form which is an annoying fight as he has high physical defense and rotates his magic restiance. Obviously, Blowfish just does 1000 damage, regardless of defenses, so it bypasses the gimmick of the fight.
  222. Finish it off with Level 5 Doom after it comes back to life.
  224. Blowfish will also demolish the remaining bosses of world 1: Titan and ChimeraBrain. Eventually other spells will surpass it, but it remains useful throughout the early stages of World 2.
  226. It’s just 1000 damage, you can’t really go wrong. (its free real-estate)
  228. Spell 20: ---- Level 4 Graviga ----
  229. This spell, much like Level 5 Doom requires preparation. Again, this spell is in the floating ruins, but the very final floor with King Tycoon and the Archaeoavis. Hopefully by the time you get here, you have someone who’s level 20. Otherwise, you’ll have to grind to a level divisible by 4. 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, etc.
  231. This is also one of the most confusing Blue Magic’s to learn. Level 4 Graviga is a final attack from a Ghidra. These are not to be confused by Hydra’s. Depending on your translation, you may have Hydras and Hyudras which makes things really confusing.
  233. They look identical, barring colouration. You’ll know you’re against Ghidra’s because it will use attacks like poison breath. These enemies are undead, so you can quickly end the battle by throwing a phoenix down or using Life. This should trigger Level 4 Graviga as a final attack, but it will never kill your Blue Mage as it’s a % damage based attack, and end the battle.
  235. Applications:
  236. Gravity spells are useful against a surprising amount of enemies in Final Fantasy 5. The level divisible by 4 stipulation makes it much more specific, and rarely useful. Any enemies vulnerable to Gravity are more likely to be viable targets of Missile rather than Level 4 Graviga.
  238. Spell 21: ---- Time Slip -----
  239. The next Blue Magic Spell, Time Slip is not available until The Barrier Tower in Galuf’s World. In the first area before the save point, get into random battles until you encounter a Traveler. Isolate it, and wait for it to use Time Slip on someone with learning, then end the battle.
  241. Traveler’s also commonly appear with Neons, who often use Flash, making this another opportunity to learn that as well.
  243. Applications:
  244. Time Slip casts Old and Sleep. Not much usage for it unfortunately..
  246. Spell 22: --- Aero3 ----
  247. After the barrier tower, in Sage Guido’s cave. You can encounter enemies called Metamorpha’s. They will occasionally change into CHECK who will use Aero 3 on a single target, as such, equip learning on everyone to hedge your bets.
  249. You can also learn it from the Left Crystal during the boss encounter in the Forest of Moore. Make sure to put it into Critical HP, and then it will use Aero 3 constantly. This applies to the Water Crystal as well, except it will use Aqua Rake.
  251. Applications:
  252. It’s the third tier of Aero. It’s stronger than Blowfish and surpasses Aquarake against most things, while being more MP efficient. It also get’s a power bonus from the Air-Knife, making it very effective, especially when using !Blue as a secondary on something like a Blackmage. Very useful against bosses like Omnicient, and general random battles in worlds 2 and 3.
  254. Spell 23:----- Tiny Song -----
  255. After Sage Guido’s cave, your next destination is Moore. In Moore forest, you can encounter Tiny Mages. They will occasionally use this spell against your party. It’s single target, hedge your bets by making everyone capable of learning.
  257. Gilgamesh in Ex-Death’s castle also has a tendency to use it fairly often.
  259. Applications:
  260. Sadly, very few enemies are weak vs. Tiny, and any that are are usually also susceptible to things like INstant-Death and Break making this not very useful.
  262. Spell 24: ---- Level 2 Old -----
  263. Level 2 Old is by far the easiest spell of the Level X-Y spells to learn. If your characters are an even level, they can learn it. If not, just gain a level and you should be good to go. Level 2 Old is casted by Magic Dragons in the lower floors of Ex-Deaths Castle. Simply get hit by it, and win the battle with your Blue Mages surviving.
  265. Magic Dragons will also cast Aero 3, and Guard-Off regularly, making it a good chance to learn these as well.
  267. Applications:
  268. Level 2 Old is has the ability to bypass Old immune enemies. The first really useful application is oddly enough, still in Ex-Death’s castle against Ex-Death himself.
  270. Ex-death is level 66, and as such, you can hit him with level 2 Old. Old slowly reduces an enemies speed, and level. That being said… it’s more useful to forget Level 2 Old, and just go for the next Blue magic on the list instead.
  273. Spell 24: --- Level 3 Flare ----
  275. Level-3 Flare requires some preparation. My party was level 30, with one level 29. A single level brought everyone to 31, and one level 30 patsy to be the target of Level 3 flare. I’ve read that this method requires the character with learning’s level be divisible by 2, so 30 would apply to both 3, and 2, as well as 24, and 36.
  277. You’ll need to do some specific setups. A level 30 or other level divisible by 3 as Blue mage or with Learning. Someone capable of using Control. A whitemage, or someone capable of casting reflect via something like Carbuncle.. It’s recommended to do this in Ex-Deaths castle after teh first sacred circle because you can easily save, restore your party, and it makes it a good grinding location if you’re somehow not within the Divisible by 3 range.
  279. You’ll want to enter a battle with a single red dragon. Control it, and then cast reflect on it. Use Level 3 Flare on itself, which will be reflected onto your party, and hopefully onto someone with learning.
  281. Level-3 Flare will likely kill your character, so ressurect them, and end the battle with spells like Aero-3 to not break your control on the Red Dragon.
  283. Applications:
  284. They say in nature, the cure is near the poision. In the battle with Ex-Death in his castle he’s level 66, which means he’s susceptible to level 3 flare. Using it on him with all your characters will kill him before he has much chance to do anything
  286. Level 3 Flare can also be used against the Gargoyles in the merged world who defend the tablets. The gargoyles must be killed at the same time or they’ll ressurect each otehr, and conveniently, they’re level 33, which means they are a prime target for Level 3 Flare.
  288. Spell 25: --- Condemn ---
  289. The easiest way to get Condemn, is the Battle with Ex-Death in his castle. He will always start off by condemning a character. The easiest way to learn it is to hedge your bets. Either have everyone be Blue Mages or Bare/Freelancer with Mastered Blue Mage to ensure he hits someone capable of learning. There are several strategies for Ex-Death, but it’s a great opportunity to test out Level 3 Flare, and since you’re Blue Mages anyway to learn Condemn..… its readily available.
  291. You should be able to kill him before Condemn ticks down to zero by spamming L.3 Flare. If the condemned person dies, just ressurect them and ensure they live through the battle.
  293. Applications:
  294. Not terribly useful unfortunately. Anything susceptible to death is often vulnerable to instant death and things like Break. Oddly enough you can return the favor and use this on the back part of Neo-Ex Death for an easy kill on it.
  296. Spell 26: --- Mind Blast ---
  298. The first location to get Mind Blast is the boss in the island shrine. Mind Blast inflicts paralyze, so it’s worth doing some preparation. You can negate Paralyze with Hermes Sandals. It’s worth stopping by the Phantom Village to pick up 4 pairs just because they’re insanely strong accessories, but it will cost you 50 thousand gil a peice. This fight is incredibly annoying, but he uses mindblast pretty regularly. It’s single target, so hedge your bets, and make everyone capable of learning. Bare/Freelancer with Mastered Blue Mage is a great choice. Otherwise, get hit by it, and finish one of the longest, and most annoying fights in the game.
  300. The island shrine has a few more blue magic spells. Level 2 Old, and Level 5 Death being among them. Just be careful, and make sure you have at least 1 character’s level not divisible by 5 to avoid deaths here.
  302. Applications.
  303. It’s late in the game, and there’s not a whole lot left. The 2 of the 3 Blue Magic spells in World 3 are just not worth using.
  305. Spell 27: ---- Roulette ----
  306. Roulette is probably the most involved Blue Magic to get in terms of Optional content. You need to free the Black Chocobo in the Phantom Village. In world 3, at the very bottom there is a forest where you’ll enter a random battle, except its not a battle, and it’s actually a town. Go through the maze-like town, having a Thief helps to see the hidden passages, and find the black chocobo, talk to it, and you’ll exit the town. The black Chocobo is the only way to get the the Phoenix Tower, adn North Mountain for Bahamut. Fly the black chocobo north, and Land in the forest by the desert, and go south until you reach the tower. Turn all your characters to Blue Mages, and get in random battles in the Phoenix tower until you encounter a bella donna. Isolate it, and wait for it to use Roulette. Resurrect the party member it killed, as it’s 4 to 1 in your favor, and then kill it.
  308. Of course, if you want to skip the Phoenix Tower. Enemies in the second area of the N-Zone called Death Dealers use roulette as well. So you can skip the whole Phoenix Tower thing altogether..
  310. Applications:
  311. It’s not worth the risk of killing your own party members to possibly instant KO an enemy, especially since there are better alternatives.
  313. Spell 28 ---- Big Guard ----
  314. Big Guard Requires control. It also requires a rare encounter with an enemy called Stringray in this specific area of water near the phoenix tower. (Shout outs to caves of narshe). This means you need a boat, which means you’ll have to have progressed through the game until you’ve beaten the Forked Tower and rescue Cid who will modify your airship, to be a boat, and submarine.
  316. Turn your characters to Blue Mages with Control, or Bare/Freelancer with mastered Blue mage and Control. Fight all the random battles that come your way until you get into a battle with Stingray.
  318. Control Stingray, and get it to use Big Guard on your party. Then defeat it. Stingray is level 93, which means it’s susceptible to level 3 flare, but you should have access to some extremely strong equipment and spells at this point so do whatever you like.
  320. This is an alleged very rare encounter, but all in it took 9 minutes from landing, to getting Big Guard and leaving. The time required might vary as it’s approximately a 6% encounter rate.
  322. Applications:
  323. Protect, Shell, and Float on your entire party. It’s useful for literally every single remaining encounter in the game. It’s unfortunate you can’t get it until World 3. If it was available earlier, it would make Blue mage even more disgustingly broken because of how good this spell is.
  325. Notable encounters are against Catastrophe, who will continually pull your party down from Float in an attempt to use Earth Shaker. Big Guard is a nice alternative to float and can be easily spammed to force Gravity100’s. Otherwise, use it on your first turn in every battle in the N-Zone.
  327. That’s it. A perfect completed list of all the Blue Magic in Final Fantasy 5 is at your disposal.
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