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  1. Quick rules:
  2. FACEIT will automatically and randomly select a team captain for both the Terrorist and Counter Terrorist sides. These captains will drop the maps and select game server locations. Once this is done, everyone is obliged to click the "PLAY" button to join the selected game server.
  3. The match will automatically be configured. Players will select sides as displayed in the match room. Once all players are on the server, players must ready up as soon as possible. If players do not arrive within 10 minutes after the game server has been launched, players must contact "roychez" or the support service to solve the issue.
  5. Chapter 1 – Tournament structure
  6. Article 1. Match formats
  7. Chapter 2 – Game Settings
  8. Article 2. Game version
  9. Article 3. Players settings
  10. Article 4. Server settings
  11. Article 5. Map list
  12. Chapter 3 – Match procedure
  13. Article 6. Notification
  14. Article 7. Warmup
  15. Article 8. During the match
  16. Article 9. After the match
  17. Chapter 4 – Rules and violations
  18. Article 10. Forbidden in-game actions
  19. Article 11. Sanction
  20. Article 12. Sent off
  21. Chapter 5 - Other
  22. Article 13. Anti-cheat
  23. Article 14. Stand-ins
  24. Article 15. Player names
  26. Chapter 1 – Tournament structure
  28. Article 1. Match formats
  29. This chapter describes the different match format which will be used during FACEIT CS:GO Match. The format will not be changed during the tournament.
  31. Single-game match
  32. A single-game match is played in a single game and opposes two teams of five players. A game is played on one map in two times of 15 in-game rounds. For each half-time, teams play alternatively terrorist and counter-terrorist, and score one point by winning one in-game round. The winner of a game is the first team which scores 16 in-game rounds. The winner of a match is the team that has won one game. In a single-game match a tie, both teams have 15 in-game rounds, if possible. If one team scores 16 in-game rounds the match end and the remaining rounds are not to be played.
  34. Chapter 2 – Game settings
  36. Article 2. Game version
  37. The competition will use the latest available version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  39. Article 3. Players settings
  40. The following settings are not allowed to be adjusted or used on the players PC:
  41. cl_bobcycle 0.98 (do not alter)
  42. weapon_recoil_model 0 (do not use)
  43. mat_hdr_level 0/1/2 (do not use)
  44. The following in-game overlays are authorized, all other are forbidden:
  45. net_graph 0
  46. cl_showpos 1
  47. cl_showfps 1
  48. cl_showdemooverlay 1/-1
  50. Article 4. Server settings
  51. All matches will be played on FACEIT's servers. If this does not happen, you risk a chance to being banned from the tournament.
  52. The following game settings will be used:
  53. mp_startmoney 800
  54. mp_roundtime 1.75
  55. mp_freezetime 15
  56. mp_maxrounds 30
  57. mp_c4timer 35
  58. sv_pausable 1
  59. ammo_grenade_limit_default 1
  60. ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2
  61. ammo_grenade_limit_total 4
  62. Settings for overtime:
  63. mp_maxrounds 3
  64. mp_startmoney 10000
  66. Article 5. Map list
  67. The following maps are used for this tournament:
  68. de_dust2
  69. de_inferno
  70. de_train
  71. de_nuke
  72. de_mirage
  73. de_cache
  74. de_season
  76. Chapter 3 – Match procedure
  78. Article 6. Notification
  79. The notification indicates the time and the place at which players are requested to be present in order to play their official matches. This notification schedule is described in the tournament schedule and is provided at the beginning of the tournament. Players are advised to be present and ready 5 minutes before the schedule to avoid any unpredictable delay.
  81. Article 7. Warmup
  82. The matches will start at their designated time. The FACEIT official will provide up to date information on when to start, so players can get ready and warmed up before the match starts.
  84. Article 8. During the match
  85. Voice communication
  86. Voice communication tools as Ventrilo, Mumble and Teamspeak are allowed. In case that servers are provided by FACEIT players are obliged to use them. Any overlay options in communication tools are not allowed.
  87. Match Media
  88. Players are obliged to record their in-game demo unless the recording causes performance issues which can only be determined by a tournament official.
  90. Communication
  91. During an official match, players may not communicate with people not involved in the match. People involved in the match are players, the coach and tournament officials.
  92. Match stopped
  93. Players are not expected to leave an official game in progress unless it is authorized by the match format or it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials. Between two half-time of a game players are not expected to leave the game unless it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials. Between two games during a best-of-three match or overtime players are allowed to have a small break.
  95. Match interrupted
  96. If a match is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts,…) the tournament officials may decide to replay the match according to the following rules:
  97. If a problem takes place before the first kill in the first round, the whole half-time will be replayed.
  98. If a problem takes place during the round and the concerned outcome of the round can’t be determined or guessed, the round is not taken into account, the half-time will be continued with the numbers of remaining rounds, and the scores on the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time. Start money will be set in order to compensate the player(s).
  99. If the problem took place after the end of the first round, the half-time will be continued with the number of remaining rounds, and the scores of the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time. Start money will be set in order to compensate the player(s).
  101. If start money is applied and a single player is dropped, the demo is primarily used to determine the amount.
  102. If multiple players dropped team coach negotiation is primarily used to determine the amount.
  104. If one of the players crashed or is disconnected, he must come back as quickly as possible.
  105. A team may “pause” the game at the end of the current round or during freeze time to allow the player to come back. A team can’t “pause” the game during the current round unless it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials.
  107. A pause may not last more than 5 minutes and is allowed up to 2 times during a match
  109. Article 9. After the match
  111. Investigation request
  112. When a team estimates being a victim of rule violations during a match, players are compelled not to stop the game by any means and to properly finish it. Once the match is over, the team captain may officially ask for an investigation to tournament officials. It is strongly advised to provide valuable information that may help the tournament director in his investigation. Unjustified and repetitive use of this right may be sanctioned.
  114. Score validation
  115. For a match both team captains have to report the match score to the tournament officials and sign the report match paper.
  117. Chapter 4 – Rules and violations
  119. Article 10. Forbidden in-game actions
  120. The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and will result in round loss (the amount is determined by the tournament director) which will be deducted at the end of the match, and a warning:
  121. using console is forbidden (except to record game).
  122. using pause during a round is forbidden (except for technical problems at the end of a round or during freeze time).
  123. any form of script is forbidden.
  124. using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.
  125. moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking.
  126. “silent bombs” (i.e. the planting of a bomb which doesn’t make a sound) are illegal.
  127. planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple players are needed to defuse.
  128. boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable.
  129. “fireboost” (i.e. firing below a player to push him) is strictly illegal.
  130. “flashbugs” are forbidden
  131. throwing flash grenades under walls is not allowed, throwing grenades over walls or roofs is allowed.
  132. “mapswimming” or “Floating” is illegal.
  133. “pixelalking” is illegal (sitting or standing on invisible map edges).
  134. using 16bit graphics.
  135. binding “+duck” to the mouse wheel is forbidden.
  136. any custom (game) files.
  138. Article 11. Sanction
  139. A team may be cautioned and receive a warning if one of his players commits any of the following offences:
  140. refuses to follow tournament officials’ instructions.
  141. arrives late at his convocation schedule.
  142. shows dissent by word or action.
  143. uses insulting language and/or gestures.
  144. is guilty of unsporting behavior.
  146. A team may receive a sanction if one of his players commits any of the following offences:
  147. receives more than one warning
  148. is guilty of unfair proceedings
  149. uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings
  150. mislead or dupe any tournament official
  152. Article 12. Sent off
  153. After study of a sanction by the competition manager and the tournament director, a sanctioned team may be subject to additional sanctions such as multiple default loss, disqualification of the team, and banishment of next year’s competition.
  155. A disqualified team will automatically lose all his next matches by default and loses all rights and prizes that would have been awarded. In a group stage, the previous matches’ results within the group are cancelled and are also lost by default All points won or lost are backwardly re-distributed.
  157. Chapter 5 - Other
  159. Article 13. Anti-cheat
  160. FACEIT's servers will be recording all the matches. Players can request a protest if they feel their opponent is cheating. Our demo team will look at the demo and make a decision based on what they see.
  162. Article 14. Stand-ins
  163. At this moment FACEIT does not allow stand-ins. If you wish to attend, be sure all players are available all through-out the day.
  165. Article 15. Player names
  166. Players must join the game server with the name they have registered on FACEIT, to avoid confusion for our admins, commentators and your opponents.
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