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  1. Briah:
  2. Type: Gudou
  3. Tier 4 (0)
  4. Ability: Redfearn is able to alter their body in any way they want, and they can no longer be hit in critical spots, due to this. He can grow to the size of a nation, and he can also absorb objects and people (though not relics and relic holders) into his body, and alter them in any way Redfearn wants. He can turn a block of wood into an atomically carved clock that is 100% accurate, turn people into rampaging monsters, and turn a block of goo into a living cat, and so on. Redfearn may absorb magical attacks, so long as they do not kill Redfearn, and attach these magical attacks into the things be absorbs. He may also steal aspects of absorbed objects, and combine objects and mix and match aspects. Redfearn may also control every single part of his body, down to his atom.
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