ZoA 1.07.2 changelog

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  1. Changelog as of ZoA 1.07.2
  2. --------------------------
  4. ## Changes in 1.07.2 Base ##
  6. fixed two crashes due to bad config setup and an absent function
  7. fixed multiscope destroying weapons (probably)
  8. added custom news icons for money loot, debug, and general info
  9. resolved an issue with money loot displaying the wrong value
  10. moved initial item spawns into the xml
  11. reduced repair kit effectiveness
  12. removed dog vision effector
  13. removed random weapon drop near dogs
  14. fixed delay on bolt-action rifles
  15. made bolt toss charge more quickly
  16. updated flash drive artifact recipes
  17. fixed a crash due to typo in stash contents
  18. fixed improper name of 5.45 AP boxed ammo
  19. fixed a crash due to typo in Bizon mag configs
  20. fixed improper NV configs for most NATO weapons
  21. fixed Bes’ AK not having its own icon
  22. rearranged item icons to reduce texture size
  23. integrated dll patch for can’t find rank crashes
  24. fixed primary Striker description
  25. fixed Russian text in one of the Saiga 12k variant’s text
  26. fixed RPK saying it could attach a GP-25 (it can’t)
  27. fixed some more un-escaped ampersands in weapon text
  28. added a few new level changers to allow circumventing the bar
  29. fixed the rucksack pickup bug
  30. all weapons in NPC inv now get randomized condition based on faction
  31. removed some redundant scripts
  32. you can now talk to Sidorovich immediately
  33. knife moved to initial equipment
  34. revamped loading screens
  35. replaced icons for PKP and Zastava
  36. added icons for .338 LM
  37. added empty box icons
  38. removed a ton of same-as-vanilla files, and other miscellaneous redundancies
  39. Anesthetic medical items and vodka have been changed, vodka has had its effect reduced, while the two painkiller items have had their item class changed to vodka, they can no longer be hotkeyed, and intoxicate the player
  40. All trader configs finished
  41. Bandit texture changed
  42. NPC weapons spawns have been updated to Bar/Rostok
  44. implemented a new script-level system for giving NPCs weapons (solves the problems of NPCs with no guns and NPCs with tons of guns)
  45. fixed grenades and bolts getting stuck if you hold them for too long
  46. began fixing, reformatting, and adding missing magazine strings; done so far:
  47. 9x18
  48. 5.7x28
  49. 5.56x45
  50. 7.62x39
  51. 12-gauge
  52. randomized starting weapon and ammo from Sidorovich
  53. abstracted the list-parsing logic from fire mode news into a new function for tkgp_utils (parseList)
  54. added another function to tkgp_utils: giveTo( target, section, [amount] )
  55. fixed getting multiple stashes from the same corpse
  56. fixed vodka actually increasing your radiation slightly
  57. drastically reduced money gained from looting corpses
  58. fixed a crash when trying to spawn boxes from zoa_spawn_lists
  59. added spawn debug items to the list of hotkeys
  60. fixed a few issues with un-escaped ampersands in string tables
  61. unbroke fire mode news
  62. implemented an inter-level teleport hotkey (J on pause menu)
  63. made position logging more robust
  64. logged coordinates for potential in-world stashes in X18
  65. minor change to the lua console’s functionality
  66. removed some more unused strings
  67. lowered money for early game static NPCs
  68. legacy boxed ammo sections have been removed from task_manager.ltx, and new sections added.
  69. revising zoa_spawns.script, zoa_ammunition.script, zoa_ammo.ltx, added new item spawns to cordon, and working on garbage, with new boxed ammo types and crate items in the works.
  70. Added new mutant type, cat, into the all.spawn
  71. edited the creature configs for cats, boar, blind dogs, pseudodogs, flesh, and pseudogiant. All of the smaller varieties barring the boar of the aforementioned now move more quickly, while the larger variety have had their immunity against bullets increased, (the exception being the pseudogiant, which has only had its immunity to explosives increased.)
  72. began migrating NPC weapon spawns into the new system
  73. Finished work on new treasure_manager.ltx, removed all taped mags and izolenta from configs and scripts.
  75. added the ability to rebox ammo
  76. added empty boxes for all ammo types
  77. added a couple functions to tkgp_utils:
  78. destroyItem
  79. moveActor
  80. probably fixed a couple bugs relating to backpacks and multiscope
  81. fixed all (or at least most) of the weapons missing text
  82. revamped the mod options menu and added some new options
  83. money looting toggle
  84. dynamic shaders toggle
  85. fire mode notification toggle
  86. weather override (same functionality as old optional file)
  87. debug messages toggle
  88. made the inventory panel display more stuff
  89. made vodka reduce radiation slightly again
  90. Arnie only sends messages if you’re on the Bar level
  91. added a new cheat grenade
  92. added a function to zoa_spawn_lists: giveCheats, just a shortcut for making the cheat items
  93. abstracted all of the static strings from ZoA UI into a string table
  94. improved functionality of the lua console
  95. hotkeys are now displayed (toggleable) on the main menu
  96. added a debug artifact (af_pebble)
  97. resolved some issues with the other debug items
  98. All boxed ammunition sections removed from all.spawn
  99. Added tear gas grenades in w_f1.ltx, and ammo_gvozd in weapons.ltx, new changes pending.
  100. Changed wounding parameters.
  101. Included my changes to zombified stalker perception.
  102. Changed actor knife model and the RGD-5 grenade texture.
  103. All ammo descriptions added.
  104. All mag descriptions changed to reflect the new ammo descriptions.
  105. Finished all loose ammo icons, boxed ammo icon changes are pending.
  106. Changed mag prioritization for PMM, Fort-12, MP-444, PP-2000
  107. Merged in new grenade_class to various Kalashnikov Assault rifles
  109. updated ZoA to run on game version 1.0006
  110. integrated "ShoC Treatment", a script optimization mod, also includes a couple bugfixes (thanks NatVac)
  111. changed the textures for vanilla hand models to some much better ones; credit for these goes to GRALL19 on GameBanana
  112. eliminated some redundancy in flash drive configs and edited their strings slightly
  113. made a ton of fixes to weapon strings including new ones for guns that didn't have any, removal of ones that weren't used, extra ones for weapon variants, etc
  114. complete reformatting and redundancy removal in mutant strings
  115. likewise for general equipment strings
  116. likewise for amk_strings.xml
  117. fixed and reformatted some bar dialog
  118. gave .338 lapua magnum name strings
  119. standardized all weapon descriptions to show ammo, mags, and attachments
  120. fixed some formatting issues in the food and medicine strings
  121. added a thing that lets you execute arbitrary lua from the game (press F1 on pause menu, use at your own risk)
  122. re-added the free camera shortcut (F2 on pause menu)
  123. added a menu hotkey to show coordinates (press L)
  124. added news region feedback for fire mode changing
  125. made packet_utils class detection a bit more robust, so multiscope and the new fire mode feedback should work for all weapons now
  126. added a function in tkgp_utils to print some debug info; you can turn that on in the script if you really want
  127. added a couple more utility functions to tkgp_utils that made a few things cleaner
  128. more commenting in a few of my scripts
  129. reformatted class_registrator.script and xr_motivator.script for no good reason
  130. fixed the dark valley dynamite crash again
  131. pulled the new game and update logic out of bind_stalker and gave it its own script (zoa_periodic_functions)
  132. minor formatting changes in random scripts and configs
  133. added a new script: zoa_spawn_lists; it's not hooked in anywhere but you can call the member functions from the lua console if you want to create a lot of items
  134. fixed a crash with a suit that's impossible to get anyways
  135. translated more misc Russian text (thanks Ardias)
  136. fixed P220 mags not working properly
  137. changed damage params for all shotguns in game
  138. changed LR-300 and M4 textures
  139. changed icons for medkits and made them belt-attachable
  140. added Doc’s key that allows opening of the hotel room in Pripyat, and spawned its position in game
  143. ## Changes in Patch 13 ##
  145. Merged Arena Extension Mod into ZoA
  146.         change "aem_only = true" to false in aem_manager.script if you prefer the old arena; do this /before/ you begin a save
  147. Fixed 7.62x51 boxed ammo not loading into mags by correcting their respective arrays in magazines.ltx
  148. Replaced SR-3M with SR-3, made adjustments in weapon spawn files
  149. Changed several dolg characters to spawn with AK-103s with soft point ammo, i.e. for units tasked with mutant extermination.
  150. Added a different type of dynamite for the dark valley treasure spawn
  151. Corrected some mags that spawn in treasure_manager.ltx
  152. Added new terrain maps that look better, in other words, I restored the old Abs Nature terrain maps for most levels.
  153. used the gulag scripts from nimble combat mini mod, except I modified them so that Nimble uses a concealed makarov instead of a SPAS-12.
  154. contains fixes to the amount of money that NPCs spawn with, in an attempt to slightly curb the imbalances of money looting.
  155. Small fix for the icons of 5.7x28mm ammo, FN FAL and G41 scopes, and the medical block items.
  156. Zombified stalker perception values fix
  157. Just in case added the new chimera creatures config
  158. modified the capture configs for several NPC models, for most I did not actually have to write new ones, instead I redefined the existing immunity sections they index, so that there is now a wider variety of different armor tiers
  159. went through quite a bit of the Cordon dialog strings and edited them for grammar, style, etc
  160. fixed incremental saves not always incrementing
  161. fixed hand textures with Zastava
  162. headlamp now has a longer range, but less spread and slightly reduced power
  163. halved timescale and pushed start time forwards slightly
  164. cleaned up the NPC medkit configs
  165. cleaned up the flash drive configs and corrected a minor issue
  166. added descriptive effect text to all consumables (please let me know if I missed any)
  167. fixed cyrillic in repair dialogs
  168. added proper strings for the extra food items
  169. fixed xr_wounded again
  170. fixed G3 not being able to equip a scope
  171. fixed 44rd PP2000 mags being named 20rd mags
  172. minor update to tkgp_utils
  173. fixed nv upgrade kits throwing bad errors
  174. fixed 44rd PP2000 mags turning into 20rd mags under a certain situation
  175. fixed malformed configs for the Fal
  176. moved Leupold scope to the right config
  177. implemented duration effects for consumables
  178. re-implemented repair kits to be more user-friendly
  179. prevented money loot exploit due to pstor not persisting across level transitions
  180. gave some factions different money loot chances and messages
  181.         zombies never work; monolith almost never works; mercs and ecologists work less than average
  182. made the night star quest use normal night stars
  183. reorganized the fuck out of the string tables and eliminated a lot of redundancies
  184. moved a few scopes into the proper config file
  185. added or modified incorrect strings for a few weapons
  186. fixed the yantar menu background
  187. changed inventory icons for small-caliber ammunition and shells
  188. fixed some error reporting not working properly
  189. fixed some crashes with NPCs equipping artefacts
  190. fixed a problem with tkgp_utils.spawnAtActor
  191. fixed a crash due to incorrect model path
  192. fixed a crash due to typo in one of the controller configs
  193. fixed stance icon and stamina bar sometimes being displayed
  194. partial implementation of duration-based effects (don't use this yet)
  195. made 8.6x70 ammo have less ridiculously large impact decals
  197. big thanks to Ardias for these changes
  198.         translated and corrected a huge amount of magazine name and desc strings
  199.         translated the night star quest start string
  202. ## Changes in Patch 12 ##
  204. all ammo and many weapons have been rebalanced
  205. electro chimera are no longer present in the game
  206. new corpse with machine gun spawns in army warehouses (requires new game to appear)
  207. updated inventory menus for better visibility of items
  208. large revamp of the economy:
  209.         Sid is the mediocre trader, he is more stingy than the others, but he does pay well for info.
  210.         Barkeep is the best trader for weapons and ammo until you get to the Duty/Freedom traders who have better prices with their niche weaponry
  211.         Sakharov buys artifacts for more than other traders, and he sells medicine at the best prices, but he doesn't buy guns, nor does he buy most types of ammo/mags
  212.         Petrenko pays the best for mutant parts, they are bounties for those who hunt mutants
  213.         Mutant parts have had their prices decreased
  214.         Stalkers have different economic leanings than traders, they better for most items, mostly artifacts, medicine, and filled mags.
  215.         Every gun has had its price re-adjusted to fit the new economic conditions.
  217. fixed issues with spawning multiple items through tkgp_utils (ammo crates work properly now)
  218. added an incremental save key 's' to the pause menu
  219. added cheat items for debug/entertainment purposes ('F1' on pause menu)
  220. fixed missing textures in textures\weapons-new\sg552\camo
  221. fixed bug due to extended character in texture filename
  222. gave models to 12.7x99 and 12.7x108, which had none
  223. removed ZoA logo from pause menu (only appears on main menu now)
  224. removed "you are dead." text from death screen
  225. various recapitalizations of reputation, status, faction, and map strings
  226. changed the intro message
  227. turned old stash pickup item into bread
  228. made dark_matter_container* quest item (may fix arena?)
  229. fixed crashes with 44-round 9x19 mags
  230. fixed crashes in mp_ranks (wpn_zastava, wpn_bmlong, wpn_m16a4_sk1_n2, wpn_vsk94n2-3)
  231. fixed bad reference to texture act_stalker_militard
  232. fixed bad icon reference to texture alias ui_npc_u_stalker_mu_hood_9
  233. fixed anomalous bread being equippable
  234. fixed bad hand textures on held artifacts and LR-300
  235. removed some more redundant or unused files
  236. fixed bad reference to model stalker_dolg_gilet (again)
  237. backpacks can now be picked up again immediately by pressing "take all"; description changed to reflect this
  238. NPCs will now loot each others' money, and you can loot theirs
  239. fixed crash in xr_wounded caused by something or other
  240. un-disabled armor repair via anomalies
  241. renamed amk_ver.script to zoa_version.script and updated references
  242. added an information section to the readme
  243. added a script (zoa_spawns) to spawn static items on game creation
  244. built mipmaps for all non-ui textures in the patch (improves performance if you have the texture slider down)
  247. ## Changes in Patch 11 ##
  249. Cleaned up most redundant files and optimized textures.
  250. Changed and added item spawns in boxes throughout the game.
  251. Added a level changer to the CNPP.
  252. Added four new weapons.
  253. Added new suit meshes.
  254. Gave flash drives unique meshes.
  255. Updated faction change script to reflect new starting equipment.
  256. Various minor bugfix, performance, and readability edits to scripts and configs.
  257. Removed the requirement to wear an Exoskeleton when wielding a PKM.
  258. Fixed red screen of death.
  259. Partial implementation of the new main menu.
  260. Removed inventory space restriction system.
  261. Bolt toss now charges much more quickly.
  262. Grenade viewmodels moved upwards.
  263. Artifact bread acquisition.
  264. Fixed magazine issues with Groza chambered for 5.45x39.
  265. Empty magazines no longer weigh more than full ones.
  266. Removed UI texture mipmaps (UI no longer breaks on low texture quality).
  269. ## Changes in Patch 10 ##
  271. Updates to all.spawn.
  272. Changed the descriptions of 7.62x39, and 7.62x25 ammo.
  273. Added an artifact that slowly reduces hunger while in the player's belt, yet is inedible.
  274. Added 2 new weapons, bm16-long (TOZ-66), and SA58, the new TOZ-66 has been added as a reward for finding the night star, use_personal_ruckzak is removed from that quest reward.
  275. Added taped mags to some NPC spawns.
  276. Added another technical weapon, RPK, uses 7.62x39mm drums.
  277. Updated stashes from Cordon through Yantar.
  278. Borov's key has been re-enabled, and taking it now allows you to enter X-18 withough the Barkeep's mission. The bad psi helmet also spawns in a dead stalker's stash in Yantar, meaning you can just skip certain missions to get into the labs and shut down the Brain Scorcher.
  280. main menu background based on last map loaded
  281. logo layer for main menu, new selection arrows, version text reformatted slightly
  282. version mismatch error is now in color!
  283. level background only displays on main menu (no game running); otherwise the old random backgrounds are used
  284. miscellaneous fixes and cleanups in bind_stalker
  287. ## Changes in Patch 9 ##
  289. Extended night vision configs for many new weapons, 70-80% of all assault rifles can be modified to use a night vision optic, many sniper rifles can as well, SVD, SV-98, VSK-94.
  290. Night vision for scopes is now fully implemented, with each weapon config having an architecture for tiered NV upgrades
  291. Changed MP5SD's slot from secondary to primary, can now be carried as a sidearm.
  292. misc changes to
  293. Added the redesign of the stalker corpse skin, work on monolith corpses will come soon.
  294. Strelok's AK has been changed slightly, the 9x39 AK is temporarily disabled, but will be found in the future in another stash.
  295. Added new grenade explode sounds and edited configs to use them. This is particularly noticeable with rifle grenades.
  296. New weapon, BM-16 long, it is not yet included in weapons.ltx, but this will be done soon, all configs have been balanced properly for it. Will be renamed to TOZ-66 along with the sawn-off version. (A handful of weapons are to be added before the patch is finished.
  297. New weapon, SA58, not fully finished nor included in weapons.ltx, but weapon mesh, and icon are there, will receive some balancing, (will replace G3A3 at Freedom's higher ranks.)
  299. .ppe-based nightvision and, more generally, arbitrary effector definitions for aiming with weapons and scopes
  300. night-vision upgrade kits
  301. some random unimportant edits
  304. ## Changes in Patch 8 ##
  306. The following items have been added:
  307. 5.45x39 factory ammunition crate, containing 2 "spam cans" which when used spawn 1080 rounds each.
  308. 5.45x39 rucksack, containing 14 magazines
  309. 5.56x45 rucksack, containing 14 magazines
  310. 5.56x45 ammunition tin, containing 420 rounds, (M249 belt box is used as a stand in)
  311. 9x39 rucksack
  312. 9x39 case
  313. empty magazine case
  314. 8.6x70 suitcase
  315. VOG-25 case
  316. OGV-7 case
  317. 5.45x39 magazines taped together, 3 types
  318. STANAG magazines taped together
  319. Blue electrical tape (izolenta) will be used to bind magazines
  321. removed a potentially confusing console report
  322. removed random pistol that overlapped the unique SVD; as far as I can tell it's never used elsewhere but I moved it down next to the unique bulldog just in case
  323. added icon for quickdrop trigger (not very STALKERy, feel free to change this)
  324. added text for quickdrop trigger
  325. added config for quickdrop trigger
  326. changed format of revision number; it is now an integer, not a string, and please keep it that way if you don't want nasty things to happen. I'm assuming the next time you release will be 2401, if not please change this as well as the value on bind_stalker line 395
  327. marginal change to version display on main menu, as well as error detection for version mismatch
  328. fix for script lock on storing GPS beacons
  329. automatic stash pickup when emptied and quickdrop dependencies
  330. pseudo hotkey implementation; currently disabled, do with it as you see fit
  331. zoa version storage and so on
  332. quickdrop functionality
  335. ## Changes in Patch 7 ##
  337. Added new ammunition storage items, ammo crates, ammo tins, sealed backpacks, etc.
  338. Finished Skinflint's trade config. (Traders are done now, stashes are next, and a possible price change for weapons in the future and an increase in money on NPCs instead of disabling trading with them.)
  339. Bloodsuckers have had their immunities changed, they are now 3x tougher against bullets, and 2x as resistant to explosions. I've also changed their textures and have replaced their bump maps with the older versions, and I have replaced their aggressive state and invisibility cloaking sounds with $no_sound.ogg, which makes them completely silent when they are running until they attack. Their idle sounds when they are not aware of enemies remain unchanged. They also turn invisible now in predator mode.
  342. ## Changes in Patch 6 ##
  344. Changed the slot of the Striker shotgun to the pistol slot
  345. Changed Sakharov's trade config (for some reason he still doesn't sell shot or slugs, so I added those to his task rewards)
  348. ## Changes in Patch 5b ##
  350. Fixed the incorrect naming of one of the duty meshes
  351. Fixed another incorrect mesh by including a mesh with that file name
  352. Added 2 new variants of the raincoat, now as over existing suits with similar properties
  353. Imporant flash drive recipes and food have now been included in the [keep_items] section.
  354. Some tasks have been changed, some info portions have been removed from existing task, Duty now won't give you a free SEVA for getting the bulldog. If you experience any crashes from missing info portions, uncomment them from task_manager.ltx
  355. Temporarily changed SEVAs to have the same immunities as their base suits, durability will be decreased only slightly in next patch with the inclusion of a different respirator variety.
  358. ## Older Changes ##
  360. all previous hotfixes have been included
  361. grenades fix was included
  362. medkit fix was included
  363. added an optional folder which includes an unfinished new game mode and bug fixes as well as 4:3 support
  364. all weapons that spawn on NPCs equipped with nightvision sights have had their probability reduced by 100x, this makes night vision far less common to find on NPCs
  365. Trade overhaul in progress, about half of the traders have been changed so far, Sid, Barkeep, and Petrenko have all had their inventories changed, possible option to disable trading with non-trader NPCs in future.
  366. Several new NPC meshes have been added, I did not make them, and I will include proper credits to their authors upon release
  367. New alternate suit textures have been made for many suits in the game, patch is still in progress of adding more NPC variation to the game.
  368. Prices for weapons have been re-adjusted.
  369. binocs have been added to traders, if you lose your binocs, you can buy them back.
  370. Bizon magazines have been fixed
  371. PP2000 44rd magazines have been added to traders, they do not have their own descriptions yet, but their icon has been changed to that of a beretta 15rd magazine, so if you see a berreta mag that has the 20rd 9x19 mag description, then that is the 44rd mag
  372. Wounding changes have been made to xr_wounded.script so that the freedom stalkers in the Army Warehouses don't spawn in a wounded state, screwing up the scripted event there
  373. AI perception has been changed slightly, you will notice NPCs not behaving as dumb as they used to be if they are attacked at close range.
  374. Some new suits might have been already added, but have dubious functionality, if they don't work for you and cause crashes, comment them out of Barkeep's trader file. I am working on a whole new range of suits that can be worn by the player in the future.
  375. Pseudogiants and chimeras have had their immunities changed, they are about 2-3x more resistant to bullets and explosives than they previously were, bloodsuckers will receive similar treatment in the future, but will still be able to be headshotted rather easily. Buy grenade launchers, carry F1s, and keep on the lookout because some situations are so bad that you should just run away.
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