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Rotom-H Analysis

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  1. [Overview]
  3. PROS
  4. - Great counter to some of the most prominent threats, like Genesect, Scizor and Ferrothorn
  5. - Unlike Heatran, Rotom-H is faster and is not threatened by Dugtrio
  6. - Great tipying, with key resistances to BoltBeam, Grass, Bug, Fire and Flying, and an immunity to Ground!
  7. - Excellent bulk or power, depending on what you invest
  9. CONS
  10. - It's weak to Water, although Electric-type STAB and sun somewhat mitigate this
  11. - Unfortunately its only Fire-type STAB is Overheat, wich not only makes sweeping out of question, but also forces him to play in a hit-and-run style, and Stealth Rock is an heavy burden because of this
  12. - Lack of reliable recovery
  14. [SET]
  15. name: Specs
  16. move 1: Volt Switch
  17. move 2: Overheat
  18. move 3: Thunderbolt
  19. move 4: Trick
  20. item: Choice Specs
  21. nature: Timid / Modest
  22. evs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP
  25. - A more powerful but less versatile set
  26. - Volt Switch for scouting and mantaining momentum
  27. - Overheat to destroy absolutely anything that doesn't resist it and is not a pink fat blob
  28. - Thunderbolt is a reliable STAB that can be used when you don't want to switch
  29. - Trick is a nasty surprise to the pink blobs and other defensive Pokémon
  32. - Absolutely hates Stealth Rock, so pairing with a spinner/magic bouncer is a must
  33. - Ninetales is also essential to make Overheat even more powerful than it already is
  34. - Hidden Power Fighting can be considered over Thunderbolt or Trick as it is Rotom-H's best attack against Tyranitar; it 2HKOes positively-natured 252 HP / 192 SpD versions, but has no use outside that
  35. - In the same vein Hidden Power Ground is an option against Heatran, but again, it has no use outside that, and some Heatran carry Air Balloon
  36. - Other Hidden Powers are pretty much redundant since either a neutral sun-boosted Overheat does more damage than HP even when the target is 4x weak to that HP, or a resisted Overheat already does the job
  37. - HP Grass can be used against Gastrodon, but Quagsire is 2HKOed by Overheat in the sun, and after Stealth Rock, Swampert is also 2HKOed
  38. - HP Ice is also an option, but the only notable target is Garchomp, as after Stealth Rock Salamence is already going to be OHKOed by Overheat, Dragonite is not OHKOed with Multiscale intact, and other dragons are hit harder by Overheat in the sun
  39. - Advantages over Heatran in being faster and not being threatened by Dugtrio, in adittion of having a secondary STAB that is better offensively speaking
  40. - Advantages over Victini in being not weak to Pursuit and being less prone to revenge killing after using its Fire-type attack, and again, having a better secondary offensive STAB
  41. - Pair this thing with Terrakion, trust me
  42. - Or you can pair with Dugtrio, Dugtrio has the advantage of trapping the opponent
  43. - Genesect forms a Volt-Turn combo, wich makes it another premier partner
  45. [other options]
  46. - All-out attacker with Life Orb
  47. - Choice Scarf
  48. - Toxic over Will-O-Wisp or Thunder Wave on the SpDefensive set
  49. - Most other sets, like Charge Beam, are outclassed by Rotom-W
  51. [Checks and Counters]
  52. - Tyranitar is generally the best counter, but must watch out for HP Fighting or Will-O-Wisp
  53. - Blissey and Chansey are also great counters but against the Specs set must take care if they have less than half of their health
  54. - Heatran is immune to Overheat and defensive sets don't mind Electric-type STAB, but it must watch out for HP Ground
  55. - All the counters above also must watch out for the fact that Rotom-H is normally paired with Terrakion or Dugtrio
  56. - Latios and Latias can comfortably take one hit and can Recover, but a Specs sun-boosted Overheat will severely hurt
  57. - Terrakion do the same but lacks recovery, however it can OHKO with Stone Edge
  58. - Garchomp can take one Overheat in the sun, even after Stealth Rock, and OHKO with Stone Edge or a boosted Outrage
  59. - Gastrodon is another good counter but must watch out for HP Grass and the fact that Rotom-H on sun is always paired with a Chlorophyll sweeper
  60. - The rain is a great hindrance for Rotom-H, except in case of specially defensive sets that don't use Overheat
  61. - However, Politoed cannot take a Volt Switch at all, and hates being burned
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