[M4M] [Script Flip] Rescued By A Fae Knight

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♛ Rescued By A Fae Knight ♛

Originally written by /u/igrokyou
Flipped by /u/MuffledKarma

♛ Tags: [M4M] [Rape] [Seelie] [Ravished in a Summer Court Grove] [manipulation] [gentle] [sweet at first] [seduction] [gaslighting] [tentacles]

♛ Premise: This Knight of the Seelie (Summer) Court is kind, warm, and entirely manipulative. He has a chivalrous front, but also has absolutely no intentions of returning him mark to the world you came from, and wishes to keep him within the faerie realms forever...

♛ Disclaimers: This script was written for adults (18+ only) by an adult. All characters are 18+. This script should not be used for commercial purposes without prior contact with the writer. Performers, feel free to ad lib where you see fit! Just make sure to tag any major changes! Gender flips are always welcome!

[the baying of hounds in the distance, and yells of huntsmen - this is extra optional, it might be a lot of effort]

[sound of brush moving]

Fellow knight, art thou in needst of rescue?

Thou'rt shivering, alone in our fae lands, far away from any human soil. Thou hast but a thieved kitchen knife for armament. And, I smell upon thee the stink of the Winter Court.

If thou wishes't to live, I can aid thee.
My sword hath cleansed the filth of the Unseelie before, and is always eager to purge more.
Mightst thou require an aiding hand?

[dull thud of knife dropping]

Come, come now, thou art safe. I have thee now, and I shall not let thee go. Tell me, kind knight, how didst thou escape the hounds of the Unseelie?

[bright, happy laugh] Thou fought - all the Winter Court's demesnes - all throughout Underhill?
Thou'rt truly brave, sir, brave and strong. But, I assure thee, thou art safe now, for thou hast come beneath the protecting trees of the Summer Court's lands.

Nay, a knight of the Summer Court does not run from mere huntsmen, nor dogs of the Winter Court. Let them come, and I shalt prove my worth to thee, as a protector and a patron. That, is my intention.

Take up thy knife again, if thou'st so desires't. Or my parrying dagger, if thou wishes for a truer weapon. I have no need of it, not against these wastes of flesh.


[sword shinging sounds]

[thumps of bodies hitting the ground]

[Warm, heartfelt laugh]

Brave knight, thou art truly a warrior! Even in such a small skirmish, thou hast handled thyself well indeed! But... thou art tired, art thou not? I see the weariness...upon thy brow, and I feel how your vitals are...fading.

Please, if thou allow'st it, and givest thy permission, I shall bear thee away to my own demesne to feed and clean thee, and allow thee to sleep a peaceful rest, far away from the machinations of the Winter Court - and perhaps even take thee back to the World Above from which thou came'st.

Ah, why do you resist, young knight? Why dost thou stare at me so with suspicious eyes?

Thou'rt tired, art thou not? Aye, I hear it in the raggedness of thy breath... the burden thou bearest be so heavy I can almost feel my shoulders weighing down...

Come with me, sir, for with me, thou art safe. This I assure thee, upon pain of my Fading. I promise, too, that I shall return thee to thine own world to seek again thy life's work anon.

[Warm laugh] Ah, the Winter Court hath indeed treated thou foully, for that look of suspicion to be cast upon one such as I! Ah, mortals. So fearful, so suspicious, and yet, so brave.

Thou needst not run any further, brave knight. I have rescued thee. Be thankful.

Thou mayst rest. I shall carry thee.

Here. Into my arms.

[magic sounds, and the rustling of leaves]

Rest now, brave knight.

[magic sounds overwhelming]


[the sound of water splashing, and clothes rustling]

Gentle sir, thou mightst ask what thy knight's intentions are, and I assure thee they are kind.

I saw thee once upon the battlefield - 'twas when we Summer Court took to arms 'twixt thy humanfolk, amongst thy kind, and charged to slay the Unseelie and their twice-risen thralls. Thou wert magnificent, brave warrior, truly glowing with the fervor of faith, and cutting down twice-risen and kobold alike.

I remember thee, for thy desperate stand served as a guiding star and a rallying point, e'en as the Unseelie rose up like a foul tide. They... found victory in the day... but thy sacrifice bought some time for us to retreat...nay, flee. [makes a noise of disgust]. 'Twas but a setback, my knight, not any end to this war.

Aye, I am serious. I recognize thee. It is my honor, sir, to provide you succor and comfort.

[breathes in, deeply]

Aye-de-mi... I smell upon thee a pact made unwillingly with a Winter Court noble, a geas that binds thy shadow to the demesnes of the Unseelie, so that thou mayst never truly escape.

Nay, do not shed thy tears, brave knight. And do not bow thy head! One such as thee should never bow. I have a way for thee.

If thou givest thyself to me, freely and of thine own will, at the peak of thy pleasure, I can undo their geas with the starlight of the Summer Court, and therefore free thee thoroughly of their fetid presence.

That Winter vermin stole thy innocence, did he not? And forced themself upon thee? This act of coupling between masculine and meek, or knight and knight, or e'en, between fae and man, it doth not hath need to be rough.

Though I am certain they enjoyed taking you by force...that knave.

But cast them from thy thoughts. Thou art not pinned, begging for their mercy any longer... Come, show me that smile, and I shall relax thee further within this fey wood...

Allow me to show thee the gentler ways of man with man - first I will clothe thee in garments as soft as sunlight on water...that thou mayst remove thyself, as is thy choice or wi' thy consent.

[warm laugh, growing deeper, fuller, and darker]

Wilt I... ravish thee? I shalt... ravish thee... as much as thou't ask for, gentle knight, with word and thought and need.

Nay, make as much noise and enjoy thyself as thou't like. I partake in thy happiness, and sup at thy the heartwoods do also. I have taken thee out here, underneath the sunlight of Underhill, in the clearings of our groves and next to a calm lake, as thy ancestors found mine when they strayed too far from the path. I shalt clothe thee in pleasure and release, until thou art full of it...outside and... inside.

And then, I shalt ravish thee until thy cries of pleasure turn to pleading...and more.

Wilt I enjoy it? Oh, I shall. For, to me, there is no knight I hath seen in the world above, across all of the time that I have lived, that is more handsome than thee.

...Nay. 'Tis truly a choice, kind sir. I wilt not force thee.

Thou mayst call me Korithanthiel. Korin, I suppose.

Thou sayst..."Yes?" Aye? [warmly] Very well. Thou'rt a pure boy, indeed.

[magic noises] Now, this foul geas can but only be satisfied upon willingly given death...pierced by a fae-magicked blade, wielded by a knight of the high blood. By the starlight of the Summer Court, I can fulfill in letter if not spirit the terms of this geas. I hath two swords upon mine person, but only one shalt pierce thee today if thou wilt grant it...passage. Now, if you wouldst allow me to give thee a littler death, the petit mort... with sword and magic...

[chuckles warmly] Thou mayst cover thyself if it makes thee more comfortable, but confidence is arousing, shy boy - thou knowest, that in battle, the shy are oft left behind unseeing...

Nay. Truthfully, thine embarrassment is truly arousing to me, for what I may teach thee, and thy shyness e'en more so. Do not hide from me, beautiful knight...


Thou wilt remove thy undergarments... thyself?

[slowly] Thou shalt...unclothe thyself...before me? Willingly? Thou wouldst...slide those garments across thy only barely marred with the proof of thine experiences?

I find that arousing also, radiant sir. Aye. Thou art a stripling before me, a knight of the Summer Court. I hath been...present, since before thy ancestors came to the land above.

Enjoy thyself; 'tis but we two here. There are no others... Be as loud as thou wilt, and move as thou wilt.

Ah! [charmed laugh] Upon me so swiftly, thou art a warrior through and through, brave one!

Art thou ready now for my attentions?

[warmly suggesting] Look where thou pleases, but it would please me if thou wert to look upon... me --

[gasp and moan between lines]

thy hands - thy --!

Fair boy - thy hands wander dextrously, certes, but mayhaps too dextrously, out of the proper way of courting and time - mmmn - Thou art already upon thy knees - why? I seek not worrrrrrrrsshiiiiiip --

Unnnngh! Thou weighest my throbbing member upon thy tongue, and are...taking... it into thy hot [pants] mouth. Thy tongue! Thy hand upon the base of my molten member...! Taking my rigid shaft into thy throat...enough. Enough!

Nay, nay - I see it in thine eyes - the desperation of ha'ing to learn how to please a beast from Unseelie filth. Undoubtedly, that winter drow would lash out at thee if thou wert too slow - am I not correct, sir? Thou seemest to have learn'd quickly, methinks.

[grunt!] Desist - thou needst not arouse me further, for my tumescence be iron-hard already; 'tis my turn to rouse thee.

[pull away]

Dost thou feel my hand touching thee at thy most precious place? At that...sweetest of flowers...? Mm, 'tis honey indeed that drips from thee, a nectar and ambrosia...

Oh, that smile that thou givest me... 'tis like gentle sunlight after a storm.

Allow me to remove my helm. 'Tis too heavy for what we are about to do, tho' it be light.

Aye. Whatever the Winter Court filth told you was a lie. I am an elf-lord of the high blood. My hair is as bright as the noontime sun, and my eyes are the colour of clear sky. My features matter not but for the kindness they show within them.

Nay, thou art more beautiful, kind boy.

Come hither, an it please thee. Closer...

[gentle kissing]

The way thou tastes...of joy and want and pleasure, freely given. I can even taste sunlight upon thee.

Let me drop to my knees before thee, but do be seated...

I must ask one thing of thee, young knight.

[magic noises]

My apologies, but I cannot let thee reach thy climax until my sword is pierced into thee. So while I trust thy strength of will I shall also ensure this; for I hath only this one chance to free thee of the Unseelie geas. So, I prithee, please hold yourself back from the peak until I tell thee it is time.

But now is not the time to think of such things...after all, I have a feast in front of me...a feast of ambrosia and nectar... allow me to partake of it...

[blowjob noises begin; continue between lines]

Let thy will and thy body be as one, and blossom for me... my magick shall free my armor for me, so that thou shalt feel but my tongue and my fingers and not the cold steel of my mail.

Around that tip...above thy properly appreciate...and polish with my tongue...thy pink pearl... to suck upon thy head and explore with my tongue thy shaft and length, thine essence....

Allow me then to slide one finger into thine entrance...[moans] Thou clenchest so; thou art

[tone gets darker, more angry; blowjob continues, but gets rougher - fingers get involved too]

Even that Winter filth...even claimed by be his

Or...dost thou simply wish to be mounted by a Fae Lord, but not care of whichever persuasion?

[Laughs, darkly]

Admit it, knight... 'Tis not just Underhill's sun that has made thee wanton and hard.

Thine innermost desires are reveal'd from the work of thy hands and the sounds from thy lips...above and below. Tell me, boy...what dost thou desire'st of me?

[stop blowjob]

Thou art begging for my seed? Aye, I can give that to thee... thy mouth again...

[improv, fap alone, to a very quick orgasm]

Ah...ah, hold my seed in thy mouth...[darkly] That Unseelie beast did train thee well, did he not?

Aye, I am a Fae Lord, and am no human; I need not rest before continuing.

I shalt part thy honeyed opening with my get thy sheath prepared for my blade...

Oh? Does the grove at once seem darker and dimmer? As if it craves your light? Nay, thou must be seeing aught. Allow me then to fill thee with molten heat...

Nay, thy mind betrays thou holds the seed of a Fae Lord upon thy tongue, thou thinkest back to the time you spent within the Winter Court... but thou art with the Summer Court now, a knight treasured indeed by myself. Thou shalt find thyself amongst others who climb frequently to the world above, and return to the lands under the mortal sun.

Aye, I am hard again...thou had wished that, did thou not? I see and hear thy mewls of pleasure and delight... allow me to tell you a secret...

Some men desire tenderness and care, and so I provide. Other men, however... delight in the firm penetration of a strong lover... and 'tis what thou dreamst of, dost thou not? I smelt it upon thee at the same time as that stink of the Winter Court.

Forgive me, prithee, as I must bind thee so that the foul ties of the Winter Court cannot flee. And, methinks, thou wouldst enjoy being bound by my magick so.

Thou enjoyest my hand in thy hair, dost thou not? Thou enjoyest as I turn thee over and push thy head onto the log? Thou enjoyest as my magick spreads thy legs and binds them, parted, in the air... so that I may plunge my sword into thee as I will... To pierce thee?

[growls as he enters him, forcefully]

Oh, thou clenchest thy cavity so tightly about my fiery rod....

Shall I shape it to myself?

Give thyself to me even whilst thou'rt bound.

Thy king may have fallen, but thou hath a new King in the Summer Court if thou wishest. Nay? But thy body hath already switched its allegiance...but I shall free thee.

Lad - lad - thou enjoyest being pierced like this, with my shaft plunging into thee?

Ah - I shall refrain from leaving bruises upon thy hips and flanks...but 'tis hard, fair knight, for thou takest my breath away...

[magic noises]

I turn thee onto thy back so that I may look into thine eyes...

I am close again, lad...and I release the binds upon thy peak...when thou art ready, thou mayst die this little death....

please, allow me to give thee my seed.....

Cum with me, knight. Cum now. Let me free thee from conquest...!

Give thyself to me!

[improv to orgasm]

[magic noise]

[chains, snapping]

There. There. 'Tis done. Thou art free of the Unseelie Court. Thy worst fate hath not reappeared.

Come, rest now in my arms... and drift to sleep when I rest my hands upon thy brow...

[quiet ominous chanting and children's laughter begin]

[softly, gently, warmly] Oh...? Thou sees many dark and pallid figures appearing at the corner of thy vision? As though the grove itself had turned into something foul?

...'Tis but the remnants of the Winter geas upon thee, fading. It affects even thy sight, or so I hear.

Thou canst feel warm tendrils running up thy legs, slowly parting thee, and sliding into thy hole? Nay, 'tis but my magic, helping thee to recover...

Dost thou body hunger still for the touch of a man? I can see thou shiver... Worry not, I shall take care of thee.

Thou mayst stay in this realm for as long as thou wishes. And when thou art ready, call me, and I will take thee back to the world above...

Sleep now...

[magic noises rush up and overwhelm]

[faintly] And tomorrow will last forever.

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