The Queens Passion (AnonXFuta Nora)

Feb 27th, 2015
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  1. Another boring day. Another boring lecture from Oobleck.
  3. This is your thought as you walk into the professor's class room, when you hear someone call out your name.
  5. “Anon, over here!”
  7. You turn your head to see a ginger haired girl waving you over. Specifically, Nora Valkyrie, a girl you've been crushing on since seeing her ride an Ursa like a rodeo bull, waving you over to an empty seat. Right next to her.
  9. You are suspicious of her sudden interest, yet curious. Curiosity taking the lead, you decide to walk over and take your place in the seat next to her.
  11. “Hi there,” Nora cheerfully greets you, “it's Anon right?”
  13. “Um, hey Nora,” You reply, getting out your notes and books for the class, “What's up?”
  15. “Me,” she giggles, “but never mind that for now.”
  17. “...What?” You ask her. Despite your crush on her, You've noticed that Nora tends to have a knack for being a bit of an odd one.
  19. Before you can get an answer, Oobleck walks in and signals the start of his lecture. It looks like you'll have to wait till after class to figure out what she meant.
  21. The lecture goes on and on for what seems like an eternity, and your eyelids start to feel pretty heavy and they drift down towards the desk, where you see a folded piece of scrap paper laying on your notes.
  23. “Huh?” On a hunch you turn towards Nora, who smiles brightly at you.
  25. You pick up the paper and open it to read:
  27. You're like really cute Anon.
  28. I've noticed you staring at me during our classes together.
  30. Do you like me? (Like, 'like like' me?)
  32. [] Yes <3
  34. [] No ;_;
  36. You are caught off guard by this, and can feel a tinge of heat in your face. You take a quick look around and see Oobleck facing his drawing board as he goes on about some war umpteen years ago, and the other students were either writing down notes or trying to sleep without getting noticed. After seeing that you're in the clear, you take your pencil and mark yes, blushing a little before sliding it back over to Nora. You watch her open it through the corner of your eye, holding your breath until you see her smile.
  38. You let out a sigh of relief before turning to see that Nora, in the 2 seconds your weren't looking at her, scooted her seat right next to yours, close enough that your hands were constantly touching as you worked. Then she takes your hand and holds it in hers under the table, and you give her a small smile, sure that your face is probably as pink as her usual outfit.
  40. Class finally ends, and you go to pack up your things when you notice another note. You look over, but Nora has already left.
  42. “The hell?” You question, “Is she a friggin ninja or something?”
  44. You open the note she left, saying to meet her in the JNPR dorm room later that night, and that she has a secret she wants to share with you.
  46. “Ooooookay. I wonder if maybe I should have thought this through a little,” you tell yourself as you finish packing up.
  48. You go through the rest of your day, only seeing Nora during lunch when she walked up and gave you a peck on the chick, to the envy of many of the other students. You ponder about rather or not you should go to the dorm, another suspicion versus curiosity scenario. And once again, you decide to let your curiosity take it's course.
  50. Later that night, after changing back into your regular clothes, you go to the JNPR dorm at the specified time, and knock on the door. Nora answers it in her pink short shorts and boop shirt that is just small enough to give off a tease of skin. She gives you a big grin and a hug, bra-less for the win, before pulling you into the room.
  52. “I'm really glad you decided to come Anon,” She smiles, closing the door after you are both inside.
  54. “Well it would have been rude to turn down a cute girl like you,” You tell her, trying to act charming despite how nervous you are, “So where is the rest of your team?”
  56. “Well Pyrrha and Jaune are going to be out training for a while, and Ren is over at the REC room. He has some kind of weird fascination with a new game that came in, Dance Dance Revolution.”
  58. “Never heard of it,” You shrug your shoulders.
  60. “Some start up company called Resolve Inc. made it. Apparently it's really addictive.”
  62. “Oh. Soooo,” you look around the empty room, “it's just the two of us here. Alone. Together. For an extended period of time.”
  64. “Pretty much,” Nora says, sitting on her bed. She motions for you to come join her and you oblige.
  66. You sit next to her, a few minutes of silence went by before you decided to try and break it.
  68. “So, what was the secret you wanted to tell me,” you ask, remembering why you came over in the first place.
  70. “Oh, right,” Nora seemed to have forgotten about the secret as well, “Well first, you promise not to tell anyone right? It doesn't leave the dorm room, promise?”
  72. You look at her, and for what might be the first time ever that you've 'known' her, she seems to be serious.
  74. She stares at you, her turquoise eyes meeting yours, and staring back into them and seeing how important this is to her, you make your mind up right then.
  76. “I promise Nora,” You put her hand in yours for comfort, “Whatever you tell me will stay just between us.”
  78. You give her a small smile as assurance, and she smiles back at you nervously.
  80. “Alright then Anon,” she tightens her grip on your hand, before moving your hand to her thigh, “I'm not like other girls anon. I'm...weird.”
  82. Her words not yours.
  84. “You're not THAT weird Nora,” You joke, trying to make her feel comfortable, “At least not compared to all the other teenage, bad ass, monster slaying girls around here.”
  86. “I like you anon,” she responds, catching you off guard, “and I'm afraid that you're not going to like me anymore if you see why I'm weird.”
  88. Her normally cheerful eyes now showed concern and insecurity, and you didn't know why, but it was hurting you to see her upset. So you put your hand on her face, making her look at you, and softly caress her cheek.
  90. “I like you too Nora,” You tell her before leaning in and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.
  92. It wasn't long, it wasn't passionate, but it felt like the right approach, and Nora's grip on your hand tightens even more as you felt her move it closer to her...bulge?
  94. “Um...Nora, whats that,” You ask, though you were 99 percent sure what she would say.
  96. “W-well it's,” She pulls down the waist of her shorts, and you can see a throbbing bulge in her panties, “it's me Anon. It's just something I was born with, I...have both 'sets'.”
  98. Silence.
  100. Nora, a girl you've had a crush on since the entrance exam, has a penis. Nora Valkyrie has a penis.
  101. You just touched a girls penis.
  103. Nora hastily pulls her shorts back up and looks away.
  105. “I knew it, I knew you'd hate me if you found out,” she sniffles and wipes a tear from her eye.
  107. That isn't true. Is it? Yeah, sure it floors you to know this about her, but you certainly don't hate her because of it. And was it That big a deal? She is still the same cute girl you fell for, just with...a little...extra. To hell with it.
  109. You grab Nora by the shoulder and turn her back to face you, and you go for another kiss. Not a soft, comforting kiss like before, this time you gave her a real kiss.
  111. Nora is shocked at first, but soon she shuts her eyes and kisses you back.
  113. You kiss one another for a few more amazing minutes before finally pulling yourselves apart.
  115. “I would never hate you Nora.”
  117. You can see her start to tear up again, but any worries about why are soon dashed when she smiles and laughs.
  119. “Do you mean it?” She asks you.
  121. You look into her eyes, grip her waist tight and lean next to her ear.
  123. “I do,” you softly speak into her ear before playfully nibbling it.
  125. You feel Nora grab your shirt, and she falls back onto the bed, pulling you down onto her. You kiss her neck, and you feel her hand go under your shirt. You feel her rubbing your stomach with the tips of her fingers, going up to your chest and you follow suit, moving your hand up her shirt and start tracing circles around her belly button making her giggle.
  127. “I'm ticklish Anon, don't do that,” she tells you, though you have a feeling she isn't going to stop you if you do it anyways.
  129. You smirk at the thought, but decide to save that ammo for later, and go in for another kiss instead. Nora moves her legs slightly apart while you kissed, and letting your body do what feels natural you move your knee between them, rubbing against her crotch with it. You're reminded about her little secret when you feel it throb against you.
  131. Nora breaks the kiss on contact, and tries to turn away again, but you won't let her this time. You put your free hand on her face, moving a lock of her orange hair out of her eyes, so she can see you clearly. You know that she is going to feel uncomfortable for your sake now that you know about her, and you decide that there is only thing that will make her feel better. You blush a deep shade of red and swallow as you make your decision and move your hand out from under her shirt, and you move it lower, and place it on her bulge. It excitedly jumps to your touch, and Nora lets out a small, quick gasp.
  133. “A-anon,” Nora stutters, “You don't have to...”
  135. You put your finger on her lips, stopping her.
  137. “I-I want to,” You tell her, slowly massaging her through her shorts, “You don't have to be uncomfortable around me, and I want you to know that.”
  139. You feel her throbbing member trying to force it's way out of her shorts, as her breathing starts to increase. You lean in and kiss her again, but this time your tongue invites itself in her mouth and explores it until she begins using her own tongue. Your tongues dance around one another in your mouths, as you use your hands to slowly move her shorts down to her knees. Her panties felt wet, courtesy of her feminine part, as the head of her cock peeked out from the top of the waist band.
  141. With one more gulp, you put your finger on her head peeking out, and started tracing a circle around it with the tip of your finger, her pre-cum making it slick in seconds. The excited throbbing and another slight gasp you receive indicates that Nora is enjoying the touch. And if it is any indication about how you feel about all this, your pants start to feel a little tight for you.
  143. No sooner than you think this, you can feel Nora's hand sliding up your thigh, stopping at your crotch and rubbing it through your pants, causing you to twitch in response. You can feel Nora's lips form into a smile against yours before parting.
  145. “I bet I'm bigger,” She giggles as she continues to rub you.
  147. “I guess there's only one way to find out,” You laugh.
  149. You raise yourself off of her, and both of you take your shirts off. Once Nora's is off, you get a nice, full view of her big, beautiful, bouncy boobs and you just can't help but admire how she has curves in all the right places.
  151. You stand up off the bed, just long enough to get your pants off, leaving you in your boxers. You both stare at each other, sheepish grins on your faces that are tinged with red as you both play a mental game of chicken to see who would 'show off' first.
  153. Nora, shy about showing you her full self.
  155. You, shy about...well...being out classed by a chick.
  157. You finally decide to swallow your pride however, and get back on the bed, raised up on your knees. You pull Nora to you, and press your bodies together. Your cocks throbbing against each others through their restraining fabrics, and you put your hands on her waist.
  159. “Together,” you tell her.
  161. “Together,” She smiles and puts her hands on your waist.
  163. You both slowly lean your heads closer, your can feel your lip quiver some before you kiss her. While you kiss, your hands start to tease down the others underwear. 3..2...1...BOING! You feel your bare, throbbing members rubbing against each others, both twitching excitedly together now that they were free from their constraints.
  165. “He he,” Nora giggles, slowly thrusting her hips, “I think it's a tie.”
  167. You smile and chuckle at her comment, choosing to simply accept it rather than contest it. You lay her down on the bed, and kiss. As your tongues dance together, you move one of your hands down her body and wrap it around both of your members pressed together, and start to slowly stroke both of them. You both start thrusting in your hand, your bodies moving together perfectly in synch. In and out. In and out. Your combined pre-cum making you both slick as you rub together.
  169. Nora moans into your mouth, and you can feel her hand on your waist grip you tighter. You take this as a sign that you must be doing something right, and start to quicken your pace. You feel Nora reach down with her free hand, and start to massage your members as well. You can tell there's not much room for both of you down there, so you move your hand away and let her have her turn.
  171. “Wow,” Nora says, after finally breaking your kiss, “it's like we covered them in lotion they're so slick.”
  173. You laugh again. You don't understand how one girl could make something so intimate so funny at the same time, but you don't really mind either.
  174. “Well maybe I'm just speaking for myself here,” you trace a cum covered finger up her body, feeling a slight shiver from her, “I'm very excited about being here. With you.”
  176. You feel Nora grab your hand, and she raises it up to her mouth, taking your finger inside. You can feel her tongue swirling around it, the feeling of her wet tongue on your finger causes you to shiver, and you can't wait to see how amazing her tongue will feel...elsewhere.
  178. Nora takes your finger out of her mouth, and gently pushes your shoulder. A sign to turn onto your back. You change places, with Nora now being on top, and she leans her head in and starts kissing your neck. Gently nibbling it as she does.
  180. She begins to work her way down your body. She plants kisses on your chest, your stomach, and finally your crotch. She kisses the head, teasing it, then she kisses you up and down the shaft. Soon, she starts swirling her tongue around the head, causing you to twitch excitedly in anticipation. You don't have to wait long though, because you soon feel her take you in.
  182. The same warm, wet mouth that played around with your finger was now exploring every inch of your cock that she can take in.
  184. “N-Nora,” you stammer, your breathing becoming heavier with every head bob she makes, “you're amazing Nora.”
  186. You hear, and feel, her moan with you in her mouth. With her mouth full, you imagine that's her way of saying 'thank you.' You feel your hips slowly moving on their own, helping Nora with taking you in. She doesn't seem to mind the added movements. You run your hand through her hair, gently massaging her head, as you close your eyes and let the pleasure you feel wash over you.
  188. Minuets pass in pure bliss, until you feel Nora's take you out of her mouth, a satisfying sounding 'pop' with it. You feel her kiss on you, just above your crotch, and she starts kissing you up your body, reverse of her earlier technique. It doesn't take long for her lips to be back against yours, however briefly.
  190. “Anon,” she says your name, her lips still against you as she spoke, “W-would you..will you...”
  192. “What is it?” You ask her.
  194. She raises back up, and when you look at her you can't help but wonder how you didn't feel any heat come off of a face that flushed. It isn't until she grinds her hips against you, that you remember she has her own needs taken care of as well. You start to piece it together, her flushed face, her embarrassment to ask you, feeling her own hard on against yours.
  196. “Nora,” You cup her cheek in your hand, softly stroking it with your thumb, “come here.”
  198. You pull her in, kissing her softly before laying her on her back, swapping places once again. You mirror her movements, kissing on her neck, slowly moving down her body, planting kisses on each of her breasts, making sure each one received the same amount of attention. You moved lower, kissing her stomach, using your tongue to trace a circle around her belly button a few times, causing her stomach to flinch once or twice, before you reached your final stop.
  200. Looking at it now, face to face, you could see that the carpets indeed matched the drapes. They were closely shaven, with an added lighting shaped design, which you quite enjoyed.
  202. “That tickles Anon,” You hear Nora say, “Your breath is warm.”
  204. You then notice her own member, looking you eye to eye, still slick from pre-cum and probably some sweat too. Having heard her say that, you smile and decide to tease her a little. You put your mouth near it, but not on, pucker your lips up and softly blow on it. You see her cock twitch as you tease it. You look up and see Nora biting her lip, before feeling her hand running through your hair, like you did to hers.
  206. “A-Anon,” You can here a quiver in her voice, “Please d-don't tease me.”
  208. You take another look, it was seven maybe seven and a half inches easy, and swallow, preparing for what you're about to try. You tell yourself to just think of it like a Popsicle. You stick your tongue out slightly, keeping your eyes raised so you can see her reactions, and try what she did on you. You swirl your tongue around the head of her cock causing it to twitch against your tongue, and you run your hand along the shaft as you lick. You can see from her chest that her breathing is starting to pick up, and her fingers continue to run playfully tug at your hair. You decide it's time to man up and finally take her inside your mouth.
  210. You ease her inside, first the head, then slowly the shaft makes its way inside. You move your tongue around it, causing Nora to gasp and tug at your hair a little. Taste wise, all the pre-cum on it tastes a little soapy, and it doesn't feel at all like a Popsicle, as you told yourself to think. It is hard in your mouth, throbbing as you lick it.
  212. “Mmph,” Nora moans, “D-deeper Anon. Please.”
  214. Her hips start to buck. You can tell how good this must feel to her, and try to take a little more inside, but you are inexperienced with doing this and have a difficult time taking more of her. You take her back out, the mix of all the drool and pre-cum causing you to 'slurp' a little when you do. A string of saliva connecting your lips to her.
  216. “Sorry Nora,” You say, “I've never done this before, it's a little hard.”
  218. “Only a little?” She giggles.
  220. You make your way back up, kissing her body as you go, till finally your back face to face. You position yourself, ready to give her feminine part its share of attention. You rub the head of your cock against it. It's already good and wet.
  222. “Nora,” You lean in closer, “I love you.”
  224. “I'm ready Anon,” she tells you, and the look in her eyes gives you the same signal.
  226. You nod your head and get ready to go for it. You press your head against her opening, the wetness helping you ease in their with little difficulty, and Nora gasps as she takes you inside.
  228. “Anon,” she calls your name, sending a shiver down your spine.
  230. You move your hips, softly and slowly thrusting yourself in and out, and you move your hands down to her waist. You place one hand on her waist, and grab her cock with the other, and you start to rub it in rhythm with your thrusts. You can feel her hot breath against your neck and she runs a hand down your back.
  232. “A-Anon,” she stutters, “Y-you're going to make me...”
  234. She grips at your back before she can finish, but you have a good idea what she was saying.
  236. “It's okay Nora,” You whisper, “Let's cum together.”
  238. You feel her nod her head, and quicken your thrusts in response, as well as your strokes. You can feel her start to tighten around your cock, and you know that both of you won't last much longer. You thrust faster and deeper into her.
  240. “A-Anon.”
  242. “Nora.”
  244. You look into each others eyes, and for just a moment everything else in the world was gone. It was just you and Nora, together in your own perfect world.
  246. “A-ANON/NORA”
  248. You call each others names, as she tightened around you even more, you could feel yourself letting it all out inside her. At the same time, you could feel her cumming against your stomachs. With a few spurts of cum from you both, it's over.
  250. You lay in bed together, staring at each other and smiling, as your breathing returns to normal. You swear you could fall asleep right now, holding each other in your arms.
  252. “I love you too,” You hear her say.
  254. You lean in and nuzzle her neck.
  256. “So does this mean we're exclusive now,” You ask her, chuckling.
  258. “Of course,” She giggles and pulls you in tighter, “After all, every queen needs her king.”
  260. And with that, you both fall asleep holding one another, a smile on both of your faces.
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