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  1. First 3.0 beta!
  3. 1 - Major and I mean MAJOR rework to support Oreo's changes, specially related to background services (which include launcher shortcuts, quick tiles, widget and some mroe). Overall the new underlying architecture is much more robust;
  4. 2 - Light theme is no more, Dark theme is the default. All the layouts have been refined, flashing a Kernel is just one step instead of going through 2-3 screens, PerAppProfiles layout is cohese and theres tons of better meaningful animations to enjoy;
  5. 3 - New features such as Battery Life Labs set on boot, lower display resolution for Power-Saving performance profile, adaptive icon, new and improved Auto-Flash mechanism for better compatibility and security.
  7. Known issues:
  8. 1 - Some dialogs look like ass;
  9. 2 - Automatic new Kernel version notifier isn't working;
  10. 3 - Some header sections without items will still be visible on Kernel Settings & CPU Manager;
  11. 4 - LED control for OP devices isn't properly working;
  12. 5 - Planned feature to apply profiles from scripts isn't done yet;
  13. 6 - Some bugs that probably slipped during my testing.
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