Dissidia 012 Balance/Rework Patch: Exdeath

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  1. Exdeath;
  2. - Base Def -1 (113>112)
  3. - Ground animations slightly adjusted to better demonstrate grounded state
  4. - Assist Generated on Attack Start reduced by 20% (On top of the existing universal nerf)
  5. - Attacks cannot be block canceled until frame 10
  6. - Reverse Polarity startup after button release increased by 4 frames (5>9), startup before teleport 4 frames, startup before hit 5 frames, end lag increased by a fair bit, knockback slightly increased, hitstun slightly increased, assist generated on hit slightly increased
  7. - Sword Dance is now Melee High, startup reduced by 20 frames (65>45), non-counter produces 30 EX Force
  8. - Hurricane is now Melee Mid, startup reduced by 7 frames (43>36), end lag reduced, can be block canceled for the first 20 frames of the attack after startup
  9. - Vaccum Wave now Ranged Mid, startup reduced by 15 frames (69>54), shot homing improved, each Blast produces 60 EX Force (Only the last one in a counterattack did previously)
  10. - Black Hole has better tracking on initial placement, lower vaccum and duration, slightly higher end lag
  11. - The end lag of all Blocks is increased by 4 frames (Except Omni which is only 2)
  12. - Turn Guard no longer rotates, hitbox shrunk slightly
  13. - Protect Guard and Shell Guard can be held slightly longer by holding the button
  14. - Shell Guard's Direct Reflection property applies to Ranged Mid (Previously only Ranged Low)
  15. - If Omni blocks something the next 6 frames are Block Highest (So that multi-hit moves dont go through)
  16. - Grand Cross hitstun increased, end lag slightly reduced
  17. - Almageist startup reduced by 15 frames (93>78), Block Low Shield changed to Block Mid, produces 30 EX Force
  18. - Omni Almageist no longer has a Block Highest shield, only a Block Mid one
  19. - Maelstrom is now Unblockable priority, Ground Maelstrom cast time increased by 1 sec to match air cast (6.5>7.5)
  20. Assist;
  21. - HP is determined by Player position, not enemy
  22. - Ground Assist replaced with Black Hole
  23. - Hurricane assist chase spawns player higher relative to opponent
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