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  1. “Josh,” Ms. Evans said as the bell rang, “Rich, Justin, and Calvin, will you please stay after class.  I want to talk to you about something.”  It was the last class of the day at Jefferson High School and everybody was eager to leave.  The four boys mumbled something under their breath, not pleased with staying behind.
  3. Not that it completely bother them that much mind you.  Ms. Alicia Evens was the youngest teacher in the school, and not to mention the hottest one as well.  She had a very curvy body with large breasts that jiggled every time she walked and big hips that swayed with everything step she took.  Just about every boy in the school loved to look, ogle, and imagining doing things to her.  Strangely enough, she didn’t seem to mind all of this attention or the constant staring.
  5. Once the class left the room, besides the four boys asked to stay behind, Ms. Evans proceeded to lock the door and close the blinds in the room.  She looked at the boys after she was done and said to them with a smile, “Now then, what I’m about to do is something I don’t want everyone else to see.”
  7. “Sweet…” Josh grinned as he nudged the other guys who also grinned as well, “This ought to be good.”
  9. “It’ll be very good,” she smiled as she strutted over to Josh and placed her hands on his shoulders, “I know you boys want me a lot, so I’ll give you something really special from me.  I’m sure you’ll love it.”
  11. She then proceeded to kiss Josh on the lips for quite a while. After was she was finished with him, she kissed the other boys on their lips as well.  ‘She has such nice lips,’ Calvin thought after she was finished kissing him.
  13. Evans took a step back after the kissing the students and glanced at each of them carefully.  They all had red, plump, and seductive lips now that looked just like hers.  She smiled and thought to herself, ‘Just like I hoped, the spell is working now.’
  15. “Alright,” she said, “How was that kiss?”
  17. “It was awesome!” the boys giggled in high pitch voices, which resembled a little girl’s voice.
  19. The boys gasped at their new sounding voices.  “Wow,” Rich said as his voice slowly changed from the high pitch of a little girl’s voice, to an older, sexier, and femmine voice, “My voice sounds so… so… perfect!”
  21. “I know,” Justin nodded, enjoying his new voice, “I find it wonderful.  It sounds so amazing!  Hey, Calvin!  Did you do something with your hair?  It looks great!”
  23. Calvin felt his blond hair and then he ran his hands through it.  His hair used to be short and very messy, but now it was smooth, neatly brushed, and it ran past his shoulder blades.  He smiled and said, “It’s great, isn’t it?  I didn’t even have to spend any time on it.  I like yours as well.”
  25. Justin smiled and felt his new, long and lustrous black hair that suddenly appeared as well along with the other two.  Rich ran his fingers through his shiny red hair, while Josh gleefully smelled his long brown hair.  They all enjoyed their new hair
  27. ‘Wow,’ Ms. Evans thought as she watched the boys become more femmine by the second, ‘The changes are happening faster than I thought they would.’  She watched with joy as the four boys slowly changed.
  29. “This feels so nice,” Rich said suddenly as he rubbed his arms and then his legs, “They feel so smooth now!”
  31. “Mine too!” Calvin said feeling his arms as well, and then he lifted his shirt to inspect his chest, “Even my chest hair is gone!  Thank goodness, I thought I would have to shave off all that unsightly body hair.  It would so not make me look cute.”
  33. “Agreed!” Justin said feeling his new skin, and then he noticed something different about all of them.  Justin said, “Hey guys, we’re smaller!”
  35. The guys looked amongst each other and noticed that they were indeed smaller.  Their muscular bodies were now gone and their bodies were skinner and shorter, just like a woman’s built.  “You’re right!” Josh said, and then he smiled and giggled, “We’re like our favorite teacher, Ms. Evans.”
  37. “That’s right,” she said softly, “You’re becoming just like me, my sweet little girls.”
  39. “Ah,” they giggled and blushed with embarrassment, “Sweet?  That’s so nice, but girls?”
  41. “Why don’t you check?” she said.  The boys nodded and looked down their pants.  Their penis and balls were gone, and replaced with a vagina.
  43. Smiles appeared across their faces learning that they have across the boundary into womanhood. “You’re right!” they squealed with delight, “We are girls!  This is so awesome!  It’s the best day of our lives!”
  45. “I’m glad to hear that ladies,” Evans said, “But you are not yet fully female.  Just give it some time and patience, and then you’ll soon be as attractive as me.”
  47. “As you?!” they said, and they squealed happily again, “I can’t wait to be like you!  I want keep changing!”  As if their bodies responded to their request, their legs suddenly grew longer and became more slender.
  49. The girls rubbed their legs obsessively. “My legs so my best feature!” Rich stated as she stroked her soft legs amusingly.
  51. Suddenly, their hips and asses flared up and grew larger and larger.  Josh and Rich had to pull their pants and underwear down and off their legs in fear that they would rip with their new figure.  Justin and Calvin, on the other hand, were so happy with their new bodies that they let their pants and boxers rip apart and fall to the ground by their growing bottoms and hips.
  53. They slid the remaining part of the jeans off their legs, even their shoes, and looked marvelously at their new body feature.  “Actually Rich,” Calvin said rubbing her new ass pleasurably, “I think our new butt is our best feature, well at least mine.”
  55. “I can agree with that Cal,” Josh said stroking her new behind as well, “How can you go wrong with such a fine and wondrous bottom like yours?”
  57. “Girls,” Evans said, “I think you need some new names now.  Your old ones won’t cut it anymore.”
  59. “You’re right,” Josh said ecstatically, “I’m going to be Jessie from now on!”
  61. “That’s like such a cute name!” Rich said, “My name is Rachel!”
  63. “That’s so cute too!” Justin said, “I’m going to be Jennifer!”
  65. “I’m going to be Kristy!” Calvin said, “Hey!  Our faces look so different and way better now!”  They ran over to a mirror in the room and looked at themselves in it.  Their faces now looked like a female’s.  They had long eyelashes, thin eyebrows, a soft nose, a smaller chin, and lustrous cheeks.  They were simply stunning and remarkable.
  67. “We’re so beautiful,” Jessie said.
  69. “I know,” Jennifer said, “My face is now my best feature.”
  71. “You’re almost complete ladies,” Ms. Evans said, “Could you come back over here, though, so I can see the rest of the changes?”
  73. “Alright!” they said in union.  They returned back to the center of the room, now swaying their hips side to side in a seductive manner that would grab any man’s attention.
  75. “You’re turning into incredible ladies,” Ms. Evans said to the four girls, “You must be so happy.”
  77. “We are!” Kristy said, “We so… oohh…”  She and rest of the girls began moaned with pleasurably as orgasmic feelings rushed throughout their bodies as the final stage of the transformation started.
  79. The sides of their torso shrank in, making a nice hourglass figure on them.  Their backs arced with shoulders falling back, pushing out their chests that would soon hold their large breasts.  “I feel so great,” Jennifer said, “I look so fine, all I need now are... ooohhh…”
  81. Suddenly, two bumps appeared on their chests that started to grow bigger and bigger.  Only Jessie took off her shirt to avoid her shirt being ripped by her growing assets.  The three watched as they’re final stage into womanhood was almost complete.
  83. They’re breasts grew from A cup to B cup, to C cup, and finally stopped on D cup, which were just as big as their teacher.  Due to the enlargement of their chests, the remaining three girls’ shirts were stretched beyond the limit.  Kristy’s button-down shirt’s buttons popped off, allowing her breasts to come out of the shirt, while Jennifer and Rachel’s t-shirt was torn open completely exposing their chest.  The three girls took off the remains of their shirts, now completely naked.
  85. Four beautiful and sexually attractive women now stood before their teacher.  They were once the four most annoying and vulgar students she had in class, now they were amazing girls.  “Let me guess,” Rachel said to Jessie, “Your breasts your best feature?”
  87. “You bet,” she said stroking them pleasurably, “No guy will be able to resist them or any of us now.”
  89. “Oh!” Rachel said with a devious smile, “Boys… I so cannot wait to get one now that I am a girl.  They will surely fall for us.”
  91. “Yeah!” Jennifer said, “I can’t wait to get a boyfriend now!”
  93. “Something just occurred to me!” Kristy said with a scared look on her face, “What about all our friends and family?  How are we going to be able to explain to them that their sons are now their little girls?”  The other girls realized the same thought and became concern themselves about what would happen to them now.
  95. “Don’t worry,” Evans said to them in a comforting tone, “The spell I used also rewrites your histories as well.  Your family and friends will have always have known you have been girls your whole lives!  The only ones that remember your former lives are the four of you and myself.  There’s no need to worry, I wouldn’t want you to have no place to go home.”
  97. “Thank goodness,” Rachel said with a happy sigh, “I thought we were sunk there.”
  99. “Anyhow,” Jessie said blushing, “Umm… we need some new clothes.  Our old ones won’t do it anymore and I don’t think public nudity is in right now.”
  101. “I thought about that ahead of time,” Ms. Evans said walking over to a closet at the far end of the room, “So, I came prepare and have some clothing you can all where until you can get home.”
  103. The girls glanced inside of the closet and saw a wide variety of shirts, blouses, skirts, high heels, panties, bras, and other things that they could wear, plus a shelf filled with makeup on it.  “Oh thank you so much!” the girls said as they eagerly went through the closet in search of clothing they would like to wear or makeup they could apply on themselves.
  105. The teacher smiled and said, “No problem.  I’m sure you’ll have a fun time from now on...”
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