Anon's EDM Misadventures

Jul 11th, 2016
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  1. >>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?
  3. >Stealing a glance towards the rather quiet boy, the question seems to fall out of your mouth naturally.
  4. >Normally, everyone in the library comes with friends to do some group studying. But with him, it feels like he's always in here, alone.
  5. >"Lyra, you're thinking too much about this. Maybe he just likes to work alone? Or maybe he just doesn't have a best friend that he can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with."
  6. >Your BFFTTEOAT[best friend forever through the ends of all time] giggles a bit in response to you question.
  7. >As she snuggles closer against your side, wrapping her arms around you, a contented smile graces her lips.
  8. >Giving her a hug back, you can't help but think,
  9. "Well, your probably right, Bon Bon! I mean, we ARE the luckiest of friends. You're the only one I could ever see at my side until the very end!"
  10. >"Oh, Lyra...."
  11. "Oh, Bon Bon...."
  12. >"Lyra........."
  13. "Bon Bon........"
  14. >"OKAY. That's enough of that!"
  15. >The sound of a large textbook slamming against the table jolt the two of you from your daydreaming.
  16. >Glancing up with a sheepish smile, the third member of your study group let's out a huff, flipping her soft, rose red hair over her shoulder.
  17. "Sorry about that, Roseluck. I guess we got a little carried away."
  18. >"Yeah, that was our bad. Sorry, Rosie."
  19. >"As long as you two understand, it's alright. Now then, let's actually learn something. Both of you need to pass this test or else you can't go on the trip with us!"
  20. >With a huff, Roseluck falls back in to her seat, arms crossed, a small scowl hanging off her lips.
  21. >The trip; a dream come true. The three of you and your friends Flitter and Cloudchaser were going to go on a roadtrip to STF; Static Tulip Festival.
  22. >A festival going over 3 nights, some of your favorite musicians and performers were going to be there.
  23. >Two Colts Grazing, Method Mane, Steel Shoes Blues, Shakedowns in Fillydelphia, Chicacolt Jazz Band, Trottingham Piper and Friends, Fuy Gawkes, Breathing Headpiece, MicrophoneTheMic- even your friends Vinyl Scratch and Octavia got booked as separate and duo acts.
  24. >It filled you with pride to see two friends there, living their dreams.
  25. >Although, it was a bit of a bummer they didn't go with your suggestion for the name of the act; Refined in the Streets, Rough in the Sheets.
  26. >Then again, String Spin WAS easier to fit on the line up.
  27. >Opening your textbooks with a grumble, you spare one last glance at Anon, hunched over his laptop, tapping away at the keys and clicking here and there with his mouse. Seriously, does he have any friends?
  29. >Be Anon.
  30. >Be panicked Anon.
  31. >Be very panicked and stressed out Anon.
  32. >You've been asked to help out at STF by your bro for life, Neon Lights.
  33. >Ever since he got you into that club back in Freshman year, you've been tight.
  34. >But, as they say, the Devil will eventually come to collect.
  35. >...Do they say that? Well, whatever.
  36. >All you've been told as to drive out to the middle of nowhere to help out with this crazy festival.
  37. >Good music, good vibes, decent pay, lots of cute girls wearing basically nothing- it'll be great, right?
  38. >Nope.
  39. >No, it is not great.
  40. >What Neon failed to tell you is that he added you to the list of performers.
  41. >What's worse is that you're set as an opening for Neon and Vinyl's Back-2-Back set.
  42. >Worst. Friend. Ever.
  43. >With your limited knowledge of mixing, scratching, layering, looping, compositions, and all around musical ability, this is going to blow up in your face.
  44. >Maybe not on the level of what happened with Crystal Prep games or that one chick turning into a demon, but the possibility of it ruining you forever is still there.
  45. "Damn you, Neon.... Damn you. Damn you. Damnyoudamnyoudamnyoudamnyoudamndamndamndamndamnfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckityfuckfuckfuckingfuck!"
  46. >A string of slurs slip out as your eyes dart back and forth across your laptop screen.
  47. >Your head bops slightly as your free hand drums out possible rhythms you can mix and match.
  48. >Your musicality isn't all that bad, truth be told. Mixing just wasn't your 'thing,' though.
  49. >Your part in the edm scene was as a lightslinger- a glover.
  50. >You'd roam around different venues and post up with your light up gloves, throwing lightshows for whoever asked.
  51. >And that was fine.
  52. >Well, probably, since there was an incident in the Bronx where someone was rolling off of some mixture of 5 pills and more then had a seizure after a lightshow and died, but, hey, most of the people you've met were never messed up THAT bad.
  53. >The strangest thing that ever happened was some guy screaming out in the middle of your show 'I HAVE A BONER.'
  54. >And right after you finished, he hugged you and whispered 'I just came,' into your ear.
  55. >Now THAT was weird.
  56. >But, hey, at least he enjoyed himself.
  57. >Shaking out the pointless thoughts, you focus again on the screen as you layer, loop, and paste track over track over varying melodies and choruses.
  58. >After a few more frustrated groans, you pack up, getting ready to leave school.
  59. >It was moments like these you could appreciate having an early dismissal.
  60. >Two quick buzzes from your pocket catch your attention.
  61. >Tracing the lock, a notification pops up displaying a text from Neon.
  62. >"What's up buddy :D? Me and Scratch and Tavi are gonna hit up Steamed n Swirled in 15. You down? We can talk about the festival. See ya there! Btws, thanks for doing me this solid!"
  63. >Sighing, you sling your bag over your shoulder and trudge out towards the parking lot.
  65. >Be Octavia.
  66. >Be a somewhat miffed Octavia.
  67. >You were invited out to a nearby café by your best friend Vinyl Scratch.
  68. >Most likely to discuss the performance the two of you were meant to do together.
  69. >And that’s fine. It’s perfectly acceptable and you were rather excited to make a collaborative piece with the up and coming DJ.
  70. >However….
  71. “What are YOU doing here, Neon?”
  72. >Ahh, yes, Neon Lights- another up and coming… “Artist” in his own right, but nowhere near your and Vinyl’s level of talent or acclaim.
  73. >”Whoa, Tavi, relax! It was MY idea in the first place to come here, y’know? Besides, what’s the harm of us all getting to know each other a little better? We’re all going to be playing at the same show, ain’t we?”
  74. “Do NOT call me that, Neon! We are NOT that close!”
  75. >Such a rude man! Calling you by such an intimate name! The only ones able to do that were Vinyl, your family, and…
  76. >”Sorry I’m late, everyone.”
  77. >Oh. Oh, no. HE came too?! Why was he here?!
  78. >You shoot a glance at Neon as he rises out of his seat and holds out his hand towards the newcomer.
  79. >”Hey, man, what’s good, bro? Glad you made it, Anon!”
  80. >Anon. Oh, Anon. One of the quietest people around CHS and somewhat of an enigma, you would’ve never even known about his existence if not for your sophomore year recital.
  81. >Due to a mistake with the vocalist’s piece that went on before you, there were slight technical difficulties with the sound.
  82. >Your cello produced a static noise over the speakers near the back which, not overly terribly, mind you, still distracted from your piece and would affect your chances of getting into Canterlot Musical Academy.
  83. >As you lamented over such misfortune, Anon had seemingly swooped in like a white knight, quickly mending the speakers.
  84. >Furthermore, Anon had also inadvertently introduced you to the world of “raves,” and therefore, Vinyl.
  85. >Recalling the past, you had just strolled past one of the empty dance studios on the way to orchestral practice, some faint music had drifted out from underneath the door and dim lights flickered through the window.
  86. >Curious, you had walked up to the door, leaned your cello against the wall, and cracked it open a peak.
  87. >A strange mash up of techno music and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata blasted through the crack.
  88. >You immediately wanted to run in and rip down the speakers for besmirching Beethoven’s piece, but stopped as you saw Anon’s hands and fingers dancing and flying across the space in front of him.
  89. >He wore white gloves with glowing fingertips, flickering and blinking in a multitude of varying colors and speeds.
  90. >At first, you could only scoff at such a childish act, but the longer you stared, the more entranced you became.
  91. >The movements and light trails captivated you as the music slowly wrapped itself around your mind.
  92. >Ever so slowly, you could begin to see a story being told.
  93. >Without a word, the images began to slowly sear themselves into your mind.
  94. >Gasping as your phone rang in your back pocket, you quickly ran from there, aware that you were now running late for practice.
  95. >Scrambling through the doors to the theater and into your seat, some snickering is heard from behind you.
  96. >”Well, well, if it isn’t Octavia. Of COURSE the STAR gets to show up whenever she wants, not like she would EVER need to practice, let alone with plebeians such as us!”
  97. “Sticks and stones, Crescendo, sticks and stones. But, if I were to stoop to your level, I would say maybe if you had put in even HALF as much effort as you did to insult me, you wouldn’t only be the 5th chair?”
  98. >It felt good to tell him off, especially when almost everyone else in your section began to laugh at his misfortune. Poor boy. He did bring it on himself.
  99. >Scarlet-faced and a bit stutter-y, he managed a small comeback.
  100. >”Oh yeah?! W-well, at least I can remember my instrument!”
  101. >You could feel the color drain from your face.
  102. >Your cello- your partner, was left by the dance studio doors when you were spying on Anon. How could you make such a mistake?!
  103. >Your mind raced to think of a reply, an excuse, anything, when suddenly,
  104. >”Uh, hi? I think this was left behind and I figured I should return it here…?”
  105. >A bit disheveled looking and a confused, somewhat hesitant expression on his face, was Anon, with your cello in hand, coming into your world once again, to save the day.
  107. >Be Neon.
  108. >And it’s too early for Octavia’s pompous acting.
  109. >You had Geology as the last class of the day and you were grouped up with Maud.
  110. >Oh, my God, you thought you would’ve been better off slamming your head into a rock than listening to her deadpan, soul stealing, monotone voice droning on and on about rock.
  111. >A text from Vinyl had jolted you out of your near comatose state.
  112. >[”Hey, man. Wassup? We need to talk about our STF B2B set. I wanna spin some electro swing as a S/O to Tavi. You cool w/ that?”]
  113. >You scoffed a little. Electro swing? That’s so boring.
  114. “[Yo, V. Not much, just dyin in class with quartz queen of dull and duller. And electro swing? Aren’t the two of you doing a collab already? I thought we were going to be dropping some dubstep, trap, and glitch hop?]
  115. >[“Yeah, I know, but I already told Tavi that I had a surprise in our set for her. Sorry!”]
  116. >Was she serious? The B2B was how you were going to ask her out officially.
  117. >Her looks, her style, her musical taste, her DJ skills, that body?! She was the perfect match to you.
  118. >And she was going to waste this- no, YOUR- opportunity, to just make a shout out…. To Her Majesty Queen Octavia the Pompous?
  119. “[You can’t be serious? Well, whatever, let’s talk about it at S&S after school, aite?]”
  120. >[“Yeah, sure. Again, my B, Neon. You cool if I invite Tavi with?]”
  121. >Yes, yes you do care. You care VERY much in fact.
  122. >Tavi would just kill the mood you could set between the two of you.
  123. >Who cares if Tavi went? I mean, yeah, you wouldn’t mind more eye-candy. Tavi, despite the attitude, WAS a hottie just like Vinyl. Plus, her accent. Ohhh, man, you could feel yourself tremble a bit, imagining her crying out your name as you….
  124. >Whoa, hold up, Neon. Getting a little TOO excited there. Calm down, calm down. You have Vinyl(kinda)!
  125. “[Yeah, aite, that’s cool. I’ll invite Anon. He IS opening for us as well, so we should get his take on all this.]”
  126. >”[Yeah, for sure. See you there then!]”
  127. “[Yeah, see ya there.]”
  128. >Back in the present, you are bro-hugging Anon.
  129. “Hey, man, what’s good, bro? Glad you made it, Anon!”
  130. >”Yeah, man. Not much of a heads up, though. A little bit of consideration would be nice now and again.”
  131. >Oh, man, Anon pretending to be offend again! That shit never gets old!”
  132. “Haha, yeah, man, my B, my B. Anyway, looks like we’re all here! Should we just order a round of the usual?”
  133. >”I dunno, man. Are you actually going to pay this time?”
  134. “HAHAHA, damn, Anon! Back at it again with the jokes!”
  135. >”…Yeah, I thought as much. Hi, Octavia, Vinyl. Sorry I’m late.”
  136. >He takes a seat, greeting both the girls.
  137. >Vinyl shoots him a thumbs up as she slides her headphones off.
  138. >”What’s up, man?”
  139. >Wait, why did she take them off when HE arrived and not you? Could she…? Nah, that’s impossible. It’s ANON your thinking about here.
  140. >Octavia sits down as well, crossing her arms with a small ‘hmph!’
  141. >”Well, at least SOMEONE has manners! Don’t you agree, Vinyl?”
  142. >”What? Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.”
  143. >Ouch. That kinda hurts coming from her.
  144. >”And you are forgiven, Anon. A pleasure to see you again.”
  145. “ANYWAY, we’re all here. Now let’s talk about STF. But first… HEY, Vanille! Cocoa! Can we get 4 rounds of-“
  146. >”Here you are, Neon. Please stop yelling, too. It’s too early for that.”
  147. >Before you even finish, the waitress, Cocoa, is already passing out the drinks.
  148. >Her older sister, Vanille, giggles, as she rinses out her mugs and shakers from behind the counter.
  150. >Be Vinyl.
  151. >Be a happy Vinyl.
  152. >There is very little in this world that you love as much as a Black and White from Steamed&Swirled.
  153. >There’s something about hot chocolate that, almost no matter the time, is welcoming. Especially from S&S.
  154. >Dark and White chocolate powders mixed together with 3 teaspoons of sugar, steamed, lactose free milk, and French vanilla half and half, topped with whipped cream, a caramel drizzle in the shape of a Yin and Yang symbol, and chocolate shavings. Yum.
  155. >Gingerly taking a sip, you can feel a slight burn from the sugar as the concoction slides down your throat.
  156. “Oh, man… That’s the stuff.”
  157. >A content sigh escapes your lips as you place the mug down.
  158. >Lifting your shades to rest on your forehead, your eyes flick across the others’ gazes.
  159. “Well, we’re all here. So, Neon, what should we talk about first?”
  160. >”Glad ya asked, Vinyl. Well, y’see, since Anon is opening for our B2B, I was wondering how his progress was going.
  161. >Anon’s mug clattered a bit as he set it down hearing Neon’s words.
  162. >”W-what? Huh? Progress?”
  163. >The poor guy’s face was actually kinda funny. Funny like, ‘ohh, he’s like a puppy that got caught doing something bad.’
  164. >Neon raises an eyebrow as he turns to face his best guy friend.
  165. >”Yeah, man. Your opening set? …Don’t tell you have don’t have… ANYTHING done?”
  166. >”Well, I mean, I have… SOME done.”
  167. >Uh oh. That’s… not a good sign.
  168. “Anon, what do you mean, man? STF is in, like…. two weeks. Are you serious? You have a 45 minute set to play. Are you going to be okay??”
  169. >”No, yeah, I’ll TOTALLY be okay!”
  170. >”Anon, this is serious business! You can’t go into any kind of recital unprepared!”
  171. >Tavi was getting in on this too. Oh, man, Anon, what’s going on in that guy’s head?
  172. >”Yo, man. If you need a hand, I don’t mind giving you one.”
  173. >And then Neon came in as the lifeline. It always kind of irked you how he would be all chummy and chill, but thrown someone under the bus, roast them, and still come in as a lifeline, but hey, he was a genuinely good guy under that.
  174. >Probably.
  175. >”Look, man, how about we listen to what you’ve got right now? Is that okay?”
  176. >”Yeah, sure, sure… I mean, I could use some help, honestly. I’m still new to mixing, after all.”
  177. >With a defeated sigh, he fished out his laptop and brought up his STF mix.
  179. >Be Flitter.
  180. >Be star struck Flitter.
  181. >You were taking a bubble bath as you gathered your thoughts.
  182. >Earlier today, you were at your part-time job as a waitress at Steamed&Swirled.
  183. >As you had hoped, THEY came in.
  184. >The two leading your generation of ravers and djs- Neon Lights and Vinyl Scratch.
  185. >With then was Octavia Melody.
  186. >She's pretty okay you guess, but her music wasn't really your thing.
  187. >As a low-key rabid fangirl, you struggled to not be awkward around them.
  188. >But Neon Lights is THE guy to be with in the scene.
  189. >Single, talented, hot, a future, fairly well off- he's nearly perfect!
  190. >The only thing keeping you sane is the fact that he's probably already with Vinyl.
  191. >Your complaints echo faintly against the tiled walls.
  192. >You would forever be a bystander to them.
  193. >A literal audience member in the set of their lives.
  194. >Only able to watch from afar, reacting with everyone else around you and never even being able to talk to them.
  195. >You were cleaning up tables when you heard a commotion.
  196. >Neon had PERSONALLY stood up and hugged certain someone.
  197. >A certain someone you knew well.
  198. >Anon.
  199. >The quiet kid that slept through English class literally every day.
  200. >He'd plug in some earphones and prop up a book to hide his head.
  201. >In a month, the teacher had given up trying to punish him, seeing as he would always turn in his work and his grade never slipped past 92%.
  202. >Honestly, he infuriated you to no end.
  203. >Especially when there was group work to be done.
  204. >The last project you had to do with him made you want to rip out your hair.
  205. >You and your sister Cloudchaser had been panicking for weeks leading up to the presentation date.
  206. >The day came and you both had nothing remotely presentable.
  207. >And then HE steps in with a power point presentation, a 3 fold poster board with charts, diagrams, and pictures, and takes care of the ACTUAL vocal presentation as well.
  208. >When you both asked him why he didn't say anything or even act like he wanted to help, his response made you sick.
  209. >"What? This was a group project?"
  210. >How obnoxiously narcissistic can someone be?!
  211. >And Neon had gotten up to greet HIM?!
  212. >Even Vinyl took off her headphones!
  214. >As he basked in their majestic presence, you could only grit your teeth and keep wiping your tables clean.
  215. >"Watch it, Flitter. Your rag is getting abused."
  216. >Cocoa's voice jolted you back.
  217. "Sorry! Sorry, Cocoa. It won't happen again."
  218. >Sighing, you could only stare at them again.
  219. >Anon pulled out his laptop and you wanted to laugh.
  220. >Could it be...? HE was going to play something for THEM?
  221. >PUH-LEASE!
  222. >He wasn't even worth being in the same scene as them.
  223. >As you continued to internally mock and berate him, his first track came to life...
  224. >Sinking deeper into your bubble bath, you let out another groan.
  225. >What he played... Was definitely different from what Neon and Vinyl would spin.
  226. >It was hardly comparable- if at all even.
  227. >But....
  228. ".....Why did it have to be so good?"
  229. >Sighing again, your mind still attempts to come to terms with what you were able to play privy to, albeit awkwardly and kinda creepily.
  230. >A few sharp knocks against the door bring you out of your trance.
  231. >"Hey, sis! Don't worry about getting pruny from staying in there too long! I hear Neon likes his girls a bit older!"
  232. "HA. HA. Very funny, CC. Alright, I'm coming."
  233. >Cloudchaser- as charmingly witty as ever.
  234. >But, then again, she was your comrade-in-arms to get Neon Lights to finally notice you.
  235. >Next day of school.
  237. >Be Neon Lights.
  238. >Yesterday while you were satisfying your sweet tooth, you found out Anon had yet to finish his set for STF.
  239. >It was a shock to you, since you had had many experiences with unfinished sets and had been booed off stage more than once when you first started. It was a serious matter, but Anon didn’t seem to understand it all.
  240. >Grabbing your textbooks from your locker with a sigh, a wry grin flashed across your lips.
  241. “What the hell was that, Anon? What do you mean that was ‘SOME’ done? That was basically a finished set right there.”
  242. >Your bro went IN and fucking crushed it. He was where you were after a year of effort and countless sleepless nights.
  243. >It aggravated you, enough that you had considered giving up after teaching him all the tricks to playing up and hyping a crowd for a show.
  244. >However, after last night’s sleep, you realized that’d be idiotic as hell. He had been watching and listening to your music and mixes or how many years now? It’d be stranger if he didn’t have an ear for musicality at all! Plus, since he was gloving before he even met you, that’s at least another year he had to listen to all sorts of tracks and train his sense of rhythm.
  245. “Okay, no biggie. He’s good. I mean, he’s MY bro, so he has to be at least that good, right? It’s probably all thanks to hanging with me the last year or so. I helped trained and cultivated his senses. Man, he should really thank me.”
  246. >To ease your worries, you started to console yourself.
  247. >Sliding your shades back on, closing your locker, and flashing that cocky smirk across your face, you sauntered towards your class.
  248. >Out of the corner of your eye, you notice two girls staring at you and whispering with each other.
  249. >Dipping your shades ever so slightly, with a wink and smirk, they let out a screech and jumped in excitement.
  250. ‘I STILL got it. STF is gonna be fun~,’ you think to yourself, a bit creepily if anything.
  252. >Be Anon.
  253. >Be hiding in the dance studio- again.
  254. “Man… Yesterday was a mess. Neon just stared at me and didn’t say anything. Octavia had her mouth open and gaping at me… And I could even make out Vinyl’s expression with her shades on. I guess getting that call to come in to work actually saved me from embarrassing myself any further in front of them.”
  255. >Yet again, you were using study hall to run away to the dance studio to practice your gloving again.
  256. >It was the only way for you to escape the confines of everyday life.
  257. >Besides hanging out with Neon, Vinyl, or Octavia, you really didn’t have many other friends.
  258. >The mountain of kandi you had overflowing from several boxes was a testament to how many shows you had thrown and how many faces you had melted over the years.
  259. >Surprisingly, you could rather clearly remember each piece and the person that gave it to you.
  260. “I still remember what made me fall in love with gloving,” you sigh wistfully.
  261. “It was my first festival,” you begin to recollect aloud to nobody in particular.
  262. >During one of your smoothest rolls you could recollect, you were overcome by a strange sensation to sit down in the middle of the field and meditate.
  263. >Literally, meditate. Legs crossed, breathing steady, and hands positioned one on top of the other in your lap.
  264. >What consumed your thoughts was a sense of disconnect with shapes and swirls of light twisting and distorting in your mind.
  265. >Validation.
  266. >Validation of your life, or lack thereof, slowly surfaced.
  267. >What was the point of your life to even be there? What was your purpose? Just to be surrounded by all these people high off their asses and lost in a spectrum of resounding bass and lights piercing through the skies?
  268. >All you could do think to do was pull out your gloves and start labbing.
  269. >King tuts, finger rolls, whips, tunnels, finger tuts, flow- your hands and arms moved before your brain could even process what your body was doing. Or your surroundings.
  270. >Before you even realized, there was a crowd around, watching, gaping, mouths open and jaws slack in awe at the lights that danced and flickered to and fro, tracing out a world of wonder and imagination in front of their eyes.
  271. >Finishing your show, a wave of peace washed over you. The bass resounding in the back of your mind was beautiful. The flickering lights behind your closed eyelids was mesmerizing.
  272. >Opening your eyes, you’re greeted by people staring at you. Some are staring with a sloppy grin on their face, and some others are crying.
  273. >One person kneeled down in front of you and clasped your hands with a loving smile.
  274. >Your heart skipped a beat. That smile was so open, so caring and compassionate. So… Genuine and pure compared to the faces you see every day with their forced expressions and fake grins.
  275. >”That was beautiful, friend. You are a beautiful soul. Namaste.”
  276. >Namaste? What the hell did that mean?
  277. >With a smile, she leaned in towards your ear and explained,
  278. >”Namaste means the spirit in me recognizes and respects the spirit in you.”
  279. >It could have been the fact that you were high as a vape cloud or that she was gorgeous and you had 0 experience with women, but you felt your heart jack hammering at your chest, as though it was trying to escape.
  280. >Leaning back, she held up a peace sign towards you.
  281. >With a loopy smile, you mimicked the action.
  282. >P.L.U.R. Peace, love, unity, respect. Touching together your peace signs, forming a heart with your hands as each half, pressing your palms together, and then grasping each other hands with your fingers intertwined. She then slid off one of her beaded bracelets and transferred it onto your wrist.
  283. >She set her hands in front of her and bowed at you before getting up and someone else taking her spot.
  284. >People giving you the bead bracelets, or kandi, continued for a while.
  285. >By the time you were done, both your arms had at least 16 each.
  286. >But you couldn’t even register the weight or if they were too tight or too loose.
  287. >All that stayed in your mind was the words from them all.
  288. >”That was beautiful.”
  289. >”You are beautiful.”
  290. >”Never stop gloving.”
  291. >”You showed me a world where I was free.”
  292. >It was all so cliché, but… Where was the cynicism? The fake words and smiles?
  293. >Even if most of them were high as shit, their words pulled at something inside of you.
  294. >The feeling of unity and love… The feeling of BELONGING that you yearned for… Was finally in your grasp.
  295. >This sea of random strangers was were you felt the most at home.
  297. >Be Octavia.
  298. >Be spying on Anon again.
  299. >He had been bobbing his head up and down for a good 3 minutes while some music played in the background.
  300. “Was he… talking to himself?”
  301. >How strange. Did you really fall for a guy like that?
  302. “Well, I mean… Everyone has a few quirks, don’t they? Yeah, that’s right. It’s just a quirk.”
  303. >You consoled yourself under your breath.
  304. >Shaking away the doubts and worries in your mind, a flicker of light grabs your attention from the corner of your eye.
  305. >Anon had begun his… What was it? Gloving?
  306. >No matter what you did or were doing, it always caught your attention like a spell, charming you and whisking you away into a magical realm.
  307. >However, breaking your reverie was an all too familiar cocksure and grating laugh that sent chills down your spine.
  308. >Ugh, Neon Lights and his posse.
  309. >Gathering your things, yours step click against the tiled floors as you head towards the music room.
  310. >Taking several detours to avoid Neon and calm your heart, you arrive at your destination.
  311. >Sitting yourself and pulling out your cello, your mind drifts back to Anon’s show.
  312. >Eyes closed, breathing steady, and posture relaxed, your bow begins to glide along the strings as you play an improvised song.
  313. >Your own therapy was just to play and escape.
  314. >Escaping through music was something that also lead you and Vinyl into becoming such close friends.
  315. >The cello hummed and sang its low, rumbling tones as your worries were buried under the rich bass notes swirling around and filling the room.
  316. >The pressure from your mother and father, the pressure from having to compete and win, the pressure from constant practice and recitals, the pressure of the media from comparing you to your parents- it was all too much.
  317. >Even though the cause of all of this was the cello itself, you couldn’t hate it. How could you? Even though it gave you grief, it was also your companion through all the hard times and the criticism.
  318. >Slowly losing yourself to the music, your mind drifted away.
  320. >Be Vinyl.
  321. >Be jamming out in the computer lab.
  322. >After you had heard Anon’s set yesterday, you had to get home and immediately start mixing.
  323. >His set was exactly what you needed to hear.
  324. >Albeit a bit rough around the edges, his blend of trap with sugary pop vocals and melody was the perfect transitional track you needed to bridge your house tracks to the electro-swing shout out you wanted to give to Octavia.
  325. >You had finished maybe 40% last night and then it was time for school before you even noticed.
  326. >Now that you were in the computer lab and the rush from hearing a track like that had settled, you realized that it couldn’t have been used.
  327. >However, with a few tweaks here and there, it would be perfect to use in the performance with Octavia.
  328. “Where did Anon get a track like this? It’s so good. It’s definitely not what I’d spin myself, but this is a great. Not too heavy, vocals are easy to understand and the melody is easy to dance too. This is great.”
  329. >Plopping into a chair and leaning back, a sigh escapes your lips. Where did Anon lean to mix like that? From what you heard, he was a glover.
  330. “Well, no matter. A mix is a mix. And this track is fire.”
  331. >Sitting back up, your head starts to bob up and down as you start to mix several tracks together to work on your shout out for Tavi.
  332. >However, you couldn’t stop that sense of doubt.
  333. >What if you can’t finish it in time?
  334. >What if it isn’t good enough?
  335. >Will she like it?
  336. >Would she even hear it?
  337. >Will it work in your set?
  338. >Clenching your teeth and shaking away the doubts, you begin to mix even more fervor.
  339. >The computer screen dimly reflected in your shades and pounding bass and melodies in your earphones locked you in your own world.
  340. >Unbeknownst to you, however, the door to the computer lab clicked open.
  342. >Be Cloudchaser.
  343. >Be extremely excited Cloudchaser.
  344. >You just caught a glimpse of Vinyl Scratch mixing in the computer lab and you HAD to check that out.
  345. >Vinyl Scratch was THE up and coming female DJ and you couldn’t help but admire her.
  346. >And more.
  347. >Your sister didn’t even realize that you had a tendency that leaned towards other girls. Her head was surrounded by Neon Lights.
  348. >He was ‘alright,’ but way too mainstream. A lot of DnB and trap with honestly very little originality. It was pretty… “Bro-esque.”
  349. >Vinyl, though. She was beautiful. Perfect. Flawless. Original. Emotional. Gorgeous. Sexy. Intelligent. Shy and sweet. Just…. Everything you wanted and wanted to be.
  350. >Opening the door to the computer lab, your breath was taken away.
  351. >There she was, in her element, creating magic from nothing but a random assortment of noise. Piecing together all those incoherent sounds and breathing out a melody to swirl around and infect the masses to dance in her palm.
  352. >Goosebumps crawled over your skin, your breathing becoming a bit heavier.
  353. >Pulling out your phone, you started to record the sight.
  354. >The ringing bell pulled you from your trance as you scurried away to your next class, phone clasped tightly to your chest.
  355. “I did it!” you thought ecstatically. “I saw a side of Vinyl no one else has! Not Neon! Not Octavia! NO ONE BUT ME!"
  356. >Turning the corner, you let out a yelp.
  357. >”What the-?!”
  358. >Falling down, your priority was to shelter your phone to the best of your abilities.
  359. >Gingerly rubbing your bruised rump, you spare a glance at the one you ran into.
  360. >Fuck.
  361. >It’s that fuckboi.
  362. >”Hey, watch where you’re going!”
  363. “My bad, Neon. I’m sorry.”
  365. >Be Neon.
  366. >Be on your ass.
  367. >And….
  368. >Holy crap. This chick was hot.
  369. >Not like Vinyl hot, but she had the same tomboy vibe to her.
  370. >The biggest difference was that her face still had a super girly feel to it.
  371. >Plus, her tits were bigger.
  372. >Unf.
  373. >You HAD to tap that.
  374. “Uh… Oh, may bad. It’s not a big deal.”
  375. >Pushing yourself up, you extend a hand to help her up.
  376. “I’m Neon Lights. And you are…?”
  377. >She cocks an eyebrow at you and stands up on her own.
  378. >”Yeah, I know who you are. My sister is a big fan. I’m Cloudchaser.”
  379. >Wait, what? She said she’s a fan? Hell yes. This’ll be easy.
  380. “Oh, cool, cool. I was going to be dropping a set at STF. Were you going to go?”
  381. >”Yeah, we were with some friends.”
  382. “Nice. If you want, I can hook you guys up with some backstage passes.”
  383. >Flashing that trademark smirk and giving her a wink, you notice she trembled a bit.
  384. >Oh, man. She wants it so bad.
  385. >”Uh… Let me talk about it with the others. Thanks for the offer.”
  386. >And with that, she turned around and ran away. “Holy fuck, she definitely wants me. God, I’m good.”
  387. >Laughing to yourself, you start to walk away, fantasizing about STF.
  389. >Be Flitter.
  390. >And, your sister ran into Neon.
  391. >LITERALLY ran INTO Neon.
  392. >That backstabbing bitch.
  393. >How DARE she?
  394. >She knew how much you liked Neon.
  395. >She even swore that she wouldn’t make a move on him.
  398. >With a simmering rage and heavy steps, you make your way towards you and your sister’s meeting place, aka, the fourth study room on the upper level of the library.
  400. >Be Anon.
  401. >After you had finished your gloving practice and general dancing like a moron, you headed over to talk with Ms. Cherilee about the English essay.
  402. >Somehow, you managed to convince her that, while you were a shit student in class, you were still responsible and hard working.
  403. >Somehow, she took your story about how a classroom made you feel confined and claustrophobic, so she let you go to the library to work instead. Being a teacher’s pet in this case was exactly what you needed.
  404. >Either or, you managed to get permission to hit up the library during study halls and most English classes.
  405. >Posting up at your usual spot in the library and pulling out your laptop, you began to set up your things to start mixing.
  406. >Everything looked good so far, and despite the worry you had that Octavia, Vinyl, and Neon didn’t like what you had so far, it still sounded alright.
  407. >Then again, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was so appalling that they just couldn’t say anything about it whatsoever and they were thinking about how to remove you from the line up so you don’t kill the vibe before they perform their sets at STF.
  408. “No, no. Stop, Nonny. You can’t think like that,” you murmur under your breath.
  409. “I’m not the same depressed, introverted, shy kid from before. I found a place I can call home and I belong.”
  410. >Gritting your teeth together and pinching your arm in an effort to change your mindset, a bit of a strange sight is caught in your peripheral vision.
  411. >A large stack of books stack a bit precariously and a bobbing head of pale yellow hair.
  412. >Taking off you head phones, the stillness and quiet of the library assaults your ears that still have a dull, reverberating bass in them.
  413. >Disconcerted by the gap, you grimace and rub your ears a bit.
  414. >After a moment, you hear the sounds of… Chewing?
  415. >Craning your neck to look around the stack of old paper and bindings, you see….
  416. “Derpy…?"
  417. >The girl flinches and looks around while hurriedly attempting to hide the remnants of her snack in her bag.
  418. >In her panic, she knocks down her stack.
  419. >Jumping up in a panic, you rush over to catch the pile of books before they hit the ground.
  420. >For the most part you succeed, letting only 3 or 4 hit the ground while you manage to catch and set the rest back on the table.
  421. >Suddenly, a resounding bass drop echoes from your table.
  422. >Fuck! Your headphone jack got unplugged! Running over and stabbing the jack back in, you look around sheepishly at several people that walked over to see where the music came from.
  423. “Err, sorry all. My bad,” you say bashfully, lowering your head in a kind of half bow.
  424. >Amongst the glares of disapproval and mocking glances, you sigh once, as they all leave.
  425. >”Um… I’m sorry.”
  426. “Huh? Oh, Derpy. It’s nothing. I’m sorry for scaring you earlier. I was really focused on this, so I was surprised when I saw you eating here.”
  427. >”I’m really sorry, Anonymous. I had to skip breakfast this morning because my little sister needed to be dropped off at school.”
  428. "Don't mention it," you say with a lighthearted smile.
  429. >"Um... Anonymous? Could you tell me what song you were listening to...? It was really good!"
  430. >Whoa, wait, hold up. She said what now? It was... GOOD? Not like... abominable and damned? She's gotta be joking.
  431. "Ahh, sorry, Derpy. It's a... secret song that I got from Vinyl. She'd kill me if I let someone else hear even a little bit."
  432. >"Wow! That was a Vinyl song?! Is it a new one? I haven't heard anything like it before!"
  434. >Oh, fuck. Derpy made your lie public. Looking around, some people had stated to gather.
  435. >Quickly packing up your things, you ran out in a huff, leaving Derpy confused and befuddled.
  436. >Off to the side, however, was one Cloudchaser.
  437. >Arms crossed, brow-furrowed, and a questioning gaze in her eyes.
  438. >"That doesn't sound anything like Vinyl, past or present. That Anon... What is he up too?"
  439. >Recalling when they had the group project that he basically finished solo, a sigh escapes her lips.
  440. >"Well, whatever. We did get an 'A' anyway, for basically doing nothing. I can't stay mad at him. Now, then, what did Flitter want?"
  442. >Be Lyra.
  443. >Be scared Lyra.
  444. >You and Bon Bon had decided to meet up during your free period to do some more studying.
  445. >On the way to your usual study room, you had run into Cloudchaser and she invited you to come study with her and her sister Flitter.
  446. >Flitter was literally your only hope of passing calculus, so you agreed in a heartbeat.
  447. >However…….
  449. >”Flitter, calm down, let me explain-“
  451. >"Flit, it's not what you thi-"
  452. >"FUCK. YOU. CLOUD."
  453. >...Yeah, she wasn’t in the mood to tutor you.
  454. >Taking the first opportunity you could, you and Bon Bon slipped out and head for anywhere else in the library.
  455. >Passing by a haphazardly stacked pile of books, you see Derpy humming to herself and tapping her pencil up and down on her…. AP CALCULUS BOOK?!
  456. >In your shock, you drop your bag.
  457. >Derpy jumps and jolts her pile of books that would be a certain bookworm's wet dream.
  458. >Bon Bon, however, managed to jump in and steady the pile, slowly and carefully taking them down into separate stacks.
  459. >”Lyra, what’s wrong? And Derpy, you should know by know what happens when you start stacking too many books!” she chided.
  460. “I’m sorry, Bonikins~”
  461. >”I’m sorry, Bon Bon," the light blonde replies.
  462. >The three of you share a look with each other and laugh afterwards.
  463. "Hey, Derpy? If you don't mind, could you help me with some Calculus? I'm kinda embarrassed to say, but I just don't get it~"
  464. >You lightly tap your head with a fist, giving a wink and sticking out your tongue slightly.
  465. >Bon Bon let out a choked noise and turned her face away in response.
  466. >Derpy gives you a blank stare for just a moment before she flashes you a smile with an energetic nod.
  467. >"Of course, Lyra! I'd be happy too!" she chimes.
  468. >"Let's use that room over there," she gestures as she picks up her things.
  469. >The three of you begin to return Derpy's 'collection' and organize your things.
  470. >As you all start settling down, Bon Bon pulls out a set of speakers from her bag.
  471. >"Can't study properly without a bit of music~" she says in a bit of a sing-songy voice.
  472. >You and Derpy both giving approving smiles.
  473. >Before you can open your books, Derpy claps her hands lightly, letting out a soft, 'oh!'
  474. >"That reminds me! Anon was in here just a bit ago! He said that he was listening to a new Vinyl track. I think it was going to be revealed officially at STF," she recalls with some awe in her eyes.
  475. >You and Bon Bon turn to face each other, incredulity in your eyes.
  476. >WHAT?! VINYL gave ANON a preview mix of her NEW TRACK?
  477. >NOT NEON?
  478. >This was big.
  479. >Especially if Flitter knew.
  480. >She already had beef with Anon.
  481. >Factor in that she was majorly crushing on Neon and the only thing keeping her (remotely) sane was that she thought Neon and Vinyl were a thing, it would be the perfect recipe for drama.
  482. >Part of you wanted to see what would unfold.
  483. >Another part of you didn't want to cause any drama.
  484. >And yet another part of you knew that if you let these implications go public, it could possibly ruin your STF.
  485. >Decisions, decisions.
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