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Tree surveying

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  1. To find out the number of trees in a small wood, and if trees are
  2. in rows, you can count every one or (say) every fifth one and work
  3. out  the  total.  If  rows  are  not  obvious  sample  your  wood  by
  4. randomly locating square plots of 10 x
  5. 10 m. Mark the corners and count the trees inside the plot. For a 2 ha (5 acre) wood lay out 10
  6. plots, for a 5 ha (12 acre) wood 15 plots should do unless the wood
  7. is  very  variable.  Now  calculate  the  average  number  of  trees  per
  8. plot, multiply by 100 to discover the number of trees per hectare,
  9. and then multiply by your wood’s total area for the total number
  10. of trees.
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