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  1. this Is my beautiful dragon ball Z Love Story... enjoy....
  3. buu Split Vegito in half after he kicked his asses. he then proceeded to beat goku and vegeta with after he separated them by whipping them with his elastic body. Buy started walk-in up to goku and whispered in his ear (in a very deep voice) “listen here, i’m gonna fuck your wife. best thing is that i don’t need just a dick to destroy her clit when i can just use my entire body.”
  4. vegeta tried to be gay and help goku but buu has the bigger dick energy so he pimp slapped that Ho causing a massive crater and a massive erection (vegeta is gay and is a masochist).
  5. goku said “you wouldn’t dare!”
  6. he stood up and got red and mad and his hair got a boner and turned yellow but buu saw this coming and knocked the nigga unconscious with one blow.
  7. buu teleported to goku’s house and opened the door and found chi chi.
  8. Chi chi saw the pink bastard she turned red and screamed but buu shut her up.
  9. buu said “don’t worry honey i’m actually goku i went through a chemical mutation but bulma can change me back when she gets the right stuff.”
  10. chi chi calmed down and said “OK”
  11. buu said “i’m starving let’s sex”
  12. chi chi said “OK”
  13. Buu ripped off chi chi’s shirt and revealed her Tits. he also noticed how muscular she was, this turned him on more,
  14. he Got on Top of her and put his fat pink Cock through her breast and began stroking (they got in the bed room and got on the bed)
  15. buu Moaned with pleasure and Chi chi orgasmed.
  16. Buu came and it shot out like a fire hose, coming all over chi chi’s breasts and putting a whole through the ceiling making a cum fountain. the roof of the house turned white
  17. chi chi said “dammit goku not again”
  18. buu said “oops sorry my dick energy too strong”
  19. buu got up and said “also... i’m not goku, dumb slut. and i’m not done yet.”
  20. before chi chi got red and screamed, buy’s arm turtned into a tentacle and rapped like tupac all around chi chis muscular body.
  21. buu said “ i told goku i was gonna fuck his wife” chi chi struggled “im a nigga who keeps his word” then he used his other arm and it turned into another long tentacle and it made a frontal assault into chi chi’s Pussy.
  22. he twisted and turned until chi chi’s girl pee? cum? tf is it??? came out then one of his tentacles branched out and went in chi chi’s mouth.
  23. buu tentaraped chi chi for a good five minutes before cumming his strange ass alien cum. he then threw chi chi on the ground and left.
  24. when goku got home later he saw chi chi wasted on his bedroom floor.
  25. “damn...” goku said.
  26. “he fucking got her.”
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