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Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights

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Mar 13th, 2016
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  1. >Be Neon Lights, the lighting technician for Vinyl Scratch
  2. >You’re also her boyfriend, though it hasn’t seemed to be the case for a while now, considering how much effort she puts into her work
  3. >It’s 10 P.M, you and a very standoffish Vinyl crawl into bed after a gig,
  4. >”Whew, what a day, huh babe?”
  5. >She shrugs, “Could’ve gone better”.
  6. >”What are you talking about? That was a good set you played today”.
  7. >She sighs, “Good enough, is never enough, Neon”
  8. >”Well, good night, I guess.”
  9. >It is now 10:30
  10. >You’re feeling restless, and a bit horny, it’s been a while since you’ve been physical with Vinyl.
  11. >Heat from Vinyl’s naked body radiates right next to you, though it feels like you’re with a stranger.
  12. >You decide to go for it anyways.
  13. >Running your hand up and down the side of her curves, “Hey Vinyl, you wanna, you know, fool around?”
  14. >*sigh* “Babe, please, you know we both have got to sleep for tomorrow, It’s gonna be a long day for us
  15. >”I know Vinny, I know, it’s just, we don’t spend time together like we used to”
  16. >You lean over and kiss her tender cheek
  17. >”NEON, if I have a bad gig, it’ll hurt our reputation around here, we could lose everythi-“
  18. >You stop her there, “It’s ok, I understand you want the best for us, it’s just that I love you, and I don’t want us to become distant, while this relationship becomes nothing but work.”
  19. >“I’m sorry Neon, I know I haven’t been giving you any attention, maybe we could, have “a little fun” tonight?
  20. >”You still on the pill babe?”
  21. >”Fuck, no, I guess it really has been a while” she says.
  22. >You laugh, “I guess it has”.
  23. >”Shit, I guess you can use the back door.” She sounds disappointed; she’s only doing this for you, and you love her for it.
  24. >*kiss* mmph, you don’t know how much this means to me *kiss*
  25. >”You haven’t used up the lube jerking off have you?”
  26. >You check the drawer on your nightstand, there’s a bottle of water based lubricant in there.
  27. >There’s still a quarter of the bottle left, “Still got some left babe.”
  28. >She sighs of relief, knowing you won’t tear her up back there.
  29. >Returning to the bed, bottle in hand, you roll Vinyl onto her side,
  30. >You squirt a lot of lube onto your hand, and rub it in between her buttocks
  31. >”Whew, ok, here we go babe”
  32. >You throw the blanket back over the both of you to keep warm; it’s cold in your bedroom.
  33. >As you insert yourself inside Vinyl’s butt, she gasps.
  34. >“Baby, you okay?”
  35. >”Yeah, *exhales* I think I’m fine”.
  36. >You begin to reciprocate in and out of your girlfriend for the first time in months, so good so far.
  37. >Looking over at Vinyl, she’s going with the flow, biting her lip, eyes closed, what a trooper.
  38. >The room remains relatively quiet as you and Vinyl go at it between the sheets; the only sound to heard is the wet smacking going on between you two.
  39. >Out of nowhere, a soft moan comes from vinyl, there’s no way you’re giving it to her this good from the back.
  40. >Lifting the cover, you can see Vinyl’s hand pleasuring herself
  41. >”Hmph, looks like we both need to get off more”
  42. >“*moans* Shut the fuck up Neon, and fuck me.”
  43. >You oblige, pushing deeper into Vinyl’s rear, she can really take it well for a little thing.
  44. >You’re getting close, the warmth, Vinyl’s soft body, and even her hair, which smells like raspberries, is pushing you to your limit.
  45. >With one quick move, you throw your arm over her, and cup her breast, while increasing the speed of your thrusts.
  46. >Even Vinyl is making some noise now, while rubbing her clitoris furiously.
  47. >You feel as if you’re about to burst, and with one final thrust, you push yourself as deep as you can until your balls hit her.
  48. >”Oh… Fuck!”
  49. >You begin to release weeks of sexual frustration into Vinyl, It feels as if you will never stop squirting inside of her.
  50. >You pull out; an audible wet popping sound can be heard as your helmet head exits Vinyl’s ass, allowing her tight anus to snap shut.
  51. >*Heavy Breathing* “Thanks… Vinyl…. I needed that”
  52. >”I think we both did.” She replies.
  53. >You kiss her on the mouth, it’s the least you can do to thank her for tonight.
  54. >What Vinyl does next is something she hasn’t done since you were both in high school, almost foreign at this point,
  55. >She snuggled up to you
  56. >In response you throw one arm over her, and slide one under her, wrapping her in your arms.
  57. >”Neon?”
  58. >”Yes?”
  59. >”I love you.”
  60. >“I love you too, Vinyl.”
  61. >“I promise I won’t put work ahead of you, that was wrong. I’m sorry.”
  62. >It’s ok Vinyl, you know nothing makes me prouder than seeing you put on a great show.
  63. >You give her one last kiss on the cheek, and with that, you both drift off to sleep.
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