Big Discount for Transcription and New Translation Services

Oct 22nd, 2015
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  1. Anytranscription presents the history of the Halloween simply, and promotes the discount plan in transcription services. Besides, new translation and free to try services are newly released. More info, you can read at
  3. On October 31, it is the Halloween in western countries. As we know, "Halloween" is yet another name for Hallowmas, All Saint's Day and so on. That day is the ancient European festival of the dead. That night when the veil is thinnest between the living and the spirits of the dead, also called Halloween's Eve.
  6. As a transcription and translation company, Anytranscription also launches big discount to celebrate the Halloween On Oct. 19, 2015 to Nov. 02, 2015. During the period, customers who order audio/video transcription services will get 30% discount. Just fill in the Promo Code ANYTRANS150519-70 to save your money.
  8. What is more, Anytranscription now officially launchs the translation services. To celebrate the holiday and the new services, we will offer audio/video translation service starting from $4/min; and the document translation services only start from $0.03/character! So amazing and attractive discount! Why not try them?
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