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  1. We are devastated by the Jury’s verdict today. It has been clear from
  2. day one that Cecily has not received a fair and open trial. The job of
  3. a judge during a jury trial isn't to guide the verdict to fit his
  4. opinion. Judge Zweibel, who consistently suppressed evidence,  has
  5. demonstrated his clear bias by consistently siding with the
  6. prosecution.  In addition to suppressing evidence, he imposed a gag
  7. order on Cecily’s lawyers, which is a clear violation of their 1st
  8. Amendment Rights, and placed the burden of proof on the defense, not
  9. the prosecution. He is rightly known as  ‘a prosecutor in robes’.
  11. Beyond Judge Zweibel, it is disgusting to see vast resources from
  12. taxpayers wasted for over two years to prosecute Cecily. Manhattan DA
  13. Cy Vance has refused to drop this case, pursuing maximum charges
  14. against Cecily while ignoring police violence and misconduct. This is
  15. unfortunately not isolated to Cecily’s case but is indicative of a
  16. system concerned not with justice but with the unrelenting harassment
  17. of dissenters and the powerless.
  19. In the two years awaiting trial, Cecily was never offered anything
  20. less than a felony charge, a charge that would stay with her for the
  21. rest of her life.  While awaiting a trial, Cecily has lived in limbo
  22. for two years, not knowing what her future would be, forced to re-live
  23. her trauma every one of those days. Beyond the sexual assault and
  24. physical injuries she sustained, Cecily suffered PTSD and has had
  25. difficulty finishing her master’s degree and continuing her work as a
  26. union organizer and activist.
  28. Despite the chilling precedent this verdict puts forth for activists,
  29. we will not be deterred from seeking social and economic justice, as
  30. evidenced in the courtroom today. Though we’ve held our tongues
  31. throughout this trial as Cecily was personally attacked and degraded,
  32. we could not stand silent today in the face of such a gross
  33. miscarriage of justice. The people had to speak truth to power today
  34. by standing up and will continue to do so as long as this justice
  35. system continues to punish the 99% and protect the 1%.
  39. As journalist Chris Hedges said in a recent article, “The corporate
  40. state, which has proved utterly incapable of addressing the grievances
  41. and injustices endured by the underclass, is extremely nervous about
  42. the mass movements that have swept the country in recent years. And if
  43. protests erupt again—as I think they will—the state hopes it will have
  44. neutralized much of the potential leadership. Being an activist in
  45. peaceful mass protest is the only real “crime” McMillan has
  46. committed.”
  48. We recognize that, as poorly as Cecily has been treated these past two
  49. years, she was lucky enough to have an amazing support system
  50. comprised of representation from the National Lawyer’s Guild and
  51. Mutant Legal, as well as significant financial help from supporters of
  52. Occupy Wall Street and a team of ten who tirelessly worked to bring
  53. her case to light and support her through this trying time. It’s
  54. harrowing to imagine how many unfortunate people encounter this system
  55. without the resources Cecily had, though we know countless innocent
  56. people are forced to plea to felonies and ruin their lives every day
  57. in this building.
  59. We will be fighting this unjust verdict in the court of appeals.
  60. Cecily’s lawyers are optimistic, given the circumstances of the case
  61. and the gross bias demonstrated throughout, that we can win on appeal.
  62. Thank you all for your ongoing support throughout this trial.  We know
  63. that many share our outrage at this verdict, if you would like to get
  64. involved in jail support, please visitjusticeforcecily.com to learn
  65. more about how to best support Cecily.
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