Meta-transformation complete

Jul 11th, 2012
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  1. >It's a relatively normal night when your world gets thrown out the window.
  2. >You had done all your daily tasks, play some vidja and even bumped the transformation thread.
  3. >You chuckle to yourself, trying to come up with reasons the characters withing always seem to say the most stereotypical stuff once transformed.
  4. "Maybe it's because of the trauma, that reduces their imagination down to phrases they've heard the most..."
  5. >Before you know it, you've blown a whole three hours wrapping your mind around a literary choice and over-analyzing all of the stories you read.
  6. >It wasn't that you didn't enjoy them. The phrases were natural sounding.
  7. >Just from a detached viewpoint, you found it hard to sympathize.
  8. "You're turning into a frickin pony for gods' sakes. What's the big deal? I can understand when it hurts you don't want it to happen, or maybe the social suicide angle, but in the end, if your friends, assuming you have any, get to you first there wouldn't be any of those issues."
  9. >As you type out your opinions and references, you notice a small shift.
  10. "What the..."
  11. >The screen seems to bend upwards.
  12. >The bottom bar turns a bright green and begins to pulse, shifting through all of the blue light spectrum.
  13. >Waves of purple emanate from it.
  14. >You try to click on it or on something else to make it stop.
  15. >Your computer reacts as it should, but the discolorations don't cease, and the whole screen begins to channel a dull green color, getting brighter and brighter in the dark confines of the room.
  16. "Oh fuck oh fuck, no, no pleeease don't crash on me, don't screw up!"
  17. >You blink and the screen is back to normal.
  18. "What...just happened?"
  19. >Suddenly, a file pops up.
  20. >It's one of your picture folders, the one labeled pone that you buried in case someone got on your computer.
  21. >The folder begins opening all the pictures within that hold words on them, and you can see them rapidly cut and pasted onto a large white canvas, finally being cropped down into a manageable size around the words, leaving a border of two angular edges.
  22. "No...frickin...way,,,"
  24. "What the..."
  25. >The words disappear and new ones take their place, still being cut together from other pictures, even containing the background images, where they were.
  27. "I wish I knew, creepy computer virus."
  28. >>...
  29. >You realize that you do not have a microphone attached to your PC, and muse on where it could be getting your audio to interact with you from.
  31. >The crop tool fades and CropTool appears.
  32. "Wait, what? No, really, what the actual fuck is going on here?"
  33. >"Your lame inquiries have garnered my attention is what."
  34. "CropTool has nothing better to do with their time than to hack into computers and talk to them using their OC?"
  35. >"No, I'm not the writer or his OC, dimwit. I'm an embodiment. I am more easily represented to you by this form which I have now taken."
  36. >Sure, yeah, uh huh, this is tooootally believable.
  37. "Well I've had enough horseshit for one day, embodiment of sluttiness, ciao!"
  38. >You reach behind and pull out the internet cord.
  39. >The mare is still there.
  40. "Ha, frozen. Freakin ha-"
  41. >"And I suppose you meant to end the conversation right then and there, huh?"
  42. >You stop right there.
  43. >After a few minutes of staring right into her eyes, you get up.
  44. >The eyes follow you.
  45. >"Also I never told you what I embodied."
  46. >She changes into another random pony.
  47. >"The spirit...of change."
  48. >A grin creeps onto their face as yours forms a horrified look of shock.
  49. >You desperately pull at the power cords and forcefully shut your computer down.
  50. >The tower ceases its whirring, and you are left with the monitor, which has gone black.
  51. "Phew. Now I have to go get a computer guy so I can get back on...without somehow telling him or letting him know I'm into MLP..."
  52. >The monitor buzzes and flashes, and your heart skips a beat in wild fear.
  53. >The words "Bet you won't duck even if I warned you" are evident in the screen.
  54. >You duck right the hell away, then crawl away from your desk, putting some distance between you and your possessed computer.
  55. >You peer at the screen again froma good 10 feet away.
  56. >You can barely make it out, but the words have changed.
  57. >>You win the bet, recieve award now."
  58. >The words disappear as you turn off your monitor as well.
  59. "Haha, this is getting a little too freak-"
  60. >A beam of light hits you square in the chest, surprising you, but otherwise dealing no damage.
  61. "...freaky."
  62. >You hear a short bout of laughter come from within the walls, and you recoil towards the center of the room.
  63. >You follow the laughter by facing wherever its loudest, but the effort is futile.
  64. >As you turn, one of your legs feels as though it was knocked out from beneath you by a bat, and you hit the ground with your head hard, bouncing.
  65. "Shit!"
  66. >You look at your leg to see your fear brought to life, your leg twisting at an impossible angle, your inner thigh expanding, busting through the clothing you were wearing.
  67. >Pins and needles assault every inch of the affected flesh, as well as a feeling of pressure building you once thought reserved for breaking through wooden boards.
  68. >You twist and grit your teeth, and all movement in that leg sparks bolts of pain that lances that tun your entire body.
  69. "Son of a biiii-"
  70. >You curse and cry, stuffing cloth into your mouth to muffle the screams.
  71. >Wait a damn second, you need help, why the fuck are you being quiet?
  72. >You spit out the bits and pieces, letting your voice echo through the room and surrounding halls with a resounding
  74. >The afflicted flesh turns a sickly green, one that you recognize from the sporadic shifting of colors on your computer screen just before that...spirit of change deal.
  75. >The leg has gone numb, and you can see that it's all swollen-looking and the green is actually a short layer of hair.
  76. >You reach out and gingerly touch your toes, wondering why they're still there.
  77. >"All in due time, my little human. You said you wished you knew, so I'm giving you the step by step guide."
  78. "For real? An offhand snark, and you take it seriously? Do you even expect me to survive? What's your angle!?"
  79. >She/he/it laughs again, this time coming from beneath you.
  80. >"And I suppose you think you're the first human to transform~ ooh...there have been hundreds before you, kid, and there'll be hundreds after."
  81. >You prop yourself up on your one good leg and look at your...messed up one.
  82. >Definitely a pony leg, and you are suddenly thankful you can hardly feel any pain in it as you see your toes snap crackle and pop their way back inside of the...hoof.
  83. >Knowing from experience, you can move limbs that are numb or asleep with difficulty.
  84. >Attempts to move the leg like it used to, however, result in awkward jerks of movement, that result in you kicking a wall.
  85. >Your eyes widen and you yell another scream out the door; the feeling in your leg returning just in time for your stupid idea.
  86. >You try to rationalize going down the stairs to find help versus just lying down until the transformation was complete.
  87. "Okay; my legs are uneven, I can barely move this new one correctly, the transformation isn't complete and I have no idea how long until the next part takes hold..."
  88. >If you could at least have your feet even instead of hobbled...oh wait.
  89. >There's crutches in the closet.
  90. >Hopping over to it awards you with the walking assist.
  91. >Hobbling down the stairs with the crutches, you are relived no transformations take place during that time.
  92. "Shit's difficult as-is."
  93. >And why the hell are you talking to yourself?
  94. "Is it because I don't believe this is happening? Is it happening or am I dreaming at the computer? Self-narration: not helping."
  95. >Rationally, you move yourself to the phone and dial 911 immediately.
  96. >If they get here early enough, maybe you'll still be mostly human and can still work it out with the authorities.
  97. >"Hello, what is the nature of your emergency?"
  98. "My leg's been messed up real bad, and I think there's been some hallucinogens released in the area."
  99. >"Do you know what you're insinuating? We don't take crank calls here."
  100. "Yes, I am absolutely serious. I can't feel my leg, and it's practically backwards!"
  101. >There is silence on he line.
  102. "Hello?"
  103. >"And you expected me to actually leave the phone lines intact? Also:good job on that bluff. Your leg's on fine. Also, how's your hand?"
  104. >Your hand?
  105. "Oh shi-"
  106. >The spirit laughs from the phone, and you hang it up as fast as you can, then go rushing for the front door.
  107. >Maybe your neighbor has a phone, or someone driving by could have a cell!
  108. >This is what you get for buying internet instead of a portable phone.
  109. >As you reach towards the door handle, your arm goes rigid.
  110. >You can feel the same creeping tingle overtake your arm, the same side of your body as the leg.
  111. "Ohhhh FUCK!"
  112. >You spin your other arm onto the door and twist the handle.
  113. >It doesn't open.
  114. >IT DOESN'T OPEN!
  115. >Your arm cramps and stretches, bones audibly popping, and your fingers meld into a hoof long before the numbness sets in.
  116. >If it weren't for the crazy pain, you might have noticed the door was just locked.
  117. >You slump against the door as your shoulder relocates itself in the proper pony position before the numbness begins to set in as what you can only assume is the muscles and nerve endings rework themselves within.
  118. >Now you have two awkward limbs, one of which is numb, the other of which is lame.
  119. >You take the momentary reprieve to look at the door again, flip the lock, throw the handle, and make like a back to the future reference and get outta there.
  120. >As you hobble around on one crutch and one leg, you try to wave down a passing car with your hoof-hand.
  121. >The clumsy limb smacks you in the face, dazing you with its surprising thickness.
  122. "Man, whoever said marshmallow hooves hit soft was WRONG!"
  123. >"Or at least their density is different on a case by case basis...perhaps it depends on if they are athletic, earth ponies, or even their genders play a part in it."
  124. >The car, now stopped, has their window rolled down to see an exact copy of you...minus your recent alterations.
  125. "No...way..."
  126. >"Yes way. You're a valuable asset and we can't have you walking about. I gave you a chance, but as you can see, I'm the only driver around. The roads are blocked, lines cut, and officers already came by to make sure everyone stayed inside. There's a dangerous killer on the loose after all..."
  127. "You sick bastard! You fucking sick bastard! You had this all planned from the start!"
  128. >"He" claps a few times before getting close enough to steal your crutch.
  129. >You fall to the asphalt, some stray debris digging into your back as you fail to catch yourself.
  130. >Your pony arm slams into the ground with a thud, nerves reconnecting just in time to deliver that pain.
  131. "Fffffuck!"
  132. >"What, did you honestly expect a painless transformation? You really did not think on this as much as you believed."
  133. >Dammit this copy of you was smug as fuck.
  134. >"Oh, and don't worry about your assets. We'll annex them all. I will, though they'll think I'm you...heh."
  135. "Wh-who's...we? Why am I an asset?"
  136. >Your neck and spine seem to squirm within you, making it hard to keep an eye on the body-snatcher.
  137. >"Ah...torso and neck transformation. So overlooked. How DOES it feel to have your spinal columns rearranged? You definitely aren't going to be a two legger after this part...even if you had two legs of the same size and type."
  138. >You writhe on the hot road as parts of your back buckle inwards and outwards, the pops becoming sickening to your ears.
  139. >The heat does not make it any more or less painful, as it has both an abrasive quality and a warm sensation along your body...which is becmoing devoid of clothes.
  140. >"Those will just get in the way, now won't they?"
  141. >It steps over you and continues towards your house.
  142. >"Don't mind me, just going to go get something I think you'll need out of my new house. Out of the goodness of my heart, of course."
  143. "F-fucker didn't eve-AAH-even answer m-my question-tchh!"
  144. >You curl into a ball as the goosebumps and prickle of sprouting fur cover your entire upper and lower body.
  145. >The only human parts left of you is your left arm and left leg, as well as your head.
  146. >...and maybe your dick?
  147. >You check while curled up.
  148. >Nnnnope, it's sheathed.
  149. >You've had an arm fall asleep.
  150. >You've had a leg fall asleep.
  151. >But you had never lost all feeling in your chest before.
  152. >It was new, and definitely not good.
  153. >You can't feel your heart beat or your lungs work.
  154. >And yet you're alive, and that's what's frightening you the most.
  155. "How am I-"
  156. >No.
  157. >No stereotypical phases.
  158. "I should not be able to talk without feeling my lungs."
  159. >Even as you finish that short sentence, you try to force a breath.
  160. >You spit out an indeterminate amount of saliva that builds up in your mouth as you wait for feeling to return.
  161. >Swallowing it is too dangerous, and you still have control over your mouth and apparently your voice box.
  162. >You test your pony arm and leg...well...they're both legs now, but still.
  163. >They respond as they normally would, but all sensations of having phalanges are gone.
  164. >You hear footsteps from your house again.
  165. >"Ah, back looks complete...nice even coat...I think your mane should come in, or perhaps your tail...or would you rather have your remaining limbs ponified first?'
  166. "What, no head?"
  167. >He smiles.
  168. >"You are still capable of horrible innuendo I see. But no, the head is for last, the best part. Your mind, your eyes, ears, sense of smell and even taste all change. Your mouth reforms in your muzzle, the teeth's a lot of small transformations in one."
  169. >Your...mind?
  170. "Oh hell no, you aren't changing my mind."
  171. >"But I must, if I am to add synapses to allow the use of wings or magic...oh and we must not forget the addition of the horn in this sequence."
  172. >A horn?
  173. >Magic could really make this worthwhile...if it still works in this world.
  174. >Hell, you could just learn transformation and zap yourself back to normal.
  175. >"I can see you contemplating the possibilities. That's good, part of my mind control is taking effect."
  176. >WHAT!?
  177. >He raises an eyebrow at you.
  178. >"Or am I lying? You might never know, being the victim of mind control. I can make you like the changes as I see fit, or make you forget ever being a human...or perhaps you are doing that to yourself? Placebo effect is a powerful thing. All I did was flash some light, you're the one who decided to transform."
  179. >Your mind reels, trying to take in what he just said.
  180. >Are you really transforming? Is it a dream? Are you transforming on your own because you believed you would? Are you the one in control of your mind?
  181. >Are you...
  182. "Man, fuck your mind game bullshit, I'm not playing."
  183. >He smirks, then crouches down to being within your vision.
  184. >That smug-looking son-of-a-bitch.
  185. >"You seem to think this is a game. Perhaps you will take it more seriously in a minute."
  186. >He grabs your mouth and forces it open, tossing a few pills inside and then gushing water in.
  187. >"Just swallow it now..."
  188. >An could just drown right now and screw up his whol-
  189. >NO! The hell are you thinking?
  190. >Don't kill yourself!
  191. >And besides, you couldn't. If you started choking, he'd just give you mouth to mouth...or likely turn you into a seapony to keep you from drowning.
  192. >You shake your head and swallow the pills and water.
  193. > least you hope it's water.
  194. >"That should get rid of the extraodinary pain in your skull in a few minutes...or at least, it should dampen it."
  195. ""
  196. >"You'll thank me later."
  197. >You scoff.
  198. "Fat fucking chance!"
  199. >"Language, my dear! Maybe you shouldn't act so unladylike!"
  200. >Unladylike?
  201. >Oh no.
  202. >Oh hell to the eff no.
  203. >...
  204. >Eff.
  205. "There is now fact, I know you're bluffing! I still have a dick! Why would it bother changing into a stallion's tools if I was just going to transform into a female afterwards?"
  206. >He shrugs, then puts his arms around your torso.
  207. >"Hell if I know, let's get you back inside. This heat is unbearable, wouldn't you agree?"
  208. >There is a noticeable sinking feeling in your gut as he lifts you onto his shoulder without difficulty.
  209. >The way he emphasized heat did not sit well with you.
  210. >But if this was all some sort of suggestion to make you think you were a mare, you'd have to stop dwelling on this cr-stuff in order to overcome it.
  211. "Fine, I'll admit that maybe I'm a little curse-happy, but that's because the situation is DIRE! It warrants all this fucking cursing!"
  212. >He says nothing, but just carries you.
  213. >Man, either this guy is wicked strong don't even weigh nearly as much as you did to begin with.
  214. >You squirm in his grasp as you feel the change take hold of your remaining leg.
  215. >"Oh, it's already happening huh?"
  216. >He turns his head to see as you both enter the doorway, and the leg barely misses the frame.
  217. "Hey, watch it!"
  218. >"Nah."
  219. >He walks inside and flops you onto his-your couch.
  220. >You can hear and see the changes taking place much more rapidly now.
  221. >You are thankful he forced those pills down your throat...
  222. >But you will NEVER thank the bastard for it aloud.
  223. >Within seconds you can see the leg twist, sprout fur and absorb the toes...and after a half-minute, you can move it around.
  224. "That's...freaky..."
  225. >"Yes, and it's you. Have you given any thought to your fate? There is no turning back. Why, if this is all caused by me, and you were to end my life, you'd be a pony with the wrong head and arm. In fact, this might be your last chance to enjoy the taste of meat...any requests"
  226. >You answer without question or hesitation.
  227. "Pepperoni pizza."
  228. >"Let's see what I can get you from my fridge, little pony. Hey, what's your name?"
  229. >Your name.
  230. >Uh...
  231. >Um...
  232. >The joke is that you never had a name.
  233. >...right?
  234. >You must have, couldn't have gone anonymous from birth till now...
  235. >Hmm...
  236. "Anonymous."
  237. >He smirks.
  238. >"You think you're hot stuff, huh? Well aren't you precious. Better think of a pony name though, if you're going to fit in..."
  239. >Fit in? Where?
  240. >"...aha! Pizza. Let's hurry it up before you can't enjoy that taste..."
  241. >He holds the pizza in one hand and it ignites for a second.
  242. >When the fires die out, you can smell the sweet sweet scent of piles upon piles of perfect pepperoni placed on pizza.
  243. >You try to wipe away your salivate with your remaining hand, only to watch it morph painlessly into a hoof as you wipe; the sensation of fur against your face making you double take.
  244. >You were SOFT, man!
  245. >You wait until he isn't watching to rub your hoof against your face a few times.
  246. >Awwyeah, that's the stuff.
  247. >He makes a sweeping bow in front of you with the pizza in an outstretched palm.
  248. >"Your pizza is served, madam."
  249. "Fut uff." (Fuck off.)
  250. >Your mouth is stuffed with pizza that was cooked absolutely perfectly; not hot on the tongue, which is good considering that you eat pizza upside down to taste the toppings.
  251. >Burning sauce is bad.
  252. >As you gulp down the last part of the food, you feel a tingling and pinching at your neck.
  253. >"I want you to really feel this part. No pain, just sensation!"
  254. >Your head moves further and further away, shifting onto your back.
  255. >You move yourself to keep level, adjusting for your new sense of "up" so you still face forward from the couch.
  256. >Your ears tingle and itch as they slide up your head, your hair changing into a soft blue mane that extends and rests against your neck.
  257. >Your mouth and tongue feel fuzzy and sore, as the tongue widens along with your jaw, followed by your nose as it expands into a full muzzle.
  258. >You set your mouth closed and can feel as your teeth smooth out within.
  259. >Your eyes are next, going cross for a moment.
  260. >You blink and shake your head, eyes reopening to a much wider field of vision.
  261. >Your forehead starts to itch.
  262. "Is this-"
  263. >"Yes, a horn my good sir. Your very own unicorn horn."
  264. >You touch the nub at the top of your skull, and can feel it grow and seemingly sharpen to a point.
  265. >Wait a second...
  266. "Did you just call me a sir?"
  267. >"Yes indeed."
  268. "Oh no, you turned me into a unicorn, you don't get to take my womanhood from me too!"
  269. >"If you insista, sista!"
  270. >His grin grows wild for a second, as if he was trying to contain an unearthly amount of laughter.
  271. "Rhyming isn't THAT funny."
  272. >"Trust me miss, it isn't that. Now let's see about this tail of yours..."
  273. >He runs his hands down your back and over your flanks; forcing a small sprout of fur to pop out.
  274. >Your eyes widen a the sensitivity you have in your hindquarters, not to mention the tail itself as it flows out, tickling the backs of your rear hooves.
  275. >You try to suppress a giggle unsuccessfully, and something twitches in your lower body.
  276. >You crane your neck to watch as your teats form just above your crotch.
  277. >Okay, you never thought they'd look that weird.
  278. >Or flat.
  279. >Not that you'd ever seen a pony with boobs, but still.
  280. >The small mounds were alien to your eyes, but they felt about right.
  281. >A warm sensation in the pit of your belly brought you to squeak in pleasure.
  282. >He takes his hands off of you.
  283. >"Hey now, if you're getting off to this, I want no part in it."
  284. "Aww come on, Anonymous, can't you have a heart for once?"
  285. >Wait, wha-
  286. >"I have a heart, and your "telling me to touch you inappropriately" has nothing to do with it."
  287. >Your face flushes.
  288. "Th-that's not what I meant..."
  289. >"Oh?"
  290. >Something feels off...
  291. >Is there?
  292. >Anonymous is here, and you're here to visit his house before he moves in with you back at the organization's personal apartments.
  293. >You hadn't known him long, but he felt...different from the other humans.
  294. >"Your blush is still there. What the hell are you thinking about?"
  295. "Eep!"
  296. >You hop off the couch, catching yourself on weak knees.
  297. "N-nothing that's your business. Just hurry up and pack so we can go home already."
  298. >"We? Home?"
  299. >Oh, you done goofed.
  300. >You plead to him with your deep purple eyes.
  301. "Just drop it for now, alright Anon?"
  302. >He sighs and rises to his feet.
  303. >"Only for you..."
  304. >He stops.
  305. >"...what was your name again?"
  306. "It's a secret. I'll just go back out to the facility. See you tomorrow!"
  307. >You wink and trot to the door, gripping it in your telekinetic grasp.
  308. >"Hey, wait..."
  309. >You stop just before closing the door.
  310. >"I'll see you off."
  311. >You can't help but smile.
  312. >He walks you to the door of the car, and holds it open for you.
  313. >You gladly hop on in and buckle yourself up.
  314. >He closes the door behind you.
  315. >"Bye bye..."
  316. >That evil grin flashes across his face and it triggers your true memories.
  317. "Wait! Hold on, you son of a -"
  318. >The car takes off, bringing a new unicorn mare to the ever-growing Equestrian Facility.
  319. The End
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