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  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Xenoblade Chronicles X. Updated March 7, 2016.
  3. (Old version:
  5. First, Read the In-Game Manual. It's pretty short and will probably answer your question.
  7. TL;DR for In-Game Manual:
  8. 1) Read Section 15. Soul Voices, Soul Challenges, and Morale which are basically how you heal
  9. 2) Read Sections 19 and 20. Lists Buffs and Debuffs and what they do with nice pictures.
  10. 3) Read Sections 37. Explains Skell Insurance and how not to lose your skell.
  12. Tip: Save before accepting affinity or story missions, as once you have accepted an affinity or story mission you are trapped into that mission and cannot accept any other affinity or story missions until it is over. This can be a major annoyance if you decide you don't want to / aren't ready for a mission mid-way. You can go to settings -> return to title screen from the main menu to reload your old save.
  14. Q: Is there anything missable in this game?
  15. A: No. You can 100% this game, regardless of your decisions during missions. However, your decisions in missions may lead to certain NPCs dieing, these NPCs never serve any in-game function other than talking to you.
  17. - To see what decisions to make so that you don't kill any NPCs, see this pastebin
  20. - A decision not mentioned in the above pastebin is that if you decide to kill Fortun in the delfinian downfall mission, Erio will become your delfinian lover. This kills Dr. B down the line, however. Save two NPCs or get a delfinian lover, take your pick.
  22. Q: How do I move?
  23. A: Click the left stick to run. Hold R and press B while running to enable auto-run.
  25. - On the gamepad map, look for the hexes with little orange squards. Tap them and then at the bottom left an orange bar will pop up, tap it to fast travel.
  27. - Once you unlock skells, you can fast-travel to your skell with Party -> Return to Skell. This is useful for farming an enemy that is far from a fast-travel point.
  29. Q: Why do I keep getting popups to hit L + A?
  30. A: Hitting L and A basically likes people's miiverse posts. You should disable blade reports from the settings menu.
  32. Q: How do I get good-looking gear?
  33. A: While equipping gear, hit x and select "Fashion gear" to use some gear just for its looks, not its stats.
  35. Q: Can I change how I look?
  36. A: You can change everything except your name and breast size, once you complete Chapter 5 and the House of Cards mission.
  38. Guide to the House of Cards mission:
  41. Q: How do I target an enemy?
  42. A: Press R to change your target to the closest enemy. Hold R and then A or Y to cycle through possible targets.
  44. Q: How do I target a specific appendage?
  45. A: Move around the enemy and the target circle will move to the closest appendage, click the right stick to toggle appendage target lock. You may need to jump (ZR) and then click the right stick and to get to higher appendages.
  47. Q: What is a "Melee art" and what does "... when triggering a melee combo" mean?
  48. A: A Melee art is (1) any orange art and (2) any blue, green, or purple art that uses a melee weapon. An art will have its "... when triggering a melee combo" bonus activated if the last art used was a melee art.
  50. - Any art that is not a melee art is a ranged art, and "... when triggering a ranged combo" effects trigger if the last art used was a ranged art.
  51. - Which weapon an art uses is listed above the art description.
  53. Q: Divisions???
  54. A: Don't feel locked into a division, you can (and should) change your division from time to time. Do so by going to the blade barracks, walking to the back section (the octagon-shaped room) and using the console -> Division Activity -> Change Division. Requires being online, for some reason.
  56. - More about divisions is given in "How do I get more blade points?"
  57. - More about divisions is given in "Division support?"
  59. Q: Mechanical / Archeological / Biological Blade Level ???
  60. A: You increase this by talking to Eleonora at the Blade Concourse fast travel point once you have accumulated a lot of Blade Points. You should level up your mechanical to level 4, then arche, then bio. You unlock the 5th level for each by the "Off the Record" quests
  62. - Guide to Off the Record quests (Scroll down):
  65. Q: How do I get more blade points?
  66. A: Regardless of division, you will get some blade points for each of the following. Some division get more for a specific action.
  67. -Install data probe (Pathfinders, Reclaimers)
  68. -Find new location (Pathfinders, Prospectors)
  69. -Defeating an indigent (Interceptor, Harrier)
  70. -Defeating a tyrant (Harrier)
  71. -Completing a mission (Interceptor, Mediators)
  72. -Opening treasures (Reclaimers)
  73. -Gathering collectables i.e. blue crystals (Curators)
  74. -Gathering resources via mining (Prospectors)
  75. -Investing in an armor manufacturer (Outfitters)
  76. -"Building good relationships with other players' avatars" (Mediators)
  77. -Giving away treasure deals (50 normally, 100 for Mediators !)
  79. -Consider switching your division before heading out to get the most blade points for what you are about to do.
  81. Q: Division Support?
  82. A: Interact with a NPC on the overworld and select "Division support." It will highlight one of the division labels below your minimap, and you will get a benefit based on the NPC's division
  84. - For a list of what each division's support does, check out the in-game manual section 28.
  86. Q: I'm broke! or, I'm out of miranium!
  87. A: The probe system is your solution for both. Research probes give you money, and mining + storage probes let you get miranium as well as exclusive minable materials (White Cometite, etc.)
  88. See the following for how to layout probes to get 100K+ miranium storage and credits per tick, scroll down to #2
  91. Q: Gathering quests???
  92. A: You require items which either (1) are materials, i.e. appendage drops from enemies (2) are collectables, i.e. come from blue crystals or (3) are minable.
  94. You can check whether an item is (1) or (2) using this doc:
  96. (Bestiary and collectapedia tab, respectively)
  98. If it is a material, use the doc to find out what drops it and destroy all the appendages OR you can spend reward tickets at the console in the octagon-shaped room in the blade barracks to buy any material. You can't buy collectibles or minable materials with reward tickets.
  100. If it is a collectable, use this image to help find them:
  103. Otherwise, you need to use the probe system to mine it (ex: White Cometite). You do so by placing mining probes on probe points where it lists your material, i.e. White Cometite, as a Minable resource.
  105. - Guide for some of the more annoying gathering quests:
  108. Q: How do my probes work?
  109. A: You place different probes at probe points, marked on the overworld map (though you never place one in NLA.) Research probes net you lots of credits periodically (about every 30 minutes,) while mining probes get you minable resources and miranium, storage probes increase the amount of miranium you can hold, and misc other probes do other things.
  111. - Don't feel locked into placing a probe, you can move probes around later for a trivial sum of credits
  113. Q: How do I get more probes?
  114. A: Some from missions, the rest from treasures (field actions, yellow squares on the minimap). You may need to increase your mech / arche / biol level to open the treasures.
  116. - Don't feel afraid to go to other continents early in the game to find treasures. There's no reason to wait, and branching out will give you more probe locations and more probes from treasures.
  118. - The drops from treasures are fixed. For a list of which treasures drop which probes, see
  121. - For missions, see
  124. Q: How do I increase my survey % of a region?
  125. A: Follow along in Section 39 of the In-Game Manual for pictures. Your survey % for a region is the % of Resolved Segment Recon segments in that region. Each segment has some goal for completion (see manual.) You collect rumours, Yellow Smiley Faces above NPC's heads, to get additional info on how to complete each segment.
  127. - For missions, see
  130. Q: Recipes for augments, skells, weapons, materials?
  131. A: A recipe for an augment will show up in the crafting menus as soon as you collect at least one of the first material listed in the recipe. For example, you probably don't have the recipe for Appendage Crusher unlocked because the first material is Emerald Horn, which only drops from Cave Xiphias in Behemoth's Shadows in Sylvalum.
  133. Recipes for skells show up when you get the Sakuraba armor manufacturor to level 5 (Level 50 skells), when you beat the story (most Level 60 skells), and when you finish certain character's affinity missions (the remaining level 60 skells.)
  135. Recipes for weapons and skell weapons unlock when you find certain Blueprints which drop from certain enemies and some treasures.
  137. Q: How do drops work?
  138. A: Treasure sensor increases the likelihood of getting rare materials from broken appendages and rare gear from monsters.
  140. - See these two docs to find out what drops what, and with what battle traits:
  142. and
  144. (Remember to check the tabs)
  146. - Treasure sensor goes on ground armor, but it works even if you are in your skell
  148. - Tip: Candid and Credible makes gear with treasure sensor, in fact you can hit 100 treasure sensor using only this without needing augments
  150. - Additional treasure sensor past 100 does not do anything.
  152. - Even with 100 treasure sensor, non-prime and non-intergalactic gear drop, and some rare materials do not drop every time
  154. - Holofigures tend to drop when you _don't_ get other drops, so if you are farming holofigures consider removing treasure sensor gear.
  156. Q: Skells? Flying skells?
  157. A: The Skell License mission unlocks Skells. The "A Girl's Wings" affinity mission lets your skells fly. Higher level skells unlock once you get the Sakuraba armor manufacturer to level 5, and when you find their blueprints from treasures, drops, or missions.
  159. - For missions, see
  162. Q: Weather, or "My skell is magically refueling!":
  163. A: See this pastebin
  166. - You can negate damage all taken from weather by crafting a Weather Master XX augment.
  168. Q: My skell died, or assigning a skell to a player?
  169. A: Go to the Skell Hangar from the console in the barracks near the kitchen.
  171. Q: Affinity and Heart to Hearts?
  172. A: Read section 25 of the in-game manual. You must have an affinity of X hearts with a character in order to do their X'th heart-to-heart. Each ally has 5 H2Hs.
  174. - After chapter 12, you unlock the repeatable "Water Torture" support mission from the computer in the octagon room in the barracks that gives ~1/4 of a heart to each character in your party every time.
  176. - For H2Hs, see the bottom of the "Allies" tab of
  179. - Some H2Hs require pets.
  181. Q: Pets?
  182. A: Unlocked after completing Chapter 5 and the Nine Lives Affinity Mission. You unlock more pets by doing missions from the mission board that appear once unlocking pets.
  184. - You have one pet in your barracks at a time, and you can change it from the console near the kitchen in the barracks -> Barracks Customization -> Pet.
  186. - For missions, see
  189. Q: Blade medals to fight the global nemesis?
  190. A: Go to the scout console, to the right of the mission board at the Blade Concourse fast travel point. Scout three random people. Go kill things until all three scouts show a 3 or higher (or a Star) on their face picture. Release the scouts by going to Party -> Active Members and dropping them from your party and you will get 3 blade medals.
  192. Q: How does "Reflect" work?
  193. A: Most every attack can be reflected back at the enemy. For ground combat, Astrolibrium (lightsaber, beam), Supershield (shield, phys), and Raijin (spear, elec) are your base reflect aura arts. Dropped gear with Reflect: XXX and Reflect: XXX augments cause you to reflect additional elements whenever you have one of these three auras.
  195. - Pharsis and Nardacyon both have a reflect-piercing attack
  196. - Reflect in a skell is similar, going into Overdrive in a Verus (Physical), Inferno (Thermal) or Mastema (Beam) starts reflect and gear with Reflect.XXX and Reflect.XXX augments add additional reflected elements while you are in overdrive.
  197. - These can be found as traits on the following gear:
  198. One Photon Saber on the shop gets a reflect trait, ether maybe.
  199. Swimwear arms get reflect thermal.
  200. Torso drops can reflect one element, it depends on manufacturer.
  202. - and as augments:
  204. Ground Ether Reflect Augment is in a chest guarded by the giant tyrant filiavent in white phosphorus lake in cauldros
  205. Additionally,
  206. Lugalbanda drops Beam and Electric
  207. Dadaan drops Thermal and Physical
  208. Telethia drops Ether and Skell.Ether
  209. Pharsis drops Gravity and Skell.Gravity
  210. Leva'el drops Skell.Electric and Skell.Beam
  211. Gradivus drops Skell.Thermal and Skell.Physical
  213. Q: How does Potential work?
  214. A: For ground, potential replaces melee attack (or ranged attack) when computing the damage for TP arts. Potential also increases the amount soul voices heal for.
  216. - For skell combat, potential is basically useless except that it still has the property of impacting soul heals.
  218. Q: I see RESISTED, IMMUNE, or INVINCIBLE some times
  219. A: RESISTED means the enemy resisted a debuff from an attack. IMMUNE means the enemy has an immunity to a debuff. INVINCIBLE means that the enemy cannot be hit at that point in time (usually invincibility frames during spawning or Telethia is immune when transitioning between phases.)
  221. - If you see RESISTED by zenith cannon hits, this is because zenith cannon has a chance to inflict knockback (this is not documented)
  222. - For ground combat, Resistance Reducer augments can be used to ensure debuffs land, but they can't overcome IMMUNE
  224. Q: How do I infinite overdrive?
  225. A: Overdrive is available after a certain point in the story. Simply put, you need to generate 3000+ TP quickly and pop overdrive again while still in overdrive. Ramjet rifle is a gimmicky weapon that generates lots of TP. Otherwise, 2x Arts: Gain TP XX augments or gear traits will be enough as long as you spam enough arts. A third option is to have members in your party with the arts Last Stand or Energy Source.
  227. - Infinite overdrive can be done with any of the three strategies, or even a combination of them.
  229. Q: How do I overdrive effectively?
  230. A: Using different arts in combination during overdrive will give different results. A handy pastebin with the combos can be found here:
  233. - At low overdrive counts, the best way to keep your overdrive running is to just pop overdrive a second time (see Infinite Overdrive, above.)
  234. - At high overdrive counts, the duration extension provided by blue and green arts is enough to perpetuate overdrive.
  236. Q: How do I Ether Blossom?
  237. A: The ether longsword blossom build is reccomended for late game. At its core, the build involves (1) Core Crusher skill and Appendage Crusher augments (2) Offensive Stance art and Aura Assault Skill (3) Blossom dance art (4) an ether-element longsword (5) augments to boost potential stat and weapon damage on the sword.
  238. Usually, this build is paired with dual guns with Ghostwalker art and 2x Arts: Gain TP XX to overcome the frailty of the build and to get maximum overdrive. Usually, you use 444 attack Bewitched Glaive: Receding Rust longsword dropped by Lugalbanda. Using Secondary Accelerator, Fast Forward, or Inner Search skills and Zero-Zero or Primer arts help maintain overdrive and increase damage.
  240. - Potential affects the amount of HP recovered by soul voices and arts, as well as the damage dealt by TP arts.
  241. - Contrary to its description, Core Crusher gives a massive boost to damage, whether you attack the core or an appendage. It just prevents you from destroying appendages.
  242. - This build relies on Offensive Stance and Aura Assault to increase your melee accuracy. You should keep Offensive Stance up at all times, even when starting your infinite overdrive, because otherwise you will miss and this lowers TP growth.
  243. - Appendage Crusher drops the hardness of an appendage by one tier, which can boost damage by > 100% in some cases.
  244. For details, see
  247. Q: How do I diskbomb glitch on my skell?
  248. A: Diskbombs are pretty powerful thermal sidearm weapons for your skell. If you get one with Custom.WP-MSL-MAG as a trait, it shoots additional times for massive damage. The glitch is as follows: First, put a diskbomb with MSL-MAG in the LEFT sidearm slot. Next, put any other diskbomb in the RIGHT sidearm slot. This causes the MSL-MAG to carry over from the left sidearm to the right, so that both shoot an increased number of times. Additionally, when this glitch is active, the right diskbomb seems to do double damage on top of the increased number of shots. A weird but satisfying glitch to be sure, especially when you upgrade the MSL-MAG trait on the left diskbomb 5 times it will shoot 27-30 times (!) This glitch appears to only work for diskbombs, most other guns use the MSL-MAG trait in different ways or cannot get this trait (you cannot craft an MSL-MAG augment.)
  250. The most powerful diskbomb is the 260 version, the 250 version does significantly less damage but is much more common. Note that you can put a good 260 in the right slot and a 250 with MSL-MAG up in the left slot and the glitch will still work.
  252. Since diskbombs are thermal, they go well on a heavy skell with the Amdusias Hades armor which buffs thermal.
  254. Farming diskbombs: Kill lvl 51-60 milsaadi savages (specifically) in Cauldros. Probably the best location is the Mount M'Gando fast travel point, at one of the bends on the south side you can stand on the rock in the center to get 4 savages in an AOE attack, or wait for 2 more to spawn to make it 6. An alternative site is FN site 512 where you can get 5 in an AOE without waiting if you are careful, but usually you will aggro Zigs that ruin your day.
  256. - Tip: The Phoenix shoulder weapon has a big AOE.
  258. Q: How do I meme-missile on my skell?
  259. A: The meredith and sakuraba M-Missiles target random appendages on an enemy - importantly, they may hit appendages that you usally cannot target from a skell. This makes them very useful for farming some materials.
  261. You can get them with MSL-MAG trait, which makes them way more fun. The meredith M-Missile is beam element and the sakuraba is thermal, both do about the same amount of damage when fully upgraded.
  263. The best way to farm them is go to into Ganglion Antropolis (requires starting the Delphinian Downfall mission) and killing the three lvl 51-60 pugiliths in the big opening room.
  265. - For missions, see
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