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  1. My holidays were very exciting! They definitely takes a first place in my category 'Best holidays ever'. So, one day after my school year's I left my home city and started the best 2 months in my life! At first, I have been in Madrid, Spain. It's really hard to say how I enjoyed this city! Of course, I was on my favourite football club's stadium: Santiago Bernabeu. I've met Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, also I got their autographs. I was in Portugal for few days too, when I had gone from Spain, but I wasn't doing anything interesting there. After Portugal, I went up to Berlin. There were some problems on frontier, but I successfully arrived there! In my opinion Berlin is a fantastic city, but it was hard to talk with german people. This is how I spent June and July. In the beggining of August I winged to London, Great Britain. I've seen Big Ben and The Palace of The Queen and what was very suprprising to me, I've almost seen The Queen, she was leaving her palace, but the secuirty took me away from there. After England, I came back to Poland, then I went to my allotment in Olszewo. In the end of August I lastly came back to my home city, Warsaw, when I spent rest of my holidays!
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