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  1. PSVRfags need not come here, there is nothing for you.
  3. VRChat: Be the little girl. One of the bigger VR social apps. It works with the community to generate its own content such as worlds, games and avatars. Using the Unity game development engine and VRChat’s API anyone can make content for VRChat, publish it and share it with the world.
  5. Pavlov VR - One of the most currently popular multiplayer FPS games on VR right now. The gameplay currently has CS-style de_ and tdm_ gamemodes with a familiar buy system and very damiliar weapons. Supports virtual gunstock and has an active Workshop and modding community that adds in original maps and port's of well-known maps, especially CS maps.
  7. Sairento VR - The winner of some pretty recent snazzy award, Sairento places you in the role of a ninja that has to slice, shoot, and style on your enemies that vary in speed, strength, and health. A unique jump mechanic and slow motion "Focus" works like teleportation but without the faggotry, and for you iron stomached weebs out there, there IS trackpad locomotion. Loot collecting comes in the form of weapon shards to augment your weapons, sometimes even with rare skills. upgrade your own skills as well with exp. There's even an option for third person recording inside the game itself, so you can record yourself getting the party crazy. Full release is in February with a fleshed out campaign.  a must have to live out your inner Cyborg Ninja or Half-Devil tendencies.
  9. Dead Effect 2 VR - don't let the fact that this was originally a mobile shooter deter you from one of the most amazing VR hits of 2017. Coming from left field, the port of DE2 to VR was a welcome surprise in an otherwise starved VR catalogue. the game translates well to VR as a single player action shooter akin to the original Half Life. Collect loot, interact with the environment in VR such as flicking on your helmet flashlight, handling mechanical equipment, hacking into terminals with a swipe of your fingers, and frantically reaching for that crucial shell or magazine in a firefight. varied enemies, dark corridors, multiplayer, full VR reloading and hammy voice acting make this game a must-have.
  11. VR Dungeon Knight - Randomly generated dungeon crawler/action game. Parry, shoot, cast, climb, crawl, and shit your pants in the dark with up to 3 other people as you traverse the dungeons for whatever shitty plot reason. Boss battles and varied weaponry with upgrade paths keep you coming for more.
  14. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  15. Excellent firearms simulator. There is a large selection of weapons to pick from of different forms: single-action revolvers, lever-action shotguns, bolt-action rifles, assault rifles, and so on. These are all portrayed in a realistic manner and are a joy to play with.
  17. New content is always being added in the form of new guns and game modes. It takes some time to get used to a few of the controls such as operating a slide release and especially loading a Colt SAA, but these are all well explained in the devlogs on YouTube (which I highly suggest watching).
  19. Solid recommendation for any firearm enthusiast, especially to those in nogunz countries.
  21. Elite: Dangerous [OS $60](S/G!): The go-to space trucker simulator that also has combat. It is an MMO with trading, mining, combat, and more, though there isn't an economy like Eve. Offers dozens to hundreds of hours if you're into cockpit space sims. Boring and grindy if not, but still provides beautiful graphics and sound design, in space. Throttle and stick highly recommended. If you are a cockpit sim fan, this game alone is worth getting VR for. Get Voiceattack for some comfy AI slavemastering.
  23. To The Top [S $25](F/3/R/C!): Very fun and fleshed out indie first person platforming game with some climbing elements. Control mechanic is unique and feels like you're using your hands to "leap" and fly around the environment, so it's not realistic, but still fun. Collect the crystals or speedrun. Rather simple graphics and art.
  25. Arizona Sunshine [OS $40](F/3/R/C!): A singleplayer campaign zombie FPS with a narrative. Supports up to 4 players co-op. Set in a desert location that isn't all dark nights. A bit short at 4 hours. Graphics aren't great but just good enough to get near AA value. Similar to Farpoint in terms of gameplay depth and even supports the same PSVR gun peripheral. It's sort of like what you would imagine Left 4 Dead VR would be like, except much less fleshed out and polished. Arguably not something you'd want to play if it weren't in VR, but its VR qualities and mechanics make it worthwhile. Steam doesn't offer the native Oculus build of the game.
  26. Doom 3 BFG VR [M](S/F/3/R/C!): Access to the source code has given modders the chance to perfectly port the game to VR. It's a AAA (by old standards) 10 hour long singleplayer narrative-driven game, that even integrates cool VR mechanics like using your fingers to work in-game touch panels. Works with the HD texture pack.
  27. https://github.com/KozGit/DOOM-3-BFG-VR/releases
  29. Fallout 4 VR: Say what you will, this is the first port of the immense (and watered down) RPGs Bethesda is known for. Trackpad locomotion compatible.
  31. Rec Room [OSF](F/3/R/C!): The go-to free social multiplayer hang-out gaming application where you can play paintball, dodge ball, etc with others. Includes a very fun "Quest" mode that plays like Left 4 Dead where you're all going through a level and fighting off waves of enemies. Simple family friendly style. Warning: play with friends or at sleeping times, or risk running into sessions filled kids.
  33. Echo Arena [OF](S/F/3/R/C!): One of the best multiplayer VR games. It's being treated by users as the Rocket League of current VR, but with a Quidditch/Ender's Game/FFX Blitzball type of gameplay where you try to get a disk in the other team's goal in zero gravity. It has great graphics and the best player character animations in the industry. Amazing zero gravity movement that has been tweaked to the point that very little people get nausea whereas normally many would. Great lobby design where you can hang out and practice in with others. Some of the best social interactivity made possible in games, with an almost physics sandbox to play around in. However variety is limited as it only features that one game mode and single arena/map to play in. Still has some bugs and missing features but it is in free open beta right now with servers open on July 6-17.
  35. Raw Data [OS $40](F/3/R/C!): Nice tower defense FPS with a futuristic robot almost-horror theme, but development seems to be making it feel more and more like an Overwatch type game in the PvP mode. Decent graphics. Set up sentries, shoot guns, punch robuts, swing swords, use telekinetic powers, and other cool abilities. Co-op in addition to the singleplayer and PvP multiplayer. Almost AA production scope and still in beta early access.
  37. Minecraft (VR) [$27](S/F/3/R/G!C!): The definitive way to play Minecraft. If you've never played Minecraft, this is your chance. There are two ways to play this. The official VR support uses the Windows 10 Edition of the game, which means slightly better performance and crossplay with other devices that Minecraft is on, like consoles. The official VR support was made with the Rift in mind and is available on the Oculus Store. For the Java version of the game, there exists a VR mod that supports both Vive and Rift, called Vivecraft, and has more features than the official VR support, and since it's the old Java version, you get all the old mods, but it performs slightly worse. The Windows 10 Edition will also get an update in the Fall that adds in better graphics (that a shader mod on the Java version already gives).
  39. Superhot VR: A shooter with a unique and fun time slowdown mechanic where time moves only when you move, with room-scale sandbox-y gameplay and some melee action. Attractive simple art style. Very short at 1-2 hours but does have some replayability and is still highly enjoyable. Same amount of innovative feel for VR as Robo Recall, and goes in a different direction by playing with your perception of how time works (real body/hand/head movement = time movement), but much less well produced given the indie scope.
  41.     --- NSFW ---
  43. Honey Select VR: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim by Illusion. Somewhat realistic art style with realistic shading and graphics. There is a motion controller - soft body physics interaction mod floating around.
  45. CM3D2 VR: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim. Anime art style.
  47. Waifu Sex Simulator: Based on MMD, where the author has compiled hundreds of different girls and countless motions together for your convenience in a VR application.
  49. VR Kanojo: Like a Summer Lesson clone except with sex. By Illusion.
  51. Sex Like Real: Live action porn video streaming browser application. Mostly paid videos but some free.
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