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  1. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 10:51 AM
  2. Now I'm 100% sure Sab's shitposter is someone from this server
  3. Requesting Savvy to attention whore some more
  4. I've heard this before,, !!
  5. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 10:54 AM
  6. I swear to God I am not taking the fall of this shit.
  7. *for
  8. MajiyIce - Today at 11:03 AM
  9. Drawthread is shit
  10. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:04 AM
  11. woah! what makes you think that?
  12. MajiyIce - Today at 11:05 AM
  13. Just a hunch...
  14. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:05 AM
  15. >mark and maj distancing themselves from this whole ordeal
  16. Could,, they,, be,, :GWbruhGalaxyThink:
  17. MajiyIce - Today at 11:07 AM
  18. If you unironically think I would stoop that low, then h*ck off.
  19. I've only made two posts in the drawthread recently, and none have anything to do with pointless hatemongering.
  20. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:08 AM
  21. >defending himself this hard of an implied accusation
  22. :thinkingoverdrive:
  23. !!
  24. really gets the noggin joggin
  25. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:11 AM
  26. I just lowkey hate that shit tbh.
  27. Detectivefagging turned mk8g into a paranoid shithole.
  28. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:12 AM
  29. detectivefagging is fun af
  30. the reason why there needs to be detectivefagging is shit tho
  31. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:12 AM
  32. It is essentially the worst kind of shitposting.
  33. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:12 AM
  34. I forgot why we did that in /acg/
  35. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:13 AM
  36. It caused mk8g to fucking implode and become the worst place on 4chan.
  37. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:13 AM
  38. what did you 'fag about in a mario kart general anyway?(edited)
  39. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:14 AM
  40. And tbh operating under the assumption that we know that the autistic shitposter in a drawthread is an autistic person here (and isn't even a lurker) would be cancer incarnate.
  41. People shitposting/hatejerking against "regulars" etc
  42. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:14 AM
  43. that's what someone would say who wanted to avert any suspicion around here,,
  44. Zach 🐙🌺 - Today at 11:15 AM
  45. lurekers were mostly removed
  46. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:15 AM
  47. Everyone was detectiveposting, everyone had proof in their mind of who the culprit was, no one actually accomplished anything, and while the "regular hatejerk" comments were cancer, for every ONE of those, there were 100 posts trying to crack the case.
  48. MajiyIce - Today at 11:15 AM
  49. >an innocent person would say the same thing as a guilty person who wants to appear innocent
  50. wow who would have thought!!
  51. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:16 AM
  52. but what was the reason to detectivepost?`
  53. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:16 AM
  54. Zach, Nitrox, are you two genuinely arguing that the random shitposter from a shitty (no offense but it is super fucking shitty) general is in this Discord? Because I swear to Christ this is getting ridiculous.
  55. I answered that.
  56. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:16 AM
  57. you didn't
  58. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:17 AM
  59. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:14 AM
  60. People shitposting/hatejerking against "regulars" etc
  61. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:17 AM
  62. oh that was a separate post
  63. nvm then
  64. Zach 🐙🌺 - Today at 11:17 AM
  65. i thought that was about mario kart
  66. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:18 AM
  67. what if Sabs herself was her shitposter,,!!
  68. negative publicity is still publicity!
  69. MajiyIce - Today at 11:18 AM
  70. Now THAT would be attention whoring.
  71. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:20 AM
  72. Autists can gain a billion reasons to randomly hate someone, often reasons that any sane person wouldn't even notice. Maybe she didn't do their request. Maybe it's another drawfag who is jealous. Maybe they super dislike a drawing she did. Didn't she do the first lemonade thing? Maybe in their mind they are "fighting to clean up the general" or some shit. There's no way of knowing, but it is faggotry and petty and genuinely not even worth thinking about, let alone turning Discord into a shitshow over.
  73. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:21 AM
  74. wow,, you have a suspiciously big insight of the mind of such posters,,
  75. Zach 🐙🌺 - Today at 11:21 AM
  76. wow am i the sabs of this discord???
  77. MajiyIce - Today at 11:22 AM
  78. Well he is unironically autistic,,,
  79. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:22 AM
  80. yes u attention whore,,
  81. also I wanna remind everyone that !! and ,, usually indicates shitposting, ironyposting or sarcasmposting on my end
  82. Zach 🐙🌺 - Today at 11:23 AM
  83. i have'n't made an unironic post in three years thbh
  84. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:24 AM
  85. Living the life to its fullest(edited)
  86. Zach 🐙🌺 - Today at 11:24 AM
  87. literally me
  88. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jne9t8sHpUc
  89. YouTube
  90. Alanis Morissette
  91. Alanis Morissette - Ironic (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  92. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:24 AM
  93. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:21 AM
  94. wow,, you have a suspiciously big insight of the mind of such posters,,
  96. Yeah, like I said, /mk8g/ became the epitome of detectivefagging and it killed off the general and playing the fucking game entirely. So I'm familiar with the process.
  98. MajiyIce - Today at 11:22 AM
  99. Well he is unironically autistic,,,
  100. I am indeed. Though maybe I shouldn't have told you nerds that.
  101. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:25 AM
  102. There's a couple of things I know about you I rather woudn't
  103. :thonk:
  104. Aodhagán Raines - Today at 11:25 AM
  105. The problem is that general lobbies were heavyfag only cancer, so /mk8g/ was the only place to race casually with skilled racers who played whatever they wanted, even if was shit. Also, banter between races was fun. So no /mk8g/ kind of meant no mk8 for me. Which fucking blew. Because it was fun while it lasted.
  106. Nitrox 1633-5599-2625 - Today at 11:25 AM
  107. There's a couple of things I know about you I rather woudn't
  109. I doubt it.
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